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Monday 28 June 2021

Data Breaches Digest - Week 26 2021

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 28th June and 4th July 2021.

4th July

9 apps with 6 Million installs stole Facebook logins of Android users

Air India flyer seeks damages over data breach of 4.5 million passengers

Biden administration provides assistance on ransomware attacks

Congressman Eric Swalwell Raises Alarm Over Crypto's Role in Ransomware Attacks

Cyber Center warns of massive ransomware attack

FBI warns of large 'scale' in US ransomware attack

How Cryptocurrency Turbocharged the Cybercrime Racket

Kaseya VSA ransomware: Extent of impact yet to be seen, experts say

Kaseya VSA ransomware attack: Biden orders probe

Kaseya VSA vulnerability opens a thousand-plus business doors to ransomware

Kaseya was fixing zero-day just as REvil ransomware sprung their attack

Mass Ransomware Hack Used IT Software Flaws, Researchers Say

Massive Kaseya Ransomware Attack On Businesses May Be Much Worse Than Previously Reported

Massive ransomware attack potentially hit 1,000 businesses in US, Europe

Microsoft Urges Azure Users to Update PowerShell to Patch RCE Flaw

Nine apps stealing Facebook login credentials pulled from Google Play

Possibly hundreds of IT company clients affected by international cyberattack

Ransomware attack during holiday weekend could impact thousands

Ransomware attack on US tech firm Kaseya ‘may have affected 1,000 businesses’

Ransomware attack paralyzes hundreds of US companies

Ransomware on ‘roids: how enterprises can combat the rising risk of multi-faceted extortion

REvil is increasing ransoms for Kaseya ransomware attack victims

REvil Used 0-Day in Kaseya Ransomware Attack, Demands $70 Million Ransom

Russian ransomware attack under way, Centre for Cybersecurity warns

Swedish supermarket chain shut as massive cyber attack spreads

Urgent warning for NZ businesses over ransomware vulnerability

White House working to ‘respond’ to massive ransomware attack

Wiregrass Electric Cooperative (WEC): No data compromised in ransomware attack

3rd July

Android Apps with 5.8 million Installs Caught Stealing Users' Facebook Passwords

Biden: US government unsure who staged latest cyberattack

Biden announces investigation into international ransomware attack

Biden orders probe of latest ransomware attack

Coop supermarket closes 500 stores after Kaseya ransomware attack

Cyber attack hits major Swedish supermarket chain Coop Sweden

Cyberattack shuts Swedish supermarket giant

Devastating REvil Ransomware Attack is Potentially One of the Biggest Hacks So Far

Dutch companies also targeted in large ransomware attack

Hundreds Of US Companies Potentially Rocked By ‘Colossal’ Supply Chain Ransomware Attack

Hunters of cyberattackers go up against crafty ransomware gangs

Insurers warned against cyberattacks

Kaseya Details REvil Attack, Incident Response Plan

Kaseya Supply-Chain Attack Hits Nearly 40 Service Providers With REvil Ransomware

Latest ransomware attack appears to hit hundreds of American businesses

Latest ransomware attack may be the 'most destructive' yet

Major ransomware attack against U.S. tech provider forces Swedish store closures

Massive Ransomware Attack May Impact Thousands of Victims

Nearly 200 companies targeted by cyber attacks in the United States

Ransomware and its role in supply chain attacks

Ransomware attack before holiday leaves companies scrambling

Ransomware attack before July 4 holiday leaves companies scrambling

Ransomware attack hits hundreds of US companies

Ransomware Attack on Florida IT Firm Hits 200 Companies

Ransomware group behind meat supply attack threatens hundreds of new targets

Ransomware Group That Collected Millions From Meat Supplier Threatens Hundreds Of New Targets

