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Monday 3 July 2023

Data Breaches Digest - Week 27 2023

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 3rd July and 9th July 2023.

9th July

8 Most Common Ways Hackers Exploit Computers

58 Percent of Malware Families Sold as A Service are Ransomware: Kaspersky Report

Action Fraud warn over fake mortgage lender emails

Behind the war in Ukraine is a shady war of cyber attackers

Charles George VA Medical Center data breach reported, more than 1,500 veterans impacted

Charming Kitten hackers use new ‘NokNok’ malware for macOS

Credit cards: 5 measures that will shield you against falling prey to growing frauds

During Amazon Prime Day, Phishing is the largest threat

Fantom trading volume falls 20% as Multichain hackers leverage FTM tokens in a new attack on Twitter

Hacker who gathered information about Cristiano Ronaldo's rape allegations charged with 377 offences

Here’s looking at you: New warning about the rise in ‘stalker’ apps

How to detect a phishing email

Luigi Vanvitelli hospital hit by ransomware

Multichain attack triggers Twitter phishing scheme for FTM distribution

Multichain Exploit Ignites Phishing Scheme on Twitter for FTM Supply

New Phishing Attack Spoofs Microsoft 365 Authentication System

OSINT Tool ‘Illicit Services’ Shuts Down Amidst Exploitation Concerns

Pakistan: Parliament Accounts Committee orders probe in NADRA data leak

Preventing Unwanted Remote Access to Your Smartphone

Protecting Smart Vehicles: The Growing Importance of Cyber Security in the Automotive Industry

Redacted Money’s Discord server with 10,000 members compromised

The Importance of CIA Triad

What is an exploit, how does it work and what methods are there to protect yourself from it?

8th July

58 percent of malware families sold as a service are ransomware

A Detailed Overview of Various Forms of Identity Theft

Advanced Vishing Attack Campaign “LetsCall” Targets Andriod Users

Android Apps With 1.5M Installs Caught Sending User Data To China

As cyberattacks get intense, UAE businesses need to think about insurance cover

Avoid scams! This is the most important thing you should protect on the Internet

Beware of Scammers: Cryptocurrency Users Targeted in Phishing Attacks

Beware of this new Bitcoin blackmail scam

Brits warned of risks of Facebook banking scam that's losing people hundreds of pounds

Canadian cybersecurity agency and FBI issue advisory over rising 'Truebot' cyberattacks

Coinbase users report scams and phishing attacks

Cybersecurity in the Digital Workplace: Protecting Your Business in an Online World

Don’t be a victim of ‘smishing’

Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) website faces cyber attack, security alert issued

Experts warn against nine common password mistakes that could leave your account open to hackers

Five ‘red flags’ you’re being tracked through your iPhone – and how to stop it

Gates Corporation (no, not THAT Gates) discloses a ransomware attack

Global cyberattack affected some U.S. Sun Life customers’ information, company says

GutterCatGang NFTs Worth Over $765K Stolen in Sim-Swap Attack

Hacker Rui Pinto given 377 charges, some linked to Ronaldo rape allegations

Hacker uses the official Coinbase.com domain to target Coinbase customers

Has a massive data breach exposed personal info of 50 million Bangladeshis?

Hunting for bargains this Amazon Prime Day? Avoid scammers, company warns. Here's how

In the Age of AI Crime, Traditional Laws Are Not Enough

Iran-linked APT TA453 targets Windows and macOS systems

Japan's Largest Port Reopens After Russian Hackers Crippled Operations With Ransomware Attack

Kaspersky outlines top-three vacation-season scams

Losses From Crypto Hacks Now Total Over $30,000,000,000 Across More Than 1,100 Exploits

Lurking danger: Rise in cyberattacks against utilities

Massive cybersecurity breach hits biggest US law firms

Massive Data Breach at Deutsche Bank and Postbank Puts Customer Information at Risk

Most Common Cyber Security Threats In 2023

New ‘Big Head’ ransomware displays fake Windows update alert

Nine passwords you need to change now to stop hackers getting into your account

Onix Group Faces 3 Lawsuits in Addiction Center Breach

Over $765K worth of NFTs stolen after SIM swap attack on Gutter Cat Gang

Pakistan Election Commission issues advisory after ransomware attack

Phishing: what is it and how to avoid it?

