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Monday 4 October 2021

Data Breaches Digest - Week 40 2021

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 4th October and 10th October 2021.

10th October

After a Hiatus, Sodinokibi Ransomware is Back

Amnesty International links cybersecurity firm to spyware operation

Australia: Government may try forcing Facebook to identify anonymous users

Biden administration ramps up efforts to secure American infrastructure from Russian and Chinese cyberattacks

Bradford woman's concern over apparent Test and Trace data breach

Clickbait danger; seniors at risk

Data Breach Numbers, Costs and Impacts All Rise in 2021

Email Safety Tips and Best Practices for Internet Users

FIN12 Ransomware Group is Actively Targeting Healthcare Institutions

FontOnLake malware infects Linux systems via trojanized utilities

Fortinet: most organizations have been targeted by ransomware attacks

Google to give 10K free security keys to 'high risk' individuals

Ignore cyberthreats at your peril, Malaysian businesses told

Microsoft Says Russia Behind Over 50% Of State-Sponsored Cyber Hacks

Ransomware is so rife it’s a threat to national security

South Africa: Ransomware attack crisis over, says justice department

South Korea: Callers impersonate government officials in 8 out of 10 phone scams

Tesco, Morrisons and Asda customers are being warned about about new email scam – here’s how to spot it

Verizon Phishing Scam Targets Customers Through a Text Message - Beware of This Bogus Phone Number

What Is Ransomware as a Service?

9th October

1.5 Billion Facebook Users’ Personal Information Allegedly Posted for Sale

5 subtle clues that email is really a clever phishing scam

90% of AWS S3 Buckets Are Vulnerable to Ransomware

Academic Records At Harvard-Westlake School Breached

Bank of America insider charged with money laundering for BEC scams

Can the White House stop cryptocurrencies being used for cybercrime?

Chinese Hackers Target Political Issues, Universities In Taiwan, Hong Kong

Cryptocurrency Could Prevent Hacking Of Autonomous Vehicles

Cyber scams continue to rise in Saskatoon, police data shows

How Can Cybercriminals Breach Your Security Measures?

Macquarie Health Corporation hit by Windows Hive ransomware

Ransomware and AI surveillance

SAS secrets revealed by cut-and-paste error: Plans for enhanced weapons said to be for UK Special Forces are disclosed in 'astonishing' new security blunder by defence officials

Survey Finds Top Cyber Concerns Among Canadians

Tech and Humans Defend Your Startup Against Ransomware

Twitch data breach: Everything you need to know

WeChat Found Scanning User Photos in the Background as a Routine

Weir sees shares fall after cyber attack revealed

8th October

5 Tips to Catch a Phishing Email Before Clicking

10 biggest revelations from the unprecedented Twitch leak

71% of IT Security Pros Find Patching to be Overly Complex and Time Consuming

71% of Security Pros Find Patching to be Complex and Time Consuming

A Brief Walkthrough On Computer Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) Cybersecurity

Additional fixes released addressing Apache HTTP Server issue

Admins: Patch management is too complex and cumbersome

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Storage Service Vulnerable to Ransomware, Says New Research

As cyber attacks increase, insurers in the space face rising losses

As cybercrime increases, local governments face an uphill battle in hardening digital defenses

Audit Finds Kansas Schools Underprepared for Cyber Attacks

Beware - FontOnLake Rootkit Malware Attacking Linux Systems

BrewDog exposed data for over 200,000 shareholders and customers

BrewDog exposed data of 200,000 shareholders for over a year

Brewer’s Token Gaffe Causes Massive PII Breach

Change your Google password NOW if you’ve had one of these scam texts

CISA Says: Ransomware is Here to Stay! 4 Easy Steps Hackers Don’t Want You to Know

