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Monday 11 July 2022

Data Breaches Digest - Week 28 2022

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 11th July and 17th July 2022.

17th July

A cyber threat to the users’ data on Google’s search engine is leaking private information

Albania Shuts Down Digital Services and Government Websites after Cyber Attack

Banks need best practices to fight rising cyberattacks

Conti Ransomware: Still Alive and Kicking

Cost of living warning: Energy bill scams on the rise

Cyber wealth and threats

Department for Work and Pensions (DWP): Those expecting £326 Cost of Living payment this month warned about scamming techniques

Email scams are getting so personal they even fool cybersecurity experts

GoDaddy Reports Data Breach: Impacted Customer Data from 1.2 Million Individuals

Hacker Posts Internal Roblox Employee Documents Online

Hacker Targets NFT Artist DeeKay’s Twitter, Wipes NFTs Worth $150K

‘It looks so legit!’ Santander scam email includes full name and account number

Juniper Releases Patches for Critical Flaws in Junos OS and Contrail Networking

Lloyds Bank scam warning: Personal detail to spot that indicates an email is fake

Microsoft discovers email hack that circumvents two-factor authentication

New malware puts your banking applications at risk; know how to protect yourself

North Korean Hackers Using H0lyGh0st Ransomware To Attack & Demand 1.2 to 5 Bitcoins

Office Phishing Attack circumvents multi-factor authentication

Open source security needs automation as usage climbs amongst organisations

Spain: Guardia Civil warns of Whatsapp Coca-Cola scam offering mobile users €500 of fuel for €2

The next big security threat is staring us in the face. Tackling it is going to be tough

The State of Security: Malware in 2022

Using internet safely to tackle rising cyberattacks

What US Journalists Need To Know About The Foreign Hackers Targeting Them

16th July

Bitcoin Ransom Payment Left Uninsured In U.K.

California legal system exposes details of concealed firearms permit holders

Cyber Attack Threat In North Korea Reaches Its Peak

Elastix VoIP systems hacked in massive campaign to install PHP web shells

Email scams are getting more personal

Hackers are targeting industrial systems with malware

‘Hackers love it’ when you make these 6 biggest password mistakes, says security expert

Hackers pose as journalists to breach news media org’s networks

How to Make Your Web Browser as Secure as Possible

In 2022, what are the bitcoin scams that need to be avoided?

Lagarde, the target of a cyber-attack after receiving a fake SMS from Angela Merkel

Massive campaign hits Elastix VoIP systems with 500,000 unique malware samples

Phishing emails may target shoppers with post-Prime Day offers

Rhode Island sewer-system operator hit by cyber attack

Scam warning: Britons lose £8,855 to credit card payment fraud

Shanghai data breach exposes suppression of 'white-hat' security research in China

Smart device warning: Homes 'exposed' to more than 12,000 attacks per week

The story of Creeper: the one considered to be the first computer virus on the internet, but with nuances

Tiny Mantis Botnet Can Launch More Powerful DDoS Attacks Than Mirai

US Warns of Risk of Hiring North Korean IT Workers

Vicious PayPal phishing scam hijacks websites, steals your data; 42 million victims lose $52 billion

Vietnam has lowest rate of financial cyber-attacks in Southeast Asia

Vishing Scam Rates Are Getting Triple of Phishing Scams And Scammers are on the loose freely

Warning over fake energy bills as scammers target consumers amid cost of living crisis

What is phishing: Types of attacks and how to prevent them

What is phishing and how do cyberthugs con gullible victims?

Why is the public sector a prime target for cybercriminals?

15th July

7 ways to identify fake text messages that are likely scams

56% of K-12 schools worldwide report ransomware attacks in past year

A Good Security Strategy Against Ransomware is at the Heart of Digital Transformation

A look inside Russian cybercrime syndicate TrickBot reveals an organized, potent adversary

A Third of Untrained Employees Risk Falling for Phishing Attacks

Attackers scan 1.6 million WordPress sites for vulnerable plugin

Average American Accesses Suspicious Sites 6.5 Times a Day

Bandai Namco, distributor of Elden Ring, confirms that it has suffered a massive hack with user data leaked

BlackCat ransomware could be about to get a whole lot nastier

Can You Minimize Ransomware Settlement Exposure with Cyber Insurance?

