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Monday 6 March 2023

Data Breaches Digest - Week 10 2023

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 6th March and 12th March 2023.

12th March

Action Fraud issue warning over PayPal 'requesting money' scam

AT&T data breach hits nine million customer accounts

Broken English no longer a sign of scams as crooks tap AI bots like ChatGPT

CASPER attack steals data using air-gapped computer's internal speaker

Cybercriminals attack young gamers

Cyprus: Land registry website problems due to ‘cyber attack’

DC Health Link responds to data breach, saying investigation in the works

How to spot a phishing scam, even one crafted by AI

Indigo union demands more details on cyberattack, support for affected workers

Medusa ransomware gang picks up steam as it targets companies worldwide

Multifactor authentication: Keeping employee data secure through digital ID management

Ottawa Police and FBI investigate cyber-attack

Security Breach at DC Health Link Affects 56,000 People

Taiwan: Shopee, Carousell most popular platforms used by phishing scammers

Telehealth startup gave private health information to Google, Meta, TikTok, and more

11th March

9 Tips to Protect Your Mobile Data Security from Hackers

9 Tricky Internet Scams You Shouldn’t Fall For

64% more Canadian women report scam encounters than men

Another ransomware attack results in a HIPAA breach: Florida Medical Center

BATLOADER Malware Uses Google Ads to Deliver Vidar Stealer and Ursnif Payloads

Billions of Gmail and Outlook users warned to search inbox for dangerous ‘money grabbing message’

Bone & Joint Clinic reports “network disruption” caused HIPAA breach of employee and patient information

ChatGPT could help scammers write perfect phishing emails — here's your guide to spotting them

CISA warns of actively exploited Plex bug after LastPass breach

Clop ransomware gang begins extorting GoAnywhere zero-day victims

Cyprus: Land registry website still down

Data management company to pay $3 million in settlement with feds over 2020 ransomware disclosures

Free Wi-Fi access comes with security risks, warn experts

GCHQ told Gloucester council to 'keep schtum' over cyber attack until probe ends, civic chief says

Hackers demand €4.2 million from Barcelona’s Hospital Clinic not to release stolen data

Hackers Exploit Ethereum (ETH) Rival, Normal Activity Paused To Prevent Theft of More Tokens

Has remote working led to a rise in global data breaches?

Highly sensitive files from Berkeley County Schools dumped by ransomware gang

Indigo union demands more details on cyberattack, support for affected workers

“Massive” cyber attack crashes African Union’s system

Microsoft to protect users better from phishing attacks that exploit OneNote

North Korean hackers target security researchers with convincing fake profiles

Russian Cybercrime Gang Busted by FBI, EU, and Ukrainian Police

Six in ten financial institutions at risk of data breach due to poor data management

South African Revenue Service (SARS) warns of new scam targeting taxpayers

The World Can Expect to See More Cyber Warfare

Union 'increasingly alarmed' about Indigo cyberattack, demands further disclosure

What Is Snake Keylogger and Are You at Risk?

Why should cybersecurity become top priority for SMEs

ZOLL Medical notifying 1,004,443 patients of data breach

10th March

3 Keys to Better Cybersecurity

31% of organizations had users fall for phishing attack

A Ransomware Resilience Assessment Template: 5 Essentials

ACER Hacked: Hacker Steals Documents From Company & Threatens To Sell To Highest Bidder

Acronis customer compromised by ‘bored’ hacker. Here’s what we know

Alleged seller of NetWire RAT arrested in Croatia

AT&T data breach compromises roughly nine million accounts, here's what you need to know

AT&T informs 9 Million customers about data breach

AT&T says nine million customers exposed in January vendor breach

Augmented usage of ransomware as a service platform, a SaaS model for eCrime

Billions of Gmail users told to search for three names in their inbox – ignoring warning signs could leave you ruined

Beleaguered Dish struggles to recover from cyberattack

Blackbaud to pay $3M for misleading ransomware attack disclosure

Blackbaud to pay $3 million settlement to SEC over ‘misleading’ ransomware disclosure

BlackMamba PoC Malware Uses AI to Avoid Detection

Business Email Compromise Threat to Rise Steeply

Canada: Prince George RCMP warns of new scams making the rounds in Northern Capital

Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) data breach investigation is complete. Was sensitive information compromised?

