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Monday 17 October 2022

Data Breaches Digest - Week 42 2022

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 17th October and 23rd October 2022.

23rd October

Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Dismisses Media Hype on Cyberattack

Australia: Are data breaches becoming more frequent?

Australia set to increase penalties for data breaches following major cyberattacks

Australia to bring legislation for tougher penalties on hackers for data breaches

Beware of this Veridian Credit Union phishing scam text

Car retail giant hit by major cyber attack

Carousell faces data breach, database of 2.6 million users including Malaysians allegedly sold for USD 1,000

Even the world’s greatest cybersecurity is no match for human error

FTX Users Lose Millions to API Exploit

Hacker who made thousands after stealing Ed Sheeran songs is jailed

Hackers stole sensitive data from Iran’s atomic energy agency

More Work Needed to Secure Data in the Cloud, Survey Finds

‘NOBODY IS IMMUNE:’ Businesses face growing risks, costs from cyber threats

Notorious UK hacker jailed for selling unreleased artist songs

Scotland: Councils hit by 10,000 data breaches in past five years

This dreaded malware pretends to be Windows Update to hide

This type of fraud has spiked in South Africa – and people are losing thousands of rands

Thousands of GitHub repositories deliver fake PoC exploits with malware

Top 5 Common Online Dating Scams

Typosquat campaign mimics 27 brands to push Windows, Android malware

What Is Blockchain?

WhatsApp clone apps are a hacker’s dream

White hat hacker returns $300,000 gained from OlympusDAO

Wholesale giant METRO confirmed to have suffered a cyberattack

Why Photo Editing Apps Are a Security and Privacy Risk

Winnipeg Not-For-Profit Hacked

With All Eyes on Russia, China Continues to Strike

With this deception they take everything from you

22nd October

7 Ways to Protect Your Email Account and Avoid Scams

A hacker who stole and sold Ed Sheeran songs for crypto gets prison time

Advocate Aurora Health reports data breach that may have exposed personal data of 3 million patients

Android adware apps in Google Play downloaded over 20 million times

BitKeep Wallet Suffers $1M Exploit: What’s Next for Affected Users?

Carousell data breach: Info from 2.6 million accounts allegedly sold on Dark Web, hacking forums

Credit Card Scams and How to Avoid Them

Critical Flaw Reported in Move Virtual Machine Powering the Aptos Blockchain Network

Cyber attack on Massy Group

Cybersecurity Awareness Month: How to protect yourself from cyberattacks

Cybersecurity Awareness Month reminds Canadians to be diligent when it comes to protection against cyber criminals

Daixin Team targets health organizations with ransomware, US agencies warn

Data Breach At Wisconsin’s Largest Health Care Provider

End-To-End Encryption: What It Means & Why It's Important

Exploited Windows zero-day lets JavaScript files bypass security warnings

Gate.io users at risk as scammers fake giveaway on hacked Twitter account

Hackers Compromise the Twitter Account of GateIO to Promote a Phishing Scam

Here Are the Tips You Need to Stay Cyber-Safe

How to recognize a phishing scam

How to Use Public WiFi Safely on Any Device?

Iranian hacker group releases details about nuclear program

Iranian hacker group threatens to leak 'dirty nuclear projects'

Is 2022 the “year of crypto hacks” as this attempt makes it to the “Hacktober” list

OldGremlin Hacker Group Expanded Toolkit With Dedicated Linux Ransomware

OlympusDAO Suffer $300K Exploit, White Hat Hacker Returns All Funds

Optus data breach: customers yet to be reimbursed for passport replacements

Qatar: Banks caution customers against scammers, cyber criminals

Real estate sector data breach could be worse than Optus hack, digital rights advocates say

Some CHI Memorial systems are back online weeks after cyberattack

St. Amant Centre suffers data breach

Threat actors exploit critical flaw in VMware Workspace ONE Access to drop ransomware, miners

TommyLeaks and SchoolBoys: Two sides of the same ransomware gang

21st October

5 quick tips for better Android phone security right now

6 Cybersecurity Conversation Starters

A Quick Look at the "Strengthening America's Cybersecurity" Initiative

A Resurgent Chinese Cyber Espionage Group Hacked a U.S. State Legislature

Agencies urge action to protect against ransomware gang

Australia: Tough fines for serious data breaches

Battery-draining Android apps with 20 million downloads pulled from the Google Play Store