Chinese authorities summon Alibaba executives over data breach

CIA Whistleblower Found Guilty of Leaking Vault 7 Documents to WikiLeaks

Cyber robbers: Carelessness can cause you a big loss

Cyberwarfare: What’s At Stake In The Era Of Digitization?

Data Leak: What It Is and How You Can Prevent One

DHS Releases Report into Log4j Vulnerabilities and Response

DomainTools names and shames bad Top-Level Domains (TLDs)

Don't click! Framingham, other police agencies warn residents of phishing scam

Emerging H0lyGh0st Ransomware Tied to North Korea

Establishing A Single Source Of Truth For Application And Workload Security

Falling Cryptocurrency Market Stalling Cybercrime Activity

Family Practice Center, P.C. Announces Data Breach Affecting Patient’s Protected Health Information

FBI: West Virginians more prone to cyber crimes

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) explains 'reasonable' cybersecurity

Financial Firms Failing to Fix Authentication Breaches

Firms Not Planning for Supply Chain Threats

Google: Poor Software Fixes Cause Half of all Zero-Days

Hacked WordPress sites are being boosted with PayPal phishing kit

Hackers hit health companies, insurers with increasing regularity

Hackers Targeting VoIP Servers By Exploiting Digium Phone Software

Healthcare providers lag behind in securing their most advanced devices

How a more unified approach to data protection will help in the fight against ransomware

How High-Level Employees Can Defend Against Cybersecurity Whaling Attacks

How the Zero-Trust Model Can Keep Your Remote Workforce Safe

How to address the ongoing risk of Log4j exploitation and prepare for the future

How to defend critical national infrastructure from a cyber attack

Human error remains the key challenge in Fintech security

LendingTree denies connection to data breach affecting 200,000, but confirms a different one

Log4j incident response within the community shows collaboration & dedication to security

Malicious AI Isn’t A Distant Reality Anymore

Massachusetts Residents Advised to Protect Public Benefits from Scams

Microsoft has detected a new phishing attack that can bypass multi-factor authentication: What it is, how it works

More than 1,400 Plymouth households hit by Clarion Housing cyber attack

More than 4,000 individuals’ medical data left exposed for 16 years

National Police Phishing Scam Surfaces In Framingham, Police Report

New Cache Side Channel Attack Can De-Anonymize Targeted Online Users

New Netwrix Auditor Bug Could Let Attackers Compromise Active Directory Domain

NFT Artist DeeKay’s Twitter Hacked, Over $150K in NFTs Stolen

North Korean Threat Actor Targeting SME Businesses with Ransomware

Oklahoma State University Agrees to $875K OCR Data Breach Settlement

Outsourcing security is the only solution for many smaller teams

Password recovery tool infects industrial systems with Sality malware

Petersen International Underwriters Files Notice of Data Breach Following December 2020 Cyberattack

Phishing emails may target shoppers with post-Prime Day offers

Protecting against Windows privilege escalation tactics and techniques

Quantum computing cybersecurity bill to help strengthen data protection & national security

Ransomware Reduces Costa Rica to Pen and Paper

Reap the Benefits of Data Classification & Tagging

Revisions released around internationally recognized information security standards

Securing Information In An Increasingly Interconnected World

Southern Environmental, Inc. Reports Data Breach Affecting Current and Former Employees

Southwest Health Offering Credit Monitoring For Those Affected By Cyber Attack

Stop Scammers by Using a Few Simple Tips

The French website that helps you avoid financial scammers

The human cost: why the financial sector is still rife with social engineering fraud

Third-party risk management programs at a crossroads

This is the most powerful botnet ever seen

This tiny botnet is launching the most powerful DDoS attacks yet

Thousands of websites run buggy WordPress plugin that allows complete takeover

Timios data breach class action settlement

Too Much Remains Unknown About Data Breaches

Uniswap Sophisticated Attack – Over $8 million worth of Ethereum Stolen

US Cops Lean on Scammers to Flip, Hoping for Cybercrime Insight

Watch Out for This New Apple ID Phishing Scam

What is an ethical hacker? Why one of the most intriguing jobs in cybersecurity could be a good bet

What is Steganography, and how can we Avoid it?

