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Monday 9 August 2021

Data Breaches Digest - Week 32 2021

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 9th August and 15th August 2021.

15th August

Beware of fake text messages posing as state agencies aiming to get your information

Bio firms raising alert over vaccine tech theft

Data Breach Cost Reaches All-Time High

Ford bug exposed customer and employee records from internal systems

Hacker claims to steal data of 100 million T-mobile customers

How to improve COVID-19 supply chain cybersecurity

How to Prevent Ransomware Attacks: Top Nine Things to Keep in Mind

Intrusion: 52% of IT decision-makers report experiencing a data breach in the past

Network access to Pakistan’s top fed agency FBR sold on Russian forum

Over 1/3rd of firms experienced ransomware attack or breach globally

Password Storage Best Practices

Philippines: Best defense vs digital piracy

Prevention is better than cure, even in the digital world

T-Mobile investigating claims of customer data breach

T-Mobile Investigating Claims of Data Breach on Online Forum

T-Mobile investigating report of customer data breach that reportedly involves 100 million people

Watch out for fraudulent QR codes

Which? warning over DPD missed delivery phishing text scam

14th August

47,000 potentially exposed in Electromed data breach

An Irish-based multinational firm “Accenture” becomes a victim of a cyber attack by the LockBit gang

Are we getting there? Two new cybersecurity stories suggest not

Final Fantasy XIV European Servers Bombarded by DDOS Attack

Following WhatsApp Hacking Reports, UK Officials Receive Security Advice

Gigabyte Victims of Ransomware, Intel and AMD Could Be Victims

Global ‘whack-a-mole’: Why it’s so hard for the U.S. to go after hackers’ digital wallets

Here are some things to consider before using a QR code

How protected is your business from cyber attacks

How to encrypt your computer (and why you should)

Is That PayPal Email Genuine or Phishing?

Locked out: The growing risk of ransomware hackers has governments, insurers and cybersecurity experts scrambling

Microsoft Details Year-Long Office 365 Phishing Campaign

More cybersecurity for authorities and the like – state politicians want to do more

New Glowworm Attack Recovers Device's Sound from Its LED Power Indicator

Night Terrors: Ransomware Campaigns Are Exploiting PrintNightmare

Over 1/3rd of firms experienced ransomware attack or breach globally

Ransomware criminals' demands rise as aggressive tactics pay off

Rethinking data protection in the 2020s

The Biden administration bungles cyber-defense

These 2 new Google scams are easy to fall for – Don’t become a victim

Ukraine improves its defenses against escalating cyber threats

Ukrainian Police Shutter Allegedly Illegal Crypto Exchanges

Unlimited Money Hack on Steam Wins Security Researcher $7,500 in Bug Bounty

US brokers warned of ongoing phishing attacks impersonating FINRA

Vermont State Police warn public about potential scam text messages

VMware study reveals how cybercriminals are "manipulating reality"

WhatsApp users, Friends Reunion, missing parcels, here’s how scammers are stealing money from netizens

Windows 365 Vulnerability Reveals Microsoft Azure Password To Hackers

Your Password Could Be Worth $500,000 - Here’s Why

13th August

23 Charged Over Sophisticated BEC Scam

50% of cybersecurity attacks are from repeat offenders

62% Of Financial Services Believe They Will Suffer Negative Impacts of an Email Borne Attack in 2021

