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Monday 13 March 2023

Data Breaches Digest - Week 11 2023

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 13th March and 19th March 2023.

19th March

4 Common Ways Scammers and Hackers Stole Crypto in Projects in 2022

6 Ways Hackers Hack Your Smart TV & How To Avoid It

Atlanta man sentenced to prison for multi-million dollar cyber fraud scheme

Australia: Brisbane Khalistan Referendum voting hit by cyber-attack

BianLian ransomware crew goes 100% extortion after free decryptor lands

Complacency of staff to blame for data breaches

Customers of these banks are most likely to be a victim of fraud

Cybercriminals used 3 new tactics for phishing users in January 2023

Cyberespionage campaign expands

Cybersecurity threats in Malaysia on the rise

Euler Finance hacker sends 100 ETH to red-flagged North Korean address

FBI Nabs Infamous Hacker Forum Owner Behind Major Data Breaches of Many Indian Companies and Government Agencies

Hackers Can Gain Full Control Of Certain Samsung Phones With Just Contact Number: Google's Project Zero Report

India: Scammers sending fraud messages to HDFC, SBI and other bank customers to update PAN details, don’t fall for it

It's impossible to review security cameras in the age of breaches and ransomware

Largest Crypto ATM manufacturer hacked over security hitch - Over $1.5 bitcoin (BTC) stolen

Lawmakers are sounding the alarm after recent cyber attacks at hospitals

LockBit 3.0 Ransomware: Inside the Million Dollar Cyberthreat

Millions of iPhone and Android users warned over popular feature that could cost you dearly

New ‘HinataBot’ botnet could launch massive 3.3 Tbps DDoS attacks

Poolz & Euler Hit With Back-to-Back DeFi Exploits Totaling $2.3 Million

Pro-Russia hackers are increasingly targeting hospitals, researchers warns

Researcher creates polymorphic Blackmamba malware with ChatGPT

Russian Hackers Hit Indian Health Ministry's Website

Sorry for the inconvenience: How cross-border cyber attacks impact you directly

Taiwan: Bureau warns of online phishing

Urgent phishing warning issued to anybody who uses Gmail or Microsoft Outlook

What Do You Do if a Hacker Takes Control of Your Ship?

18th March

34 Most Common Types of Network Security Protections

Beware of New Trigona Ransomware Attacking Finance and Marketing Industries

Blackbaud to Pay $3M Fine for 'Misleading' Customers Following 2020 Ransomware Attack, Data Breach

BlockSec Foils Hackers’ Attempt To Steal $5 Million From ParaSpace

Chinese Hackers Exploit Fortinet Zero-Day Flaw for Cyber Espionage Attack

Circle phishing campaign promises fake USDC DeFi swap

Cyber Defenses Should Be on High Alert

Data breaches cost Canadian businesses nearly $6M on average: Mastercard data

Don’t Click on the Email that Promises a Free Shein Gift Card – It’s a Scam!

Emotet malware now distributed in Microsoft OneNote files to evade defenses

Euler Finance hacker starts returning stolen Ether

Hitachi Energy Latest Victim of Clop GoAnywhere Attacks

Hospitals risk becoming major targets for cyberattacks following Saint-Pierre hacking

India: Health Ministry Website Allegedly Targeted By Russian Hackers, CERT-IN Support Sought

Internet users urged to be vigilant as cybercrimes are on the rise

Jordan: National Cybersecurity Center reports increase in ransomware attacks

Latitude customers are furious: some have had data hacked before through Medibank and Optus

LockBit 3.0 Ransomware: Inside the Cyberthreat That's Costing Millions

More than 3,000 customers' data stolen in Latitude Financial cyberattack

National Basketball Association (NBA) Notifies Fans of Data Breach That Led to Stolen Private Information

New password rules to secure your accounts

Nigerian Man Sentenced to 7 Years for Cyber Fraud in the United States

Owner of Breach Forums Pompompurin Arrested in New York

ParaSpace hack in retrospect: $5M rescued, large withdrawals time-locked, hacker wants fees back

Phishing in EU: How to become cyberaware and protect yourself

Pompompurin Unmasked: Infamous BreachForums Mastermind Arrested in New York

'Red alert' warning for people who use Gmail or Microsoft Outlook over phishing scams

Samsung Exynos Modems Are Facing Major Vulnerabilities, Come On Samsung, Fix Them Now!