Why And How CIOs And CISOs Should Incorporate Storage Into Their Cybersecurity Strategies

Why Web3 Is Not Yet Safe Enough For Mass Adoption

14th July

1.9 Million Healthcare Records Breached in Ransomware Attack

8 Most Common Causes of a Data Breach

10,000 organisations targeted by phishing attack that bypasses multi-factor authentication

Alleged book thief Filippo Bernardini may avoid trial in the US

Amazon-related phishing sites approach 900 on Amazon Prime Day

Apetito, Exela and G4S among seven alleged victims of ransomware gang Hive

Bandai Namco finally confirms massive cyber attack as ransomware outfit claims responsibility

Bank of Ireland warns customers about new scam involving one time passcodes

‘BazarCall’ Malware Uses Call Centers to Target Small Businesses

BlackCat Ransomware Group Deploys Brute Ratel Pen Testing Kit

Block Admits Data Breach Involving Cash App Data Accessed by Former Employee

Businesses are adding more endpoints, but can’t manage them all

Conventional cybersecurity approaches are falling short

Counteracting Nation-State-Sponsored Cyberattack Groups

Cyber Essential’s Password-Based Authentication Requirements

Cybercriminals Impersonate as Cybersecurity Firms in Callback Phishing Campaigns

Data Breaches Linked to Ransomware Declined in Q2 2022

Data of Nearly 2M Patients Exposed in Ransomware Attack on Healthcare Debt Collection Firm

Data Security's Secret: Data As An Asset

Deakin University Students Suffer Smishing Attack, Data Breach

Enterprises lack visibility into mobile app security

Experts concerned about ransomware groups creating searchable databases of victim data

FBI reaching out to Permian businesses about cyber crimes

Fewer Fall Victim to Data Breaches as Attackers Switch to Business in 2022

Former CIA Engineer Convicted of Leaking 'Vault 7' Hacking Secrets to Wikileaks

French telecom operator La Poste Mobile suffers a Lockbit ransomware attack

HavanaCrypt ransomware poses as a Google software update app

How can Europe’s industrial organisations improve their cyber defences?

Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) Calls for Review of Government “Private” Messaging

Is Cryptocurrency's Crash Causing Headaches for Ransomware Gangs?

Journalists Emerge as Favored Attack Target for APTs

Journalists increasingly targeted with phishing attacks, while news media also used as lures

LendingTree class action alleges data breach exposed data of 200K customers

‘Lives are at stake’: hacking of US hospitals highlights deadly risk of ransomware

Making Biometrics Work: 3 Ways To Jumpstart the Process

Mantis Botnet Behind the Largest HTTPS DDoS Attack Targeting Cloudflare Customers

Mantis botnet behind the record-breaking DDoS attack in June

Material cybersecurity breaches increased 25% in 2021

Microsoft: 10,000 Organizations Targeted in Large-Scale Phishing Campaign

Microsoft Details App Sandbox Escape Bug Impacting Apple iOS, iPadOS, macOS Devices

Microsoft is telling Mac users to get patching. Here's why

Microsoft links Holy Ghost ransomware operation to North Korean hackers

NATO Announces Virtual Rapid Response Cybersecurity Capability

New Retbleed speculative execution CPU attack bypasses Retpoline fixes

Only 26% of small businesses see cyber security as a ‘top priority’

Organizations Warned of New Lilith, RedAlert, 0mega Ransomware

Pakistani Hackers Targeting Indian Students in Latest Malware Campaign

PayPal phishing kit added to hacked WordPress sites for full ID theft

PayPal-themed phishing kit allows complete identity theft

Phishing Attack Alert - $4.7 Million Stolen From The Uniswap Protocol

Prevalence of BEC Scams and its Mitigation

Ransomware activity rose by 21% in Q2

Ransomware attack on US healthcare debt collector exposes 1.9m patient records

Ransomware Attacks Reign Supreme in 2022

Ransomware attacks surge in education sector

Scammers using SMS forwarding apps to con bank customers in India

Security Awareness and Training Crucial to Preventing Healthcare Phishing Attacks

