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Monday 1 November 2021

Data Breaches Digest - Week 44 2021

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 1st November and 7th November 2021.

7th November

3 Key Reasons Zero Trust Network Access is Critical for Today's Mobile Worker

51% of IT leaders don’t think they could mitigate a data breach

After leaking thousands of records from a jewelry store, a Ransomware group has apologized

Attack on Toledo Lucas County Public Library system was attack on us all

Australia: Labor proposes anti-scam centre, calls for crackdown on social media companies profiting from fraud

Can You Get Hacked While Using a VPN?

'Consumers need to be vigilant' - Black Friday scam warning issued as sales start early

Cooperative societies too not secure, get in crosshairs of cyber criminals

Credit Card Fraud Prevention: How to Protect Your Credit Card Online

Dangerous malicious code has just been discovered infecting smartphones, users must urgently remove these apps!

Dangerous phishing attempt against Unicredit clients: how to identify it

Data breach at CDSL's KYC arm exposed 4.39 crore investors' data twice within 10 days

Delivery scams are on the rise – how to avoid falling victim to ‘brushing’ and ‘smishing’

Does Microsoft Active Directory Services open the door to BlackMatter and other ransomware?

How to avoid falling victim to 'brushing' and 'smishing' as delivery scams on the rise

Microsoft Warns Of ‘Moving Target’ Password Attacks - Here’s How To Stop Them

Minecraft Players are under Attack, but it’s Not All Bad

Nigeria urged to invest in cybersecurity against spate of attacks

Operation Cyclone deals blow to Clop ransomware operation

Operation spooks hackers

Ransomware Attacks and Response: What You Need to Know Now

Scammers using Google Ads to steal $500k of cryptocurrency

The Dangers of Buying Fake Justin Bieber Tickets

The Importance of Protecting the Feedstock of Modern Organisations

This cybercriminal group targets large French companies

Two NPM Packages With 22 Million Weekly Downloads Found Backdoored

What are the top cyber security threats in Rwanda?

Why we urgently need a security culture

6th November

94% of devs say their company experienced a ‘preventable’ cyberattack

Amazon Black Friday Scam: Fake Email Can Steal Your Credit Card Details, Here's How to Prevent It

Amazon Warns Shoppers of New Scams as Black Friday Nears

CDNetworks Releases State of the Web Security for 2020: Web Application Attacks Surged 740%

Crypto scammers stole over USD500,000 using Google Ads and phishing websites

Cyberattacks: South Africa, you’ve been hacked

Cyberattacks: The New Reality for Every Small Business

Debit Card Fraud: A Growing Issue in Financial Services

Decentralization may be key to protecting our digital identities

DeFi protocol bZx falls victim to phishing attack, around $55 million lost

Electronic Warfare Associates (EWA) Data Breach: Email Phishing Incident Details

FBI asks crypto users to beware of rising scams using ATMs and QR codes

FBI Cyber Crime Division Warns Tribal Casinos About Ongoing Threats

Google Ads Becomes Latest Platform Used to Steal Crypto in $500,000 Phishing Attacks

Google Ads Phishing Scam Mounted to $500,000 as per New Report

HDFC Bank warns customers of cyber fraud; Here’s how to avoid loss of money

Here's Why Biden Threatened to Make Ransomware a National Security Issue

Industrial Connected Workers Require Zero Trust

Inertia is the enemy of cybersecurity

INTERPOL-led operation takes down prolific cybercrime ring

Latest cyber threat highjacks MS Excel

Minecraft gamers being targeted by Chaos ransomware in Japan

Moline paid $421,000 to scammers a year ago, but city officials kept it quiet

Most common and popular type of Viruses in a Computer

Pay attention to this new SMS that runs in the name of Poste Italiane: it is phishing

Phishing Is an Insider Risk - It's Time to Tackle It Like One

Proofpoint unearths the use of Squid Game as lure by TA575 to distribute Dridex malware

Protecting Against Security Issues for Remote Workers

Ransomware Attack on a Florida Lab

Ransomware Attacks Affected 44% Of All Retailers In The Past Year

Special Considerations for Securing Remote Work in High-Security Jobs

Thailand: Healthcare data leaks a major problem, warns cyber expert

The State of Education Cybersecurity: 3 Lessons for Protecting the Post-Covid Classroom