Ransomware hits hundreds of companies, security firm says

Ransomware Hits Hundreds of US Companies, Security Firm Says

REvil Ransomware targets 1000+ businesses causing holiday havoc

Russia-linked group hacks 200 businesses with ransomware

Swedish Co-op supermarkets shut due to US ransomware cyber-attack

US chemical distributor shares info on DarkSide ransomware data theft

US companies hit by 'colossal' cyber-attack

Windows 11 Security Stink Reveals Massive Microsoft Ransomware Red Herring

2nd July

1 Thing Most Cyber Breaches Have in Common: Lack of Education

200 businesses hit by ransomware after breach at Florida IT firm

A New Kind of Ransomware Tsunami Hits Hundreds of Companies

ACH Data Security Rule Takes Effect

Actively exploited PrintNightmare zero-day gets unofficial patch

Attackers use ‘offensive AI’ to create deepfakes for phishing campaigns

Babuk ransomware returns to target corporate networks

Bengaluru cyber security firm claims data breach in Tamil Nadu PDS

Bitcoin Cyberattacks Increase by 192%

Blackbaud must face data breach claims over 2020 ransomware attack

Can Your Data Protection Software Recover from Modern Ransomware?

Changing the dynamics of ransomware as a threat to critical infrastructure

CISA Offers New Mitigation for PrintNightmare Bug

Container security: How to get the most out of best practices

Critical goods industries face existential ransomware decisions

Customized threat intelligence can track down ransomware gangs

Cyber attackers up the ante on embattled IT teams

Cyberattacks Take Aim at Business

Cybercrime demands a new approach to cloud security

Cybercrimes Are Affecting Bitcoin – but There’s Reason for Optimism

Cybercriminals are starting to target lower-hanging fruit rather than C-level executives

Data breach sees council accidentally release residents’ personal details

DC and Marvel superheroes top breached password lists

Department of Defense: Staff Need Healthcare Privacy, Cloud Security Certifications

Diavol ransomware linked to Trickbot botnet

EA ignored vulnerabilities for months despite warnings and breaches

FBI assisting Monroe schools in cyber attack

Federal agencies release cybersecurity advisory on Russian GRU Brute Force campaign

Financial scams reach “Unpresidented spike of 184%” this week

Firmware vulnerabilities in Netgear routers created network security risk

Hackers Have a New Target for Phishing...and It's Exercise Bikes

Hacks Are Prompting Calls For A Cyber Agreement, But Reaching One Would Be Tough

How mobile operators view security in the 5G era

How the increase in work from home will impact corporate cybersecurity

Insurers’ Own Infrastructure Could Be Text Targets of Cyber Criminals

International Action Cuts Off Access to VPN Service Used By Ransomware Groups

Is your smartphone really safe from hackers? Here’s how to be sure

Japan’s “K” Line Apologizes for Second Cyberattack in Months

Kaseya urges customers to immediately shut down VSA servers after ransomware attack

Leaked infrastructure code, credentials and keys costing orgs an average of $1.2 million per year

LimeVPN Suffers Major Data Breach, Over 69K Users at Risk

LinkedIn data breach: Data of 700 million users put for online sale

Major South African Insurance Company Suffers Data Breach

Mercedes-Benz Hit by Third-party Data Breach

Microsoft adds second CVE for PrintNightmare remote code execution

Microsoft Assigns CVE to PrintNightmare but No CVSS Score

Microsoft shares mitigations for Windows PrintNightmare zero-day bug

Microsoft warns of critical PowerShell 7 code execution vulnerability

Mongolian Certificate Authority Hacked to Distribute Backdoored CA Software

New malware found disguising as privacy tool

New Mirai-Inspired Botnet Could Be Using Your KGUARD DVRs in Cyber Attacks

New Ransomware Attack Highlights Corporate Cybersecurity Challenges

New Skills Academy Suffers by Data Breach

New York Regulator Issues New Guidance on Growing Ransomware Threat

Pay the ransom or not? It’s complicated

Phishing attack targets DocuSign and SharePoint users

Police warn Worcestershire residents about scam calls that appear genuine

Practicefirst Notifies Affected Individuals of Data Incident

PrintNightmare on Microsoft Street: Windows spooler exploit allows remote takeover

Privacy Takes a Hit In the High Court

Private Eye Charged in Hacking Scheme Seeks Plea Deal

Property/Casualty (P/C) Insurers Defend Ransomware Reimbursements in New Cyber Principles

Ransomware: This new free tool lets you test if your cybersecurity is strong enough to stop an attack

Ransomware Attack Hits Remote-Control Software Company and 200 of Its Customers

Ransomware attack may have exposed information on over 16,000 workers, state says

