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Monday 21 March 2022

Data Breaches Digest - Week 12 2022

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 21st March and 27th March 2022.

27th March

Bad Actors Can Now Obtain Dangerous Cyber Attack Kits On The Dark Web For Less Than $50

Critical Sophos Firewall vulnerability allows remote code execution

Cyber Crime Is More Costly Than Ever — What Can Be Done?

Cybercriminal Connected to Multimillion Dollar Ransomware Attacks Sentenced for Online Fraud Schemes

Data Exfiltration 101: How Threat Actors Compromise Networks

Delivering and securing security solutions on the edge

Facebook Phishing Campaigns Now Use FB Quizzes To Fool Users! Here's How To Be Safe

Greek Institutions Hit by Hackers Disrupting Services, Seeking Ransom

Hive ransomware ports its Linux VMware ESXi encryptor to Rust

How criminals can use stolen data from the TransUnion hack

How North Korean Cyberattacks Threaten the Developing World

How to prevent ransomware devastation

How to spot and avoid common online scams

Identifying Crypto Scams and General Advice on Avoiding Them

In 2022, Cyberthreats and Ransomware will be a challenge for organizations of all sizes

Marshalls internet service hit by cyber attack

Muhstik Botnet Targeting Redis Servers Using Recently Disclosed Vulnerability

Network Security - Don’t Be The Next Target: Tips To Keep Your Business Safe

Nimhans sees ransomware attack; IT cell checks spread

Okta: "We made a mistake" delaying the Lapsus$ hack disclosure

'Preparation, not panic': Top US cyber official asks Americans to look out for Russian hacking efforts

The Philippines: National Privacy Commission (NPC) mulls P5 million limit on fines for data breaches

These Phishing Tactics Disguised as 'Fun' on Social Media. Here's What to Look For

Top 10 Unique Cyberattacks to be Prepared for in 2022

TransUnion says at least three million people affected by data breach

Was the war not enough for China to punish Ukraine?

What Can Hackers do With Stolen Information?

26th March

Another Chinese Hacking Group Spotted Targeting Ukraine Amid Russia Invasion

Cayman Islands: Local charity Jasmine targeted by hackers

CISA adds 66 vulnerabilities to list of bugs exploited in attacks

Cybercriminal Connected to Multimillion Dollar Ransomware Attacks Sentenced for Online Fraud Schemes

Cybercriminals Are Phishing On Old WordPress Sites

Data for 820,000 New York K-12 students compromised in hack

Estonian Ransomware Operator Gets 66-Month Sentence

Experts seek cyberwarfare definition following recent cyber warnings

FBI Report: Internet Crime Up 7%; Victims Lost $6.9 Billion

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Adds Kaspersky and Chinese Telecom Firms to National Security Threat List

Here are the realities of paying ransomware thieves

How to Avoid Tripping Over Russia’s Ransomware Threat

HSBC issues scam warning after fraudsters use ‘deplorable’ tactics to con victims

Ireland: Garda warn public of smishing scam impersonating ‘close contact’ COVID texts from HSE

Irvine-based company at the center of a huge education hack

It’s time to light the match and burn your data

LAPSUS$ Hacking Group Has Targeted Massive Tech Companies, But Who Are They?

Massive data hack: TransUnion says at least 3 million South Africans impacted – this is the information that was stolen

‘Precursor malware’ infection may be sign you're about to get ransomware, says startup

Ransomware Can Encrypt 100,000 Files in Minutes

Russian officials charged in years-old energy sector hacks

School district offering identity protection services to current, former students & staff after December ransomware attack

Sneaky new spyware is hiding in Microsoft help files – What to watch for

The Great Cyberwar Has Just Begun: You Need to Protect Yourself

Top Ways to Protect Your PC from Online Threats

Ukraine war puts US cities, states on cyber alert

‘We made a mistake’: Okta on the handling of the Lapsus$ leak

Western Digital fixes critical bug giving root on My Cloud NAS devices

What Is a SIM Swapping and How Do You Protect Yourself From It?