This Amazon scam could trick even the most savvy shoppers

US government offers up to $10 million reward for information on DarkSide ransomware hackers

5th November

1.8 TB of Police Helicopter Surveillance Footage Leaks Online

5 Cybersecurity Myths That Make You More Vulnerable to Attacks

6 Potential Long-Term Impacts of a Data Breach

77% of rootkits are used for espionage purposes

2021’s 6 Nastiest Malware - and How to Avoid Their Wrath

As one ransomware group falls, others are set to rise

Australia: Hackers gained access to mySA Gov accounts, including licence and rego details

Benefits of a Website Malware Scanner

Beyond the Basics: Tips for Building Advanced Ransomware Resiliency

BlackBerry report highlights initial access broker providing entry to StrongPity APT, MountLocker and Phobos ransomware gangs

Blocked DDoS events up 75% in the first nine months of 2021

Cloudflare report highlights devastating DDoS attacks on VoIP services and several 'record-setting HTTP attacks'

Crooks Commandeer Sam's Club Name to Send Scam Emails

Cryptojacking Is On the Rise. Here’s How Enterprises Can Protect Themselves

Cybersecurity: Track data activity before "unusual" becomes dangerous

Debunking Five Myths About Zero-Trust

EHR Vendors' Disclosures Are Latest Security Risk Reminders

Facial Recognition Firm Could Be Ordered to "Close" in UK, Warn Experts

FBI: Ransomware gangs hit several tribal-owned casinos in the last year

FBI is involved in probe of 'security incident' at Martin County Tax Collector's Office

FBI warns of increased use of cryptocurrency ATMs, QR codes for fraud

Fragmented approach to identity security management creates risk

Get patching: Cisco warns of these critical product vulnerabilities

Google Ads for Faux Cryptowallets Net Scammers At Least $500K

How To Protect Against Remote Code Execution Attacks

It will take time to restore healthcare IT system, say Newfoundland officials

Mac Trojan Malware Can Hack Your Apple Device, Run Ads and Steal Info: 8 Ways to Prevent, Remove WizardUpdate

Monterey County told of data breach more than a month afterward

Most Washingtonians experienced a data breach this year, new report finds

Native Tribal Casinos Taking Millions in Ransomware Losses

North Korean Lazarus Hacking Group Leverages Supply Chain Attacks To Distribute Malware for Cyber Espionage

Office for National Statistics (ONS) Reports Huge Spike in Cybercrime and Fraud During COVID-19

Oman: Police warns against new phishing method of cyber fraud

Online safety and end-to-end encryption can co-exist, says data protection watchdog. But how?

Organizations seldom prioritize cybersecurity over business outcomes

Philips healthcare infomatics solution vulnerable to SQL injection

Proofpoint Phish Harvests Microsoft O365, Google Logins

Ransom Denied, Black Shadow Leaks Israeli Medical Data

Ransomware actors use financial events to target companies

Ransomware Attack on Lab in Florida

Ransomware criminals targeting confidential M&A data, FBI warns

Ransomware groups using financial information to target companies says FBI

Reward! Uncle Sam promises $10m for info about DarkSide ransomware gang chiefs

Senators add CISA cyberattack/ransomware reporting amendment to defense bill

Sixty-seven per cent of Canadian firms surveyed were hit by ransomware in last 12 months

Social Engineering News: Vishing

Software development: Why security and constant vigilance are everyone’s responsibilities

Sophos details how ransomware attackers pressure victims to pay

SSL certificate research highlights pitfalls for company data, competition

Students react to Twitch data breach

The IoT is getting a lot bigger, but security is still getting left behind

The US Offers Rewards of $10 and $5 Million for Information on DarkSide Leaders and Affiliates

Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) apologizes to Wheel-Trans customers after ransomware attack

Twitter hacker charged in sim swapping, cryptocurrency scheme

Twitter joins backlash against Australian plan to ID social media users

U.S. Federal Agencies Ordered to Patch Hundreds of Actively Exploited Flaws

U.S. Offers $10 Million Reward for Information on DarkSide Ransomware Group

Ukraine Identifies Russian FSB Officers Hacking As Gamaredon Group

Ukraine Unmasks Armageddon Group as FSB Officers

US defense contractor Electronic Warfare hit by data breach

US Department of Justice: Continue to Expect Arrests, Ransom Payment Seizures

US government blacklists four companies due to national security concerns

US offers $10 million bounty for Colonial Pipeline hackers

US offers $10 million for information on BlackMatter ransomware operators

US Offers $10 million Reward to Unmask DarkSide Leaders

US offers reward of up to $10 million for information on DarkSide

Voice phishing attack spoofs Amazon to steal credit card information

Washington Central Unified Union School District (WCUUSD): Notice of data breach

What Happens When You Give Excessive Access Rights to Employees

What Is Endpoint Security and Why Is It Important?

