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Monday 8 November 2021

Data Breaches Digest - Week 45 2021

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 8th November and 14th November 2021.

14th November

5 million cyberattacks faced by the Taiwan government on a daily basis

5 Preventive Measures To Safeguard Your Smart Devices From Cyber-Attacks

6 Common Scams and How to Avoid Them on Black Friday

7 Tips For Cybersecurity Learning Engagement

22-year-old Ukrainian arrested over largest cyber-attack in history

Almeria Couple Part Of International Criminal Gang Arrested Over €326,000 Internet Scam

Backing up data – whose job is it anyway?

Cyber review finds government websites 'critically vulnerable' to hackers

Cyberattacks are surging. Connecticut's workforce isn't keeping up

Delhi-based credit card phisher nabbed

‘Designed to scare you’ - Britons urged to watch out for attempts to steal your retirement

Double-standard information security claim self-destructive to India

Dutch Authorities Seize Cryptocurrency Worth Over 25 Million Euros

Expect more online scams during the holidays. Here's how to spot them before it's too late

FBI email server hacked; attackers pin blame on cybersecurity consultant

FBI probes cyber-attack emails sent from internal server

FBI's Email System Hacked to Send Out Fake Cyber Security Alert to Thousands

Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail users warned they are at risk of new scam

Home Affairs launches new principles for critical technology supply chain security

How Pysa/Mespinoza Captured the World’s Attention

How to protect yourself from scams as the holiday season approaches

How (un)safe is your data?

Rise in ransomware spell end of business-as-usual

The cost of eroding digital trust in Middle East and Africa (MEA) brands and ways to address it

The U.S. Justice Department Takes Back a Lot of Stolen Crypto

This New Android Malware Might Steal Your Credit Card Information

US Education Dept urged to boost K-12 schools' ransomware defenses

Use separate credit card for online shopping, transactions

Why hackers continue to hit DeFi protocols, solutions

Why Ransomware Attacks Are Here to Stay - and What to Do about It

With ransomware attacks on the rise, here’s how to protect yourself online

13th November

6 Best Web Application Security Practices to Prevent Cyberattacks

99% of federal security pros want the government to increase data protection

Arrests Made In FBI Trump-Russia Investigation

Beware the ransomware that could mean life or death

Biden’s naivete about Russian cyber warfare puts America in danger

Cumbria Police issue advice on how to shop safely online

Cyber Attack Halts Beer Production At Barcelona's Damm Brewery

Cyberattack Turns Off the Taps at Barcelona's Damm Brewery

Data of Lister fertility clinic patients compromised in a ransomware attack

Delete these 7 Android apps before it costs you big bucks; spot fake LinkedIn alerts

Derbyshire scam expert says these are the top scams to look out for

Fake end-to-end encrypted chat app distributes Android spyware

FBI system hacked to email 'urgent' warning about fake cyberattacks

FBI Warns US Companies about Iranian Hackers

Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail users warned they are at risk of new scam

He called himself the King of Fraud. Now this bot lord will reign in prison for years

How to spot a scam text message and what to do if you get one

How to stop Gmail bait attacks

Internet Explorer is still causing trouble, even from the grave

I Was A Victim Of Business Identity Theft - And It Could Happen To You

Kenya: You Are on Your Own - Insurers to Companies Over Cyber Attacks

Landing some jabs in the ransomware cyberwar

Lidl scam warning: Britons urged to 'watch out' as fake email could put your money at risk

More than 300 security bugs, including those from 2014, must be patched by all federal agencies in the United States

Multiple data breaches common in past year

Netherlands Detains Russian Sought By U.S. Over 'Ryuk' Ransomware

Pandemic sees criminals target online shoppers

Phishing in Troubled Waters: How To Protect Yourself from Hacker Attacks?

