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Monday 3 October 2022

Data Breaches Digest - Week 40 2022

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 3rd October and 9th October 2022.

9th October

2 million Binance Coins stolen by hacker

400 dangerous apps in the phones of 1 million users, stealing the password of Facebook, have you been cheated?

Authorities make first arrests connected to major Optus data breach

Brazil: After hacker attack, Record stops programming

CommonSpirit hospital chains hit by ransomware, patients are facing problems

Cyber security threats to real estate

Darkweb market BidenCash gives away 1.2 million credit cards for free

Don't Put Your Online Security at Risk: Get a Password Manager Now

Energy bill fraudsters send out blizzard of scam emails and text messages

Fake adult sites push data wipers disguised as ransomware

Fruit grower warns bank, tax data compromised in cyberattack

Google Chrome is the Least Secure Web Browser According to This Report

GTA 6 hacker was allegedly offered 2.2 bitcoin for leak

How ransomware turned into the stuff of nightmares for modern businesses

India: Fake Aadhaar, PAN-printing websites use customers’ info for cyber fraud in Uttar Pradesh

Intel confirms leaked Alder Lake BIOS Source Code is authentic

Iran's state broadcaster hacked during nightly news program

Leading fruit, veg grower Costa Group leaks data after phishing attack

Lloyd’s of London investigates alleged cyber attack

Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) Warns About Blackbyte Ransomware Security Threat

North Korean Hackers Seek Job Interviews as a Scam to Steal Crypto

Solana Phantom security update NFTs push password-stealing malware

Text message scams on the rise in Luxembourg

When are we gonna stop calling it ransomware? It's just data kidnapping now

Why Australia is a hacker's paradise: How the criminals are way ahead of our authorities as companies and professionals make it easy for them to hack EVERY device

8th October

296,000 Toyota customers affected by a data breach that went undetected since 2017

ADATA denies RansomHouse hack, says leaked data is from 2021 attack

Apple Safari Safest, Google Chrome Riskiest Browser of 2022

Australian Firm Costa Group Suffers Phishing Attack

Be Cautious Before Clicking On Random Links: Cyber-Forensics.net Explains Phishing Scams

Binance-Linked Network Hacked, Over $570 Million in Losses Recorded

Brazil: the country’s second bank about to pay 50 Bitcoins in ransoms

Callback phishing attacks evolve their social engineering tactics

Cardiac Imaging Associates notifying patients of data breach

Crypto exchange Binance loses $100 million to hacker after benefiting from decline of Indian platforms

CSA Provides Common Vulnerability Exploited by China State-Sponsored Hackers – A Complete List

Cyber Attack Alert! WhatsApp Cloned App Might Spy On Indians Via Audio, Video Recording

Cyber insurance: How it can protect small and medium businesses

Email Defenses Under Siege: Phishing Attacks Dramatically Improve

Facebook warns against data breach: Here’s how to avoid it

Hackers Exploiting Unpatched RCE Flaw in Zimbra Collaboration Suite

Hackers feast on crypto weak link and even Binance isn’t spared

How Scammers Are Using Technology With Medicare Fraud

Massy Distribution Jamaica confirms cyberattack on its systems

Microsoft Issues Improved Mitigations for Unpatched Exchange Server Vulnerabilities

Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) warns of blackbyte ransomware that abuses legit driver to disable security products

Putin poised to launch deadly attacks targeting UK’s 'critical infrastructure'

Reputed Indian hackers target Pakistani embassies

Russia's All Military Satellites Hacked; Taken Offline By OneFist Hacker Group, Putin's Soldiers Fighting Blindly on Frontlines

The power and efficacy of the password

Uber Trial: A Lost Opportunity For Cyber Governance

US Ports and Terminals Sustain Increased Cybersecurity Attacks

What Is a Hyperjacking Attack and Are You at Risk?

What Is Snowshoeing and Is It Dangerous?