When Battling Ransomware, the Most Successful Cyber Hunters Use a Cheat Code

4th November

5 Best Practices for Surviving Ransomware

161% surge in mobile phishing pushes energy industry to its limits

A ransomware gang shut down after Cybercom hijacked its site

Amazon Spoofed in New Attack

Biden administration issues cybersecurity mandate for federal agencies

BlackMatter Ransomware Announces Its End, Leaving the Question of When - Not If - Its Operators Will Resurface

BlackMatter ransomware gang claims to have shut down

Bolster your ransomware posture with immutable storage

Call center scammers using Justin Bieber tickets, The Weeknd concerts and fake gun purchases to spread malware

Can you Become Ransomware-Proof? Part 2: CIS Controls

CISA Offers Ransomware Protection Guidance to Agencies

CISA urges vendors to patch BrakTooth bugs after exploits release

Cisco fixes hard-coded credentials and default SSH key issues

Claremont McKenna College (CMC) responds to attempted ransomware attack

Compromised Medical Records, Ransomware Attacks Trouble Healthcare

Consumers Warned About Rise in Call Center Threats

Coveware Confirms Ransomware Attackers Targeting Mid-Market Companies

Critical Linux Kernel Bug Allows Remote Takeover

Critical RCE Vulnerability Reported in Linux Kernel's TIPC Module

Crypto investors lose $500,000 to Google Ads pushing fake wallets

Cyber Czar Calls for Shared Defense Against Ransomware

Cybersecurity, the pandemic and the 2021 holiday shopping season: A perfect storm

Data breach could have affected more than 4,000 Monterey County residents

Debunking Five Myths About Zero-Trust

Does BlackMatter’s demise mean anti-ransomware efforts are working?

Fake Company Sheds Light on Ransomware Group Tactics

Fake Steam phishing baits victims with free Discord Nitro

FBI Warning: M&A Activity Targeted by Ransomware Groups

Free Discord Nitro Offer Used to Steal Steam Credentials

Hardcoded SSH Key in Cisco Policy Suite Lets Remote Hackers Gain Root Access

How to ease password pains while maintaining security

Human error caused weekend Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario (CDSBEO) data breach

Iranian Hacking Group Leaks Patient and LGBTQ Info

Jeweler Graff Hit By Ransomware Hackers

Karma Ransomware

Labour Party Member Data Compromised After Breach

Lockean multi-RaaS affiliate linked to attacks against French businesses

Magecart Credit Card Skimmer Avoids VMs to Fly Under the Radar

Microsoft Exchange ProxyShell exploits used to deploy Babuk ransomware

NSO Group Blacklisted by US for Trade in Spyware

Organizations can save $1.9 million using workforce passwordless authentication

Patient records destroyed after data breach at former care home

Phishing Attack Blends Spoofed Amazon Order and Fraudulent Customer Service Agents

Phishing emails deliver spooky zombie-themed MirCop ransomware

Phishing for Crypto: Half a Million Dollars Stolen Via Google Ads Exploit

Police concern over ransomware attacks targeting Norfolk law firms

Popular 'coa' NPM library hijacked to steal user passwords

Protecting Your New Home In The Cloud

Ransomware and OFAC Sanctions Compliance

Ransomware and the Uncertainties of Cyberinsurance

Ransom fail: Iranian hackers leak trove of Israeli LGBTQ dating app data

Should companies subject employees to ransomware-specific security training?