Taiwan: Authorities block phishing page for NT$6,000 tax rebate

The Hidden Costs of Insider Threats

Twitter silent as hackers scam users with stolen high-profile verified accounts

What Are Giveaway Bots and How Are They Used in Scams?

You've been pwned, how much will each stolen customer SSN cost you? How about $7.5k?

17th March

5 Reasons Why Cyber Matters for CFOs

5 Security Tricks to Avoid Potential Facebook Hacks in 2023

Addressing the upward march of cyberattacks

AllCare Plus Pharmacy, Inc. Notified Patients of Recent Data Breach Leaking Their SSNs and PHI

Alleged BreachForums owner ‘Pompompurin’ arrested on cybercrime charges

Are Paid Online Survey Sites Legit? Watch Out for These 7 Red Flags

Beware Of Online Payment Frauds, This Is How Scammers Can Steal Your Money

Binance, Tinder, Costco, and Walmart – Top Phishing Scams of the Week

China-backed espionage is getting harder to spot, researchers say

Chinese Hackers Exploiting 0-day Vulnerability in Fortinet Products

Clop ransomware expands GoAnywhere victims list, as Hitachi and more confirm incidents

Cloudflare uses its global network to identify the top 50 most impersonated brands

Cybercrime in Fast-Paced Digital Economy: Challenges and Ways Forward

Cybercriminals add three novel tactics to phishing in latest attempts to sneak past security

Digital crimes are getting more sophisticated. Here's what to watch out for

Dutch shipping giant Royal Dirkzwager confirms Play ransomware attack

Education Leaders Need to Prioritize Cybersecurity to Protect Schools and Students

Essendant confirms ransomware attack

Eufy security cams 'ignore cloud opt-out, store unique IDs' of anyone who walks by

Euler Finance Hacker Rejects $20M Offer, Mixes 1,000 ETH in Tornado Cash

Experian data breach fraudster re-arrested, denied bail

Fake Telegram and WhatsApp clones aim at crypto on Android and Windows

FakeCalls Vishing Malware Targets South Korean Users via Popular Financial Apps

FBI: Critical Infrastructure Hit 860 Times by Ransomware in 2022

Free decryptor released for Conti ransomware variant infecting hundreds of organisations

Google Exposes 18 Zero-Day Flaws in Samsung Exynos Chips

Google Uncovers 18 Severe Security Vulnerabilities in Samsung Exynos Chips

GPT-4 Can’t Stop Helping Hackers Build Cybercriminal Tools

Hackers target Horsham school in 'malicious cyber attack'

Happy State Bank Notifies 10,069 Customers of Recent Data Breach

HC3 Raises Alarm Over Black Basta Ransomware Group as a Threat to Healthcare

Healthcare services provider Independent Living Systems notifies 4.2m individuals about data breach

Healthcare software company ILS reveals data breach affecting 4 million people

Hitachi Energy confirms data breach after Clop GoAnywhere attacks

How ChatGPT is changing the cybersecurity game

How healthcare CISOs can automate cloud security controls

How to prevent data theft by existing and departing employees

India: Health ministry approaches CERT-In over attempt to hack its website

Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) Reprimands Metropolitan Police for Data Snafu

Insecuring Your Home And Data: Ring Vendor Apparently Hit With Ransomware Attack

Japan: Firms spend millions, weeks recovering from cyberattacks

Joint European task force takes down darkweb money laundering platform ChipMixer

Lansing Community College (LCC) to resume some classes but remain offline next week

Latitude Financial Scrambles to Contain Large Data Breach

List of famous brands that are mostly impersonated for phishing attacks

LockBit group claims responsibility for a ransomware attack on Essendant

Lookalike Telegram and WhatsApp Websites Distributing Cryptocurrency Stealing Malware