Phishing Attacks

Ransomware Attacks on the Rise: How to Protect Your Business

Second Ransomware Breach at MCNA?

Senior OPERA1ER Cybercrime Gang Member Arrested in Global Operation

So you gave personal info to a company caught in a data breach. Now what?

Steps to Prevent Ransomware Attacks

Technician Indicted for Hacking California Water Treatment Facility

The Menace of BlackByte 2.0: A Deep Dive into Modern Ransomware Attacks

The rising tide of cyber threats: Safeguarding African SMMEs in the digital age

The Rising Tide of Phishing Attacks Leveraging Coinbase’s Domain

Top 5 ChatGPT Cybersecurity Risks

Trinidad and Tobago: Attorney General's office hit by cyber attack

Trinidad and Tobago: Cyber attack on network at Attorney General’s office

TSMC confirms supplier data breach following ransom demand by Russian-speaking cybercriminal group

Turkey: Official denies data leak on government website

Two Spyware Apps on Google Play with 1.5 Million Users Sending Data to China

Updated Truebot Malware Targeting Orgs in US, Canada

Warning: New Bitcoin blackmail scam alert

What Is Account Takeover Fraud? How Can You Prevent These Hacks?

What risks does ChatGPT pose and how to avoid them?

7th July

7-hour recovery: How an American business beat ransomware

13% of businesses continuously monitor third-party vendor security risks

75% of Consumers Ready to Ditch Brands Hit By Ransomware

A man has been charged with a cyber attack on the Discovery Bay water treatment facility

A simple cyberattack is becoming more destructive and commonplace

Advanced Medical Management Reports Data Breach Affecting 319,485 Individuals

Another Critical Unauthenticated SQLi Flaw Discovered in MOVEit Transfer Software

As biometrics use advances, so must hacker defenses

Bangladesh government website leaks citizens’ personal data

Belarusian hacktivist group claims cyber attack on central university, demands release of political prisoners

BlackByte 2.0 Ransomware: Infiltrate, Encrypt, and Extort in Just 5 Days

BlackByte 2.0 Ransomware Employs Wide Range of Tools in 5 Days

BlackCat ransomware group hits Barts Health NHS Trust, exfiltrates 7TB of data

Bogus Amazon Prime Day, DHL, USPS, CVS, and Louis Vuitton – Top Scams of the Week

Breach and Tell: The Current State of Breach Disclosures

Capita employees shocked and upset at delay in warning of cyber breach

Capita staffers told attackers stole data from its own pension fund

Capita tells staff hackers stole personal data

Check Your Devices: New Spyware Apps on Google Play Store

Chinese Spyware Discovered on Google Play Store

CISA warns govt agencies to patch actively exploited Android driver

Critical TootRoot bug lets attackers hijack Mastodon servers

Cyber attack on Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) prompts security alert

Cyber threat landscape

Cybersecurity Agencies Sound Alarm on Rising TrueBot Malware Attacks

Cybersecurity is top concern for education technology leaders

Dallas Ransomware Incident Still Delaying Some Permits

Data breach at Pepsi Bottling Ventures exposes personal data of over 28,000 individuals

Despite Cyberattack, Townsquare Media’s Systems Appear To Be Working

Disrupting the phishing killchain with new defenses

Dole, Pepsi bottler issue more info on recent cyberattacks

Don’t Let Your Decommissioned IT Assets Come Back To Haunt You

Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) says Pakistan election, voters data under threat from ransomware

Essential Guide to Digital Hygiene: Securing Your Online Presence

Five critical controls against an industrial cyber attack

French lawmakers pass watered-down police phone spying bill

Global Translation Service Exposed Highly Sensitive Records Online

Google Releases Android Patch Update for 3 Actively Exploited Vulnerabilities

Hackers using TrueBot malware for phishing attacks in US, Canada, officials warn

Health Care Coding and Billing Entity Pays $75,000 Settlement to Resolve HIPAA Data Breach

How Has GDPR Changed Our Approach to Data Protection?

