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Monday 21 June 2021

Data Breaches Digest - Week 25 2021

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 21st June and 27th June 2021.

27th June

Biden Administration Aims to Tackle Cybersecurity After Pipeline Hack

Cisco ASA vulnerability actively exploited after exploit released

Crypto-Miners May Be The Reason Your Electricity Bill Is Still High During Lockdown

Cryptomining highest in terms of attempted attacks

Cybersecurity issues put Peloton in the news...again

Don't fall for the many types of phishing scams

Electronic medical records back online after ransomware attack at The Villages hospital

Families being notified following data breach of yearbook, graduation apparel supplier

How Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) can protect healthcare from cyber attacks

Mercedes-Benz’s data breach compromised crucial data of 1000 customers

Microsoft says new breach discovered in probe of suspected SolarWinds hackers

Microsoft telemetry shows increase in malware, ransomware encounter rates in Sri Lanka

Pre-empting a cyber pandemic: A reminder to revisit digital security in the COVID-19 era

Political campaigns worry they're next for ransomware hits

Pro-Palestinian hackers steal info on hundreds of thousands of Israeli students

Protect your small business from ransomware attacks

Ransomware is not out of control; security teams are

Seniors, please don't fall victims to cybercrime

Stay Safe from Snapchat 2FA Text Message Scam

Vigilantes fighting online scams may be doing more harm than good

Warning: Fake SMS containing malware is in circulation

Western Digital My Book Live hard drives remotely wiped by hackers

Why cybercrime continues to provide a prime threat to businesses in MENA region

26th June

4 companies affected by security breaches in June

Cybersecurity: REvil Ransomware Gang Strikes Again, Attacks FCUK Fashion Label

Defending Against Email Threats That Don’t Involve Malware

Electronic medical records back online after ransomware attack at The Villages hospital

External hard drives are being wiped remotely – How to protect yours

Hackers attack Olympics computer system

How the COVID-19 pandemic created a cyber pandemic and what you can do to keep safe

Inside the Mind of Cybercriminals – How Threat Actors Think

Kochi-based cybersecurity agency detects data breach on trading platform

Kraken Security Labs Rebuilds Ledger Hardware Wallet Phishing Attack to Show Sophistication of Crypto Scammers

Mercedes-Benz USA Announces Data Breach Affecting Customers and Prospective Buyers

Mercedes-Benz’s data breach compromised crucial data of 1000 customers

Microsoft, the group behind the SolarWinds breach attacked Customer Service

Microsoft admits to signing rootkit malware in supply-chain fiasco

Microsoft Discloses New Customer Hack Linked to Solar Winds Cyber Attackers

Microsoft issues advisory about new cyberattack targeting IT and government organizations

Microsoft says new breach discovered in probe of suspected SolarWinds hackers

Microsoft Says SolarWinds Hackers Are Still Actively Targeting American Firms

New malware in pirated games disables Windows Updates, Defender

Nobelium hackers accessed Microsoft customer support tools

The 10 Biggest Cyber Attacks In History

US Officials Considering How to Deal with Ransomware Payments

Ward off the threats

WSSC Water Investigating Ransomware Attack

25th June

6 official Python repositories plagued with cryptomining malware

6 Things Every Small Business Needs to Know About Ransomware Attacks

21-year-old scammer arrested for phishing operation

30 million Dell devices affected by BIOSConnect code execution bugs

71% of organizations experienced Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks over the past year

93pc organisations in Saudi Arabia faced a cyberattack last year

A rise in ransomware threatens America’s critical infrastructure

Agencies Combat Ransomware in Digital Health

Amazon Web Services (AWS) BugBust Aims to Fix One Million Vulnerabilities Globally

Anglesey cyber-attack affects island's five secondaries

Anglesey schools offline after cyber attack

Attacks against game companies are up. But why?