Malaysia faces increasing cybersecurity threats

Meta Proposes Revamped Approach to Online Kill Chain Frameworks

Microsoft shares script to fix WinRE BitLocker bypass flaw

Microsoft Warns Russian Hackers May Plan More Attacks, Inside and Outside of Ukraine

Minneapolis Public School data released on dark web after ransomware attack

Most security pros turn to unauthorized AI tools at work

National Basketball Association (NBA) alerts fans of a data breach exposing personal information

National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC): ChatGPT Won’t Democratise Cyber-crime

New Espionage Group ‘YoroTrooper’ Targeting Entities in European, CIS Countries

New GoLang-Based HinataBot Exploiting Router and Server Flaws for DDoS Attacks

New Jersey latest state to implement cyber incident reporting requirement

New Microsoft SmartScreen Bypass Technique Causes Concerns

New Study Claims ChatGPT Can't Outperform Human Designed Email Phishing Scams

New Vishing Attack Spreading FakeCalls Android Malware

Oakland ransomware attack: Leaked data has more than 3.1K views on dark web

Pro-Russian Winter Vivern APT Targets Governments and Telecom Firm

Ransomware Attacks in Manufacturing and What Business Leaders Fear Most

Ransomware down 57% but other threats looming, warns report

Ransomware Gangs Release Naked Photos of Cancer Patients, Student Sexual Assault Records

Ransomware group claims massive data leak but Minneapolis schools files’ whereabouts a mystery

Ransomware group posts Minneapolis Public Schools data to dark web

Ransomware Strongly Influencing SOC Modernization Strategies, Cybereason Research Shows

Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS): Definition & Examples

RAT developer arrested for infecting 10,000 PCs with malware

Red alert warning issued to anybody who uses Gmail or Microsoft Outlook

Rubrik discloses data theft in a GoAnywhere zero-day attack

Rural US Hospitals Are Getting Clobbered by Ransomware

Russian hackers allegedly target health ministry website over 'India's support to Ukraine'

Russian Military Preparing New Destructive Attacks: Microsoft

Samsung, Vivo, Google phones open to remote compromise without user interaction

Samsung’s Exynos chips cited for potentially hackable flaws

Should Your Organization Be Worried About Insider Threats?

Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) account holders targeted with phishing, scams

Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse is a scammer’s dream: Don’t get caught out

South Africa: Are there potential cyber security challenges around selling energy back to the grid?

Suspected China-linked hackers exploit Fortinet zero-day in spying campaign

Taiwan's Acer confirms data breach

Telegram, WhatsApp Trojanized to Target Cryptocurrency Wallets

The Convergence Of Data Privacy And Digital Trust

The Internet Dilemma: Leveraging the Value While Reducing Vulnerabilities

The One Place IT Budget Cuts Can’t Touch: Cybersecurity

The Tipping Point for Operational Technology (OT) Cybersecurity

Tracking the global spread of malware

Vishing Campaign Targets Social Security Administration

Wallet Guard Reveals Massive DDoS Attacks, Says It's Ongoing but Mitigated

Watch out: Four common scams worming their way into your inbox

Wave of telecom data breaches highlight industry's weaknesses

Which Financial Information Should You Avoid Sharing Publicly?

Who was behind the cyberattack on Newfoundland and Labrador's health-care system? A security expert explains

Why CISO burnout is a growing threat to organisations in Saudi Arabia

Will AI replace humans in phishing attacks?

Will Consumers Punish Vendors That Suffer a Data Breach?

Winter Vivern APT Group Targeting Indian, Lithuanian, Slovakian, and Vatican Officials

Worrying Twitter Scam Preys on Banking Customers

16th March

2023 cybersecurity outlook: Crime keeps on slippin’ into the future

A Ransomware Gang Claims to Have Hacked the Security Camera Company Amazon Ring

Acer Confirms Data Breach After Hacker Lists Stolen Data on Hacking Forum

Adobe Acrobat Sign abused to push Redline info-stealing malware

After Cyber Attacks, Pennsylvania Police Warn Residents

AI tool or scammers’ playground? ChatGPT exploited for fraudulent activities

APT Actors Exploited Telerik Vulnerability in Government IIS Server

AT&T Confirms Third-Party Data Breach Exposing 9 Million Customer Accounts

Atlantic General Hospital (AGH) CEO Provides Update On Cyber Attack; Reports Medical Records Not Hacked

