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Monday 27 June 2022

Data Breaches Digest - Week 26 2022

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 27th June and 3rd July 2022.

3rd July

21% of all HTML attachments scanned over past month found malicious

British Army Hit by Cyber Attack after Twitter, YouTube Hacked

British Army hit by cyber-attack as Twitter account retweets about ape-themed NFTs

British army Twitter and YouTube accounts compromised to promote crypto scams

British Army’s Twitter page promotes competitions and giveaways after cyber attack

Brits Urged To Change Their Passwords Following Worrying Data Breach

California Department of Justice (DOJ) Office Breached Concealed Weapon Permit Holder’s Privacy

HackerOne Employee Caught Stealing Vulnerability Reports for Personal Gains

Hackers Stole $100k worth Of ERC-20 Tokens from Optimism NFT Marketplace

How the idea of privacy has changed in the US

How Zero Trust can stop the catastrophic outcomes of cyberattacks on critical infrastructure

Huge embarrassment for the British Army as it is hit by a cyber attack after its social media account begins tweeting about ape-themed NFTs in security scare

Indian companies in ransomware group’s radar, claims report

North Korea Leads In Crypto Crime Locations In The World

Privacy protection agency seizes servers of hacked travel company

Raspberry Robin: Microsoft warns about high-risk worm infecting lots of Windows networks

Shanghai police database for sale in what could be China’s biggest ever data breach

Singapore cops warn of new phishing scam involving email about purported traffic offence

Swiss foreign ministry allegedly attacked by computer hackers

What Are Common Cyber Threats to Manufacturers and How Can They Secure Themselves

2nd July

10 scams targeting customers in South Africa right now

California Gunowners Uneasy After Department of Justice (DOJ) Data Breach

Crypto Crash Rattles Cybercriminals, Pushing Them Beyond Ransomware

Cyber Insecurity: Give Deterrence a Break

Cyberattacks pose major risk to businesses, US

Cybersecurity Professionals Warn Against ‘Black Basta’ Ransomware

DNS Hijack Compromised Ankr’s Services for Polygon and Fantom

Dutch university gets cyber ransom money back...with interest

Dutch university wins big after Bitcoin ransom returned

Evilnum Hacking Group Updates TTPs Targeting Fintech

Facebook Phishing Scams - How To Avoid Them

Google Bans 15 High Threat Indian Domains

Google bans several malicious India-linked domains

Hacktivists wage cyberwar on Putin's supply lines

How Metaverse will usher in passwordless world

Key Web Security Challenges Facing Enterprises

Microsoft finds Raspberry Robin worm in hundreds of Windows networks

National-Health-UK.Com Scam Phishing Message

Own an Android phone? The simple way to check if it's been hacked

Putin's hackers could destroy UK economy - and British retaliation would 'escalate quickly

Rogue HackerOne employee steals bug reports to sell on the side

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine elevates cybersecurity concerns for emerging markets

Singapore: Police warn of new phishing scam involving e-mail about purported traffic offence

The most liberal state in the US leaked personal data on local gun owners

Verified Twitter accounts hacked to send fake suspension notices

Watch out for scammers during Independence Day celebrations

1st July

3 security lessons we haven’t learned from the Kaseya breach

6 enterprise data breach and cybersecurity defenses

6 historical threat patterns suggest that cyberwar could be inevitable

99 Plainedge school employees affected in cyber incident

Amazon Quietly Patches 'High Severity' Vulnerability in Android Photos App

Apparent cyberattack disrupts unemployment benefits in multiple states

Applying Infosecurity Principles and Practices to Cognitive Security

Baton Rouge General latest local victim of hackers

Beware of this Android banking malware and here’s how to protect yourself

Biggest Zero Trust Misconceptions

Black Basta Ransomware Actors Take Aim at PrintNightmare Flaw

Businesses unprepared to deal with ransomware

C-Suite Ignoring Smart Factory Cyber-Threats

China Regulator Cracks Down on Online Investment Fraud

China urges US to immediately cease malicious cyber activities

CISA and Coast Guard Cyber Command Warn About Hackers Leveraging Log4Shell Vulnerability on VMware Servers