Bank Fraud: Hackers Using Both Gozi, Cerberus Malware

Beyond the Basics: Steps to Strengthen Your Cybersecurity

Break the crisis-cybersecurity cycle

Business Email Compromise (BEC) Scams Sparked by Remote Working, Research Says

Cisco ASA Bug Now Actively Exploited as PoC Drops

Cloud Database Exposes 800M+ WordPress Users' Records

Colonial Pipeline: Inherent flaws in the national cybersecurity strategy

Companies large and small at risk of cyberattacks

Corporate fraud expected to rise in the next 12 months

Crackonosh malware abuses Windows Safe mode to quietly mine for cryptocurrency

Crackonosh virus mined $2 million of Monero from 222,000 hacked computers

Cryptocurrency Scam: Hackers Are Using Free Games to Slip Mining Malware Into Your System

Cryptojacking spams: Defeat ransomware-like tactics with decryption, inspection

Cyber crooks eye more lucrative targets

Cyberattack traffic targeting video game industry surged during the pandemic

Cybercrime Never Sleeps

Cybersecurity firm Technisanct identifies data breach in leading online trading platform

Data breach: How to protect your personal info

'Data breach in online trading platform has put millions of customers at risk'

Data breach in trading platform has put millions of customers at risk

Data of 500K patients accessed, stolen after eye clinic ransomware attack

Data-Wiping Malware Hit a Large Number of Western Digital ‘My Book Live’ Disks

Dell BIOSConnect vulnerabilities affect 30 million devices

Dell SecureAssist contained RCE flaw allowing miscreants to remotely reflash your BIOS with code of their creation

Department of Defense (DOD) Wants Partners to Up Their Cybersecurity Game, Official Says

Double-dipping ransomware attacks on the rise in Canada

DreamHost database leaked 814 million records online, including customer data

DreamHost hosting firm exposed almost a billion sensitive records

FBI Report Finds 300% Rise in Cybercrime Due To Pandemic

FIN7 ‘Pen Tester’ Headed to Jail Amid $1B in Payment-Card Losses

FIN7 Pen Tester to Serve Seven Years

FIN7 Supervisor Gets 7-Year Jail Term for Stealing Millions of Credit Cards

Hackers Crack Pirated Games with Cryptojacking Malware

High-Ranking FIN7 Gang Member Receives 7-Year Prison Term

How Banks can Manage Enterprise Risk Amid Rise in Cyberattacks

How SMBs are dealing with emerging threats

How technological diversity could help keep systems secure

How to protect critical infrastructure from ransomware attacks

How to root out cyber threats at your organization

Hoya Optical Labs Notifies Consumers of Healthcare Ransomware Attack

Ignorance is not a legal excuse for paying sanctioned ransomware groups

Implementing zero trust architecture in BYOD environments

'It's evil' Ransomware attack on hospital system in Savannah is part of a growing trend

Judson ISD Still Investigating Last Week's Ransomware Attack

Malware-as-a-Service is a Booming Business

Mercedes-Benz Customer Data Flies Out the Window

Mercedes-Benz data breach exposes SSNs, credit card numbers

Mercedes-Benz USA accidentally puts out data from nearly 1,000 customers

Most businesses to accelerate data security investments in 2021

Most Healthcare Organizations Expect to Be Ransomware Targets

My Book Live Users Wake Up to Wiped Devices, Active RCE Attacks

Newly Discovered Dell Bugs Impact 30 Million PCs

NFC flaws let researchers hack an ATM by waving a phone

NFC smartphones enabled researchers to hack point of sale systems and ATMs

Open Source Security Flaws Exist in 70% Of Applications, 80% Of Libraries Are Never Updated

Over 1 Billion CVS Health records exposed online

Over 26,000 Impacted by Ransomware at Texas School District

Over 220,000 Computers Infected by XMRig Malware Downloaded as Game Cracks

‘Pen tester’ FIN7 hacking group member lands seven-year prison term

Players are finding their PS3 units mysteriously banned supposedly due to a major serial number leak

Pro-Palestinian hackers steal info on hundreds of thousands of Israeli students

Prominent ‘FIN7’ Hacking Group Member Sentenced to 7 Years in Prison

PS3 Players Ban: Latest Victims of Surging Attacks on Gaming Industry

Public sector organisations left vulnerable by ransomware attacks, cybersecurity expert urges measures for stronger protection

Ransomware, data breach, cyberattack: What do they have to do with your personal information, and how worried should you be?