A massive number of businesses suffer email breaches

A third of businesses have fallen victim to a ransomware attack or data breach

Accenture: Systems Restored, ‘No Impact’ From Reported Ransomware Attack

Accenture Claims ‘No Impact’ in Apparent Ransomware Attack

Accenture Issued Ransomware Warning After LockBit Attack

Accenture said it has already recovered from LockBit ransomware attack

Adobe Patches Critical Magento Vulnerabilities in Recent Update

Beware of the single vendor security threat

Bugs in gym management software let hackers change user workout results

Company size is a nonissue with automated cyberattack tools

Cyberattackers Embrace CAPTCHAs to Hide Phishing, Malware

Cyberattacks: Manufacturers' Risks and Risk Assessments to Beat the Odds

Cyberattacks on the Rise, Report Finds

Cybercrime is Dangerous, But a New UN Treaty Could Be Worse for Rights

Cybersecurity not top priority despite attacks, report finds

Dallas Loses 8TB of Criminal Case Data

Dark web AlphaBay marketplace resurface after four years

Data breach alert: Info on millions of seniors leaked online

Data Security in the Cloud: Adapting to a New Era of Modernization

Discovered Tablet Confirms Russian Covert Action in Libya

DocuSign abused to launch devious phishing scams

Emails from Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for sale on data-trading forum

Excel is still a security headache after 30 years because of this one feature

Exchange Servers Under Active Attack via ProxyShell Bugs

Fiji Revenue and Customs Service (FRCS) sounds alarm over new phishing scam

Gigabyte cyberattack provides critical lessons for businesses

Hacker Partially Returns Money Stolen in Cryptocurrency Heist

Hackers Actively Searching for Unpatched Microsoft Exchange Servers

Hackers Spotted Using Morse Code in Phishing Attacks to Evade Detection

Hospitals still not protected from dangerous vulnerabilities

How Businesses Can Utilise Penetration Testing

How Health Facilities Can Prevent, Mitigate Ransomware in 2021

How To Protect Yourself From The Dodgy SMS Scam Going Around

In The Wake of Zoom Privacy Fiasco, Study Reveals Other Companies Putting Your Data At Risk

Just over half of the $600M stolen from Poly Network returned, hacker must input password to release the rest

Kaspersky Flags a Growing Number of Scammers Utilizing WhatsApp to Defraud Users

Microsoft confirms another Windows Print Spooler bug, offers workaround (CVE-2021-36958)

Microsoft presents new solution to detect and arrest ransomware attacks

Multiple States Toughen Data Breach and Cybersecurity Requirements

Nearly all of the $600 million stolen in a huge crypto heist has been returned — but there’s a catch

New ransomware crew hammers on PrintNightmare bugs

One big ransomware threat just disappeared. Now another one has jumped up to fill the gap

Over a Third of Organizations Damaged by Ransomware or Breach

Philips study finds hospitals struggling to manage thousands of IoT devices

Phishing Actors Return to ‘Good Old’ Morse Code for Obfuscation

Poly Network hacker has now returned almost all the $600m in crypto taken

Protecting Business-Critical Data in the Cloud

RansomEXX threatens Intel and AMD with leaked documents

Ransomware: Now attackers are exploiting Windows PrintNightmare vulnerabilities

Ransomware Gangs Exploiting Windows Print Spooler Vulnerabilities

Ransomware Group ‘Vice Society’ Now Actively Targeting “PrintNightmare” Flaws

Ransomware in Healthcare: The Costly Reality of Withstanding Hackers

Report highlights connected device security trends and threats during COVID

Researchers discover new AdLoad malware campaigns targeting Macs and Apple products

Researchers find vulnerabilities in Wodify gym management web application used with CrossFit

S3 bucket mess up exposed 182GB of senior US, Canada citizens data

School’s (locked) out: Defending against the new ransomware threat

Snake Keylogger enters malware top 10

Snake Keylogger Enters Top 10 For First Time In CPR's July 2021 Most Wanted Malware

Sporting Fans Heavily Targeted by Bad Bots This Summer

Stop the breaches! Four steps to minimize security risks

SynAck ransomware group releases decryption keys as they rebrand to El_Cometa

SynAck ransomware releases decryption keys after El_Cometa rebrand

Synopsys accuses a hardware company of hacking its software

The latest in cyber innovations are a cause for concern

This 'unique' phishing attack uses Morse code to hide its approach

UAE victims of cybercrime lose $746m a year

Understanding Ransomware And Mitigating Risks

Understanding XDR, the security industry’s new favorite buzzword

Unwanted bot traffic costs businesses $250 million a year

US Agencies Ordered to Pinpoint Critical Software

Vice Society ransomware joins ongoing PrintNightmare attacks

What the DOJ's involvement in cyberattacks means for the future of ransomware

Why academic institutions are at risk of cyber attacks, and the library’s role in cyber security and risk assessment

Why e-commerce can thrive with near-zero (data) knowledge

Why Is There A Surge In Ransomware Attacks?