CISA orders agencies to patch Windows LSA bug exploited in the wild

Cyber attack on Apetito disrupts Torfaen meal delivery

Cyber Incident Reporting for Critical Infrastructure Act - What Companies Need to Know Now

Cyberattack Disrupts Unemployment Benefits in Some States

Cyberattack Shuts Down Unemployment Services Across US

Cyberattack shuts down unemployment, labor websites across the US

Data breach of NFT marketplace OpenSea may expose customers to phishing attacks

Department of Justice (DOJ) sets new goals for responding to ransomware attacks

Digital Passport Only Way to Deter Crypto Use for Ransomware Attacks

Does Your Internet Provider Know That You’re Using a VPN?

DragonForce Malaysia Releases LPE Exploit, Threatens Ransomware

Ex-government IT worker collaborated with Russian cybergang

Falling Prices Ruin North Korean Pirates

FBI and CISA warn: This ransomware is using RDP flaws to break into networks

FBI Warns That Scammers Are Using Deepfakes to Apply for Sensitive Jobs

Federal authorities warn MedusaLocker ransomware targeting remote desktop vulnerabilities

Fewer Links In The Chain: Boarding The Express Track To Safe And Secure Open Banking

Five ransomware gangs and their tactics (part two)

Flagstar Bank breach another example of hacker threat to financial sector

Google cracks down on sites with ties to hack-for-hire groups in UAE, Russia, India

Grocery Chain Wegmans Settles with New York Over Data Breach

Has Macmillan Fallen Victim to a Ransomware Attack?

HMRC scam warning as technology makes it 'easier' to steal your hard-earned savings

Home Depot, Walmart, Amazon Prime, Crocs, and Mail Server — Top Phishing Scams of the Week

How SASE Helps Protect Against Ransomware

How to identify if a message you received is a scam

How To Protect Your Brand Value From Cyberattacks

IDF stopped Iranian attempt to poison Israel’s water supply

Inching Toward Defend Forward

Indian companies in ransomware group’s radar

Jenkins discloses dozens of zero-day bugs in multiple plugins

Killnet Hackers Launch DDoS Attack on U.S. Federal Tax Payment System Website

List of Data Breaches and Cyber Attacks in June 2022 – 34.9 Million Records Breached

Liverpool City Council apologises for energy rebate letters error

Meet the 5 most dangerous ransomware groups of 2022

Mexico: What is REVIVE and how does it work, the DANGEROUS virus that STEALS your data from BBVA?

Microsoft: This Android malware will switch off your Wi-Fi, empty your wallet

Microsoft Spots Updated Cryptomining Malware Tool Targeting Linux Systems

Microsoft Warns About Evolving Capabilities of Toll Fraud Android Malware Apps

Minors use Discord to earn money by creating viruses

Moody’s says Costa Rican response shows ‘resilience’ of sovereign governments to ransomware

Moscow Uses Hacker Gangs to Carry Out Cyberattacks

Multistate Reaches Settlement with Carnival over 2019 Data Breach

New 'SessionManager' Backdoor Targeting Microsoft IIS Servers in the Wild

New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) Imposes Fine of $5 Million on Carnival for Cybersecurity Breaches

New YTStealer Malware is Hijacking YouTube Channels

NFT Marketplace OpenSea Announces Data Breach Involving User Email Addresses

NFT marketplace OpenSea reports email data breach

OpenSea data breach: NFT owners warned to stay on high alert

Orgs Adopt Healthcare Cybersecurity Tech to Keep Cyber Insurance Premiums Down

Phishing scam poses as Canadian tax agency before Canada Day

Polygon and Fantom Services Restored After Phishing Attack

Publishing giant Macmillan still unable to process orders after ransomware attack

Report Claims Coinbase Selling User Geolocation Data to Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE)

Researchers Warn of Teen Hacking Group on Discord

Safer supply chains

Santander Warns of 87% Surge in Celeb Crypto Scams

Singapore: Breach Of The Protection Obligation By Trinity Christian Centre

Six Most Common Types Of Cyberattacks

South Africa: How local online users can minimise crime in the digital world

State Department offers up to $10 million for info on foreign election interference