Ransomware attacks could crimp auto industry's recovery from pandemic

Ransomware attacks driving cyber reinsurance rates up 40%

Ransomware breach at Florida IT firm hits 200 businesses

Ransomware gangs are taking aim at 'soft target' industrial control systems

Ransomware Hits Hundreds of US Companies, Security Firm Says

Ransomware onslaught shines spotlight on patient data privacy shortcomings

Ransomware threats to keep on increasing over the year

Reboot Customer Trust: VPOs, FPOs & Data Privacy

Record Year for Investigators in Healthcare Fraud Cases

REvil ransomware hits 200 companies in MSP supply-chain attack

REvil's Ransomware Success Formula: Constant Innovation

Russia's APT28 Blamed for Brute Force Campaign Using Kubernetes

Russian hacking group APT28 ‘conducting brute-force attacks’ against organizations worldwide

Russian intelligence, hacking, cyberattack, Cybersecurity, Brute force attack, ransomware

Saudi Arabia No 2 in cybersecurity ranking; US tops 2020 global list

Single page web applications and how to keep them secure

Smart devices can be exposed to thousands of attacks a week

Smart Home Experiences Over 12,000 Cyber-Attacks in a Week

So Your Business Was Hacked; Now What?

Solar Winds Hackers Continue To Cause Grief

Swiss electricity grid vulnerable to cyberattack

The Countdown Towards Zero Trust and MFA

The ransomware attack is blocking health care and hospitals in Ireland

Tips on how to spot identity theft and financial fraud

TrickBot Spruces Up Its Banking Trojan Module

UK NCSC, US Agencies, Warn Of Russian Cyber Campaign

US Department of Homeland Security toasts success of warp-speed drive to diversify cybersecurity workforce

US insurance giant AJG reports data breach after ransomware attack

What people don’t know about negotiating a cyber attack ransom

'WhiteHat Jr data not compromised' Says Salesken.ai

Why Healthcare Keeps Falling Prey to Ransomware and Other Cyberattacks

Why protection of personal data is still important? Password manager tips

Why safe harbor is the best way forward for data protection

Widespread Brute-Force Attacks Tied to Russia’s APT28

1st July

9 Trojan Apps With 5.8 Million Downloads Discovered on Play Store

200,000 Northwestern patients affected in Elekta data breach; 42 health systems hit

700 million LinkedIn accounts compromised by data breach

Awareness of cyberattacks and cybersecurity may be lacking among workers

Babuk Ransomware Builder Mysteriously Appears in VirusTotal

Babuk ransomware is back, uses new version on corporate networks

Be Alert For Text Phishing Or ‘Smishing’ Scams, Attorney General Raoul Urges Illinois Residents

Can Managed Security Keep Businesses Safer?

Can you recover if hit by a ransomware attack?

Chinese hacking group impersonates Afghan president to infiltrate government agencies

CISA: Disable Windows Print Spooler on servers not used for printing

Colombia police collar suspected Gozi Trojan distributor

Criminal VPN Service Dismantled by Global Police

Cyber insurance model is broken, consider banning ransomware payments, says think tank

Cyber Reinsurance Rates Rocket at July Renewals

Defeating Ransomware-as-a-Service? Think Intel-Sharing

Despite ransomware distractions, the insider risk continues

Dropbox Used to Mask Malware Movement in Cyberespionage Campaign

Enhancing cloud security with a two-step cryptography technique

Exploit for Critical Windows Flaw Is Out but a Fixing Patch Isn’t

Facebook Sues 4 Vietnamese for Hacking Accounts and $36 Million Ad Fraud

Gozi Virus Arrest Made in Colombia

Hacked Data for 69K LimeVPN Users Up for Sale on Dark Web

Hackers access 4,000 UW Health patients' Epic MyChart portals for nearly 4 months

How to Isolate Malicious Email Attachments from Your Network

IndigoZebra APT Hacking Campaign Targets the Afghan Government

Industrial facilities progressively at risk of data theft and ransomware attacks

Insurance Broker A.J. Gallagher Reports on Investigation Into 2020 Ransomware Attack

Iranian cyber-threat groups make up for lack of technical sophistication with social engineering trickery