25th March

3 Ways To Limit Security Breaches In Your Small Businesses

7 Suspected Members of LAPSUS$ Hacker Gang, Aged 16 to 21, Arrested in U.K.

9 signs your phone has been hacked

Almost half of Canadian organizations opt to pay off threat actors

Cloud Automation Key to Future-Proofing Cybersecurity

Conti Ransomware Attacks Persist With an Updated Version Despite Leaks

Cyber-attacks may be planned, carried out faster than a gunshot

Cybersecurity in the Data Center: New Political Developments Shape New Ways of Thinking in 2022—and Beyond

Cybersecurity incident response: Lessons learned from 2021

Data Breach Alert: Superior Plus Energy Services, Inc

Department of Justice (DOJ) Indicts Russian Government Employees Over Targeting Power Sector

Email Incidents Reported by Ultimate Care, CareOregon Advantage, and University Medical Center Southern Nevada

Emergency Google Chrome update fixes zero-day used in attacks

Estonian ransomware operator sentenced to 66 months in prison

Experts Uncover Campaign Stealing Cryptocurrency from Android and iPhone Users

Facebook Messenger Users Beware: Four-Word Message Scam is Circulating Online

Feds Charge 4 Russians With Long-Term Energy Sector Attacks

Four Russians Charged with Dragonfly Attacks on Critical Infrastructure

Frosties NFT operators arrested over $1.1 million 'rug pull' scam

Google: We stopped these hackers who were targeting job hunters and crypto firms

Google Bans This App That Stole Passwords Of 100,000+ Users Via Malware (How It Worked?)

Google Chrome Zero-Day Bugs Exploited Weeks Ahead of Patch

Google Discovers Initial Access Broker Working With Russian Ransomware Gangs Including Conti and Diavol

HackerOne kicks Kaspersky’s bug bounty program off its platform

Honda bug lets a hacker unlock and start your car via replay attack

How Secure Is Your Cyberinfrastructure?

How to prevent ransomware devastation

Italian rail operator stops ticket sales after suspected cyberattack

Japanese Healthcare Firm ‘Doctors Me’ Exposed Images of 12,000 Patients

LockBit beats REvil and Ryuk in Splunk’s ransomware encryption speed test

LokiLocker Ransomware Poised to Proliferate

Macau hotels safe from malware attacks, industry leader says

Major League Baseball Players’ Personal Data Stolen

‘Mustang Panda’ hacking group exploiting Ukraine invasion, COVID-19 to spread malware

Nearly half of businesses do not protect their full IoT suite

New Zealand at increased risk from pro-Russian cyberattacks, hackers, CyberCX says

Number of ransomware attacks double in past year

One in four Indian organisations experienced ransomware attack in 2021

Police authorities still investigating cyberattack to 17 local hotels

Public Redis exploit used by malware gang to grow botnet

Racoon Stealer malware suspends operations due to war in Ukraine

Ransomware attacks rose 105% in 2021; a top concern for industry with Ukraine war increasing alarm

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) warns against phishing links, vishing calls, messages, emails and online scams

Russian nationals charged for alleged roles in DragonFly and Triton hacks

Samsung Electronics employee allegedly caught stealing trade secrets

Scammers are taking advantage of the Ukraine crisis to trick people into donating to fake causes

Teen Mastermind Behind Lapsus$ Ransomware Attacks

The Best Defense Is a Good Offense: How to Beat Ransomware

The Rise in Cyber Crime: What is it Costing Businesses?

These fake crypto wallets want to steal from iPhone and Android users

This Report Shows How 60% of Ransomware Can Be Prevented By Analyzing Precursor Delivery Techniques

Toyota to restart production in Japan after shutdown caused by cyberattack on supplier

TransUnion ransomware attack could give rise to civil claims

Trends, threats and techniques that comprised the 2021 threat landscape

U.S. Charges 4 Russian Government Employees Over Hacking Critical Infrastructure Worldwide