Supply Chain at Risk: Brokers Sell Access to Shipping, Logistics Companies

Surge in cyber attacks confirms the need for zero trust security

Tens of thousands unpatched GitLab servers under attack via CVE-2021-22205

The Three Operational Technology (OT) Security Dangers of React & Rush (R&R)

Threat Actor Claims 'Groove' Ransomware Gang Was Hoax

Top 10 ways attackers are increasing pressure on their ransomware victims to pay

Top Department of Justice (DOJ) official predicting more arrests in crackdown on ransomware, cyber crime

Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) board to hold emergency meeting over ransomware attack as it works to recover

UK Labour Party blames breach of members’ data on third-party cyberattack

Ukraine links members of Gamaredon hacker group to Russian FSB

US Blacklists Pegasus Spyware Maker

US Blocks Trade with ‘Legal’ Pegasus Spyware Firm, NSO

US government orders federal agencies to patch 100s of vulnerabilities

US Indicts Brit Over SIM Swap Crypto Theft

US indicts UK resident 'PlugwalkJoe' for cryptocurrency theft

US offers $10m reward for decisive info on DarkSide ransomware gang

US offers $10 million reward for information on DarkSide leaders, $5 million for affiliates

US targets DarkSide ransomware, rebrands with $10 million reward

Verifying identity in a world of fakes

What is BEC? Business email compromise definition and prevention

Why CEOs Need To Come Clean On Ransomware

Why Ransomware Attackers Are Moving Towards Insider Attacks and What To Do About It

3rd November

3 steps to ransomware risk mitigation

4 Reasons Why Companies Fail to Fix Cloud Misconfigurations

80% of organizations report employee abuse of access to business applications

A cybersecurity researcher explains how to trust your instincts to foil the attacks

A ransomware reality check for CISOs

Actors Bait Discord Users With Free Nitro Version to Phish Steam User Credentials

Actors Invade Harvard Website Using Fake Student Identities for Scamming

Alleged Twitter hacker charged with theft of $784K in crypto via SIM swaps

Almost half of rootkits are used for cyberattacks against government organizations

Are your passwords on the dark web? How to check what leaked after a data breach

Arrests were made, but the Mekotio Trojan lives on

Beware: Free Discord Nitro phishing targets Steam gamers

Black Shadow group leaks information of 290,000 Israeli patients

Black Shadow hackers leak medical records from 290,000 Israeli patients

BlackMatter ransomware claims to be shutting down due to police pressure

BlackMatter ransomware gang allegedly disbanding due to pressure from authorities

BlackMatter ransomware gang claims to have ceased operation

BlackMatter Ransomware Gang Goes Dark, Again

BlackMatter ransomware gang is reportedly quitting operation

BlackMatter ransomware gang says it’s shutting down over law enforcement pressure

BlackMatter Ransomware Group Claim It’s Shutting Down

BlackMatter Ransomware Group Shuts Down Due to Authorities Pressure

BlackMatter ransomware moves victims to LockBit after shutdown

BlackMatter Ransomware Reportedly Shutting Down; Latest Analysis Released

Calgary real estate developer hit by ransomware

CISA orders federal agencies to fix hundreds of exploited security flaws

CISA Orders Federal Agencies to Patch Flaws

CISA passes directive forcing federal civilian agencies to fix 306 vulnerabilities

Cisco Talos reports new variant of Babuk ransomware targeting Exchange servers

Classification Breakdown: Match Your Data to its Destruction Method

Commerce Dept sanctions NSO Group, Positive Technologies and more for selling spyware and hacking tools

Concerned About Phishing and Smishing Attacks? Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Can Help

Cost of a Data Breach in Energy and Utilities

Critical RCE Vulnerability Reported in Linux Kernel's TIPC Module

Cyber Command head says US has carried out a 'surge' to address ransomware attacks

Daily Mail praised for its journalism – by Windows ransomware gang

Digital natives more likely to fall for phishing attacks at work than their Gen X and Boomer colleagues

Don’t Click Me: 5 Phishing Tricks To Watch Out For

Einstein’s Wormhole Exposes Salesforce Calendars to Potential Hackers

Energy industry ‘most-hit’ for mobile phishing attacks

Exposing an Active Kaseya Ransomware Attack Infrastructure

Facebook to end facial recognition and delete billions of records

FBI Warns of Ransomware Actors Leveraging M&A Data

Fighting Ransomware with a Unified Approach to Modernization

Forum post claims Groove ransomware gang an elaborate fraud

Greece: Phishing scams abound

How the rise in identity crimes and cyberattacks impacts small businesses

How to prevent a phishing attack online

ICO Collects Just 26% of Value of Fines Since 2020

Kaspersky Confirms Phishing Attacks Microsoft Office 365

Labour data breach as party reports 'cyber incident'