The business of hackers-for-hire threat actors

The data ransomware attackers are after

The post-pandemic challenges of securely managing employee endpoints

The public sector will no longer face eye-watering data breach fines, ICO confirms

The 10 Biggest Data Breaches of 2022 (So Far)

These phishing email subjects get the most clicks

Think twice before scanning this QR code - it could be a phishing scam

Threat Actor Claims Responsibility For IBM and Stanford University Hack

Three tips for sharpening up DNS integrity

Time Constraints Hamper Security Awareness Programs

Tips to bolster cybersecurity, incident response this 4th of July weekend

US publisher Macmillan confirms cyberattack forced systems offline

Web3 Brings a Structural Shift in the Need for Security

Wegmans Reaches Settlement With New York’s Attorney General Following Data Breach

What Business Leaders Need To Know About NATO’s New Cyber Initiative

What Is Leakware? Here's What You Need to Know

What Law Firms Need to Know About Cybersecurity

Yodel Parcel Delivery Service Disrupted by a Suspected Ransomware Cyber Incident

Yup, Hackers Can Attack Your Home Wi-Fi Network. Here's How to Protect It

Zoho ManageEngine ADAudit Plus bug gets public RCE exploit

30th June

5 ways cybercriminals steal credit card details

2022 set to break records for ransomware detections following 'massive explosion' in Q1

A Guide to Surviving a Ransomware Attack

AMD investigates alleged 450 GB data theft by RansomHouse group

AMD is investigating a possible major data breach

Apetito suffers international cyber attack affecting services

As Cyber Threats Grow, Indonesia’s Data Protection Efforts Are Falling Short

AstraLocker 2.0 infects users directly from Word attachments

Attorney General James Secures $400,000 From Wegmans After Data Breach Exposed Consumers’ Personal Information

Australia: Beefing up cyber defences during end of financial year (EOFY)

Black Basta ransomware – what you need to know

California Lawmakers Demand Accountability After Personal Info Of Concealed Weapons Holders Leaked

California Sheriffs Issue Public Alert Following Department of Justice (DOJ) Data Breach

Charlotte Radiology experiences data breach involving patient information

Check Point Software warns of the four most common mistakes on social networks

China urges U.S. to immediately cease malicious cyber activities

CISA: Switch to Microsoft Exchange Online 'Modern Auth' before October

Costco 40th anniversary scam targets WhatsApp users

Cyber attack disrupts Baton Rouge General

Cyberattack disrupts unemployment benefits in some states

Cyberattacks Threaten Security in Ecuador

Cybercrimes and Ransomware: Can the Department of Justice (DOJ) Play the Role of Watchdog?

Cybersecurity Awareness: Definition, Importance, Purpose and Challenges

Cybersecurity Basics Are Key to Combating Ransomware

Data breaches are more costly for these 10 industries

DragonForce Malaysia Group Releases Windows LPE Exploit and Turns to Ransomware Tactics

Effective data backups can provide ransomware protection

EMEA continues to be a hotspot for malware threats

Evaluating the use of encryption across the world’s top one million sites

Evolving online habits have paved the way for fraud. What can we do about it?

Ex-Canadian Government Employee Pleads Guilty Over NetWalker Ransomware Attacks

Former Canadian Government IT Worker Pleads Guilty Over NetWalker Ransomware Attacks

Former Uber security chief to face fraud charges over hack coverup

From crypto fraud to fake jobs and phishing, scamming attempts are on the rise on LinkedIn

Georgia hospital recovering from cyberattack with EHR downtime procedures

Google blocked dozens of domains used by hack-for-hire groups

Google Blocks Dozens of Malicious Domains Operated by Hack-for-Hire Groups

Google Launches Advanced API Security to Combat API Threats

Google to face legal action on data breach allegations

Has Walmart Fallen Victim to a Yanluowang Ransomware Attack?

