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Monday 8 February 2021

Data Breaches Digest - Week 06 2021

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 8th February and 14th February 2021.

14th February

Australian Federal Police (AFP) investigation lands alleged phishing scam mastermind

Canadian vehicle rental service hit by ransomware

Egregor ransomware members arrested by Ukrainian, French police

Egregor ransomware operators arrested in Ukraine

Florida based child welfare organization suffers data breach

Hackers using Egregor ransomware arrested in Ukraine

Internal Revenue Service warns of tax phishing scam

New coronavirus scam and how to protect yourself from it

Passwords: A leaky defense in a dangerous world

Pro-India hackers use Android spyware to spy on Pakistani military

Slack users on Android should change their password right away, here’s why

Spike in ransomware complaints flooding FBI include attacks on hospitals

Tips for safe online dating this Valentine’s Day

13th February

Are More Water Treatment Facility Hacks on the Way?

CD Projekt's stolen source code allegedly sold by ransomware gang

Combatting the Growing Cyberthreat of QR Code Abuse

DarkSide Ransomware Hit Canadian Discount Car and Truck Rentals

Data Breach: 3.2 Billion Email And Password Leaked

Don’t be stung by fake jab scams — here’s our guide to spotting Covid cons

Hacker Selling 40 Million Ukrainian Bank Customer Records

Hang up if 'Microsoft' phone you - it's a scam

How To Identify Bitcoin Trading Scams In Easy Steps

It’s not your imagination — your smart device is watching you

Leading Canadian rental car company hit by DarkSide ransomware

Researchers at Google and Stanford analysed over a billion malicious emails to find out the reasons why and what makes the users of Gmail to get targeted the most

What is DNS Poisoning? (aka DNS Spoofing)

Yandex Employee Caught Selling Access To Users’ Inboxes

12th February

2 More Breaches Tied to Accellion File Transfer Appliance

3 reasons why customer-focused enterprises should trust MFA

5 cybersecurity trends MSPs must address in 2021

7 Ways To Prepare For And Recover From Cyber Attack Crisis Situations

13 patient data breach lawsuits in the past year

219K Nebraska Medicine Patients Affected by Fall Ransomware Attack

219K people caught in Nebraska Medicine data breach

2020 vulnerability disclosures on track to exceed those from 2019

Accellion to retire enterprise file-sharing product targeted in recent attacks

All is not fair in love and phishing

‘Annoyingly Believable’ Tax Scam Targets Mobile Users

Australia: Romance baiting scams on the rise as Valentine's Day nears

Avaddon Had a Flaw That Allowed Free Decryption but It’s Been Fixed Now

Baltimore County School Board to Address Ransomware Attack

Barclays scam: Britons warned of 'double whammy' of dangerous phone calls and emails

Barracuda Email Threat Scanner Detects Millions Of Attacks Missed By Organisations’ Existing Protection In 2020

Big Huge Games Hit By Cyber Attack

Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC) blames ransomware attack for shutdown, says no signs personal data at risk

CISA and partners release cybersecurity advisory on compromise of US water treatment facility

CISA Fact Sheet: How to Prevent, Mitigate Ransomware Attacks

Copycat researchers imitate supply chain attack that hit tech giants

COVID-19 leads to explosion in cyberattacks, data breaches

Cybersecurity: 5 Steps to Consider While Implementing a Zero Trust Security Model

Cybersecurity after the pandemic

Cybersecurity in Financial Services: Securing the Future of Organizations in the Post-COVID World

Darknet crypto kingpin JokerStash retires after illicit $1 billion run

Data Protection: The sixth love language

Diners Devour Made-to-Order Fraud

Does the European Data Protection Board’s Data Breach Guidance mandate reporting of ransomware attacks?