Windows 365 exposes Microsoft Azure credentials in plain-text

WordPress Sites Abused in Aggah Spear-Phishing Campaign

You can buy a fake vaccine card on the Dark Web – Here’s the punishment if you do

12th August

16 Tech Leaders Share Cyberthreats Business And Consumers Need To Know About

23 Charged Over BEC Scam

64% Year-on-Year rise in ransomware incidents between August 2020 and July 2021

A remedial approach to destructive IoT hacks

A summer of cybercrime reveals evolving bot threats

Accenture claims to fight off LockBit ransomware gang with backup

Accenture hit by Lockbit ransomware, claims “no impact”

Accenture hit with ransomware attack

Accenture Is Hours Away From Exposure as LockBit Is Ready to Release Stolen Data

Accenture Knew About Ransomware Attack In Late July

Accenture Tied Up in $50M Ransom Lockbit 2.0 Attack

AdLoad Malware 2021 Samples Skate Past Apple XProtect

‘AdLoad’ Malware Campaign Plaguing macOS With New, Undetectable Variants

Apple releases massive mystery bug fix update for Macs

Attackers Increasingly Turning to DDoS as a Ransom Vector

Attacks against industrial networks will become a bigger problem. We need to fix security now

Australia: Labor tries the Senate after ransomware payments Bill flops in the House of Reps

Better Accountability and Security Needed to Improve Government Aid

Brooklyn Tech students uncovered a NYC schools data breach. Here’s how they took action

Chanel Apologizes for Data Breach

Closing the gap between cyber security and business continuity management

Community police teams offer tips on how to deal with online fraud and scammmers – and how to avoid becoming a victim

Connected devices increasingly at risk as new ransomware attacks are reported almost daily

Consulting firm Accenture is hit by Russian cyber hackers who demand $50M after claiming they stole six terabytes of 'top secret' data

Cornell University researchers discover 'code-poisoning' attack

Crytek, Developer of Crysis, Confirms Ransomware Invasion

Cybersecurity: Don’t just click links that are sent to you, check from the website

Data breach at US waste management firm exposes employees’ healthcare details

Delaware County, Pennsylvania, plans cybersecurity upgrade after ransomware attack

Elevating cyber resilience and tackling government information security challenges

Email security 'a ticking time bomb' in the finance industry

Ex-New York Hospital Staffer Responsible for Data Breach of Patients’ PHI

Experts Shed Light On New Russian Malware-as-a-Service Written in Rust

‘Ficker’ Infostealer Is After Your Credit Cards and Crypto Wallets

Fighting Spam: Best Solutions for Any Website

For sale: Access to your company network. Price: Less than you'd think

Get Your House in Order: Four Steps to Take Now to Prepare for Ransomware

Gigabyte hit by ransomware attack and threat to release 112GB of data

Government agency CERT-In warns Net Banking users against phishing attack

Hackers are returning the spoils of the world’s largest crypto heist

Hackers steal £433m in ‘largest ever’ cryptocurrency heist

Hackers target multi-billion dollar firm in ransomware attack

Here is how Microsoft wants you to secure your organization against cyberattacks

How Companies Can Protect Themselves from Password Spraying Attacks

How Pipeline Owners and Operators Can Fulfill the TSA’s Second Security Directive

How Safe Are Your Emails?

