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Monday 15 February 2021

Data Breaches Digest - Week 07 2021

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 15th February and 21st February 2021.

21st February

A Phishing Scam Targeting Postmates Drivers Pretends to Represent the Company to Empty Out Victims’ Accounts

COVID-19’s Impact on Cybersecurity

Everything You Need To Know About A Computer Virus

Far Cry 6 Beta Invites Are Phishing Scams, Says Ubisoft

Got A ‘Day Of Hack’ Email With Your Password? Here’s 3 Things To Do Now

Kroger: Some pharmacy customer data impacted in vendor hack

Lakehead University shuts down campus network after cyberattack

North Korea Accused Of Trying To ‘Hack’ Pfizer To Obtain Vaccine Data

There's a danger that hackers are becoming smarter than you

Top Biden Adviser Suggests Russia Could See U.S. Response To SolarWinds Hack Within 'Weeks'

Warning: Google Alerts abused to push fake Adobe Flash updater

20th February

Cashalo hit by data breach, says customer accounts safe

Chrome, Safari, and Edge Users Can Be Tracked via Favicons

Experian challenged over massive data leak in Brazil

How Public K-12s Can Bolster Their Cyber Defenses

How to stay safe when a Facebook message asks 'is that you?'

Kroger data breach exposes pharmacy and employee data

Parents alerted to NurseryCam security breach

Recently fixed Windows zero-day actively exploited since mid-2020

Researchers Bypass Visa PINs and Make Mastercards Look Like Visas

SonicWall releases additional update for SMA 100 vulnerability

The future of cybersecurity will be about ‘fighting fire with fire’

The Hydra Darkweb Market Operators Might Have Been Exposed

Troubled New Zealand Crypto Exchange Cryptopia Suffers Another Hack in the Midst of Liquidation Process

White House says it will hold those responsible for SolarWinds hack accountable within weeks

19th February

5 cybersecurity predictions as uncertain threat environment persists

8 Common Bank Scams (And How To Avoid Them)

130,000 Singtel customers’ information stolen in data breach

An Expose’ On The Conti Ransomware

Apple details major security, privacy enhancements in its devices

Brave browser leaks onion addresses in DNS traffic

Brave Browser’s Tor Mode Is Leaking the Users’ Real IP Address

Brave privacy bug exposes Tor onion URLs to your DNS provider

Business email compromise is a top concern for banks

California County Focuses on Recovery After Ransomware Attack

CD Projekt Red Reportedly Issued DMCAs on Posts About Hack

Center for Internet Security (CIS) launches MDBR, a no-cost ransomware protection service for private hospitals

Center for Internet Security (CIS) now offers free ransomware protection to all US hospitals

Credential-Stuffing Attack Targets Regional Internet Registry

Cybercriminals have found a devious new way to trick you with phishing scams

Data breach at Fred Meyer, QFC and other pharmacies might have exposed personal information

Don’t fall for this bogus Far Cry 6 beta scam Ubisoft warns

Draft Adequacy Decision Paves the Way for EU-UK Data Flows to Continue Freely

Dubuque-based medical provider says patients potentially exposed to data breach

Email back up for ‘about half’ of Georgetown County staff following ransomware attack

Email phishing attack at Michigan clinic exposes 2,500 patients' info

Far Cry 6 Beta Email Phishing Scam Discovered

Far Cry 6 Beta Email Scam Going Around as Phishing Attempt

Far Cry 6 beta emails are a phishing scam, Ubisoft warns

Far Cry 6 beta emails are a scam says Ubisoft

Far Cry 6 Beta Scam Reported By Ubisoft

Four tips for keeping your business secure during mass remote work

France to boost cyberdefense after hospital malware attacks

Fraudulent unemployment claims increase as Arizona Department of Economic Security claims no data breach

Hacker Named Clop Scores Big Data Breach Hit Of Law Firm, Trump And Other High-Profile Clients