Labour Party data breach: Supporters' details affected in cyberattack

Labour Party members data 'hacked' in cyber attack

Labour Party members' data hit by cyber incident

Labour Party members ‘hacked’ in another cyber-attack

Labour says party members’ data breached in ‘cyber incident’

Labour supporters’ details affected by cyber security breach

Locked up: UK's Labour Party data 'rendered inaccessible' on third-party systems after cyber attack

Mapping ATT&CK techniques to CVEs should make risk assessment easier

Medical school exposes personal data of thousands of students

Mekotio Banking Trojan Resurfaces with New Attacking and Stealth Techniques

Mekotio Banking Trojan Resurges with Tweaked Code, Stealthy Campaign

Members told of “cyber incident” on third party handling Labour data

Mobile phishing attacks targeting energy sector surge by 161%

More than half of organizations do not effectively defend against cyberattacks

NCSC statement on cyber incident affecting the Labour Party

Phishing: Attackers Use DocuSign to Send Malicious Links

Protecting your organisation against ransomware attacks

Proven third-party risk management strategies

Ransomware Attack on Papua New Guinea Government Freezes Much-Needed Foreign Aid

Ransomware attacks increased 148% in Q3 2021, showing no sign of slowing

Ransomware attacks on rise, expert says

Ransomware gangs leaking sensitive financial information to extort organizations

Ransomware has hit epidemic levels - does your organization have a cyberattack response plan?

Ransomware Incidents Among Largest Breaches on Federal Tally

Revealed: The 10 worst hardware security flaws in 2021

Rooting malware discovered on Google Play, Samsung Galaxy Store

Rootkits: Expensive to build, cheap to rent

Sinclair Still Dealing With Effects from Ransomware Attack

Stealthier version of Mekotio banking trojan spotted in the wild

Steam phishing scam promises free Discord Nitro — don't fall for it

Student Loans Company Dismissals Highlight Insider Risk

‘Tortilla’ Wraps Exchange Servers in ProxyShell Attacks

UK Labour Party discloses data breach after ransomware attack

UK’s Labour Party hit by third-party data breach

US House Passes Acts to Help SMBs with Cybersecurity

US sanctions NSO Group and three others for spyware and exploit sales

US Sanctions Pegasus-maker NSO Group and 3 Others For Selling Spyware

2nd November

7 Trends: How Ransomware Operations Continue to Evolve

8 Ways To Upgrade Your Cybersecurity Strategy

10 ways for organizations to protect their employees from cyber attacks

24-year-old arrested after renting 300 bank accounts to the phishing capital of India

40% of organizations suffered a cloud-based data breach in the past 12 months

80% of organizations plan to increase spending on cybersecurity posture management

A different approach to identity security

Active Directory control: How adversaries score even bigger goals via attack paths

AI Biometric Authentication for Enterprise Security

Alert! Hackers Exploiting GitLab Unauthenticated RCE Flaw in the Wild

Amazon SES Token Stolen From Kaspersky Used in Phishing Campaign Targeting Office 365 Users

An Emerging Epidemic: Ransomware

Android November patch fixes actively exploited kernel bug

Android Patches Actively Exploited Zero-Day Kernel Bug

Annual Cost of Child Identity Fraud Almost $1Bn

Apple macOS Flaw Allows Kernel-Level Compromise

Australia key target of encrypted attacks

Be Cyber Smart and Lock It Down

Beyond ransomware: why Insurance-Linked Securities (ILS) capacity will be important to cyber risk

Businesses don't talk about being victims of cyberattacks. That needs to change

California Clinic Network Cyber Incident Affects 656,000

Canada’s Newfoundland and Labrador Healthcare Possibly Hit by Cyberattack

Corry Schools Need 'Months' to Deal with Ransomware Attack

Cybercriminals sell access to international shipping, logistics giants

Cybersecurity for Remote Financial Services Workers

Cybersecurity threat landscape growing in sophistication, complexity and impact

Data breach at US healthcare provider Viverant PT impacts more than 6,500 patients

Data breaches on the rise, data shows, threatening more Connecticut residents

Does Your ISP or Mobile Carrier Pose Biggest Cybersecurity Risk?