BlackByte ransomware affiliate observed using new custom data exfiltration tool

BlackByte ransomware picks up where Conti and Sodinokibi left off

BlackByte ransomware uses new data theft tool for double-extortion

BlackByte ransomware using custom data exfiltration tool

Buttoning Up Cybersecurity to Avoid Fashion Retailer's Fate

California Pizza Kitchen data breach class action lawsuit settlement

Chester, Delaware, victim of $400,000 ‘phishing’ scam

Clearview AI gets third €20 million fine for illegal data collection

Consumer Alert: Protect Yourself After a Data Breach

Cops Arrest Suspected Multimillion-Dollar Fraud Mastermind

Cost of Average Data Breach Increases For Third Year In A Row

Costco, Ace Hardware, PayPal, Netflix, Truist, cPanel, and Microsoft — Top Phishing Scams of the Week

Cyber-Enabled Crimes Are Biggest Police Concerns

Data breach reported at Advocate Aurora Health, impacting up to 3 million patients

Data visualization: An invaluable tool in a defender’s arsenal

Developmental Disabilities Services Announces Outreach to Service Recipients, Legal Guardians about Data Breach

Ed Sheeran: Hacker who stole singer's unreleased music is jailed

Ed Sheeran hacker song thief jailed

Emotet Botnet Distributing Self-Unlocking Password-Protected RAR Files to Drop Malware

EnergyAustralia latest to be hit by cyber-attack as details of hundreds of customers exposed

Facebook's Meta Pixel Tool Exposes 3 Million Patients In Horrific Healthcare Data Breach

FBI warns Iranian hackers are active ahead of elections

Federal and state authorities investigate a data breach at Philadelphia-area OB/GYN practice

Hacker who stole Sheeran songs sentenced to 18 months

Hackers exploit critical VMware flaw to drop ransomware, miners

Hackers Started Exploiting Critical "Text4Shell" Apache Commons Text Vulnerability

Hacker Steals $300K From Olympus DAO, Then Returns It All the Same Day

Health records may have been accessed in cyber security breach

Here’s how to avoid a data breach, both small and big

How does the cybersecurity landscape look in 2022?

How to Promote a ‘Think Before U Click’ Culture

How to protect the public sector against ransomware attacks

How Vice Society got away with a global ransomware spree

Irish publisher Mediahuis moves to settle over data breach claims

Lesson Learned: How SolarWinds Strengthened its Security Post-Incident

Medibank hack: what do we know about the data breach, and who is at risk?

Medibank hack turned into a data breach: The attackers are demanding money

Microsoft Confirms Server Misconfiguration Led to 65,000+ Companies' Data Leak

Microsoft data breach compromises customers’ sensitive information due to misconfigured server

Microsoft data breach exposes 548,000 users, intelligence firm claims

Moola Market Hacker Returns $7.8 Million Of Stolen Funds

Most Canadian firms hit by ransomware tell StatsCan they didn’t pay up. Experts are skeptical

Multiple Campaigns Exploit VMware Vulnerability to Deploy Crypto Miners and Ransomware

New Phishing Campaign Targets Saudi Government Service Portal

OldGremlin Ransomware Gang Known for Targeting Russia Launches Linux Malware

OldGremlin Ransomware Ups Ante Against Russian Targets

OldGremlin, which targets Russia, debuts new Linux ransomware

Pendragon being held to $60m ransom by dark web hackers

Professionalizing ransomware: Threat actors adopting legitimate business practices

Ransomware Has Grown by 466% Since 2019

Ransomware Now Deployed as a Precursor to Physical War

Rethinking VPNs in a Cloud-Everything World

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Heightens Wariness of Nation-State Attacks as 64% Of Businesses Believe They Have Been Targeted

Some students still experiencing issues after University of Guelph data breach

St. Amant issues public alert after cyber attack

The companies most likely to lose your data

The Uber/Sullivan Conviction is NOT About Data Breaches

This fake job offer scam will just infect your device with deadly malware

Thousands of Publicly Exposed API Tokens Could Threaten Software Integrity

Top 3 tips to identify quality vulnerability intelligence

US government warns of Daixin Team targeting health orgs with ransomware

VMware bug with 9.8 severity rating exploited to install witch’s brew of malware

Vulnerabilities in Cisco Identity Services Engine require your attention (CVE-2022-20822, CVE-2022-20959)

What is Malware? Definition, Purpose & Common Protections

When cops hack back: Dutch police fleece DEADBOLT criminals (legally!)

