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Monday 7 March 2022

Data Breaches Digest - Week 10 2022

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 7th March and 13th March 2022.

13th March

10 things to do now to protect your business against cyberwar

After Nvidia and Samsung, gaming giant Ubisoft suffers cyber attack

Anonymous - Discover the origin of the hacktivist group that declared war on Russia

Beware of Lapsus$ Ransomware Group Hiring Insiders from Top Technology Giants

BreachQuest – Post internal chats of the Pro-Russia Ransomware group

Brownsville Public Utilities Board (BPUB) Reportedly Facing Monday Deadline Stemming From Ransomware Attack

Canadian Cops Confiscate Bitcoin Worth Over $28 Million From Ex-Government Employee

Chinese hackers are allegedly targeting US government Gmail accounts

Devious Escobar Android malware can steal credentials for 190 financial apps

Ex-Canadian government employee extradited to the US in crypto ransomware case

Fake Valorant cheats on YouTube infect you with RedLine stealer

FBI offers tips to mitigate threat of ransomware

‘Focus should be on pre-empting cyber crime cases’

Hacked US Companies Must Report to Government Under New Law

Handy Tips to Protect Your Personal Data from AI Bots

Healthcare Providers Need to Increase Budgets for Cybersecurity

How to protect yourself from a SIM-swap attack

Japan's Denso hit by apparent ransomware attack

Karnataka lost Rs 221 crore to cybercrimes in last three years

Kaspersky: Cyberthreats still likely in Metaverse

Lessons from Russia-Ukraine war: Is India ready to tackle state-sponsored ‘hybrid war’?

NHS horror warning as Putin tipped to cripple UK hospitals in DAYS - ‘Confusion and chaos’

Pandemic effect: Cybercrime on the rise

Russia-Ukraine Cyberwar: Five Things We Learned

Senior Swiss researcher says Russia-Ukraine cyber-war hype is just that

Singapore: Scammers pretend to be friends of victims, over S$1.2 million cheated

Toyota Motor supplier Denso hit by ransomware attack

Where Next for Government in the Cyber Insurance Market?

12th March

3 Low-Tech (But Crucial) Ways to Keep Your Tech Startup Secure

After Nvidia & Samsung, gaming giant Ubisoft suffers cyber attack

Android malware Escobar steals your Google Authenticator MFA codes

Anonymous sent 7 million texts to Russians plus hacked 400 of their security cams

Barbados: Be vigilant for cyber attacks

California City Reportedly Fell for Email Scam Hook, Line and Sinker

Concern over cyberattacks growing across UAE

Congress OKs rules on firms’ cyberattack reporting

Cyber Security Incident Pushes Ubisoft to Issue Internal Password Reset

Cybersecurity experts warn of impending attacks – Do this now to prepare

Data literacy: What it is and why it matters

Detect, respond and recover

Evolving Technology – The Impact on Cybersecurity

Fears of Russian cyber attacks spark alert in West Midlands

Healthcare providers must place patient data in a vault to ensure cybersecurity, says Dell

How can the education sector protect against the top three cybersecurity challenges in 2022?

How Cryptocurrencies Are Empowering Transnational Criminal Organizations and Countries in Latin America

How to Block Spam Calls and Text Messages

Iranian APT: New Methods to Target Turkey, Arabian Peninsula

Jacksonville Spine Center suffered ransomware attack

MetaMask KYC emails are scams, confirms support

Mobile attacks explosion, how to protect yourself?

New reporting requirements for US-based companies hacked by hackers

‘Not the time to go poking around’: How former U.S. hackers view dealing with Russia

Online privacy becomes a growing concern as data becomes more accessible

Russia-Ukraine war raises global cyber security risk, study shows

Scammers are using the Russian invasion of Ukraine to target people

Security Considerations for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policies

Taking a spring break trip? Here's how to protect your devices and identity on vacation

The Top 9 Types of Cyberattacks on Business Users

Threat Intel Report: Who Is Behind Staggering 190GB Samsung Galaxy Hack?