Compliance Score Alone Won’t Keep Your Company Safe From Data Breaches

Consumer be warned: Holiday shopping scams are on the rise

Cox Media Group confirms ransomware attack that took down broadcasts

Critical infrastructure is now in cyber criminals’ crosshairs

Customers of Tesco, Asda, and Morrisons are being warned about scams

Cyber Insurers See Manageable Growing Risk Exposure, Rising Claims

Cybersecurity bills advance in U.S. Senate

Data Breach Reports Rise as Supply Chain Attacks Surge

Don't download pirated software, your secrets will be stolen by hackers

Engineering firm Weir hit by major ransomware attack

Engineering giant Weir Group hit by ransomware attack

Facebook has a HIDDEN list that reveals if you’re being targeted by dangerous hackers

Financial sector grapples with phishing, ransomware threats

GDPR fines of over $1.1bn in Q3 2021 highlights the need for companies to take regulation seriously

Google announces new efforts to protect journalists and high-risk users from cyberattacks

Google Says It Protected 14,000 Users From Russian Phishing Attempts

Google Says Russian APT Targeting Journalists, Politicians

Hacker arrested after selling data of 600,000 customers

Hackers are waging a guerrilla war on tech companies, revealing secrets and raising fears of collateral damage

Hackers Incorporated: How Cybercrime Is Moving From The Basement To A Booming Industry

Helping Employees Spot, Report And Recover From Email Hacks

Here’s How to Fight Diverse Attacks Across Multiple Touchpoints

Indiana hospital's EHR back online 10 days after ransomware attack

Intuit warns QuickBooks customers of ongoing phishing attacks

Investigation launched after earlier cyberattack on HSE left 1,000 users exposed

Ireland: GardaĆ­ launch probe after earlier cyberattack on HSE left 1,000 users exposed

K-12 cybersecurity act aims to keep schools safe amid rise in ransomware attacks

Lawmakers Ask How They Can Help Agencies Fight Crypto-enabled Ransomware Hacks

Manhasset School District Victim of Ransomware?

Massive Data Breach of Twitch Live Streaming Service Confirmed

Microsoft: Russia Dominates State-Sponsored Attacks

Microsoft: Russian state hackers behind 53% of attacks on US govt agencies

Microsoft's 'Digital Defense Report' Highlights Russian Attacks and Ransomware Gangs

Mining equipment maker Weir Group sees stocks stutter after revealing cyber-attack has hit its profits

More Than 1 in 5 Companies Have Suffered a Ransomware Attack, Survey Finds

NatWest Pleads Guilty in £400m Money Laundering Case

Netherlands Says Armed Forces May Combat Ransomware Attacks

Never mind Russia: Turkey and Vietnam are Microsoft's new state-backed hacker threats du jour

New Bill Authorizes CISA to Identify, Protect Foundational Operations from Cyberattacks

Oregon Data Breaches Increase

Patch management complexity increased by remote work is putting organizations at risk

Personal data of more than 1.5 billion Facebook users was up sale on Hacker Forum

Pottawatomie County can serve as an example for governments: Take cybersecurity seriously

Principles of Sustainable Cybersecurity

Proposed Ransomware Law Would Add Insult To Injury For Hacking Victims

Protecting Active Directory With Viable Backups

Public’s Knowledge of Cybersecurity Best Practices Sorely Lacking

Ransomware: Cyber criminals are still exploiting these old vulnerabilities, so patch now

Ransomware Group FIN12 Aggressively Going After Healthcare Targets

Ransomware is So Rife it’s a Threat to National Security

Researchers Warn of FontOnLake Rootkit Malware Targeting Linux Systems

Russia poses the biggest nation-state cyber threat, says Microsoft

Russian orgs heavily targeted by smaller tier ransomware gangs

Scammers make big in misspellings

Scottish engineering giant Weir Group suffers ransomware attack

Secure Your Data All the Way to the Endpoint

Supermarket scam warning: Fraudsters are impersonating ASDA, Morrisons and Tesco

Supply chain attacks are now more costly than ever

Telecom giant behind routing SMS discloses 5-year-long data breach

The biggest cyber crime threats businesses face in 2021

The history and evolution of ransomware

The Ransomware Economy: What You Need To Know

Top Reasons to Use Predictive AI for Enhanced Cybersecurity in 2021

‘Toxic permissions’ leave AWS S3 buckets vulnerable to ransomware

Twitch admits massive data breach

Twitch blames server misconfiguration for massive data breach, resets all stream keys

