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Monday 16 August 2021

Data Breaches Digest - Week 33 2021

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 16th August and 22nd August 2021.

22nd August

7 data privacy tips for your phone from digital security experts

A contemporary - advanced Ransomware in the race

After a massive data breach, T-Mobile offers its customers an identity protection tool

Banque Misr halts transactions to prepaid Meeza cards following phishing reports

Bellevue’s T-Mobile breach impacts 53 million customers as probe finds wider bearings

Brazilian businesses suffer 13,000 hacker attacks per month

Business Email Compromise Research: Top Hacker Threat for 1H 2021

Check Point Software: "We are now experiencing a ‘ransomware pandemic’"

Companies may have to indemnify those who had their data leaked in cyberattacks

Data of 70 Million AT&T Customers for Sale Online

Department of Conservation's Aoraki/Mount Cook hit by ransomware attack

Department of Conservation's Aoraki/Mount Cook rescue base hit by ransomware attack

Disinfect your phone

Education sector sees 29% global increase in cyberattacks

Education Sector Sees Cyber Attacks Jump, Check Point Says

Education sector sees increase in cyberattacks

Hackers Steal Even More Social Security Numbers

How to Spot Tell-Tale Signs of Tax Identity Theft

In 2021, security researchers discovered a “staggering number” of vulnerabilities in industrial control systems

Microsoft Exchange Servers Hacked by New Ransomware Gang via ProxyShells Vulnerabilities - How to Avoid

Mumbai: Card frauds most reported cyber crime

Over 1500 fraudulent global resources aimed at potential crypto investors detected in 2021

Razer bug lets you become a Windows 10 admin by plugging in a mouse

Passwords on the dark web after the T-mobile breach? Safeguard your data now

Rethinking security with Identity Detection & Response (IDR)

Risk management in the age of ransomware

Schools, colleges brace for cyberattacks as students return

Security camera hacking: It can happen to you. Here's how to stop it

Security vulnerabilities in critical infrastructure on the rise

T-Mobile breach fallout - it's time to decide who deserves your business

T-Mobile data breach and SIM-swap scam: How to protect your identity

T-Mobile hack represents a return to the origins of cybercrime

T-Mobile Says 5.3 Million More Accounts Were Compromised in Massive Data Breach

T-Mobile Suffered a Massive Data Breach. Its Response Is the 1 Thing No Company Should Ever Do

Threat actor asks insiders help to plant Black Kingdom ransomware

Threat Actors Offer $1M Cut of Profits to Employees for Deploying Ransomware

WARNING: Microsoft Exchange Under Attack With ProxyShell Flaws

Warning over DVLA scam text targetting drivers

What are the top five threats to financial services organizations?

21st August

4 main benefits of using VPN

A Complete Guide to Not Getting Hacked

A Year of Supply Chain Attacks: How to Protect Your Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)

American Freight Notice of Data Breach

Are your passwords on the dark web after the T-mobile breach? Protect your data now

AT&T refutes reports of having suffered data breach

Baby monitors caught up in the latest cybersecurity incident

Camicado’s website is down after the hacker attack that killed Lojas Rainer

China pushes through data protection law that applies cross-border

Cybersecurity group is on aviation’s front lines against hackers

Experts warn that ransomware hackers can target the US supply chain

Google Docs phishing scam warning as ‘worm’ that hacked more 1 million accounts could strike again at ANY time

Hackers stole more than 90 million U.S. dollars from Japan’s Liquid Crypto Exchange

Indian businesses suffer more cyber attacks with remote working

Kaspersky warns of voice phishing and other new hacking scams in Q2 2021

LockFile ransomware attacks Microsoft Exchange with ProxyShell exploits

MBC ransomware group claims responsibility for cyber-attack on Iran's railway network

Microsoft Exchange servers being hacked by new LockFile ransomware

More Than 600 Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Flaws Spotted in H1 2021

