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Monday 13 June 2022

Data Breaches Digest - Week 24 2022

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 13th June and 19th June 2022.

19th June

2 Million Eyecare Patients Potentially Affected by Data Breach

Android-wiping BRATA malware is evolving into a persistent threat

BRATA Android Malware Gains Advanced Mobile Threat Capabilities

Costa Rica’s turmoil is a reminder that the danger of ransomware is still present

Cyber attack continues on India as hackers leak data of lakhs of citizens on dark web

Cybersecurity needs to remain central to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's digital transformation

Cyberthreat Defense Report 2022: Key Points You Should Know

EU and U.S. Join Forces to Help Developing World Cybersecurity

Google Chrome extensions can be fingerprinted to track you online

How to stay safe from phishing links, messages and emails

India: Educated form 70% of internet fraud victims

More cyber warfare with Russia lies on the horizon

NatWest warns people to watch out for scammers as bank prepares to change all debit cards

New Zealand: Scammers' latest ploys and how to outwit them

Putin ‘orders up to 50 sleeper agent spies hiding in Britain to prepare to launch cyber attacks against UK’

QNAP NAS devices targeted by increased eCh0raix ransomware attacks

Rapid7 research reveals which data ransomware groups seek and use for leverage

Reexamining the “5 Laws of Cybersecurity”

Shields Health Care Group suffers data breach

Singapore: More than $71,000 lost to new scam variants in first half of June

Tesco scam warning: Hotmail and Gmail users put on alert about fake gift card emails

Tesco shoppers warned over fake gift cards that could empty your bank

Tether Experience DDOS Attack! Here’s The Outlook at What Really Happened!

URSSAF scam: what to be wary of right now

WhatsApp users hit by fake Father's Day deals! Don't fall for them; Do THIS now

Why cybersecurity is also a human issue, not just a technology one

Your Social Security Number: When Is It Safe to Share It?

18th June

6 essential tips to keep your smartphone secure

DeadBolt ransomware takes another shot at QNAP storage

Facebook Messenger Phishing Scam Tricked 10+ Million People – Here’s How to Avoid It

Healthcare Cybersecurity: Some Progress, Still Problems

Heineken, Screwfix and B&Q Father's Day scams spark warning

How crypto-related phishing scams continue to defraud investors

How Tinder scammers steal your heart, then your money

How to Implement a Cybersecurity-First Culture

Killnet hackers can use 'any device' to attack Western targets, cyber security chief warns

Microsoft Office 365 Functionality that Allow Attackers to Encrypt Files Stored on SharePoint and OneDrive

New Android Trojan Targets Financial Institutions, Customers

New phishing attack infects devices with Cobalt Strike

No, That Data Breach Letter From Illuminate Education Is Not A Scam

OpsPatuk: Malaysian hacker group DragonForce hacks official website of Delhi Government Railway Police

QNAP NAS devices targeted by surge of eCh0raix ransomware attacks

Social Engineering in the Name of Iran’s Islamic Revolution

South Africa: Top 10 ways to prevent cyberattacks for Ekurhuleni residents

Tax Professionals and Other Businesses, Beware of Dangerous Spear Phishing Attacks

The 2 Most Common Airdrop Phishing Attacks and How Web3 Wallet Owners Can Stay Protected

The 5 Best Ways to Secure Your Cryptocurrency

The Philippines: All about cyber scams

'This is the new reality' Hacktivist groups 'declare war' over Putin's invasion

Thousands of service families’ addresses and private information compromised after surge in security breaches at MoD

TikTok clears the air about suspected U.S. user data breach by Chinese workers

US Government And Allies Disrupt Massive Russian Botnet

Warning issued over hundreds of fake Tesco gift card giveaways

Yet another spam call? Here’s how they probably got your number & why you should worry