Have you ever found phishing emails confusing? You aren’t alone

High Availability and Security for Cloud-Based Systems

How to conduct a cyber-resilience assessment

How traditional security tools fail to protect companies against ransomware

Info-Stealing Campaign Targeted Home Workers for Two Years

Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) to cut back on fines for public sector data breaches

Kaspersky report highlights common ransomware attack patterns

Keys to a successful security awareness program

Lessons learned from slew of recent data breaches

LockBit ransomware gang promises bounty payment for personal data

Macmillan Publishers hit by apparent cyber attack as systems are forced offline

Macmillan shuts down systems after likely ransomware attack

Meals on Wheels Disrupted by Suspected Ransomware Attack

Microsoft Exchange servers worldwide backdoored with new malware

Microsoft warning: This malware that targets Linux just got a big update

Microsoft Warns of Cryptomining Malware Campaign Targeting Linux Servers

New Group of Cybercriminals Claims Credit for Massive Data Breach at Fitzgibbon Hospital

NFT Marketplace OpenSea Suffers Data Breach- Users’ Email IDs Leaked

North Korea's Lazarus Group Suspected of $100m Harmony Hack

North Korean Hackers Suspected to be Behind $100M Horizon Bridge Hack

Norway blames “pro-Russian group” for cyber attack

Now OpenSea faces email data breach; here's how it is affecting users

Only 8 ransomware groups have attacked over 500 organizations

OpenSea Confirms Data Breach, Warns Users Of 'Malicious Actors' And Phishing Attempts

OpenSea discloses data breach, warns users of phishing attacks

OpenSea user email addresses leaked by rogue employee at third-party vendor

OpenSea Warns of Phishing Attacks Due to Data Breach

Patient information compromised in OrthoNebraska data breach

Plumas Sheriff’s Office responds to data breach of CCW holders

Protecting your organisation against inevitable cyber-security breaches

Putin launches attack on Norway after vital supplies blocked from entering Russia

Raccoon Password Stealer is Back and More Effective than Ever

Ransomware attacks increasing in Oregon, nationwide, FBI says

Ransomware volume doubled 2021 total by end of Q1 2022

Ransomware-as-a-service industry now exceeds AU$1 billion

Research shows data security tools fail against ransomware 60% of the time

Revisions to Transportation Security Administration (TSA) pipeline cyber rules highlight delicate balance between fed goals, industry realities

Russian hacktivists take down Norway government sites in DDoS attacks

Secureworks reveals new information on BRONZE STARLIGHT threat group

Security breach still rippling in Alexandria as city begins sending utility bill estimates

Serving the Underserved: Why SMBs Need to Be a Priority for Cybersecurity Protection

Singapore: Police Advisory On Phishing Scam Involving Alleged Traffic Offences

SOHO routers used as initial point of compromise in stealth attack campaign

South Africa: Information Regulator’s patience with POPIA violators is coming to an end

Study Reveals Traditional Data Security Tools Have a 60% Failure Rate Against Ransomware and Extortion

Taking the guesswork out of cyber security

Tennessee's unemployment claims website goes dark after cyberattack

The Different Types of Password Attacks: An Overview

The role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Cyber Security

The Value Of Proactive Data Protection For Business

This Phishing Campaign Used Malicious Chatbots To Steal Facebook Logins

Toll fraud malware disables your WiFi to force premium subscriptions

Top NFT marketplace OpenSea admits email data breach

Two Healthcare Orgs Suffer Email Data Breaches, Eye Care Leaders (ECL) Breach Tally Rises

Ukraine targeted by almost 800 cyberattacks since the war started

Ukrainian Cops Bust Multimillion-Dollar Phishing Gang

Users of biggest NFT marketplace warned over phishing after data leak

Wegmans to Pay $400,000 Following Data Breach

What Is Double Barrel Phishing and Is It Dangerous?

What is Shadow IT and why is it so risky?

Why a zero trust approach is key to cyber security now

Why is a Former Uber Security Officer Being Charged for Fraud?