Yikes! 80% of apps watch who you’re messaging – Here’s what to do about it

7th October

2K confirms support site data breach, warns personal data is likely compromised

2K Games Informs Users That Their Stolen Data is Now for Sale Online

2K Games warns users their stolen data is now up for sale online

2K slowly warning users about a data breach that happened in September

3 actions Latin American leaders must take to reduce risk of cyberattacks

3 Things To Look For in an AI-Powered Email Security Solution

4 Solutions To Prevent Cyber-Attack

5 cybersecurity threats to the financial sector

2022 Breach Notification Law Update: State and Federal Requirements Continue To Evolve

2022 State of the Threat: Ransomware is still hitting companies hard

3,800 UW Medicine patients affected by 3rd-party data breach

All you need to know about ethical hacking

Android users warned over new spyware that records calls and accesses camera and data

Another 90 Days – Another Password Change. Is This Really the Best Cybersecurity Practice Available?

Bank of Brasilia Attacked by Ransomware Demanding 50 BTC

Bank of Brasilia to pay 50 BTC after a ransomware attack

Beware of fake websites that look exactly like official ones; know how easily they are made

Binance Hacker Put Millions Of New BNB In Circulation, What Does This Mean For Price?

BlackByte Ransomware Abuses Vulnerable Windows Driver to Disable Security Solutions

BlackByte Ransomware Gang Adds Sophisticated “Bring Your Own Driver” Technique to Bypass More Than 1,000 Drivers Used by Industry Wide Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Products

BNB Chain back online after suspension due to a cross-chain exploit

Brazil’s BRB Bank Pays 50 BTC After Being Targeted by a Ransomware Attack

BRB Bank suffers ransomware attack and ends up blackmailed

Businesses in Canada Warned Not to Overlook Cybersecurity As Recession Looms

Canadian organizations 'underprepared' for cyberattacks

Cancer Testing Lab Reports 2nd Major Breach Within 6 Months

CHI Saint Joseph Health's parent company impacted by ransomware attack

Chinese Cybercriminal Gangs Collude on Ransomware

Class actions and higher penalties for breaches: what are the impacts of the Optus data breach on MSSPs?

Colorado.gov Back Online After Cyber Attack

Columbia River Mental Health Services Reports Data Breach Following Year-Long Period of Unauthorized Access

COVID-19 was an all-you-can-eat buffet for social engineers

Credential Harvesting Is Retail Industry's Top Threat

Cyber Attack Suspected in Hartnell College Network Outage

Cyber attacks in the legal sector – what to look out for

Cyber Markets Might Be Stabilizing, but Pre-breach Services Are Essential in Keeping Your Firm Safe

Cybersecurity incident responders report alarming rates of mental strain

Data Breach Alert: Safeguard your personal data by securing browsing experience with THESE 4 simple tips

Data Security Incident Exposes PHI For Over 1K Zomo Health Members

DDoS Attacks Exceeded Six Million in First Half of 2022

Detroit terminates contract with election software company named in data breach investigation

Did Grand Theft Auto 6 Hacker Receive 2.2 Bitcoin’s to Leak the Game Source Code?

Did The GTA 6 Hacker Get 2.2 Bitcoins For Disclosing The Game’s Source Code!

Educating Users About 'Phishable' Multifactor Authentication

ESET Threat Report T2 2022: RDP Attacks See Further Drop; India Among Countries with Highest Number of Android Trojan Detections

Eternity Group behind LilithBot malware

Experts Remain Divided on North Carolina Ransomware Payment Ban

Facebook Detects 400 Android and iOS Apps Stealing Users Log-in Credentials

Facebook users warned: You may have downloaded these password-stealing Android and iOS apps

Ferrari denies breach following 7GB of data posted online

Following Optus Hack, Another Data Breach for Australia’s Biggest Telcos as Telstra Exposes Employee Data