17th June

7 facts that might surprise you about online privacy and security

2022 Dark Web prices for cybercriminals services

Allahabad University suspects ‘cyber attack’ behind sever crash, initiates probe

Allahabad University's website crashes during exam, cyber attack suspected

Atlassian Confluence Flaw Being Used to Deploy Ransomware and Crypto Miners

Atlassian Confluence Server Bug Under Active Attack to Distribute Ransomware

Authorities Shut Down Russian RSOCKS Botnet That Hacked Millions of Devices

Breach of Radiology Files Reported at Yale New Haven Hospital

China-linked APT Flew Under Radar for Decade

Chinese Hackers Exploited Sophos Firewall Zero-Day Flaw to Target South Asian Entity

Cisco says it won’t fix zero-day RCE in end-of-life VPN routers

Costa Rica chaos is a warning that the global ransomware threat remains

Criminal IP analysis report on zero-day vulnerability in Atlassian Confluence

Cyber Attackers Seem To Be After Indian Firms And Data Of Indians Now

Cyber criminals continue to target and exploit people

Cyber security breaches survey 2022

Cybercriminals are Using Ransomware as a Service to Steal Info

DeadBolt Ransomware Actively Targets QNAP NAS Devices — Again

Don’t let the next software supply chain attack threaten your mainframe

FBI: Crypto Scam on LinkedIn a 'Significant Threat' to Platform, Consumers

Financial data, passwords targeted by novel Android malware

Five Strategies to Protect Against Ransomware and Other Cyberattacks

Fraud trends and scam tactics consumers should be aware of

GoDaddy’s Failure to Prevent Attacks – DeFi Projects Urge The Ecosystem to Abandon Centralised Hosting

How Data Landlords Put Their Tenants at Risk

How does cybersecurity work?

How financial institutions are improving customer experience with fraud prevention measures

How Florida Businesses Can Protect Against Data Breaches

How to Keep Your Content Management System (CMS) Safe and Secure

How to make a strong password

How to Tell If Someone Accessed Your Google Account

Incident Of The Week: BlackCat ransomware strikes Italian university

Interpol anti-fraud operation busts call centers behind business email scams

Is Stopping a Ransomware Attack More Important than Preventing One?

Is this my bank? When criminals impersonate using fake apps

Kenyan authorities arrest student hackers converting stolen money to bitcoin

Law Enforcement Dismantle Infrastructure of Russian 'RSOCKS' Botnet

Main types of cyber attacks in Azerbaijan unveiled

Maintaining Cybersecurity Balance is a Challenge

Malaysia: Data breach deja vu

NakedPages - A new phishing toolkit available on cybercrime forums

New MaliBot Android Malware Found Stealing Personal, Banking Data

Over a Dozen Flaws Found in Siemens' Industrial Network Management System

Over a Million WordPress Sites Forcibly Updated to Patch a Critical Plugin Vulnerability

Pakistan: ARY News Twitter account hacked

Paying ransoms can lead to repeated attacks

Personal details of 15,000 Memorial University (MUN) students leaked in accidental data breach

Phishers targeting mainstream interest in crypto

Phishing Attacks Reached a Record High in the First Quarter of 2022

Police linked to hacking campaign to frame Indian activists

'Potentially dangerous' flaw could allow ransomware attacks on Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive

Proofpoint details 'dangerous' ransomware flaw in SharePoint and OneDrive

Putin's St Petersburg speech postponed by an hour after cyberattack

QNAP 'thoroughly investigating' new DeadBolt ransomware attacks

QR Code Scams Are Real (What They Are + How to Protect Yourself)

Quebec court approves $200.9M settlement against Desjardins over data breach

RansomHouse hackers threaten to sell Shoprite data

Ransomware and Phishing Remain IT's Biggest Concerns

Ransomware attacks increasingly target Latin America governments

Ransomware Defense: Preventative Techniques To Combat Attack Methods Of Today’s Cybercriminal Gangs

Rapid7 report examines use of double extortion ransomware attacks

Reimagine Hybrid Work: Same CyberSec in Office and at Home

Researchers Uncover 'Hermit' Android Spyware Used in Kazakhstan, Syria, and Italy

Resurgence of Voicemail-themed Phishing Attacks Targeting Key Industry Verticals in US