Why you should stop using your work computers, phones for personal use

XFiles info-stealing malware adds support for Follina delivery

ZuoRAT Can Take Over Widely Used SOHO Routers

29th June

3 Is Not a Crowd: How MSPs, Vendors and SMBs Can Work Together Toward a Cybersecurity-Centric Future

5 Surprising Cyberattacks AI Stopped This Year

450GB of Suspected AMD Data Stolen by RansomHouse Gang

Adopting a Multifaceted Security Approach

Amazon Fixes High Severity Vulnerability in Amazon Photos Android App

Amazon fixes high-severity vulnerability in Android Photos app

AMD is investigating a serious potential data breach

AMD targeted by RansomHouse

Attackers use new trick on Facebook to steal passwords

Bahamut threat group shifts gears, launches phishing campaigns targeting mobile devices

Baton Rouge General responds to cyber attack

Beyond cybersecurity: Shipping needs recovery strategy

Black Basta ransomware is mutating, and this has several implications

CafePress Slapped With $500K Fine For The Data Breach Affecting 23 Million Customers

California Department of Justice (DOJ) data breach exposes personal information of all concealed carry permit holders across state

Canada: Cyberspy agency monitored last federal election for cyber attack

Canadian Affiliated With NetWalker Ransomware Group Pleads Guilty to Hacking Charges

Canadian NetWalker Ransomware Hacker Pleads Guilty in US Court

Cannabis Delivery Company Unrivaled Brands dba Silver Streak, Inc. Confirms Data Breach Stemming from Internal Error

Changing the Game for the Next Generation of Cybersecurity Experts

CISA warns of hackers exploiting PwnKit Linux vulnerability

CISA warns orgs to switch to Exchange Online Modern Auth until October

Clarion Housing ‘cyber incident’ affects thousands of tenants

College Still Grappling With Ransomware Attack

Covenant Care California, LLC Issues Update Related to April 2022 Data Breach

Cryptocurrency is an enabler of cybercrime

Cyber Attack Disrupts Local Library Service in Washington

Cyber insurance prices set to increase for energy companies

Cyberattacks via Unpatched Systems Cost Orgs More Than Phishing

Cybercrime: A Clear and Present Danger

Data Breach Impacts Concealed Carry Applicants For Last 10 Years Statewide

Destructive firmware attacks pose a significant threat to businesses

Does AI materially impact cybersecurity strategies?

Facebook Phishing Scam: Crooks Using Messenger Chatbots to Steal Login Data

Facebook users left in the dark by Meta after accounts hacked

FBI: Beware Deepfakes Used to Apply for Remote Jobs

FBI warning: Crooks are using deepfakes to apply for remote tech jobs

Flagstar Bank Data Breach Leaked Sensitive Information of 1.5 Million Customers

Former Uber security chief to face fraud charges over hack coverup

Former Uber security chief to face wire fraud charges for 2016 hack

From crypto fraud to fake jobs and phishing, scamming attempts are on the rise on LinkedIn

Gun Owners’ Personal Info Leaked After California Department of Justice (DOJ) Breach

Here’s how to protect yourself from fraudsters claiming there’s an issue with your Social Security Number (SSN)

How to keep cybercriminals off university campuses

How to Spot Impostors on Facebook Messenger and Instagram

If you are a MetaMask user, your KYC data could be exposed to a hacker’s target

In Massachusetts, data breaches, threats on the rise

Insurers are struggling to navigate the cybersecurity minefield

International criminal cyber attack hits Wiltshire Farm Foods and Apetito

Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) issues warning on deepfake use in remote work applications

Is Open Source the Greatest Path to Security?