Wholesale giant METRO hit by IT outage after cyberattack

Why All Businesses Should Invest in Cybersecurity

Why Aussies hit harder by major cyber attacks than other countries

Your guide to the dark web and how to safely access .onion websites

20th October

3 ways to deter phishing attacks in 2023

8 McAfee Scams to Watch Out For

74% say connected cars and EV chargers need cybersecurity ratings

$114M Crypto Hacker Outs Himself, Returns Most Of The Money

Accused Lapsus$ Hacker Arrested in Brazil

Advocate Aurora Health reports data breach affecting up to 3 million patients

After the Optus data breach, Australia needs mandatory disclosure laws

Australia’s No. 1 Health Insurer Confirms Massive Data Breach, Theft of Patient Details

Australia’s number 1 health insurer says hacker stole patient details

Brazilian Police Arrest Lapsus$ Suspect

Brazilian Police Arrest Suspected Member of Lapsus$ Hacking Group

Business-related emails the top trend for phishing activities

Canada: Police caution citizens about popular phishing scams during Cyber Awareness Month

Check Point Research analyzes the newly emerged Black Basta Ransomware, alerts organizations to adopt prevention best practices

Comcast Business Research Shows Cybersecurity Remains a Persistent, Complex Problem for SMBs

Cyber Skills Shortage is Caused by Analyst Burnout

Cybercriminals jailed for cryptocurrency theft, death threats

Cybersecurity as important as physical security to protect the ‘crown jewels’ of business

Cybersecurity Workforce Gap Grows by 26% in 2022

‘Data breach waiting to happen’: Warning for real estate agents and renters on personal info requests

Data Breaches and Cyber Attacks Quarterly Review: Q3 2022

Expect more attacks from disgruntled ransomware affiliates, researchers say

FBI warning: Beware of student loan forgiveness scammers

FBI Warns Students Against Loan Forgiveness Scammers

Fighting the continued rise of wiper malware

Google sued over biometric data collection without consent

Hacker holds Australian health insurer’s data for ransom

Hackers target Medibank customers in new data breach

Hackers Using New Version of FurBall Android Malware to Spy on Iranian Citizens

Hacking group updates Furball Android spyware to evade detection

Health system data breach due to Meta Pixel hits 3 million patients

Incomplete ransomware strategies still dog organizations

Is the Google Critical Security Alert Email a Scam?

Israel's Sygnia links 2 ransomware groups to larger Chinese threat actor “Emperor Dragonfly”

Majority of Board Members Feel Their Organization Is at Risk of a Cyber Attack, but Almost Half Feel They Are Unprepared

Mediahuis settles several data breach claims

Medibank hack details revealed

Medibank hackers have customers’ treatment, diagnosis information

Medibank hackers issue ransom demands, threats to leak data after major cyber security attack

MercyOne says it has begun restoring systems following ransomware attack

Microsoft Acknowledges Possible Data Breach for Customers

Microsoft “BlueBleed” data breach: customer details and email content exposed

Microsoft Exposed 2.4 TB of Business Customer Data in BlueBleed Breach

Microsoft Misconfiguration Exposes Customer Data

Mitsu Malware Stealer Downloaded Through AnyDesk Phishing Site to Steal Passwords

Most Irish businesses unprepared for cyber attack

National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) Updates Early Warning Threat Intelligence

NatWest data breach whistleblower demands bank pay data controller fee to ICO

New Ursnif Variant Likely Shifting Focus to Ransomware and Data Theft

Not All Sandboxes Are for Children: How to Secure Your SaaS Sandbox

OldGremlin hackers use Linux ransomware to attack Russian orgs

OldGremlin Ransomware Targeted Over a Dozen Russian Entities in Multi-Million Scheme

Open banking API security: Best practices to ensure a safe journey

Phishing scams through text on the rise in Canada

Post-Pandemic Cybersecurity Tips for Small Businesses

Q2-Q3 2022 Ransomware Report Reveals Ransomware Has Grown by 466% Since 2019 And Ransomware and Malware Now Being Used as a Precursor to Physical War

Ransoms Without Ransomware, Data Corruption and Other New Tactics in Cyber Extortion

Ransomware activity down 11% worldwide in Q3, but rise expected

Ransomware is Being Used As a Precursor to Physical War

Ransomware preparedness: What are you doing wrong?