Twitch confirms data breach as million-dollar payouts to games streamers leak online

Twitch Confirms Hack But Doesn’t Think Passwords Were Stolen

Twitch data breach: Apps users should be wary of

Twitch Data Breach Exposes “Everything”: Source Code, Confidential Company Information and User Payouts, Hacker Promises More Is on the Way

Twitch data breach resulted from server configuration error

Twitch game page backgrounds defaced with Jeff Bezos' face

Twitch got e-vandalized overnight with photos of Jeff Bezos amid fallout from data breach

Twitch reportedly defaced with pictures of Jeff Bezos

Twitch Vandalized By Jeff Bezos Images Following Data Breach

U.S. vows to sue contractors that hide hacking

UK Firms Hit by One Attack Every 47 Seconds Over Summer

UK's VoIP Unlimited hit by DDoSes again, weeks after ransom-linked attacks KO'd it

Understanding the Most Common Types of Cyberattacks

US Poised to Sue Contractors Who Don’t Report Cyber Breaches

US security must start with zero trust

Vulnerability Management With Applied Context

Weir Group suffers 'sophisticated' ransomware attack

What is a data breach & how to prevent one?

What is a Password Manager And Why do You Need One?

What Makes AWS Buckets Vulnerable to Ransomware and How to Mitigate the Threat

White House, Congress Target Ransomware Payments

Why enterprise patch management pains are cybercriminals’ gain

Your AWS S3 instance may not be as secure as you hope

7th October

4 Key Questions for Zero-Trust Success

71% of IT Security Pros Find Patching to be Overly Complex and Time Consuming

73% of Ransomware Detections in Q2 2021 Credited to REvil/Sodinokibi

80% of SMBs feel more secure, despite rise in cyberattacks

A holistic approach to vulnerability management solidifies cyberdefenses

Addressing the backup dilemma to ransomware recovery

Alleged Hackers Purportedly Linked to Ransomware Cyberattacks Arrested

Amazon's Twitch hit by data breach

Amazon's Twitch hit by data breach due to configuration error

Another data breach rocks South Africa as details of 1.4 million South Africans gets leaked

Apache emergency update fixes incomplete patch for exploited bug

Behind the Rising Tide of Cybersecurity Legislation

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) security warning: You can't do everything securely with just personal devices

Code Execution Bug Affects Yamale Python Package — Used by Over 200 Projects

Colonial Pipeline And Accellion CEOs On Handling Huge Hacks

Cybercriminals threaten to hack EU hospitals in latest COVID-19 vaccine scam

Cybersecurity best practices lagging, despite people being aware of the risks

Data Breach Volumes for 2021 Already Exceed 2020 Total

Discovery of REvil Backdoor Roils Its Ransomware-As-A-Service Clients

Ermetic Finds Majority of AWS Accounts Surveyed are Vulnerable to Ransomware

European Parliament passes non-binding resolution to ban facial recognition

FIN12 hits healthcare with quick and focused ransomware attacks

Finding the right mix: Leveraging policy and incentives to improve healthcare cybersecurity

Fraudulent robocalls to cost consumers $40 billion in 2022

From ransomware to RansomOps: Why the ‘new kid on the block’ spells trouble for the unprepared enterprise

Google Blocked Russian Government Phishing Emails Targeting 14,000 Users

Google warns 14,000 Gmail users targeted by Russian hackers

Hackers have evolved since COVID-19 but have cyber-defences kept pace?

How can businesses prepare for ransomware?

How Ransomware Uses Encryption – And Evolves

How Small Businesses Can Fund Their Ransomware Protection

How to Build Better Backups for Reduced Ransomware Risk

In this Perpetual Distributed Workplace, How Do We Trust Each Other?