Russian botnet ‘RSOCKS’ dismantled after hacking millions of devices

Russian botnet that compromised millions of devices dismantled by FBI

Russian RSocks botnet disrupted after hacking millions of devices

Schneck facing class action lawsuit for data breach

Selfridges, Wells Fargo, Apple ID, Netflix, and Mercedes-Benz: Top Scams and Phishing Schemes of the Week

Slovakia's defence department faced a large-scale cyber attack

Surfshark Finds US is the Most-Breached Country

That PayPal alert email could just be a phishing scheme

The future of cyber-security: MFA and beyond

The rise of double extortion ransomware

The top 3 scams targeting mobile phones

Think of the Russia-Ukraine conflict as a microcosm of the cyber war

This vulnerability in Microsoft 365 could allow ransomware to infect OneDrive and SharePoint

UK Proposes Post-Brexit Data Laws to Boost Innovation

Understanding the global rise of ransomware

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Settles Data Breach Class Action for $450,000

Urgent warning to all Tesco shoppers on FAKE gift cards that could steal your bank details

US Bipartisan Privacy Proposal Has Cybersecurity Mandates

US dismantles Russian hacking botnet that attacked millions of devices

US Man Sentenced to Nine Years in Prison for Hacking iCloud Accounts and Stealing Nudes

Vladimir Putin speech at economic forum delayed 'because of cyber-attack' as he hits out at 'economic blitzkrieg' against Russia

Vladimir Putin's key speech delayed because of 'massive' cyber attack in Russia

Warning issued over Father’s Day Heineken scam tricking people on WhatsApp

Warning Signs of Data Breaches You Should Know Of

What Is Clone Phishing?

What is cloud security? A guide to cyber security in the cloud for the public sector

WhatsApp users beware of this Father’s Day scam

Which stolen data are ransomware gangs most likely to disclose?

Why is Interoperability the Stepping Stone to Going Passwordless?

Why You Need Center for Internet Security (CIS) Controls for Effective Cyber Defense

Wilkins Recreational Vehicles, Inc. Reports Data Breach Following Conti Ransomware Attack

WordPress Updates More Than a Million Sites to Fix Critical Ninja Forms Vulnerability

Yale New Haven patient information was unintentionally posted on hospital’s website for months

You can buy access to a company's data on the Dark Web for less than a Macbook

16th June

4 Cloud Application Security Best Practices

4 questions for enacting an evidence-based cybersecurity strategy

5-star hotel’s business account hacked, customers lose money

6 Things You Need To Know About Big Data Security

24 Billion Credentials Are Up for Grabs on Darkweb Marketplaces

59% of SMEs say cybersecurity is the top IT challenge of the past year

72% of middle market companies expect to experience a cyberattack

90 Degree Benefits Wisconsin Confirms Recent Data Breach Leaked Consumers’ Personal Data

730K WordPress sites force-updated to patch critical plugin bug

2,000 arrests in crackdown on social engineering and business email scams

A Microsoft Office 365 Feature Could Help Ransomware Hackers Hold Cloud Files Hostage

A Smarter Cyber-Risk Management Strategy

Africa faces huge cybercrime threat as the pace of digitalisation increases

Africa's biggest supermarket hit by ransomware attacks

ALPHV/BlackCat ransomware gang lets victims check if their data has been compromised

Anker Eufy smart home hubs exposed to RCE attacks by critical flaw

Another 1.3M patients added to data breach tally of ransomware attack on Eye Care Leaders

Another group of Indian hackers exposed on decade-long attacks against China

Austrian police warn public about new ‘fake cops’ scam

BeanVPN leaks 25 million user records

Beware of texts offering chance to win free gas

Beware these investment scams in South Africa

BlackCat Extortion Technique: Public Access to Breached Data

BlackCat Ransomware Gang Targeting Unpatched Microsoft Exchange Servers

Brute-Force Attacks: How to Defend Against Them

Business email platform Zimbra patches memcached injection flaw that imperils user credentials

Canada: Alberta Government warns of an energy scam

CERT-In law impact on data breaches: India is the 6th most breached country worldwide