Aussie drivers losing hundreds of thousands of dollars to toll phishing scam

Australia Inc roiled by raft of cyberattacks since late 2022

Australia's Latitude Group, IPH hit by cyber attacks amid wave of hacks

Authorities Shut Down ChipMixer Platform Tied to Crypto Laundering Scheme

BianLian ransomware gang shifts focus to pure data extortion

BianLian Ransomware Pivots From Encryption to Pure Data-Theft Extortion

Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks doubled in 2022, outstripping ransomware

Business Email Compromise (BEC) Volumes Double on Phishing Surge

ChatGPT could make phishing more sophisticated

Check Point Research conducts Initial Security Analysis of ChatGPT4, Highlighting Potential Scenarios For Accelerated Cybercrime

Chinese and Russian Hackers Using SILKLOADER Malware to Evade Detection

Chinese cyber crime tool believed to be acquired by Russian ransomware gangs

Chinese SilkLoader Malware Sold to Russian Cyber-Criminals

ChipMixer Crypto Laundromat Shut Down By German, US Authorities

CISA Establishes Ransomware Vulnerability Warning Pilot Program

CISA Issues Urgent Warning: Adobe ColdFusion Vulnerability Exploited in the Wild

Conti-based ransomware ‘MeowCorp’ gets free decryptor

Convincing Twitter 'quote tweet' phone scam targets bank customers

Crypto exchange Fiatusdt leaked trove of users KYC data

Cryptojacking Group TeamTNT Suspected of Using Decoy Miner to Conceal Data Exfiltration

Cyber attribution: Vigilance or distraction?

Cyber Risk Report Finds Ransomware the Lowest Cyber Risk Overall but Check the Details for Your Industry

Cybercrime in Japan hits record high in 2022 as ransomware cases surge

Daily QR “Scan Scams” Phishing Users on their Mobile Devices

DNV recovers from fleet management system ransomware attack

Double extortion ransomware explored: handling the business risk

Euler Hacker Gives out Stolen ETH to Random Users, Here's What's Happening

FakeCalls Android malware returns with new ways to hide on phones

FBI says 860 critical infrastructure organizations hit by Ransomware in 2022

Finance firm gives cyber hackers too much Latitude

Fortinet zero-day attacks linked to suspected Chinese hackers

Fraud of the Rings: Can Amazon be Trusted with Your Data?

Global Cyber Attacks: Where Does the UK Land?

Google finds 18 zero-day vulnerabilities in Samsung Exynos chipsets

GPT-4 Can’t Stop Helping Hackers Make Cybercriminal Tools

HC3 Shares Black Basta Ransomware Threat Intelligence Data

Healthcare software firm ILS announces data breach affecting more than 4 million people

Hong Kong Privacy Regulator Highlights Data Security Guidance as Cyberattacks Increase

How to Protect Your Company in a ChatGPT World

Humans Still Better Than AI at Phishing — For Now

Hundreds of thousands of customer records stolen from lender Latitude in cyber-attack

Incident of the Week: Ransomware gang allegedly hacks Ring doorbells

India: Hackers Target Manufacturing Firms To Extort Crypto Using Ransomware

Intellectual Property (IP) firm IPH is latest Australian company to suffer data breach

Kaspersky releases decryptor for ransomware based on Conti source code

Kaspersky Updates Decryption Tool for Conti Ransomware

Latitude cyberattack leads to data theft at two service providers

Latitude Financial hit by cyber attack, more than 300,000 identity documents stolen

Leading Brussels hospital fends off a major cyber attack, restores emergency services

Lockbit ransomware victims more than double in February

Magniber Ransomware Group Exploiting Microsoft Zero-Day

Multiple Hacker Groups Exploit 3-Year-Old Vulnerability to Breach U.S. Federal Agency

National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) Calms Fears Over ChatGPT Threat

Navigating the future of digital identity

On-the-Run Hacker Who Allegedly Breached Federal Cop Database Arrested in Florida