Ransomware Attackers Shared Personal Information, Tulsa Officials Say

Ransomware-as-a-service business model takes a hit in the aftermath of the Colonial Pipeline attack

Renown announces data breach involving patient health information

Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) Warns Residents Of Text Message Phishing Scam

School's Out for Summer, but Don't Close the Book on Cybersecurity Training

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Probes SolarWinds Customers on Data Breach Disclosures

Should making a ransomware payment be illegal? It’s complicated

Sophisticated hackers are targeting these Zyxel firewalls and VPNs

Study finds no accountability for cyberattacks within organisations

Teespring suffers data breach, causing leak of more than 8.2 million user details

Texarkana rebounding from ransomware attack that crippled municipal computers

The fundamental need to update the blockchain security protocol

The impact of current and emerging threats on the day-to-day lives of SecOps teams

Thieves Are After Your Money or ID. Be Aware and Be Careful

Third-party identity risk management, compliance, or both?

This phishing campaign could really blow up in the face of the attackers

Three Ways the Pandemic Changed the Fraud Economy

To end cyberterrorism, the government should extend a hand to the private sector

Tulsa: Ransomware Attackers Leaked 18,000 Files

U.K. Police Seize $160 Million In Cryptocurrency In Money Laundering Investigation

UK ISP ‘Zzoomm’ Hit by DDoS Actors, Suffering Service Disruption

UK’s most popular hotel brands putting customers at risk of email fraud

US Secret Service Releases 'Most Wanted' Cyber Fugitive List

Warning of DVLA tax scam which could get your bank account details

Watch Out! Zyxel Firewalls and VPNs Under Active Cyberattack

What Is Angler Phishing and How Can You Avoid Falling Victim?

What Is the Epsilon Red Ransomware and Are You At Risk?

What is the Importance of Email Security

Why Windows 11 is forcing everyone to use TPM chips

Windows computers with MS Excel susceptible to new phishing scam, Microsoft warns users

WSSC Water announces investigation into May ransomware attack

24th June

30 Million Dell Devices at Risk for Remote BIOS Attacks, RCE

A New Approach To Security: Staying One Step Ahead Of Today’s Cyber Criminals

Agent Tesla remote access Trojan deployed in recent phishing campaign

Atlassian Bugs Could Have Led to 1-Click Takeover

Australia: Minister considers Labor's ransomware bill

Binance exchange helped track down Clop ransomware money launderers

Canada: Emerging Developments In Ransomware

Clop Gang Partners Laundered $500 Million in Ransomware Payments

Colorado Mobile Home Park to Pay $25,000 for Data Breach

Countering Cyberattacks And Ransomware Will Require “Whole Of Nation” Response

Critical VMware Carbon Black Bug Allows Authentication Bypass

Crypto platform’s role in Cl0p ransomware raid

Cyber-Attacks Are Primary Funding Source for North Korea

Cyber espionage targets mostly information and finance industry

Cyberattacks are an emerging enemy against the US that need to be prevented

Data Breach Enforcement Is a Global Risk

Data breach in a leading online trading platform, reports Technisanct

Dell Fixes Multiple BIOS Vulnerabilities Affecting Millions of Its Computers

Dell SupportAssist bugs put over 30 million PCs at risk

Digital Ad Industry Stands Accused of “World’s Largest Data Breach” for Real-Time Bidding Models

'Digital Coronavirus Passports' scammers in West Yorkshire targeting vulnerable

EU plans to create an emergency team to tackle large-scale cyber attacks

Fashion titan French Connection says 'FCUK' as REvil-linked ransomware makes off with data