Police Arrest 48 Foreigners for Alleged Extortion on Dating Apps

Prep, fortification best defense against cyberattacks

Ransomware attacks are getting more complex and even harder to prevent

Security and Compliance Risks Associated With the Merger and Acquisition Process

Six Tips to Secure Mobile Devices in Your Organization

Small-town Japanese hospital struggling with 'disaster' after ransomware attack

Someone Snuck a Card Skimmer Into Costco to Steal Shopper Data

Surveillance firm pays $1 million fine after 'spy van' scandal

This Hackers-For-Hire Group Has Been Stealing Data In The Shadows Since 2015

Tokyo Tax Officials Expose a $237M Real Estate-Based Crypto Scam Involving Chinese Investors

Top 10 Applications of Machine Learning in Cybersecurity

US authorities seek extradition of Russian for alleged ransomware money laundering operation

Warning From Chief of Defence Staff: Cyber Crime Increase By 500% In India; Stay Alert

What is Karnataka Bitcoin scam? All you need know

What Is Sensitive Data Exposure and How Is It Different From a Data Breach?

What Is Vulnerability Scanning and How Does It Work?

12th November

3 tips for stopping the next insider attack

31.5 Million Cyberthreats Target Users In South Africa, Says Kaspersky

Are Cyber Insurers Cybersecurity’s New Enforcers?

Australia: How to Avoid Scams During the Major Online Sales

Australia's Ransomware Action Plan a major step forward for cybercrime prevention

Barracuda Networks Report Shows Spike in Bait Attacks

Booking.com was breached by a hacker with links to US intelligence services

Booking.com was reportedly hacked by a US intel agency but never told customers

BotenaGo botnet malware targeting millions of IoT devices

Bridging gap between cyber and hybrid working

Changes in cyber threat exposure alter the way companies protect their business

CISA warns of equipment vulnerabilities from multiple vendors

Costco Confirms: A Data Skimmer’s Been Ripping Off Customers

Costco customers complain of fraudulent charges before company confirms card skimming attack

Costco discloses data breach after finding credit card skimmer

Credit Card Skimmer Leads to Costco Data Breach

Critical RCE in Palo Alto Networks (PAN) firewalls revealed, patch ASAP! (CVE-2021-3064)

Critical security controls for effective cyber defense strategies

Cyber attack 'paralyses' Estrella Damm brewery badly hitting beer production

Cyber attack turns off the taps at Barcelona's Damm brewery

Cyber Attackers Hit Ohio Hospital, Library, TV Stations

Cyber-Ish Tips: Are You Prepared for Ransomware?

Data breach at RedDoorz hit 6 million customers; hospitality platform fined S$74,000

Don't fall for these clever Black Friday scams this year

Email Phishing: Better Be Safe than Sorry

Europol: Ransomware Gangs Focusing on High Profile Targets

Europol reveals how ransomware gangs are evolving to evade capture

Europol’s Threat Report Reveals Organized Cybercrime Has Benefited from the Pandemic

FBI Warns That Ransomware Gangs Target Companies During Mergers and Acquisitions, Threatening To Disclose Non-Public Information

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) shares ransomware defense tips for small US businesses

Firm Held Onto Palo Alto VPN Zero-Day for 11 Months

Four Reasons Why Application Security is an Enabler for All Businesses

Fraudsters hack into IT agency CEO’s phone

Google warns of hackers using macOS zero-day flaw to capture keystrokes, screengrabs

Hackers Are Targeting VoIP Providers In Ransomware Attacks

Hackers Increasingly Using HTML Smuggling in Malware and Phishing Attacks

Hospital nearly normal more than a month after attack

Hospitals are at a high risk of cyberattacks, but patients don’t realize it

How AI fights fraud in the telecom industry

How to Securely Access Remote Desktop?

Indiana system recovers from ransomware attack: No more paper records, but CEO says 'a lot of work left to do'

Industrial cybersecurity market to reach $22.3 billion by 2026

Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment

Interpol Closes in on Global BEC Gang

iPhone Data Leak: Expert Reveals How 'Minecraft' Shares Your Data

Is Using a VPN Illegal?