IDC Survey Finds More Than One Third of Organizations Worldwide Have Experienced a Ransomware Attack or Breach

Iowa company's $265,000 loss spotlights growing threat of 'business email compromise' scams, experts say

IT Departments Are Investing More In Cybersecurity Skills, Report Finds

IT Giant Accenture Hit by LockBit Ransomware; Hackers Threaten to Leak Data

Ivanti Study Shows Enterprise IT Teams, Workers May Be Losing Cyber War on Phishing

Japanese manufacturer Murata apologizes for data breach

July 2021’s Most Wanted Malware: Snake Keylogger Enters Top 10 for First Time

Kaseya Ransomware Attack Update: New Authentication Patch Released

Lockbit ransomware attack didn't affect ops, claims Accenture amid lurid payoff rumours

LockBit Ransomware Wants to Hire Your Employees

Mesa County, Colorado, Looks into Elections Data Breach

Microsoft: Evasive Office 365 phishing campaign active since July 2020

Microsoft acknowledges yet another print spooler vulnerability

Microsoft catches hackers using Morse Code to help cover their tracks

Microsoft Exchange servers are getting hacked via ProxyShell exploits

Microsoft fixes Print Spooler bugs with August Patch Tuesday rollout

Microsoft warning: This unusual malware attack has just added some new tricks

Microsoft Warns: Another Unpatched PrintNightmare Zero-Day

Microsoft Warns Of Reinvigorated BazarLoader Ransomware Campaign Spreading Via Email

Months after the Accellion breach, more victims emerge

More and more phishing scams are using Google Meet links

NCSC Launches Microsoft Office 365 Button to Report Business Email Spam

NCSC website reporting tool

New South Wales residents hit hardest by online scammers during prolonged COVID-19 lockdown

New Zealand business facing higher risk of PC malware attacks

Notorious AlphaBay darknet market comes back to life

Older Canon Pixma TR150 Driver Vulnerable to Privilege Escalation

Over 304 million record Ransomware attacks in just 6 months, SonicWall Report

Perspectives in Healthcare Security Report: Cybersecurity Reality in Hospitals Not Aligned with Perception

Prevention is key to protecting against ransomware attacks

Price for fake COVID-19 vaccine cards and passports drops to $100

QR Code Scammers Get Creative with Bitcoin ATMs

Ransomware and cyber insurance: What are the risks?

Ransomware Attack On Accenture: Ransom Deadline Set For Friday, Company Says No Impact

Ransomware attackers claim to have stolen data from three New Zealand firms

Ransomware gang strikes again – this time hitting global consulting firm Accenture

Ransomware gang uses PrintNightmare to breach Windows servers

Ransomware gangs are working with Russian intelligence services

Ransomware Group Demanding $50M In Accenture Security Breach

Ransomware groups set sights on large corporations

Ransomware Payments Explode Amid ‘Quadruple Extortion’

Ransomware recovery: 8 steps to successfully restore from backup

RDDoS A More Prevalent Threat To Organisations Than Ransomware

RDDoS attacks are on the rise

RDDoS attacks more prevalent than ransomware - 70% of organisations targeted multiple times

Remote working: poor cyber hygiene widespread in financial services

Report finds US government has made progress on cybersecurity, more work remains

Risky remote work behaviors your employees are probably guilty of right now

Rogue Marketplace AlphaBay Reboots

Salesforce misconfiguration exposes sensitive data, warns Varonis

Securing the hybrid workforce

SecZetta Find Over Half of US Adults Lack Confidence in the Government To Stop Cyberattacks

Should SMBs deal with cyberattacks the same way as large enterprises?

Should You Invest in Cyber Insurance?

Smartsearch Finds 10% Of Regulated Businesses Do No Checks on Business Customers

Sophos warns that Discord is a huge target for malware hackers

Teens Are More Susceptible To Online Scams Than Senior Citizens, Study Claims

The Missing Links in Customer Data Protection

The Ransomware Crisis Is Getting Worse

This Is Why Crooks Want Your Child’s Social Security Number

Transnet proves it - no company is safe from cyberattacks, fraud prevention service warns

Ukraine shuts down money laundering cryptocurrency exchanges

Vermont State Police (VSP) warns of phishing scam

What Amazon’s €746 million GDPR fine means for the future of data protection regulation

What happens if you pay the ransomware?

