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Monday 18 July 2022

Data Breaches Digest - Week 29 2022

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 18th July and 24th July 2022.

24th July

5 Tips to protect your device from any Cybercrime like phishing links, email, and more

45% of businesses owners have faced ‘major data breach’ — with a third being an inside job

A database containing data of 5.4 million Twitter accounts available for sale

A Ransomware Attack Permanently Shut Down A College

Amadey malware pushed via software cracks in SmokeLoader campaign

An Entire Canadian Town Is Being Extorted By Ransomware Cyber Criminals

Botnet Attacks and Ransomware on Cryptocurrency Will Continue

Cyber security for small and medium businesses: The next frontier?

Drop in the number of phone scams reported to HMRC in Wales this year

Huge Neopets hack may have compromised over 69 million accounts, hacker wants $100,000 for the data

India braces up to fight rising cybercrime

Is APT28 behind the STIFF#BIZON attacks attributed to North Korea-linked APT37?

New Business Email Compromise Schemes Add Vendor Deception

Now That Bitcoin Is Considered Property In The UK, Reclaiming Ransomed Assets Sent To Exchanges Is Much Easier

Omicron SMS scam after Aussie credit details

Pakistan: Cybersecurity threats

QBot phishing uses Windows Calculator sideloading to infect devices

QR codes are essential, but some may hurt you

Roaming Mantis Financial Hackers Targeting Android and iPhone Users in France

Samsung: Our responsibility to protect users doesn't end once a device is in their hands

‘Stranger’ scams: fraudsters cash in on popularity of Netflix series

T-Mobile Cybersecurity Data Breach Settlement: Details Emerge

T-Mobile settles to pay $350 million to customers in data breach

The Rise of Ransomware as a Service in 2022

US bolsters cyber alliance to counter rising Iran threat

What is Vishing and Why RBI Warns You To Stay Alert

23rd July

23 terabytes of Chinese citizen’s personal data available for just 10 bitcoins

Amateur cybercriminals collaborate with professional syndicates inside dark web marketplaces

An Entire Canadian Town Is Being Extorted By Ransomware Cyber Criminals

Bug Bounty: Hunting Open Redirect Vulnerabilities For $$$

Business Email Compromise - The Biggest Cyber-Crime Threat

Chasing Bitcoin: Why North Korea Ransomware Attacks Target U.S. Health Care Providers

Chrome banned from use in Dutch schools over data security concerns

Croatia’s data protection regulator fines telecom €285,000 for insufficient security that facilitated data breach

Cyber crime escalates as barriers to entry crumble

Cybersecurity Alert Issued For Scarily Realistic-Appearing YouTube Ad Malware On Google Search

Cybersmartness makes web safe for children

Data breaches can have ripple effects on businesses years after

Don't be an easy target for cyber criminals

Email scam warning issued across the UK and tips to help you avoid the phishing attacks

FBI seized $500,000 worth of bitcoin obtained from Maui ransomware attacks

Florida Follows North Carolina in Prohibiting State Agencies from Paying Ransoms

Google Play is bringing back app permission list

Here are the top phone security threats in 2022 and how to avoid them

India’s scam central: Inside villages of cyber cheats

iPhone WARNING over 9 common mistakes that expose your device – they could cost you

LinkedIn Targeted The Most By Phishing Scams Impersonating Big Firms, New Report Reveals

Majority of Malaysian firms concerned about growing attack surface, says Trend Micro

MedusaLocker Server Likely Spotted In The Wild

Microsoft to begin from July 27 blocking Office Macros by default

Neopets Hacker Tries To Sell 69 Million Users' Account Information for Bitcoin

North Korea Condemns U.S. Remarks About Its Use of Hacking Groups To Steal Cryptocurrencies for National Revenue

North Korean hackers attack EU targets with Konni RAT malware

Organization and metaverse privacy concerns

Pakistan, Chinese militaries lose key information to hackers

Police warn PayPal and energy bill scams are in circulation

T-Mobile agrees to give money to customers affected by 2021 data breach

T-Mobile settles to pay $350M to customers who personal information was stolen

T-Mobile to pay customers $350 million after data breach

T-Mobile will pay $350 million to settle lawsuits over massive data breach

To prevent ransomware attacks, Microsoft has added a new security setting to Windows 11