Karnataka: Bitcoin firm in touch with Indian agencies in Sriki case

Karnataka Bitcoin scam: Arrested accused hacked Bitfinex exchange twice

“King of Fraud” Gets Ten Years

Mac Zero Day Targets Apple Devices in Hong Kong

Major comics distributor regains access to its website following ransomware attack

Major Water Supplier Suffers Nine-Month Long Breach

Many businesses remain painfully ill-prepared for a ransomware attack

Medical software firm urges password resets after ransomware attack

Microsoft warns of surge in HTML smuggling phishing attacks

Midsize Companies Still Struggle with Security

Millions of Routers, IoT Devices at Risk from New Open-Source Malware

Modern Challenges in Securing Multi-Cloud Environments

Movistar suffers a cyber attack that exposes customer data

Mitigating the popularity risk

New Golang Malware ‘BotenaGo’ Targets Millions of Routers and IoTs With Over 30 Exploits

Newfoundland and Labrador Justice Minister confirms health-care employee info stolen in cyberattack

North Korea conducted malware campaign against aerospace, other targets

One-third of retail and hospitality organizations have experienced a data breach

“Password” Isn’t A Password, And Other Cybersecurity Mistakes

Pay-per-click fraud is costing top tech companies, and you, hundreds of millions of dollars

QBot returns for a new wave of infections using Squirrelwaffle

Ransomware experts question massive Pysa/Mespinoza victim dump

Ransomware takes center stage in U.S. official's Middle East trip

Report details a dangerous Android phishing campaign that can take control of your phone

Reports underline risks for merchants through holiday season

Researchers Discover 13 Medical Device Security Vulnerabilities

Robinhood Data Breach Highlights Growing Threat of Social Engineering

Robinhood data breach is bad, but we've seen much worse

Russians Who Bought Fake Vaccine Certificates Targeted in Data Leak

Salami attacks: Small deposits resulting in significant losses

Security company faces backlash for waiting 12 months to disclose Palo Alto 0-day

Security experts expect to see BlackMatter ransomware gang again soon

Security researcher: Flaw in Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay makes fraud easy for thieves

Security standards should be strengthened outside the federal government too

South Africa: Some services still not restored after justice department ransomware attack

Spanish Brewery “Paralyzed” by Cyber-Attack

The 5 Golden Rules of Cyber-War

The ransomware playbook: How to turn the tide on rising threats

The Real Cost of Ransomware, and What Can Be Done About It

These are the top-level domains threat actors like the most

This sneaky trick lets attackers smuggle malware onto your network

Threat from Organized Cybercrime Syndicates Is Rising

Top 10 Cybersecurity Best Practices to Combat Ransomware

Trickbot tops 'most wanted malware' list, again

Trindad & Tobago: Republic Bank warns against fraudulent Whatsapp messages currently circulating

Victorian man sentenced for hacking and phone offences

Vulnerable Web Applications Prevalent in EU Pharma Companies

Warn your friends and family over dangerous NEW text used by iPhone thieves

Warning of cybercrime on the rise and passwords being traded online

“We wait, because we know you” Inside the Ransomware negotiation economics

What is a Phishing Attack And How do You Steer Clear of Them?

What To Do If You’ve Been Scammed

Why colleges are being targeted with ransomware attacks?

Why the biggest cyber-attacks go undetected

Why younger people are at higher risk for falling for phishing attacks

Windows 10 Privilege-Escalation Zero-Day Gets an Unofficial Fix

Zero-day bug in all Windows versions gets free unofficial patch

11th November

5 Ways to Approach Ransomware Negotiations

8 Ways Your Google Account Can Be Hacked

$10 million bounty also on those responsible for REvil ransomware

12 notorious ransomware actors nabbed in major Europol-led operation

AARP Report: Veterans Much More Likely Than Civilians to Be Targeted by Fraudsters

Abcbot - A New Evolving Wormable Botnet Malware Targeting Linux

All cyberthreats now part of a connected ransomware delivery system

AMD fixes dozens of Windows 10 graphics driver security bugs

Are you less capable of innovation or more vulnerable to threats than you thought?