FBI alerted to ransomware attack on Savannah hospitals

FBI Investigates Georgia Health System Ransomware Attack

FBI Seeks Extra Funds to Fight Ransomware, Other Threats

Fertility Clinic in Georgia Notifies Patients of Data Breach

Fileless Malware on the Rise, Traditional Defenses Failing

Gas Station Sues Colonial Pipeline for Gas Crisis From Ransomware Attack

Grupo Fleury operations disrupted after a ransomware attack

Healthcare Giant CVS Exposes Over a Billion Health Records in an Unsecured Cloud Database Leak

Hit by a ransomware attack? Your payment may be deductible

How Quickly Should Companies Have to Disclose Data Breaches

How to avoid ransomware: Alabama commission warns of uptick in attacks on investment accounts

How to convince your boss that cybersecurity includes Active Directory

How to protect yourself from phishing emails

Hybrid phishing and vishing attacks imitate business workflows

Identity Theft – 5 Ways to Secure Your Identity Online

Inside the mind of a cyber criminal

Internet Security Report: Fileless Malware on the Rise, Defenses Failing

Irish Ransomware Attack Recovery Cost Estimate: $600 Million

It takes less than one hour to exploit vulnerable container infrastructure

Judson ISD creates phone lines, call center following ransomware attack

Make ransomware payments illegal, say 79% of cyber pros

McAfee Sees Ransomware-As-A-Service, Cryptocurrency And Internet Of Things Threats Surge In Q1 2021

Meet monero, the new crypto of choice for cybercriminals

Microsoft warns users to beware of a new ransomware trick

More than 1/3 of health organizations hit by ransomware last year, report finds

More than a third of organizations hold no one accountable for cyberattacks

Musk-Themed ‘$SpaceX’ Cryptoscam Invades YouTube Advertising

Nebraska's tribal gaming operators on alert against ransomware

NIST publishes draft cybersecurity framework for ransomware risk management

Oh FCUK! Fashion Label, Medical Diagnostics Firm Latest REvil Victims

Ohio Medicaid Providers’ Personal Information Exposed by Vendor

Ohio State University’s (OSU) Data Breach Impacts Veterans, More Ransomware Attacks

Phishing, Vishing, and Smishing—Your Employees Need to Know the Newest Schemes

Phishing attack's unusual file attachment is a double-edged sword

Pretty much every company has suffered some kind of cloud data breach

Ransom Leak Sites Reveal 422% Annual Increase in Victims

Ransomware: Now gangs are using virtual machines to disguise their attacks

Ransomware, data breach, cyberattack: What do they have to do with your personal information, and how worried should you be?

Ransomware Attack on Eye Clinic Chain Affects 500,000

Ransomware Attacks Are a Large and Growing Threat — This Is How They Happen

Ransomware Attacks Decline as Gangs Focus on Lucrative Targets

Ransomware funds more ransomware, so how do we stop it?

Remote Access Trojan now targeting schools with ransomware

Repurposed REvil Ransomware Used in Attacks

REvil ransomware gang targets French Connection and Grupo Fleury

Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) cyber attack recovery could take ‘two years’, says organisation’s boss

Setting The Standard For Ransomware Insurance: A New Risk Mitigation Approach

Spam Downpour Drips New IcedID Banking Trojan Variant

The human cost of ransomware: Irish healthcare disruption will continue for months

The Power of Anonymity in Supply Chain Security

The State of 2020 K-12 Cyber Safety and Security

The Threat of Ransomware on the Rise in 2021

The unintended consequences of ransomware attacks on manufacturing companies

Tips for avoiding shipping scams when shopping online

Traditional antivirus software misses 'vast majority of threats'

Tulsa police say 18,000 files are leaked after Conti ransomware hack

Tulsa Says Ransomware Attackers Accessed, Shared Personal Information

Tulsa warns residents that police citations and reports leaked to Dark Web after Conti ransomware attack

Tulsa’s Police-Citation Data Leaked by Conti Gang

U.S. and EU To Collaborate Against Ransomware

UnitingCare Queensland update on ransomware infection

Update Your Snapchat Password Immediately

US brokerage firms warned of 'FINRA Support' phishing attacks

US ransomware damage tax deduction: What options are available in Belgium?