UK Cops Collar 7 Suspected Lapsus$ Gang Members

UK police arrest seven individuals suspected of being hacking group members

UK police arrest seven teens allegedly connected to Lapsus$

UK Teen Arrested in Lapsus Crackdown

UK-Based Teen Suspected of Operating LAPSUS$ Data Extortion Group

Understanding Cybercrime is Key to Defending Against it

Unmasking The Boogeyman: The Real Cost Of Risk

URL rendering trick enabled WhatsApp, Signal, iMessage phishing

US says Kaspersky poses unacceptable risk to national security

Utah Becomes Latest US State to Pass a Data Privacy Law

Warning over Omicron text scam that could drain your bank account

Washington residents’ medical data exposed by phishing attack on Spokane Regional Health District

What is cloud ransomware and how can you avoid attacks?

What is ransomware? Everything you need to know about one of the biggest menaces on the web

Why We Expect More Multi-Level Extortion (And What to Do About It)

Why You Should Implement Allowlisting to Boost Your Cybersecurity

24th March

1 in 5 businesses have paid or would pay a ransom for their data

23-Year-Old Russian Hacker Wanted by FBI for Running Marketplace of Stolen Logins

A Better Grasp of Cyber Attack Tactics Can Stop Criminals Faster

Accutech Class Action Claims Company Failed To Prevent Data Breach

Alleged Lapsus$ Hackers Arrested After Microsoft, Nvidia, Okta, Samsung Cyberattacks

Allerdale Council had 29 data breaches between 2015 and 2021

Anonymous' Alleged Russia Central Bank Hack To Release Thousands of Hacked Files!

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) tells banks to strengthen guard against phishing attacks

Brits Express Greater Concern Over Data Privacy as Cyber Attacks Soar

Chinese APT Combines Fresh Hodur RAT with Complex Anti-Detection

Chinese APT Hackers Targeting Betting Companies in Southeast Asia

Could Russia launch a cyberattack on the US power grid?

CRM data breach leaks personal info tied to crypto accounts; Healthcare security breach affects 100K

Cyber attacks on the rise due to skyrocketing bot traffic

Cyber Threats to the Financial Services Sector

Dangerous new 'look' scam impersonating friends on Facebook Messenger exposed

Data Breach Alert: The Puerto Rican Organization to Motivate, Enlighten, and Serve Addicts, Inc

Data Breach Alert: Wheeling Health Right, Inc

DeFiance Capital rescues $13.3 million at risk of being stolen

Downloaders Currently the Most Prevalent Android Malware

Email phishing scams prey on tax season, crisis in Ukraine

Enterprises are engaged in a powerful battle to retain cybersecurity staff

Even More Patient Data May Have Been Stolen in 2021 Ransomware Attack: Scripps Health

FBI: Ransomware hit 649 critical infrastructure entities in 2021

FBI provides tips on how to combat cyberattacks

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Announces Proposed Settlement with CafePress over Alleged Data Breach Cover Up

Fending Off Socially Engineered Attacks

Greece’s national postal service restoring systems after ransomware attack

Health-ISAC calls for ‘intelligence-led’ security, as actors continue to target healthcare

HHS OCR Tally Analysis: Breaches, Affected Individuals Surge

How to Begin Proactive Threat Hunting

How to prevent data breaches

How to protect yourself from cyberattacks: 8 tips for consumers

HubSpot Data Breach – Major Cryptocurrency Companies Impacted

HubSpot Data Breach Ripples Through Crytocurrency Industry

Indian Police Bust Online Helicopter Scam

Investment Fraud Surges as Cybercrime Losses Hit $7bn in 2021

Ireland: RTE journalists on high alert for potential cyber attacks after offices received two suspicious packages

Is a nation‑state digital deterrent scenario so far‑fetched?