As the holiday season approaches, threats to supply chain, e-commerce and travel soar

Attackers use CSS to fool anti-phishing systems

Automating Cloud Security

Back-to-Back PlayStation 5 Hacks Hit on the Same Day

BazarBackdoor now abuses Windows 10 app feature in 'call me back' attack

Bill proposes large financial institutions to report ransomware attacks, cap payments

BotenaGo botnet targets millions of IoT devices with 33 exploits

Careful: 'Smart TV remote' Android app on Google Play is malware

CEO of Blacklisted Spyware Firm Quits

CEO-designate of Pegasus spyware's NSO Group resigns after US sanctions

Certified Automotive Lease Corp. Data Breach Update

City of Moline confirms it was victim of phishing scam in December

Congress Mulls Ban on Big Ransom Payouts Unless Victims Get Official Say-So

Countering the Ransomware Menace: Busting 5 Big Cyber Myths

Critical WordPress plugin vulnerability allowed wiping databases

Cyber-Mercenary Group Void Balaur Attacks High-Profile Targets for Cash

DarkSide’s alter ego BlackMatter shuts shop citing law enforcement pressure

DDoS attacks were a more serious threat in Q3 2021 than ever before

Eliminate cyber friction with smarter technology

EU pharmaceutical giants run old, vulnerable apps and fail to use encryption in login forms

Everything you need to know about malware

Expect 2022 to be the year of cybersecurity

Extent of Cybercrime Increase in Wake of Covid Crisis Revealed

FBI warns US companies about Iranian hackers

Flaw Exposing Data of 44 Million Indian Investors Patched

Gmail accounts are used in 91% of all baiting email attacks

Gmail is awash with bait attack phishing emails

Gravitational Force of Ransomware Black Hole Pulls in Other Cyberthreats

Hackers Exploit macOS Zero-Day to Hack Hong Kong Users with new Implant

Hackers undetected on Queensland water supplier server for 9 months

How Cyber Thieves Are Ramping Up Their Phishing Attacks Against Companies And Organizations

How cybercriminals use bait attacks to gather info about their intended victims

How Malware Works And How To Remove It

How patient safety is being hampered by rampant ransomware attacks

How to avoid a data breach

HPE: Aruba Central cloud environment was exposed by unknown threat actor

Humanizing hackers: Entering the minds of those behind the attacks

Invest in These 3 Key Security Technologies to Fight Ransomware

Iran's Lyceum Hackers Target Telecoms, ISPs in Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Africa

It’s time to get serious about tackling ransomware

Legal action against Sky Betting and Gaming being explored following data breach

Loosening the Grip of Ransomware

'Lyceum' Threat Group Broadens Focus to ISPs

Magniber ransomware gang now exploits Internet Explorer flaws in attacks

Missouri apologizes to 600k teachers who had SSNs and private info exposed

Navigating The Threat Landscape 2021 – From Ransomware to Botnets

New BazarBackdoor Attack Discovered

New bill sets ransomware attack response rules for US financial orgs

Phishing attacks grow 31.5% over 2020, social media attacks continue to climb

Post-Graff Hacking, Ransomware Group Says It Won’t Leak Dictator Data

Ransomware among most pressing issues for auditors in 2022

Ransomware Attack Hits UK Fertility Clinic

Ransomware attacks target German companies at the same time

Ransomware black hole pulls in other cyberthreats to create one massive delivery system

Ransomware gangs are using these 'ruthless' tactics as they aim for bigger payouts

Recommendations for Fulfilling the Potentials of Cyber Insurance

Researchers Uncover Hacker-for-Hire Group That's Active Since 2015

Researchers Uncover Prolific Hacker-for-Hire Group

Robinhood crippled by trading outage two days after data breach

Russian 'King of Fraud' sentenced to 10 years for Methbot botnet

Scam PACs Allegedly Stole $3.5m from Trump Voters

Supply chain and COVID-19 challenges forces companies to shift their security strategies

The world’s worst kept secret and the truth behind passwordless technology

‘Thoughtless’ flaw on Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) website leaves thousands vulnerable to phishing attacks - cybersecurity expert

Three cybersecurity tips to protect yourself and your devices from privacy threats