Top 7 NFT Scams to Look Out For

Uber Admits Covering Up 2016 Hacking, Avoids Prosecution in US Settlement

Uber agrees to take responsibility for 2016 data breach cover-up

Uber avoids federal prosecution over data breach that exposed data of 57 million users

Zelle Scams: Protect Yourself to Stop Thieves in Their Tracks

22nd July

90% of Americans Faced Scam and Phishing Attempts According to This Survey

A CISO’s ‘How-To Guide’ for Active Directory security

A small Canadian town is being extorted by a global ransomware gang

Action Fraud warn about Amazon scam emails

Admission of culpability leads to early end in trial of Razer's S$10m claim against IT vendor over data leak

Agency that oversees troubled insurance firms for state sues to recover millions lost in cyberattack

Apple Pay Wallet text scam: how to stay safe from latest fraud attempt

At least 37,800 people affected by cyberattack last year on Newfoundland and Labrador healthcare system

Atlassian: Confluence hardcoded password was leaked, patch now!

Bellingham Public Library investigating after data breach

Bellingham, Washington, Library Says 735 Patrons Affected by Hack

Benson Health Notifies 28,913 Patients About May 2021 Data Breach

Bitdefender identifies 192 active ransomware families worldwide

Canadian Anti-fraud Centre name used in phishing campaign

Central Florida construction firm: Ex-employee snatched personal records in data breach

Cloaked Ursa Using Trusted Online Storage Services to Evade Detection

Complete Guide to Operational Technology (OT) Security

Critical Bugs Threaten to Crack Atlassian Confluence Workspaces Wide Open

Cyber security expert weighs in on data breach at Waterloo public school board

Cyber-attacks on Port of Los Angeles have doubled since pandemic

Cybercrime to Skyrocket for Metaverse Firms, Acronis Says

Cyberthreats impacting Australian and New Zealand businesses

Data breach affects patients of Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine

Data Resiliency: Solution for the new-age ransomware attacks

Defending the Edge Data Center

Digital security giant Entrust breached by ransomware gang

Empire of Hacking: U.S. is the Biggest Threat to Cyber Security

Feds Warn Healthcare Sector of Web Application Attacks

Former Employee Brings Suit Against Hospital and HR Company Following Ransomware Attack

Geneva Association says industry has important role in combatting ransomware

Global Firms Fear the Worst Over Risk Management Failures

Google Bringing the Android App Permissions Section Back to the Play Store

Google Brings Back Android App Permissions Section to the Play Store

Google Chrome security update fixes 'high risk' flaws

Hacked Ukrainian Radio Stations Broadcast Fake News About President Zelensky’s Health

Hacker selling Twitter account data of 5.4 million users for $30k

Hackers breach Ukrainian radio network to spread fake news about Zelenskiy

Hackers Target 10,000 Organizations With a New MFA Bypass in Coordinated Phishing Campaign on Office 365 Users

How CSPs can protect consumers and small businesses from cybersecurity threats

How To Avoid 5 Nagging Security Issues With Blockchain

How to find and remove spyware from your phone

How To Keep Your Company Data Safe

Identity-based fraud and ATO attacks

Interisle Reports a 61% Increase in Phishing in Annual Study

Israeli cybersec company Sygnia identifies phishing scam

Israeli Spyware Vendor Uses Chrome 0day to Target Journalists

It takes more than technology to save a business from a cyber attack

Kaspersky puts spotlight on malicious ransomware group Luna

Lending Tree Notifies 70,000 Customers of Data Breach

LinkedIn most impersonated brand in phishing attacks

LinkedIn Remains Number One Brand to be Faked in Phishing Attempts

LinkedIn, Microsoft top brands to be faked in phishing attempts

‘Living Off the Cloud’: Hackers Modernize an Old-School Tactic

Majority of global companies struggle to assess cyber risks

Malware: On sale for the price of a pint on dark web

Malware mayhem: Netskope research finds sharp increase in phishing downloads as cyber criminals leverage SEO to lure victims