ISACA: Two-Thirds of Cybersecurity Teams Are Understaffed

Japanese Automotive Suppliers Targeted as Denso Suffers Pandora Ransomware Attack and Bridgestone Compromised by LockBit

Key Challenges Cyber Security Experts Should Expect in 2022

Lapsus$: Oxford teen accused of being multi-millionaire cyber-criminal

Lapsus$ Hacking Group Claims to Have Stolen Sensitive Data From Software Giant Okta Solutions

Lapsus$ suspects arrested for Microsoft, Nvidia, Okta hacks

Learn Everything You Need to Know About Phishing Scams

Liberty of Oklahoma Files Notice of Recent Data Breach

Malicious Microsoft Excel add-ins used to deliver RAT malware

Malicious npm packages target Azure developers to steal personal data

Microsoft Azure Developers Awash in PII-Stealing npm Packages

Microsoft Help Files Disguise Vidar Malware

Microsoft says digital extortion gang Lapsus$ targets cryptocurrency, too

Microsoft, Samsung, Okta 'hacked'. Are these the Russian cyberattacks we were warned about?

Morgan Stanley client accounts breached in social engineering attacks

Most Singapore IT leaders cannot identify fake messages, but only half concerned about phishing risks

Mustang Panda hacking group takes advantage of Ukraine crisis in new attacks

New cyberespionage campaign targeting ISPs, research entities

New U.S. Reporting Requirements for Cyber Incidents – Are You Prepared?

Nokia: Botnet DDoS attacks are on the rises

North Korean hackers exploit Chrome zero-day weeks before patch

North Korean Hackers Exploited Chrome Zero-Day to Target Fintech, IT, and Media Firms

Okta CSO: Lapsus Incident Was “Embarrassing”

Okta names contractor involved in Lapsus$ gang’s attack

Okta’s Breach Highlights Risk of Putting Crown Jewels in the Cloud

Over 200 Malicious NPM Packages Caught Targeting Azure Developers

Phishing kits constantly evolve to evade security software

Practical Steps for Responding to the CISA Warning on Russian Cyber Attacks

Practice management firm hit by data breach; 3 practices affected

Ransomware demands and payments increase with use of leak sites

Ransomware incidents in US much higher than number reported

Ransomware Is On The Rise: Here’s How To Stay Protected

Ransomware is scary, but another scam is costing victims much, much more, says FBI

Ransomware Payments Hit Record Highs in 2021

Researchers Trace LAPSUS$ Cyber Attacks to 16-Year-Old Hacker from England

Russia, Ukraine hackers run ransomware ops

Russian intelligence service behind ‘calculated and dangerous’ hacking

Russian Nationals Indicted for Epic Triton/Trisis and Dragonfly Cyberattacks on Energy Firms

SaaS security is broken and is ready to be repaired

Scripps Health Faces Lawsuit Over Kronos Data Breach

Security Will Make Or Break The Metaverse

Senate ransomware investigation says FBI leaving victims in the lurch

Senate releases report looking at Russia's ransomware attacks, attempts on U.S. businesses

Someone Falls for Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) Animation Phishing Website, Loses 3 BAYC NFTs Worth $900,000 in ETH

South Africa wants to fight SIM swapping with biometric checks

Spokane Regional Health District breach may have exposed medical data of more than 1,200 people

Tax-Season Scammers Spoof Fintechs, Including Stash, Public

Techniques for Ransomware Detection

The biggest security threats to today’s businesses

The importance of ramping up digital forensics and incident response tech investments

The rise of remote work has made many companies more vulnerable to cyberattacks

These tax season scams aim to steal your passwords and bank details. Here's what to watch out for

This is how fast a ransomware attack encrypts all your files

To Pay or Not to Pay Ransomware? How to Face the Dilemma

TUI warns Brits of new scam targeting holidaymakers

U.S. Senator: Companies Must Work to Stop Ransomware

UK Cops Collar 7 Suspected Lapsus$ Gang Members

Understanding DDoS Protection Options

US charges 4 Russian government employees with critical infrastructure hacks

US charges four Russians over hacking campaign on energy sector

US Indicts Russian Over "Carding Shop"

Vidar spyware is now hidden in Microsoft help files

Western Digital My Cloud OS update fixes critical vulnerability

What Are Zero-Day Exploits and Attacks?

What CISOs can do to be most effective in their roles

What the Conti Ransomware Group Data Leak Tells Us

What’s holding back zero trust implementation for device access?