College hackers in Kenya are converting stolen money to bitcoin

Comstar EMS Billing Warns of Data Breach

Corporate Network Access Selling for Under $1000 on Dark Web

Customers sue 365 Data Centers over alleged ransomware which caused outage

Cyber Resiliency: What It Is and How To Build It

Cyber threats and current landscape put food defense on agenda

Cybersecurity: Twitter littered with thieves that are eyeing your assets

Cybersecurity Researchers Find Several Google Play Store Apps Stealing Users Data

Data breach puts hundreds of Uganda Securities Exchange (USE) investor details at risk

Deepfake attacks expected to be next major threat to businesses

Difference Between Agent-Based and Network-Based Internal Vulnerability Scanning

Don’t Take the Bait: How to Avoid Phishing Attacks

DSIR Deeper Dive into the Data: Ransomware Front and Center

EU & US Unite to Fight Ransomware

Facebook Messenger Scam Duped Millions

Global Police Arrest Thousands in Fraud Crackdown

Hang Fire: Challenging our Mental Model of Initial Access

Health Care Sector Continues to Be Hit with Ransomware

Healthcare Providers see 94% hike in ransomware in 2021

High-Severity RCE Vulnerability Reported in Popular Fastjson Library

How to Build Cybersecurity Resilience

How To Protect Yourself From Fraudulent App Scams

How to protect your organisation from a ransomware attack

Human error leading factor in data breaches, Verizon report says

iCloud hacker gets 9 years in prison for stealing nude photos

In modern war, we have as much to fear from cyber weapons as kinetics

Keeping customer accounts safe from takeover

Latin America governments are prime targets for ransomware due to lack of resources

Masses of personal Canada data for sale on the dark web

MetaMask, Phantom Disclose Vulnerability That Put User Credentials At Risk

MetaMask, Phantom warn of flaw that could steal your crypto wallets

Microsoft 365 Function Leaves SharePoint, OneDrive Files Open to Ransomware Attacks

Microsoft Office 365 feature can help cloud ransomware attacks

Microsoft Office 365 Functionality Could Allow Ransomware to Hold Files Stored on SharePoint and OneDrive

Microsoft’s latest Windows patches fix a major security flaw

Mounting Data Breaches Cause Huge Encryption Spike

NakedPages Phishing Toolkit is Now Available on Cybercrime Forums

New MaliBot Android banking malware spreads as a crypto miner

New research reveals overreliance on endpoint protection could be putting organizations at higher risk of exposure to ransomware

Nine red flag signs a phone could be hacked - from overheating to mystery calls

Office 365 loophole may give ransomware an easy shot at your files

Operational Technology (OT) Cybersecurity Readiness is Dangerously Behind

Oregon luxury resort hit by unusual cyberattack

Phishing-as-a-Service (PhaaS) Explained

Play Store Apps Caught Spreading Android Malware to Millions

Police Linked to Hacking Campaign to Frame Indian Activists

‘Potentially dangerous’ Office 365 flaw discovered

Ransomware assaults have crippled Africa’s largest retail chain

Ransomware Attack Disrupted Municipal Services in the Italian City of Palermo

Ransomware attack on Montrose Environmental Group disrupts lab testing services

Ransomware Risk in Healthcare Endangers Patients

Remote work lacks IAM & cybersecurity oversight

“Russia’s invasion of Ukraine negatively impacting cyber market” – Moody’s

Russian Cybercriminals, the Target of Global Authorities

‘Safeguarding civilisation’: Protecting critical infrastructure against cyberattacks

San Diego Family Care Agrees to $1 Million Settlement to Resolve Class Action Data Breach Lawsuit

San Diego Family Care Settles Data Breach Class Action for $1 Million

Screwfix scam explained: How the Father’s Day giveaway WhatsApp message works and what to do if you get it

SeaFlower Backdoor Targets Web3 Wallet Seed-Phrases

Shipping Scams of the Week: BHL and USPS

Sophos Firewall zero-day bug exploited weeks before fix

South Dakota Health Care System Says Data Breach Affected 700

State-Sponsored Phishing Attack Targeted Israeli Military Officials

Teachers victimized by phishing still hopeful for ‘favorable resolution’ of cases

Tech Experts Say You Should Never Fall For This One Common Scam - It’s So Dangerous!