Infosec Experts: Twitch Breach “As Bad as it Gets”

Insider risk threatens workplace safety as pandemic continues

Is a Hospital to Blame if a Patient Dies During a Ransomware Attack?

Massive data breach at Twitch.tv

Maverick fast-attack ransomware group FIN12 is quickly expanding

Medtronic recalls insulin pump controllers over life-threatening flaws

Microsoft: Russia behind 58% of detected state-backed hacks

Microsoft is disabling Excel 4.0 macros by default to protect users

Microsoft report finds Russia dominant force behind cyberattacks in past year

More Swiss firms facing cyber-attacks and ransom demands

Navy Warship’s Facebook Page Hacked to Stream ‘Age of Empires’ Gaming

New cybersecurity regulations released by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for trains and planes

New ransomware law would force victims to admit to ransom payouts

New sniper-like Python ransomware uncovered

New U.S. Government Initiative Holds Contractors Accountable for Cybersecurity

No honor among thieves: One in five targets of FIN12 hacking group is in healthcare

North Korea Is Targeting Crypto Users with Spear-Phishing Attacks, Says UN

Novel RAT attacks global aerospace and telecommunications firms

Offline Backups Versus Cloud Backups - Which One Should You Choose?

Ohio Dental Group reports data breach

Only a third of businesses have taken out insurance against ransomware attacks

Organizations putting security and compliance at the forefront to strengthen trust perceptions

Patching Too Tortuous for IT Pros

Police Crack Multimillion-Dollar Real Estate Fraud Gang

Portland accounting firm will pay $50,000 for failing to disclose data breach as digital intrusions spike

Ransom Disclosure Act would require victims to disclose ransom payments within 48 hours

Ransomware attack on a Hawaii company, data of thousands of customers affected

Ransomware Attack on Springhill Medical Center Leads to a Negligent Homicide Investigation After a Baby Dies

Ransomware hackers find vulnerable target in US grain supply

Ransomware threats: what they are, how they happen, and how to protect against them

Researchers discover ransomware that encrypts virtual machines hosted on an ESXi hypervisor

Security experts have given advice following the Twitch data breach

Scammers target job hunters in new Woolworths text message grift

Smishing on the Rise

Steps You Can Take Now to Minimize Your Exposure to a Cyber-Attack

The Link Between the Champions League and Cyber-Attacks

The time to improve public safety cybersecurity is now

Top Data Center Security Threats You Should Know

Transdev denies data stolen by ransomware group, connects leak to September attack on client

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) set to mandate railroads and rail systems report cyber incidents to government

Trucking Company Discloses Data Breach from Ransomware Attack

Twitch: No credentials or card numbers exposed in data breach

Twitch attributes breach to server configuration error, resets all stream keys

Twitch confirms data breach after server configuration error

Twitch gets hacked in biggest data breach ever

Twitch hit by data breach, hacker leaks source code

Twitch in crisis as it blames server error for massive data breach

Twitch Leak Included Emails, Passwords in Clear Text

Ukraine Arrests Two Suspects of Ransomware Attacks

Unpatched Dahua cams vulnerable to unauthenticated remote access

US Creates National Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team

US government will slap contractors with civil lawsuits for hiding breaches

US Justice Department Creates Task Force to Combat Cryptocurrency Ransomware

US Poised to Sue Contractors Who Don't Report Cyber Breaches

Vidar stealer abuses Mastodon to silently get C2 configuration

Warning over scams targeting Tesco, Asda and Morrisons customers

Weir Group shares dip after engineering group is rocked by ransomware hacking attack that could hit profits by £40m

Weir hit by ‘sophisticated’ ransomware attack

Which? warns Tesco, Morrisons and Asda customers about new email scam - how to spot it

Why The Biggest Cyberattacks Happen Slowly

6th October

91.5% of malware arrived over encrypted connections during Q2 2021

A company spotted a security breach. Then investigators found this new mysterious malware