Cerebral Inc. Acknowledges Its Use of Online Tracking Technologies Resulted in the Unauthorized Disclosure of Patient Data

China-linked Hackers Targeting Unpatched SonicWall SMA Devices with Malware

CHSPSC, Inc. Files Notice of Data Breach Following Cybersecurity Event at Cybersecurity Company Fortra

CISA: Do these three things to toughen up your network against hackers

CISA warns of critical VMware RCE flaw exploited in attacks

Cloud security, hampered by proliferation of tools, has a “forest for trees” problem

Codman Square Health Center Reports Data Breach with Federal Government Following Ransomware Attack

Combo Lists & the Dark Web: Understanding Leaked Credentials

Community Health Systems to Notify Up to 1 Million Individuals About GoAnywhere Data Breach

Cybersecurity Automation: Leveling the Playing Field

Cybersecurity Firm Acronis Data Breach: Hackers Leak 21GB of Data

Dark Pink APT Group Strikes Government Entities in South Asian Countries

Data breach exposes sensitive information of U.S. Congress members and staff

DeFi Protocol Tender.fi Hacker Returns $1.6M Following Pricing Oracle Glitch

Elderly care facility Attent Zorg en Behandeling suffers a ransomware attack

Emotet attempts to sell access after infiltrating high-value networks

FBI and international cops catch a NetWire RAT

FBI buys stolen health data that included members of U.S. Congress

FBI Warns of Crypto-Stealing Play-to-Earn Games

Global Cops Take Down NetWire RAT

Hadoken Security Group Upgrades Xenomorph Mobile Malware

Hawaiʻi banks warn customers of phishing scams

HDFC Bank Denies Users Confidential Data Leaked, Now Customers Complain Of Phishing Activities

Health data breach hitting Congress 'could be extraordinary'

High Street Retailer WH Smith Suffers a Cyber Attack Leaking Employee Data

How Cybersecurity Delays Critical Infrastructure Modernization

How To Build and Protect Your Brand's Reputation Through These Cybersecurity Tricks

How to Create a Cybersecurity Plan for Your Small Business

How unusual was Oakland’s ransomware attack?

IceFire Ransomware Targets Linux Enterprise Networks

Impact of health data breach hitting Congress 'could be extraordinary'

Increased Remote Work for Many Governments Also Raises Cyber Risks

International Law Enforcement Takes Down Infamous NetWire Cross-Platform RAT

Internet crime in 2022: Over $3 billion lost to investment scammers

Iranian state-sponsored threat group impersonates US Think Tank

Iranian state-sponsored threat group uses stolen images and fake profile to impersonate US Think Tank in spear phishing campaign

Is cyber coverage broken? And, can it be fixed?

Liverpool hospital trust data breach investigated

Maternal & Family Health Services Sued Over Ransomware Attack and Data Breach

Mental health provider Cerebral alerts 3.1M people of data breach

Microsoft OneNote to get enhanced security after recent malware abuse

Microsoft to boost protection against malicious OneNote documents

NetWire Malware Site and Server Seized, Admin Arrested

New GoBruteforcer malware targets phpMyAdmin, MySQL, FTP, Postgres

New Version of Prometei Botnet Infects Over 10,000 Systems Worldwide

North Korean UNC2970 Hackers Expands Operations with New Malware Families

OpenSea User Identities May Have Been Exposed in New Vulnerability

Over 1.8 Crore Indian Citizens’ Personal Records Exposed in 10 Data Broker Breaches in Past 20 Years

PeopleGrove Reports Exposure of Users' Sensitive Data After Security Lapse

Ransomware Attack on Barcelona Hospital Threatened Urgent Care Cases, Locked Up Patient Records

Ransomware attacks in the UAE down by more than 70% on greater international co-operation

Russian ransomware gang posts more Lehigh Valley patient photos to dark web

Russians Are Hacking US Casino Companies to Fund War in Ukraine

Russians nuclear panic as they are ordered to rush to bomb shelters

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) charges Blackbaud for failing to disclose ‘full impact’ of ransomware attack

Security in an Increasingly Distributed-Workforce World

Security researchers targeted with new malware via job offers on LinkedIn

Security vendor Acronis admits data breach

SHEIN shopping app goes rogue, grabs price and URL data from your clipboard

Skoda Auto India Data Leak: Over 20 plus databases with customer info and leads from Skodalive.co.in leaked on a hacker forum

Staying ahead of ransomware and bad actors

Synthetic identity fraud calls for a new approach to identity verification

The Battle for Fintech Security: How Will It End?