Three Ways To Protect Your Enterprise From Ransomware

Tiny Font Size Fools Email Filters in BEC Phishing

Top Google Result for NFT Marketplace OpenSea Was a Phishing Site

Trend Micro reveals 'Void Balaur' cyber mercenary group

TrickBot Operators Partner with Shathak Attackers for Conti Ransomware

US alleges ransomware attack against government

US Firms Hit with Largest Ransoms Globally

Waikato DHB cyberattack: Board prewarned security was severely compromised

Watch out as new PhoneSpy spyware hits Android devices

When the alarms go off: 10 key steps to take after a data breach

White House: Federal Computers Vulnerable to Cyberattacks

Why the rise in ransomware spells the end of business-as-usual

Windows 10 App Installer abused in BazarLoader malware attacks

With ransomware attacks on the rise, here’s how to protect yourself online

10th November

3 Tips for SecOps Teams Doing Data Backups as Part of Post-Attack Ransomware Recovery

13 New Flaws in Siemens Nucleus TCP/IP Stack Impact Safety-Critical Equipment

14 New Security Flaws Found in BusyBox Linux Utility for Embedded Devices

14 security vulnerabilities reported in BusyBox Linux utility

68% of Aussie employees fear a cyber attack, new report finds

2022 Cybersecurity Predictions From RSA Conference’s Advisory Board

A 3-step approach for healthcare organizations to elevate cybersecurity

A Cyber Mercenary Is Hacking The Google And Telegram Accounts Of Presidential Candidates, Journalists And Doctors

A stalker's wishlist: PhoneSpy malware destroys Android privacy

Account compromises may decrease by 96% at Florida State University (FSU)

Anglers Redirected to Pornhub

Arab royals received apology from Conti ransomware gang for data leak

Are you the next victim of a data breach?

Arrest in Kaseya Attack Highlights Government Ransomware Progress

As the move to the cloud accelerates, data privacy and security remain critical

Bandwidth.com reports multimillion dollar loss post DDoS attacks

Beware of WhatsApp phishing! Odisha government issues advisory

Big businesses hit by multiple ransomware campaigns every day

Businesses don't know how to manage VPN security properly - and cyber criminals are taking advantage

Comic book distributor struggling with shipments after ransomware attack

Comic Industry's Oldest Distributor Being Held Hostage by Ransomware Attack

COVID-19: North Korean hackers detected searching for vaccine manufacturing secrets

Critical Citrix Bug Shuts Down Network, Cloud App Access

Crypto criminals are blackmailing Instagram users into swindling friends

Cybersecurity: This prolific hacker-for-hire operation has targeted thousands of victims around the world

Cybersecurity Breaches Of 2021 Worth Taking A Look

Dallas Police Surveillance Footage Leaked

Data Breach At Robinhood Affects Seven Million Users

Data Protection When Cyber-Attacks Are Rife

DDoS attacks and botnets in 2021 – Mozi, takedowns and high-frequency attacks reshape the threat landscape

DDOS attacks grow in frequency, sophistication

Department of Justice (DOJ) charges REvil ransomware leaders with Kaseya attack

Dridex Banking Malware Turns Up in Mexico

Effective crisis management to Fight Increasing ransomware Incidents

Electronics Retail Outlet MediaMarkt Hit by Ransomware Demand For $50M In Bitcoin

Electronics Retailer MediaMarkt Hit by Ransomware Demand for $50M Bitcoin Payment

Exchange Server bug: Patch now, but multi-factor authentication might not stop these attacks, warns Microsoft

FBI warns of Iranian hackers looking to buy US orgs’ stolen data

Gen-Z using corporate email for personal use raises security concerns

Hack leaves fertility clinic medical data at risk

Healthcare security: IT pros warn of vulnerable HVAC systems, imaging machines, check-in kiosks and more

How Artificial intelligence (AI) Stops Cybercriminals

How credentials became an attacker’s easiest target

How healthcare organizations and patients are increasingly at risk from cyber threats

How healthcare stayed cyber-healthy in a pandemic

How to measure the value of cybersecurity

How VPNs can minimize cyberattack risks

HPE says hackers breached Aruba Central using stolen access key

Hybrid Working: Stopping Cyber-Attacks at Source

In Ransomware Fight, FBI Balances Unlocking Victims’ Data and Chasing Attackers

Ironic twist: WP Reset PRO bug lets hackers wipe WordPress sites

Is India Inc. & Government ready for Ransomware apocalypse?