Account Takeover (ATO) attacks increased 307% between 2019 and 2021

Actively exploited Apache 0-day also allows remote code execution

Apache HTTP Server Project patches exploited zero-day vulnerability

Atom Silo Uses DLL Side-Loading to Deploy Ransomware

Attacks by Prolific APT41 Tied to Chinese Government

Banking and Finance Data Breaches: Costs, Risks and More To Know

Behind the Crypto Broker Accused of Enabling Ransomware Hackers

Bill requiring companies report cyber incidents moves forward in the Senate

Calgary police investigate data breach involving vaccine verification app PORTpass

Canopy Parental Control App Wide Open to Unpatched XSS Bugs

Critical infrastructure IoT security: Going back to basics

Cruise Lines Up Cybersecurity to Prevent IT Breaches and Ransomware Attacks

Data breaches in 2021 already surpass last year’s totals, analysis finds

ESPecter Bootkit Malware Haunts Victims with Persistent Espionage

European Parliament calls for ban on AI-powered mass surveillance

FBI Withheld Kaseya Ransomware Decryption Key for Three Weeks; Congress Demands the Agency Explain Itself

FBI Works With Europol to Arrest Ransomware Gang, $1.3 Million in Cryptocurrencies Seized

Fired IT admin revenge-hacks school by wiping data, changing passwords

Google to turn on 2-factor authentication by default for 150 million users

Hackers use stealthy ShellClient malware on aerospace, telco firms

HC3 Warns Health Sector Against LockBit Ransomware Variant

How a phishing attack thwarted MFA to steal money from Coinbase customers

How to convince the C-suite to buy in to active directory security

Identity Theft Resource Center to Share Latest Data Breach Analysis With U.S. Senate Commerce Committee; Number of Data Breaches in 2021 Surpasses all of 2020

Indiana health system diverts ambulances, reverts to paper records amid ransomware attack

Iranian Hackers Abuse Dropbox in Cyberattacks Against Aerospace and Telecom Firms

Lawsuits allege death, morbidity from cyberattacks: Is this the next phase of medical malpractice?

Massive Twitch data breach sees hackers release source code, contributor payouts, and unannounced software

Massive Twitch hack: Source code and payment reports leaked

Measuring the impact of multi-party security breaches

Medtronic urgently recalls insulin pump controllers over hacking concerns

Meet ESPecter: a new UEFI bootkit for cyber spying

Mental health services provider reports data breach of patient records

Misconfigured airflows leak thousands of credentials from popular services

Multiple Critical Flaws Discovered in Honeywell Experion PKS and ACE Controllers

National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC): Revoke Admin Access for BYOD Users Immediately

New Phishing Scam For Vulnerable Apple Users

Next Level Apparel US Data Breach Compromises Employee Email Accounts! Consumers are Also Warned

NSA director says public can expect ransomware attacks 'every single day' for next five years

Obstacles and threats organizations face when protecting AD

One in three IT security managers don’t have a formal cybersecurity incident response plan

Over 1.5 billion Facebook users' personal data found for sale on hacker forum

Patch Apache HTTP Servers Now to Avoid Zero Day Exploit

Patient Safety Concerns Grow Over Medical Gear Security

Personal information potentially compromised in ransomware attack, says Justice department

Phishing Attacks Are Top Cyber Crime Threat, Easier Than Ever to Create and Deploy

Phishing attacks spoofing Chase Bank spike

‘Potentially disastrous’ data breach hits popular streaming site Twitch

Ransom Disclosure Act would give victims 48 hours to report payments

Ransomware: Financial institutions spent over $2m in recovery costs in 2020

Ransomware actor pressures school district by emailing parents

Ransomware law would require victims to disclose ransom payments within 48 hours

Republican Party Of Texas Statement On Data Breach

REvil accounts for 73% of ransomware attacks

Senator to introduce new bill to force ransomware payment disclosures

The Evolution Of Ransomware: Blocking Sophisticated 5th Generation Attacks

The number of data breaches in 2021 has already surpassed last year’s total

The Telegraph newspaper exposed 10TB of subscriber data

Tips to Prepare for an Effective Phishing Attack Simulation

Twitch Acknowledges Data Breach After Source Code, User Details Leak

Twitch Gets Gutted: All Source Code Leaked

Twitch hack: data breach exposes sensitive information

Twitch hacked: Streaming platform confirms data breach

Twitch Hacked, Payout List Leaked: How to Change Password, Protect Your Account After Massive Data Breach