Orlando Family Physicians data breach class action settlement

Over a Year of Log4j Lingering: Why We Need to Stop Viewing High-Severity Breaches as Anomalies

Phishing Campaigns Leverage Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) Collapse in New Schemes

Portable health device company suffers data breach

Ransomware gang claims to have stolen 3,000 designs for SpaceX ROCKETS from Elon Musk's team - and is threatening to sell them to rival manufacturers

Research finds 48% of global critical manufacturing at significant risk of breach

Reventics Inc. Faces Class Action Investigation for Failure to Adequately Protect or Notify Customers of Medical Data Breach

Royal Mail ransomware attack result of putting profit before security

Russia-aligned ‘Winter Vivern’ hackers spotted targeting Ukraine, Europe, India

Russian hacker group Phoenix targets health ministry systems

Russian hackers target Indian Health Ministry's website

Scam warning: Circle phishing campaign promises fake USDC DeFi swap

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) proposes new cyber incident reporting rules for financial orgs

Security experts warn of GPT-4 risks

Sobeys parent says total impact of cyber attack could be over $54 million

Three Healthcare Providers Report Phishing Attacks

Two US Citizens Charged for Hacking into DEA Portal in 2022

US Government IIS Server Breached via Telerik Software Flaw

US Marshals Service Data Sold on Russian Hacker Forum

Users Lost Over $300K From Phishing Blur Airdrop Website, Still Active!

Winter Vivern APT hackers use fake antivirus scans to install malware

15th March

5 strategies for boosting endpoint management

11 lawsuits filed against California medical group over ransomware attack that affected 3 million patients

57% of financial firms at risk of data breach due to mismanaged data

A ransomware gang claims it has breached Ring and is threatening to leak data

Agribusinesses Vulnerable to Phishing Scams

Arizona agencies possibly exposed in LastPass data breach

AT&T reveals data breach affecting 9 million wireless accounts

Authorities take down darknet cryptocurrency ‘mixing’ service

Authorities Target ChipMixer for Alleged Money Laundering

Bermuda Bankers Association: Beware Of Phishing Scams

Blackbaud Pays $3M to Settle “Misleading Disclosures” Following Ransomware Attack

Browser Security Without Compromising on Productivity or Experience

Businessman convicted for Experian data breach re-arrested after failing to appear in court, saying his child was sick

Cancer patient sues hospital after ransomware gang leaks her nude medical photos

ChatGPT may be a bigger cybersecurity risk than an actual benefit

Check Point reveals top threats and targeted industries for February 2023

Chinese Silkloader cyber attack tool falls into Russian hands

ChipMixer platform seized for laundering ransomware payments, drug sales

CISA: US agency breached by cybercriminals, government hackers

CISA Establishes Ransomware Warning Pilot

CISA warns of Adobe ColdFusion bug exploited as a zero-day

Company at centre of Labour data breach hit by $3m US penalty for ‘misleading’ over ransomware attack

Consumers Believe Vendors Don’t Adequately Protect Their Personal Data, Report Finds

Critical Microsoft Outlook bug PoC shows how easy it is to exploit

Cybersecurity in Africa: Many still believe cybercrime won’t affect them

Cybersecurity Solutions for Fintech Startups

Dangers from hacks stretch beyond broken computer systems

Data loss prevention company hacked by Tick cyberespionage group

DirectDefense Reports the Top Threats from 2022 and What’s Trending for 2023

Dish customers kept in the dark as ransomware fallout continues

Drivers lose more than $660k to toll road scam as phishing attempts surge in Australia

Energy industrial control systems in Africa are a top cyberattack target

Euler Finance’s offer to hacker: Keep $20M or face the law

Exfiltration malware takes center stage in cybersecurity concerns

Experts warn of scams tied to Silicon Valley Bank collapse

"FakeCalls" Android Malware Targets Financial Firms in South Korea

FBI: Ransomware hit 860 critical infrastructure orgs in 2022

First-known Dero cryptojacking operation seen targeting Kubernetes

For credentials, these are the new Seven Commandments for zero trust

Generative AI and cybersecurity

Good Guys Decrypt Ransomware Targeting Charitable Groups

Hacker selling data allegedly stolen in US Marshals Service hack

Hawaii Health Department Says Death Records Compromised in Recent Data Breach

HC3 Report Uncovers Key Data Exfiltration Trends in Healthcare

Healthcare provider ILS warns 4.2 million people of data breach

Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Arizona investigation leads to takedown of cryptocurrency mixer that processed over $3 billion in unlawful transactions

How do consumers react to a security breach?