Kroger agrees to pay $5 million over Accellion data breach

Las Vegas’ University Medical Center Hit with REvil Ransomware

Law Enforcement Authorities Have Seized the ‘DoubleVPN’ Service

Law Enforcement Takes Down DoubleVPN

LinkedIn’s 1.2B Data-Scrape Victims Already Being Targeted by Attackers

Linux Variant of REvil Ransomware Targets VMware’s ESXi, NAS Devices

List of data breaches and cyber attacks in June 2021 – 9.8 million records breached

Lorenz ransomware attack victims can now recover files with this free decryption tool

McAfee sees surge in mobile malware targeting COVID-19 vaccines

Microsoft reveals authentication failures, system hijack vulnerabilities in Netgear routers

Microsoft Warns of Critical "PrintNightmare" Flaw Being Exploited in the Wild

National Security Agency (NSA): Russian GRU hackers use Kubernetes to run brute force attacks

Navistar data leaked on auction site after cyberattack

Netgear Authentication Bypass Allows Router Takeover

New Charges Filed Against Alleged Capital One Hacker

North Korea Hackers Breached South’s Atomic Energy Research Institute Using a VPN Vulnerability

NSA, FBI Reveal Hacking Methods Used by Russian Military Hackers

NSA, FBI warn of ongoing brute force hacking campaign tied to Russian military

Online learning provider New Skills Academy alerts users of data breach

Over 5 Billion Records Have Been Leaked in 2021 Already

People Don't Realize They're Data Breach Victims

PrintNightmare: Windows Zero-Day Accidentally Disclosed by Chinese Researchers

Protecting your organizations against BEC and other email attacks

Ransomware attack may have exposed personal data in thousands of workers’ compensation claims

Ransomware Attacks Spur Private Equity Deals

Ransomware in Auto Manufacturing Threatens Industry’s Recovery

Ransomware investigation and effects continue at St. Joseph's/Candler

Ransomware Redefines Data Protection Market Boundaries

Researchers accidentally release exploit code for new Windows ‘zero-day’ bug PrintNightmare

Researchers Briefly Posted PoC for Windows Print Spooler RCE Flaw

Resilience by design: What security pros need to know about microlearning

Salvation Army hit by ransomware attack

Secure AI is the foundation of trustworthy AI

Spanish telecom giant MasMovil hit by Revil ransomware gang

Strong medical device security awareness stifled by inventory, knowledge gaps

Taiwan among top 5 Asia Pacific targets of ransomware attacks

The Evolution of Ransomware and How to Move Forward

The Salvation Army suffers a ransomware attack on its London data centre

This major ransomware attack was foiled at the last minute. Here's how they spotted it

Tracing the ransomware family tree

Trickbot cybercrime group linked to new Diavol ransomware

US and UK agencies accuse Russia of political cyber-campaign

VirusTotal ordered to reveal private info of stolen HSE data downloaders

Volkswagen and Audi Hit with Data Breach Class Action

Warning about scam calls from “matching” mobile phone numbers

Watch out for this devious PayPal phishing campaign

What Is Phishing and How Do You Prevent It?

30th June

4.5 million Public Distribution System (PDS) beneficiaries' data breached in Tamil Nadu (TN), reports Technisanct

Almost 70% of poll respondents think cyberattackers deserve prison sentences

An organization’s security posture will benefit from increased coordination

Analyst Steals Millions by Spoofing Director

Arcserve Research Reveals Vulnerabilities in Ransomware Strategies

Asia Pacific Slow To Respond To Network Intrusions Preceding Ransomware attacks

Australia: Government may ban ransomware insurance

Authentication best practices to achieve Zero Trust

Automakers Rush to Fight Ransomware

Bank of Ireland warns of ‘unprecedented’ surge in fraud

‘Byju’ User Details Leaked Online Due to Server Misconfiguration

Can IoT be both secure and flexible?

Colombia arrests suspect wanted by US over Gozi virus

Common Facebook scams and how to avoid them

Cyber investments are growing, but not enough

Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) releases new ransomware self-assessment security audit tool

Data Breach at Las Vegas Hospital

Data breach hits major South African insurance player

Details of 700M LinkedIn users listed for sale on hacker forum

Domain, server of DoubleVPN used by ransomware gangs seized

“DoubleVPN” service used by hackers seized and shut down

EA data breach: Battlefield 2042 maker allegedly ignored security holes for months

EA Ignored Vulnerabilities Prior To Massive Data Breach

Facebook sues hackers who hijacked advertising agencies' accounts

Four in Ten Americans Use Embarrassing Passwords

Hackers showcase America’s vulnerabilities

How Has Ransomware Grown In The Last Few Years?