Shanghai data breach details confirmed

Singapore talks up Operational Technology (OT) security, looks to add medical devices to labelling scheme

State-Backed Hackers Targeting Journalists in Widespread Espionage Campaigns

State-sponsored cyberespionage campaigns continue targeting journalists and media

State-Sponsored Hackers Targeting Journalists

Tenet Healthcare Sued Over Data Breach; San Francisco Settles Data Breach Lawsuit

Tenet Healthcare, Baptist Health Face Healthcare Data Breach Lawsuit

The future of SOCs: Automation where it matters

The industrial internet of things is still a big mess when it comes to security

The Importance of Cybersecurity Solutions for Your Business

The Philippines: Fake job text scams likely to persist as joblessness worsens

The Top 7 Signs of a Phishing Scam

The Uber Tapes: Is there such a thing as an ethical data breach?

Time for a new strategy: lock down files with zero-trust so the hackers can’t steal or encrypt sensitive data

Uniswap V3 LPs Lose Millions in Fake Token Phishing Attack

Videogame maker Bandai Namco confirms cyber attack

Warning: Three cost of living scams to watch out for as fraudsters try to exploit the crisis

What is SIM swapping, why it is dangerous and how to stay safe

What these two companies learned from their cyberattack experiences

Why Personal Data Deletion Matters

Why secure deployment operations management is critical for 5G

Will FIDO passwordless authentication save cyber security?

13th July

1 in 3 untrained employees will click on a phishing link

1.9m patient records exposed in healthcare debt collector ransomware attack

$8 million stolen in large-scale Uniswap airdrop phishing attack

94% of organisations experienced a cyber attack last year

A ransomware attack on a debt collection firm could be one of 2022’s biggest health data breaches

Afni, Inc. Announces Data Breach

Alarming Phishing Campaign Sneaks Past MFA Security To Carry Out Financial Fraud

Amazon Prime Day Shoppers Must Be Aware of Phishing: 897 Sites Are Live Imitating the Retail Giant

Android security: How this new malware has become a top smartphone threat

Australian university suffers data breach of 47,000 students

Bandai Namco confirms cyberattack after ransomware group threatens leak

Bandai Namco confirms hack after ALPHV ransomware data leak threat

Bandai Namco says customer data may be at risk after ransomware attack

Before the Ransomware Attack: 5 Initial Access Methods

British Jeweller Graff Pays $7.5M to Cyber Hackers; Files Lawsuit Against Insurer

Check Point names most wanted malware

CISOs at SMBs face unique cybersecurity challenges

Colorado Springs Utilities experiences data breach, customer data compromised

Critical Industries Failing at IIoT/OT Security

CSC Reports Spike in Fake Baby Formula, Semiconductor Domains

Cyber attackers strike flood monitoring system in Goa, India

Cyber Warfare Enters the Mainstream: Businesses Could Be Caught in Crossfire Without Preparation

Dark Data Management: Mitigating the Risks of the Invisible

Data breach at CHRISTUS Spohn detected

Data Breach Lawsuit: Gaming Company Razer Sues Capgemini for $7 Million

Data Privacy a Growing Consideration for Biometrics in IAM

Data-wiping attacks are on the rise

Defense in Depth to minimize the impact of ransomware attacks

Disneyland Account Takeover Highlights Lax Security for Social Media Accounts

Don’t Let Outdated Connected Devices Open the Door to Ransomware

Education institutions increasingly being hit with ransomware

Elden Ring gaming giant Bandai Namco says hackers may have stolen customer data

Elden Ring publisher hit by ransomware attack

Embracing modern, agile cloud-based cybersecurity solutions

‘Employ Florida’ Website Is Live Again After Major Cyber Attack Took It Down for 2 Weeks, Delaying Unemployment Claims