New attacks from APT31 are targeting Russia, U.S, and Canada

Pakistani Military Targeted by Confucius with Pegasus Spyware Lures

‘Pay $1.99’: Aussies warned over fake DHL email

R46 million - The cost of a data breach at a South African company

Ransomware On A Rampage; A New Wake Up Call

State Department is hit by a cyber attack amid US efforts to evacuate thousands of Americans and Afghan allies from Kabul

T-Mobile confirms fifth data breach in three years

The quantum leap in cyberwar requires someone to defend them

When ransomware gets deadly: Attack brings down hospital system

20th August

Accenture struck by ransomware attack, claims “no impact”

After Ransomware, Enterprises Most Worried About Phishing Attacks Post-Pandemic

Anti-Money Laundering Fines Fall by 50% in 1H 2021

AT&T breach? ShinyHunters selling AT&T database with 70 million SSN

AT&T denies data breach after hacker auctions 70 million user database

Attackers rapidly adopting new techniques to target users

Blackbaud Must Face CCPA Claims in Multi-district Class Action from Data Breach

Brazilian government discloses treasury ransomware attack

Case of the fake vaccine cards is nothing compared to the fake vaccines Interpol is warning countries about

Cloudflare Handled a DDoS Attack That Spiked at 17.2 Million Requests per Second

Cloudflare mitigated one of the largest DDoS attack involving 17.2 million rps

Confronting your fear of ransomware

Criminals caught trying to recruit insiders to plant ransomware

Crunch Time for Liquid as Crypto Exchange Loses $97m to Hackers

Cryptocurrency exchanges experience tenfold increase in phishing attacks in H1

Cybercrime Group Asking Insiders for Help in Planting Ransomware

Data breach at Pine Labs exposes 500,000 records

DemonWare Solicits Staff to Deploy Ransomware

Early CISA findings suggest link between ransomware and patient mortality

Google Docs Scams Still Pose a Threat

Google shares details of unpatched Windows AppContainer vulnerability

Hackers steal nearly $100m in Japan crypto heist

HolesWarm crypto malware hits unpatched Linux, Windows servers

How to protect your T-Mobile account in light of the latest data breach

HTTP DDoS attacks reach unprecedented 17 million requests per second

If encryption is so good at protecting data, why do so many businesses succumb to cyberattacks?

LockFile ransomware uses PetitPotam attack to hijack Windows domains

Man Gets Three Years for Stealing Nude Photos from College Victims

‘Mozi’ Botnet Is Coming for Your Old and Unpatched Network Gateways

Mozi IoT Botnet Now Also Targets Netgear, Huawei, and ZTE Network Gateways

New York City (NYC) Teachers' Social Security Numbers Exposed

New Zealand: Ransomware attack on Department of Conservation

Nigerian Threat Actors Solicit Employees to Deploy Ransomware for Cut of Profits

Ohio Denies Unemployment System Has Been Hacked Amid Hijacks

Office 365 Remains a Target for Cyber-criminals

Pegasus iPhone hacks used as lure in extortion scheme

Phishing could have cost businesses $354m in potential direct losses

Ransomware Groups Are Now Enticing Disgruntled Employees to Deploy the Payload

Ransomware hits Lojas Renner, Brazil’s largest clothing store chain

Ransomware Scheme Outed as Bizarre Plan to Get Funding for Nigerian Social Network

ShadowPad Malware is Becoming a Favorite Choice of Chinese Espionage Groups

Social account thief goes to prison for stealing, trading nude photos

Spear-phishing tactics are changing — how can enterprises stay ahead?