How New Orleans Defeated Ransomware Attack

How to infuse agility into security operations

Indexsinas SMB Worm Campaign Infests Whole Enterprises

IT, healthcare and manufacturing facing most phishing attacks

Leaked Babuk Locker ransomware builder used in new attacks

LinkedIn Data Breach: Personal Details of 92% Users Reportedly Sold Online, Company Denies

LinkedIn denies alleged data breach targeting 700 million users

LinkedIn denies data breach that reportedly affected 700 million users

LinkedIn denies fresh data breach, says 'members trust us'

LinkedIn Denies The Reports Of Data Breach

Major threats to cloud infrastructure security include a lack of visibility and inadequate IAM

Managing the Cyber-Physical Security Risks to Critical Infrastructure and Healthcare

Menlo Security Poll Finds Resistance to Ransom Demands

Microsoft finds Netgear router bugs enabling corporate breaches

Morningstar data breach reveals KPMG deal maker lists

NCSC Warns of Cyber Threats to Ireland's Energy, Telecoms and Transport Sectors

Need for enterprise security as end users lack awareness of major cyberattacks

New data security rules instituted for US payment processing system

Online privacy firm alleges data breach of 700 million LinkedIn users, company denies

Pandora monitoring system pwned by chained vulnerability exploit

Pentagon CISO Suspected of Sharing Secrets

Phishing: The growing threat to your business

PoC Exploit Circulating for Critical Windows Print Spooler Bug

PoC for critical Windows Print Spooler flaw leaked (CVE-2021-1675)

Police warn of WhatsApp scams in time for Social Media Day

Public Windows PrintNightmare 0-day exploit allows domain takeover

Ransomware attack exposes PHI of 38,000 Georgia fertility clinic patients

Ransomware experts urge victims not to pay, but are they listening?

Ransomware Groups Can't Hide Their Identity Using DoubleVPN Anymore

Ransomware Hackers are Targeting Healthcare Facilities: Here’s Why

Researchers Leak PoC Exploit for a Critical Windows RCE Vulnerability

REvil ransomware group deploys Linux encryptor against EXSi virtual machines

REvil’s Linux Version Targets VMware ESXi Virtual Machines

SaaS misconfigurations are putting businesses at serious risk

Salvation Army Hit by Ransomware Attack

Scams accounted for 59% of blocked user-generated malicious content within Sift's network in Q1 2021

School District's computers, phones and data locked up by ransomware attack

Simple security tips for better online security that small businesses adopt

SMBs willing to spend more money to protect their data

Steamship Authority: No sensitive information compromised in ransomware attack

Think Tank Calls for Government Review into Banning Ransom Payments

This VPN service used by ransomware gangs was just taken down by police

Threat modeling needs a reset

Trend Micro Warns of Ransomware Targeting Industrial Control Systems

UK Cyber Security Council Launches Opening Initiatives

UK Police Issue Warning Over Huge WhatsApp Scam

UofL Health Data Breach Occurs After PHI Sent to Wrong Email

Video Game Industry Faced Highest Growth in Cyberattacks during Pandemic

Waikato cyber attack: DHB won't face fines for data breach, but may face liability - Privacy Commissioner

Why Digital Media Publishers Need To Shore Up Cybersecurity Systems

XDR: Security’s new frontier

Zero-Day Used to Wipe My Book Live Devices

29th June

9 Online Threats to Your Business in 2021

61% of organizations say improving security a top priority for 2021

A hacker is selling 700 million LinkedIn users accounts

Actor steals data from 500,000 patients during an eye clinic ransomware attack

Administration to release attribution for Microsoft vulnerabilities in 'coming weeks'

Are Young Professionals Too Lax on Cybersecurity?

Attack Highlights Need For Hospital Cybersecurity

Babuk Ransomware Mystery Challenge: Who Leaked Builder?