Twitch hacked - Source code and Streamer payment figures leaked

Twitch source code, business data, gamer payouts leaked in massive hack

Twitch suffers data breach – Over 125GB of data leaked

Twitch Suffers Massive 125GB Data and Source Code Leak Due to Server Misconfiguration

Twitch suffers massive data breach

U.S. government to sue contractors who hide breach incidents

Unstructured data growth increases risk of ransomware and data breaches

US clothing brand Next Level Apparel reports phishing-related data breach

US Rolls Out New Cybersecurity Requirements for Rail, Air

US sanctions virtual currency exchange for complicity in ransomware attacks

VMware ESXi Servers Encrypted by Lightning-Fast Python Script

WastedLocker: A Complex Ransomware Variant That Targets Large Corporations

What You Need To Know About Twitch’s Data Breach

Why the M&A Boom of 2021 Could Be a Data Security Bust

5th October

7 in 10 Canadian organizations facing ransomware attacks paid demands

90% of malware arriving over encrypted connections, Microsoft threats persist in popularity

300% rise in phishing attacks on bank customers

Android October patch fixes three critical bugs, 41 flaws in total

Apache fixes actively exploited zero-day vulnerability, patch now

Apache Warns of Zero-Day Exploit in the Wild — Patch Your Web Servers Now!

Apache Web Server Zero-Day Exposes Sensitive Data

Atom Silo ransomware operators target vulnerable Confluence servers

Axis releases updates for three new vulnerabilities found by security company

Behind the crypto broker accused of enabling ransomware hackers

BlackBerry ties malware campaign targeting victims in India to Chinese cyberespionage group

Closing the Security Gaps at the Edge

Congress requests briefing on FBI decision to withhold Kaseya decryption key

Coughlin & Gerhart, LLP - Notice Of Data Breach

Cybersecurity risk assessment: Does Your Company Need It?

Domain security remains an underutilized component to curb attacks

Europol Arrests 2 'Prolific' Ransomware Operators

Europol arrests ransomware operators in Ukraine

Five proven techniques for building effective fraud management

For adapting to new cloud security threats, look to “old” technology

Hackers gained access, deployed ransomware in just 2 minutes, Indiana health system says

Hong Kong firm becomes latest marketing company hit with REvil ransomware

How are cyber security and insurance companies evolving with the threat of ransomware?

How Do Initial Access Brokers Enable Ransomware Attacks?

How many Canadian organizations have been hit by ransomware attacks?

How Ransomware Attackers Hit Virtual Machine Hypervisors

How Real-World Incident Response Can Guide Cybersecurity Strategy

How to Build an Incident-Response Plan, Before Security Disaster Strikes

Immigration agents arrest Korean ex-cop wanted for ‘phishing’

IP Surveillance Bugs in Axis Gear Allow RCE, Data Theft

Large ransom demands and password-guessing attacks escalate

Master of High Court apologises for DoJ data breach as services impacted

Misconfigured, old Airflow instances leak Slack, AWS credentials

Neimen Marcus Data Breach Affects 4.6M Customers

New Study Links Seemingly Disparate Malware Attacks to Chinese Hackers

New UEFI bootkit used to backdoor Windows devices since 2012

New Python ransomware targets virtual machines, ESXi hypervisors to encrypt disks

New Python-based ransomware attacks unfold in record time

Northern Irish Voucher Scheme Marred by Identity Snag

Northwestern patient sues Elekta over data breach that hit 170 health systems

OFAC Issues Second Ransomware Advisory and Designates Virtual Currency Exchange for Sanctions