FBI: Ransomware groups tying attacks to 'significant financial events'

FBI: Ransomware targets companies during mergers and acquisitions

FIN12 Ransomware: Why It’s a Healthcare Threat, How to Prevent an Attack

Former Nebraska health system employee snooped 2,753 patient EHRs

Google just tripled its bounty for Linux kernel bugs. Here's why

Google to Pay Hackers $31,337 for Exploiting Patched Linux Kernel Flaws

Hackers Deploy ELF on Windows Loaders to Exploit WSL Features

Hackers hijack web hosting service to extort customers

Here are the Industries That Ransomware Impacts the Most

How businesses unknowingly leave themselves at risk

How to Best Protect Your Money From Hackers as Crypto Markets Boom

How to implement a secure hybrid workforce

Insider Threats: An Age-Old Problem

International Police Operation Targets High Profile Ransomware Attackers

Jewellery firm Graff suffers ransomware attack, hackers begin leaking client details

Lazarus takes aim at defense industry

Linux and FreeBSD Systems under attack by Hive’s new ransomware variant

macOS flaw allowed attackers to install persistent, undetectable malware

Malware Statistics You Need to Be Aware Of

‘Minecraft’ stolen account list is actually ransomware that attacks cheaters

MITRE shares list of most dangerous hardware weaknesses

Mobile phishing threats surged 161% in 2021

Most Computer Code Compilers Vulnerable to Novel Attacks

National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) claims to recover from cyber-attack

New malware lures fake Chrome update to attack Windows PCs

Office 365 phishing campaign used stolen Kaspersky Amazon SES token to fool victims

Only a handful of employees are trained to deflect ransomware attacks

Over 30,000 GitLab servers still unpatched against critical bug

Phishing and Spam Lures Feature Sports, Aim to Steal Credentials

Phishing attacks are harder to spot on your smartphone. That's why hackers are using them more

Ransomware: what IT contractors' defence preparations should involve

Ransomware fears drive Aussie IT security spending towards $4.6B

Ransomware Gangs Target Corporate Financial Activities

Ransomware in Financial Services

Ransomware Readiness: PCI DSS Compliance And A Sound Backup Recovery Strategy

Scam that imitated Binance website is foiled

Squid Game Crypto Scammers Rips Off Investors for Millions

Squid Game cryptocurrency creators pull the rug from under investors, steal millions

Supply chain cyber attacks expected to increase in 2022

Switzerland: Sharp increase in cyberthreats reported

Take a survey, spam your friends, download fleeceware

The dangers of insider threats and how to avoid them

The fight against ransomware calls for a new backup strategy

The Future of Cybersecurity Isn’t What We Expected

The ‘Groove’ Ransomware Gang Was a Hoax

The New MFA To Secure All Employees In A Hybrid World

Toledo library computers, network hit in “targeted cybersecurity incident”

Top 10 ways ransomware attackers ramp up pressure to pay

Toronto subways hit by ransomware as US lawmakers slam 'burdensome' cybersecurity rules

Trojan Source bugs may lead to extensive supply-chain attacks on source code

US: Schools across the nation are getting hit with ransomware attacks - but they won’t admit how much it’s costing them

What Are the Most Common Attack Vectors for Ransomware?

What do the ransomware attackers do?

What Is LemonDuck? Cross-Platform Mining Malware That Affects Windows and Linux

You’re just as good as a cybersecurity expert at spotting a phishing email

1st November

10 ways ransomware attackers pressure you to pay the ransom

500 Million Attempted Ransomware Attacks (So Far) In 2021

After 4,000 ransomware attacks, we’ve learned a few lessons

Art Basel's parent company MCH Group warns of possible data breach after criminal cyber attack

As demonstrated with National Rifle Association (NRA), ‘information operations’ may be new way to give ransomware victims Grief

Black Shadow Leak Data Hacked From Israeli LGBTQ Platform

BlackMatter Group Speeds Up Data Theft with New Tool

BlackShadow hackers breach Israeli hosting firm and extort customers

California Health Network Reports Data Breach

Canada ranks third for ransomware attacks

Canadian province health care system disrupted by cyberattack

Celebrity data leaked after ransomware attack on London's Graff jewellers

Chaos Ransomware Variant Targets Japanese Minecraft Gamers

China's personal data protection law kicks in today

CNA’s insurance won’t cover all of ransomware loss

Conti Group Leak Celebs' Data After Ransom Attack on Jeweller

Conti Ransomware Gang Strikes ‘Jeweler to the Stars’

Cring ransomware continues assault on industrial organizations with aging applications, VPNs

Critical Flaws Uncovered in Pentaho Business Analytics Software

Cyber Ransoms: To Pay or Not to Pay?