What you need to know about spotting deepfakes

While IT budget allocations for cybersecurity are significant, data breaches still very common

Why cyber resilience and security leadership must come from the top of organizations

Why Office 365 data needs dedicated cloud backups

Windows 10: Microsoft just revealed another Print Spooler bug

Wiper Malware Grows More Malicious

11th August

4 Ways to Stop Ransomware (Before It Starts and After)

70% of Developers Concerned About Data Breach Due to Poor Access Controls

71 billion ransomware attacks on remote access

83% of U.S. Adults Cite Increased Third-Party Access as Catalyst for Surge in Data Breaches

A Presidential Wakeup on Cybersecurity

A recent data breach puts millions of US senior citizen’s data at risk

Accenture claims 'no impact' in apparent ransomware attack

Accenture confirms hack after LockBit ransomware data leak threats

Accenture Confirms LockBit Ransomware Attack

Accenture Fights Off LockBit Ransomware Attack

Accenture Hit By Ransomware Attack, Latest Victim Of ‘Cyber-Pandemic’

Accenture responds to LockBit ransomware attack

Accenture restores systems following reported ransomware attack

Accenture says Lockbit ransomware attack caused 'no impact'

Africa: New Playground For Crypto Scams And Money Laundering

American Airlines Sues Software Provider, Web Host Over Phishing Site

Another big company hit by a ransomware attack

Are you doing enough about cyber security?

As Biden stands by, Chinese hackers build dossiers on US citizens

Banking customers in India may fall victim to this novel phishing attack. How to identify

Blockchain File Storage and the Fight Against Ransomware

Bugs in Managed DNS Services Cloud Let Attackers Spy On DNS Traffic

Business email compromise: 23 charged over 'sophisticated' fraud ring

Busting the full disk encryption myth

Code of Ethics for Vishing & Phishing

COVID-19 Fraud Scheme Uncovered in the EU as ‘Delta’ Variant Fuels New Activity

Credit Card Data Breach Releases A Million People’s Details as PR Stunt

Crypto Hack Earned Crooks $600 Million

Crytek Customer Data Stolen After Egregor Ransomware Attack

Cyber attack on Anhalt-Bitterfeld: The district continues to be unspressible

Cyber Security Threats Challenge International Shipping Industry

Cyber Warfare – Increased Connectivity Leaves Businesses Open to Attacks

Cyberattacks on the rise, organizations increasingly interested in defensive technologies

Cybercrime Costs Victims $318 Billion Annually

Cybercriminals narrow their focus on SMBs

Cyberfraud shifts to gaming, travel and leisure, report finds

Cybersecurity: You are the weakest link

Cybersecurity is hands-on learning, but everyone must be on the same page

Data Breach at Georgia Health System

Digital Fraud Up, but Targets Have Changed

Do the 2021 Federal Ransomware Laws Foretell Passage of Federal Data Privacy Laws?

Employment Development Department Warns About Telephone Phishing Scams

Fake COVID vaccine card sales ramp up on Dark Web

Financial Services Brace Themselves for Increase in Email-Borne Cyberattacks

Four years after FBI shut it down, AlphaBay dark web marketplace claims it's back in business

Fraudsters increasingly focusing on digital accounts, whether existing or fake ones

Free vs. Paid Antivirus: Should You Pay?

‘Friends’ Reunion Anchors Video Swindle

Get ready for Zoom-based deepfake phishing attacks, expert warns

Gigabyte Hack Ransom Note Appears Online!

Gigabyte Hackers Threaten To Leak Internal AMD, Intel Documents

Hacker behind biggest cryptocurrency heist ever returns stolen funds

Hacker returns more than $260 million in cryptocurrency after Poly attack

Hackers Steal Over $600 Million Worth of Cryptocurrencies from Poly Network

Hackers take $600m in 'biggest' cryptocurrency theft

Health leaders, it’s time to prioritize cybersecurity culture and employee awareness

How the U.S. can deter ransomware attacks

How to enjoy a risk-free holiday and keep fraudsters at bay

How to Protect Your Personal Data from Ransomware 2021

How to Secure Hybrid Teams Against Insider Threats

India: A new phishing attack lurking to scam banking customers

India: Government has warned of dangerous online banking links - 7 things you should not miss

Inside the dark web: What hackers are selling network access to hospitals for

Is GDPR Making Ransomware Worse?