Oops! Compound DeFi Platform Gives Out $90M, Would Like it Back, Please

Pandora Papers: A simple guide to the Pandora Papers leak

Personal information of South Africans potentially compromised in ransomware attack

Privacy commission links SMS-based ‘phishing’ attacks to leaks of contact-tracing information

Protecting business from ransomware at the edge

Python ransomware strikes virtual machines in 'ultra-high-speed' attacks

Ransomware gang behind attacks on 100+ companies busted

Ransomware gang encrypts VMware ESXi servers with Python script

Ransomware Groups are at War With their Malware’s Creators

Ransomware Hackers Who Attacked Over 100 Companies Arrested in Ukraine

Ransomware Impact on the Education Sector

Ransomware riches stolen from cybercriminals! Karma hits back

Researcher finds vulnerability in popular parental control app Canopy

Researchers Discover UEFI Bootkit Targeting Windows Computers Since 2012

Ronn Torossian's PR firm 5W is hit by a data breach

South Africa: 1,200 files compromised in justice department ransomware attack

Squid Game Scenes Cut Over Data Exposure

Syniverse admits to repeated data breach

Syniverse quietly reveals 5-year data breach

T-Mobile customers are receiving spam texts possibly related to August's data breach

Tamil Nadu hit by a ransomware attack on its Public Department

TangleBot Android malware hijacks phone to steal login credentials

Text Message Giant Reveals Five-Year Breach

The cybersecurity issues organizations deal with remain complex and numerous

The fight against ransomware

The Telegraph exposes 10 TB database with subscriber info

These are the industries least likely to pay a ransomware demand

These are the most common ransomware threats around today

This new Android malware gets full control of your phone to steal passwords and info

UC San Diego Health hit with class action suit over data breach

US provides international forum for action to stamp out ransomware attacks

Webroot names its “Nastiest Malware of 2021”

What California, Colorado and Virginia Teach Us About the Future of US Privacy Law

What Happens to Victims When a Ransomware Gang Vanishes?

What, exactly, is cybersecurity? And why does it matter?

White House convenes 30 countries for ransomware and cybersecurity talks

4th October

4 steps to protect the C-suite from business email compromise attacks

91.5% of malware arrived over encrypted connections

A New APT Hacking Group Targeting Fuel, Energy, and Aviation Industries

Agricultural Equipment Auction Sites Back Online After Ransomware Attack on Sandhills Global

Biden announces 30-nation meeting to tackle ransomware

Blocking ransomware, hackers and more: What you need to know about security for games

Can AI help the finance industry to win the war on ransomware?

Cloud hacking: India now 2nd most targeted nation after US

Coinbase Attackers Bypassed Account Authentication

Coinbase notifies 6,000 customers of data breach

Combating vulnerability fatigue with automated security validation

Creating Wireless Signals with Ethernet Cable to Steal Data from Air-Gapped Systems

Cyber insurance: Tighten your security controls or face exposure

DeepMind Technologies Sued Over Data Sharing

Details emerge about massive Facebook data breach

Don’t Warn Your Co-Workers About That Phishing Test

Encrypted & Fileless Malware Sees Big Growth

Erosion of digital trust: Consumers want more personal information protection

Ex-army admin jailed for 12 years over US military health data theft

Ex-Army Technician Gets 12 Years for Role in Fraud Scheme

Fraud is up and businesses are the target: Here’s how to fight back

Fraudster jailed for stealing US military health records, millions in benefits

Hackers drain cryptocurrency accounts of thousands of Coinbase users

Hackers stole crypto from 6,000 Coinbase accounts between March and May 2021

Hacking the World – Part 1: Hacking Basics

Healthcare Organizations Deprioritize Third-Party Risk Management

How collaboration between IT pros and senior leaders could drive the future of risk mitigation

How Has Online Fraud Evolved In The Last Few Years?