It’s time to give zero-trust to zero-days

Kaspersky Reveals Phishing Emails That Employees Find Most Confusing

Kids are earning pocket money selling malware on Discord

Know More About the Role of Blockchain Technology in Cybersecurity

Leaky Access Tokens Exposed Amazon Photos of Users

Lithuania: Cyber attack organizers look for weak spots

LockBit 3.0 Ransomware Launches ‘Bug Bounty Program’

Microsoft fixes bug that let hackers hijack Azure Linux clusters

Microsoft Office Excel Spreadsheets Are Being Used to Spread Malware! Here’s How

Microsoft Office “Follina” Flaw Is Being Used for Fancy Bear Phishing Campaign

Minors Spread Malware for Extra Pocket Money

New 'FabricScape' Bug in Microsoft Azure Service Fabric Impacts Linux Workloads

New UK support to protect Georgia against Russian cyber attacks

New UnRAR Vulnerability Could Lead to Zimbra Webmail Hack

New UnRAR Vulnerability Could Let Attackers Hack Zimbra Webmail Servers

New YTStealer Malware Aims to Hijack Accounts of YouTube Content Creators

New YTStealer malware steals accounts from YouTube Creators

North Korea heads up the world's top five crypto crime locations

Norway blames "pro-Russian group" for cyber attack

Patchable and Preventable Security Issues Lead Causes of Q1 Attacks

Penetration Testing in 2022: Key Trends and Challenges

Period tracking apps are no longer safe. Delete them

Phelps County Regional Medical Center Announces Data Breach

Phishing Reached All-Time High

'Prolific' NetWalker extortionist pleads guilty to ransomware charges

Ransomware Suspected in Wiltshire Farm Foods Attack

Ransomware volume skyrocketing

Romance scammers exploit Ukraine war in cynical campaign

Russian hacker group says cyber attacks continue on Lithuania

Security experts are bracing for major cyberattacks against the West if Russia gets desperate

Security Training Shouldn’t Be A Stress Test

South Africa: Third-party cyber breaches give local CISOs sleepless nights

Spain: Phone scam - never call back numbers with these prefixes

Teams that shift security left and focus on attackability ship more secure code

The Four Pillars of a Cybersecurity Strategy That Works

These are the 25 most dangerous software bugs of 2022

This new malware is now at the heart of the ransomware ecosystem

This sophisticated malware is targeting routers to break into networks

Travel and Hospitality Fraud is Growing: Here’s How it Works

UK critical national infrastructure at risk from critical cyber skills exodus

Ukraine arrests cybercrime gang operating over 400 phishing sites

Understanding digital security and its types

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) settles 2020 data breach lawsuit for $450,000

Wales: Eight people conned by courier fraudsters in the last week

Walmart denies being hit by Yanluowang ransomware attack

Warning for ALL Facebook Messenger users as malicious chatbot will steal your credentials

What CISOs think about cyber security, visibility and cloud

What is Ransomware?

What Should a Company Do After a Data Breach?

What To Do If Your Personal Data Has Been Compromised By EasyJet

Why digital trust needs to be a strategic imperative for your company

Why more zero-day vulnerabilities are being found in the wild

Wiltshire Farm Foods suffers cyber attack

World War III will be a cyber war but the world isn't ready

You’ve heard passwordless sign-ins are coming. But what is FIDO? And why does it matter?

28th June

3rd most-targeted crypto project by scammers: Cardano

4 cybercrime trends that South Africans need to know about

AMD investigates RansomHouse hack claims, theft of 450GB data

AMD targeted by RansomHouse, cybercrims claim to have '450Gb' in stolen data

An ongoing ransomware attack is to blame for phone system and internet outage at Napa Valley College

Android Spyware 'Revive' Upgraded to Banking Trojan

Aon, PLC Revises the Number of Parties Affected by Recent Data Breach

APT Hackers Targeting Industrial Control Systems with ShadowPad Backdoor

AstraLocker Ransomware Spread in ‘Smash and Grab’ Attacks

Average Brit Affected by Data Breaches Four Times

Banks Remain Uniquely Vulnerable to Sophisticated Cyber-Attacks

Best ways to incorporate security into the software development life cycle

BEWARE of dangerous Black Basta Ransomware attack! You will get blackmailed

Black Basta ransomware gang claims to have already hit 50 organizations

Businesses Unprepared to Defend Against Ransomware Attacks, Arcserve Global Study Confirms Significant Data Security Gaps and Rising Cost

CafePress fined $500,000 by the FTC for 2019 data breach that impacted 23 million customers

Carnival Cruises torpedoed by US states, agrees to pay $6 million after waves of cyberattacks