Ubisoft confirms 'cyber security incident', resets staff passwords

Veteran Qakbot Malware Is Increasingly Advanced and Varied

Web 3 Hackers Are Getting Smarter: Here’s How to Stay Safe

11th March

3 Information Security Policies To Help Create a Strong Anti-phishing Foundation

4 Ways to Protect Your Institution from Ransomware

5 Cybersecurity Rules to Protect Yourself as an Online Financial Trader

94% of South African companies targeted in phishing attacks over the last year

Analysis of leaked Conti files blows lid off ransomware gang

Anonymous Claims to Have Leaked Over 360,000 Files From Russian Federal Agency

Anonymous hacks Russia AGAIN and leaks 340,000 files in attempt to stop Putin’s war propaganda campaign

Anonymous Hacks Russian Media Censoring Agency Roskomnadzor

Anonymous Reportedly Hacks Russian Censorship Agency

BazarBackdoor Malware is Hitting Website Contact Forms to Evade AV Detection

Beware if you receive a call from Microsoft Technical Support: This is what happens

Canadian sentenced for ransomware attacks extradited to U.S. to face more charges

Consumers demand a digital banking experience with security at its foundation

Consumers don’t think they can dodge identity fraud

Cryptocurrency Fuels Explosive Growth of Crime

Cyber-Security Takes Its Rightful Place At The Forefront of Multinational Corporation (MNC) Growth Strategies

Cybersecurity Picture Inside Russia Grows More Complicated

Cyberspace making Canadian secrets more vulnerable, spy service official warns

Data Breach Alert: Ascension Michigan

Data Breach Alert: GreenSlate, LLC

Data Breach Alert: My Way Holdings, LLC dba Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino

Data Breach Alert: Westbrook Service Corporation

Data centres are still a tempting target for hackers: Here's how to improve your security

Education sector most likely to pay ransomware demand, report finds

English law firm fined £98k after data breach

FBI investigation continues into phishing scam involving Fresno

FBI Issues Warning on Ragnar Locker Ransomware: Over 50 Critical Infrastructure Entities Compromised, Businesses Encouraged To Report Any Attacks

Financial firms could experience more cyber attacks this year

Finnish government agency warns of unusual aircraft GPS interference

For Raleigh cybersecurity expert, constant vigilance is just part of the job

Fresno, California, Mayor Says $600K Lost in 2020 Phishing Attack

Google: We're spotting more Chrome browser zero-day flaws in the wild. Here's why

In a first, Ukraine leaks Russian intellectual property as act of war

Investigate and Recover From Ransomware Attacks With Digital Forensics

IronNet's March Threat Intelligence Brief 2022

IsaacWiper Followed HermeticWiper Attack on Ukraine Orgs

Japanese beauty e-tailer Acro hit by third-party data breach; exposes more than 100,000 payment cards

LockBit ransomware gang claims attack on Bridgestone Americas

Log4j postmortem: Developers are taking a hard look at software supply-chain security gaps

Logan Health Facing Class Action Lawsuit Over Data Breach

Logan Health sued after data breach exposed 174,761 patients' health information

Major Government Attack Highlights How Log4j is Still Unresolved

Meet The “No Normal” Of Cybersecurity

Mobile Malware And Phishing Scams Are Huge In 2022 — Here's How To Stay Safe

Montrose Regional Health experiences data breach

Multiple Security Flaws Discovered in Popular Software Package Managers

NetWalker ransomware affiliate extradited to the US for further charges

NetWalker Suspect Extradited to US

New ONE PIECE anime episodes delayed after Toei cyberattack

Nvidia Data Leak Exposed Proprietary Information but Wasn’t a Russian Ransomware Attack, Company Says

Organizations need to evolve their data management strategy

Raccoon Stealer Crawls Into Telegram

Ransomware gang Conti takes credit for Alouette cyberattack

Russian based APT Groups Conduct Phishing Campaigns Targeting Ukraine

Russian cyberattacks could threaten U.S. healthcare system, experts warn

Russian defense firm Rostec shuts down website after DDoS attack

Scammers attempting to steal Instagram passwords, email logins

Scammers spread phishing emails from fake ‘Thailand Pass’ domains

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Proposes Four-Day Breach Notification Rules