Tech issues plague Regina Public schools 26 days after cyberattack, teachers say

The Age Of The Digital Self: What To Look Out For In The Near Future

The future is passwordless. What’s slowing it down?

The Philippines: Be ready for cyberattacks at all times

The Top Five Mistakes Of Underperforming Cybersecurity Teams

This Linux botnet has found a novel way of spreading to new devices

This new Android malware bypasses multi-factor authentication to steal your passwords

Top Data Security Practices to Protect Your Firm

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Settles Data Breach Class Action for $450,000

US defense contractor in talks to buy NSO Group's spyware

What are the Consequences of a Data Breach?

What Cyberattacks Do Threat Actors Use for Data Leaks?

What data will get leaked? It depends on the ransomware group

What is a Cyberattack? Types and Defenses

WhatsApp Warning As Free Beer For Father’s Day Scam Goes Viral

Why Combating Ransomware Should Top The List Of Insurance Industry Priorities

Why we need philosophy and ethics of cyber warfare

Your Digital Forensics and Incident Response Capabilities - Or Lack Thereof - May Be Weighing on Your Cyber Insurance Premiums

Yuma Regional Medical Center (YRMC) data breach aftermath

Yuma Regional Medical Center Experiences Ransomware Attack

Zero trust adoption: Industry-specific challenges and implementation strategies

15th June

$2k to access your organisation on the dark web

3 Common Cyberattacks You Should Look Out for in 2022

3 Indications That Your Computer is Being Hacked

7 smart tips to spot phishing emails

24 billion usernames, passwords available on the dark web

24 billion username, password combinations can be found on cybercriminal forums

A daily conundrum for cyber insurance brokers – but it hasn't always been this way

A decade on, domain-based authentication becomes more critical at financial companies

A new side-channel attack Hertzbleed affects Intel and AMD CPUs

A password manager could save businesses from phishing attacks

A tiny botnet launched the largest DDoS attack on record

Account Takeover Prevention: Bad Habits That Make You More Vulnerable to ATO Fraud

Allison Inn, prominent Oregon wine country resort, hit by unusual cyberattack; employee data, guest names posted on public internet

Alphv ransomware gang ups pressure with new extortion scheme

Android spyware deployed in Kazakhstan

As crypto currencies become popular, hackers target crypto wallets

Behavioral Wellness Department reports medical data breach

Best Practices for Protecting Against Phishing, Ransomware and Email Fraud

Best ways to prevent a data breach

Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) Fraud Alert as Account Takeovers Surge

Canada: Energy rebate scammers target Albertans

Cisco Secure Email bug can let attackers bypass authentication

Citrix warns critical bug can let attackers reset admin passwords

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Shields Health Care Group Over 2 Million-Record Data Breach

Cloudflare Thwarted Largest Ever HTTPS DDoS Attack

Critical Flaw in Cisco Secure Email and Web Manager Lets Attackers Bypass Authentication

Cyber attack: Council fixes issue preventing people from moving home in Gloucester

Cyber fraud on the rise in South Africa – this is what is being targetted

Cyber Threats Target US Election Officials With Phishing Campaign

Cyber-attack impacting county’s operations

Cybersecurity in the Pacific: how island nations are building their online defences

Cybersecurity Professionals Identify Top Cloud Computing Security Risks

Data breach at US ambulance billing service Comstar exposed patients’ healthcare information

Data Exfiltration – Do You Know Where Your Stolen Data is Going?