Evolving cybersecurity to protect today’s energy network architecture

Feds Offer $5 Million for Information on North Korean Cyber Threats

Former CIA Staffer Convicted For Massive Data Breach To WikiLeaks

Hackers increasingly targeting schools with ransomware, report says

HavanaCrypt Ransomware Masquerades as a Fake Google Update

Highmark Health, WellDyneRx, Others Report Healthcare Data Breaches

HMRC phishing scams and how to avoid them

How America’s Ports Defend Against Cyberthreats

How CIOs Can Prepare for Increasing Cybersecurity Threats in 2022

How is Web3 different to Web2 when it comes to cybercrime? It's not

How Israel plans to tackle cyberattacks with a ‘Cyber-Dome’

How Small Businesses Can Combat Digital Threats?

How to protect your small business from scammers

Human error remains a key challenge in Fintech security

Identifying blind spots: Operational Technology (OT) infrastructure vulnerability

Identity Theft Resource Center H1 2022 Data Breach Report Shows Decrease in Compromises and Victim Rates

Increased ransomware attacks on educational institutions

Indian hackers launch fresh attack at Pakistan under China-related code name

Insurer sounds alarm on "BazarCall" ransomware attack

Internet Searches Reveal Surprisingly Prevalent Ransomware

Large-Scale Phishing Campaign Bypasses MFA

Maintaining Health Data Security, Resilience With Autonomous Governance

Mangatoon data breach: 23m user accounts stolen from poorly-secured Elasticsearch database

Marriott Hotels suffers another data breach

Microsoft Details How Phishing Campaign Bypassed MFA

Microsoft Patch Tuesday: 86 flaws, four critical, one being used in attacks

Microsoft Patches Windows Zero-Day as Attackers Exploit it in the Wild

Microsoft releases PoC exploit for macOS sandbox escape vulnerability

Microsoft unveils wide-scale phishing campaign that circumvents MFA

Microsoft warning: This phishing attack can skip your defenses and has hit 10,000 firms already

Microsoft Warns of Large-Scale AiTM Phishing Attacks Against Over 10,000 Organizations

Mobile banking comes under attack

NCSC and ICO tell solicitors to rethink advice

Nearly 2 million patients affected in collection agency data breach

Nearly half of enterprise endpoint devices present significant security risks

New Android malware on Google Play installed 3 million times

New Lilith ransomware emerges with extortion site, lists first victim

New Phishing Scam Is Built On Fake Subscription Invoices

New 'Retbleed' Speculative Execution Attack Affects AMD and Intel CPUs

New UEFI firmware flaws impact over 70 Lenovo laptop models

New UEFI Firmware Vulnerabilities Impact Several Lenovo Notebook Models

Newport officials have been silent on computer virus issue. Here's what we know

Over 4,000 confirmed ransomware incidents in 2021, task force says

Phishing Scams: How To Avoid Them At All Costs

Phone, email and Social Security numbers may have been stolen from Mooresville schools

Protect Your Computer Against the Most Dangerous Threats

Ransomware Activity Resurges in Q2

Ransomware Attacks Are Growing in Cost and Frequency: Companies Should Take These 5 Steps to Protect Themselves

Researcher develops Hive ransomware decryption tool

Researchers Uncover New Variants of the ChromeLoader Browser Hijacking Malware

Retailers Prepare for Increased Cyber Attacks During Prime Day

Safe communication: how to protect your data online

Same old security holes enable ransomware pushers and data miners

San Francisco city, county medical data privacy $400K class action settlement

Schools among those hit hardest by ransomware

Search Here: Ransomware Groups Refine High-Pressure Tactics

SIM swapping on the rise: Here’s how to avoid being a target

Solving the identity crisis in cybersecurity

Struggling with endpoint security? How to get it right

Summer Is Here, But Here’s Why It’s Not Time To Let Your Guard Down

Survey Surfaces Raft of Industrial IoT Security Challenges

Tenet Healthcare, Baptist Health face class-action lawsuit over April data breach

Tenet Healthcare faces lawsuit after data breach affects 1.2M patients

The enemy of vulnerability management? Unrealistic expectations

The weaponizing of smartphone location data on the battlefield

Think biometrics protect you from hacking...think again?