Shipping fraud quickly emerging as one of the top fraud types

Singapore: At least 280 victims lose S$1.2m to phone call phishing scams

The Philippines: Converge app hit by data breach

This phishing attack hijacks email chains to power up an ancient botnet

Top 5 healthcare cybersecurity threats — and how to mitigate them

Top criminal law firm fined £98k after cyber attack led to court bundles being leaked on dark web

Tuckers Solicitors fined £98,000 by ICO over data breach

Ubisoft says 'cyber security incident' last week shows no evidence of data breach

UK Announces Legislation to Govern Digital Identity Security

UK ferry operator Wightlink flags potential data breach after ‘highly sophisticated’ cyber-attack

Ukraine Crisis Increases Supply Chain Cyber Risk

Ukrainian IT Army Hijacked by Info-stealing Malware

Ukrainian Man Arrested for Alleged Role in Ransomware Attack on Kaseya, Others

Ukrainian Man Charged in Major Ransomware Spree Extradited to U.S.

US cybersecurity and ransomware reporting mandates will benefit banks

US Officials seize $28 million in crypto, Canadian Ransomware suspect handed to the US

Vodafone and Mercado Libre Likely Hit by Ransomware Attacks

Walmart Security Chief Criticizes Data Breach Prevention Strategies

What is fueling the adoption of passwordless authentication?

What is Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS)?

Wightlink customers' details stolen in cyber attack

10th March

6 Healthcare Providers and Business Associates Report Hacks and Ransomware Attacks

$6.6 million lost to cyber crime in the December quarter

90% of MSPs Hit By a Successful Cyber-Attack in the Past 18 Months

A basic text-color trick can fool phishing filters

A deep dive into China APT41's breach of six U.S. state governments

Alleged Kaseya Attacker Extradited to US

Alleged Ukrainian Member of REvil Ransomware Gang Extradited to US

Altoona Area School District (AASD) hit by cyber attack

Anonymous and its affiliates hacked 90% of Russian misconfigured databases

Attorney General Alert: Scam artists are phishing for information

Attorney General Ford Advises Nevadans to Protect Themselves from Phishing, Smishing and Vishing

Barracuda Networks Tracks Volume of Log4Shell Attacks

Brunswick County lost $4 million to a phishing scam. Here's what we know

Businesses under pressure as consumers exercise their privacy rights

CISA outlines top cybersecurity priorities for 2022

Coalition's cyber claims report shows "no-one is immune" to attacks

Colorado Elections Clerk Charged with Identity Theft

Conti Group Spent $6m on Salaries, Tools and Services in a Year

Conti Ransomware Group Continues to Threaten Healthcare

Corporate website contact forms used to spread BazarBackdoor malware

Cyber Conflict and The Invasion of Ukraine

Cybersecurity is the No. 1 Risk Leaders Can’t Ignore

Data Breach Alert: Crossroads Health

DDoS attacks expand as cybercriminals target cloud providers and ransomware victims

Defending Against Cyber-Threats – Think Like an Attacker

DocuSign third most impersonated brand in email phishing attacks

Does the future of digital identity offer us greater security and convenient experiences?

Employees Are Less Aware of Cyber Security Threats Than They Think

Ex-Canadian government official is extradited to US to face hacking charges for 'NetWalker' ransomware attacks that targeted hospitals and police during the pandemic: Feds seize $28.2M in cryptocurrency

Extortion Attempt on Samsung Leads to Data Breach, Leak of Bootloader and Authentication Source Code

FBI offers tips to mitigate threat of ransomware

Firm fined almost £100,000 over ransomware attack

FS-ISAC Report Finds Global Cyber Threats Accelerate as Cybercriminals and Nation-State Actors Converge and Collaborate

Growing Frequency and Rising Costs of Ransomware Attacks on Schools Highlight New Report

Incident of the Week: Romanian oil company hit by ‘complex cyber-attack’

Iranian Hackers Targeting Turkey and Arabian Peninsula in New Malware Campaign

It's time to stop hoping that cybersecurity problems will just go away

ITOps teams are getting buried beneath too many disparate solutions for endpoint management