Former CSO of Uber found guilty of covering up data breach

Former Uber security chief guilty of data breach coverup

Fortinet warns admins to patch critical auth bypass bug immediately

Fortinet Warns of New Auth Bypass Flaw Affecting FortiGate and FortiProxy

Google Chrome, Firefox most vulnerable, Apple Safari safest, says report

Hacker Steals Over $570m from Binance Bridge

Hackers Can Use 'App Mode' in Chromium Browsers' for Stealth Phishing Attacks

Hackers exploiting unpatched RCE bug in Zimbra Collaboration Suite

Hospital chain attack part of ongoing cybersecurity concerns

How To Protect Your Social Media Accounts From Hacks And Attacks

How to unlock the hidden value of security technology

Hundreds of Microsoft SQL Servers Infected with Maggie Backdoor

Information is expected to emerge slowly during the cyber-attack on the hospital network

Insider threat is just as dangerous as external hackers

iPay88 resolves data breach, but remains under watchful Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) eye

Ireland: HSE to contact 'substantial' number of people over cyber attack

Ireland: Patients affected by the HSE cyber attack last year have yet to be contacted

Kenya: Deal firmly with cases of personal data breach

Lazarus APT Abuses Vulnerable Dell Drivers to Bypass Windows Security

Leaked documents reveal Mexico’s military spied on journalists, covered up sexual abuse

LofyGang Distributed ~200 Malicious NPM Packages to Steal Credit Card Data

LofyGang Group Linked to Recent Software Supply Chain Attacks

LofyGang hackers built a credential-stealing enterprise on Discord, NPM

Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Ransomware Attack: Understanding Cybersecurity Risks in Education

Man Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison For NetWalker Ransomware Attacks

Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company Reports Data Breach Compromising Consumers’ SSNs and Financial Information

Meta Sues Chinese Devs Over WhatsApp Malware Plot

Microsoft: IT Departments are in Insider Risk Crosshairs

New Blueprint Helps Build Cyber Resilience to Growing Ransomware Threat

New cryptojacking campaign exploits OneDrive vulnerability

New Hacker Technique Lets Attackers Disable Antivirus Solutions and Infect the Users Device Anyway

New hacker tool Maggie to steal corporate secrets hits India

New M365 Business Email Compromise Attacks with Rclone

Notorious Indian Hacking Group is Targeting Pakistani Embassies

NSA, FBI warning: Beware these 20 software flaws most used by hackers

North Carolina is one of only two states to ban paying ransomware attackers. Is that wise?

Ongoing abuse of legitimate security tools pose threat to healthcare, HHS warns

Optus ups number of Medicare cards breached

Over $4 Billion in Illicit Crypto Laundered via Cross-Chain Technologies

Over 8,000 people affected by CareOregon data breach

RansomEXX Claims Credit, Ferrari Denies Data Leak

Ransomware attack delays patient care at hospitals across the U.S.

Ransomware Attack on Second Largest U.S. School District

RCE on Log4j Among Top CVEs Exploited By Chinese-Backed Hackers

Ruger class action claims company failed to prevent, detect data breach

Russian Sanctions Instigator Lloyd's Possibly Hit by Cyber-Attack

Scamwatch urgently warning Australians to be on the lookout for increased scam activity following Optus data breach

Shadow APIs hit with 5 billion malicious requests

Some Tufts community members’ insurance information compromised in vaccine clinic data breach

SonicWall Survey: Vast Majority of Customers Most Worried About Ransomware

Suspected ransomware attack creating issues at CHI Saint Joseph in Lexington

Telstra data breach affected up to 30,000 current and former employees

The Uber Data Breach Conviction Shows Security Execs What Not to Do

Toyota says about 296,000 pieces of customer info possibly leaked

Tucson says personal information was taken in May 29 data breach

Uber Data Breach Results in Corporate Cooperation and Executive Conviction

VMware fixed a high-severity bug in vCenter Server

What Employers Should Know About Digital Safety Benefits

What Every Employer Needs to Know About Passwords

What You Need to Know About the Security of IoT Devices

Who Was Behind The Latest Zcash Cyber Attack? Is It Monero?