Israel had world's second-largest amount of phishing attacks in Q2 of this year

JBS explanation for $11m ransomware payment “not good enough” – former NCSC chief

Kaseya’s ‘Master Key’ to REvil Attack Leaked Online

Kaseya's universal REvil decryption key leaked on a hacking forum

Massive personal info leak from online banking portal

Microsoft confirms another Windows print spooler zero-day bug

Microsoft reveals new solution to identify and catch ransomware attacks

Microsoft Warns of Another Unpatched Windows Print Spooler RCE Vulnerability

Millions of seniors hit by major data breach

New AdLoad malware variant slips through Apple's XProtect defenses

Officials tell schools not to pay ransomware demands. Parents disagree, survey finds

Organizations aware of the importance of zero trust, yet still relying on passwords

Over $600 Million Stolen in Biggest Ever Cryptocurrency Theft

Phishing In a Post-Pandemic World

Poly Network hackers potentially stole $610 million: Is Bitcoin still safe?

Quantum computers could threaten blockchain security. These new defenses might be the answer

Ransomware: Why it is on the Rise, and How Can Companies Respond?

Ransomware as a Service – the organized online crime and its implications

Ransomware Demands Rocket 518%

Ransomware Payments and the Law

Retail sector top target for ransomware attack in 2020

‘Rise of the Machines’ report fingers disturbing number of ‘agentless’ devices

SAP Patches Nine Critical & High-Severity Bugs

Should healthcare organizations pay to settle a ransomware attack?

Six steps to stop manufacturers becoming the next ransomware headline

Someone Has Leaked the Key Used by REvil in the Kaseya Attack

South Africa: Smart buildings and infrastructure data must be designed to protect personal data

St. Vincent de Paul Parish 'does not believe' ransomware attack leaked personal or financial information

StealthWorker botnet targets Synology NAS machines with ransomware

Systemic cyberattack could present significant risk to banking sector

The Limits of Cyberoffense

The Next Disruptive ICS Attacker: A Ransomware Gang?

Top 5 Data Breaches in History

Top 5 ransomware operators by income

US$600 million gone: The biggest crypto theft in history

Web apps have become so complex that they're unsafe to use, researchers say

WhatsApp users in Serbia at risk of phishing

Why cybersecurity infrastructure must be prioritized in light of the IRS leak

Zero trust: Bringing security up to speed for the work-from-anywhere age

10th August

1 in every 4 companies using Microsoft 365 suffered security breach

1 Million Stolen Credit Cards Hit Dark Web for Free

10 Initial Access Broker Trends: Cybercrime Service Evolves

10 Ways to Protect Sensitive Documents Online

73% of Indian firms expect customer data breach in next year

440% Increase in Phishing Emails in May 2021

A cybersafe return to the workplace

Actively Exploited Windows Zero-Day Gets a Patch

Adobe fixes critical preauth vulnerabilities in Magento

Adobe fixes security holes in Magento, most of which are critical

Annoyed member of Conti ransomware gang leaks insider information on Russian-speaking hacking forum

Beware the evolving threat landscape in Southeast Asia

Can XDR bring the kill chain back to its roots?