Hackers Are Targeting UK Bank Clients With 2FA-Bypassing Toolkits

Healthcare Data Breaches Halved in January

Holistic approach needed to tackle ransomware, say tech executives

How to protect your organisation from data breaches

Incident Of The Week: End-Of-Life Third Party Software Responsible For Singtel Hack

Internet Registry RIPE NCC Warns of Credential Stuffing Attack

IRS Warns of Fresh Fraud Tactics as Tax Season Starts

Jamaica: Government initiates criminal investigation into alleged data breach, relating to JAMCOVID app

Jamaica demands honesty and transparency about JAMCOVID data breach

Kaspersky: Decline in DDoS Attacks Linked to Surge in Cryptocurrency Value

Kia Denies Ransomware Attack

Kia Denies Ransomware Attack as IT Outage Continues

Kia denies ransomware attack 'speculation' as it recovers from days-long outages

Kia hit by ransomware attack that takes dealers offline – but so far UK systems are ‘not affected’

Kia outage may be the result of ransomware

Kroger advises customers of a data breach affecting pharmacy and Little Clinic

Kroger reports data breach affecting pharmacy records, associate HR data

Kroger reports data breach of some pharmacy, internal records

Kroger reveals data breach caused by third-party company

Malaysia arrests 11 suspects for hacking government sites

Malformed URL Prefix Phishing Attacks Spike 6,000%

Manufacturing Cybersecurity Threats and How To Face Them

Masslogger Trojan Upgraded to Steal All Your Outlook, Chrome Credentials

Malaysia arrests 11 suspects for hacking government sites

Microsoft: SolarWinds Attackers Downloaded Azure, Exchange Code

Microsoft: Solorigate attackers grabbed Azure, Intune, Exchange component source code

Microsoft concludes Solorigate investigation

Microsoft Conclusion on SolarWinds Hack ‘Conflicts’ with Other Messages

Millions of Supposedly Amazon and eBay User Account Details Available for Purchase Online

Most security pros think a WAF is high maintenance

Mysterious Silver Sparrow Malware Found Nesting on 30K Macs

New browser-tracking hack works even when you flush caches or go incognito

New EDPB Draft Guidance Provides Practical Scenarios for Data Breach Notification Analysis Under the GDPR

New Hack Lets Attackers Bypass MasterCard PIN by Using Them As Visa Card

New malformed URL phishing technique can make attacks harder to spot

New variant of MassLogger Trojan stealing Chrome, Outlook data

Payment processor used government hit by ‘Cuba’ ransomware gang

Pharma Key Target of New Phishing Campaign Using Malformed URLs

Phishing Attacks Imitating Famous Brands Proliferate

Phishing campaign alters prefix in hyperlinks to bypass email defenses

Phony Amazon callers are phishing for your info

Ransomware 2020: Top 5 Ransomware Threats

Ransomware Attack on AFTS Creates Domino Effect Across the US

Reports of a Far Cry 6 beta are part of "a phishing attempt"

Research reveals 50% of apps have security vulnerabilities

Safety Certification Giant UL Has Been Hit By Ransomware

Scottish Borders Council apologises for data breach

Scottish Borders Council looking for solution after email data breach

Security threat to critical infrastructure reaches record high

Shift to Remote Work Necessitating Greater Innovation in Cybersecurity

SolarWinds Attackers Breached 100+ Private Firms

Suspected Russian hack fuels new US action on cybersecurity

Training Employees on Best Practices in Data Privacy

Two University Of Alabama In Huntsville (UAH) Email Accounts Compromised Through Phishing Attempts

Ubisoft comments on “Far Cry 6 Beta” phishing scam

Ubisoft warns against signing up for Far Cry 6 “beta” phishing scam

Ubisoft warns Far Cry 6 beta invite emails are phishing scams

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certification giant hit by ransomware

US Arrests Six Alleged Cyber-Scam Money Launderers

Wawa would pay customers up to $9 million for hackers exposing credit card info, proposed settlement says

What behavioral experts can teach us about improving security

What Is Ransomware and How Can You Remove It?