Vulnerabilities in Dell computers allow RCE at the BIOS/UEFI level

Warning of New Malicious Email Campaign Pretending to Be Vodafone

West Virginia job seekers alerted to government employment agency data breach

Western Digital (WD) My Book NAS devices are being remotely wiped clean worldwide

What 2020 taught us about changing cybersecurity tactics and trends

What are the Wider Implications of Ransomware Payments?

What is the impact of remote work on security best practices?

What IT Pros Need to Know About New Fake Call Center Ransomware Delivery

What shifting ransomware strategies mean for defenders

What We Can Learn From Ransomware Actor "Security Reports"

Why Cryptojacking Is Better Than Ransomware for Cybercriminals

With Ransomware, Restore Is the New Backup

23rd June

1 in 3 healthcare orgs hit by ransomware pay hackers, report finds

65% of cyberattacks involve phishing, claims report

Adopting a Zero Trust Mindset to Tackle Fraud

After attacks elsewhere, tribal casinos warding off ransomware

ChaChi: a new GoLang Trojan used in attacks against US schools

CISA believes SolarWinds attack could have been prevented with simple countermeasures

Clop ransomware gang doxes two new victims days after police raids

Clop ransomware is back in business after recent arrests

Councils Reported Over 700 Data Breaches in 2020

Creating a Secure Solution Development Lifecycle for Healthcare

Cyber-attack Exposes Eye Clinic Patient Data

Cyberattacks Against the Gaming Industry Rose by 340% During the Pandemic

Data breach at US eye clinic impacting 500,000 patients potentially exposed private medical information

Defense supply chain vulnerabilities creating security gaps

Entity-Level Encryption: The Only Defense Against Ransomware

Ermetic Reports Nearly 100% of Companies Experienced a Cloud Data Breach in Past 18 Months

EU Aims to Beef Up Cybersecurity Amid Ransomware Boom

EU Proposes Joint Cyber Unit Amid Rising Attacks

EU sets up cyber-security task force to defend bloc from ransomware attacks

EU to Launch Bloc-wide Rapid Response Joint Cyber Unit

Expecting the Unexpected: Tips for Effectively Mitigating Ransomware Attacks in 2021

FBI alerted to ransomware attack on St. Joseph's/Candler

FBI director wants more cooperation from ransomware victims

Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) admits to three data breaches last year

Going Passwordless: What Are the Benefits For Your Business?

Healthcare giant Grupo Fleury hit by REvil ransomware attack

How to better detect and prevent Business Email Compromise attacks

How to tell if a website is safe

I Triggered a Ransomware Attack – Here’s What I Learned

If you took a Carnival cruise before the pandemic, your personal data might’ve been stolen

Information and Finance Industry Most Targeted by Cyber Espionage, Almost 300 Cases in 2020

Inside the mind of a cyber criminal

IT leaders say cybersecurity funding being wasted on remote work support

Medicaid Contractor Data Breach Affected 334,000 Providers

Microsoft warns: Now attackers are using a call centre to trick you into downloading ransomware

Microsoft Warns That Hackers Using Call Centers to Trick Users Into Downloading Ransomware

Nearly 10% of SMB Defense Contractors Show Evidence of Compromise

Only 7% of security leaders are reporting to the CEO

Openness can protect Dutch companies against ransomware

Pakistan-linked hackers targeted Indian power company with ReverseRat

Patch Tor Browser Bug to Prevent Tracking of Your Online Activities

Protecting Data Against the Rising Tide of Ransomware

PYSA ransomware backdoors education orgs using ChaChi malware

Ransomware, data breach, cloud outage: finding a path to profitable cyber underwriting through data and analytics

Ransomware decreases as cybercriminals hit more lucrative targets

Ransomware gangs get paid off as officials struggle for fix

Ransomware's Scary – Be Wary and Ready to Parry

REvil Ransomware Code Ripped Off by Rivals

Russian intelligence service chief says Moscow will work with US to find hackers

Scammer arrested for phishing operation, sent 25,000 texts in a day

Scripps Health hit by 4 class-action lawsuits on heels of ransomware attack

Shame culture is the biggest roadblock to increasing security posture

Should You Pay Ransomware Attackers to Save on Tax?