Chanel Korea Announces Customer-Affecting Data Breach Incident

Chaos Malware Walks Line Between Ransomware and Wiper

Check Your iPhone For Pegasus Spyware Using This Free Tool

Chinese Espionage Group UNC215 Targeted Israeli Government Networks

Connected Farms Easy Pickings for Global Food Supply-Chain Hack

Conti Group Takes Advantage of Vulnerable Exchange Servers

Critical security flaws found in hospital infrastructures around the world

Crytek confirms Egregor ransomware attack, customer data theft

Cyber Insurance: 5 Must-have Capabilities to Convert Threat into Opportunity

Cyber intrusion activity volume jumped 125% in H1 2021

Cybercrime Victims Reluctant to Call Cops

Despite cybersecurity training 85% of employees still reuse passwords

Don’t get caught out by this DPD text scam

eCh0raix ransomware now targets both QNAP and Synology NAS devices

eCh0raix Ransomware Variant Targets QNAP, Synology NAS Devices

Enterprises turning to cybersecurity providers to fight off cyberattacks

Experts Believe Chinese Hackers Are Behind Several Attacks Targeting Israel

‘FlyTrap’ Trojan Spreads Across 144 Countries Through Fake Android Apps

Former NCSC chief gives Biden “top marks” for cyber after Trump “neglect”

Fraudsters Impersonate DPD in "Convincing" New Smishing Scam

Gigabyte victim of major ransomware attack

Hackers Exploiting New Auth Bypass Bug Affecting Millions of Arcadyan Routers

Hackers netting average of nearly $10,000 for stolen network access

Hackers steal $600m in major cryptocurrency heist

Hackers threaten to leak 112GB of Gigabyte's confidential docs

Here's How to Prevent a Ransomware Attack

How do you Protect Sensitive Data in the Cloud?

How to Avoid Getting Caught by the Android 'FlyTrap' Malware

How to protect your district from ransomware attacks

How to reduce your organization's security risk in 6 steps

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) warns of ongoing twists on phishing scams

Keep Company Emails Safe from Phishing Attacks

Let’s Build a Ransomware Action Plan Together

Magento Update Released to Fix Critical Flaws Affecting E-Commerce Sites

Microsoft announces new ransomware detection features for Azure

Microsoft fixes Windows Print Spooler PrintNightmare vulnerability

Microsoft is using Machine Learning (ML) to help you catch ransomware infections early

Microsoft Releases Windows Updates to Patch Actively Exploited Vulnerability

Microsoft revives deprecated RDCMan after fixing security flaw

Millions of routers are at risk of hacking thanks to this bug

Mitigating Privacy and Cybersecurity Risks in Healthcare

NCSC Announces First Cohort for New Cyber Startup Program

Nearly one million credit cards offered on underground forum

Over $600 million reportedly stolen in cryptocurrency hack

Post-Ransomware Attack: Is it Time to Return to True Systems Segmentation?

Ransomware: To Pay or Not to Pay?

Ransomware and malware lead Twitter mentions in Q2 2021

Ransomware attacks: To pay, or not to pay?

Ransomware demands and payments hit new records

Ransomware Gone Wild - And What You Need To Do To Protect Your Company (Part 2)

Ransomware runs rampant, so how can you combat this threat?

Remote Workers Duck Security Rules

Salesforce Communities Could Expose Business-Sensitive Information

Scammers targeting Gumtree sellers with WhatsApp, phishing

Should There Be a Federal Cybersecurity Safety Board?

SMBs increasingly vulnerable to ransomware, despite the perception they are too small to target

St. Joseph's/Candler gives update on investigation into June ransomware attack

St. Vincent de Paul Parish in Perryville faces ransomware attack

The Affiliate’s Cookbook - A Firsthand Peek into the Operations and Tradecraft of Conti

The challenges healthcare CISOs face in an evolving threat landscape

The evolution of identity-first security

The Unexpected Outcome of Ransomware: An Industrial Digital Revolution

The value of PII and how it still fuels malign activities in the digital ecosystem

Unauthorized Network Access Selling for Up to Five Figures

UPMC to Pay $2.65M to Settle Data Breach Case

Warning over fake emails from NHS offering vaccine passports

Why Fraudsters Want Your Child's Social Security Number

Why Microsoft and Twitter are turning to bug bounties to fix their A.I

Windows security update blocks PetitPotam NTLM relay attacks

9th August

5 Ways to Stop Ransomware in its Tracks

A Critical Random Number Generator Flaw Affects Billions of IoT Devices

Android Malware ‘FlyTrap’ Hijacks Facebook Accounts

Android Trojan hits 140 countries, 10,000 victims through social media hijacking

Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) warns of LockBit 2.0 ransomware attacks targeting multiple sectors