Latin e-commerce giant Mercado Libre hacked

Leaked correspondence and files expose infamous Conti ransomware gang

Make sure you don't become a victim of online fraud

Malware disguised as security tool targets Ukraine's IT Army

Malware Posing as Russia DDoS Tool Bites Pro-Ukraine Hackers

Most Orgs Would Take Security Bugs Over Ethical Hacking Help

MuddyWater targets Middle Eastern and Asian countries in phishing attacks

New Exploit Bypasses Existing Spectre-v2 Mitigations in Intel, AMD, Arm CPUs

New Mexico credit union investigating claims made by known ransomware provider

One Time Password (OTP) phishing cases on the rise in Karnataka

Organizations need to change their current password usage and policies, and do it fast

Organizations taking nearly two months to remediate critical risk vulnerabilities

Over 90% of Exposed Russian Cloud Databases Compromised

Qakbot Botnet Sprouts Fangs, Injects Malware into Email Threads

Qakbot Debuts New Technique

Ragnar Locker ransomware – what you need to know

RagnarLocker ransomware struck 52 critical infrastructure entities within two years

REvil ransomware member extradited to U.S. to stand trial for Kaseya attack

Russia may try to dodge sanctions using ransomware payments, warns US Treasury

Russia May Use Ransomware Payouts to Avoid Sanctions

Russia-Ukraine war heightens cybersecurity awareness

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) wants public companies to report breaches within four days

Still too many parents don’t monitor their children’s online activity

Surefire Ways to Boost PC Cybersecurity

The Importance of Tabletop Cybersecurity Exercises

The Only Thing Worse Than A Ransomware Attack? Mishandling One

UK Security Agency Issues New Guidance on Data Center Protection

Ukrainian Hacker Linked to REvil Ransomware Attacks Extradited to United States

War in Ukraine: What type of cyber attacks can we expect next?

Watch out for this phishing attack that hijacks your email chats to spread malware

What Is Immutable Storage, and How Can It Help Small Businesses with Security?

What To Do If Your Email Is In A Data Breach

Why are CAPTCHAs still used?

Wightlink reveal data breach of customers’ highly sensitive information

Wightlink Suffers ‘Sophisticated’ Cyber Attack Exposing Customers' Details

9th March

£28k lost every hour as phishing scams become 'more prevalent and dangerous'

52 Critical Infrastructure Orgs Hit by Ragnar Locker Ransomware Gang

A Tale of Two Functions: Weighing Business and Legal Considerations in the Wake of a Data Breach to Preserve Attorney-Client Privilege and Work Product Protections

Alleged hacker behind Kaseya ransomware attack extradited, arraigned in Texas

APT41 Spies Broke Into 6 US State Networks via a Livestock App

Arizona Attorney General Issues Consumer Advisory Regarding Social Media Scams

Australia: Three quarters of ASX 200 companies subject customers to risks of email fraud

Bermuda Monetary Authority (BMA) reports new phishing scheme to police

Car Dealership Employees Begin Legal Case Following Breach

Charity scams target people's generosity amid Russia-Ukraine conflict

China: Nation's personal information protection efforts bear fruit

China Hacked U.S. State Government networks with the help of APT41

China-backed hackers compromised six US government networks

Chinese APT41 Group Compromises Six US Government Networks

Chinese APT41 Hackers Broke into at Least 6 U.S. State Governments

Chinese hackers attempted phishing on emails affiliated with US government

Chinese phishing actors consistently targeting EU diplomats

CISA updates Conti ransomware alert with nearly 100 domain names

Clearview AI fined €20M for collecting Italians’ biometric data

Colorado Hospital Suffers Email Data Breach, 52K Impacted

Consumers fed up with passwords and KBAs, looking to voice enabled technology as the future