Received link to a ‘Diwali gift'? It could be a Chinese phishing attack

Securing your organization against phishing can cost up to $85 per email

Security considerations for passwordless authentication

Several data breach lawsuits settled by Mediahuis Ireland

Singapore Creates Counter Ransomware Task Force to Tackle Threats

Singapore sets up Counter Ransomware Task Force (CRTF)

Smartphones of Iran’s protest detainees targeted with spyware

The Dangerous Flaws of Web3 Security, According To a Former Hacker

The Ransomware Business Is Growing Fast

The State Of Cyber Security In Schools

These 16 Clicker Malware Infected Android Apps Were Downloaded Over 20 Million Times

These are the top passwords hackers use against remote access. Time to change yours?

These cybersecurity tips from a former hacker can make you 98% less vulnerable

Think your business is too small to be held to ransom? Think again

This old malware has been rebuilt with new features to use in ransomware attacks

This Ransomware Gang Thrives in a Crucial Blind Spot

Time to Accept the Risk of Open Source?

United Health Centers of San Joaquin Valley data breach class action settlement

Ursnif malware switches from bank account theft to initial access

Verizon data breach affects prepaid customers

What Is Fake Ransomware and Should You Be Worried About It?

Zerto Research Reveals Organizations Have Incomplete Ransomware Strategies but Intend to do Better

19th October

5G data breach? Don’t worry, here comes blockchain to the rescue

A Quick Guide for Small Cybersecurity Teams Looking to Invest in Cyber Insurance

Advocate Aurora Health says 'pixel' data breach may affect 3 million patients

After the Optus data breach, calls for changes to privacy laws

An Analysis of Security Vulnerability Trends During COVID-19

Apache Commons Text flaw is not a repeat of Log4Shell (CVE-2022-42889)

Apache Commons Text RCE flaw - Keep calm and patch away

Australia's Medibank says hacker group claims to have breached systems

Black Basta Ransomware Gang Infiltrates Networks Using Penetration Testing Tools

Brazil arrests suspect believed to be a Lapsus$ gang member

Chinese Hackers Targeting Online Casinos with GamePlayerFramework Malware

CISA Encourages Orgs To Go Further Than MFA, Adopt FIDO Authentication

CISA to focus on hospital, school, and water cybersecurity over the next year

CISA Warns of Critical Flaws Affecting Industrial Appliances from Advantech and Hitachi

CISOs needs to adapt cybersecurity guidance for millennials & Gen Z

Consumers care about their data: Learn how to automate privacy and compliance efforts

Consumers paying the price for data breaches

Cyber security incident at Medibank

Deadbolt Ransomware Extorts Vendors and Customers

Deadbolt ransomware is being used to target NAS vendors and customers

Deepfakes: How Businesses Can Defend Against Scammers

Digital Natives Are Undermining Corporate Security

Experts Warn of Stealthy PowerShell Backdoor Disguising as Windows Update

Fake Cardano Wallet Phishing for New Bait

Financial and cybercrimes top global police concerns, says new INTERPOL report

French maternity hospital hit by ransomware attack by Vice Society; attackers claim to have 150 GB of files

Government officials, including Russia, call for dialogue in combating cybersecurity threats

Hacker Steals $8.4 Million from Moola Market DeFi Protocol

Hackers use new stealthy PowerShell backdoor to target 60+ victims

Hackney Council spent over £12 million to restore operations following a 2020 ransomware attack

Health insurer Medibank enters trading halt after purported cyber attack

HR-related phishing emails more likely to be clicked, report finds

iDealwine suffers a data breach

Identifying and mitigating “risky insiders” in the workplace

Improving privacy when browsing web: Alternative browsers and chrome extensions

Keys to effective security training may lie in behavior science

Keystone Health Reports Data Breach

KnowBe4 Phishing Test Results Reveal Trend Towards Business-Related Emails

Learn How to Spot Scammers in Disguise

Local governments try to cope with expensive cyber insurance, IT system upgrades, defenses

Massy Stores investigates cyber attack information leak

Medibank begins negotiations with hackers who claim to have stolen data in last week’s cyber attack