U.S. House Health Insurer Suffers Data Breach: Members and Staff Affected

U.S. military needs to create a dedicated cyber force

UK cyber security firm warns over ChatGPT

UK's New Privacy Bill Could Mean More Work for Firms

UPS, Amazon, and Netflix – Top Phishing Scams of the Week

Veeam Backup & Replication admins, get patching! (CVE-2023-27532)

Vice Society targets the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, compromises its central IT network

Vietnam: More than 1,600 cyber attacks handled in February

Website selling long-abused Netwire RAT malware seized by FBI

What Are Instagram Zombie Accounts? How to Keep Your Profile Safe

What happens if you 'cover up' a ransomware infection? For Blackbaud, a $3m charge

What Is Business Email Compromise (BEC)?

What's at stake in the recent D.C. health insurance breach

When Partial Protection is Zero Protection: The MFA Blind Spots No One Talks About

Why Are Small Businesses Easy Targets For Cyberattacks?

Why ‘Password’ is Still Causing Enterprises a Problem

Why You Need a Cybersecurity Analyst on Your Pentesting Team

Windows ransomware now targeting Linux networks

Xenomorph Android Banking Trojan Returns with a New and More Powerful Variant

Xenomorph Android malware now steals data from 400 banks

Young government workers show poor password management habits

9th March

3 Reasons Cyber Security Training is Essential

19 Cybersecurity Trends Every CISO Must Prepare for in 2023

45% of IT decision-makers aren't concerned about phishing

8220 Gang Behind ScrubCrypt Attack Targeting Oracle Weblogic Server

Accutech data breach class action settlement

Acer Confirms Huge 160GB Data Breach

Acer Confirms Unauthorized Access But Says No Consumer Data Stolen

Acer Suffers Massive Data Breach, 160GB Of Data Put Up For Sale

Akamai mitigates record-breaking 900Gbps DDoS attack in Asia

AT&T alerts 9 million customers of data breach after vendor hack

Beware of Fake Facebook Profiles, Google Ads Pushing Sys01 Stealer

Business email compromise attacks can take just hours

Canadian engineering giant with military ties hit by ransomware

Canadian military: Ransomware attack on contractor didn’t touch defense systems

City of Solvang Falls Victim to Phishing Scam, Loses $538,000

Cryptocurrency is fueling the ransomware boom. Here’s how to protect yourself

Deep observability required to fight sophisticated security threats

Dish Networks Reports Stolen Personal Information Amidst Recovery From Cyber Attack

Dole Foods Cyber Attack Shows Importance of Cyber Resilience

Fake ChatGPT Chrome extension targeted Facebook Ad accounts

FBI warns of cryptocurrency theft via “play-to-earn” games

Feds Share Technical Details of Royal Ransomware

Fifth of Government Workers Don't Care if Employer is Hacked

Fortinet plugs critical RCE hole in FortiOS, FortiProxy (CVE-2023-25610)

Hackers Exploiting Remote Desktop Software Flaws to Deploy PlugX Malware

Hackers leak DC Health Link data with Congress Members’ details

Hackers to Ramp Up Their Game During March Madness

Hawaii Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) reports data breach of 20,000 records

House Members at Risk After Insurer Data Breach

How can I protect myself against the ransomware attack on Minneapolis Public Schools?

IceFire Ransomware Exploits IBM Aspera Faspex to Attack Linux-Powered Enterprise Networks

IceFire ransomware now encrypts both Linux and Windows systems

Inadequate patches and advisories increase cyber risk

India: Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) takes over data theft, ransomware attack case

Iranian Hackers Target Women Involved in Human Rights and Middle East Politics

Is ransomware declining? Not so fast, experts say

Massive GitHub analysis reveals 10 million secrets hidden in 1 billion commits

Mississippi Health-Care System Reports Data Breach

Nation-state hackers using malicious USB drives in attacks in Africa, Asia and Oceania