You Can’t Protect What You Don’t Know: The Future of Information Sharing

6th October

2K warns users their info has been stolen following breach of its help desk

5 tips for cybersecurity insurance compliance

19-Year-Old Teen Arrested for Using Leaked Optus Breach Data in SMS Scam

Almost 19 percent of phishing emails bypass Microsoft Defender

Android Spyware 'RatMilad' Targets Enterprise Devices in Iran

As data threats increase, organizations need a holistic approach to cybersecurity

BlackByte Ransomware Abuses Legitimate Driver to Disable Security Protections

Blizzard’s Overwatch 2 faces cyber attack

Canadian hacker sentenced in NetWalker ransomware attacks

CareOregon notice of data breach

Cyber Attack Cripples Colorado’s Government Website

Cyberattacks hit multiple Colorado communities this year. The latest state government attack shows why experts are worried

Cybersecurity Company Avast releases free decryptor for Hades ransomware variants

Cybersecurity leaders are having a hard time keeping companies secure, and there's no easy solution

Data Breaches and Identity Theft Are Fuelling E-Commerce Fraud

DeFi Protocol Sovryn Suffers Exploit, $1.1 Million Stolen

Demand for Cybersecurity Training Spikes

Details Released for Recently Patched new macOS Archive Utility Vulnerability

Detroit, for years, used election vendor accused of poll worker data breach in Los Angeles

“Egypt Leaks” – Hacktivists are Leaking Financial Data

Eternity Group Hackers Offering New LilithBot Malware-as-a-Service to Cybercriminals

Facebook Scams Are Everywhere. Here’s How To Stay Safe

Fast Company Is Back Online a Week After a Cyber Attack Changed Headlines to Racist Messages

FBI and CISA Publish Advisory on Malicious Cyber Activity Against Election Infrastructure

Ferrari denies suffering a breach after hacker gang posts company data online

Ferrari detected leaked internal documents online

Five Warning Signs That You May Have Been Hacked

Former Uber CSO convicted for concealing data breach, theft from the authorities

Former Uber CSO found guilty of obstruction in attempted data breach cover-up

Former Uber security chief convicted for concealing a felony

Former Uber security chief found guilty of covering up massive data breach

Former Uber Security Chief Found Guilty of Data Breach Coverup

Government Accountability Office (GAO): Feds struggle to collaborate when ransomware strikes local governments

Hacker steals $566 million worth of crypto from Binance Bridge

Here is How to Thwart Cyber Thieves Coming For Your Data

Higher Education is a Growing Target for Threat Actors

How hybrid cyber insurance can help mitigate the financial risk of cybercrime

How to Identify and Avoid Phishing Attacks

How to manage the cyber security risks lurking within supply chains

How to Protect the Healthcare Supply Chain from Ransomware

Identity Theft Report: Social Media Account Takeovers up 1,000% As 40% Of Personal Data Theft Victims Saw Their Information Misused

In new phishing scam, attackers pretend to be your boss

Indianapolis Housing Agency hit by ransomware attack

Indigenous health organisation probes possible cyber attack

Iranian Hackers Spreading RatMilad Android Spyware Disguised as VPN App

Ireland: People affected by 2021 HSE cyber attack to be contacted in coming months

Is Internap trying to conceal the full effects of a ransomware attack?

It’s Time to Adopt an “Assume-breach” Mindset

Lawsuits filed after Novant Health data breach

LifeBridge Health Agrees to $9.5 Million Settlement to Resolve 2016 Data Breach Claims

Lloyd’s Probes Possible Cyber Attack

Los Angeles schools system downplays impact of leaked data

Managed Detection and Response (MDR): How to get the most out of it

Meta sues app dev for stealing over 1 million WhatsApp accounts

MFA and data breaches...is Multi-Factor Authentication as safe as you think?