Why Healthcare Workers should be Using a Password Manager

Why We Should Eliminate Passwords as Passwordless Authentication Is the Future

Will an Act of War Destroy Your Cyberinsurance Coverage?

23rd March

2 Latest Health Data Hacks Affect Over 200,000 Individuals

30% of Apache Log4j Security Holes Remain Unpatched

A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing: Technology Alone is a Security Facade

All eyes are on ransomware, while business email compromise remains king of cybercrime

Analysis Shows How Fast Various Ransomware Strains Encrypt 100,000 Files

Anonymous hacks unsecured printers to sends anti-war messages across Russia

As breaches soar, companies must turn to cloud-native security solutions for protection

As teen hacker is linked to Lapsus$, Okta provides more details on data breach

AvosLocker ransomware – what you need to know

Backup Frequency: The Goldilocks Zone for Ransomware Readiness

Biden warns Americans about potential cybersecurity threats

Botnet of Thousands of MikroTik Routers Abused in Glupteba, TrickBot Campaigns

Bvcder.com is a scam

Chinese 'Mustang Panda' Hackers Spotted Deploying New 'Hodur' Malware

CIOs’ growing responsibilities going beyond IT

CISA Warns CISOs to Brace for Attacks

Companies should evolve their cybersecurity strategy in light of the Great Resignation

Council refers itself to Information Commissioner following data breach involving home-schooled children

Cryptoscam fleeces users of their crypto wallets

Cyber Security Risks That You Should Be Careful Of While Streaming

Cybercrime is ramping up, Russia is primed to attack: What can CISOs and CIOs do?

Cybersecurity compliance: Start with proven best practices

Dangerous cyber attack kits cost less than $50 on the dark web

Data Breach Alert: Fortress Biotech, Inc

Data Breach Alert: Houston Health Department

Data Breach Alert: Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC

Data Breach Alert: Ultimate Care, Inc

Data Breach Alert: Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library

Data Breaches Reported by New Jersey Brain and Spine, Highmark Inc. and Dialyze Direct

DeadBolt Ransomware Resurfaces to Hit QNAP Again

Defending against the rising tide of ransomware

Deplorable scam emails fake fundraising for Ukraine

Europe and America sees huge rise in ransomware attacks since January

EV charging stations: Are they new targets for cyberattacks?

Fastest Ransomware Encrypts 100k Files in Four Minutes

FBI: Ransomware hit 649 critical infrastructure orgs in 2021

FBI adds Russian cybercrime market owner to most wanted list

Hackers exploit new WPS Office flaw to breach betting firms

Hackers steal from hackers by pushing fake malware on forums

Hackers Target Cryptocurrency Companies in HubSpot Data Breach

Healthcare data breaches by the numbers

Highmark Health Files Notice of Recent Data Breach

How Can Companies Stay Secure After A Digital Acceleration?

How safe is your health care data?

How to Spot & Protect Against Business Email Compromise (BEC) Attacks

Hundreds of companies potentially hit by Okta hack

Internet crime in 2021: Investment fraud losses soar

Is Your Organization Monitoring the Dark Web Yet?

Isle of Wight council report data breach after details of 90 families shared via email

Lawsuit claims Kronos breach exposed data for 'millions'

Lockbit wins ransomware speed test, encrypts 25,000 files per minute

LokiLocker Ransomware May Use False Flag to Avoid Identification

Making ransom payment no assurance of getting data back

Medical Service Leaks 12,000 Sensitive Patient Images

Microsoft: Lapsus$ Used Employee Account to Steal Source Code

Microsoft and Okta confirm, detail impact of Lapsus$ gang’s attacks

Microsoft confirms LAPSUS$ hit account with limited access after gang released alleged Bing and Cortana source

Microsoft expands cybersecurity skills initiative to 23 more countries as latest attacks show problem

Microsoft warns of destructive attacks by Lapsus$ cybercrime group

Midas Ransomware : Tracing the Evolution of Thanos Ransomware Variants

Mustang Panda’s Hodur: Old tricks, new Korplug variant

New Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity Implementing New Breach Notification Requirements Signed into Law