CISA reiterates two-year timeline to implement breach-reporting rules

CISA Warns of Active Exploitation of 'PwnKit' Linux Vulnerability in the Wild

Clear Rules Needed to Prevent Conflict and Struggle in Cyber Space, Says National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) Chief

Conti Rampage of Ransomware Attacks Comes Into Focus: 40 Companies Hit in One Month, 850 in Two Years

Crypto Exchange That Hosted a Scammer’s Wallet Is ‘Not Liable’ For Victim’s Losses, Court Rules

Cyber Insurance Premiums and Demand Surge After Boom of Costly Cyberattacks

Cyberattacks: Notoriety and revenues make sports organizations targets

Cybersecurity Pioneers Share Their Views On How Organizations Can Protect Against Future Large-Scale Ransomware Attacks

Detection, isolation, and negotiation: Improving your ransomware preparedness and response

Energy Scams Soar Alongside Bills

Essential Tips for Keeping Company Data Secure in the Workplace

Evilnum hackers return in new operation targeting migration orgs

Facebook Business Pages Targeted via Chatbot in Data-Harvesting Campaign

FBI: Stolen PII and deepfakes used to apply for remote tech jobs

Frozen-food firm Apetito hit by cyber attack

Gone Phishing: Cardano Ranks 3rd On List Of Most-Phished Crypto Projects

Government Accountability Office (GAO) Calls on HHS to Improve Healthcare Data Breach Reporting Process

Government regulations on ransomware payments set to tighten

Hackers Deploy Shadowpad Backdoor and Target Industrial Control Systems in Asia

How to Find & Clean Up the AnonymousFox Hack

Hybrid work transition reveals low enterprise cybersecurity confidence

Iran’s Largest Steel Producer Hit By Crippling Cyberattack

‘Killnet’ Adversary Pummels Lithuania with DDoS Attacks Over Blockade

Lithuania hit by DDoS cyberattack

LockBit adds a bug bounty program in its revamped ransomware-as-a-service operation

Log4Shell Vulnerability Targeted in VMware Servers to Exfiltrate Data

Man in the Middle Attacks: What are they anyway, and how to prevent them

Mason Tenders’ District Council Confirms Data Breach Affecting More than 20,000 Union Members and Dependents

Mergers and acquisitions...and data breaches

Messenger chatbots now used to steal Facebook accounts

Microsoft warning for BILLIONS as weaponized files spotted – how to stay safe

Minors Use Discord Servers to Earn Extra Pocket Money Through Spreading Malware

Mitel VoIP Bug Exploited in Ransomware Attacks

MITRE shares this year's list of most dangerous software bugs

Modern Modem Mobsters are Costing the World a Fortune

Mortgage servicer says prior data breach hit 100,000 more users

Multiple Class Action Lawsuits Filed Against MCG Health Over Data Breach

Napa Valley College has been battling ransomware for two weeks

Nearly One Million Exposed Misconfigured Kubernetes Instances Could Cause Breaches

New Android Banking Trojan 'Revive' Targeting Users of Spanish Financial Services

New Bumblebee malware loader increasingly adopted by cyber threat groups

New Firefox privacy feature strips URLs of tracking parameters

New ZuoRAT malware targets SOHO routers in North America, Europe

OpenSSL to Release Security Patch for Remote Memory Corruption Vulnerability

Over 900,000 Kubernetes instances found exposed online

Overview of Top Mobile Security Threats in 2022

Pan Macmillan systems taken offline following 'security incident'

Pentagon finds concerning vulnerabilities on blockchain

Phishers Are Impersonating Maersk: What Other Container Shipping Companies Are Targeted?

Phishing Scams Are on The Rise, Here’s How to Protect Your Business

Pro-Russia Killnet Group Hit Top Lithuanian websites with Massive DDoS Attacks

Properly securing APIs is becoming increasingly urgent

Protecting Organizations From 5G Threats

Raccoon Stealer is back with a new version to steal your passwords

Ransomware: to pay or not to pay?