Backup and Disaster Recovery’s Role in Beating Ransomware

California County Boosts Cybersecurity After Ransomware Hit

Cisco security devices targeted with CVE-2020-3580 PoC exploit

City of Tulsa urges caution after thousands of police reports, personal data leaked

Cobalt Strike Usage Explodes Among Cybercrooks

Consumers neglecting mobile security despite growing number of threats

CrowdStrike co-founder says rise in ransomware attacks can be addressed without banning crypto

Crypto cyber attacks surge by 192%, says Barracuda research

Cyberattacks and ransomware are no longer burglary; they're home invasion

Details of RCE Bug in Adobe Experience Manager Revealed

Digital delinquent deletes developer's database during disastrous Docker deployment, defaults damned

DoubleVPN servers, logs, and account info seized by law enforcement

Drip, drip, drip of hacker data continues ransomware trauma for Tulsa

Employees fail to engage with cybersecurity issues

Fake yet 'convincing' COVID-19 digital passport scam is being sent to people in Milton Keynes

Fear of doomsday cyberattack yields truce between feds and private sector

Hackers gained access to internal files during May ransomware cyberattack, WSSC Water says

Hackers use zero-day to mass-wipe My Book Live devices

Held for Ransom: OEMs need better security to protect themselves against hackers, say cybersecurity firms

How legitimate security tool Cobalt Strike is being used in cyberattacks

How to conquer synthetic identity fraud

Ignorance is bliss - for hackers

Israel Police Try to Fight Online Phishing With...Phishing?

Latest Phishing Campaign Steals Jobs Portal User Credentials

Leading fertility clinic falls victim of ransomware attack

Lorenz ransomware decryptor recovers victims' files for free

Mercedes-Benz Data Breach: Sensitive Customer Information Leaked

Microsoft Translation Bugs Open Edge Browser to Trivial UXSS Attacks

Microsoft's Halo dev site breached using dependency hijacking

Multiple vulnerabilities in WordPress plugin pose website remote code execution risk

Negotiating with ransomware criminals creates new business for security professionals

New ransomware highlights widespread adoption of Golang language by cyberattackers

NIST Defines “Critical Software” Per Cybersecurity Executive Order

Ransomware group 'Hades' claims more victims as investigators seek answers

Ransomware Losses Drive Up Cyber-Insurance Costs

Report Urges NASA to Improve Cybersecurity Risk Management

Researchers design new techniques to bolster computer security

REvil ransomware group deploys Linux encryptor against VMs

Russian hackers had months-long access to Denmark's central bank

Security and automation are top priorities for IT professionals

St. Joseph’s/Candler still dealing with impact of ransomware attack

Staying On Guard Against Cyber-Attacks

Survey finds massive gap in awareness of cyberattacks

Understanding the root cause of opportunistic and targeted ransomware attacks

Unpatched Virtual Machine Takeover Bug Affects Google Compute Engine

US, Russia at odds as UN Council confronts threat of cyber attacks

Users Clueless About Cybersecurity Risks

What’s Your Plan if Ransomware Hits?

White House weighs cracking down on secret ransomware payments, pursuing hackers

With cyberattacks growing more frequent and disruptive, a unified approach is essential

Yours too? 700m LinkedIn accounts allegedly for sale following data breach

Zero day malware reached an all-time high of 74% in Q1 2021

Zero-Trust Gateways: A New Strategy for Protecting Critical Infrastructure

28th June

5G Security Vulnerabilities Fluster Mobile Operators

688 new malware threats found per minute in Q1

An ‘operational imperative and competitive advantage’: CEOs must lead whole of nation response to ransomware

Attackers Breach Microsoft Customer Service Accounts

Brazilian diagnostics giant Grupo Fleury suffers a REvil ransomware attack

Councils reported 700 data breaches last year

Cyber insurance isn't helping with cybersecurity, and it might be making the ransomware crisis worse, say researchers

Cyber security across local councils is ‘disjointed and under-resourced’

Cyberattacks and threats continue to break records

Cybersecurity Challenges in the Construction Industry

Cybersecurity’s new challenge: building easy-to-access Zero Trust Networks

DarkSide ransomware funded by cybercriminal 'investors'