New Critical Flaw in FortiOS and FortiProxy Could Give Hackers Remote Access

New ScrubCrypt Crypter Used in Cryptojacking Attacks Targeting Oracle WebLogic

No victims of crime or financial fraud due to Optus cyber attack, CEO says

NSW Health affected in payroll software data breach, bank details compromised

Oakland officials, experts worry ransomware group may leak more 'sensitive' stolen data, sources say

Pakistan: Architects allege elections ‘stolen through cyber attack’

Personal details of US politicians compromised in breach, FBI

Police seize Netwire RAT malware infrastructure, arrest admin

QR Codes: A Growing Vulnerability to Cybercrimes

Ransomware: The Top 5 Myths and Misconceptions

Ransomware Gang Ups the Ante by Publishing Naked Images of Patients

Refreshed from its holiday, Emotet has gone phishing

Remcos Trojan Returns to Most Wanted Malware List After Ukraine Attacks

Sneaky malware BlackLotus can bypass important Windows boot functions

Software firm Blackbaud settles charges for misleading disclosures on ransomware attack

SonicWall devices infected by malware that survives firmware upgrades

Succession Wealth hit by second cyber attack this year

Tehran Targets Female Activists in Espionage Campaign

The US has announced its National Cybersecurity Strategy: Here’s what you need to know

Understanding the Shared Responsibility Model, Critical Step to Ensure Cloud Security

University at Buffalo (UB) reports that Box Office data breach could have been more widespread than initially thought

Vulnerability Revealed OpenSea NFT Market Users’ Identities

Washington DC healthcare exchange breach leaked sensitive data of Congress members, staff

Ways Spam Filters Can Be Used to Block Phishing Attacks

What is a data breach and how can you protect against it?

What to do if your personal information is compromised from a data breach

8th March

Acer confirms 160GB data breach

AI is taking phishing attacks to a whole new level of sophistication

Attackers exploit APIs faster than ever before

Automakers Don't Want to Pay Hacker Bounties And Your Car's More Vulnerable Because of It

Bitwarden flaw can let hackers steal passwords using iframes

BlackLotus UEFI bootkit Can Bypass Secure Boot on Windows

BT scams warning: Fake “your monthly BT bill is ready” emails are on the rise

Business Email Compromise: 3 Steps to Reduce Risk

CISA, FBI Shed Light On Royal Ransomware Cyberattack Tactics

CISA's Known Exploited Vulnerabilities (KEV) Catalog Updated with 3 New Flaws Threatening IT Management Systems

City of Waynesboro targeted in cyber attack

Co-Working for the Ransomware Age: How Hive Thrived

Cyber-security investment lacking for SMEs

Cyber-Threat Detections Surge 55% in 2022

Data Breach Hits ‘Hundreds' of Lawmakers and Staff on Capitol Hill

Dole doesn’t expect to recover full costs of ransomware attack

Email security is a bigger stress for businesses than ever before

Emotet Resurfaces Yet Again After 3-Month Hiatus

European Police, FBI Bust Up International Ransomware Crime Ring

Eurovision 2023: Hotel phishing scam targets song contest fans

Eurovision fans targeted in hotel phishing scam

FBI investigates data breach impacting U.S. House members and staff

Fortinet warns of new critical unauthenticated RCE vulnerability

Gone phishing

Government Claims New UK GDPR Will Save Firms Billions

Hacker Leaks 73 Million Records from Indian HDFC Bank Subsidiary

Hammers may be in data breach trouble again

How Automated Intelligent Responses Can Help Improve The Future Of Cybersecurity

How to Detect Ransomware Using 5 Techniques

How to Prevent Ransomware Attacks: 5 Best Practices

Indigo Recovering from Ransomware Attack

Israel blames Iran for cyber-attack

Jenkins Security Alert: New Security Flaws Could Allow Code Execution Attacks

Hong Kong: Phishing cases soar

Investigation into Durham District School Board (DDSB) cyber attack shows no personal info or data compromised

Lazarus Group Exploits Zero-Day Vulnerability to Hack South Korean Financial Entity

Lazarus Group Targets South Korean Finance Firm Via Zero-Day Flaw

Lehigh Valley Health Network: Patient photos, info from ransomware attack released online