Malware-as-a-Service Creating New Cybercrime Ecosystem

Massachusetts hospital sued for lost wages after Kronos ransomware attack

Massive Data Breach of Neopets Website Affects 69 Million Users

Microsoft Office Most Targeted Software for Malware Attacks

Microsoft Resumes Blocking Office VBA Macros by Default After 'Temporary Pause'

Microsoft will block Office macros by default starting July 27

Mixed Messages as Neopets Scrambles to Respond to Mega Breach

Most Firms Have Had An Email Security Episode

Neopets Data Breach Includes Personal Info Of Over 69 Million Accounts

Neopets Suffers Second Data Breach as 69 Million Accounts are Stolen

Neopets warns of ongoing data breach affecting 69m accounts

New Biden administration rules give pipeline operators more flexibility to combat cyber threats

New Windows 11 Default Security Feature Prevents Top Ransomware Deployment Method! Windows 10 To Have It Soon

Newport officials warn former, current city employee data accessed during malware attack

Nottinghamshire County Council fraud teams stopped two cyber attacks and prevented £527k in losses

Obtain (And Keep) Cyber Insurance With Two Magic Words: Zero Trust

Oklahoma City Housing Authority Provides Notice of Data Breach

One ransomware attack disrupts multiple companies in Q1 2022

One-third of businesses are reckless with customer data

Online Brand Abuse is a Cybersecurity Issue

Orgs Struggling to Balance Security and End-User Experience

PayPal Used to Send Malicious “Double Spear” Invoices

Perth Festival, Black Swan Theatre and other arts organisations hit by major data breach

Phishing Attacks On WordPress Site Owners Disguised As Copyright Infringement Warnings

Please Keep Reporting Scam Sites to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), They’re Actually Taking Them Down

Prominent British Columbian LGBTQ+ advocacy group hit with cyberattack

Quick Study: Cyber Resiliency and Risk

Ransomware Attacks Against Higher Education Increase

Ransomware attacks threaten the NHS

Ransomware groups are getting smaller and smarter

Ransomware, cyber supply chain compromises key threats in 2022

Rhode Island company settles data breach with Massachusetts Attorney General for $230K

Robots Join the Fight for Cyber Security

Sharenting ‒ a cybercrime bullseye

Small businesses are easy targets for cyberattacks

Snowballing Ransomware Variants Highlight Growing Threat to VMware ESXi Environments

Social Engineering Threats And Mitigation

SonicWall: Patch critical SQL injection bug immediately

SonicWall Issues Patch for Critical Bug Affecting its Analytics and GMS Products

Spinneys suspects some customer data was compromised in last week’s cyber attack

Tackling the cybersecurity challenge from every angle

Tackling The Double Threat From Ransomware And Stolen Credentials

The biggest cyber-crime threat is also the one that nobody wants to talk about

The Cybersecurity Dark Threat Facing Universities

The silent killer: the threat costing more than ransomware

The SMB’s 24/7 Challenge: Cybercriminals work ‘round the clock – shouldn’t you?

The top 5 most dangerous habits online

The top 5 ways data breaches occur

Three Reasons Young People Will Change Cybersecurity

Top 5 phishing statistics of 2022

Top 10 enterprise data security best practices

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) revises cybersecurity requirements for oil and gas pipelines

Twitter data breach exposed contact details of 5.4 million accounts

U.S. Business Services Are Major Ransomware Targets

U.S. Justice Department faces plaintiffs' $8.5 million bid for fees over data-breach

Ukrainian Radio Stations Hacked to Broadcast Fake News About Zelenskyy's Health

United Arab Emirates: Sharjah records 70 per cent rise in cybercrime in two years

Unprotected Entry into the Metaverse Brings Accrued Cyber Risks

Visibility into runtime threats against mobile apps and APIs still lacking

WannaCry five years on: lessons we can learn

Warning over bogus HMRC staff after surge in scams

What Is a Gray Hat Hacker?

What Is Single Sign-On (SSO) and What Are Its Benefits?