How do you know your identity security delivers?

How to better secure your fleet of mobile devices

How to stay safe from fraud and scammers in the tax season's final innings

Humans are still better at creating phishing emails than AI — for now

Humans Still More Effective Than ChatGPT at Phishing

Humans write better phishing emails than AI

Huntress Research Survey Pulls Back Curtain on Security Threats to Mid-Sized Businesses

IBM reveals UK energy sector is top target for cyberattacks

Indians lost Crores to Crypto Scams

Israeli Intel staff uncover critical world-wide cyber security weakness

LockBit claims ransomware attack on SpaceX contractor Maximum Industries

LockBit lurked inside Los Angeles housing authority's network for a year, exfiltrated personal data

LockBit ransomware claims Essendant attack, company says “network outage”

LockBit targeted SpaceX vendor Maximum Industries, stole sensitive aerospace data

Microsoft Patches Two Zero Days This Month

Microsoft Rolls Out Patches for 80 New Security Flaws — Two Under Active Attack

MKS Instruments hit by class-action litigation following ransomware attack

MKS Instruments hit with lawsuit following ransomware attack

MKS Instruments Ransomware Attack Results in $200M Sales Hit

Montenegro Readies for Cyber Attacks in Presidential Elections

More than 80,000 could be affected by data breach at Tuscaloosa ambulance service

New Cryptojacking Operation Targeting Kubernetes Clusters for Dero Mining

North Korean Hackers Attack Cybersecurity Specialists by Offering Them Jobs via LinkedIn

NSA releases information for advancing zero trust

Paul Smith’s College (PSC) students, staff may have had personal information stolen

Personal info from data breach that affected lawmakers appears on hacker site

Phishing Campaigns Use Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) Collapse to Harvest Crypto

Phishing for Financial Fears

Phishing scam alert is issued to Qantas, ANZ, and NAB Bank customers

‘Prolific’ crypto money laundering platform ChipMixer shuttered by Germany, US

Protecting Against Wire Fraud Scams

Protecting Investors from Cyberattacks and Enhancing Cybersecurity in U.S. Capital Markets

Province refuses to say whether ransom was paid to group behind 2021 attack on Newfoundland and Labrador health systems

Raising Awareness of Connected Device Security

Ransomware gang exploited a zero-day in Microsoft security feature, Google says

Research indicates humans are still better than ChatGPT at phishing – for now

Rubrik confirms data breach but evades Cl0p ransomware allegations

SAP releases fixes for some serious flaws in its business software

Scammers used compromised police accounts in extortion scheme, prosecutors say

Scams Are Getting Way More Dangerous Due to ChatGPT

Scourge of Ransomware Attacks Spark New Focus for SOCs

SEC Charges Software Company for Downplaying Scope of Ransomware Attack in Public Disclosures

Singapore businesses stumbling over what security culture entails

Singapore's data protection watchdog fines Eatigo S$62,400 for breach of 2.8m customers' data

South Africa: With phishing on the rise, it's worth being prepared

South Korea warns Asean of cyber attacks by North Korea

Specialist cyber crime team investigates major Chichester school ransomware attack

The Dangers of Using Home-Grown Backup Systems

The Different Methods and Stages of Penetration Testing

The Downside to March Madness – a Busted Bracket and a Data Breach

Tick APT Group Hacked East Asian DLP Software Firm

Tick APT Targeted High-Value Customers of East Asian Data-Loss Prevention Company

Top 5 Security Trends for CIOs

Top 50 most impersonated brands by phishing URLs

TV licence email scam: What to look out for and how to avoid

UK Bank Limits Crypto Payments to Smother Fraud

United Arab Emirates: Rise in AI-driven cyberattacks feared

US federal agency hacked using old Telerik bug to steal data

User forgetfulness drives preference for biometrics over passwords

What are Rootkits? How to prevent them

What Is Data Exfiltration And How To Prevent It

What is Reverse Tabnabbing and What Can You Do to Stop It?