Lockbit Ransomware Dominant Even as Overall Attack Rates Fall

Mendocino County Office of Education investigating cyber attack

Michigan surgery center notifies 15K patients of data breach

New Zealand IT decision-makers woefully underprepared for cyber risks

Northern Essex Community College Reopens After Cyber Attack

Officials Targeted with Romance Scams and Android Trojans

Phishing Attack Uses UAC Bypass to Drop Remcos RAT Malware

Ransomware and Supply Chain Attacks: How to Protect Your Business From the Rising Threat of Third-Party Attacks

Ransomware gang posts video of data stolen from Minneapolis schools

Ransomware group says it stole student data from Minneapolis Public Schools

Sharp Panda Using New Soul Framework Version to Target Southeast Asian Governments

Staying ahead of ransomware and bad actors

Surgeries Canceled After Barcelona Hospital Hit With Ransomware

SYS01 Stealer Targets Critical Infrastructure With Google Ads

Tender.fi Hacker Receives $97K Bounty After Returning Stolen Funds

Veeam fixes bug that lets hackers breach backup infrastructure

Why do Businesses Need to Focus More on Cybersecurity

7th March

1st Franklin Financial Corporation Notifies Customers of Recent Data Breach

5 steps to protect your business from email attacks

A Quick Take on Phishing Scams

A two-year-old Windows flaw is being exploited in new phishing campaign

Acer confirms breach after 160GB of data for sale on hacking forum

Acer confirms data breach, says no customer data involved

Android March 2023 update fixes two critical code execution flaws

Appointments Cancelled After Ransomware Attack On Barcelona Hospital

Brazilian Conglomerate Suffers 3TB Data Breach

Chick-fil-A confirms data breach: Here’s how you can protect your information

China-aligned APT is exploring new technology stacks for malicious tools

Chinese Sharp Panda Group Unleashes SoulSearcher Malware

Council of Granada database was sold by hacker. Should anyone be concerned?

Data Of 6 Lakh HDFC Customers Leaked On Dark Web? Here’s What Bank Says on Data Breach

DeFi lender Tender.fi suffers exploit, white hat hacker suspected

DeFi Protocol Tender.fi Falls Victim to Hacker Exploitation with Unprecedented Borrowing Activity

Denver Public Schools says hackers stole the personal information of staff members from internal servers

Dismantling the Ransomware Business Model

Emotet malware attacks return after three-month break

Enterprise Cybersecurity Solutions: 5 Steps to Take Today

European police move in on DoppelPaymer

European police, FBI bust international cybercrime gang

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) proposes new data breach notification rules

Financial services is the most impersonated industry in phishing attacks

Four Californian Medical Groups Sued over Data Breach Affecting 3.3 Million Patients

Fraud warning to Santander, Natwest, Barclays and other banking customers

Frontier Software cyber attack and data breach

Hacker Cracks Toyota Customer Search Tool

Hackers are quickly learning how to breach cloud systems

Hackers tap freemium SaaS platforms for phishing campaigns

Hatch Bank becomes second data breach victim after GoAnywhere hack

Hawaii Skilled Nursing Facility Notifies 20K of Healthcare Data Breach

HDFC Bank denies data leak claim

High Court to decide if Facebook is liable for the possible breach of 300,000 Australians' personal data

Home data spills bring trouble to your door, experts warn

Hospital Clínic de Barcelona severely impacted by ransomware attack

How does your industry compare when it comes to the financial loss exposure of cyber threats?

How federal agencies can prevent evasive web threats

Hybrid Systems: AI and Humans Need Each Other for Effective Cybersecurity

India: Phishing links flood social media, bait users with Women's Day gifts

India's HDB Financial Services flags data breach at service provider

Indigo refused to pay ransomware gang

Insurance holding company Group 1001 says operations restored after ransomware attack

Ireland: Gardaí and Fastway among those reprimanded for data breaches in 2022

Israel says Iran behind cyber attack on Technion Institute of Technology

LastPass Hack: Engineer's Failure to Update Plex Software Led to Massive Data Breach

Leading U.S Satellite TV Provider Dish Network Yet to Recover From a Ransomware Attack

Legislation introduced to protect personally identifiable health data

Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN): Ransomware hackers posted photos of cancer patients on dark web

Medusa claims Minneapolis Public Schools as victim

Microsoft Found Shein App Copying Clipboard Content on Android Phones

Minneapolis Public Schools says hackers behind alleged attack posted some data online