Windows 11 is getting a new security setting to block ransomware attacks

21st July

3 Ways to Ensure Data Security in Healthcare

5 Data Security measures you can’t do without at the Workplace

5 Reasons Why Big Companies Hire Professional Hackers

5 steps to conducting a cyber resilience review

6 Things Underwriters Look for in Your Ransomware Protection

60% of IT leaders are not confident about their secure cloud access

82-Year-Old Man Sues St George’s University Hospital For Data Breach That Revealed His Terminal Illness

37,800 people sent privacy breach notifications linked to Newfoundland and Labrador cyberattack

Account takeover fraud: 5 steps for protecting your customers

Atlassian fixes critical flaws in Confluence, Jira, Bitbucket and other products, update quickly!

Atlassian Rolls Out Security Patch for Critical Confluence Vulnerability

Australia: You have 12 hours to report a cyberattack

Banks have opportunity to plug digital identity gap in metaverse

Battling Moscow's hackers prior to invasion gave Kyiv 'full dress rehearsal' for today's cyber warfare

Bitdefender Threat Debrief warns of ransomware and Android trojans

Candiru Spyware Caught Exploiting Google Chrome Zero-Day to Target Journalists

China Fines Didi Global $1.19bn for “Heinous” Data Security Infringements

Chrome zero-day used to infect journalists with Candiru spyware

Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Issues Guidance on Third-Party Risk Management in Healthcare

Cloud Security Explained: Why It Matters & How It Works

CloudMensis backdoor spies on users of compromised Macs

Conti Criminals Resurface as Splinter RaaS Groups

Costa Rica Disables Servers due to Cyber-Attack Threat

County council fraud teams thwarted 2 cyber attacks and prevented £527k in losses

Critical Vulnerability in Popular GPS Tracker Lets Hackers Remotely Control Vehicles

Cyber attacks increases by 60% in tourism sector this year

Cyber security – 4 tips to stay protected

Cyber-Attack Vectors in the Automotive Sector – Part 1: Signal Attacks

Cyber-Attack Vectors in the Automotive Sector – Part 2: Data Attacks

Department of Justice (DOJ) Recovers $500K in Healthcare Ransom Demanded by North Korean Hackers

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) purchases of cell phone location data raise privacy concerns

Didi slapped with $1.1B fine for breaching China data security laws

Don’t pay that suspicious PayPal invoice - it’s a phishing scam

Education institutions hit hard by ransomware

Employee or employer: who’s to blame for a cyber breach?

Enterprise Investment Space (EIS) fund custodian suffers data breach after cyber-attack

Ethiopian government introduces digital biometric IDs

FBI and Cyber Command are in ‘Combat Tempo’ Ahead of Midterm Elections

FBI Seizes $500,000 Ransomware Payments and Crypto from North Korean Hackers

Flipkart’s Cleartrip Struck By A Major Data Breach, Customer Records Leaked!

Foreign Cyber Attacks: Are Your Defenses Up?

From insider threats to system breaches: 7 health systems affected by data breaches in July

Governments must do more to fight ransomware, says insurance industry

Hackers are using phishing emails from PayPal

Hackers for Hire: Adversaries Employ ‘Cyber Mercenaries’

Hackers Target Ukrainian Software Company Using GoMet Backdoor

Hackers Use Evilnum Malware to Target Cryptocurrency and Commodities Platforms

High alert against imminent cyber-attacks in the metaverse

How Conti ransomware hacked and encrypted the Costa Rican government

How the modern CISO can counter the growing cybersecurity threat

India: Data loss a serious issue for businesses

Indiana hospital settles data breach lawsuit for $425K

Inside dark web marketplaces: Amateur cybercriminals collaborate with professional syndicates

Interisle reports a 61% increase in phishing in annual study

IRS warning that scam artists once again posing as tax agency to rip off Americans

LinkedIn is the most faked brand for phishing attacks - beware of malware-infested emails