Don't fall victim to cyber romance scams

Don’t Stand Up Data Protection this Valentine's Day

European Data Protection Board (EDPB) Publishes New Guidance for Data Breach Notification

Facebook and Instagram Breach Users Privacy and Save Link Preview and Information of Everyone Outside Europe

Facebook 'is this you' phishing scam could have infected 500,000

Florida Water Plant Hack: Leaked Credentials Found in Breach Database

For SOC teams, the analytics and automation hype is real

Google: Gmail users from US most targeted by phishing attacks

Hackers are using Morse code to launch phishing attack

How Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Fills SASE and ZTNA Cybersecurity Gaps

How to check if an unexpected prompt for your Apple ID password is legitimate

How to Stay Safe When Playing With Cryptocurrencies

If you use Slack on Android change your password now

Investigation Into Egregor Ransomware Reveals Unknown Aspects About its Operation

January 2021 Data Breach Roundup

Just 270 crypto addresses laundered $1.3 billion in dirty funds last year, research shows

mHealth apps consistently expose PII and PHI through APIs

mHealth Apps Expose Millions to Cyberattacks

Microsoft said the number of web shells has doubled since last year

National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) Informs About Creation By Unknown Persons Of Fake Website Of Health Ministry And Placement On It False Information About Mandatory Vaccination For Introduction Of Malware Program Into Computers

Nearly 1 in 10 Brits have fallen victim to a ‘romance’ scam

Nearly Two-Thirds of CVEs Are Low Complexity

New Law in Russia Aiming to Take Control Over Dark Web Crypto

New Zealand: Dozens of Kiwis finally informed of Transport Agency's personal info breach, two years later

Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) cautions giving big tech access to information under the Consumer Data Right

Over 400 Valentine's Day-themed phishing campaigns spotted weekly

Phishing Attack Research: Microsoft Most-Impersonated Brand in 2020

Police warn of new 'NHS vaccine' scam

Ransomware – A Pandemic In The Dark Web Signals A Need To Vaccinate Your Compliance Program

Ransomware Attack: Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC) forced to cancel classes for several days, sparks investigation

Ransomware attacks rose by 31% amid pandemic

Real Bug Volumes in 2020 Exceed Official CVEs by 29%

Researchers spot massive increase in RDP attack attempts

RiskSense Ransomware Spotlight Report Reveals Surge in Weaponized Vulnerabilities, New Targets and Ransomware-as-a-Service

Scammers target US tax pros in ongoing IRS phishing attacks

Security researchers discover Helpdesk Software vulnerability

Singapore's Singtel assesses potential data breach by hackers

Singtel data breached through hack

Singtel Suffers Zero-Day Cyberattack, Damage Unknown

Singtel Supply Chain Breach Traced to Zero-Day Bug

Slack users asked to change their password immediately after major data breach

SMS tax scam unmasked: Bogus but believable – don’t fall for it!

Some people get more phishing emails than others - here's why

Successful BEC attacks become 56% more costly

Telegram 'Secret Chat' didn't delete self-destructing media files

Test, Test And Test Some More – The Importance Of Disaster Recovery (DR) Testing

These dating apps are tracking your location

Three Charged Over Fraudulent Vaccine Website

Top 4 takeaways from Microsoft’s Digital Defence Report

Two-fifths of pension schemes admit to having no cyber policy

Unprecedented Gmail, Netflix, LinkedIn account data leak, theft. 3 billion passwords email, password posted online

US Court system demands massive changes to court documents after SolarWinds hack

US Jails Money Mule Kingpin

Valentine's Day scam: Fake website imitates jewellery brand, phishes couples

Valentine's Day: Staying Safe from Romance Scams

Why A Zero-Trust Policy Is Important For Remote Companies And Cybersecurity Effectiveness

Why cybersecurity insurance may be worth the cost

Why Sporting Organizations Need An Exceptional Cybersecurity Posture

Wilmington Surgical Associates face lawsuit over data breach

Yandex Data Breach Exposes 4K+ Email Accounts

Yandex said it caught an employee selling access to users' inboxes

Yandex suffers data breach after sysadmin sold access to user emails

Zoom Bombing: How to Keep Intruders Out of Video Meetings

11th February

5 Home Network Security Tips for 2021

12-year-old Windows Defender bug gives hackers admin rights

Accellion to retire product at the heart of recent hacks

After data breach, Syracuse University’s silence is glaring

Almost half a million users duped by Facebook phishing campaign

Android spyware strains linked to state-sponsored Confucius threat group

Australian research institute confirms ‘likely’ data breach after third-party Accellion hack

Beware of Romance Scams

Big Tech will try to pre-empt harsh privacy laws by writing their own

Biggest data breach ‘of all time’ leaks billions of emails and passwords

Brazilian authorities start probe as 102 million consumers are exposed in new leak

Buggy WordPress plugin exposes 100K sites to takeover attacks

Celeb SIM-Swap Crime Ring Stole $100M from U.S. Victims

Credential spill incidents nearly doubled since 2016

Cyberpunk 2077 developer CD Projekt hit by ransomware attack, source code leaked

DDoS attacks intensify - Driven in part by COVID-19 and 5G

Discord is fast becoming a favorite tool among cybercriminals

Egregor Ransomware Adopting New Techniques

Employees’ phishing knowledge is subpar, research finds

Free decrypter released for Avaddon ransomware victims...aaand, it's gone!