Microsoft Azure SFX bug let hackers hijack Service Fabric clusters

Microsoft data breach exposes customers’ contact info, emails

Millennials, Gen Z actually suck at workplace security

Moola Market Reveals $9m Crypto Exploit

MultiCare employees at risk of identity theft after third-party data breach

New malware is targeting Facebook users via phishing emails

New York Attorney General Fines E-Commerce Parent Company for Failing to Properly Handle a Data Breach

New York fines EyeMed $4.5 million for 2020 email hack, data breach

NSA Cybersecurity Director's Six Takeaways From the War in Ukraine

Passwords still dominate, and are causing headaches for everyone

Prospective students caught up in University of Otago data breach

Ransomware attackers compromise German newspaper, Heilbronn Stimme

Ransomware crews regrouping as LockBit rise continues

Ransomware Syndicate ‘Ransom Cartel’ Found Having Strong Ties With the Now-defunct REvil Gang

Research Reveals Gaps in Ransomware Defense

Researchers Detail Azure SFX Flaw That Could've Allowed Attackers to Gain Admin Access

Singapore wants citizens to arm up, take accountability for personal cyber hygiene

SMS phishing: how cloud migration has opened the door to a new cyber-foe

Software Supply Chain Attacks Soar 742% in Three Years

State Bar of Georgia lost members' data following a BitLocker ransomware attack

Staying vigilant for cyber threats during the holiday season

The Fallout From the First Trial of a Corporate Executive for ‘Covering Up’ a Data Breach

The future of MFA is passwordless

This new phishing scam can steal your Social Security number — how to stay safe

Upgrade your security awareness efforts: Here’s how to start

What Is Phishing And 5 Most Effective Ways To Avoid It

Why Storage Area Network (SAN) Security is Critical

Yukon health agency suffers potential data breach

18th October

7 critical steps to defend the healthcare sector against cyber threats

197 NFTs stolen from LiveArtX as floor price falls through

BitKeep Wallet Drained of $1M After Hacker Exploits Swap Feature

Car theft ring used software to steal hundreds of vehicles without the physical key fob, say police

Charities managing the risk of cybercrime

Chinese 'Spyder Loader' Malware Spotted Targeting Organizations in Hong Kong

Critical RCE Vulnerability Discovered in Popular Cobalt Strike Hacking Software

Š”ryptocurrency and Ransomware — The Ultimate Friendship

Cyber Attack On Vinomofo Compromises Information Of 500,000 Customers

Cybercriminals target digital commerce platforms most

Data Breach Threat Grows for Hotel Companies as Cyberattacks Evolve

Enlighten Designs confirms May ransomware hack

European Police Arrest a Gang That Hacked Wireless Key Fobs to Steal Cars

European Police Catch Suspected Car Hackers

Facebook Ducktail Phishing scam now targetting users; here's how it works

FBI: Scammers likely to target US Student Loan Debt Relief applicants

Florida Amends Statewide Cybersecurity and Ransomware Act

For auto dealerships, cybersecurity is more essential than ever

Forget 'ransomware.' Call it a 'multi-stage extortion campaign'

Hacker gets US$50mil in heist of DeFi’s Mango

Hackers Attacked the Website of the Bulgarian National Radio

Hackers compromised Hong Kong goverment agency network for a year

Hackers target Asian casinos in lengthy cyberespionage campaign

HelpSystems Patch Falls Short, RCE Vulnerability in Cobalt Strike Remains

How the FBI Stumbled in the War on Cybercrime

How to Tackle Cyberthreats in the Metaverse

Imagine surviving a wiper attack only for ransomware to scramble your restored files

Keyless car hackers arrested for grand theft auto

Mango Markets Hacker Outs Himself, Returns $67M

Microsoft Edge Rolls Out Typo Protection Feature To Fight Phishing and Scams

Microsoft shares fix for Exchange Online mailbox issues in Outlook

Montana Agriculture department details ‘man-in-the-middle’ phishing scam

More Than 90% of IT Decision Makers Struggle to Evaluate Security Products

More than 123,000 people impacted by City of Tucson data breach

MPs warned to change email passwords after cyber attack on Canadian government

MyDeal data breach impacts 2.2 million people

MyDeal's Data Breach Exposing 2.2M Customers Just Went From Bad To Worse

New Chinese APT Hacker Attack IT & Telecom Sectors with Signed Malware

New IBM Study Finds Cybersecurity Incident Responders Have Strong Sense of Service as Threats Cross Over to Physical World