St. Joseph’s/Candler Back Online After Ransomware Attack

SynAck ransomware decryptor lets victims recover files for free

T-Mobile data breach just got worse — now at 54 million customers

T-Mobile Reports 5.3M More Affected in Data Breach

T-Mobile says cyberattack impacted more customer data than initially thought

The ransomware evolution

This Year Saw 64 Percent More Ransomware Attacks

Tokio Marine's Singapore unit hit by ransomware

US Census Bureau Failed Breach Response, Watchdog Says

Web Censorship Systems Can Facilitate Massive DDoS Attacks

19th August

$2.35 Million Settlement in Dickey’s Barbecue Data Breach Class Action

3 tips to protect against ransomware attacks

4 Novel Techniques Help Phishing Emails Evade Detection

72% of IT execs fear trickle-down of nation state tools and techniques will hurt their business

83 million devices using the Kalay protocol are at risk for remote takeover. Are yours?

AMD and Intel suffer from data leak in active Gigabyte ransomware attack

Are you prepared for the surge in ransomware?

Are You Sure You’re Actually Mining Cryptocurrency on Your Smartphone?

Are you, the customer, the one paying the ransomware demand?

As hybrid working arrangements remain, employers must ensure their staff works safely

Blackbaud Must Face CCPA Claims in Multidistrict Class Action from Data Breach

CEO tried funding his startup by asking insiders to deploy ransomware

CISA shares guidance on how to prevent ransomware data breaches

Cisco won’t fix zero-day RCE vulnerability in end-of-life VPN routers

Coin Ninja CEO Admits Operating Darknet Bitcoin Mixer

COVID-19 Contact-Tracing Data Exposed, Fake Vax Cards Circulate

Critical Flaw Found in Older Cisco Small Business Routers Won't Be Fixed

Cultivating a Cybersecure Culture at Work is Everyone’s Responsibility

Data of more than 40 million exposed in T-Mobile breach

Data stolen as social housing group suffers cyber security attack

Data Stolen as Social Housing Group Suffers Ransomware Attack

DeepBlueMagic Ransomware Appears on the Scene

Device complexity leaving schools at heightened risk of ransomware attacks

eCatcher Desktop Flaw Could Give Attackers Access

Enterprises looking to cybersecurity providers to help protect IT systems

Fake DVLA scam that could take all your information

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) says scammers are impersonating FTC Chair Lina Khan in email phishing scheme

Financial institutions are prime targets for cybercriminals and future attacks are 'inevitable'

Get an email about COVID stimulus from the FTC chair? It's a scam

Hackers can bypass Cisco security products in data theft attacks

Half of APAC firms bypass processes to accommodate remote work

Health Data Breach Tally Update: Ransomware Persists

How a software bill of materials can help solve our supply chain woes

How Organizations Can Fight Back Against Ransomware

How Ransomware Trends Are Changing Cyber Insurance

How to Fight Common Data Breaches with Ease

How Ready Are You for a Ransomware Attack?

How to Rethink Security for Hybrid Work

Human rights watchdog ‘Karapatan’ hit by weeks long DDOS attacks

ICS vulnerabilities soared by ‘staggering’ 41% in early 2021

India’s education sector witnessed most number of cyberattacks in July

InkySquid State Actor Exploiting Known IE Bugs

Is Your Business Prepared to Stop a Ransomware Attack?

IT Leaders: Nation State Campaigns Are Inspiring Cybercrime Attacks

IT leaders fear ‘trickle-down’ of nation-state cyber attacks

It's time to retire the Social Security number

JPMorgan Chase Notifies Customers of Data Breach

Kingston Police warn public of multi-layered Microsoft scam

Kubernetes runtime security is a growing concern

Liquid cryptocurency exchange loses over $90 million following hack

Memorial Health System progresses after attack

Mobile operator T-Mobile suffers colossal data breach

More Than 600K Patients Impacted by UNM Health Data Breach

New Area 1 Security Research Analyzes 31 Million Phish, Finding $354 Million In Potential Direct Losses

New Ponemon Institute Study Reveals Average Phishing Costs Soar to US$14.8 million

New unofficial Windows patch fixes more PetitPotam attack vectors

Personal Info of Navalny Supporters Leaked and Police Already Visiting Exposed Individuals