Hackers ask only $1,500 for access to breached company networks

How Email Attacks are Evolving in 2021

How Universities Can Cope Amid a Ransomware Perfect Storm

Illinois Is State Hit Hardest by Cybercrime

Intel fixes vulnerabilities in Windows, Linux graphics drivers

KeepChange said it stopped hackers from stealing user funds, but not personal data

Legal and health sector caught out in data breach

Lookout unmasks state-sponsored Android spyware tied to India-Pakistan conflict

Major medical research centre caught up in data breach

Microsoft, Facebook and PayPal most impersonated brands during phishing attacks

Microsoft warns of an increasing number of web shell attacks

Military, Nuclear Entities Under Target By Novel Android Malware

“Moving Company” Scammers Are Going Rampant in the U.S

Optus parent organization SingTel assesses potential Accellion data breach

PayPal fixes reflected XSS vulnerability in user wallet currency converter

People are often the collateral damage of attacks on corporations

Phishing With Morse Code

Pre-Valentine’s Day Malware Attack Mimics Flower, Lingerie Stores

Proofpoint sues Facebook over dummy sites used for anti-phishing training

Proofpoint sues Facebook over lookalike domain names used in security training

Proofpoint Sues Facebook Over Use Of Lookalike Domains

Proofpoint sues Facebook to get permission to use lookalike domains for phishing tests

Ransomware Attackers Set Their Sights on SaaS

Recent hack attacks, and 2020 stats for exposed data and paid ransomware

Researchers identify 223 vulnerabilities used in recent ransomware attacks

RiskSense Ransomware Spotlight Report Reveals Surge in Weaponized Vulnerabilities, New Targets and Ransomware-as-a-Service

Security Flaws in Seismological Equipment Could Have Serious Implications

Seven Strategies From The Pandemic To Protect Healthcare From Ransomware

Singtel confirms data breach via third-party vendor Accellion

Singtel hit by third-party vendor's security breach, customer data may be leaked

Singtel, QIMR Berghofer report Accellion-related data breaches

Stop what you’re doing and check here to see if your email credentials have been stolen

That email you got about resetting your password is real – Do it ASAP

The Accellion Data Breach Seems to Be Getting Bigger

The threat of ransomware attacks and how to stop them

The top 25 most phished brands

Tips To Avoid Online Shopping Scamss

TrickBot's BazarBackdoor malware is now coded in Nim to evade antivirus

UK Cops Arrest Eight in US Celeb SIM Swap Case

UK Government Reveals Plans to Build Trust in Use of Digital Identities

UN Links North Korea to $281m Crypto Exchange Heist

Valentine’s Day: Phishing email campaigns continue to rise, here’s how to stay safe

Various Malware Lurks in Discord App to Target Gamers

Vulnerabilities in widely used TCP/IP stacks open IoT, OT devices to attack

Washington state looks to consolidate cybersecurity after data breach

What is ransomware - and how to protect against it?

When Organizations Take a Risk-First Approach to IT Compliance, They’re Better at Avoiding Security Incidents

Which users are at higher risk of email-based phishing and malware?

Will Russian Cryptocurrency Law Drive Hacker Recruitment?

Working at a safe distance, safely: Remote work at industrial sites brings extra cyber risk

10th February

10 SIM-swapping hackers nabbed for targeting US celebrities

75% of Americans very concerned about online privacy, but most don't take any significant action

177% increase: Hackers grabbed 21.3 million healthcare records in the second half of 2020

2020 sees ransomware increase by over 400 percent

A Reminder for Employers About W-2 Phishing Scams

Adobe patches wave of critical bugs in Magento, Acrobat, Reader

AI-Wielding Hackers are Here

Authorities arrest SIM swapping gang that targeted celebrities

Baltimore County school board to address ransomware attack

BendyBear Is a Next-Gen Shellcode Featuring Custom Cryptographic Routines

Bitcoin Marketplace Keepchange Suffers Data Breach — No Funds Stolen During the Incident

Brazilian government urged to protect consumers from massive data leak

British Columbian real estate agency sustains unusual ransomware attack

Can Breach Victims Sue Now for Future Harm?