Don't use these passwords: These are the 10 logins most regularly found for sale online

DragonForce Gang Unleash Hacks Against Government of India

Education sector in need of greater cybersecurity

Elasticsearch Database Mess Up Exposed Login, PII Data of 30,000 Students

Energy sector cybersecurity still a growing priority

Enterprise data requires persistent protection

Enterprise Strategy Group Research Finds Businesses Have Mission-critical Gaps in the Fight Against Ransomware

Extortion gang ransoms Shoprite, largest supermarket chain in Africa

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Blames Meta for Over Half of all Social Media Crypto Scams

Five cyber hygiene practices to protect against cybercrime and ransomware

Fraud rings: Detecting and defeating cybercriminal networks

Glenn County Office of Education paid $400k ransom after ransomware attack

Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine Announces Data Breach Following Ransomware Attack

Got hit by a cyber attack? Hackers will probably come after you again - within a year

Hackers exploit three-year-old Telerik flaws to deploy Cobalt Strike

Heineken beer scam: WhatsApp users warned over Father's Day phishing attempt

Heineken says there’s no free beer, warns of phishing scam

Heineken warns customers over WhatsApp Father's Day 'competition' scam

How a More Unified Approach to Data Protection Will Help in the Fight Against Ransomware

How Can Small Businesses Determine Website Security Risk?

How confident are IT pros in the security of their organization’s supply chain?

How obfuscation can help with data breach mitigation

How to shop safely during online sales, according to cybersecurity firm

Identity and Access: The Game is the Same, But Fiercer

In Cybersecurity, What You Can’t See Can Hurt You

Insta-scam: how scammers are targeting younger users online

Interpol seizes $50 million, arrests 2000 social engineers

Investigation into Malaysian hacking group after cyber attacks on India

Iranian Hackers Targeted Former US Ambassador, Israeli Officials

Lower reveals data breach impacting 86,000 customers

MaliBot: A New Android Banking Trojan Spotted in the Wild

MCG Health Confirms Data Breach Leaking Consumers’ Social Security Numbers

Medical Records Data Breach at Santa Barbara Behavioral Wellness

Microsoft finally fixes Windows zero-day flaw exploited by state-backed hackers

Microsoft's Final Patch Tuesday Fixes Follina Bug

Middle East services, defence and energy sectors hit hardest by cybercriminals

Mind the gap: How to ensure your vulnerability detection methods are up to scratch

Mitigate malware attacks with these five effective prevention techniques

More online services restored after Gloucester Council cyber attack

New botnet and cryptominer Panchan attacking Linux servers

New Hertzbleed Side-Channel Attack Affects All Modern AMD and Intel CPUs

New PayPal phishing campaign is stealing credit card info — what you need to know

New peer-to-peer botnet infects Linux servers with cryptominers

New Phishing Scam In Singapore Involves Cleaning Services Ads, Police Say App Contains Malware

New VIP3R Campaign Highlights the Dangers of Spearphishing

Organizations are Concerned that Digital Attack Surface is Spiralling Out of Control

Over 70% of organizations suffered two or more ransomware attacks in the past 12 months

Panchan: A New Golang-based Peer-To-Peer Botnet Targeting Linux Servers

Phishing for cryptocurrency continues to rise

Phishing in the Metaverse: The New Reality of Brand Protection

Phishing reaches all-time high in early 2022

Privacy Watchdog Boosts Legal Funds by Keeping Millions in Fines

Prominent Oregon resort hit by unusual cyberattack; employee data, guests’ names posted on public internet

Ransomware attack on Yuma Regional Medical leads to data theft for 700K patients

Ransomware gang publishes stolen victim data on the public Internet

Ransomware Gang Releases Security Tool To Check If Your Data's Been Stolen, Gee Thanks

SAP Patches Critical NetWeaver and ABAP Platform Vulnerabilities

Shields Healthcare Provider Suffered A Data Breach That Exposed Personal Health Information of 2 Million Patients

Strengthening supply chain cyber security

The Alarming Costs of a Data Breach

The Biggest Takeaway from the 2022 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR)

The rise of phishing as a service (PhaaS) and how to tackle it

The Risk of Russian Cyber Retaliation for the United States Sending Rockets to Ukraine

The unrelenting threat of ransomware is pushing cybersecurity workers to quit

These Bank Robbers Aren't After Your Cash - They Want Your Passwords

Thousands of GitHub, AWS, Docker tokens exposed in Travis CI logs

Top 5 Cyber Security Risks for Businesses

Travel-related Cybercrime Takes Off as Industry Rebounds

UChicago Medicine employee email accounts hacked

University of Pisa suffers ransomware attack

Unpatched Exchange server, stolen RDP logins...How miscreants get BlackCat ransomware on your network

Update Windows now to patch this critical Microsoft Word exploit

US becomes major threat to global internet security: Chinese Foreign Ministry

US Researchers Spot New Hertzbleed Flaw Affecting AMD and Intel CPUs

US, Israeli officials targeted in Iranian spear-phishing operation

Vladimir Putin’s Ukraine invasion is the world’s first full-scale cyberwar

What is the Heineken beer Father’s Day scam?