18th February

272 users possibly impacted after two University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) email accounts compromised through phishing attempts

34,000 patients potentially impacted by Dubuque medical provider data breach

Affected by the Singtel vendor data breach? Here are 6 things you need to know

Breaches Cost US Healthcare Organizations $13bn in 2020

California DMV Halts Data Transfers After Vendor Breach

Center for Internet Security (CIS) launches no-cost ransomware service for U.S. hospitals

Cryptopia Got Hacked While In Liquidation Due To a Hack

Cybercriminal Enterprise ‘Ringleaders’ Stole $55M Via COVID-19 Fraud, Romance Scams

Cybersecurity needs to be proactive with involvement from business leaders

Data breach lawsuit could add to Laurentian University's financial crisis

Data breach warning after California DMV contractor hit by file-stealing ransomware

Department of Justice (DOJ) indicts hackers suspected of creating WannaCry ransomware

DoppelPaymer Ransomware Attack Sinks a Global Motor Company’s $20 Million

Emotional intelligence playing an increasingly important role for CISOs

Exploit Details Emerge for Unpatched Microsoft Bug

FBI: Telephony denial-of-service attacks can lead to loss of lives

First Malware Designed for Apple M1 Chip Discovered in the Wild

French cybersecurity agency warns of intrusion campaign targeting Centreon

Hackers abuse Google Apps Script to steal credit cards, bypass CSP

Half of Apps Contain at Least One Serious Exploitable Vulnerability

Health and Personal Information of North Carolina Residents Posted Online by Ransomware Group

Healthcare breaches increased over 50% in 2020

Healthcare Carries a Large Target for Ransomware

How to Prepare for a Ransomware Event

Kia And Hyundai Suffer IT Outage Hurting Dealers And Owners, Deny Reports Of $30 Million Ransomware Attack

Kia Motors allegedly suffers a ransomware attack

Kia Motors allegedly suffers ransomware attack; cybercriminals demand $20 million to recover sensitive data

Kia Motors America Victim of Ransomware Attack Demanding $20M in Bitcoin

Kia Motors Hit With $20M Ransomware Attack

KIA Motors Ransomware Attack: Hackers Demand Up To $30M In Bitcoin

Labor calls for an Australian ransomware strategy

Mac Malware Targets Apple’s In-House M1 Processor

Masslogger Trojan reinvented in quest to steal Outlook, Chrome credentials

Microsoft says SolarWinds hackers downloaded some Azure, Exchange, and Intune source code

North Korea ramps up ransomware attacks in hunt for cash

North Korean Hackers Charged in WannaCry Ransomware & $1.3 Billion Cybercrime Spree

Nvidia limits crypto-mining on new graphics card

Personal data vs. sensitive data: what’s the difference?

Personal information of California drivers potentially compromised in ransomware attack of DMV contractor

Phishers tricking users via fake LinkedIn Private Shared Document

Phishing attack targets Indian officials through rogue email from government ID

Private firms can't protect us from digital attacks. Government must step in

Ransomware Attack Puts California DMV Customer Data at Risk of Exposure

Ransomware attacks up amid pandemic

RIPE NCC discloses failed brute-force attack on its SSO service

RIPE NCC Internet Registry discloses SSO credential stuffing attack

Scottish Borders Council apologises for data breach

SDK Bug Lets Attackers Spy on User’s Video Calls Across Dating, Healthcare Apps

Service provider hack sees 100GB of data stolen from top law firm

Singtel Breach Hits 129,000 Customers

'Small number' of NHS Lothian patients affected by staff medical records data breach

SolarWinds attack hit 100 companies and took months of planning, says White House

SolarWinds Hackers Stole Some Source Code for Microsoft Azure, Exchange, Intune

Spanish police alert over fake Amazon email and website ‘phishing’ scam

Sutter Buttes Imaging PACS Vulnerability Causes 18 Month Data Breach

The Egregor takedown: New tactics to battle ransomware groups show promise

The Most Commonly Hacked Smart Home Tech

The rise of ransomware

Three North Korean military hackers indicted in scheme to commit cyberattacks

Two More Lazarus Group Members Indicted for North Korean Attacks

UK’s Cybersecurity Sector Experiences Record Growth

University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) email accounts compromised through phishing attempts