This ransomware gang lets you rummage around their stolen data

Three Reasons To Prioritize Cybersecurity During Economic Uncertainty

U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Vows to Crack Down on Illegal Use and Sharing of Citizens' Sensitive Data

UK Information Commissioner’s Office Issues Warning on Ransomware Payments

Ukraine's Cyber Agency Reports Q2 Cyber-Attack Surge

Watch out for these latest PayPal email scams

Why Hackers are Increasingly Targeting Digital Supply Chains

12th July

3 Critical Elements Of Effective Insider Risk Management

4 Sneaky Attacker Evasion Techniques You Should Know About

5 Essential Steps for Every Ransomware Response Plan

Aerojet Rocketdyne Pays $9m Settlement Over Whistleblower Allegations

ALPHV Ransomware Gang Creates Searchable Database With Victim Data

Are your site’s tracking technologies breaking the law?

As cyber threats evolve and persist, a pressing need to build greater resilience

Associated Eye Care Partners Issues Notifications About December 2020 Data Breach

Australian maximum-security prison suffers a destructive cyber attack

Bandai Namco reportedly hit by ransomware attack

Be wary of scammers, federal authorities warn as they report cyberthreats on the rise

Better security helps employees to innovate

Biggest Security Concerns Around NFTs

Business lessons learned from the Colonial Pipeline attack

‘Callback’ Phishing Campaign Impersonates Security Firms

Central Licensing Bureau, Inc. Falls Victim to Ransomware Attack, Resulting in Leaked Consumer Data

CFC warns of new ‘BazarCall’ ransomware attacks

Chinese cyber espionage groups increasingly target Russian organizations

CISA orders agencies to patch new Windows zero-day used in attacks

Criminals are now posing as security companies to trick you into installing malware

Critical infrastructure IIoT/OT security projects suffer high rates of failure

Cryptocurrency Project Losses from Black Hat Hackers Increased 1.5 Times in Second Quarter of 2022

Cyber Insurers Looking for New Risk Assessment Models

Cybersecurity Is A Journey, Not A Destination

Cybersecurity, data protection and inadequate IT budgets are top of mind for IT professionals

Data Breaches and Cyber Attacks Quarterly Review: Q2 2022

Debt-Collection Company Reports Data Breach Impacting 657 Providers

Digital forensics technology can help support cyber investigations, incident response

Digital security expert in cyber attack warning for Dundee residents

Disneyland Instagram, Facebook Accounts Defaced

Elden Ring Publisher Reportedly Suffered Ransomware Attack

Email scams are getting more personal: Here is how to protect yourself

Enterprise incident response plans must improve

Everything You Need to Know About Phishing

Fake Google Update Delivering HavanaCrypt Ransomware

FBI Says Montanans Lose Millions to Ransomware and Cyber Crime

French telecoms operator La Poste Mobile hit by a ransomware attack

FTC official vows to ‘crack down’ on companies misusing consumer health data

Getting A Head Start Against A Ransomware Attack

Hackers impersonate cybersecurity firms in callback phishing attacks

Hackers stole $620 million from Axie Infinity via fake job interviews

Hive ransomware decryption key released as gang evolves its tactics

How Cyberattacks Threaten E-commerce Businesses in 2022

How security vulnerabilities pose risks for healthcare organizations

How to Protect Your Data Privacy When Trading Forex?

How War Impacts Cyber Insurance

Hybrid-Work Reality Drives Hardware-based Security Strategies

Increase in ransomware attacks on Isle of Man businesses

Insurance company served with a lawsuit for ignoring Bitcoin ransom payment

Internet of Things Threats and Risks to Be Aware of

Is this you in this explicit snap? No, it's just Discord phishing

IT giant restores systems after ‘malware attack’ crippled operations

KYC, OTP and PIN theft, the biggest trends in financial cyber-crime

Lending Tree, LLC Announces Data Breach; Third-Party Report Claims Over 200,000 People Affected