New Microsoft Exchange Zero-Day Vulnerabilities Exploited by State-Sponsored Hackers

New SonicWall Survey Data Reveals 91% of Organizations Fear Ransomware Attacks in 2022

Outsmart the fraudsters: Prevent the most common cyber frauds with these simple steps

PDP Law and Data Breach Notification Requirements in Indonesia

Personal Information of 123K Individuals Exposed in City of Tucson Data Breach

Phishing attack spoofs Zoom to steal Microsoft user credentials

Police arrest teen for using leaked Optus data to extort victims

Politically motivated ransomware declines as attackers switch back to old targets

Pro-Russia Hackers Claim Credit for State Website Disruptions

Ransomware gang claims responsibility for attack on defence contractor

Ransomware Pummeling Cash-Strapped US Schools

Ransomware-as-a-Service: The Cloud Model Escalates Ransomware Attacks

RDP Attacks Decline 89% in Eight Months

Retailer Easylife Fined £1.5m for Data Protection Breaches

Saskatoon gynecology clinic hit with ransomware attack

Scammers pretend to be bosses in order to steal employees' card details

Study shows 91% of organisations fear ransomware attacks

Sydney teenager charged after allegedly blackmailing 93 Optus customers affected by data breach

Talbert House data breach class action settlement

The 7 Most Common Causes of Data Breaches

The need to change cybersecurity for the next generation

This New Phishing Technique Uses Chrome’s Application Mode to Steal Credentials

This sneaky ransomware attack tries to switch off your security software

This year’s biggest cyber threats

Top 5 best practices for cloud security

Top Cybersecurity Threats for Public Sector

Transit Swap hacker mulls return of more funds

Two New Exchange Zero-Days Raise Questions About Microsoft Security

Uber's Former Security Chief Convicted of 2016 Data Breach Cover-Up

Unearth offboarding risks before your employees say goodbye

University of Limerick confirms personal email addresses were disclosed in data breach

US government shares top flaws exploited by Chinese hackers since 2020

US Healthcare Giant CommonSpirit Hit by Possible Ransomware

US ports and terminals targets of increased cyber security attacks

What Is Container Security, and How Can You Boost Yours?

5th October

A new era: Three ways to secure your home office

Agencies see change in cyber-criminals' tactics

Another cyber attack in Australia with hackers gaining access to tax file numbers, bank account information and medical checks - just days after the massive Optus hack

API authentication failures demonstrate the need for zero trust

Aussie defence figures caught up in Shangri-La data breach

Australia: Massive Optus data breach highlights lax regulations for telco giants

Australia moots changes to privacy laws after Optus data breach

Australia's Data Breaches Continue With Telstra's Third-Party Supplier Hacked

Avast releases free decryptor for MafiaWare666 ransomware variants

Average company with data in the cloud faces $28 million in data-breach risk

Beware of chat apps: Your security and brand reputation are on the line

Black Friday 'red flag' warning to all bargain hunters

BlackByte ransomware abuses legit driver to disable security products

Canadian Netwalker Ransomware Affiliate Sentenced to 20 Years in U.S. Prison

Canadian Sentenced to 20 Years in US Prison For Ransomware Attacks

CISA Advisory Details How Hackers Targeted Defense Industrial Base Organization

CISA orders federal agencies to regularly perform IT asset discovery, vulnerability enumeration

CISOs, boards not always on the same page

City of Tucson discloses data breach affecting over 123,000 people

CommonSpirit US nonprofit health system discloses security incident

Data management is the core of ransomware readiness

ESET Threat Report T2 2022

Experts Warn of New RatMilad Android Spyware Targeting Enterprise Devices

FBI: Cyberattacks targeting election systems unlikely to affect results

FBI, CISA, and NSA Reveal How Hackers Targeted a Defense Industrial Base Organization

Ferrari denies attack after F1 sponsor switch

Ferrari suffer cyberattack after ditching Russian sponsor

Google to pay $85M settlement for privacy violations in Arizona

Hundreds of Microsoft SQL servers backdoored with new malware

Hundreds of students have personal emails exposed in data breach at University of Limerick

India: Uttar Pradesh-based group operating several scam phishing websites

Inmate healthcare provider hit by data thieves, affecting 54K Georgia inmates

Landmark US-UK Data Access Agreement Begins

LifeBridge Health Settles Healthcare Data Breach Lawsuit for $9.5M

Microsoft updates mitigation for ProxyNotShell Exchange zero days

Microsoft warns of password attacks against Exchange Online, here's what you need to do