New ransomware targets transportation sectors in Ukraine, Poland

New Study Finds Phishing Represents a Huge Time and Expense Burden for Organizations

NHS data stolen from contractor in serious cyberattack

Online wine seller Vinomofo hit by data breach

Online wine seller Vinomofo hit in major data breach

Plugging holes remote work punched through security

Police breaks up criminal ring that hacked keyless systems to steal cars

Police Dismantled Car Hackers That Exploited Keyless Entry Tech

Police Swindle Decryption Keys from DeadBolt Ransomware Operators

Prepare your organisation against cyber attacks

Pro-Russia Hackers DDoS Bulgarian Government

Ransom Cartel linked to notorious REvil ransomware operation

Real-World Ransomware Defense Best Practices: Remember 'Bullies Target the Weakest First'

South Africa: Post Office warns of customs email phishing scam

Spyder Loader Malware Deployed Against Hong Kong Organizations

The string of scams targeting Optus customers following data breach

UK’s Kingfisher Insurance suffers apparent LockBit 3.0 ransomware attack

Verizon notifies prepaid customers their accounts were breached

Vinomofo data breach: 500,000 customers at risk after wine dealer hit by cyber-attack

Vinomofo latest retailer to suffer data breach

What is Cyber Security Awareness and Why is it Important?

Whitworth confirms it was victim of ransomware attack; warns thousands of students, staff of data breach

Why Zero Trust and Identity and Access Management are Essential to Enterprise Security

Wine Merchant Among Aussie Firms Breached, Exposing Millions

Zoom Patches High-Severity Flaw in macOS Client

17th October

1 in 8 charities affected by cyber crime in past 12 months

3 Ways Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Can Stop Ransomware Attacks

5 digital safety concerns for K-12 student privacy and wellbeing

A Beginner's Guide on Ransomware: How To Identify and Prevent Attacks

A phishing campaign is spreading brand new malware targeting Facebook users

A Solana hacker calls $67M he stole from the Mango platform a ‘profitable trading strategy’

Amazon Customers Receive Smishing Warning After Receiving Fake Texts

Australian insurance firm Medibank confirms ransomware attack

Balancing consumer expectations and fraud prevention

Black Basta Ransomware Hackers Infiltrates Networks via Qakbot to Deploy Brute Ratel C4

Black Friday scams to watch out for ahead of annual global sales event

Bolster your first line of defence – 5 tips to foster a security culture

Breach and Attack Simulation Puts Your Security to the Test Before Hackers Do

Building resilience to cyber-attacks – before it’s too late

Bulgaria hit by a cyber attack originating from Russia

Bulgaria targeted by Russian hacker attack

Caffeine makes phishing easy

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints lost donors' PII in March cyber attack

CommonSpirit Health says TriHealth, Centura Health facilities not affected by cyberattack

Connecting to public Wi-Fi: Here's how to protect your data and your device

'Cyber control': How can businesses practice proper cyber hygiene?

Cyber threat led to system outages for North Carolina government, state IT department says

Cyberattacks accelerating in Europe, Moody’s says

Cybersecurity: how safe is your school?

Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Eight Security Insights That You Should Know

Cybersecurity founded on 3 pillars: Technology, process, and people

Data breach sparks concerns for Travis County poll workers

Disinformation Attacks Threaten US Midterm Elections

Dutch Police Tricked Deadbolt Ransomware Gang Into Sharing Decryption Keys

Economic uncertainty is increasing cybersecurity risks

Everything you need to know about cyber security

Fashion brand SHEIN fined $1.9m for lying about data breach

Financial Dimensions Group, Inc. Experiences Data Breach Affecting Royal Alliance Clients

Five top tips for 'shopping with suspicion'

Global Cops Arrest Dozens Linked to Financial Crime Gang

Government Accountability Office (GAO): Feds Could Improve Collaboration on Ransomware

Hacker Gets $50 Million in Heist of DeFi’s Mango

Hackney Council Ransomware Attack Cost £12m+

Healthcare Data Breach Impacts 13 Anesthesia Providers, 380K Individuals

Held for Ransom: What Schools Need to Know Before a Ransomware Attack

How Can State and Local Governments Defend Against the Top 10 Types of Malware?