Consumers Worried About Digital Banking Security

Critical Bugs Could Let Attackers Remotely Hack, Damage APC Smart-UPS Devices

Critical RCE Bugs Found in Pascom Cloud Phone System Used by Businesses

Critical steps to bolster K-12 cybersecurity

Cyber Attacks On Remote Workers Continue

Cyber insurance: Hard market drivers and how to mitigate them

Cyber Insurance Is a Perfect Storm: Risk Quantification Can Rescue It

Cyberattacks are intensifying amid war, Czech experts warn

Cybercrime set to spike in the wake of Ukrainian conflict

Cyprus: New password fraud scam on social media accounts

Data Breach Alert: Central Bank

Data Breach Alert: Wagstaff, Inc

Data privacy laws are an opportunity to become more honest in reaching your target audience

Don’t let poor security undermine your business transformation efforts

Emotet Botnet's Latest Resurgence Spreads to Over 100,000 Computers

FBI Alert: Ransomware Attacks Hit Critical Infrastructure Organizations

February 2022’s Most Wanted Malware: Emotet Remains Number One While Trickbot Slips Even Further Down the Index

Giftmart Instagram (Instagift) Phishing Scam Alert

Government agencies in Ukraine targeted in cyber-attacks deploying MicroBackdoor malware

Hackers Abuse Mitel Devices to Amplify DDoS Attacks by 4 Billion Times

Hackers fork open-source reverse tunneling tool for persistence

Hybrid work trend ensures another year of online vulnerability

In Russia-Ukraine Crisis, Cybercriminals See New Opportunities

In-the-wild DDoS attack can be launched from a single packet to create terabytes of traffic

India Among Top 3 Countries Most Affected by Ransomware Attacks

Intel, AMD, Arm warn of new speculative execution CPU bugs

Ireland: Ex-INM chief had email account rebuilt in secret data operation

Is Hacktivism Good or Bad? How Could It Affect Your Business?

Malaysia: Better awareness on cybersecurity needed

Manufacturing felt brunt of cyberattacks in 2021 as supply chain woes grew

Mercado Libre latest hacking victim of LAPSUS$ group

Mid-market tackling high rate of costly attacks, worsened by complex, siloed defences and staff burnout

Most ServiceNow Instances Misconfigured, Exposed

Nearly 30% of critical WordPress plugin bugs don't get a patch

Online Safety Bill tweaked to target scam ads

Over half of London councils lack cyber insurance

Protecting Industrial Organizations From Ransomware

Ragnar ransomware gang hit 52 critical US orgs, says FBI

Ransomware: Sophos Details How Conti Gang, Karma Launched Dual Attack on a Healthcare Provider

Responding to heightened cyberattack risk: Focus on the basics

Romanian Extradited to US to Face Cybercrime Charge

Russia is also waging an online war

Russia-Ukraine: Is internet on verge of break-up?

Russian APTs Furiously Phish Ukraine

Russian government sites hacked in supply chain attack

Samsung confirms data breach affecting source code

Samsung confirms data breach after hackers leak internal source code

Scammers use a BANK'S phone number to tell customers their account has been suspended and steal their cash - here's what to look out for

Secure Your Microsoft 365 Account and Keep Hackers at Bay by Doing These 5 Things

Securing healthcare: An IT health check on the state of the sector

Sharp rise in SMB cyberattacks by Russia and China

Shoppers furious over Hula Hoops and McCoys crisps shortage due to Russian cyber attack

Should XDR drive your security strategy?

Small business owners worried about the cybersecurity of their commercial vehicles

Smartphone malware is on the rise, here's what to watch out for

Sodinokibi/REvil Ransomware Defendant Extradited to United States and Arraigned in Texas

The Cyberwar Toolkit: 8 Surefire Ways to Protect Your Data and Identity Online

The Digital Heatwave: Understanding Highly Adaptive Evasive Threats

The Great Resignation and Reshuffle: How to protect your organization from insider risk

The group responsible for Nvidia ransomware attack has now added Samsung to its victim list

The Psychology of Ransomware Response

Top Cybersecurity Trends to Watch Out for in 2022

U.S. charges two siblings in $124 million cryptocurrency fraud

Ukraine Conflict Puts Organisations’ Cyber-Resilience To The Test

Understanding US Defense Department’s relaxed cybersecurity protocols under CMMC 2.0

UPS flaws allow for remote code execution and remote fire-based interruptions

West Midlands braces for Russian cyber attacks after council targeted by hackers

What to do if your business has been hacked

What's next for Russian cyber?