Why Your Business Needs Effective Data Protection Services

Will ChatGPT Democratize the Development of Evasive Malware?

YoroTrooper Stealing Credentials and Information from Government and Energy Organizations

Zoll Suffers Massive Data Breach

14th March

4 evasive web browser attacks targeting federal agencies

60GB Deutsche Bank data allegedly for sale on dark web

88% of breached passwords are 12 characters or less

2022 Data Breaches: What Happened and What Did We Learn?

2022 saw a 61% increase in the rate of phishing attacks

14,000 Mediacorp meconnect accounts compromised in data breach

Africa comes under cyber attack

AI-generated personas used in YouTube phishing campaigns

Akamai flags prevalence of malware on corporate networks

ALPHV ransomware gang claims it has hacked Amazon’s Ring

Amazon-owned Ring denies ‘ransomware event’ following darknet listing

Amazon-owned Ring reportedly suffers ransomware attack

Attack campaign on edge appliance: undetected since 2021 and resists firmware update

Australia: Ministry of Health finds data details dubbed

Bank failure panic fuels moment of opportunity for threat actors

Beaver Medical Group Files Notice of Data Breach Leaking Patient’s PHI

Beware: Wire transfer fraud can occur if your email has been hacked

BlueVoyant Research Illuminates Latest Cyber Attack Techniques and How to Defend Against Them

Bone & Joint Reports Recent “System Outage” Resulted in Data Breach Affecting Patients and Employees

Cambridge Student Union (SU) axe student-led inquiry into data breach

ChatGPT and the Growing Threat of Bring Your Own AI to the SOC

ChatGPT Can Be Used To Create Chatbots That Impersonate Humans

CISA Creates New Ransomware Vulnerability Warning Program

CISA Launches Ransomware Warning Pilot for Critical Infrastructure

CISA warns Critical Infrastructure (CI) operators about vulnerabilities on their networks exploited by ransomware gangs

Coinbase: How to Protect Yourself from Phishing Attacks

Current Turmoil and Future Risks in Resolving Data Breach Class Actions

Cyber incidents in Israel down 18 percent in 2022

Cybercriminals exploit Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) collapse to steal money and data

Cyprus: Cyberattacks are common, police chief says

D.C. Health Link hacker exposes lawmakers’ personal information

Darknet Markets Thrive Despite Repeat Disruptions by Police

Data of Skoda India Customers Leaked from Official Website

DEV-1101 Updates Open Source Phishing Kit

Don't Leave Your Law Practice Vulnerable: The Legal Obligation To Protect Against Cyberattacks

FBI warns of spike in ‘pig butchering’ crypto investment schemes

Financial services DDoS resilience starts with understanding attack surface

Forest Hills Hacker Used Federal Database For Blackmail

Fortinet FortiOS Flaw Exploited in Targeted Cyberattacks on Government Entities

From Power Plants to eWallets: The role of Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) in the gig economy

GoBruteforcer: New Golang-Based Malware Breaches Web Servers Via Brute-Force Attacks

H-Hotels: Identity card copies stolen in cyberattack

Hacker posts data stolen from Swiss cyber security company Acronis on BreachForums

Hackers target South Asian government entities with KamiKakaBot malware

Hackers threaten to release sensitive information from Sussex schools following ransomware attack

Hackers used Fortra zero-day to steal sales data from cloud management giant Rubrik

Hacking ChatGPT: 'The Dark Web's Hottest Topic'

Hacking is like Marketing: and Patch Tuesday is always a Campaign Launch Day

Has Amazon’s Ring Been Hacked? Ransomware Gang Posts Threat To Leak Data

Here’s how to prepare for the SEC’s proposed breach regulations

Keeping your data safe: how to prevent a cyber-attack

Key aerospace player leaks sensitive data

Kremlin-backed hackers blamed in recent phishing attempts on EU agencies

LA Housing Authority Suffers Year-Long Breach

LockBit Ransomware Claims Data Breach at SpaceX Contractor

LockBit Ransomware Group Claims SpaceX Contractor Data Theft

McAfee Invoice Scam Email Poses as Subscription Renewal Receipt

Merced College Provides Notice of Data Breach to Students Following Malware Attack