WhatsApp 'free Heineken for Father's Day' scam spreading like wildfire

Why Ransomware Extortion is a Threat

Why Russia has refrained from a major cyber-attack against the West

Zimbra bug allows stealing email logins with no user interaction

14th June

4 ways to eradicate the cybercrime threat

8 Outside Threats to Protect Your Business From: How to Secure Your Company

‘Act of War’ exclusion could deny claims for cyber-security attacks

Admin of DDoS-For-Hire Service “Downthem” Gets 2 Years Prison Sentence

Allaire Health Services Announces Data Breach

Android malware on the Google Play Store gets 2 million downloads

Are Phishing Attacks Targeting Crypto on the Rise?

Attack on Kaiser Permanente Exposes Data on 70,000 Customers

Attacks on Cloud Service Providers Down 25% During First 4 Months of 2022

Avera Health Data Breach Affects 700 Patients

Canada: New federal bill would compel key industries to bolster cyber security — or pay a price

Chinese hackers spied on Australia for 10 years

Clear and present danger: SaaS supply chain attacks

Cloud adopters are the ‘weak link’ in security

Cloud computing rush means big opportunities and big threats ahead

Cloudflare mitigates record-breaking HTTPS DDoS attack

Cloudflare Saw Record-Breaking DDoS Attack Peaking at 26 Million Request Per Second

ClubCiso Report Shows Material Security Incidents Reduced by 54% Compared to Last Year

Common Amazon Prime Day Scams & 5 Tips for Avoiding Them

Companies can improve cybersecurity posture with better security training

Comstar, LLC Provides Notice of Data Breach

County Behavioral Wellness Reports Data Breach in Medical Records

Critical Atlassian Confluence flaw remains under attack

Crypto has another problem – scammers will stop at nothing to steal digital currency

Cryptocurrency investment scams are skyrocketing: Social media is the culprit

Cyber Attack on India

Cyber Attackers’ Favorite Access Points to Exploit

Cybercriminals are impersonating your boss - here’s how to tell

Cybersecurity watchdog flags severe vulnerabilities in four versions of Android

Deep Web Vs. Dark Web: Differences, Legality and Security

Don’t Fall Prey to “The $43 Billion Scam”: Business Email Compromise Schemes on the Rise for Construction Companies

Double-extortion & DDoS add to software supply chain ransomware woes

Experts Warn on The Dangers of QR Codes, Say They May Target Your Vital Information

Gone Ape? How to Protect NFTs from Theft

Hacker Advertises ‘Crappy’ Ransomware on Instagram

Hackers Gained Access to Tens of Thousands of Patients' Test Results in California's Biggest Hospital System

Hackers Using Web3 Backdoor Wallets to Steal Seed Phrases from iOS/Android Users

Half of IT leaders say passwords too weak for security purposes

HelloXD Ransomware Targeting Multiple Windows and Linux Systems

HelloXD Ransomware Variants Found Installing Backdoor on Windows and Linux Machines

How to Protect Your PC from Ransomware

How UVM Medical Center continued care after ransomware attack took down its IT network

India 5th on breached users' global list

International hackers fire cyber attack on India against Nupur Sharma’s remark

Iran says cyber threats against it are rising

Iran Spear-Phishers Hijack Email Conversations in New Campaign

Iranian Spear-Phishing Operation Targets Former Israeli and US High-Ranking Officials

Is Chance the Real Cybersecurity Answer?