Lowe’s Email Scam Promises Portable Air Conditioners

Magecart Supply Chain Attacks Hit Hundreds of Restaurants

Making the case for a password-free world

Malaysia Is 11th Most Breached Country In The World In Q2 2022

Matanbuchus with Cobalt Strike: Not Your Favorite Combo

Microsoft adds default protection against RDP brute-force attacks

Microsoft Office Most Exploited Software in Malware Attacks

Microsoft resuming default block of Office VBA macros

Microsoft starts blocking Office macros by default, once again

Nasty new YouTube scam could land you in hot water

NCC Group observes a drop in ransomware attacks - for now

Neopets hit with massive data breach that could jeopardize millions of accounts

'Neopets' Platform Breach Affects Millions of Users! Hacker Sells User Data for Four BTC

New Federal Reporting Requirements Demand Timely and Accurate Cyber-intelligence

New ‘Lightning Framework’ Linux malware installs rootkits, backdoors

New Linux Malware Framework Lets Attackers Install Rootkit on Targeted Systems

New Redeemer ransomware version promoted on hacker forums

North Korean hackers launch ransomware attacks on US hospitals

Outlook email users alerted to suspicious activity from Microsoft-owned IP address

Over Half of Global Firms Struggle to Assess Cyber Risk Exposure

Passwordless vs. MFA: What's the Difference?

Personal data of 69 million Neopets users is now up for sale after a data breach

Phishing scam uses PayPal to send malicious invoices to potential victims

Phone scams drop 83% in a year across South West

Professional Finance Co is the target of a ransomware attack that affects 657 patients

Protect your business from these four cyber threats in 2022

Ransomware attack targets Professional Finance Co., affecting 657 health care clients

Ransomware Attacks Are on the Rise: Now What?

Ransomware attacks drop 34% in Q2, but experts warn of potential ‘uptick’

Ransomware Compromises Slump 34% in Q2

Ransomware Group Says It Has Breached Colorado Town’s Network

Report Provides Rare Glimpse Into Industrialized World of Cybercriminals

Researchers uncover potential ransomware network with U.S. connections

Russia-linked APTs targeted fleeing Ukrainian civilians

Scanning for red-team tools reveals likely campaign tied to MedusaLocker ransomware

Settlements Reached In 2 Large Healthcare Hack Lawsuits

Sonic Corp. data breach financial institutions $5.73M class action settlement

Stand Down, Marketers: Zero Trust is Not a Product

Staying Protected: Will a VPN Make You More Secure Online?

Storing Up Trouble: New Study Highlights Data Security Concerns Over Brits Working From Home

Teenager extortion-only group, LAPSUS$, exposes cyber gaps in the most mature organisations

The Cost of Ignoring Third-Party Cybersecurity

The fight against fraud: why is the UK so lax?

The importance of patching

The importance of secure passwords can’t be emphasized enough

The Kronos Ransomware Attack: What You Need to Know So Your Business Isn't Next

The Methodist Hospitals, Inc. Settles Class Action Data Breach Lawsuit for $425,000

The New Weak Link in SaaS Security: Devices

The Real, Dollars-and-Cents Cost of a Ransomware Attack On Your Business

The rise and continuing popularity of LinkedIn-themed phishing

The Rising Importance Of Penetration Testing In Critical Infrastructure Environments

UK Regulator Issues Record Fines as Financial Crime Surges

Understanding the Evolution of Cybercrime to Predict its Future

Urgent warning to Morrisons shoppers over ‘free food’ scam – how to avoid it

US Cyber Command spots another 20 malware strains targeting Ukraine

What to Look for in Phishing Emails to Protect Your Business

Which group will replace Conti from the ransomware crown?