Phishing attacks increase in H1 2021, sharp jump in crypto attacks

Postmortem on U.S. Census Hack Exposes Cybersecurity Failures

Ransom DDoS could be the next big threat

Ransomware: This amateur attack shows how clueless criminals are trying to get in on the action

Ransomware, Once Hidden In The Shadows, Is Now An International Concern

Ransomware Attacker Offers Employees a Cut if They Install DemonWare on Their Organization's Systems

Research uncovers connection between BlackMatter and DarkSide ransomware-as-a-service

Researchers Find New Evidence Linking Diavol Ransomware to TrickBot Gang

Saudi Arabia’s Sirar by STC blocks 14 million catfishing emails during 2020

Scammers Have Become Aggressive With Identity Thefts

Sewage plant was ransomware target, no money paid

Social media increasingly popular vector in phishing attacks

South Africa Data Breach Costs Reached Record Highs During Pandemic

St. Joseph’s/Candler health system contacting patients after ransomware attack

T-Mobile: 49 Million Customers Hit by Data Breach

T-Mobile breach exposed personal data of almost 50 million people

T-Mobile data breach : Hackers steal about 7.8 million postpaid customers' personal data

T-Mobile hack: How to protect your personal information after a data breach

T-Mobile in damage limitation mode (again) after being hacked (again)

T-Mobile says 40 million affected by data breach

The Cost of a Data Breach Report: Key Highlights

The cyber security risks of working from home

The Operator of Dark Web Bitcoin Mixer “Helix” Pleads Guilty to Money Laundering Charges

The pandemic revealed the health risks of hospital ransomware attacks

The Role of Cryptocurrency in Ransomware Attacks

The shipping supply chain is stressed from Covid. That makes it ripe for hackers

Threat actors using CAPTCHA to evade phishing, malware detection

Tokio Marine Insurance Singapore Hit by Ransomware Attack

UK Ransomware Attacks Surge Dramatically in 2021

US Census Bureau cyberattack was unsuccessful

US Census Bureau Slammed for 2020 Breach

US healthcare organization sends data breach warning to 1.4m patients following ransomware attack

User Error: The Root Cause of it All

Wanted: Disgruntled Employees to Deploy Ransomware

What exactly is confidential computing?

What the DOJ’s Involvement in Cyberattacks Means for the Future of Ransomware

What You Need to Know About Chaos, the Dangerous New Ransomware

Why it's important to create a common language of cyber risk

Windows EoP Bug Detailed by Google Project Zero

Work From Home Causing Increased Number of Cyber Attacks in India

You can post LinkedIn jobs as ANY employer — so can attackers

Your people – first and last line of cyber security defence

Zero trust network access: A safe journey to a better employee experience

18th August

7 steps to protect against ransomware-related lawsuits

40 million T-Mobile customers hit by US data breach

2021 Ransomware Trends: More Diverse, More Dangerous, and Harder to Detect

Accenture Downplays the LockBit Ransomware Attack That Reportedly Encrypted 2,500 Computers, Leaking 6 Terabytes of Data

Adopting Zero-Trust for API Security

Are you prepared for the surge in ransomware?

BadAlloc Flaw Affects BlackBerry QNX Used in Millions of Cars and Medical Devices

BadAlloc vulnerability affects BlackBerry QNX Real Time Operating System

Bitcoin mixer owner pleads guilty to laundering over $300 million

Bogus Cryptomining Apps Infest Google Play

CISA Urges Organizations to Patch Critical BlackBerry QNX Bug

Collaboration is the key to protecting critical national infrastructure

Confucius APT Is Exploiting the “Pegasus” Spyware Worries to Trick Pakistanis

Connecticut enacts cybersecurity laws aimed at data breaches

Critical Bug Could Allow Remote Snooping Via Millions of Devices

Critical ThroughTek SDK Bug Could Let Attackers Spy On Millions of IoT Devices

Cybersecurity is top priority for enterprises as they shift to digital-first operating models

Data of 40 million plus exposed in latest T-Mobile breach

Diavol ransomware sample shows stronger connection to TrickBot gang

Does a VPN Protect You from Hackers?