Where are the (serious) Russian cyberattacks?

Why It's a Great Time to Be a Mobile Threat

Why SASE — an emerging cybersecurity term — is crucial for protecting your company's work-from-home data and systems

8th March

4 Types of Hackers That You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

5 of the most common cyberattacks, from 'injection' to 'brute force' hacks — and how they've been used in past conflicts

5 Practical Tips to Avoid Getting Hacked

5 steps that simplify IoT security for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

70% of breached passwords are still in use

76% of American SMEs are concerned about Electric Vehicles (EV) security

95% of cybersecurity breaches are traced to human error

Access:7 Supply Chain Flaws Impact ATMs, Medical, IoT devices

Access:7 vulnerabilities impact medical and IoT devices

After Declaring Support for Russian Invasion, Conti Ransomware Gang Hit With Data Leak

Against backdrop of Russian-Ukraine war, researchers witness flurry of nation-aligned hacking

Another way to protect voting rights: Hack-proof our elections

APC UPS zero-day bugs can remotely burn out devices, disable power

Applying Dynamic Response Measures To Fight Ransomware

Ascension Michigan data breach exposed 27K patient records

Attackers can Exploit Dirty Pipe Linux Vulnerability to Overwrite Data

Australia: Notifiable Data Breach (NDB) reports grew 6% in July–December

Automation is the Top Cloud Security Priority

Belarus targeted Ukraine, Poland in phishing campaigns: Google

Bug in the Linux Kernel Allows Privilege Escalation, Container Escape

Chinese hacking groups target US and European governments

CISA: Patch actively exploited Firefox zero-days until March 21st

Cloudflare to auto-brick servers that go offline in Ukraine, Russia

COVID-19 scams: how to recognise them and how to protect yourself

Critical "Access:7" Supply Chain Vulnerabilities Impact ATMs, Medical and IoT Devices

Critical Bugs Expose Hundreds of Thousands of Medical Devices and ATMs

Critical Security Patches Issued by Microsoft, Adobe and Other Major Software Firms

Cyber attacks: logistics more likely to be 'collateral damage' than targeted

Cybersecurity Legislation for Enhanced Cyber Incident Reporting Passes Senate, Awaits House Vote

Cybersecurity predictions and best practices in 2022

Data Breach Alert: Central Indiana Orthopedics

DDoS attacks now use new record-breaking amplification vector

Digital supply chain risk a new security threat for 2022

Dirty Pipe Exploit Rings Alarm Bells in the Linux Community

E-commerce giant Mercado Libre confirms source code data breach

Easily exploitable Linux bug gives root access to attackers (CVE-2022-0847)

Emotet growing slowly but steadily since November resurgence

Facebook the 2021 Most Targeted Site by Phishing Scams! Around 14% of Fake Pages Copy Facebook

FBI: Ragnar Locker ransomware breached 52 US critical infrastructure orgs

FBI pushes for ‘real time’ cyber incident reporting mandates, liability protections

FBI warns: This ransomware group has gone after critical infrastructure firms again and again

FinCEN warns ransomware proceeds could be part of Russia sanctions evasion

Five Steps To Transition To No-Code Security Automation

Fraud detection and prevention costs merchants more than fraud itself

Gardai trawl leaked files of HSE cyber gang

Gartner's top cybersecurity and risk management trends for 2022

Google: Chinese hackers target Gmail users affiliated with US government

Google: Russia, China, Belarus state hackers target Ukraine, Europe

Google: Russian Hackers Target Ukrainians, European Allies via Phishing Attacks

Hapag-Lloyd hit with 'spear phishing' attack as fake website gathers data

HC3 Report Reveals Cyberattack Trends and Provides Insights to Improve Healthcare Cybersecurity