How Organizations Can Uncover Cybersecurity Skeletons In Their Closet

How to Strengthen Cybersecurity in the Age of AI

Incident of the Week: Nickelodeon allegedly suffers 500GB data leak

Iranian Hacker Group Deploys New Attacks Targeting Nuclear Security Experts

Is your browser betraying you? Emerging threats in 2023

Japan’s biggest shipping port laid low in cyberattack

JumpCloud Resets API Keys Amid Ongoing Cybersecurity Incident

Killnet as a private military hacking company? For now, it's probably just a dream

Kirkland, K&L Gates and Proskauer hit by ransomware attack

Kronos Reaches $6M Settlement Over Ransomware Attack

Law Foundation of Silicon Valley hit by ransomware: 42K+ clients and staff exposed

LockBit Hits TSMC for $70 Million Ransom: What CIOs Can Learn

Major cyber attack at Scottish university as police and government called in

Massive data breach exposes sensitive data of India's top tech retailer, Poorvika

Mastodon Social Network Patches Critical Flaws Allowing Server Takeover

MCNA Ransomware Attack Exposed All Dental Provider and State Agency Information

Microsoft denies Anonymous Sudan claim of data breach

Midyear Health Data Breach Analysis: The Top Culprits

More than 200 organizations have been targeted in MOVEit-related breaches

More than 42,000 affected by ransomware attack on pro bono California law firm

MOVEit Transfer customers warned to patch new critical flaw

Multichain Fantom Bridge Exploited and Drained of $126M, Aptos Twitter Account Hacked

National Institutes of Health (NIH) Federal Credit Union Notifies 14,706 Members of Data Breach

Needham residents warned not to use outdoor USPS mailboxes after mail phishing incident

New Campaigns Use Malicious npm Packages to Support Phishing Kits

New Joint Cybersecurity Advisory Warns Against Truebot Malware Infecting US & Canadian Organizations

NHS Barts trust attacked by ransomware gang

Office cyber security: A critical defense against hackers

Online scams reported every five seconds in UK

Pakistan Election Commission hit by cyber attack

Petro-Points member info breached in Suncor hack

Police investigate major cyber attack at university

Port of Nagoya resumes operations following cyber-attack

Ransomware attack by ‘Russian hackers’ cripples Japan's largest port

Ransomware Attack in May Still Disrupting Dallas City Services

Ransomware criminals are dumping kids’ private files online after school hacks

Ransomware Makes Up Over Half of Healthcare Cyber-Threats

Ransomware recovery approach

Rhode Island Data Breach Law Amended with Significant Changes

Royal Navy contractor forced to pay off cyber criminals

Roys of Wroxham hit by suspected ransomware attack

Scammers using AI voice technology to commit crimes

Scottish university cyber attack under investigation

Shell reveals customers impacted in MOVEit attack

Strong workplace welfare can reduce the risk of successful phishing attacks

Suspicious email reported every five seconds in UK

Tackling the risks of double extortion ransomware

Take These Steps to Plan for Ransomware Attacks

The Importance of Penetration Testing in Cloud Security

The Infostealer: Do You Know Where Your Credentials Are?

The sophistication of attacks on clouds is increasing globally

Three new MOVEit bugs spur CISA warning as more victims report breaches

Trinidad and Tobago: Detection of cyber-attack on Attorney General's network

Trinidad and Tobago: Some Office of the Attorney General and Ministry of Legal Affairs (AGLA) services unavailable following cyber attack

Twenty Manx public authorities reprimanded for data breach

Twitter User Exposes Nickelodeon Data Leak

University working with police and government after cyber attack

US and Canadian Authorities Warn of Increased Truebot Activity

Vishing Goes High-Tech: New 'Letscall' Malware Employs Voice Traffic Routing

What You Need to Know About StackRot – CVE-2023-3269

Zscaler 2023 Ransomware Report Shows a Nearly 40% Increase in Global Ransomware Attacks