New malware variant has “radio silence” mode to evade detection

Nine in 10 enterprises fell victim to successful phishing in 2022

Northeast Surgical Group notifies 15,298 patients of a HIPAA breach, but doesn’t tell them their information has been dumped

Northern Essex Community College remains shuttered after cyberattack

PayPal Sued for Negligence over December Data Breach, Invests in Cybersecurity Firm

Preventing corporate data breaches starts with remembering that leaks have real victims

Ransomware Attack Against Barcelona Hospital Disrupts Operations

Ransomware Payments Fell 60 Percent in 2022

Ransomware strain Deadbolt received over $2.3 million in 2022

Ransomware's Favorite Target: Critical Infrastructure and Its Industrial Control Systems

Russian group targets Kremlin critics with doctored YouTube videos

Scammers posing as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Serious DJI Drones Flaws Could Crash Drones Mid-flight

“Sharp Panda”: Check Point Research puts a spotlight on Chinese origined espionage attacks against southeast asian government entities

Sharp Panda Target Southeast Asia in Espionage Campaign Expansion

Shein App Accessed Clipboard Data on Android Devices

Shein's Android App Caught Transmitting Clipboard Data to Remote Servers

Southeastern Louisiana University (SLU) Makes Progress Restoring Systems, Still Investigating

SYS01stealer: New Threat Using Facebook Ads to Target Critical Infrastructure Firms

The Rise Of Cyber Attacks In 2023 And How IT Consultancy Helps Prevent Them

Transparent Tribe Hackers Distribute CapraRAT via Trojanized Messaging Apps

Ukraine Is a 'Testing Ground' for Russia-U.S. Cyber War

Volume of ransomware & extortion attacks to continue in 2023

Vulnerability in DJI drones may reveal pilot’s location

Wallet tied to Uranium Finance hacker reawakens after 647 days, shifting $3.3 Million

WH Smith now among the latest victims in new wave of cyber-attacks

What is a Data Breach and How Can I Protect Myself?

What is a Zero-day Attack? - Definition, Explanation, and Mitigation

What is RansomHouse, the group theoretically responsible for the cyber attack on the Clínic de Barcelona, and how does it work?

What the LastPass Hack Says About Modern Cybersecurity

Why are Ransomware Profits Falling?

Why Cybersecurity Needs to be Prioritised as Small Businesses Face the Cost-of-Living Crisis

Why Healthcare Can't Afford to Ignore Digital Identity

6th March

2023 SonicWall Cyber Threat Report: Shifting Front Lines, Vigorous Threat Actors

Acer Data Breach? Hacker Claims to Sell 160GB Trove of Stolen Data

Acer’s allegedly sensitive data for sale on a hacker forum

Adaptable ‘Swiss Army Knife’ Malware a Growing Threat

Alert: Scammers Pose as ChatGPT in New Phishing Scam

Alleged security breach leaves millions of dollars missing from Flutterwave accounts

Almost Half of Industrial Sector Computers Affected By Malware in 2022

ALPHV crooks leak Lehigh Valley Health Network patient data

APT-C-36 Targets Colombia With New Spear-Phishing Campaign

Australian National Maritime Museum suffers internal cyber attack

Authorities Investigate Data Released in Oakland Cyber Attack

Barcelona’s Hospital Clinic hit by ransomware cyberattack ‘from outside Spain’

Biden declares ransomware attacks a national security threat

BidenCash criminal market releases over 2M credit card numbers free for the taking

Business-grade routers compromised in low-key attack campaign

Chick-fil-A data breach confirmed: What customers should do now

City of Oakland Faces Major Data Leak

Cloud exploitation grew by 95% in 2022

Core DoppelPaymer ransomware gang members targeted in Europol operation

Core Members of DoppelPaymer Ransomware Gang Targeted in Germany and Ukraine

Cyber Attack At Ross Memorial Hospital Impacting Some Staff Pay

Cyber attack surface widened by new ways of working

Cyber Criminals Are Targeting Digital Bill Payment: 4 Ways to Fight Back

DBatLoader and Remcos RAT Sweep Eastern Europe

Dental Health Management Solutions Notified Patients About Historic Data Breach

DoppelPaymer Ransomware Gang Members Busted in Germany, Ukraine

DoppelPaymer ransomware suspects cuffed, alleged ringleaders escape

DrayTek VPN routers hacked with new malware to steal data, evade detection

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Calls For Cybersecurity Improvements in Public Water Systems