Data for 700M LinkedIn Users Posted for Sale in Cyber-Underground

DMARC: The First Line of Defense Against Ransomware

Electronic Arts (EA) ignored domain vulnerabilities for months despite warnings and breaches

Former Health Secretary Faces Probe Over Use of Personal Emails

Four states propose laws to ban ransomware payments

GitHub bug bounties: payouts surge past $1.5 million mark

Grupo Fleury Medical Facility, French Connect Fashion Brand Suffered Ransomware Attack

Hacker wipes out database of RSS newsreader service NewsBlur

Hackers Trick Microsoft Into Signing Netfilter Driver Loaded With Rootkit Malware

Hackney Council and Its Citizens Are Still Hostages to Cyberattack Situation

HMRC-branded phishing scams surge 87% in a single year

How To Be More Resilient Against Ransomware

Increase in ransomware attacks ‘absolutely aligns’ with rise of crypto, FireEye CEO says

Insurers call for death of cyber ransom payments

Insurers unprepared for challenges of underwriting ransomware

Is Security An Illusion? How A Zero-Trust Approach Can Make It A Reality

Israel Police release warning about uptick in online fraud attempts

Kentucky Healthcare System Exposes Patients’ PHI

Many companies believe it is important to protect employee privacy, yet few are effective in doing so

Maryland water company investigating ransomware attack

Mercedes Benz Data Leak Includes Card and Social Security Details

Microsoft Edge Bug Could've Let Hackers Steal Your Secrets for Any Site

Microsoft Finds New Breach When Probing Suspected SolarWinds Hackers

Microsoft says new breach discovered in probe of suspected SolarWinds hackers

Microsoft Says ‘NOBELIUM’ Hackers Are Still Actively Targeting American Firms

Microsoft Signs Malware That Spreads Through Gaming

Microsoft support agent and some basic customer details hit by SolarWinds attackers

More Singaporeans hit by cyber attacks; CSA launches awareness campaign

Most people reuse the same three awful passwords - here's why that's a problem

Navigating the complexity of ransomware negotiations

NVIDIA Patches High-Severity GeForce Spoof-Attack Bug

Older adults fell victim to $1 billion in elder fraud schemes last year

Over 90% of all pandemic-related malware took form of Trojans

Own an old WD My Book Live? Disconnect it from the internet right now

Phishing emails harvest personal details from LinkedIn members

Ransomware: To pay or not to pay

Ransomware a threat to national security, says Dutch counterterrorism office

Ransomware gangs now creating websites to recruit affiliates

Reported HMRC-Branded Phishing Scams Grew by 87% During COVID-19

REvil ransomware's new Linux encryptor targets ESXi virtual machines

Scammers Are Using Elon Musk's Name In Order To Sell Fake Online Cryptocurrency Through YouTube

Scams involving mobile payment apps are on the rise

Scottish Government and agencies breached data protection rules almost 2,000 times

Secure remote access: Considerations for K-12 and universities

Security researcher sounds alarm over ATM NFC reader vulnerabilities

Sensitive Defense Documents Found at Bus Stop

SMEs strongly positioned in the data protection sector

SolarWinds attack cost affected US companies an average of $12 million

SolarWinds Hackers Compromise Three Microsoft Customers

St. Charles Health, Renown Health, Carle Health join cancer software breach victims; 42 health systems affected

Survey Reveals How Leaders are Overcoming Cybersecurity Hurdles

The biggest post-pandemic cyber security trends

The Builder of the ‘Babuk Locker’ Ransomware Has Leaked Online

The dangers of cybercrime and the most common forms of cyberattack facing firms in 2021

The Growing Importance of Endpoint Security

The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (IBBI) Has Leaked the Data of Companies Undergoing Insolvency Procedures

Training staff to be wary of a cyber threat is not a clear-cut job

UF Health reaches 'major milestone' in system restoration, medical records now accessible

Understanding and Mitigating Cyber Risk in the Healthcare System

S the Only Top Tier Cyber-power

USB threats could critically impact business operations

Western Digital My Book Live NAS remotely wiped clean worldwide

What Europe's SMEs need to do for a cyber-secure future

Why you need to have two-factor authentication on for all accounts

Zero-day Exploit Found in Adobe Experience Manager

Zero-Days: whoops! we just shut down the planet