Justice Department Gets a Win with Recovery of $6.1 Million from Alleged Ransomware Extortionists

Kuwait confirms arrest of person part of international ransomware network

Lazarus hackers target researchers with trojanized IDA Pro

Making an offer you can’t refuse: Ransomware gangs are the mafia of the 21st century

Manhasset School District continues to recover from September ransomware attack

Massive Zero-Day Hole Found in Palo Alto Security Appliances

Microsoft: Patch Zoho Bug Now to Stop Chinese Hackers

Microsoft patches Excel zero-day used in attacks, asks Mac users to wait

Most CIOs and CISOs underestimate the risk of an Operational Technology (OT) breach

Most cybersecurity leaders use microsegmentation to augment corporate network security

Most Patients Unaware of the Magnitude Healthcare Ransomware Attacks

Near 33 million cyberthreats target users and organisations combined in Kenya

New Android malware targets Netflix, Instagram, and Twitter users

New Android Spyware Poses Pegasus-Like Threat

New bill before Congress aims to standardize ransomware reporting requirements

New Phishing Campaign Exploits Proofpoint’s Name To Steal Credentials

New research finds alarming jump in phishing attacks

North Korean hackers target the South's think tanks through blog posts

Organizations believe they are ready for ransomware attacks

Over 80% of Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) Firms Have Been Breached in Past 36 Months

Palo Alto Networks patches zero-day affecting firewalls using GlobalProtect Portal VPN

Phil Long suffers data breach that affected a ‘limited number of people,’ alerts FBI

Phishing-as-a-Service: Research Exposes BulletProofLink Gang

PhoneSpy: Android spyware campaign targeting South Korean users

Police warn Lidl shoppers in North Wales of new email scam

Proactive measures to cyber-secure utilities

Ransomware: Is Your Sensitive Data Protected, or Will You Have To Pay Up?

Ransomware is The New Terrorism, Contends Cyber Expert

Ransomware, SolarWinds forced cybersecurity into public’s consciousness, says CISA chief

Researchers Discover PhoneSpy Malware Spying on South Korean Citizens

Retail Giant Media Markt Hit With $50,000,000 Bitcoin Ransomware Demand in Alleged Attack

Robinhood data breach impacts seven million users

Scammers on a Crypto-Stealing Spree

Security Basics in a Hybrid Environment

SMS About Bank Fraud as a Pretext for Voice Phishing

Sophos 2020 threat report: Gravitational force of ransomware black hole pulls in other cyberthreats

Sophos 2022 Threat Report examines how ransomware is evolving

Stor-a-File hit by ransomware after crooks target SolarWinds Serv-U FTP software

Study Shows 10% of People Have Clicked on Phishing Links While on Their Phones

Telnyx is the latest VoIP provider hit with DDoS attacks

The FBI has issued an urgent warning that cyber trolls may target businesses with “trojan software” - here’s how to keep your money safe

The role of visibility and analytics in zero trust architectures

These industries were the most affected by the past year of ransomware attacks

These invisible characters could be hidden backdoors in your JS code

TrickBot teams up with Shatak phishers for Conti ransomware attacks

Ukrainian arrested, charged with ransomware attack

US Department of State (DOS) Puts Bounty On REvil Ransomware Gang And Accessories

US officials seize $6m in crypto ransomware clampdown

US targets REvil, DarkSide ransomware with $10M rewards

Void Balaur hackers-for-hire sell stolen mailboxes and private data

Vulnerabilities associated with ransomware increased 4.5% in Q3 2021

Vulnerabilities in Nucleus NET TCP/IP stack could lead to real-world damage

What is “phishing”? Mexico is the second most vulnerable country to this technique