‘Help Ukraine’ crypto scams on the rise; here’s how to spot them

HHS: What cybersecurity means for healthcare in 2022

Hive ransomware gang targets Romanian oil firm in its latest cyberattack

How a trail of breadcrumbs is leading straight to financial infrastructure

How APAC organisations can mitigate edge security threats

How to Communicate About Cybersecurity with your Loved Ones

HP patches 16 UEFI firmware bugs allowing stealthy malware infections

Identity Theft Statistics You Need to Know in 2022

Increasing risks for industrial control systems

Increasing security for single page applications (SPAs)

Industrial Control System (ICS) vulnerability disclosures surge 110% over the last four years

Inside Conti leaks: The Panama Papers of ransomware

Intel chiefs, lawmakers wait for other shoe to drop on Russian cyberattacks against Ukraine

Logan Health Notifies Patients of Data Breach That Affected Thousands of Montanans

Malware Is Disguising Itself As NVIDIA GPU Drivers

Medical and IoT Devices From More Than 100 Vendors Vulnerable to Attack

Microsoft fixes Azure flaw that could have allowed access to other accounts

Millions of APC Smart UPS Devices Can Be Remotely Hacked, Damaged

Minnesota School District's Hacked Email Causes Concern

New 16 High-Severity UEFI Firmware Flaws Discovered in Millions of HP Devices

Oklahoma Hospital Data Breach Impacts 92,000 People

Older Vulnerabilities Plaguing Legacy Systems

Omicron Covid scam texts pretending to be NHS swindles £531,000 from Brits

Palo Alto: More than 100,000 infusion pumps vulnerable to 2 vulnerabilities

Phishing attempts from FancyBear and Ghostwriter stepping up says Google

Phishing e-mails are more prevalent (and dangerous) than ever

Ransomware Attack Trends: Critical Infrastructure In The Crosshairs

Romania's largest refinery Petromidia under cyberattack

Russia, China May Be Coordinating Cyber Attacks

Russian, Belarusian hackers target Ukraine in phishing, Google says

Samsung confirms data breach

Samsung Confirms Data Breach After Hackers Leak Galaxy Source Code

Samsung hit by major data breach — Galaxy device source code stolen

Scores of US Critical Infrastructure Firms Hit by Ransomware

Securing Enterprise Data While Enabling Remote Working

Similarities and Difference Between Ransomware and DDoS Extortion Attacks

Six ways to beef up cybersecurity

Software Supply Chain Security Turns to Risk Mitigation

Starlink disruption in Ukraine and the persistent threat to critical infrastructure

State of IoT and OT security in the Middle East

Stopping Ecommerce Cyberattacks Before They Reach Customer Accounts

Suspected Chinese hackers gained access to six state governments, Mandiant says

T-Mobile Data Breach; Consumers Urged to Protect Their Information

The Human Factor in Data Security Breaches

The War in Ukraine Could Pose New Security Risks for Crypto Investors. Here’s How to Protect Your Coins

TLStorm exploits expose more than 20 million UPS units to takeover. Was yours one of them?

Two critical strategies for enterprise data encryption

Ukraine conflict highlights energy systems vulnerability

Urgent warning as experts say hackers are targeting your stimulus check payments in five ways

Utah inches closer to becoming fourth state to pass privacy law

Watch out! Your PC could be at risk after attack against Nvidia

What is XSS? Cross-site scripting attacks explained

Widely used UPS devices can be hijacked and destroyed remotely

Within hours of the Log4j flaw being revealed, these hackers were using it

Zero-Click Flaws in Widely Used UPS Devices Threaten Critical Infratructure

Zywave Agrees to $11 Million Fund to Settle ITC Data Breach Lawsuit

7th March

5 Steps to Rapidly Recover From a Cyber Attack

50% of global cybersecurity firms host exposed databases

A Critical Component of a Layered Approach to Cybersecurity: SIEMaaS

A third of mid-market firms were whacked by hacker outages in 2021

Adafruit suffers GitHub data breach – don’t let this happen to you

An Investment in Cybersecurity Is an Investment in Patient Care

Anonymous hacked Russian TV and streaming services with Ukraine war footage

Attacks on industrial control systems on the rise

Backup is no longer enough – can you bounce back from a data loss event?