Does Ransomware Insurance Encourage Ransomware Attacks?

Don't be lured into sophisticated phishing scam, police warn

Education and research sector hit by highest number of cyberattacks in July

GitHub urges users to enable 2FA after going passwordless

Hackers Used Morse Code In This Phishing Attack

HolesWarm Malware Exploits Unpatched Windows, Linux Servers

Houdini malware returns, enterprise risk assessment compromised by Amazon Sidewalk

How businesses use data might not be popular with the public

How Much Cybersecurity Do You Need?

Industrial Control Systems (ICS) vulnerability reports are increasing in number and severity, and exploit complexity is dropping

Iranian Hackers Target Several Israeli Organizations With Supply-Chain Attacks

Is the ‘TrickBot’ Gang Really Behind the ‘Diavol’ Ransomware Strain?

Japanese insurer Tokio Marine discloses ransomware attack

Losses due to phishing have almost quadrupled since 2015

Memory Bugs in BlackBerry’s QNX Embedded OS Open Devices to Attacks

Millions of IoT devices, baby monitors open to audio, video snooping

MSPs with Data Protection Expertise Are in Demand

Nearly 50 Million Customers Might Be Victims Of Major Data Breach At T-Mobile

New Version of the ‘Neurevt’ Trojan Comes Bundled With Info-Stealers

North Korea Hackers Deploy Browser Exploits on South Korean Sites to Spread Malware

Organizations losing millions to phishing attacks each year

Phishing Costs Surge to $15m Annually for US Organizations

Preparation, Buy-In Are Essential to Ransomware Response

Ransomware – Three Questions to Ask Your Cybersecurity Teams

Ransomware a Growing Threat to Financial Institutions

Ransomware and Returning to the Basics of Cybersecurity

Ransomware attacks surge by over 150% in 2021

Ransomware Hits Brazilian National Treasury

Ransomware recovery can be costly, and not just because of the ransom

Research uncovers connection between BlackMatter and DarkSide ransomware-as-a-service

Security Vendors Sound the Alarm on LockBit Ransomware's Return

Security vulnerability in COVID-19 testing website allowed access to user information

SonicWall Cyber Threat Report 2021: 304.7 Million Record Ransomware Attacks in Just 6 months

St. Joseph's/Candler ransomware investigation ongoing, patients offered identity protection

T-Mobile: >40 Million Customers’ Data Stolen

T-Mobile: Breach Exposed SSN/DOB of 40M+ People

T-Mobile data breach: New information uncovered by the investigation

T-Mobile data breach exposed the personal info of more than 47 million people

T-Mobile data breach highlights cybersecurity issues for clients

T-Mobile Data Breach Impacts More than 40 Million People

T-Mobile says hackers stole records belonging to 48.6 million individuals

T-Mobile says information of more than 48 million customers leaked in breach

T-Mobile’s Data Breach Affects Over 40 Million People

Tales From the SOC: Dealing with the Dangers of Freeware

The Most Recent Trends in Spear-phishing

The Overlooked Security Risks of The Cloud

The State of Indiana Is Notifying 750,000 Residents of a Data Breach

The top 3 cryptocurrency scams of 2021

This ransomware has returned with new techniques to make attacks more effective

Three Reasons Why You Should Never Pay Ransomware Attackers

Troubling New Disk-Level Encryption Ransomware Surfaces

Unpatched Fortinet Bug Allows Firewall Takeovers

US Census Bureau hacked in January 2020 using Citrix exploit

US Census Bureau stopped 2020 cyberattack but faces criticism for security lapses

What Is Cyber Command’s Role in Combating Ransomware?