Small Canadian financial services firm hit by ransomware

SOC burnout is real: 3 preventative steps every CISO must take

Talks on Critical Infrastructure, “Safe Harbor” Cyber Attacks Point Toward Potential Beginning of Cyber-Detente Between US and Russia

The $114,000 test for your company’s business continuity plan

The 'ChaChi' trojan is helping a ransomware gang target schools

The National Guard Just Simulated A Cyberattack That Brought Down Utilities Nationwide

The Rise of Device Encryption

TidalHealth, Bayhealth among hospitals impacted by massive CaptureRx data breach

Tulsa ransomware hackers leak 18,000 files on dark web

Tulsa warns of data breach after Conti ransomware leaks police citations

UK Banks Drive £77 Million Reduction in European Fraud Losses

Up to three quarters of HSE code deciphered after major ransomware attack last month

Updating Your "Reasonable Security" During the "Ransomware Outbreak"

US considers going after ransomware attackers like it used to hunt pirates at sea

Virtual machines hide ransomware until the encryption process is done

VMs Help Ransomware Attackers Evade Detection, But It's Uncommon

VMware fixes authentication bypass in Carbon Black App Control

Watch out, Microsoft users! New scam downloads ransomware onto your computer

Wegmans, a US grocery company, encountered data breach as a result of “misconfigured” systems

22nd June

4 hospitals added to CaptureRx victim tally: 21 hospitals, healthcare organizations affected

76% of IT decision makers more vulnerable to mobile attacks than just a year ago

A new pandemic has already started: healthcare systems under attack

A plan to label companies vulnerable to hacking is set to spark debate on Capitol Hill

ADATA ransomware attack: suffers massive data leak

ADATA ransomware attack saw 700GB of data stolen

All Six Lucky Star Casinos Remain Closed Following Weekend Ransomware Attack

Amazon Prime Day: Fraudsters create thousands of fake websites to scam shoppers – how to spot one

Are you reporting to the CEO? Most security leaders don't

Avast reports the most threatening malware that is faced by Android Phones

Average time to fix critical cybersecurity vulnerabilities is 205 days

Banking Trojan Trickbot: Major Cybersecurity Threat

Best practices for IT teams to prevent ransomware attacks

Businesses fear zero-days as much as ransomware

Class action targets Scripps over data breach that exposed 147,000+ patients' info

Colonial Pipeline Sued for Gas Crisis From Ransomware Attack

Cryptominers Slither into Python Projects in Supply-Chain Campaign

Cryptomining still threatens SMBs in The Philippines

Customer Information Stolen from Wegmans

Cyberattacks and Supply Chain Disruptions

Dam releases, bank failures and poisoned water: Cyber pros warn worst cases are possible

DarkRadiation ransomware targeting RedHat, Debian Linux distributions

Do you still need an antivirus software in 2021?

Education needs to go back to school for cybersecurity

Email Bug Allows Message Snooping, Credential Theft

Email Security: Turn Your Weakest Link Into Your Strongest Line Of Defense

EU, US launch initiative against ransomware

EU, US Vow to Fight Ransomware Together

EU plans to launch bloc-wide cyber task force

Fake RUBiS Promotional Sweepstakes Messages

Fifth of Google Play Apps Violate Child Protection Law

For FBI’s cyber sleuths, catching ransomware thieves like hunting serial killers

Georgia St. Joseph’s/Candler health system shifts to downtime procedures amid ransomware attack

Hackers are trying to attack big companies. Small suppliers are the weakest link

Have we reached peak ransomware? How the internet's biggest security problem has grown and what happens next

How a Business Email Compromise attack can threaten your organization

How DNS Security Can Help Combat the IoT Challenge

How to protect your pensions and investments from scammers

Kids’ Apps on Google Play Rife with Privacy Violations

Lexmark Printers Open to Arbitrary Code-Execution Zero-Day

Lucky Star Among 6 Oklahoma Casinos Hit by Cyberattack

Lucky Star Casino hit by ransomware attack

LV Ransomware Group Repurposed REvil Binary, Researchers Find

Malicious PyPI packages hijack dev devices to mine cryptocurrency

Municipal Cyberattacks: A New Threat Or Persistent Risk?