BBC targeted with 383,278 spam, phishing and malware attacks every day

Before you click a PayPal link, read this warning – Sign it’s really a phishing scam

Beware of this email scam about your computer! Know how to ID fake mail

Cameras, Video Analytics and Legislation: Top Video Privacy Trends of 2022

Coinbase Blocks Over 25,000 Addresses Linked to Illicit Russian Activity

Coinbase blocks over 25,000 Russian-linked crypto addresses

Companies, people in hackers’ snare as war rages in Europe

Conti Ransomware Group Diaries, Part IV: Cryptocrime

Critical Bugs in TerraMaster TOS Could Open NAS Devices to Remote Hacking

Critical Firefox Zero-Day Bugs Allow RCE, Sandbox Escape

Cyber defence policy needs rethink

Cyber‑readiness in the face of an escalated gray zone conflict

Cybersecurity threats more advanced and automated in 2021, Fortinet reports

Data backup and recovery now a top priority as ransomware risk grows

Data Breach Alert: Assured Relocation, Inc

Data Breach Alert: PracticeMax

Data Breach Alert: SourceMedia, LLC (Arizent)

Data Breach Alert: University of Michigan Health

Data Breach Costs Can Quickly Run into the Billions

Data Fabric: What It Is and How It Impacts Cybersecurity

Dealers to see a “period of heightened risk” for cyber-attacks, says iVendi

Details of another big ransomware group 'Trickbot' leak online

Digital warfare: India in the line of cyber fire

'Dirty Pipe' Linux vulnerability discovered

Dozens of COVID passport apps put user's privacy at risk

Every business is a cybersecurity business

Expeditors reports ‘meaningful progress’ in cyberattack recovery

Facebook Was The Most Impersonated Brand In 2021 - Phishing Scams Continue To Focus On Social Media

Fake Antivirus Apps on Play Store Loaded with SharkBot Banking Trojan

FBI: Government officials impersonated in widespread extortion schemes

FBI: Ransomware gang breached 52 US critical infrastructure orgs

FBI warns of online scammers impersonating government officials, law enforcement

Fighting fraud: Don't put a sticking plaster on a sticking point

Firefox update fixes two nasty security vulnerabilities, so patch now

Gartner Identifies Top Security and Risk Management Trends for 2022

Gmail warning: This email says it protects your PC but does the opposite - delete it now

Google Fights Phishing With Updated Workspace Notifications

Government renews powers for long-term withholding of public records on national security grounds

Hackers reportedly leak 190GB of confidential Samsung data online

Half of employees use unauthorized file services to complete work

Hapag-Lloyd Targeted in Possible Spear Phishing Cyber Attack

HC3 Outlines History of Healthcare Cybersecurity From 1980s to Now

How an 8-character password could be cracked in less than an hour

How attackers sidestep the cyber kill chain

How to Avoid Being Hacked When Working From Home

How To Prepare for the Future of Electronic Identities

How to protect your personal information online

How Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) helps solve remote working security shortcomings

IBM Report Reveals that Manufacturing Felt Brunt of Cyberattacks in 2021

Is Cybersecurity Insurance Worth It?

IT leaders confident in their ability to manage a ransomware attack: They should know better

Microsoft Azure 'AutoWarp' Bug Could Have Let Attackers Access Customers' Accounts

Microsoft fixes critical Azure bug that exposed customer data

Modern Warfare Is Digital: Why Businesses Must Prepare For More Cyber-Security Threats Today

Mon Health System data breach may have impacted 400,000 people

Morgantown, West Virginia, Hospital Data Breach Impacts 400K People

Mozilla fixes Firefox zero-days exploited in the wild (CVE-2022-26485, CVE-2022-26486)

Mozilla fixes two critical Firefox flaws that are being actively exploited

Musk Warns Starlink Could Attract Russian Bombs

New Linux bug gives root on all major distros, exploit released

New SANS research reveals cyber attackers are actively targeting OT/ICS environments

Novel Attack Turns Amazon Devices Against Themselves

Nvidia’s breach might help cybercriminals run malware campaigns

NVIDIA’s Stolen Code-Signing Certs Used to Sign Malware

“Official Solana NFT Launch” — The Crypto Scam That Can Cost You Everything

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