Credential Theft Attacks Doubled Between 2016 and 2020

Dark web analysis shows high demand for hackers

Enterprise ransomware prevention measures to enact in 2021

Enterprise SIEMs unprepared for 84% of MITRE ATT&CK tactics and techniques

European Data Protection Board lays out data breach notification guidelines for organizations

Facebook faces lawsuit over alleged data breach

Following Oldsmar attack, FBI warns about using TeamViewer and Windows 7

French MNH health insurance company hit by RansomExx ransomware

Google: Here's why some people get more phishing emails and malware spam

Hacker Admits Stealing College Girls’ Nude Snaps

Hacker Sets Alleged Auction for Witcher 3 Source Code

Hackers auction alleged stolen Cyberpunk 2077, Witcher source code

HelloKitty ransomware behind CD Projekt Red attack

Hit block caller: 75% of Americans were targeted by scammers

Hybrid, Older Users Most-Targeted by Gmail Attackers

If you get an email from any of these companies, think twice before opening

Intel Squashes High-Severity Graphics Driver Flaws

Investor data breach 'fatigue' reduces Wall Street punishment for cybersecurity failures

Lawsuit filed over data breach at Wilmington Surgical Associates

LodaRAT Windows malware now hunting Android devices

Love is in the air—and cybercriminals are taking advantage

Massive spike in fraud across all industries - 4.3 billion attacks detected since Black Friday

Microsoft now forces secure RPC to block Windows Zerologon attacks

Microsoft warns enterprises of new 'dependency confusion' attack technique

Mozilla privacy report on dating apps singles out Grindr for serious security lapses

NordVPN puts the price tag of stolen streaming subscriptions at $38 million

Over 400 Valentine’s Day-Themed Phishing Campaigns Spotted Weekly

Ransomware attack cripples Namibia Wildlife Resorts’ booking and email server

Ransomware group posts stolen North Carolina county health data online

Researcher Hacks Apple and Microsoft

Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) providing support to stakeholders affected by data breach

Romance Fraud Surges in Lockdown Following Shift to Online Dating

SAP Commerce Critical Security Bug Allows RCE

Scammers Selling Fake #COVID19 Vaccination Cards for Just $20

Shopping online for Valentine's Day? Beware, over 400 V-Day phishing campaigns spotted

SIM hijackers arrested after stealing millions from US celebrities

Supply chain security is actually worse than we think

Supply-Chain Hack Breaches 35 Companies, Including PayPal, Microsoft, Apple

Syracuse University data breach exposes nearly 10,000 names, Social Security numbers

The cost of synthetic fraud to reach new highs

These are the people most likely to fall victim to a phishing attack

This old security vulnerability left millions of Internet of Things devices vulnerable to attacks

Two Nebraska hospitals warn of data breach

US Coast Guard orders maritime facilities to report SolarWinds breaches

Washington state’s response to data breach affecting 1.4M people is stunningly callous