Winning The Ransomware Battle Through Data Backup

17th August

4 Vulnerabilities in Realtek SDK Affect 200 Device Models From 65 Vendors

5 Common Types of Malware You Should Know About

5 Unfortunate Cyber Attacks Against Gaming Companies

637,000 patients exposed in UNM Health data breach

750,000 people affected by Indiana Department of Health data breach

Adapting Data Security for a Permanent Hybrid Working Environment

Analysis of Diavol Ransomware Reveals Possible Link to TrickBot Gang

Are evolving ransomware attack patterns harder to deter?

Attack volume increases as hackers go phishing for cryptocurrency

Blackbaud – firm that paid off crooks after 2020 ransomware attack – fails to get California privacy law claim dropped

Brazilian government discloses National Treasury ransomware attack

Bug in Millions of Flawed IoT Devices Lets Attackers Eavesdrop

Brazilian National Treasury hit with ransomware attack

Centennial College says data breach impacted its international students

Chase bank accidentally leaked customer info to other customers

CISA: BadAlloc impacts critical infrastructure using BlackBerry QNX

CISA releases alert on BadAlloc vulnerability in BlackBerry products

Colonial Pipeline Admits Ransomware Attack Stole Personal Data

Colonial Pipeline Reportedly Admits Data Breach

Conti ransomware prioritizes revenue and cyberinsurance data theft

Critical bug allows remote compromise, control of millions of IoT devices (CVE-2021-28372)

Critical bug impacting millions of IoT devices lets hackers spy on you

Critical IoT security camera vulnerability allows attackers to remotely watch live video - and gain access to networks

Cybersecurity critical in cyber criminals' top target: healthcare sector

Database Security Snafu Exposes America’s Secret Terrorist Watchlist

Data privacy is a growing concern for more consumers

Dealing with ransomware

Digital fraud attempts on the rise: Gaming, travel and leisure most targeted

Educational publisher Pearson fined for data breach cover-up

Electromed Data Breach Impacting Customers, Staffers’ PHI

Ethical, Legal Implications of Paying Ransoms

Ford Data Breach Crisis Averted Thanks To Benevolent Hackers

Fortinet patches bug letting attackers takeover servers remotely

Fortinet slams Rapid7 for disclosing vulnerability before end of 90-day window

Fraud Shifts to Travel, Gaming Sites as Economies Reopen

Government hackers impersonate HR employees to hit Israeli targets

How building a world class SOC can alleviate security team burnout

How the Pandemic is impacting Cyber Security

How to ensure a safer internet experience

How to speak to cyber criminals

Indiana Contact Tracing Data Breached

LockBit 2.0 Ransomware Proliferates Globally

Lockdown IT Security – Malware Threat List

Malicious Ads Target Cryptocurrency Users With Cinobi Banking Trojan

Malware campaign uses clever 'captcha' to bypass browser warning

Ministry of Defence (MoD) Invites Innovators to Reduce Military's Cyber-Attack Surface

Misconfigured Server Leaks US Terror Watchlist

Most organizations experienced at least one ransomware attack, multiple attacks very common

NAS devices under attack: How to keep them safe?

New Phishing Campaign Employs ‘Supreme Court Settlement Agreement’ Tactics

Over 5K pandemic-related phishing websites luring people

Patch released for Fortinet command injection vulnerability

Phishing Costs Nearly Quadrupled Over 6 Years

Phishing scams cost large US companies about $15 million a year

Ransomware: From Minor Annoyance to a Significant Global Threat

Ransomware Attack - How to Recover Affected Data?

Ransomware Attack Cripples Dozens of ‘Memorial Health System’ Hospitals

Russian intelligence services are colluding with ransomware gangs

Several US hospitals crippled by ransomware attacks

T-Mobile data breach: Industry reactions

T-Mobile latest telco to suffer mammoth data breach

T-Mobile's data breach affects nearly all its US customers

Terrorist Watchlist Exposed Online with Nearly 1.9M Records

Transnet ransomware hackers did not get a single cent

Turning the tap off on cybercrime: It’s time for national clean pipes policy

Two Maine Sewage Treatment Plants Targeted In Ransomware Attacks

Unpatched Fortinet FortiWeb vulnerability allows remote OS command injection

Unpatched Remote Hacking Flaw Disclosed in Fortinet's FortiWeb WAF

US Government’s secret terrorist watchlist with 2 Million records exposed online

US State Department offers up to $10 million in crypto rewards to white hat hackers