US charges 3 North Korean hackers for extorting $1.3+ billion

US cities disclose data breaches after vendor's ransomware attack

US Jails Celebrated Nigerian Entrepreneur for Cyber-Fraud

US shares info on North Korean malware used to steal cryptocurrency

Warner wants answers on Florida water utility hack

White House now says 100 companies hit by SolarWinds hack, but more may be impacted

Why do enterprise SOC teams need CIEM now?

Windows and Linux servers targeted by new WatchDog botnet for almost two years

17th February

$1.9 Billion in crypto currency stolen by hackers last year

5 ways to spot a phishing email

57% of vulnerabilities in 2020 were classified as critical or high severity

2021's Most Wanted: Emotet continues reign as top malware threat

15,600 patients' health info exposed in ransomware attack on California health center

$62,000 lost in fake Singtel e-mail phishing scams, 22 police reports lodged

A three-part series on the realities of Conti ransomware from Sophos

Agora SDK Bug Left Several Video Calling Apps Vulnerable to Snooping

Analysts need advanced automation tools to reduce fear of missing incidents

As pandemic-driven fraud increases, firms respond with accelerated adoption of defenses

Attacks targeting IT firms stir concern, controversy

Biden administration says investigation into SolarWinds hack is likely to take "several months"

Bug in shared SDK can let attackers join calls undetected across multiple apps

Canadian vehicle rental company takes ransomware hit

Centreon: Sandworm Attacks Targeted Legacy Open Source Product

Clop ransomware gang leaks Jones Day law firm data on dark web

Crypto criminals got away with $5B less in 2020 as scam revenue falls

Cyber Insurance Issues for Remediation Costs of SolarWinds Hack

Cybercriminals exploited pandemic with shift to targeted, sophisticated attacks

Cybersecurity Risk: What It Is and How Can It Be Reduced?

Cybersecurity risks connected to AI in autonomous vehicles

Data breaches lead to loss of trust - and business

Data of some 129,000 Singtel customers, including NRIC details, stolen in hack of third-party system

Details Tied to Safari Browser-based ‘ScamClub’ Campaign Revealed

DMV announces possible security breach after contractor experienced data hack

Donald Trump’s one-time law firm allegedly suffers data breach

Dutch police post 'friendly' warnings on hacking forums

Dutch Police post "say no to cybercrime" warnings on hacker forums

Effective cybersecurity starts at the top

Egregor ransomware arrests confirmed

Egregor ransomware takes a hit after arrests in Ukraine

France Says Multiyear Hack Similar to Russian Attacks

From ‘Forbes 30 under 30’ to jail – Nigerian phishing fraudster gets 10 years in US prison

Hackers launch malware posing as Bangladeshi critical service websites

Here’s what to do if Syracuse University exposed your data

ISD 2142 hit with phishing scheme

Jones Day Data Stolen in Third-Party Data Breach

Jones Day Denies Network Breach

Jones Day is hit by vendor data breach; hackers post files they claim were stolen from the law firm

Jones Day is latest major law firm affected by vendor data breach

Kia Faces $20M DoppelPaymer Ransomware Attack

Kia Motors America allegedly struck by DoppelPaymer ransomware attack

Kia Motors America suffers ransomware attack, $20 million ransom

Kia Motors Reportedly Told to Pay Up in Latest Ransomware Attack

Kia Motors USA Has Possibly Been Hit by Ransomware Actors

LinkedIn phishing scam tries to fool you with fake document — what you need to know

Malware increased by 358% in 2020

Masslogger Swipes Microsoft Outlook, Google Chrome Credentials

Misconfigured baby monitors exposing video stream online

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) hints at upgrades to its system for scoring a phish’s deceptiveness