How one coding error turned AirTags into perfect malware distributors

How the Cloud Defeats Ransomware Attacks

How to beat ransomware attackers at their own game

How to Reduce Your Attack Surface in Six Steps

Infographic: Why you need humans and tech to defend against ransomware

INTERPOL Launches Cybercrime Awareness Campaign

Irish Police Say Europol, Interpol Helped Dismantle Hackers’ Infrastructure

Kaspersky Issues Warning Over James Bond Download/Stream Links

Largest mobile SMS routing firm discloses five-year-long breach

Lessons from the Kaseya ransomware attack

Making the case to leave on-prem for better security

Malware Operators Are Now Allegedly Stealing Ransomware Bounties From Affiliates

Mobile security: It's time for a little tough love for Android users

Most UK businesses believe remote working means greater risk of cyber attacks

Most UK businesses believe remote working means greater risk of cyber attacks

Neiman Marcus data breach exposes personal info of 4.6M customers

Neiman Marcus data breach hits 4.6 million customers

New Atom Silo Ransomware Group Targets Confluence Servers

New Atom Silo ransomware targets vulnerable Confluence servers

New offensive cyber force will "confront aggressive behaviour", says Foreign Secretary

Oxford Statement on International Law Protections in Cyberspace: The Regulation of Ransomware Operations

Pandora Papers: How leak is being reported around the world

Pandora Papers: Secret wealth and dealings of world leaders exposed

Pandora Papers: World leaders deny wrongdoing after leaks

Pandora Papers: Your guide to nine years of finance leaks

Pandora Spills Secrets of Super Rich

Patient and employee data stolen, posted on dark web after ransomware attack on Indiana hospital

Phishing campaigns against Chase Bank customers are on the rise

Police Seize Boxes of Cash in Raid on Alleged Ransomware Gang Members

Poorly Configured Apache Airflow Instances Leak Credentials for Popular Services

Prepare and conduct a ransomware tabletop exercise

Prolific Ransomware Operators Arrested in Joint Law Enforcement Action

Protecting Critical Infrastructure in the Digital Battlefield

Protecting your data! Top tips to help entrepreneurs combat the threat of Ransomware

RaidForums forced to use mirror after Brazilian govt contacts registrar

Ransomware: Police arrest two in operation against 'prolific' gang that targeted big businesses

Ransomware Attack On Alabama Hospital Caused Baby's Death, Lawsuit Alleges

Ransomware attack shuts down Indiana health system's network

Ransomware Criminals Arrested Following Joint Europe-U.S. Action

Ransomware operators behind hundreds of attacks arrested in Ukraine

Ransomware threats calls for tough conversations

Records Retention Schedules: When Will Your Data Expire?

REvil is dominating the global ransomware scene

SASE Adoption Hampered by Lack of Education

Senate Cyber Incident Reporting Bill Requires Many Businesses to Report Ransomware Payments Within 24 Hours

Seven in 10 Canadian organizations facing ransomware attack paid demands

Taking a Preventative Approach Against Ransomware

The 16 Biggest Cybersecurity Challenges MSPs Face Right Now

The hidden threat of business collaboration tools

The Shortfalls of Mean Time Metrics in Cybersecurity

Think You Are Prepared for Ransomware? You’re Probably Not

Three kinds of phish: What distinguishes the best phishing campaigns and how to avoid falling for them

Tips to Keep Your Data Safe from Increasing Cyberattacks

Tough conversations on ransomware ahead

Transnational Fraud Ring Bilks U.S. Military Service Members Out of Millions

Two arrests made in European ransomware investigation

Two-thirds of firms have been target of at least one ransomware attack

UK plans to invest £5 billion in retaliatory cyber-attacks

UK's National Cyber Force Heads to the Northwest

Ukrainian police arrest hacker who caused $150 million damage to global firms

US says building 30-country alliance to fight ransomware

US-Led International Group Takes Aim At Ransomware Gangs

Vaccine passport app left hundreds of thousands of Canadians’ personal information exposed

What You Need to Know About India’s Data Protection Bill

Why today’s cybersecurity threats are more dangerous

Widespread Elastic stack API security vulnerability