Lithuania: Cyber attacks are aimed at seeking publicity and raising tensions

Lithuanian Energy Firm Disrupted by DDOS Attack

Mangatoon data breach exposes data of 23M accounts

Microsoft: Phishing bypassed MFA in attacks against 10,000 orgs

Microsoft confirms VBA macro backtrack is only "temporary"

Microsoft fixes dozens of Azure Site Recovery privilege escalation bugs

Microsoft July 2022 Patch Tuesday fixes exploited zero-day, 84 flaws

More than $4.7M stolen in Uniswap fake token phishing attack

New campaign launches to raise awareness of phishing

New Department of Justice (DoJ) Strategic Plan Targets Cyberattacks, Ransomware

New ‘Luna Moth’ hackers breach orgs via fake subscription renewals

NFT Marketplace Loses $540 Million in Phishing Attack

‘Nobody is holding them back’ - North Korean cyber-attack threat rises

Personal data of nearly 146,000 customers exposed in the Aon hack

Police launch new campaign to avoid people getting hooked by phishing scams

Police warn Ontario residents about Rogers outage phishing scam

Protect and survive: dealing with adversarial nation states

Ransomware and backup: Overcoming the challenges

Ransomware Attack Targets Bandai Namco

Ransomware Attacks on Education on the Rise

Ransomware is hitting one sector particularly hard, and the impact is felt by everyone

Ransomware pay-outs by cyber insurers in the last two years averages £3.2m

Researcher Reveals How Hackers Can Remotely Unlock/Start Honda Cars

Researchers defeat facial recognition systems with universal face mask

Russian “hacktivists” are causing trouble far beyond Ukraine

Security Hacking and Cyber Insecurity

Shanghai Police Breach Highlights Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) Need

Someone Lost $6.5M Trying to Claim $2K of 'Free' Crypto

Spike in Amazon Prime Scams Expected

Stay vigilant against financial scammers

Tenet Healthcare faces court after a data breach affects 1.2 million patients

Texas health system data breach compromises info of 15,000 patients

The dangers of SIM Swapping: How to avoid being a target with Three Simple Tips from Check Point Software

The Great Cybersecurity Resignation

The Needle is Shifting on Post-Quantum Security - Here’s What You Need to Know

Threat actors favor brute force attacks to hit cloud services

TikTok Postpones Privacy Policy Update in Europe After Italy Warns of GDPR Breach

Tips on personal data protection for Hong Kong companies

Tools for Data Loss Prevention - Choose Wisely

Uniswap User Loses $8M Worth of Ether in Phishing Attack

Uniswap V3 Was Hit By A Phishing Attack, Users Lost $4.7 Million

Vendor breach affects 130,000 medical records, including Wake Forest employees

Virginia Commonwealth University Health System (VCU Health) Notifies Patients of Transplant Donor, Recipient PHI Data Breach

VMware patches vCenter Server flaw disclosed in November

Weeks after suffering a cyber attack, Clarion Housing is still struggling to sustain operations

11th July

5 Cybersecurity Threats in Banking in 2022

5 Dreaded Impacts of Cyber Security Breach

15 Cyber Security Facts and Stats That You Need to Know

Another Data Breach at Marriott as Social Engineering Attack Yields 300-400 Customer Credit Card Numbers

Apple to tackle the cybersurveillance industry with new Lockdown mode

Associated Eye Care Discloses Impact From 2020 Netgain Ransomware Attack

ATC Healthcare Services, LLC Announces Data Breach

Bayhealth Medical Center, Inc. Confirms More than 17,000 Patients Impacted by Professional Finance Company Data Breach

Be wary of scammers, federal authorities warn as they report cyberthreats on the rise

BlackCat (aka ALPHV) ransomware is increasing stakes up to $2.5 million in demands

BlackCat Ransomware Increases Demands Up to $2.5m

Brazen crooks are now posing as cybersecurity companies to trick you into installing malware

Building resilience against emerging security threats

Canadian man pleads guilty in Tampa to ransomware scheme that stole millions

CERT-In takes steps to safeguard key infrastructure from hackers across border

Charlotte Radiology Urges Patients to Watch for Healthcare Identity Theft Following Data Breach