You Must Make Data Privacy Part of Your Company's Cultural DNA. Here's Where to Start

Zebra2014 Broker Shares Ransomware Resources

Zero Trust Protects Against Ransomware, Claims Engineer

9th November

12 New Flaws Used in Ransomware Attacks in Q3

81% of Organizations Experienced Increased Cyber-Threats During COVID-19

320K Impacted in EHR Vendor Breach, Ransomware Hits Health Systems

A New Cybersecurity Executive Order Puts the Heat on Critical Infrastructure Suppliers

Accused Ukrainian Kaseya ransomware attacker arrested

Actors Arrested and Charged for REvil Ransomware Attacks and $6 Million Seized

API sprawl: A threat you might want to address later, but you can’t ignore it

Authorities arrest REvil ransomware operators in Kuwait and Romania

Average ransomware payment for US victims more than $6 million, survey says

Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS) still recovering from cyberattack one year later

Banking malware threats are increasing sharply

Biden administration cracks down on ransomware group

bZx crypto heist results in reported losses of more than $55 million

Canada: Province confirms personal data breach in health care cyberattack

Centara hotels and resorts suffered second data breach right after the first data breach

Charity Fraud: How to Avoid Scams and Give Wisely

Clop gang exploiting SolarWinds Serv-U flaw in ransomware attacks

Clop Ransomware affiliates are the main focus of Operation Cyclone, now wanted by Interpol

Collective Defense Is Key to Halting the Cyber Pandemic

Countries announce ransomware crackdown

Cybercriminal tries to rob Robinhood in data breach affecting 7 million

Cybereason Threat Analysis Report: From Shatak Emails to the Conti Ransomware

Cybersecurity expert explains what happens during ransomware attacks

Cybersecurity experts weigh in on U.S govt's $10 million reward for info on DarkSide ransomware group

Despite rising security budgets, businesses still paying ransom

DNSSEC: The Secret Weapon Against DNS Attacks

EU Commission takes on challenge to improve the cybersecurity of wireless devices

Euro Police Arrest Two More REvil Affiliates as US Issues Sanctions

FBI Warns of Ransomware Threats to M&A

Global ransomware cybercrime network busted; 7 accused who made €200 million in ransom arrested

Hackers using Google Ads phishing scam to steal crypto wallet money

Healthcare facility, Region 3 was under a ransomware attack

Here’s what security teams are not seeing in phishing click rates

How to Minimize Ransomware's Trail of Destruction and Its Associated Costs

Hundreds in Washington County Linked to Recent Data Breach

Iranian state hackers use upgraded malware in attacks on ISPs, telcos

Kaspersky finds 31% increase in "smart" DDoS attacks

MediaMarkt investigating ransomware demand of $50 million in bitcoin

MediaMarkt is the latest victim of the company’s ransomware attack

MediaMarkt suffers a ransomware attack on the eve of Black Friday

Medical software firm urges password resets after ransomware attack

Meet Lyceum: Iranian hackers targeting telecoms, ISPs

Micro-Segmentation Used by 83% of Cybersecurity Leaders

Microsoft: Chinese hackers are targeting Zoho ManageEngine software

Microsoft urges Exchange admins to patch bug exploited in the wild

Mimecast Research: 80% of Organizations Surveyed Have Been Attacked by Ransomware in the Past Two Years

More Trouble Ahead for Supply Chain as Hackers Descend

Multiple BusyBox Security Bugs Threaten Embedded Linux Devices

Not Punny: Angling Direct Breach Cripples Retailer for Days

NUCLEUS:13 TCP security bugs impact critical healthcare devices

Phishing attacks jump, alarmingly

Post-pandemic Growth Starts With Understanding Cyber Risk

ProofPoint Phishing Attack Shows Why Every CISO Needs to Protect Against Brand Impersonation