6th July

$6 Million Settlement Proposed to Resolve UKG/Kronos Data Breach Lawsuit

39 percent of businesses experienced a data breach in their cloud environment last year

24,180 Patient Records Potentially Exposed in Mount Desert Island Hospital Data Breach

28,000 Impacted by Data Breach at Pepsi Bottling Ventures

Advanced Medical Management Experiences Data Breach That Leaked PHI and SSNs

AI and machine learning have been added to financial crime programs

Android July security updates fix three actively exploited bugs

Apps with 1.5M installs on Google Play send your data to China

ARx Patient Solutions breach affected close to 42,000 patients, including children

Cambridgeshire County Council issues statement after staff data leaked in cyber attack

Canada: New phishing scam targets federal government’s grocery rebate

Canadian-based gold miner among the latest MOVEit data breach victims

China-Linked Spyware Found in Google Play Store Apps, 2 Million Downloads

CISA: Netwrix Auditor RCE bug exploited in Truebot malware attacks

Cisco Enterprise Switch Flaw Exposes Encrypted Traffic

Cisco warns of bug that lets attackers break traffic encryption

Critical RCE Vulnerability Puts 330,000 Fortinet Firewalls at Risk

Cyber agencies warn of new TrueBot malware variants targeting US and Canadian firms

Cyber attack on Capita highlights risks for pension schemes

Cybercriminals can break voice authentication with 99% success rate

Data Breach at Apple Hardware Supplier TSMC Caused by Third Party Vendor Compromise

Data Breaches in June 2023

Decryption tool for Akira ransomware available for free

Details emerging about 2018 (TPCHD) Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department database hack. Pierce records among those affected

Experts discuss cyberattack at Japan's largest port

Experts Warn of Impending TeamTNT Docker Attacks

Generative AI is Making Phishing Attacks More Sophisticated… But You Can Remove the Bait with Passwordless Authentication

How Pen Testing can Soften the Blow on Rising Costs of Cyber Insurance

How to cultivate a culture of continuous cybersecurity improvement

Human Error the Leading Cause of Cloud Data Breaches

Increased Truebot Activity Infects U.S. and Canada Based Networks

INTERPOL Nabs Hacking Crew OPERA1ER's Leader Behind $11 Million Cybercrime

Iran-based hackers targeting nuclear security experts through Mac, Windows malware

Iranian Hackers' Sophisticated Malware Targets Windows and macOS Users

Japan’s largest port hit with ransomware attack

Japan’s Nagoya Port stops container operations after ransomware attack

Japanese Port of Nagoya Resumes Operations After 2-Day Russian Ransomware Attack

JumpCloud resets admin API keys amid ‘ongoing incident’

Kronos settles massive healthcare data breach suit for $6M

LockBit louts unload ransomware at Japan’s most prolific cargo port

Major Japanese port suspends operation following ransomware attack

Malicious campaign uses npm packages to support phishing attacks

Middlebury College Informed of MOVEit Data Breach By Two Vendors

Mount Desert Island Hospital Notifies 24,180 of Data Breach Involving Leaked Social Security Numbers

New Malware Targets 97 Browser Variants, 76 Crypto Wallets & 19 Password Managers

New StackRot Linux kernel flaw allows privilege escalation

Nickelodeon investigates breach after leak of 'decades old’ data

Nickelodeon says some of allegedly stolen data ‘appears to be decades old’

Ongoing Incident Prompts JumpCloud to Reset API Keys

Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Data Breach

Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe Files Notice of Data Breach After Confirming Recent Cyberattack

Over 36k Customers of City National Bank of Florida Affected by MOVEit Data Breach

Over 130,000 solar energy monitoring systems exposed online

Phishing Attacks on Crypto Wallets Are Getting More Sophisticated

Phishing, ransomware remain key concerns in Singapore, as hackers find success

Police Arrest Suspected OPERA1ER Cybercrime Kingpin

Port of Nagoya recovers from ransomware attack

Potential 500GB Nickelodeon Data Leak: Unreleased Shows and Scripts at Risk

Ransomware Affiliates, Triple Extortion, and the Dark Web Ecosystem

Ransomware Continues to Plague European Healthcare Sector

Ransomware Criminals are Dumping Kids` Private Files Online After School Hacks

Ransomware Gang Has 6 Million Life and Annuity Client Records

Real-world Phishing Attack Highlights Why Every CISO Needs to Protect Against Brand Impersonation