Why AI is the key to cutting-edge cybersecurity

Windows 11 now blocks RDP brute-force attacks by default

20th July

3 areas of focus for cybersecurity professionals in 2022

47% of organizations experienced a voice phishing attack last year

92% of enterprises experienced an email security incident last year

96% of Organizations Faced Phishing Attempts in the Past Year, New Survey Reveals

Akamai uncovers sophisticated PayPal phishing scam

Albanian government services suffer ‘massive’ cyber attack

Allied Urological Services, LLC Announces Data Breach Impacting Patient’s Financial Data

AllOne Health Resources, Inc. Discovers Data Breach After Accidentally Wiring Money to a Fraudulent Bank Account

Apple Releases Security Patches for all Devices Fixing Dozens of New Vulnerabilities

Ardagh Glass, Inc. Confirms Ransomware Attack Resulted in Leaked Employee Data

As the Cost of Cyberattacks Increase, Zero-Trust Models Boost SMB Cybersecurity

Atlassian fixes critical Confluence hardcoded credentials flaw

Benefits of Data Loss Prevention

Beware Web3 – The Wild West Has Gone Online

BJC Healthcare Settles Data Breach Lawsuit Stemming from 2020 Phishing Attack

Black Basta ransomware gang claims responsibility for Knauf cyberattack

Browser exploits: A Concerning Revival Led by the Lazarus Group

Building a cyber resilience strategy for a geopolitically unstable world

Business services the top target for ransomware attacks

China to fine Didi more than $1 billion for data breaches

Cisco fixes bug that lets attackers execute commands as root

Cisco Releases Patches for Critical Flaws Impacting Nexus Dashboard for Data Centers

Conti’s Reign of Chaos: Costa Rica in the Crosshairs

Convincing ‘YouTube’ Google ads lead to Windows support scams

Crypto Scams and How To Avoid Them

Cyber Attack on e-Albania, Prosecution Launches Investigations

Cyber insurers are part of the solution to ransomware

Cyber risk management: Navigating an unpredictable business environment

Cyberattacks Increased by 60% In Tourism Sector This Year

Cybersecurity Priorities For The Board's Agenda

Data breach average cost tops $9.5M, according to report

Data breaches: Why is the tech industry so scared to acknowledge them?

DDoS App Meant to Hit Russia Infected Android Phones of Ukrainian Activists

Deep learning delivers proactive cyber defense

Department of Justice (DoJ) Recovers $500K Paid to North Korean Ransomware Actors

Fake Passports are Sold on the Dark Web with Stolen Identity Data

FBI ramps up cyber crime prevention efforts

FBI recovers $500,000 healthcare orgs paid to Maui ransomware

FBI Warns New Jersey Residents to Beware of a Wild New Ransomware Twist

FBI warns of phony cryptocurrency apps aiming to steal money from investors

Feds disrupt North Korean ransomware operations, return $500K to healthcare victims

Flaws in a popular GPS tracker could allow hackers to track or stop vehicles, say security researchers

Four new ransomware groups to be aware of

Game Publisher Bandai Namco Confirms a Suspected BlackCat Ransomware Attack

Gas South, LLC Confirms Unauthorized Access to Its Network, Leading to Consumer Data Breach

Government claims 7726 service has cut scam texts but consumers still report high fraud levels

GPS tracker exploit puts the world’s most high-value individuals in real-world danger

Hacked ATMs Lead to Compromised Personal Information

Hackers Can Now Steal Data from Air-Gapped PCs via SATA Cables

Hackers step up ransomware attacks on critical infrastructure companies

HavanaCrypt Ransomware Poses as Google Update

Here’s How to Protect Your Privacy Online

How DevOps Teams Can Defend Against API Attacks

Illinois regulator seeks from insurers funds lost in phishing scheme

Israeli cybersecurity researchers: New phishing scam mimics popular language learning apps

It's time for manufacturers to build a collaborative cybersecurity team

June 2022 Healthcare Data Breach Report

Justice Department Seizes $500K From North Korean Ransomware Group

Latest data shows Saudi Arabian organisations making gains in building greater cyber resilience

Legal Experts Concerned Over New UK Digital Reform Bill

LinkedIn most faked brand in Phishing attacks

LinkedIn remains the most impersonated brand in phishing attacks

LockBit ransomware hitting network servers

Magecart Serves Up Card Skimmers on Restaurant-Ordering Systems

Major Takeaways: Cyber Operations During Russia-Ukraine War

Malaysia: Posting personal data of others not only illegal but tremendously damaging

Minors using Discord servers to spread malware for cash

Neopets data breach exposes personal data of 69 million members

Netflix Phishing scam warning! Victims' debit cards, credit cards, OTP compromised