Cyber-Incident at South Carolina School District

Cybercriminals Target Newbie Bad Actors With Phishing Sites

Cybersecurity can drive business transformation instead of holding it back

Euro Police Swoop on 12 Suspected Ransomware Gang Members

Europol Ransomware Attack: Company Seizes Over $52,000, 5 Luxury Vehicles From 12 Suspects Who Launched Global Attack

Exploring the Cyber Threats Facing Legal Services

FBI: HelloKitty ransomware adds DDoS attacks to extortion tactics

Financial services need to prioritize API security to protect their customers

From Thanos to Prometheus: When Ransomware Encryption Goes Wrong

German student app caught out in data breach

Hackers demand $1 million to stop leak of private user info from Israeli LGBT+ dating site

Hive ransomware group extends to cloud-based Linux variants

Hive Ransomware now Encrypts Linux and FreeBSD Systems

How Can State and Local Municipalities Protect Themselves from Ransomware?

How To Implement a Strong Cybersecurity Program for Small Businesses

Kaspersky's stolen Amazon SES token used in Office 365 phishing

Lack of Threat Awareness Creates Hybrid Work Risks

Least Privilege Regaining Popularity

List of data breaches and cyber attacks in October 2021 – 51.2 million records breached

Martin County Tax Collector 'likely' hacked by BlackByte ransomware

McAfee Chief Scientist: Cybersecurity Challenges Ahead

Microsoft: This macOS flaw could have let attackers install undetectable malware

Minecraft cheaters try to steal accounts, download ransomware instead

Mitigating the Growing Cybersecurity Threat to Retailers

Multi-layered security is like a strong NFL defense

New 'AbstractEmu' Android malware seizes total control of your device, evades detection

New 'Trojan Source' Technique Lets Hackers Hide Vulnerabilities in Source Code

New Zealand Cybersecurity Company Helps Squelch BlackMatter Ransomware Scheme

Office 365 Phishing Campaign Abuses Stolen Amazon SES Token

Only 31% of employees are trained against ransomware attacks

Phishing Campaign Targets YouTube Creators With Cookie Stealing Malware To Hijack Accounts And Stream Cryptocurrency Scams

Pirate Sports Streamer Gets Busted, Pivots to MLB Extortion

Possible cyberattack hits 'brain' of Newfoundland and Labrador health-care system, delaying thousands of appointments

Ransomware attack targets Las Vegas Cancer Center patients' personal information

Ransomware cybercriminals linked to Norsk Hydro attack fall prey to Europol swoop

Ransomware decryptor roundup: BlackByte, Atom Silo, LockFile, Babuk decryptors released

‘Ransomware is proliferating’

Reduce Security Risk of Healthcare Legacy Systems, Devices

Researchers Uncover 'Pink' Botnet Malware That Infected Over 1.6 Million Devices

South Yorkshire Housing Association warns thousands of customers over possible cyber-incident data breach

The Story Behind Dwell Time

'The Year of Ransomware' Continues with Unprecedented Late-Summer Surge

This sneaky trick could allow attackers to hide 'invisible' vulnerabilities in code

Toronto Transit Commission derailed by ransomware attack

Trojan Source attack lets hackers exploit source code

'Trojan Source' attack method can hide bugs into open-source code

‘Trojan Source’ Hides Invisible Bugs in Source Code

Universities and colleges see ransomware as biggest cyber threat

Users continue to be CISOs’ cyber-security Achilles heel

Venmo to Reimburse Hacking Victims

Wheel-Trans users express frustrations as ransomware attack leaves them unable to book new rides

With ransomware on the rise, a rare win saves firms millions

You know how to identify phishing emails – a cybersecurity researcher explains how to trust your instincts to foil the attacks

Your passwords could be on the dark web: How to see what leaked after a data breach