Cloud-based Cryptocurrency Miners Targeting GitHub Actions and Azure VMs

Construction's Favorite Password: 123456

Cross-border cyber-attacks on the rise: Here’s how India aims to protect key infrastructure

Cumbria police warm public to be vigilant of phishing scams

Cyber attack on Ignitis Group dies down

Cyber insurance: Tips for keeping the right level of cover

Data Breach Response: 5 Essential Steps to Recovery

Dealing with threats and preventing sensitive data loss

Distributed Remote Workforce and Security Implications

Don’t encourage cyber blackmail, solicitors told

Don’t get caught in the fraudsters’ phishing net

EDF Under Scrutiny Over Cybersecurity Record

Elden Ring publisher Bandai Namco reportedly targeted in a ransomware attack

Email scams are getting more personal – they even fool cybersecurity experts

Fake Google Software Updates Spread New Ransomware

Five Tips to Help Protect Your Business from the Growing Threat of Ransomware

Florida’s New Ransomware and Cybersecurity Requirements/Restrictions

Fraudsters impersonate Crowdstrike and other security vendors in ‘callback’ scam

Free Decryptors Released for AstraLocker Ransomware

French Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) left crippled by ransomware attack

Government Databases Invite Privacy Abuse in China and the U.S.

Hacker uploaded Ward Hadaway documents after injunction, court hears

Hackers can unlock Honda cars remotely in Rolling-PWN attacks

Hackers Get Ready for Amazon Prime Days Shoppers with Thousands of Live Phishing Sites

HavanaCrypt ransomware sails in as a fake Google update

Health Aid of Ohio Settles Class Action Data Breach Lawsuit

Hive Ransomware Takes a Coding Twist from Go to Rust

How Can I Tell if My Steam Account Has Been Hacked? (and How to Recover It)

How India’s New IT Directives Compromise Private Data

How to avoid getting hooked by phishing scams

How To Level Up MSPs’ Cybersecurity

How To Protect Your Cryptocurrency From Cybercriminals

ICO and NCSC stand together against ransomware payments

Improving Medical Device Security with Adversarial Thinking

Is Malware The New Frontier Of Medical Malpractice?

Legal firm launches investigation into Elephant Insurance data breach

'Luna Moth' Group Ransoms Data Without the Ransomware

Maui: State Sponsored Korean Ransomware

Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency (UIA) warns of text message phishing scam

Microsoft says decision to stop blocking Office VBA macros by default is ‘temporary’

Microsoft says decision to unblock Office macros is temporary

Millions of comic book fans have data leaked after Mangatoon breach

Money stolen from crypto fraud soars despite crash

More than 200 data breaches at Aberdeenshire Council

National Rainier Cherry Day: Risk of ransomware attacks on growers during harvest season

Nearly all governmental websites serve cookies or third-party trackers

New phishing attacks shame, scare victims into surrendering Twitter, Discord credentials

NFT Protocol OMNI Suffers Reentrancy Attack, Loses 1,300 ETH in Testing Funds

NIST reveals 4 quantum-resistant cryptographic algorithms to prevent future attacks

North Korea attacks healthcare sector with 'Maui' ransomware

Nottinghamshire Police backs campaign to raise awareness of phishing scams

One Year After the Colonial Pipeline Attack, Regulation Is Still a Problem

Online payment fraud losses to exceed $343 billion

OrthoNebraska Hospital Reports Leaked Protected Health Information Following Email-Based Cyberattack

Phishing scams soar around Amazon’s 'Prime Day'

Phishing spike detected in lead-up to Amazon Prime Day

Police warn residents to beware of Tesco email scam

Popular NFT Marketplace Phished for $540M

Predatory Sparrow: Who are the hackers who say they started a fire in Iran?

Prepare for a phishing trip

Public urged to be vigilant over scam emails and text messages

PyPI Repository Enforces 2FA for Critical Python Projects

Ransomware Attack Hits French Telecoms Firm

Ransomware gang now lets you search their stolen data

Ransomware gangs offer ability to search stolen data

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