New Luna ransomware encrypts Windows, Linux, and ESXi systems

New ransomware discovered using Rust, atypical encryption

New Rust-based Ransomware Family Targets Windows, Linux, and ESXi Systems

North Korean group hacked Kansas hospital, got $100K Bitcoin ransom. Now FBI has found the funds

North Korean-Sponsored Attack: Ransom Paid By Providers Returned

Only 1/4 of small businesses see cybersecurity as a top priority

Over 50% of enterprises worry about supply chain risks

Over 670k cyber attack cases in India this year so far: Centre

Phishing Scams Were the Biggest Contributor to Singapore’s Cyber Attacks

Plasterboard giant Knauf Group pummelled by ransomware

Popular business web apps fail to implement critical password requirements

Preventing CEO Impersonation Phishing Scams

QR Codes and CAPTCHA Tests: New Scams in a Digital Age

Ransomware crimes are on the rise in Utah

Ransomware is indiscriminatory – prepare for everything to fail

Ransomware issues threat to financial institution

Romanian Man Accused of Distributing Gozi Virus Extradited to US

Russian Adversaries Target DropBox and Google Drive in New Campaign

Russian Hackers Target Ukrainians Via Copycat DoS App

Scam warning: Canadians receiving fake $90 Rogers rebate after outage

Sewer commission paid quarter-million-dollar ransom to end cyberattack

Surge in online scams, hacks expected ahead of FIFA World Cup, expert warns

Tesco warns Irish shoppers over voucher scam taking advantage of cost of living crisis

Tesco warns millions of shoppers over voucher scam that preys on cost of living crisis

The Best Way to Detect Threats In the Cloud?

The fallout from Alibaba’s huge data breach

The growth in targeted, sophisticated cyberattacks troubles top FBI cyber official

The most common phishing bait is still LinkedIn

The Pandemic’s Lasting Effects: Are Cyber Attacks One Of Them?

The top 10 reasons your employees are falling prey to phishing scams

The true meaning of zero trust

This Cloud Botnet Has Hijacked 30,000 Systems to Mine Cryptocurrencies

Threat actors use Google Drive, Dropbox to launch cyberattacks

Top 4 Cyberattacks to Watch Out for in 2022

Town of Frederick investigates alleged computer network breach by ransomware group

Unpatched Flaws in Popular GPS Devices Allow Adversaries to Disrupt and Track Vehicles

Unpatched GPS Tracker Bugs Could Let Attackers Disrupt Vehicles Remotely

Unprotected entry into the Metaverse brings accrued cyber risks

US Justice Department seizes US$500K from North Korea-backed hackers

US recovers half million dollars stolen by North Korean hackers from hospitals

US seizes stolen funds from suspected North Korean hackers

Vulnerabilities in popular GPS tracker could allow hackers to remotely stop cars

Waterloo Region District School Board hit by cyberattack

What is a data breach scanner, how does it work, and why does your business need one?

What Is Cybersecurity?

What is data compliance?

What threats and challenges are CISOs and CROs most focused on?

Zuckerberg to Testify Over Cambridge Analytica Data Breach

19th July

3 reasons why cybersecurity must be people-centric

50k credit cards stolen from 300 U.S. restaurants using skimmers

82% of global insurers expect the rise in cyber insurance premiums to continue

$400K Of NFTs Stolen Via Malicious Link On Premint NFT Service

Air-gapped systems leak data via SATA cable WiFi antennas

Albanian Government Hit by “Massive Cyber-Attack”

Alibaba executives questioned over Chinese data breach

Atlanta-based Aware Force reports on the most dangerous phishing e-mails and texts sent in Q2

Australian businesses need to stop neglecting supply chain security risks

Authentication Risks Discovered in Okta Platform

Belgium says Chinese hackers attacked its Ministry of Defense

Beware Of Roaming Mantis Malware Phishing Campaign Preying On Android And iOS Users

Blue Shield of California Promise Health Plan Announces Data Breach

Brazil surpasses US in breached users in Q2 2022

Building materials giant Knauf hit by Black Basta ransomware gang

Can your organization see an insider threat coming?