Mysterious ransomware payment traced to a sensual massage site

NIST Publishes Ransomware Guidance

NVIDIA Jetson Chipsets Found Vulnerable to High-severity Flaws

Over 4,300 Polish e-mail accounts attacked

Phishing scam spoofs Lazada SMS account

Prime Day: Keep an eye out for scams while online shopping

Quezon City Police District (QCPD) arrests 39 in alleged phishing scam targeting foreigners

Ransomware: fighting a crime without borders

Ransomware? Hack? Plan, don’t pay

Ransomware attack hits a Summit County water district

Ransomware Payments Could Be Tax Deductible

Ransomware variant immunization program

Ransomware woes prove tough to fix

SEC Probes SolarWinds Breach Disclosure Failures

Security leaders anticipate ransomware and phishing uptick in a hybrid workplace

Significant increase in USB threats that can cause costly business disruptions

Six Flags to Pay $36M Over Collection of Fingerprints

SMEs need to confront the threat of ransomware

SonicWall bug that affected 800K firewalls was only partially fixed

SonicWall Left a VPN Flaw Partially Unpatched Amidst 0-Day Attacks

SonicWall sees 226.3 million ransomware attack attempts in May

Survey finds utilities industry has the highest Window of Exposure

The computer virus that robs but the rich: Nefilim ransomware

The threat landscape in 2021 (so far)

The Top Cyber Threats in Remote Work Setups

The vexing technological challenge of fighting ransomware

Threat actors pose as infamous ransomware group, targeting international businesses

Three-Quarters of SMBs Can't Repel Cyber-Attacks

Two More Cyber Attacks on US Water Supply Highlights Concerns About Vulnerabilities, but Sensational Headlines Sometimes Overstate the Threat to Public Safety

Unpatched Supply-Chain Flaw Affects 'Pling Store' Platforms for Linux Users

US seizes official website of Iranian state-owned Press TV

Vishing attacks on the rise with newest campaigns

VW delays in contacting 3.3 million customers over data breach

White House Guidance On Ransomware

Why Cyber Security Professionals Are Changing Jobs?

Why is ransomware on the rise?

Why organizations should take the lead on security

Wormable DarkRadiation Ransomware Targets Linux and Docker Instances

Zephyr RTOS fixes Bluetooth bugs that may lead to code execution

21st June

5 Critical Steps to Recovering From a Ransomware Attack

ADATA suffers 700 GB data leak in Ragnar Locker ransomware attack

Agent Tesla RAT Returns in COVID-19 Vax Phish

Amazon Prime Day - Beware of Phishing Deluge, Experts Warn

Americans Need to Know the Economic Truth About Cyber Threats

Are Ransomware Attacks the New Pandemic?

Australian firms could be forced to declare ransom payments

Bad Employee Behaviors Picked Up During Remote Working Pose Serious Security Risks in the New Hybrid Workplace

Baltimore County Public Schools' Ransomware Recovery Tops $8M

Bay Area water supply targeted by cybercriminals

Better Business Bureau warns consumers about Amazon Prime Days Scams

Beware! Connecting to This Wireless Network Can Break Your iPhone's Wi-Fi Feature

Bugs in NVIDIA’s Jetson Chipset Opens Door to DoS Attacks, Data Theft

Businesses urged to increase security against cyber crime

Cars, Fries and Data Breaches; Hackers get McDonalds and VW

Catholic Health notified of data breach by third-party vendor

Clop ransomware gang busted

CVS Health Faces Data Breach, 1 Billion Search Records Exposed

Cyber industry loss ratio at record-high 67% in 2020

Cybercriminals Increasingly Target Manufacturing, IP

Cybersecurity is top of mind for many CEOs as business paradigms shift

Data breaches: Most victims unaware when shown evidence of multiple compromised accounts