Researchers Uncover New Linux Kernel 'StackRot' Privilege Escalation Vulnerability

San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Posts Notice of Data Breach Following Cyberattack

Shell Confirms MOVEit-Related Breach After Ransomware Group Leaks Data

SiegedSec hacker group claims two cyber attacks on the City of Fort Worth in as many weeks

Silentbob Campaign: Cloud-Native Environments Under Attack

SolarView flaw exposes hundreds of solar farms

Support from British businesses crucial in removing over 235,000 scams, new figures reveal

Surviving the 800 Gbps Storm: Gain Insights from Gcore's 2023 DDoS Attack Statistics

Suspicious Email Reports Up a Third as NCSC Hails Active Defense

Toyota shipping hub paralyzed in LockBit attack

UK Cybersecurity Officials Investigate Data Breach Affecting London Hospitals

University students sue ticketing platform over data breach

Unpatched SolarView Systems Vulnerable to Exploits

Using Machine Learning to Find Vulnerabilities and Prevent Cyberattacks

Verizon’s Annual Data Breach Incident Report (DBIR) Shines Spotlight on Ransomware Trends & Insider Threats

Weaponized Phishing Attack via WhatsApp Targets International Hospitality & Tourism Industry

What is a Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan?

Why Insider Risk Cybersecurity Should be a Major Concern

5th July

4 ways to manage cyber risks in trucking

7 Crucial Steps to Enhance Your Organisation’s Cybersecurity

7 Reasons why Cyber Security Training is Vital in 2023

19 health systems struck with ransomware in 2023

39% of businesses faced a cloud environment data breach last year

68% of ransomware attacks vs manufacturing sector successfully encrypted data

75% of consumers prepared to ditch brands hit by ransomware

97% of Indonesian domains are vulnerable to phishing and spoofing

250GB of NHS Patient Data Leaked in the University of Manchester Cyber Attack

Activate Healthcare breach compromised healthcare data of over 93,000 patients

Advanced detection protects against the growing trade of zero-day hacks

After school hacks, ransomware criminals expose kids’ private files online

AI gold rush makes basic data security hygiene critical

Akira Ransomware Decryptor Is Available To The Public

Analyzing Threat Techniques Used By XeGroup

Atmos Energy Warns Customers About “Search Engine Phishing” Scam

Australia’s cybersecurity crisis: Organizations need to stop paying ransoms

Belarusian hacktivists сlaim to breach country’s leading state university

Binance Halts Deposits and Withdrawals on 10 Multichain-Bridged Tokens

California State Retirees Sue Vendor Over Data Breach

Canadian Teens Charged With Nabbing $4.2M in Bitcoin, Ethereum by Impersonating Coinbase Support

Checking-up on Health: Ransomware Accounts for 54% of Cybersecurity Threats

Cloud assets the biggest targets for cyberattacks, as data breaches increase

Common e-wallet phishing scams to watch out for

cPanel bug left gov.uk website exposed to attacker takeover

Crypto thieves pocketed $1B in 2023

Cyber Extortionists Increasingly Threaten Data Breaches

Cyber insurance costs fall in 2023 despite steep rise in ransomware attacks

Cyber insurance rates drop 10% in June, report says

Cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated in their attacks finds new report

Don’t be tricked into clicking on that image in that email in your inbox

European Commission to Tweak GDPR For Cross-Border Cases

For Data Breaches, Cloud Assets are Biggest Cybersecurity Headache

Governments Ill-Prepared For Ransomware & Disaster Recovery

Hackers use Malicious QR Codes to Retrieve Employee Credentials

How Cyber Insurance Can Help Relieve The Financial Burden Of A Cyberattack

HWL Ebsworth hack: Russian gang released ‘sensitive personal and government information’, Australia’s cybersecurity chief says