NHS Lothian: Investigation launched following data breach of more than 150 medical records

NHS Phishing Scam Promises #COVID19 Vaccine

Ninja Forms WordPress Plugin Bug Opens Websites to Hacks

North Korea Allegedly Targets Pfizer to Steal #COVID19 Vaccine Data

Owner of app that hijacked millions of devices with one update exposes buy-to-infect scam

Pandemic straining consumers’ digital trust

Patients Sue Wilmington Surgical For Netwalker Ransomware Data Leak

Phishing: These are the most common techniques used to attack your PC

Police investigation launched after breach of more than 150 NHS Lothian staff members' medical records

Putting the "global" in GSOCs: How to build a comprehensive digital risk protection approach

QNAP patches critical vulnerability in Surveillance Station NAS app

Ransomware? Let's Call It What It Really Is: Extortionware

Ransomware gangs are running riot – paying them off doesn’t help

Recology customers may be victims of data breach

Researchers find security vulnerabilities in sharing app SHAREit

Researchers Unmask Hackers Behind APOMacroSploit Malware Builder

Rising healthcare breaches driven by hacking and unsecured servers

Russia's hack was bad — but if we don't act fast, it will get much worse

Russian Sandworm hackers only hit orgs with old Centreon software

Senators Push for Action on Water Treatment Hack Investigation

Singtel breach compromises data of customers, former employees

SolarWinds hack 'carried out from within US'

South Korean lawmaker and spy agency dispute whether North Korean hackers stole Pfizer Covid-19 data

'Spy pixels in emails have become endemic'

Stolen Jones Day Law Firm Files Posted on Dark Web

The negotiators taking on the ransomware hackers

This Is How Phishing Actors Move to Grab Hosting Provider Accounts

This Is How Scammers Steal User Funds Through Venmo

Tracker pixels in emails are now an ‘endemic’ privacy concern

U.S. Accuses North Korean Hackers of Stealing Millions

U.S. Calls North Korean Hackers ‘World’s Leading Bank Robbers’

U.S. Charges 3 North Korean Hackers Over $1.3 Billion Cryptocurrency Heist

U.S. Users Targeted with Phishing Scams More than Users in Other Countries

US charges two more members of the 'Lazarus' North Korean hacking group

US indicts North Korean hackers for stealing $1.3 billion

US still unraveling 'sophisticated' hack of 9 government agencies

When Cyber Gangs Disregard Ransomware Payments, Victims Can Be Hit Twice

Windows, Linux Devices Hijacked In Two-Year Cryptojacking Campaign

XLS Attachments Carrying Obfuscated Macros Wreak Havoc onto Email Inboxes

16th February

6 Ways to Overcome Obstacles & Gain Executive Buy-in for Cybersecurity

Alert as fraudsters ramp up efforts in South Yorkshire

Android app with 1 billion users fails to fix flaws; expose to malware

Are law firms being proactive enough when it comes to cyber security?

Bluetooth Overlay Skimmers Planted in American Retain Chain

Businesses Face Fraud Risks Within The Enterprise

Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC) shutdown from ransomware attack continues into 2nd week

Centreon says only 15 entitites were targeted in recent Russian hacking spree

Chatham County rejects $2.4M cyberattack ransom. Sensitive files posted to Internet

Consumers not protecting data online despite having privacy concerns

COVID: Organised crime behind convincing fake NHS vaccine invitation emails

CSO's guide to the worst and most notable ransomware

Cyber attacks hit two French hospitals in one week

Cybersecurity trends affecting cybersecurity stocks in 2021

Data breach detected at local medical practice

DDoS Attacks Wane in Q4 Amid Cryptomining Resurgence

Digital Security Will Be a Dominant Theme in 2021

Egregor ransomware associates arrested amid disruption

Enable secure remote workspaces without trashing your entire IT infrastructure

Files stolen as law firm Jones Day hit by Clop ransomware attack

Firms Patch Greater Number of Systems, but Still Slowly

Forsyth County Schools say student allegedly accessed record to change grade

Four stimulus check scams and how you can avoid them

French hospitals hit by ransomware cyberattacks

French insurance company MNH hit by RansomExx ransomware attack

Hackers exploited Centreon monitoring software to compromise IT providers

Hoffman Construction shores up its defense systems after employee healthcare data breach

How cloud desktops can help your security posture

How to Build Security Resilience in Healthcare Beyond COVID-19

How to spot a PayPal phishing email

Immutable Instantaneous Insurance: the missing link in the Data Chain?