What the Ransomware Attacks Mean for Convenience Retailers

16th August

3 Ways Healthcare Organizations Can Work to Prevent Insider Security Threats

4 steps to prepare for a ransomware attack: A C-suite guide

100 Million T-Mobile Customer Records Purportedly Up for Sale

Accenture published ransomware report after LockBit attack

Accenture’s Lack Of Transparency In Ransomware Attack Sets ‘Bad Example’

Are RDDoS attacks more prevalent than ransomware?

Attackers Can Weaponize Firewalls and Middleboxes for Amplified DDoS Attacks

Brazil: Ransomware attack didn't "structurally damage" Treasury Department

CISOs Are Losing the Fight Against Phishing Attacks

Colonial Pipeline Data Breach Surfaces After Ransomware Attack

Colonial Pipeline reports data breach after May ransomware attack

Colonial Pipeline says ransomware attack also led to personal information being stolen

Colonial Pipeline sends breach letters to more than 5,000 after ransomware group accessed SSNs, more

Copyright scammers turn to phone numbers instead of web links

Critical Valve Bug Lets Gamers Add Unlimited Funds to Steam Wallets

Data breach at New York university potentially affects 47,000 citizens

Data privacy laws by state

Data shows your password can be worth Half a Million dollars to ransomware mobs

Delivery Scams Most Prominent Form of Smishing

DNS attacks: a danger that must not be overlooked

Do Open-Source Supply Chains Leave Security Gaps in Your Organization?

Dozens of STARTTLS Related Flaws Found Affecting Popular Email Clients

Education giant Pearson fined $1M for downplaying data breach

Effective cyber risk mitigation requires a holistic mindset-shift

Even the US president wants zero trust: Here’s how to make it a reality

Fake parcel delivery texts are the top SMS phishing scam

Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) Suffers From a Large-Scale Cyber Attack

FINRA Warns Members of Phishing Scheme

FINRA warns of phishing campaign exploiting imposter domain names

Florida’s unemployment system was improving, but cybersecurity issues are new setback

Hacker Leaks Data of Ecuador’s Public Telco Stolen Last Month During a Ransomware Attack

Hacker pleads guilty to sim swapping, stealing cryptocurrency

Hacker selling alleged stolen 100 million T-Mobile customer data for $200

Hackers behind Iranian wiper attacks linked to Syrian breaches

Hackers use Morse code in phishing attacks to hide detection

Half of US Hospitals Shut Down Networks Due to Ransomware

Has Your Kid’s Texas School District Been Hammered By Cyberattacks?

Hive ransomware attacks Memorial Health System, steals patient data

Hospital Cyberattacks: More Frequent, Severe As Pandemic Continues

Hospitals hamstrung by ransomware are turning away patients

How does North America’s cyber risk compare to other regions?

How to foster collaboration with the IT team for a successful zero trust implementation

How To Improve Ransomware Resilience Across Remote Working Environments

India: Anti-phishing portal sees steep rise in cyber-crime complaints amid pandemic

Indra Group Attack On Iran Highlights The Threats To Global Critical Infrastructure

IT leaders don't understand why their firms keep suffering breaches

'Jigsaw Puzzle' Phishing Attacks Use Morse Code to Hide

Kaseya ransomware attack leads to flourishing demand for MSP security

Linux glibc security fix created a nastier Linux bug

Machine identities: What they are and how to use automation to secure them

Malware developer infects own PC and data ends up on intel platform

Massive T-Mobile data breach could have affected over 100 million people

Memorial Health System experiences ransomware attack

Microsoft 365: This new one-click button lets businesses report scam emails

More than 5,000 pandemic-related phishing websites since the beginning of the pandemic identified