How To: Prepare for the Worst in Cybersecurity

Identity theft: What to do if the worst happens

India: 4G to 5G SIM upgrade scam? Here’s what you need to know

INTERPOL-led Operation Takes Down 'Black Axe' Cyber Crime Organization

Investing in Data Security for Your Business

Japanese tech firm Oomiya hit by LockBit 3.0. Multiple supply chains potentially impacted

Kaspersky Reveals Web Attacks, Password Thefts Targeting Southeast Asian MSME

Keystone Health Data Breach Impacts PHI of 235K Individuals

Keystone Health Reports Information of More than 235k Patients Exposed in Recent Data Breach

Linux dodges serious Wi-Fi security exploits

Magniber ransomware targets Windows home users via fake security updates

Malware dev claims to sell new BlackLotus Windows UEFI bootkit

Microsoft Office 365 Message Encryption Could Lead to Major Data Breach

Microsoft says Ukraine, Poland targetted with novel ransomware attack

Microsoft warns over unusual ransomware attacks

Most Australian executives wary of announcing cyber attacks and online strategies amid increased demand for transparency

MultiCare says employee data enmeshed in vendor ransomware attack

MyDeal data breach impacts 2.2M users, stolen data for sale online

MyDeal latest hit with data breach, hack

New Prestige Ransomware Targeting Polish and Ukrainian Organizations

New security concerns for the open-source software supply chain

North Korean Hacker Group Lazarus Targets Japanese Crypto Firms

North Korean Lazarus Group targets Japanese crypto firms

Optus tells customers affected by data breach they can no longer use passports as online ID

Out-of-date drivers trigger malware attacks for years on Windows PCs

Over 2.5M Records Leaked in a Student Loan Breach

Phishing Campaign Spoofs Google Translate To Steal Your Credentials

Phishing Is So Easy That Deepfakes Aren’t Really a Security Threat

Phishing is the top cybersecurity threat targeting car dealerships

Phishing works so well that cybercriminals don't need deepfakes

Pinnacle cyber attack: Beware of suspicious emails, messages and bank activity

Police dismantles criminal ring that hacked keyless cars

Police tricked a ransomware gang into handing over its decryption keys. Here's how they did it

'Prestige' Ransomware Group Targets Organizations in Ukraine and Poland

Preventing Ransomware-as-a-Service Attacks on Digital Infrastructure

Public electric car chargers are an ‘open door’ to drivers being hacked

Ransom Cartel Linked to Russia-Based REvil Ransomware Group

Ransomware attack halts circulation of some German newspapers

Ransomware attack impacted some CommonSpirit sites, but few details released

Recent cyberattacks highlight the vulnerability of California schools

Red team vs. blue team testing in cybersecurity

Remote workers leaving legal sector “wide open” to cyber-attack boom

Researchers: Office 365 Encryption Flaw Compromise Message Confidentiality

Researchers Say Microsoft Office 365 Uses Broken Email Encryption to Secure Messages

Russian Hackers May Be Gunning for Your Business

Security A Bigger Risk For SMEs Than Ever, And A Bigger Opportunity For MSPs

Senegal: Hackers threaten to leak telecom regulator’s strategic data

Setting the stage for ransomware recovery

Shein’s parent company fined $1.9M for improper data breach response

Strengthening cybersecurity in an era of global tensions and conflict

TempleDAO Hacker Moves Stolen Funds to Sanctioned Crypto Mixer Tornado Cash

The real-world impact of cyberattacks

The Steps To Securing Operational Technology in the Government Sector

This will be record year for crypto hackers, over $3 billion already looted

Top tips for remaining secure and compliant as you work from home

UK SMEs uninsured despite increasing concern about cyber attacks

What Is Crimeware and Is It the Same as Malware?

What Is Phishing? How Dangerous Is It?

What is the Cost of a Data Breach?

What is the difference between a black hat hacker and a white hat hacker?

What to do if you have been hacked

What makes you more likely to click on a phishing email?

Why Crypto Winter is No Excuse to Let Your Cyber Defenses Falter

Why Hackers Target New Employees And How You Can Help Stop Them

Windows Mark of the Web bypass zero-day gets unofficial patch

Windows PHP malware targets Facebook accounts, crypto wallets

Woolworths Says Its Systems Aren’t Impacted After Data Breach Hit 2.2M MyDeal Customer Records

Zimbra Releases Patch for Actively Exploited Vulnerability in its Collaboration Suite