HWL Ebsworth hack affected government departments, cyber security coordinator says

iHealth Solutions settles HIPAA violation charges

Instagram's Twitter Alternative 'Threads' Launch Halted in Europe Over Privacy Concerns

Japan's biggest port, Nagoya, hit by suspected cyberattack

Japan's biggest port hit by suspected cyberattack, operations halted

Japan's Largest Port and Critical Toyota Shipping Hub Blocked Due to Cyberattack

Japan’s largest port stops operations after ransomware attack

Japan’s Nagoya Port Suspends Cargo Operations Following Ransomware Attack

June saw flurry of ransomware attacks on education sector

Kaspersky uncovers new malware family used by Andariel, Lazarus’ subgroup

Keeping Up With International Data Privacy Regulations

Meta’s Threads app may not launch in Europe due to stricter privacy laws

Mexico-based hacker exposed as mastermind behind Android Malware against global banks

Microsoft denies data breach amid claims by Anonymous Sudan

Microsoft denies that 30 million customer accounts have been compromised

Microsoft rubbishes Anonymous Sudan’s claim of Stealing 30M accounts

Nagoya Port Faces Disruption After Ransomware Attack

Nagoya Port hit by ransomware, grinding work to a halt

Nagoya Port operations of container terminals disrupted by ransomware

National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) marks 20th anniversary of first response to state-sponsored cyber attack

Nearly 70% of FortiGate Firewalls are vulnerable to new bug, experts say

New law could allow GCHQ to monitor UK internet logs in real-time to tackle fraud

New summer scam targets Amazon Prime and Apple accounts

New tool exploits Microsoft Teams bug to send malware to users

NHS Barts trust attacked by ransomware gang

Node.js Users Beware: Manifest Confusion Attack Opens Door to Malware

Office for Civil Rights (OCR) Reinforces Importance of Multi-Factor Authentication in Healthcare

OPERA1ER kingpin arrested in Interpol operation

Operations halted at Japan's biggest port after suspected cyberattack

Over a third of governments don't think they can deal with ransomware attacks

Pakistan: Government Issues Advisory Against Russian Hacker Group

Pepsi Bottling Ventures announces data breach

Phishing Trends and Tactics: Q1 of 2023

Police arrest suspect linked to notorius OPERA1ER cybercrime gang

PolyNetwork Recap: Hacker gets access to cryptos worth $34B

Pro-Russian hackers target Japan's top port handling Toyota trade

Pro-Russian hackers target Port of Nagoya, disrupting loading of Toyota parts

Ransomware attack from Russia hits Japan’s biggest port, delaying cargo

Ransomware Attack Stops Container Operations at Japan’s Nagoya Port

Ransomware coming for SMEs

Ransomware criminals are dumping kids’ private files online after school hacks

Ransomware Disrupts Container Logistics at Nagoya Port

RedEnergy Stealer-as-a-Ransomware employed in attacks in the wild

RedEnergy Stealer-as-a-Ransomware Threat Targeting Energy and Telecom Sectors

Russian Cyberattack Disrupts Operations at Japan’s Largest Maritime Port: Global Threat Intensifies

Russian railway site allegedly taken down by Ukrainian hackers

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) considers enforcement actions against SolarWinds over 2020 data breach

Security Experts Raise Major Concerns With Online Safety Bill

Sensitive government information released in cyber attack

Singapore: Police warn of new fake friend scam call variant involving malicious links, malware

Small organizations face security threats on a limited budget

SmugX: Chinese Hackers Targeting Embassies in Europe

Sophisticated Email Attacks Target Cryptocurrency Wallets

Threat actors use social media to carry out phishing

Top suspect in OPERA1ER cybercrime operation arrested in Africa

UK Citizens Wary of NHS AI Use, Citing Privacy Concerns

What Is the Relationship Between Zero Trust and Security Access Service Edge (SASE)?

What Is Threatware?