New mobile phone scam using Banco Santander to steal your card details

New Mustang Panda hacking campaign targets diplomats, ISPs

New Study Uncovers Behavior of Healthcare Employees Could Lead to Cybersecurity Risks

New Variant of Chinese Gimmick Malware Targeting macOS Users

Okta authentication company’s customer data targeted by the Lapsus$ gang

Okta Confirms 2.5% of Customers Impacted by Lapsus Breach

Okta confirms hundreds of customers could be affected by data breach

Okta denies data breach after hackers claim they gained access to internal information

Okta names Sitel in Lapsus$ security incident impacting up to 366 customers

Okta revises LAPSUS$ impact upwards to potentially 2.5% of customers

Okta says 366 customers potentially affected in data breach

One in Five Businesses Have Paid or Would Pay a Ransom for Their Data, Finds Thales

Only 48% of orgs say they have implemented a formal ransomware strategy

Over 200,000 MicroTik Routers Worldwide Are Under the Control of Botnet Malware

Pen Testing Remains Vital Tool for Reducing Cyber Risk Exposure According to Core Security Survey

Phishing Exploit Pinches 60 NFTs From Top Collector

Prison for New Orleanian who Exploited Patients’ Stolen Data

QNAP NAS devices face fresh Deadbolt ransomware attack

Ransomware: Why It’s Time to Think of it as a Data Management Problem

Ransomware, Malware-as-a-Service Dominate Threat Landscape

Ransomware Attack Disrupts Greek Postal Services

Ransomware is, on average, very fast

Rawlins Hospital Hit With Ransomware Attack Over Weekend

Russia's invasion of Ukraine may spur more cyberattacks in Canada, security experts warn

Security teams have too many assets to secure

Serious Security: DEADBOLT – the ransomware that goes straight for for your backups

Shields Up: Understanding Guidance From the Biden Administration About Possible Russian Cyberattacks

South Korean hacking group carried out ‘phishing’ cyberattacks in 17 local hotels

Steps to protect your enterprise data from ransomware

Suffolk IT expert warns of increase in Russian cyber attacks

Ten notorious ransomware strains put to the encryption speed test

The Russia-Ukraine War: Malware Risks and Mitigations

This is how much the average Conti hacking group member earns a month

This phishing kit allows anyone to create fake Chrome pop-ups to steal your information

Threats To Healthcare Data May Remain Long After The Pandemic

Three steps to secure an organization during mergers and acquisitions

TUI issues warning for Brits as phishing scam targets customers

US and Canada Collaborate to Tackle Cybercrime

VMware Issues Patches for Critical Flaws Affecting Carbon Black App Control

War overseas sends new wave of cyberattack anxiety to small business owners at home

Watch out for browser-in-the-browser attacks

What does the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) mean for US businesses?

What Is Domain Monitoring – and Why You Need It

Who are the Lapsus$ hackers and what do they want?

Why Cybersecurity Incidents Are Among The Greatest Threats

Will an Act of War Destroy Your Cyberinsurance Coverage?

22nd March

$3 million – The average cyberattack ransom payment in shipping

5 ways to detect a phishing email

60% of security threats are precursors to ransomware

Association for Savings and Investment South Africa (Asisa) warns investors about an increase in criminal cyber activity

AvosLocker ransomware a threat to critical infrastructure

Bad Actors Innovate, Extort and Launch 9.7 Million DDoS Attacks in 2021

Background Check Company Sued Over Data Breach

Biden: Russia 'exploring' US cyber-attacks

Biden issues warning about Russian cyber attacks

Biden warns private sector to brace for Russian cyberattacks

Building the future-proof retail store with SASE

Cloud storage - Zero trust's last line of defense

Companies Failing to Protect Themselves Against Cyberattacks Even When Patches Exist According to New Survey

Cryptocurrency wallets security

Cybersecurity firm Okta investigating possible data breach

Details of Conti ransomware affiliate released

Evolving cyber threat tactics keeping businesses and individuals alike on their toes

Expanding threat landscape: Cybercriminals attacking from all sides

Experts warn of ‘new wave’ of Ukraine scams that are rinsing people’s bank accounts