Auth Bypass Bug Exploited, Affecting Millions of Routers

Average Ransomware Demands Surge by 518% in 2021

Beware! New Android Malware Hacks Thousands of Facebook Accounts

BlackMatter Group Debuts Linux-Targeting Ransomware

Combat Ransomware With a Bottomless Cloud Mindset

Cyberattacks surge in the first half of 2021, ransomware attacks dominate, report finds

Eskenazi Health remains on diversion days after ransomware attack

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Warns: SMS Phishing Scam Impersonates State Agencies

Firewalls, you’re fired

FlyTrap malware hijacks thousands of Facebook accounts

Getting Application Security Back on the Rails

Gigabyte ransomware attack includes Intel, AMD confidential documents

‘Glowworm’ Attack Turns Power Light Flickers into Audio

Google's new tool helps you find abandoned cloud projects and delete them

Hackers reportedly threaten to leak data from Gigabyte ransomware attack

How Much Do Hackers Pay for Stolen Personal Data on the Dark Web?

How to find and remove spyware from your phone

How to Protect Against Cyber and Ransomware Attacks

How To Strengthen Supply Chain Security

If Only You Knew: How to Really Plan For a Serious Data Breach

Insider Leaks Data From Conti Ransomware Group

Iranian Group Used Android Backdoor

Isle of Wight’s schools targeted by ransomware attack

Italian Energy Firm ERG Suffered Ransomware Attack

Kaseya: the turning point for supply chain attacks?

Last Month’s Flaw in Arcadyan Routers Is Now Actively Exploited by Hackers

Luxembourg banking union warns of increase in phishing attacks

Malicious Android apps try to hijack your Facebook account

May 2021 saw a 440% increase in phishing, the single largest phishing spike on record

Microsoft adds Fusion ransomware attack detection to Azure Sentinel

Microsoft impersonation being utilized in 43% of Phishing attacks

Most organizations are at an elevated risk of attack

National Cyber Security Council (NCSC) Sticks by 'Three Random Words' Strategy for Passwords

Navigating the New Security Threats to Business Travel after COVID-19

New Android Trojan Hijacks Social Media

One million stolen credit cards leaked to promote carding market

Pulse Secure VPNs Get New Urgent Update for Poorly Patched Critical Flaw

Ransomware: Why 'To Pay or Not to Pay' is Not the Right Question

Ransomware demands and payments reach new highs

Researchers Found Multiple Server-Side Flaws in Agricultural Equipment Giant ‘John Deere’

Resentful hacker exposes Conti ransomware gang’s tools

Schools Brace for More Cyberattacks After Record in 2020

Security matters when the network is the internet

Singaporean telco StarHub discloses data leak affecting 57,000 customers

StarHub the latest to suffer customer data breach

Stopping cyberattacks in their tracks with a unified backup strategy

Survey Finds API Security Incidents on the Rise

Synology warns of malware infecting NAS devices with ransomware

The dangers within: What’s hiding in your network?

The growing threat of ransomware

The Looming Threat of Deepfakes

This AI Wrote Better Phishing Emails than Humans in a Recent Test

Three Things That Amplify The Threat Of Ransomware And How To Combat Them

University of Kentucky Discloses Large Data Breach

Users Can Be Just As Dangerous As Hackers

Virtual Vaccination Card Prompts Cybersecurity Fears

Vishing and smishing scams: Funny names — but they’re no joke

Want a strong password? You're probably still doing it the wrong way

WhatsApp users stay alert! Your money and identity under attack, says report; Here's how you can stay safe

Why ransomware is such a threat to critical infrastructure

Why SIEM is Not a Silver Bullet for Threat Detection and Response