When it comes to vulnerability triage, ditch CVSS and prioritize exploitability

Your First SOAR Use Case: Phishing Triage

Zero-Day and Six Publicly Disclosed CVEs Fixed by Microsoft

9th February

1.6 Million Washington State Unemployment Claimants Have Financial Information Exposed in Hack of State Auditor’s Office

Actively Exploited Windows Kernel EoP Bug Allows Takeover

Amendments to Singapore’s data protection legislation in force

Android Devices Hunted by LodaRAT Windows Malware

Anticipating cyberattacks and going ahead of prediction

Apple fixes SUDO root privilege escalation flaw in macOS

Attackers Exploit Critical Adobe Flaw to Target Windows Users

Author of uPanel phishing kit arrested in Ukraine

Avast Joins ‘Coalition Against Stalkerware’ Amidst Unprecedented Rise

Beware Payment Requests For Vaccine, And How To Stay Safe Online In 2021

Beware the ever-evolving ransomware cybercrime tsunami

CD Projekt Falls Victim to Ransomware Hack, Game Source Code Allegedly Stolen

CD Projekt ransomware attack – Cyberpunk 2077 source code allegedly stolen

CD Projekt Red game studio discloses ransomware attack, extortion attempt

CD PROJEKT RED gaming studio hit by ransomware attack

CD Projekt's Servers Have Been Hacked, Data Leak Threatened In Ransomware Attack

Cisco reveals top cybersecurity threats of 2020

COVID-19 impact on SecOps: Increased threats, greater investments in automation

Creator of Cyberpunk 2077 ‘CD Projekt’ Announced Ransomware Incident

Cyber-Attacker Tries to Remotely Poison Florida City

Cyber fraud’s new ‘Jamtara’: From financial frauds to phishing attacks and social media scams

Cyberattacks increase in healthcare, but sector unprepared

Cybercriminals leverage remote desktop protocol to brute force attacks

Cyberpunk 2077 And Witcher 3 Source Code Pwned In Brazen CDPR Ransomware Attack

Cyberpunk 2077 Developer CD Projekt Red Suffers a Ransomware Attack

Cyberpunk 2077 Developer Hit By Cyber-Attack

Cyberpunk 2077 maker suffers ransomware attack

Cyberpunk 2077 makers CD Projekt hit by ransomware hack

Cyberpunk 2077 Publisher Hit with Hack, Threats and Ransomware

Data breach at company that sends utility bills for Monroe, Redmond

Doubling down on ransomware extortion

Employee PC hacked via TeamViewer in attempted water supply poisoning

Experts Warn of “Beg Bounty” Extortion Attempts

Facebook phishing campaign tricked nearly 500,000 users in two weeks

Facebook users targeted in a new phishing campaign

FBI, Secret Service investigating cyberattack on Florida water treatment plant

Gaming Industry Is Fraudsters’ Prime Target

Get Back to the Basics with Your Company’s Cybersecurity Practices

Google Play Boots Barcode Scanner App After Ad Explosion

Hacker attempts to poison Oldsmar water supply

Hacker breaks into Florida water treatment facility, changes chemical levels

Hacker Tries to Poison Water Supply of Florida Town

Hackers Accessed a Florida Town Water Treatment Facility System and Changed Chemical Levels

Hackers are tweaking their approach to phishing attacks in 2021

Hackers hit CD Projekt Red, steal data, ask for ransom

Hackley Community Care notifies affected patients of data breach

Health CISO Shares Security Strategies for Ransomware, Enterprise Risks

HelloKitty ransomware behind CD Projekt Red cyberattack, data theft

High Demand for Hacker Services on Dark Web Forums

Infosec leaders report increase in phishing attacks in 2020

Iranian Cyber Groups Spying on Dissidents & Others of Interest to Government

Is your business ready for a data breach? Here’s what you should know

Makers of Cyberpunk 2077 game hit by ransomware hack

Many companies would sack employees over phishing mistakes

Master The Why When Communicating Cybersecurity Expectations To Employees

Microsoft, Facebook and PayPal named as phishers’ favourite brands of 2020

Microsoft adding nation-state security alerts for enterprises

Microsoft Joins Effort to Remove Emotet But Warns Customers to Remain Vigilant

Microsoft to alert enterprise security teams when nation-state attackers target their employees

Microsoft urges customers to patch critical Windows TCP/IP bugs

Misplaced expectations securing water treatment systems

Most zoombombing incidents are inside jobs

New Council Will Drive UK’s Cyber-Training and Standards

NHS reports fewer phishing emails in 2020

One in Four Government Agencies Reported Accidental Cloud Data Leakage in 2020

Phishing: Holiday Season Attacks on the Rise

Phishing Attackers Are Using Morse Code Now

Phishing Attacks Double in 2020 and October Shatters All-Time Monthly Records

Pirate IPTV Services Blackmailed by Hacker Who Stole User ID Data

Plex patches media server bug potentially exploited by DDoS attackers

Private medical records posted to the dark web

Proofpoint Reveals Ransomware and Phishing Attack Trends

PyPI, GitLab dealing with spam attacks

Ransomware targets Ness Digital Engineering, sparking concern in Israel

Researchers discover exposed Comcast database containing 1.5 billion records

Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) says partner Accellion kept it in the dark about data breach