FIDO: Here’s Another Knife to Help Murder Passwords

Google Uncovers Initial Access Broker Behind Conti Ransomware Who Uses Phishing to Infiltrate Organization

Greece's public postal service offline due to ransomware attack

Hack on DeFiance Capital Founder Cheong Sees Him Lose $1.7M in NFTs and Crypto

Highly Evasive Adaptive Threats (HEAT) attacks: A new class of cyber threats organizations are not prepared for

How the increase in ransomware has impacted the cyber insurance market

How to Prevent the Overtaking of Your Personal Data

How to reassure clients about cybersecurity

Hundreds of HP printer models vulnerable to remote code execution

Isle of Wight children's details sent out in data breach

Isle of Wight Council apologises for home education data breach

Lapsus$ Data Kidnappers Claim Snatches From Microsoft, Okta

Lapsus$ gang says it has breached Okta and Microsoft

LAPSUS$ Hackers Claim to Have Breached Microsoft and Authentication Firm Okta

Lapsus$ hackers leak 37GB of Microsoft's alleged source code

LAPSUS$ Hackers Leak Trove of Data, Claim to Breach Microsoft and Okta

Microsoft and Okta Confirm Breach by LAPSUS$ Extortion Group

Microsoft might be the victim of a data breach after a screenshot of an internal developer account was leaked

More can be done to curb misuse of Cobalt Strike, expert says

National Research Council uncovers 'cyber incident'

New Dell BIOS Bugs Affect Millions of Inspiron, Vostro, XPS, Alienware Systems

New Jersey Dialysis Center, Neurosurgery Practice Both Face Cyberattacks

Okta: Lapsus$ attackers had access to support engineer's laptop

Okta Investigates Possible Lapsus Breach

Okta investigating claims of customer data breach from Lapsus$ group

Okta says breach evidence posted by Lapsus$ hackers linked to January 'security incident'

Ransomware group attacks Scottish mental health charity

Retention woes for cybersecurity professionals at the highest in years

Russia Lays Groundwork for Cyberattacks on US Infrastructure – White House

Security Teams are Responsible for Over 165k Assets

Serpent Backdoor Slithers into Orgs Using Chocolatey Installer

Should cyber security or cyber attacks be your focus?

Social engineering attacks to dominate Web3, the metaverse

Tech Leaders Must Raise Awareness And Build Trust To Close The Cybersecurity Gap

The not so scary truth about zero-day exploits

The three Russian cyber-attacks the West most fears

The top 5 things the 2022 Weak Password Report means for IT security

This is a BlackCat you don't want crossing your path

Top Russian meat producer hit with Windows BitLocker encryption attack

TransUnion hack not a surprise

U.S. Government Warns Companies of Potential Russian Cyberattacks

UAE data from Acronis continues to show cyber protection is vital

Ukraine issues alert amid rising cyberattacks by Russia

US critical infrastructure operators should prepare for retaliatory cyberattacks

Venture Capital and Private Equity Firms: Why Data Security Matters

White House: Russia Preparing Cyber-Attacks on US

White House warns: Do these 8 things now to boost your security ahead of potential Russian cyberattacks

21st March

7 Ways to Identify a Phishing Website

89% of enterprises have been attacked by Kubernetes ransomware

A New AntiWar Ransomware That Sends out a Message to Stop the War Instead of Ransom

Act Now to Protect Against Potential Cyberattacks

Android password-stealing malware infects 100,000 Google Play users

Attackers employ novel methods to backdoor French organizations

AvosLocker group is targeting US critical infrastructure, FBI says

AvosLocker Ransomware Striking Critical Infrastructure Targets

Bermuda: Post Office’s new shipping service back online after it was hacked by fraudsters

Bexar County Appraisal District in ‘recovery mode’ after cyberattack

Biden warns business leaders to prepare for Russian cyber attacks

BitRAT malware now spreading as a Windows 10 license activator

Bridgestone Hit as Ransomware Torches Toyota Supply Chain

Browser-in-the-Browser Attack Makes Phishing Nearly Invisible

Canadian accused of ransomware attack on Tampa company, bitcoin worth $28M seized