Information posted online after North Carolina ransomware attack

Keeping The COVID-19 Supply Chain Secure

Kia Motors America experiences massive IT outage across the US

Lessons From the SolarWinds Hack

Losses to romance scams reached a record $304 million in 2020

Malvertiser abused WebKit zero-day to redirect iOS & macOS users to shady sites

Malvertisers exploited browser zero-day to redirect users to scams

Malvertisers Exploited WebKit 0-Day to Redirect Browser Users to Scam Sites

Malware on Mac is still a small threat - but growing

Malwarebytes Report Confirms Cybercriminals Exploited Pandemic with Shift to Targeted, Sophisticated Attacks

Measuring risk: Organizations urged to choose defense-in-depth over CVE whack-a-mole

Microsoft: 1000+ Hackers Worked on SolarWinds Campaign

Most Europeans Don’t Know How to Report Cybercrime

Nevada GI practice suffers data breach; 2,500 patients affected

Never underestimate the importance of cyber security

New CISO Priorities of 2021

Nigerian National Sentenced to Prison for $11 Million Global Fraud Scheme

North Korea tried to hack Pfizer vaccine data, reports say

North Korean hackers targeted Pfizer coronavirus vaccine

One sticker could have exposed your Telegram secret chats

Phishing complaints cause Notion outage

Ransomware Actors Leak Data From 3 More Healthcare-Related Entities

Ransomware attack forces North Carolina college to cancel classes

Ransomware 'Brands' Are A Double-Edged Sword — For Threat Hunters And Cybercriminals

RCE Bugs in ‘SHAREit’ App Put 1 Billion Users at Risk of Exploitation

RDP, SSH exposures off the charts thanks to remote working

Russian State-Sponsored Hackers Hit French Entities via ‘Centreon’

Sandworm Hackers Exploit Centreon IT Monitoring Software Tool

Security bugs left unpatched in Android app with one billion downloads

Several French hospitals crippled by cyberattacks

Simon Fraser University (SFU) hit by cyberattack involving personal data breach

SolarWinds Hack and the Case of DNS Security

Stalkerware attacks saw 'staggering' rise in 2020

State of malware: 3 key findings in the latest Malwarebytes report

Supply chain attacks are on the rise: Check your software build pipeline security

Sutter Buttes Imaging Medical Group notifies patients of potential data breach

The 16 Best Data Protection Software Offerings for 2021

The cybersecurity issues of seismic monitoring devices

The Future of Cybersecurity in 2021 and Beyond

The next cyber frontier: Attacks on operational technology

This cybersecurity threat costs business millions. And it's the one they often forget about

Top 5 security risks to connected cars, according to Trend Micro

Top 10 most used MITRE ATT&CK tactics and techniques

UK cryptocurrency exchange EXMO knocked offline by ‘massive’ DDoS attack

Welcome Home, Zero Trust: Why You Should Apply This Security Method In Your Abode

What you cannot see you cannot secure: Shining a light on cybersecurity threats in a work-from-home environment

Why contextual machine learning is the fix that zero-trust email security needs

Why Supply Chains Are Today’s Fastest Growing Cybersecurity Threat

Your work VPN could actually be a security nightmare

15th February

3 security pitfalls to beware of this tax season

100+ Financial Services Firms Targeted in Ransom DDoS Attacks in 2020

270 addresses are responsible for 55% of all cryptocurrency money laundering

Australian Federal Police (AFP) Brings Down Phishing Scam Impacting Australians

Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS), Like Many School Districts, Does Battle With Hackers During Remote Learning Period

Could an ex-employee be planting ransomware on your firm’s network?