Reserve Bank says it had 'no warning' to avoid a hacking attack

Romania’s biggest real estate portal suffers major data breach

Safer Internet Day: Exploring Reliability Online

Separating fact from fake: Busting common cybersecurity myths

Someone Hacked Into a Florida City’s Water Supply and Tried to Poison It

The COVID-19 pandemic sparked a cyber-crime boom

The Cyber Risks of Transportation’s Connected OT/IoT Systems

The New Economics of Holding Personal Data in 2021

The State of Phishing in 2021

This hugely popular screenshot app is a privacy nightmare

Threat intelligence vs. future data breaches

TV Licence scam: Britons urged to stay vigilant as Direct Debit email spreads

‘U-Admin’ Phishing Panel Author Arrested in Ukraine

Ukrainian Police Arrest Author of World's Largest Phishing Service U-Admin

Web hosting provider shuts down after cyberattack

Who are the worst password offenders?

Your business’s cybersecurity needs both advanced threat prevention and advanced threat detection — here’s why

Your email and password were probably posted online in the mother of all data leaks

Your security technology is only as strong as your team

8th February

3 Critical Data Security Strategies for 2021

3.2 Billion Email And Password Pairs Have Been Leaked, Here's How To Check If You Are Affected

5 cybersecurity lessons from the SolarWinds breach

8 Cybersecurity Best Practices for your Small to Medium-Sized Business

2021 trends in cybersecurity

A hacker tried to poison the water supply of an entire Florida city

A quarter of Yorkshire firms experienced a fraud increase in 2020 as the pandemic has left businesses exposed

Academy trust 'paid fraudsters nearly £400K'

Adoption of passwordless security takes off amid COVID-19

Airline Security In A COVID-19 World

Amazingly Convincing Facebook Phishing Scam Takes Place on Facebook.com Itself

Android app joins the dark side, sends malware update to millions

Android Gamers Must Steer Clear Of The Cyberpunk 2077 Ransomware Scam

Anticipating cyberattacks and going ahead of prediction

Are self-taught coders a cybersecurity problem?

Arrest, Raids Tied to ‘U-Admin’ Phishing Kit

Australia: Government’s travel agent grants scheme comes under attack by scammers

Big jump in RDP attacks as hackers target staff working from home

Billions of Passwords Offered for $2 in Cyber-Underground

Can your organization obtain reasonable cybersecurity? Yes, and here's how

City of Monroe’s utility billing vendor hit with data breach

Cloud-first systems need a Cloud-first defensive strategy

Companies struggle with medical device security

Conti ransomware gang tied to latest attacks on hospitals in Florida and Texas

Coping with phishing scams around COVID-19 vaccines and other impending attacks

Could Foxtons cyber-attack be more serious than first thought?

COVID-19-Themed Attacks are Wake-Up Call in Healthcare

Critical vulnerability fixed in WordPress plugin with 800K installs

Critical WordPress Plugin Flaw Allows Site Takeover

Cyberattack on IT giant may have compromised Israeli firm

Cyberattacks a matter of life and death: Why South African hospitals need to up cybersecurity game

Cyberattacks the ‘second pandemic’ threatening businesses

Cyberpunk 2077 bug fixed that let malicious mods take over PCs

Cybersecurity and the privilege of using data

Cybersecurity Insurance Pros and Cons: Is it the Best Policy?

Cybersecurity Must Extend Beyond Your Perimeter

Data breaches at UPMC, Nebraska Medicine affect 250,000+ individuals

Different kind of virus: Hospitals, already strained by pandemic, find selves squarely in hackers’ crosshairs

Domestic Kitten hacking group strikes local citizens considered a threat to Iranian regime

Dorset comes third for highest number of cyberattacks than anywhere else in UK

Emotet Takedown: Short-Term Celebration, Long-Term Concerns

Emsisoft Suffers System Breach

Europol Breaks $14m Card Fraud Ring

Ex-US Cyber Boss Calls For Military Strikes On Ransomware Hackers

Experian investigating data breach claims in Brazil

Extortionists Publish Data Stolen from Two Healthcare Service Providers

Fake Forcepoint Google Chrome Extension Hacks Windows Users

Fallout from ransomware attack continues to plague Albany, New York

Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) ‘hit by 80,000 malicious emails a month’

Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) reveals levels of email attacks

Frankenstein fraud, deepfakes & replay attacks: how to identify identity fraud threats

Hacker modified drinking water chemical levels in a US city

Hackers publicly leak over a billion emails and passwords in the greatest compilation since 2017

Hackers tried poisoning town after breaching its water facility

Halifax scam warning: Britons targeted by dangerous 'pairing' text message

Has your email been hacked? Online checker here for pwned addresses

Healthcare hit by 45% spike in e-virus cases

Here’s Why Some Indian Government Websites Are Redirecting To Porn & Dating Sites

How much is your info worth on the Dark Web? For Americans, it's just $8

How To Increase Diversity in Security Teams

How to protect yourself from the NHS COVID vaccine phishing scam

How to Secure Your Microsoft Cloud Estate from Phishing Emails

Hundred thousand Spotify accounts leaked in credential stuffing attack

Identity verification market to grow steadily in the next few years

'Increase in ransom demands is showing little sign of slowing down'

Kirkland Officials Aware Of Billing Vendor's Possible Data Breach

Law Firm Data Breach Impacts UPMC Patients

Malware vs. Ransomware vs. Viruses: What you need to know

Medical records stolen from US hospitals leaked on the dark web

Merchants Should Take An End-To-End Approach To Protect Customer Accounts

Microsoft: Keep your guard up even after Emotet’s disruption

Microsoft to add 'nation-state activity alerts' to Defender for Office 365

Microsoft to alert Office 365 users of nation-state hacking activity

NHS Staff Hit by Almost 140,000 Malicious Emails in 2020

NHS staff targeted by nearly 140,000 malicious emails last year

Organizations can no longer afford a reactive approach to risk management

Packaging Company Recovers From Ransomeware Attack

Pandemic changed the security threat landscape

Pandemic Sees Surge In Healthcare Ransomware Attacks

Proofpoint’s State of the Phish Report Reveals Ransomware and Phishing Attack Trends; Underscores Need for Tailored Security Awareness Training, Particularly for Remote Workers

Protecting students, teachers and their devices as they go back to school

Ransom-related DDoS attacks rise from the dead as attack vectors diversify

Ransomware Attack Impacts Criminal Cases in New York

Ransomware attack targets Ness IT company in Israel, US, India

Ransomware Attacks Are Becoming Less Effective, But Will They Go Away?

Ransomware attempt on British Columbia realtor raises question of supply chain attack

Ransomware Demands Spike 320%, Payments Rise

Ransomware in the Remote Era: Attackers Impersonate Parents to Target Teachers

Ransomware will be used to sow chaos

Remote Desktop Protocol Attacks Surge by 768%

Researchers discover Microsoft Office phishing attack hosted on Google Firebase

Researchers Say Machine Learning Boosts Defense Against Multi-Stage Cyber Attacks

Selling Network Initial Access Methods in Underground Forums Worth Millions as Brokers Turn To Private Conversations

Slack is asking some users to change their passwords now

SolarWinds Fallout: Practices to strengthen data protection

Sophos traces Nefilim ransomware to admin account of deceased employee

South Australian councils need to step up cyber governance

Taiwan: Scam calls, texts to local users up 488%

Tens of Thousands of Patient Files Leaked in US Hospital Attacks

This phishing attack uses some very retro technology to hide its payload

Threat actor selling 158,000 Canadian, US credit card data

Tokyo Gas discloses data breach impacting anime-style dating simulation game

Too few UK organisations offering cyber training for remote work

UK financial watchdog hit by barrage of malicious emails every month

Victor Central Schools ransomware attack revealed vulnerabilities. How to protect against it

Warning Over 'Very Worrying' Scams Targeting Isle Of Wight Residents

WestRock Continues to Operate Despite Ransomware Incident

WestRock Ransomware Attack Hinders Packaging Production

Why cloud data protection is a top priority for businesses post-pandemic

With one update, this malicious Android app hijacked millions of devices

World Economic Forum calls cybersecurity one of the "key threats of the next decade"

Your Data is Digital and Vulnerable to Tax Season Scams

Ziggy Ransomware Shuts Down a Week After Fonix Ransomware Quit

Ziggy Ransomware Shuts Down and All Decryption Keys Released for Free