Mitigation for Exchange Zero-Days Bypassed! Microsoft Issues New Workarounds

New Android malware 'RatMilad' can steal your data, record audio

OnionPoison – Fake Tor Browser Installer Spreading Malware Via YouTube

Optus halts all marketing ad spend amidst ongoing cyber attack

Optus tells Victorians whose licences were exposed in data breach to register with roads body

Overwatch 2 players queue for hours amidst cyber attack

Phishing Campaigns Target Major Fast Food Chains in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Singapore

Pinnacle Health not sure how many people affected by cyber attack

Protecting business data from cyber threats

Protecting yourself from identity fraud

Qakbot: Analysing a Modern-Day Banking Trojan

Ransomware: This is how half of attacks begin, and this is how you can stop them

Ransomware gang Vice Society publishes stolen database after LAUSD refuses to pay a ransom

Ransomware Group Bypasses "Enormous" Range of EDR Tools

Seven steps security awareness professionals can take to ensure vital leadership support

Shadow IT: Fear it or embrace it?

Sick of data leaks, Indonesians are siding with a hacker who exposed 1.3 billion SIM card details

Singapore: 477 cases of PayNow phishing scams in 2021, victims lost $3,400 each

Singapore: Man, 25, charged over alleged involvement in Singpass phishing scam

Software supply chains at risk: The account takeover threat

Telstra Telecom Suffers Data Breach Potentially Exposing Employee Information

What is multi-factor authentication, and how should I be using it?

4th October

8 strange ways employees can (accidently) expose data

10 mindblowing facts and statistics about ransomware attacks

A quarter of companies globally have suffered a data breach that cost them more than US $1 million in the past three years

Another Telco Breach Rocks Australia

Anthem MaineHealth Suffers Third-Party Data Breach, 13K Impacted

Australia's Telstra reveals data breach two weeks after attack on Optus

BlackByte Ransomware Gang Adds Sophisticated “Bring Your Own Driver” Technique to Bypass More Than 1,000 Drivers Used by Industry Wide Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Products

Bug Exploitation Now Top Ransomware Access Vector

Business Email Compromise (BEC) Scammer Gets 25-Year Jail Sentence for Stealing Over $9.5 Million

Canadian companies fear ransomware attacks, cybersecurity research shows

Canadian National Sentenced in Connection with Ransomware Attacks Resulting in the Payment of Tens of Millions of Dollars in Ransoms

Cheerscrypt ransomware linked to a Chinese hacking group

CHI Health’s parent company manages potential data breach

CISA Directive Improves Asset Visibility, Vulnerability Detection on Federal Networks

CISA Orders Federal Agencies to Regularly Track Network Assets and Vulnerabilities

Columbia River Mental Health Services (CRMHS) - Notice of Data Breach

Conti Ransomware: The History Behind One of the World’s Most Aggressive RaaS Groups

Critical Vulnerabilities Expose Parking Management System to Hacker Attacks

Cyber attack on Gloucester City Council linked to Russia could cost £1million

Cyber attack on health provider Pinnacle a 'wake up call'

Data breach sees Telstra employees’ details posted online

Delivery of Malware: A Look at Phishing Campaigns in Q3 2022

Douglas County’s 911 impacted by ransomware cryptovirus

Empress EMS reports security breach; more than 300K may have been affected

FBI warns of "Pig Butchering" cryptocurrency investment schemes

Ferrari denies data breach and ransomware attack following gang’s online claims

Ferrari falls victim to ransomware attack; 7GB of its internal documents made public

Ferrari says internal documents online, but no evidence of cyber attack

Gloucester City Council: Cyber attack bill could top £1 million

Hackers are breaching scam sites to hijack crypto transactions

Hackers leak 500GB of data stolen during ransomware attack

Hackers stole data from US defense organization using Impacket, CovalentStealer

How Does Threat Exposure Management Optimize Security Posture?

How to spot and avoid phishing and other scams

How to stop ransomware: 4 steps to ransomware containment

Incident responders increasingly seek out mental health assistance

Increase in ransomware attacks against small businesses

India: Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) arrests Russian ‘hacker’ in 2021 JEE-Main tampering case

Ireland: People who had data stolen in HSE cyber attack yet to be informed

Is mandatory password expiration helping or hurting your password security?