Pulse Secure: When Your Defenses Are Turned Against You

Ransomware Actors May Have a New Broker on the Block

Ransomware attack on MediaMarkt disrupted some their services

Ransomware attacks are increasingly exploiting security vulnerabilities

Ransomware Hits Major US Comic Book Distributor

Report Reveals Rise in Ransomware Attacks

Research Finds Alarming Jump in Phishing Attacks

Retail industry security incidents soaring, worsened by the supply chain crisis

REvil Ransomware Attacks Targeted 22 Texas Cities. Now, Two Men Have Been Charged

Robinhood Data Breach – Hackers access millions of users’ data

Robinhood Data Breach Hits Seven Million Customers

Robinhood Data Breach Leaks Details of 7 million Customers

Robinhood security breach compromised data of 7 million users

Robinhood trading app hit by data breach affecting seven million

Robinhood says millions of customer names and email addresses taken in data breach

Robinhood Trading App Suffers Data Breach Exposing 7 Million Users' Information

Robinhood Trading Platform Data Breach Hits 7 Million Customers

Security pros say federal government should do more to protect and secure private sector

Sea Mar Data Breach Exposes Patient Information: Murphy Law Firm Investigates Patients' Legal Claims

Seven hackers arrested in global ransomware crackdown

Shotgun targeting of malware attacks will be the defining infosec theme of 2022, reckons Sophos

Stolen data spreads 11 times faster on dark web today than 6 years ago, Bitglass study shows

TeamTNT hackers target your poorly configured Docker servers

Tech infrastructure diversity holds key to better security

The cyber insurance dilemma: The risks of a safety net

The Industries Most Affected by Ransomware

The New Frontier of Enterprise Risk: Nth Parties

The Privilege Is Mine: Protecting Endpoints From Compromised Credentials

There is a "crisis of overconfidence in IT"

These cybersecurity vulnerabilities could leave millions of connected medical devices open to attack

Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) says personal info of up to 25,000 current, former employees accessed in cyberattack

Ukrainian Arrested and Charged with Ransomware Attack on Kaseya

Unique Challenges to Cyber-Security in Healthcare and How to Address Them

US amps up war on ransomware with charges against REvil attackers

US government sanctions crypto-exchange Chatex over ransomware allegations

US to Charge Suspects Over Kaseya Ransomware Attack

Virtual Currency Exchange Sanctioned by U.S. for Facilitating Ransomware Payments

Why are we still asking Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA) questions to authenticate identity?

Why Immutable Backups Are Essential to Recovering from Ransomware Attacks

Why ransomware readiness in the finance sector is critical

Why Self-Learning AI Is Changing the Paradigm of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Security

8th November

6 Palestinian rights activists hacked by NSO spyware

$55M Stolen from Crypto Company

80% of organizations experienced employees misusing and abusing access to business apps

An Estimated $55 Million Stolen in bZx Phishing Attack

Apparent spy campaign targeting defense and other sectors uncovered

Are MENA SMEs prepared for the latest cybersecurity risks?

Australia: Scams On The Rise, With Losses Up 87 Per Cent To $236 Million

AvePoint Global MSP Preferences Survey Reveals Nearly 70% of MSPs Believe Security and Governance Among the Top IT Needs for End Customers

Back to Basics: Hardware Security as the Ultimate Defense Against Ransomware Attacks

BlackBerry Uncovers Initial Access Broker Linked to 3 Distinct Hacker Groups

Calgary police and Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) contribute to international ransomware sting

Canadian healthcare system suffered cyberattack

Canadian real estate company slammed by ransomware attack

Conti ransomware gang apologized to Arab Royals over data leak

Criminal group dismantled after forcing victims to be money mules

Critical Flaws in Philips TASY EMR Could Expose Patient Data

Current and former Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) employees may be affected by data breach

Cybercrime trends: more than 50% of banks globally experienced increases in the number and amount of fraud

Cybercriminals target mobile banking apps

Cybersecurity firms provide threat intel for Clop ransomware group arrests

Data breach at CDSL’s KYC arm exposed 4.39 crore investors’ data twice within 10 days

DDoS attack cost Bandwidth.com nearly $12 million

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Robinhood discloses data breach impacting 7 million customers

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U.S. Charges Ukrainian Hacker for Kaseya Attack; Seizes $6 Million from REvil Gang

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