What to do after a data breach

Why ransomware groups are targeting pharma companies and the healthcare sector

Zscaler Report: Ransomware Attacks Up More Than 37% in 2023

Zscaler sees sharp increase in ransomware attacks with encryptionless extortion and RaaS

4th July

A new fight? - Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) imposes first capital requirements for a cyber attack

Achieving Cyber Resilience in Undersea Cable Networks

Add U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to List of Victims of Massive MOVEit Data Breach

Akira ransomware decryptor released to public

Alert: 330,000 FortiGate Firewalls Still Unpatched to CVE-2023-27997 RCE Flaw

Authentication Bypass Vulnerability in WordPress Plugin

Barts Health NHS Trust appears on blog of BlackCat ransomware gang

CalPERS retirees sue vendor PBI over breach that exposed social security numbers, other data

CISA issues warning for cardiac device system vulnerability

Criminals breach Dublin airport staff data

Crypto platform Poly Network suspends service after hacker steals millions of dollars in digital assets

Cyber Attack on Suncor Energy Indefinitely Suspends Electronic Payments at Canadian Gas Stations

Data breach by PLAY affects 425,000 Swiss Abroad

DDoSia Attack Tool Evolves with Encryption, Targeting Multiple Sectors

Fileless attacks increase 1,400%

Fort Worth officials say leaked data came from Public Information Act request

Four Men Face 20 Years For Money Laundering Charges

Google Analytics data transfer to U.S. brings $1 million fine to Swedish firms

Hacker With $42,000,000,000 in Wallet Exploits Interoperability Platform Poly Network

Indiana University breach exposed nearly 250K user records

Kaspersky Warns of Enhanced Cybersecurity Threat

List of Data Breaches and Cyber Attacks – June 2023

Manufacturing companies hit by ransomware had their data encrypted

Manufacturing exposed: over half of IT managers tackling costly ransomware attacks

Mexican Hacker Unleashes Android Malware on Global Banks

Mexico-Based Hacker Targets Global Banks with Android Malware

Microsoft Denies Claim of Data Breach That Affects 30 Million Accounts

Microsoft Denies Major 30 Million Customer-Breach

Microsoft Denies New Data Breach Claimed by Anonymous Sudan

MOVEit attack on Aon exposed data of the staff at the Dublin Airport

Nearly 40% increase in global ransomware attacks

New Python tool checks NPM packages for manifest confusion issues

Operational Technology (OT) Assets High Priority for Security Leaders as Industrial Threats Loom

Optus suffers another breach due to a BlackCat ransomware attack on HWL Ebsworth's network

Over half of Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) organisations hit by ransomware

Over Two-Thirds of FortiGate Firewalls Still at Risk

Ransomware Attacks: A Proactive Response Guide for Businesses

Ransomware attacks encrypt data in most manufacturing companies, report says

RedEnergy Stealer-as-a-Ransomware On The Rise

Report Reveals Companies Unprepared For Darknet Data Leaks

Russian Hacker Project DDoSIA Grew by Multiple Times

Significant room for improved cyber security in Taiwan businesses

South Africa: Information Regulator slaps justice department with historic R5m fine

Swedish Data Protection Authority Warns Companies Against Google Analytics Use

Teen among suspects arrested in Android banking malware scheme

The latest scam alerts from Which?

Thirty-three US Hospitals Hit By Ransomware This Year

Urgent warning for Gmail and Outlook users to check inbox for ‘Charming Kitten cyber espionage’ – data is at risk

US healthcare firm breach, child patient data at risk

US revenue management company Advantum Health fined $75,000 for leaking patients' healthcare data

Why cyberpsychology is such an important part of effective cybersecurity

3rd July

4 ways criminals could use AI to target you

58 percent of malware families sold as a service are ransomware

300,000+ Fortinet firewalls vulnerable to critical FortiOS RCE bug

A Brief History of Computer Viruses: From the 1970s to Now

Almost $180K lost by 84 scam victims on Carousell and Facebook marketplace

Always Learning: How AI Prevents Data Breaches

Apple supplier faces $70 million ransomware attack

Are you ready for a cyber attack?