Ransomware attacks are the biggest global cyber threat and still evolving, warns cybersecurity chief

Ransomware becomes increasingly professionalized

Ransomware gangs using Log4Shell to attack VMware instances

Ransomware in Q1 2022 doubled total 2021 volume

Ransomware market evolution results in fewer variants, but rise in off-the-shelf cybercrime kits continues

Ransomware Targeting Healthcare at an Alarming Rate

Ready meal distributor Apetito restores ‘limited’ deliveries in UK following cyber-attack

Regulatory Compliance Requirements Invite Cyber Attacks, Study Says

Researchers uncover ZuoRAT malware targeting home-office routers

Russia-China cybercriminal collaboration could “destabilize” international order

Russian hacker group says cyber attacks continue on Lithuania

Russian hackers claim responsibility for ongoing Lithuania cyberattacks

Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (SLGA) clients' information exposed on dark web following cyber attack

Security Pros Lured to Bug Bounties by Big Pay Days

Stress and Burnout Could Lead to Exodus of Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) Cybersecurity Leaders

The abortion clues that can hide on your phone

The Role of IAM in Maintaining Cloud Security

The role of Zero Trust in fighting ransomware

The Value of Vulnerability and Penetration Testing (VAPT) for State and Local Agencies

These are the phishing emails employees find most compelling

This is the impact of a malware intrusion on Bellingham, Whatcom library services

Threat actors increasingly use third parties to run their scams

Top Six Security Bad Habits, and How to Break Them

Trends to watch when creating security strategy for the next two years

U.S. Passes New Cybersecurity Legislation in June 2022

Using AI and ML to Fight Zero-Day Attacks

What State Cybersecurity Task Forces Have Accomplished So Far

Yale New Haven Hospital Accidentally Posts Sensitive Patient Data Online in Recent Data Breach

ZuoRAT Malware Hijacking Home-Office Routers to Spy on Targeted Networks

27th June

5 ways cybercriminals steal credit card details

5 years after NotPetya: Lessons learned

8 Cryptocurrency Scams to Avoid

48% of security practitioners seeing 3x increase in alerts per day

87% of executives have no cybersecurity tools on personal devices

A growing problem persists, as cybercriminals scam crypto investors

Addressing cybersecurity debt before it’s too late

Almost £700 million was lost to fraudsters in April in UK

Android malware ‘Revive’ impersonates BBVA bank’s 2FA app

Are Protection Payments the Future of Ransomware? How Businesses Can Protect Themselves

Australia: Pair jailed over SMS phishing scam

Bank of the West found debit card-stealing skimmers on ATMs

BRONZE STARLIGHT – Chinese APT Using Short-Lived Ransomware Families for Cyberespionage Activities

CafePress Fined $500,000 After Massive Data Breach

Cardano is the 3rd most-phished crypto project globally

Carnival Cruises to pay $1.25 million fine for 2019 data breach

Chinese Researchers Find Critical Security Flaws in CoDeSys Automation Software

Clearview fine: The unacceptable face of modern surveillance

CoinEgg Crypto Scam Steals Victims’ Data, Total Losses Pegged At Rs 1,000 Crore

Conti managed to breach 40 companies in a month

Credential phishing attack spoofs cryptocurrency app MetaMask, targets financial industry

Critical Security Flaws Identified in CODESYS ICS Automation Software

Cyber attack at Iranian steelworks stops production

Cyber attack on Clarion Housing Group shuts IT systems, email accounts, and phone lines

Cybercriminals use Azure Front Door in phishing attacks

Cybereason warns global organisations against ransomware attacks from gang

Cybersecurity: AI can go rogue without due checks

Cybersecurity Experts Warn of Emerging Threat of "Black Basta" Ransomware

Data breach class action litigation and the changing legal landscape

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Treasury to Assess Need for a Federal Response to Cyber Attack Insurance

Email threats increase 101% YoY in 2021

Emotet Office Macros Abuse Continues Despite Microsoft Protections

European authorities monitoring phishing scams targeting vulnerable Ukrainian women

GEBE ‘non-cooperative’ with Prosecutor in ransomware cyberattack investigation

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