Data leak marketplace pressures victims by emailing competitors

Dealers, brands must protect customer data

Drive a zero-trust approach with inside-out protection

DroidMorph Shows Popular Android Antivirus Fail to Detect Cloned Malicious Apps

Embrace integrations and automation as you build a security program

Embryology Data Breach Follows Fertility Clinic Ransomware Hit

Finger Scanning Costs Six Flags $36m

First American Financial's SEC Breach Settlement: $488,000

Fraudsters target popular cartoon show’s fans

Georgia fertility clinic discloses breach of patient SSNs and medical info after ransomware attack

Georgia hospital system hit with ransomware attack following Biden-Putin summit

Helping charities tackle cybersecurity

Herff Jones notifies customers of data breach

How Air Gapping Can Protect IP

How connectivity can help bridge the digital trust gap

How safe are we from social engineers?

How To Protect Medical Institutions from Cyber-Attacks

How to protect yourself from the biggest password leak ever

How to rethink risks with new cloud deployments

Inside a ransomware attack: How dark webs of cybercriminals collaborate to pull one off

Labor Bill would force Aussie organisations to disclose when they pay ransoms

Labor introduces bill to mandate ransomware payment reporting

Lawmakers Unveil Cybersecurity Legislation

LockBit Returns to the Ransomware Space With the Launch of a New Affiliate Program

Margin for US cyber insurance 'largely eroded' in 2020

Meatpacking giant JBS pays $11m to ransomware hackers

Most health organizations hit by ransomware had their data encrypted

Multi-cloud transit enhances app experience but brings complexity and security challenges

Nearly Half of Manufacturers Suffered a Digital Attack in the Last Year

North Korean hacking group allegedly behind breach of South Korean nuclear institute

Not such a speedy service: Food distributor hit by cyberattack

Nuclear Research Institute Breached by Suspected North Korean Hackers

Odisha Police Warns About a Rise in ‘Joker’ Malware Infections

Ohio Medicaid Provider Suffers Data Breach

Over 30,000 Fertility Clinic Patients Hit by Ransomware Data Breach

Parliamentary devices left in taxis, buses, trains and pubs

Password security needs a moonshot moment

Phishing campaign steals cryptocurrencies from Ledger users with fake wallet shipments

Protecting the New Most Vulnerable Population – Subscription Scams

Ransomware Attack Leads to Class-Action Lawsuits for Scripps Health

Ransomware Gangs Get Paid Off as Officials Struggle for Fix

Ransomware operators often purchase access to corporate networks

Ransomware Takes Down Email and Phones at Judson ISD in Texas

RedFoxtrot Targets Indian Organizations

Scammers are impersonating the DarkSide ransomware gang

Smishing – what is it? And why should it be a top priority for CISOs?

St. Joseph’s/Candler Suffers Ransomware Attack, EHR Downtime

State and Local Governments Are Prime Ransomware Targets: Here's What They Can Do

Study Finds Phishing, Social Engineering, and Remote Work to be Biggest Threats to Security

The costly risks of ransomware attacks

The Lazarus heist: How North Korea almost pulled off a billion-dollar hack

Three Key Elements of a Defense-in-Depth Approach to Phishing

Tor Browser fixes vulnerability that tracks you using installed apps

UF Health Cyberattack Now Affecting Patient Care

UK Parliamentary Staffers Lost 96 Devices in Past Two Years

US Companies Won’t Pay to Prepare for Cyber Attacks. Congress Must Step In

US supermarket chain Wegmans suffers data breach due to ‘misconfigured’ databases

UVM Health still calculating losses 8 months after multimillion-dollar ransomware attack

Vulnerability exposed Peloton bike, treadmill to malware attacks

Wegmans discloses data breach

Wegmans Exposes Customer Data in Misconfigured Databases

What you can do to prevent phishing schemes

Would companies even abide by a ransomware payments ban?

XDR: The Key to Higher Education’s Fight Against Ransomware

Your ransomware payment may be deductible