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) orders US states to check cyber security of public water supplies

Envision Credit Union data breach class action settlement

Experts Discover Flaw in U.S. Government's Chosen Quantum-Resistant Encryption Algorithm

Experts Reveal Google Cloud Platform's Blind Spot for Data Exfiltration Attacks

Faced with likelihood of ransomware attacks, businesses still choosing to pay up

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Proposes Updated Data Breach Reporting Requirements, Comment Period Ongoing

FTC orders BetterHelp to end use of health information for advertising

FTC Proposes $7.8m Fine for BetterHelp

German and Ukrainian police raid alleged cybercrime gang with help from FBI

Germany and Ukraine Hit High-Value DoppelPaymer Ransomware Targets

Germany and Ukraine hit two high-value ransomware targets

Hackers Behind Oakland Ransomware Attack Dump Data On City Employees

Hackers Begin Publishing Data Of Oakland City Workers

HDFC Bank Denies Data Breach as 7.5GB of Customer Information Allegedly Leaked for Free on Hacker Forum

How To: Fight the Use of Deepfakes in ID Theft

Indigo employees’ data taken in ransomware attack

Law enforcement teams score major win against DoppelPaymer ransomware gang

Kuwait ministry hit by ransomware attack

Municipal CISOs grapple with challenges as cyber threats soar

Negligent California Healthcare Groups to Blame for Data Breach Affecting 3.3M Patients, Class Action Says

New HiatusRAT Malware Targets Business-Grade Routers to Covertly Spy on Victims

No organization – big or small – is free from the threat of cyberattack

Old Windows ‘Mock Folders’ UAC bypass used to drop malware

Over 10% of Indian ransomware victims extorted for $1 million

Paying For Ransomware Only Drives Up Ransom Costs

PayPal sued for negligence in data breach that affected 35,000 users

PoC exploit for recently patched Microsoft Word RCE is public (CVE-2023-21716)

Police arrest suspected members of prolific DoppelPaymer ransomware gang

Popular fintech apps expose valuable, exploitable secrets

Popular SaaS Products Abused To Run Phishing Campaigns Targeting Banking, Financial Services, And Insurance (BFSI) Customers

Proof-of-Concept released for critical Microsoft Word RCE bug

Rancho Mesquite Casinos Faces Class Action Suit Over ‘Massive’ Data Breach

Ransomware attacks decreased 38% in January

Ransomware gang posts breast cancer patients’ clinical photographs

Ransomware group claims it has infiltrated Waynesboro city government, police data

Ransomware group threatens to release Oakland's confidential data

Revolut phishing scams on the rise – here’s how to protect yourself

Royal Ransomware Made Upto $11 Million USD Using Custom-Made Encryption Malware

Royal Ransomware Poses a Big Threat to Healthcare & Other Industries, Federal Agencies Say

Sandbox blockchain game breached to send emails linking to malware

School cybersecurity in 2023: What’s your incident response plan?

Security Breach at News Corp Lasted for Two Years, Chinese State-Backed Hackers Suspected

Six in Ten Financial Institutions at Risk of Data Breach Due to Poor Data Management

Spanish amusement park giant hit with cyberattack

Suprbay.org, The Pirate Bay Web Forum Down amid Cyberattack

Suspected Cyber Attack Closes Northern Essex Community College

The Age of Enlightenment in Cybersecurity

The Food Industry’s ‘Unique Vulnerabilities’ to Cyberattacks

The Sandbox discloses security breach

Thousands of appointments canceled after ransomware hits major Barcelona hospital

Threat actors double down on emerging and tried-and-tested tactics to outwit employees

Threat Intelligence: Do We Need A 'Rosetta Stone' of Cyber Attribution?

Top members of DoppelPaymer Ransomware gang arrested

Trust in a data-driven world

US agencies warn over “Royal” ransomware rise

US public transport service struck by ransomware attack

Verizon data breach exposes millions of customers' account data

Vice Society ransomware group claims German university as latest victim

Virginia hospital notifies patients of data breach

What is Malware as a Service (MaaS)?

What You Really Need to Know About Ransomware in 2023

Why Cyber Awareness Training Needs a Human Touch

Why machine identity management should be your focus in 2023

Zionsville-based Group 1001 reports ransomware attack