ARx Patient Solutions and ARx Patient Solutions Pharmacy notify patients of a March, 2022 breach

Atlantic General Hospital breach impacted the healthcare data of 137k patients

Beware of patriotic scams this 4th of July

Billions of Android & iPhone users warned to check messages for 3 danger words that steal cash

BlackCat gang claims cyber attack on Barts NHS Trust

BlackCat Operators Distributing Ransomware Disguised as WinSCP via Malvertising

BlackCat Ransomware Employs Malvertising In Targeted Attacks

ChatGPT Creator Accused of Data Theft

Chinese hackers target European embassies with HTML smuggling technique

Chinese Hackers Use HTML Smuggling to Infiltrate European Ministries with PlugX

Chinese Threat Actors Target Europe in SmugX Campaign

Chipmaker TSMC says supplier hit with ransomware

Chipmaker TSMC says supplier targeted in cyber attack

CISA Flags 8 Actively Exploited Flaws in Samsung and D-Link Devices

Cloud security: Sometimes the risks may outweigh the rewards

Crypto exchange Huobi says two-year data breach wasn’t that bad

Crysis Ransomware Attacks RDP Servers to Deploy Ransomware

‘Cyber battlefield’ map shows attacks being played out live across the globe

Cybercriminals are logging in. What’s the solution?

Dark Side of Chatting With AI: Your ChatGPT Conversations Could Be For Sale on Dark Web

Decryptor publicly released for Akira ransomware used in several high-profile incidents

Deja vu: Optus suffers data breach from major cyber attack

Dublin airport staff data compromised in ransomware cyber attack

Dublin Airport staff pay details stolen by hackers after MOVEit attack at third-party provider

Dutch counterterrorism agency says Generative AI is posing new cyber threats

Enzo Biochem class action claims biotech company failed to prevent data breach

European governments are under attack by Chinese hackers

Evasive Meduza Stealer Targets 19 Password Managers and 76 Crypto Wallets

Fear Created by Data Breach Suffices for Class-Action Suit to Proceed, 1st Circuit Rules

Four ways criminals could use AI to target more victims

From Awareness to Action: Implementing Anti-Phishing Measures in Your Organization

From Regulation To Resilience: The Role Of Cybersecurity Experts On Public Company Boards

Hacker Steals Over $10M In Ethereum, Poly Network Tells Users 'Withdraw Liquidity'

Hackers force Russian military satellite operator offline

Hackers Set Up Online Shop to Sell Access to Firms

Hackers study potential prey on social media

Hackers target European government entities in SmugX campaign

Hackers use Cloned pages of Popular Tools to Deliver Blackcat Ransomware

Hackers warm up for start of South Africa’s tax season

Hacks targeting British exam boards raise fears of students cheating

Healthcare tech provider Kannact says data breach impacted more than 100,000 individuals

Hong Kong's privacy watchdog privacy watchdog releases new guidelines on data breach handling

How Fraudsters Redefine Mobile Banking Account Takeovers

How To: Limit the Impact of Data Breaches

Huobi Resolves Data Breach Affecting 4,960 Users

Huobi Takes Swift Action to Safeguard User Data and Assets Following Data Breach

India: Will 5G amp up the need for robust cybersecurity?

Indian pharma giant Granules India says ransomware attack significantly affected production runs

International Police Operation Dismantles Phone Scam Network

June Records 23% Decrease in NFT Thefts, But Don’t Celebrate Just Yet

Kenyan businesses experience 82% rise in cyber-attacks

Key Password Breach Statistics in 2023

Lansing Community College Notifies 757,832 Individuals of Recent Data Breach

Leave decoys in your system to lure out threat actors

LockBit Ransomware Claims TSMC as Its Latest Victim, Demands $70M

Manufacturing sector more exposed to ransomware attacks

Massive Crypto Hack: Attackers Swap Stolen Shiba Inu Tokens Worth Billions

Massive data breach rocks UK Hospital Group

Meduza Stealer Targets Windows Users With Advanced Tactics

Microsoft denies claims of data breach

Microsoft denies data breach, theft of 30 million customer accounts

Microsoft Warns of Russia-backed Credentials Stealing Campaign

Mobile cyberattacks soar, especially against Android users

More than two-thirds of manufacturing companies hit by ransomware had their data encrypted

MOVEit Hack Casualties Continue To Grow

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