Most employees reusing personal passwords to protect corporate data

Multiple Flaws Affecting Realtek Wi-Fi SDKs Impact Nearly a Million IoT Devices

Must-Fix Vulnerabilities Per Application Jump In May-June

Nation-state threat: How DDoS-over-TCP technique could amplify attacks

Nearly half of retailers hit by ransomware in 2020

New AdLoad Variant Bypasses Apple's Security Defenses to Target macOS Systems

New Report Links Ransomware Attacks to the Russian Government

New Trickbot attack setup fake 1Password installer to extract data

No need to swap data for drinks, says privacy body

Operators of the ‘Legalizer’ Drugs Webstore Exposed by Anonymous Hacker

Outlook add-in lets you report suspicious emails to UK government

Over 5,000 pandemic-related phishing websites luring people

Pandemic-related phishing peaked in March

Parcel delivery texts now the most common con-trick

Pearson to pay $1M fine for misleading investors about 2018 data breach

Phishing Campaign Used Morse Code to Evade Detection

Ransomware Attacks: What You Need to Know

Ransomware attacks increased 64% over the past year

Ransomware Strikes Hospitals, Clinical Laboratories, and Medical Clinics without Warning and Is Now a Major Threat to all Healthcare Organizations

Realtek SDK vulnerabilities impact dozens of downstream IoT vendors

Reliance on third party workers making companies more vulnerable to cyberattacks

Rethinking security and access for hybrid work

Rural Maine sewage plant hit by ransomware attack

Rural sewage plants hit by ransomware attacks in Maine

Ryan Specialty Group reports employee email data breach

Ryan Specialty reveals April data breach

Schools could be ripe for cyberattacks amid ransomware open season

Secret terrorist watchlist with 2 million records exposed online

Security Exec Predicts Systemic Ransomware Launched from Hijacked Public Cloud

Seeing lots of QR codes when shopping? Here's how to tell if they are safe to scan

SIM swap scammer pleads guilty to Instagram account hijacks, crypto theft

SMEs awareness of GDPR is high, but few adhere to its legal requirements

Social media fraud: The influencers promoting criminal scams

Spain: Be aware of new phishing scam claiming to be Banco Santander

SynAck ransomware group releases decryption keys, but new strain in the works

‘Systemic’ Cyberattack Presents Real Risk for US Banks

T-Mobile acknowledges breach of customer data, launches prob

T-Mobile confirms servers were hacked, investigates data breach

T-Mobile Investigates Possible Data Breach

T-Mobile investigates potential 100 million user data breach

T-Mobile investigating data breach

T-Mobile Investigating Reported Data Breach Involving 100 Million Customers

T-Mobile is looking into a report of a massive data breach

T-Mobile looking into potential hack of data on 100 million customers

T-Mobile says hackers accessed user data but won't confirm SSN breach of 100 million customers

T-Mobile says it is investigating a data breach

T-Mobile Says It’s Investigating a Possible Data Breach Incident

T-Mobile US probing claim of massive data breach

T-Mobile working 'around the clock' to investigate potential data breach

The Biggest Data Breaches according to VPNWelt research: The Main Facts and Must-Know Stats

The cybersecurity skills gap persists for the fifth year running

The Type of People Who Need Antimalware Software

U.S. government launches ransomware resource

Understanding the Risks, Complexity of Healthcare Cybersecurity

We Can Thank Ransomware For Our Insurance Dilemma

What are the cyber security challenges of hybrid working?

What’s the Danger of Internet Frauds?

Whatsapp Scam: Using Package Delivery, Your Entire Bank Balance Can Be Robbed!

Why Ransomware Protection Should Start with User Awareness

Windows Print Spooler Flaws Leveraged in Ransomware Attacks

World Bank and Partners Announce New Global Fund for Cybersecurity

XSS Bug in SEOPress WordPress Plugin Allows Site Takeover

You Are the Weakest Link, Goodbye!