Lazarus APT employed an exploit in a Dell firmware driver in recent attacks

LeakBase stole over 16m citizen records from India's sovereign digital platform

LifeBridge Health to pay $9.5M to settle data breach lawsuit

Linux Cheerscrypt ransomware is linked to Chinese DEV-0401 APT group

Malicious Tor Browser Installers Spread Via Darknet Video on YouTube

Montreal defence supplier hit by ransomware

Netwalker ransomware affiliate sentenced to 20 years in prison

New phishing method looks just like the real thing, but it steals your passwords

NFT Artist Beeple’s Discord URLs Hacked In A Phishing Attempt

Ontario privacy commissioner ‘reviewing’ data breach at University of Guelph

Optus confirms 2.1 million ID numbers exposed in data breach

Optus Confirms Hack Exposed Data of Nearly 2.1 Million Australians

Optus data breach: Lessons for CEOs, Legal Counsel and Chief Risk Officers

Optus Hack Exposes Data of Nearly 2.1 Million Australian Telecom Customers

Over 70% of Taiwan businesses report ransomware attacks in supply chain

Pinnacle Midlands Health boss urges vigilance in wake of cyber attack

Phishing campaigns target KFC, McDonald's customers in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Singapore

Popular YouTube Channel Caught Distributing Malicious Tor Browser Installer

Prepared for Ransomware and Other Data Risks? Think Again

ProxyNotShell – the New Proxy Hell?

Ransomware 3.0: The Next Frontier

Ransomware attacks encrypt data of government organizations

Ransomware Attacks On The Rise, Secureworks Reveals in its State of the Threat Report

Ransomware puts companies under siege, warns Secureworks

Researchers Report Supply Chain Vulnerability in Packagist PHP Repository

Russia-linked cyber attack could cost Gloucester City Council £1m

Russian Hacker Arrested in India for Reportedly Helping Students Cheat in JEE-Main Exam

Russian Hackers Take Aim at Kremlin Targets

Secureworks State of the Threat Report 2022: 52% of ransomware incidents over the past year started with compromise of unpatched remote services

Singapore: Man, 25, charged over alleged involvement in Singpass phishing scam

Singapore warns of new variants of phishing scams offering tax refunds and involving tax evasion

Social Media, Government and Media & Entertainment Companies Least Trusted by Consumers to Keep Personal Data Secure

State and Local Governments Struggle to Recover From Ransomware

Steam Gaming Phish Showcases Browser-in-Browser Threat

Telstra caught up in data breach after personal details of more than 30,000 former and current staff leaked

Telstra rocked by data breach after hackers access info of tens of thousands of workers

Telstra suffers 'sizeable' data breach, mandates two-step security upgrade

The Growing Threat of Ransomware as a Service

These are officially the worst malware strains of the year

This sneaky fraud attack looks like an email forwarded by your boss

Transit Swap Receives a Large Piece of Stolen Pie from The Hacker

US Ports and Terminals Sustain Increased Cybersecurity Attacks

Victims of these online crooks lacked a key security feature. Don't make the same mistake

What are the different types of ransomware?

What is Phishing and How to Prevent It

What is the future of ransomware attacks and how could security companies respond?

When transparency is also obscurity: The conundrum that is open-source security

Why Do Ransomware Gangs Keep Coming Back From the Dead?

Why Monero was the crypto of choice for the Optus ‘hacker’

3rd October

5 things to look for in your next ransomware protection solution

37% of Businesses Lose Almost £90k per Cyber-attack

Are small businesses prepared to defend against cyberattacks?