Kaiser data breach exposes health care data of 69K patients

Kaiser Permanente data breach exposed 700,000 patient records

Kaiser Permanente Exposes Nearly 70K Medical Records in Data Breach

Linux Malware Deemed ‘Nearly Impossible’ to Detect

LockBit Ransomware Compromise of Mandiant Not Supported by Any Evidence, May Be a PR Move by Cybercrime Gang

Maharashtra Cyber Cell restores 70 websites hacked over Prophet remark controversy

Malicious Android apps collect personal financial information from users, according to MyCERT

Malware's Destruction Trajectory and How to Defeat It

Microsoft: Ransomware gangs are using unpatched Exchange servers to gain access, so get updating

Microsoft Issues Fix for Actively Exploited 'Follina' Vulnerability

Microsoft patches actively exploited Follina Windows zero-day

Montrose Environmental Group Issues Statement on Ransomware Attack

More than 90% of cyber attacks made possible by human error

New Aadhaar data leak exposes 11 crore Indian farmers’ sensitive info

New backdoor cloning campaign sneaks into mobile wallets, steals cryptocurrency

New Hertzbleed side-channel attack affects Intel, AMD CPUs

New Syslogk Linux Kernel Rootkit Uses "Magic Packets" to Trigger Remote Backdoor Access

New Syslogk Linux Rootkit Lets Attackers Remotely Command It Using "Magic Packets"

New Zimbra Email Vulnerability Could Let Attackers Steal Your Login Credentials

Numrich Gun Parts Corporation Announces Data Breach

Officials confirm Unified Government data centers were targeted by ransomware attack

Once is never enough: The need for continuous penetration testing

One Year After the ProPublica IRS Leaks, We Still Have No Answers

Only 10% of vulnerabilities are remediated each month

Only More Secure Coding Can Protect the Software Supply Chain

OpenSea announces new security features to protect users from NFT scams

Organizations are Concerned that Digital Attack Surface is Spiralling Out of Control

Over Three-Quarters of UK Adults Hit by Online Scams

Owner of ‘DownThem’ DDoS service gets 2 years in prison

Paid a ransom? The criminals will be back for more

Patient data at risk after billing firm data breach

Police warn of a new scam in the Canary Islands involving lost luggage

Public Travis CI logs expose users to cyberattacks

Ransomware Attackers Claim 98 percent of Payments in Bitcoin

Ransomware attacks are increasing with more dangerous hybrids ahead

Ransomware attacks on healthcare organisations up 94% in 2021

Ransomware gang creates site for employees to search for their stolen data

Ransomware is indiscriminatory: Prepare for everything to fail

Researchers Detail PureCrypter Loader Cyber Criminals Using to Distribute Malware

San Diego Family Care data breach $1M class action settlement

Santa Barbara County Behavioral Wellness experiences data breach in medical records

Scammers Made The Most Out Of Covid-19: Cyber-Forensics Describes Different Covid-19 Scams

Singapore: Police warn of new phishing scam involving malware installed on victims' phones

Six ways to tell if you have been hacked

South African government departments are vulnerable to cyber attack

South Africans seeing emails about 'mandatory training' for monkeypox prevention – it's a scam

Spear-phishing campaign targets Israeli officials, former US ambassador

Strong passwords still a priority strategy for enterprises

Swim away from phishing frauds: Tips to be safe online

Technical Details Released for 'SynLapse' RCE Vulnerability Reported in Microsoft Azure

Terrifying new scam hitting thousands of Australians involves issuing a warning about getting tested for Covid - here's how to spot the fraudsters

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Just Issued This Major New Warning to All Americans

The unrelenting threat of ransomware is pushing cybersecurity workers to quit

This new Linux malware has a sneaky way of staying hidden

TV licence refund warning: The tell-tale signs that you're being targeted by fraudsters

U.S., Israeli Officials Targeted in Spear-Phishing Operation

Unpatched Travis CI API Bug Exposes Thousands of Secret User Access Tokens

Urgent warning: ALDI shoppers urged to be wary of new cheap LG television scam

Vulnerability management mistakes CISOs still make

Warning to Whatsapp users over Heineken Father's Day scam

Warning to WhatsApp users over Heineken scam offering 'free beer' for Father's Day

Website containing Malaysians' personal data taken down

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