MI5 Launches New Agency to Tackle State-Backed Attacks

Microsoft fixes Outlook zero-day used by Russian hackers since April 2022

Microsoft fixes Windows zero-day exploited in ransomware attacks

Microsoft March 2023 Patch Tuesday fixes 2 zero-days, 83 flaws

Microsoft patches zero-days used by state-sponsored and ransomware threat actors (CVE-2023-23397, CVE-2023-24880)

Microsoft squashes Windows bug exploited to inflict ransomware misery

Microsoft Warns of Large-Scale Use of Phishing Kits to Send Millions of Emails Daily

Millions of Ring customers warned as notorious cyber gang threatens to expose data

New Data From ThreatX Reveals 90% of Consumers are Concerned Poor Vendor Security Will Negatively Impact Their Lives in 2023

Organizations need to re-examine their approach to BEC protection

Personal data vs Sensitive Data: What’s the Difference?

Prevent Identity Theft: 3 Basic Cybersecurity Principles You Should Know

Profiling a Massive Portfolio of Domains Involved in Ransomware Campaigns

Ransom crooks claim legendary music tech company Marshall as victim

Ransomware attacks have entered a heinous new phase

Ransomware Group Claims Hack of Amazon's Ring

Ransomware still a threat, but watch out for hackers invading to steal health care data

Ransomware, compromised credentials were behind Newfoundland heathcare attack

Recent SMS Phishing Attacks Reveal the Dangers of MFA Lookalike Domains

Reservation platform Eatigo fined S$62,400 for data breach, 'uncooperative' & 'evasive' during investigations

Ring won’t say if it was hacked after ransomware gang claims attack

Rubrik confirms data theft in GoAnywhere zero-day attack

SAP releases security updates fixing five critical vulnerabilities

Snap-on data breach class action settlement

Software firm Blackbaud to pay $3 million for misleading disclosures on ransomware attack

STALKER 2 hacker demands Ukrainian game developer reinstates Russian language support, or else

Still using authenticators for MFA? Software for sale can hack you anyway

Success of National Cybersecurity Strategy Rests on Swift Action

Supply Chains Need The Protection Of Unified Multifunctional Cybersecurity

Tech leaves food industry more exposed to cybersecurity threat

The evolving landscape of Canada’s cyber insurance market

The Prolificacy of LockBit Ransomware

The Zeus Trojan Malware — Definition and Prevention

Threat posed by mainland hacker forced Guam Memorial Hospital (GMH) to shut down network

Tips to select the right personal cyber cover

Top ransomware controls and where MDR fits in

Trinity Health Corporation Reports Data Breach Following Compromised Employee Email Account

Two U.S. Men Charged in 2022 Hacking of Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Portal

UK Crypto Firm Loses $200m in Cyber-Attack

UK’s largest state boarding school announces ‘sophisticated cyberattack’

Ukraine Scrambles to Draft Cyber Law, Legalizing Its Volunteer Hacker Army

Understanding the Difference Between Spoofing vs Phishing

Universities and colleges cope silently with ransomware attacks

Upcoming Microsoft OneNote Update will Provide Protection Against Phishing Attacks

US CISA to Warn Critical Infrastructure of Ransomware Risk

Using AI Cybersecurity Solutions to Stop Ransomware

Why Cyber Mindfulness is the Future of Cybersecurity

Why Cyber Threats Increase During a Banking Crisis

Why Cybersecurity Training Is Critical in Healthcare

Why SMEs need to take cyber liability insurance more seriously

Why the Tech Industry Needs to Rethink Product Security

Wymondham College hit by sophisticated cyber attack

YoroTrooper cyberspies target CIS energy orgs, EU embassies

YoroTrooper Espionage Campaigns Target CIS, EU Countries

Zoll Medical notifies 1 Million patients of data breach tied to LifeVest device

13th March

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Indigo faces union demands for additional support after cyber attack

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