Cisco Reveals Top Cybersecurity Trends of 2021, What to Watch in 2022

Conti Ransomware V3.0, Including Decryptor, Leaked

Cryptocurrency Services Hit by Data Breach at CRM Company HubSpot

'CryptoRom' Crypto Scam Abusing iPhone Features to Target Mobile Users

Cybercriminals targeting institutions instead of individuals

Cybersecurity Red Team 101

Dental Care Data Breach May Impact 1 Million Texans

Emotet Is Back and Is Deadlier Than Ever! A Rundown of the Emotet Malware

Equifax Data Breach Settlement Extended Claim Period Open Through January 2024

Facestealer Trojan Hidden in Google Play Plunders Facebook Accounts

FBI warns on ransomware that uses DDoS to threaten victims. Here's what to watch out for

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC): Banks Reporting More Sophisticated Cyber Attacks Since Start of Pandemic

For Magecart groups and other credit-card skimmers, old and new opportunities abound

FTC Accuses CafePress of Data Breach "Cover-Up"

Google Uncovers Initial Access Broker Behind Conti Ransomware Who uses Phishing to Infiltrate Organization

Healthcare Cyberattacks Impact Benefit Plans, Safety-Net Clinic

HHS: Amid Russian threat, hospitals need 4-6 week business continuity plan

How the cyber world can support Ukraine

How to become a passwordless organization

HubSpot hack results in data breach at leading cryptocurrency companies

Investing in cybersecurity can strengthen a company’s financial and credit ratings

Isle of Wight: Email Blunder Sees Personal Data of Nearly 100 Children Leaked in Major Data Breach

It's now easier than ever for hackers to abuse Google Chrome

JDC Healthcare Management Data Breach Affects More than 1 Million Texans

Kubernetes an Achilles heel in UK businesses’ ransomware defence strategies, finds Veritas research

Log4Shell - the menace continues

LokiLocker Ransomware Can Wipe Device Data If a Ransom Demand Isn’t Met

Microsoft investigating claims of hacked source code repositories

Millions of unaware Australians are caught up in a 'password phishing scam' after taking part in an 'innocent' social media guessing game

More than 300 data breach whistleblower reports received by regulatory body

National Rifle Association (NRA) Finally Confirms Ransomware Attack From 2021

NCSC launches awareness campaign to encourage strong security practices

New Backdoor Targets French Entities via Open-Source Package Installer

New Browser-in-the Browser (BITB) Attack Makes Phishing Nearly Undetectable

New Conti ransomware source code leaked

New ransomware adds data wiping to its armoury, claims Blackberry

New Serpent backdoor malware targets French entities with unforeseen method

NFT Fraud in the UK Soars 400% in 2021

One Pandemic-Response Reporting Service Stopped 76K Online Scams

Over 40,000 London Voters Have Data Leaked to Strangers

Over 100,000 Residents Possibly Affected in Chelan-Douglas Health District Data Breach

Payment fraud attack rate across fintech ballooned 70% in 2021

Phishing attempts on the rise in Luxembourg

Plugging the hole in the global cybersecurity industry

PressReader suffers major cyber attack soon after delisting Russian publications

Ransom attacks back Russia

Ransomware as a Service – The Trending Business Model for Attacks

Ransomware attack hits Bexar County Appraisal District, email system down

Ransomware attacks on U.S. supply chain are undermining national security, CBP bulletin warns

Ransomware Risks Seen as Rising in Financial Sector, Though Industry Remains Divided on Threat Response

Ransomware strikes Scottish mental health charity

Rare Bears Collectors Lose $790,000 In Crypto And NFTs In Phishing Attack

Russia’s cyber warfare front goes missing in Ukraine

Russian hackers display the ‘Z’ symbol on Ukrainian news websites

Russian-based ransomware group Conti has its source code leaked

Sandworm: A tale of disruption told anew

Scottish mental health charity SAMH targeted in cyber attack

Serpent malware campaign abuses Chocolatey Windows package manager

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