Big data trove dumped after LA Unified School District says no to ransomware crooks

Comm100 Chat Provider Hijacked to Spread Malware in Supply Chain Attack

Data Breach Should Be A Massive Wakeup Call For Australia’s Data Guardians, Experts Say

Data privacy is a challenge. Tech leaders have the solution

Decentralized IT Clouds Security Team’s Ability to Spot Risks

Detecting fileless malware infections is becoming easier

Even the Pros Underestimate Microsoft 365’s Ransomware Risk

Ex-NSA Employee Arrested for Trying to Sell U.S. Secrets to a Foreign Government

Ex-NSA Employee Charged For Trying to Sell US Secrets

Fake Microsoft Exchange ProxyNotShell exploits for sale on GitHub

Ferrari hit by ransomware, hackers leak 7 GB of data

Ferrari says internal documents online, but no evidence of cyber attack

Ferrari says no evidence of system breach, ransomware

Ferrari targeted by hacker group: 7GB of data online

focusIT, Inc. Files Official Notice of Data Breach

Government organisations at higher encryption risk from ransomware

Hacker returns nearly $19 million stolen on Transit Swap DeFi platform

Hackers Exploiting Dell Driver Vulnerability to Deploy Rootkit on Targeted Computers

Hackers leak 500GB trove of data stolen during LAUSD ransomware attack

Hackers Publish Nearly 250K Files in 'Massive' Data Breach of L.A. Schools

How a Cyber Attack Triggers Multiple Parts of a Cyber Security Insurance

How COVID-19 has made small businesses more vulnerable to cyberattacks

How major security incidents have evolved over the last six years

How ransomware gangs operate like legitimate businesses

How To: Protect COVID-19 Data from Breaches and Theft

How Ransomware Is Causing Chaos in American Schools

How to survive a cyber attack

ICO Fines Four "Predatory" Privacy-Invading Firms

Intermittent encryption attacks: Who's at risk?

Iran's Cyber Attack On Albania Warrants Increased NATO Involvement

Ireland: HSE apologises for data breach which saw vulnerable children's details released

Irish watchdog sends draft decision in Facebook data breach probe

Lazarus Group Exploits Dell Driver Vulnerability to Bypass Windows Security

LifeBridge Health data breach $9.5M class action settlement

List of Data Breaches and Cyber Attacks in September 2022 – 35.6 Million Records Breached

Live support service hacked to spread malware in supply chain attack

Lockbit 3.0 Ransomware Gang Emerges as Leading Threat Actor

Los Angeles Unified School District: Hackers Have Posted Stolen Data Online

Many IT pros don’t think a ransomware attack can impact Microsoft 365 data

Mexican government the target of major cyber attack

Microsoft: New Exchange Server zero-days already used in attacks, expect more to come

Microsoft Exchange server zero-day mitigation can be bypassed

Microsoft Exchange zero-days: The calm before the storm?

More than 248,000 files leaked on the dark web in LAUSD ransomware case

Most organisations attacked had data encrypted

One in four companies globally have suffered a data breach that cost them US$1 – 20 million or more in the past three years

OpenText Report Identifies Nastiest Malware for 2022

Optus data breach: how to protect yourself from credit fraud

Optus Data Breach - Why Vulnerable APIs are to Blame

Optus reveals at least 2.1 million ID numbers exposed in massive data breach

Optus reveals extent of data breach, but stays mum on how it happened

Optus’ Parent Company Singtel Assesses Potential Cost of Australia Data Breach

Password month? How we can make Cybersecurity Awareness Month (CSAM) work for everyone

Passwords are flawed, but it's likely we'll be using them for decades. Here's why you should review yours

Phishing Campaigns Target KFC, McDonald's in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Singapore

Ransomware in 2023: here's what businesses should expect

Researchers Link Cheerscrypt Linux-Based Ransomware to Chinese Hackers

Researchers outline the Lazarus APT offensive toolset

Russian retail chain 'DNS' confirms hack after data leaked online

Shangri-La Hotels Hit by Data Breach Incident

Singtel assesses potential cost of Optus Australian data breach

State and local governments report spike in ransomware attacks

Sygnia First to Link Two Ransomware Groups to Larger Chinese Threat Actor, Dubbed ‘Emperor Dragonfly’

Transit Swap Hacker Returns 70% of Stolen Funds

Veterans Affairs investigating data breach that compromised sensitive credentials, source codes

Web browser app mode can be abused to make desktop phishing pages

Why are ransomware demands so high?