Cyber resilience: A high priority

Cyber security in 2021: A White-hat hacker’s view

Cyberattack on Dutch Research Council (NWO) suspends research grants

Cybercrime apparently cost the world over $1 trillion in 2020

DDoS attack takes down EXMO cryptocurrency exchange servers

Escalating Cyberattacks on Healthcare Organizations Highlight Need for Security Interventions

Facebook scam warning as thousands tricked by dangerous message from friends

Florida Water Plant Hackers Exploited Old Software And Poor Password Habits

France: Russian state hackers targeted Centreon servers in years-long campaign

France links Russian Sandworm hackers to hosting provider attacks

GDPR: UK businesses must now comply with two sets of legislation

Gmail warning: Google reveals if you are more likely to be targeted by hackers

Hackers Auction Data from Breach Against Polish Game Designer

Hacking: 2.6 million in UK unlikely to take action following a data breach

Have we put too much emphasis on protecting the network?

Hoffman data breach exposes security challenges

How the security landscape has darkened under the Covid cloud

How to Improve Your Data Protection Strategy

How to keep your accounts safe from hackers and data breaches

How to Limit the Impact of Phishing Attacks

How to protect backups from ransomware

How to Stay Safe from Online Phishing; What Are the Legal Remedies to Get Justice

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Warns of Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN) Scam

Make sure you don't fall for this crafty HMRC tax refund scam

Media and Electronic Gaming Companies Prepare for a Jump in Ransomware Attacks in 2021

Members of the infamous Egregor ransomware arrested in Ukraine

Microsoft: SolarWinds attack took more than 1,000 engineers to create

Microsoft will alert Office 365 admins of Forms phishing attempts

Microsoft’s Boss Says SolarWinds Attacks Was the Work of Tens of Hundreds of Hackers

Millions of email attacks missed by organisations’ cyber security protection

Nearly 40% of consumers lost money to phone scams in 2020

Notion’s hours-long outage was caused by phishing complaints

One Cybercriminal Was Allegedly Behind 50% of Australia’s Phishing Scams

Organisations investing significant time modifying web application firewalls to keep ahead of cybersecurity threats

Police Reportedly Arrest Egregor Ransomware Members

Proofpoint Sues Facebook to Keep Using Lookalike Domains

Rampant password reuse puts companies and customers at risk

Record number of critical and high severity vulnerabilities were logged to the NIST National Vulnerability Database (NVD) in 2020

Record‑breaking number of vulnerabilities reported in 2020

Risk Evaluation and Management in the Age of the Connected Supply Chain

Several Members of the Egregor Gang Arrested in Ukraine

Sim swap fraud: victim loses R30,000 with no course of action

Small businesses warned to beware of ‘domain renewal’ phishing scam

Suspected Egregor Ransomware Affiliates Busted in Ukraine

Syracuse University defends response to data breach amid criticism, anger

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand says it is working directly with stakeholders to determine how many people have been impacted by the December data breach 'and will ensure they are well supported'

“This is the largest data breach ever seen on the Internet”...Nearly 3.2 billion emails and passwords were compromised

This phishing email promises you a bonus - but actually delivers this Windows trojan malware

This phishing scam lures you in by pretending you've got a bonus

Threat Alert: Zoom Impersonated for Phishing Attacks

TrickBot emerges as UAE’s top malware threat

UK National Cyber Security Center Warns of Increased Threat of Ransomware Attacks, Some Victims Hit Multiple Times

Ukrainian citizen arrested over huge international phishing campaign spanning 11 countries

Washington auditor’s office warned agencies of data-breach risks. Then it got hacked

Watch out for fake CommBank phishing SMS

What is data breach insurance?

What is in store for AI for the rest of 2021?

Which states are getting into the data privacy game?

Yandex Insider Breach Hits Nearly 5000 Inboxes

Zerologon Vulnerability: What You Need to Know