CentralSquare data breach $1.9M class action settlement

CISA Post-Quantum Cryptography Initiative: Too Little, Too Late?

Cleartrip confirms data breach of internal systems

Common Amazon Scams That Happen on and After Prime Day

Cyber Espionage Campaigns by State Sponsored Hackers are Impersonating Journalists, Attempting to Unmask Anonymous Sources

Cyber Safety Review Board classifies Log4j as ‘endemic vulnerability’

Cybersecurity training is key to cybersecurity resiliency

Data breach at debt collector affects almost 2 Million healthcare patients

Data Protection Investments Fail to Blunt Ransomware Impact

Deakin University data breach impacts 47,000 students

Despite Security Advances, Scammers Continue to Make Bank Via Wire Fraud

Don’t Trust But Verify: Getting to Zero Trust for OT and IoT

EU warns of Russian cyberattack spillover, escalation risks

Experts Uncover New CloudMensis Spyware Targeting Apple macOS Users

Exploring PDF threats

FBI: Fake Crypto Apps Have Cost Investors $43m

FBI: These fake apps are trying to steal your crypto. Here's what to watch out for

FBI Warns Fake Crypto Apps are Bilking Investors of Millions

FBI Warns Public Over Phishing Crypto Apps

First Cyber Safety Review Board (CSRB) Report Tackles on Ongoing Log4j Risk

Florida Follows North Carolina in Prohibiting State Agencies from Paying Ransoms

Forging Ahead With Cybersecurity

Former Conti Actors Remain Active in Cybercrime Underworld

Hackers turn to cloud storage services in attempt to hide their attacks

Hacking group '8220' grows cloud botnet to more than 30,000 hosts

HMRC issues warning on scam email asking you for tax

How scammers use SMS forwarding apps to defraud bank customers in India

How to leverage the power of cyber fusion centers for organizational security

How to write a data breach apology

How Weak Passwords Lead to Ransomware Attacks

Huge phishing campaign evades MFA, leads to business email fraud: Microsoft

India: Rise of the growing threat of cyber frauds due to digital payments

iPhones of Activists in Thailand Hacked by Israeli Pegasus Spyware

Keeping your computer and personal information safe

LendingTree Mischaracterized Scope of February 2022 Data Breach, Class Action Claims

Lilith: The Latest Threat in Ransomware

LinkedIn and Microsoft are the most impersonated brands in phishing attacks

Malicious Android apps with 300K installs found on Google Play

Modern Authentication for Multiple User Journeys - Best Guidance

New Air-Gap Attack Uses SATA Cable as an Antenna to Transfer Radio Signals

New Attack Technique Makes It Easy to Identify Web Users

New CloudMensis malware used to spy on Macs in targeted attacks

New MacOS Backdoor Communicates Via Public Cloud

OCBC phishing scams: Man charged with offences including cheating, criminal intimidation

Popular vehicle GPS tracker gives hackers admin privileges over SMS

Post-Breakup, Conti Ransomware Members Remain Dangerous

Qatar at forefront of efforts to prevent spread of cyber-attacks

Ransomware Vs Malware Vs Phishing

Removing the blind spots that allow lateral movement

Researchers Warn of New Variants of ChromeLoader Browser in the Wild

Roblox Allegedly Hacked And Extorted In Phishing Attack

Russian Hackers Tricked Ukrainians with Fake "DoS Android Apps to Target Russia"

Russian hackers use fake DDoS app to infect pro-Ukrainian activists

Russian Hackers Using DropBox and Google Drive to Drop Malicious Payloads

Russian SVR hackers use Google Drive, Dropbox to evade detection

Scam alert: New phishing tactic targets electricity consumers in Chennai

Security Experts Warn of Two Primary Client-Side Risks Associated with Data Exfiltration and Loss

Singapore companies among most targeted by ransomware

Singapore organisations among most targeted in the world by ransomware attacks

Sophos reveals latest tactics of BlackCat ransomware group

State-backed threat actors use Google Drive, Dropbox to launch attacks

Steps to strengthen the cyber attack recovery position

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