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Monday 3 June 2024

Data Breaches Digest - Week 23 2024

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 3rd June and 9th June 2024.

9th June

20-year-old from Delhi arrested for hacking Hawk Eye and TSCOP applications of Telangana police

20-Year-Old Hacker Arrested: How He Breached Telangana Police’s Security

Adventist Health discovers data breach that could impact Tulare patients

Akira: Perhaps the next big thing in ransomware

Building a Culture of Cybersecurity: Why Awareness and Training Matter

Building a Cyber-Resilient Organization: Strategies and Best Practices

Cancer patients have operations cancelled after NHS cyber attacks

CoinGecko Announces Data Breach That Exported 1,916,596 Contacts and Sent 23,723 Phishing Emails

Disney Hacked! Major Data Breach at the Walt Disney Company

Fresno officials should have noticed a phishing scam that cost taxpayers more than $600,000, jury says

Frontier Communications Suffers Data Breach Exposing Customer Social Security Numbers

Hacker Arrested for Breaching Telangana Police 'Hawk Eye' App Data

Hacker who leaked, sold Telangana police data for $150 arrested

How inadequate security checks led to massive data breach in Telangana police app

Hyderabad: Hacker involved in Hawk Eye app data breach held

India: Telangana police arrested Hawkeye app hacker

Kadokawa Investigates Suspected Cyber Attack as Several Services Go Offline

Malicious VSCode extensions with millions of installs discovered

New York Times Confirms 270GB GitHub Token Data Breach

‘Russian criminals’ behind London hospitals cyber attack

Te Whatu Ora Covid data breach: Woman’s sleepless night after information stolen

The Evolving Cyber Landscape: Insights from 2024 Reports

The rise of AI-Generated propaganda: the impact of AI and deepfakes on US elections

This is how long it takes a hacker to crack your passwords

Threat Actor Allegedly Offers Unauthorized RDP Access to a French IT Service Provider

Trainees urged to help hospitals after cyber-attack

8th June

DDoS attacks target EU political parties as elections begin

Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) 26 Million students' personal data put up for sale on hacker forum

Microsoft Revamps Controversial AI-Powered Recall Feature Amid Privacy Concerns

Navigating The Storm: Geopolitical Cybersecurity Tension In Today’s World

New PHP Vulnerability Exposes Windows Servers to Remote Code Execution

New York Times source code stolen using exposed GitHub token

Threat Actor Claims Sale of State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) Data, World’s Largest Utility Company

7th June

26% of organizations lack any form of IT security training

90% of U.S. consumers prioritize personal information security

A Breach in Trust: HopSkipDrive Data Leak Exposes Drivers’ Personal Information

‘A case of when rather than if’: Why are hospitals becoming more of a target for ransomware attacks?

After brutal critiques, Microsoft Recall will get these major privacy and security changes

Akira Ransomware Group Claims Attack on Panasonic Australia; Singapore Tells Victims to Not Pay Ransom

Blockchain Tech Firms Breached? DFINITY & Cryptonary User Data Allegedly Leaked

Christie's starts notifying clients of RansomHub data breach

CISOs Need to Move Beyond Passwords to Keep Up With Security Threats

CoinGecko confirms data breach from third-party email platform

CoinGecko Confirms Data Breach Incident via GetResponse

CoinGecko confirms data breach of email provider: over 23,000 phishing emails sent

CoinGecko confirms email provider data breach, over 23,000 phishing emails sent

CoinGecko Reports Major Data Breach Involving Nearly 2M Customers’ Personal Data

Collaboration is Key to an Effective Security Culture

Commando Cat Cryptojacking Attacks Target Misconfigured Docker Instances

‘Commando Cat’ Cryptojacking Campaign Exploits Remote Docker API Servers

Corse GSM Data Breach: 200,000 Customer Details of French Telecom Giant Allegedly Compromised

Cyber insurance isn’t the answer for ransom payments

Cyber Resilience Means Being Willing to Learn From a Crisis

EmailGPT Exposed to Prompt Injection Attacks

Ethical Hacker Says Microsoft’s Recall AI Feature Is Easy to Exploit

FBI Distributes 7,000 LockBit Ransomware Decryption Keys to Help Victims

FBI obtains 7,000 LockBit decryption keys

Feds seize domains linked to crypto investment scam preying on New York’s Russian diaspora

First Priority Restoration Hit by Alleged Ransomware Attack

French watchdog unleashes simplified sanctions on GDPR violators

Frontier Communications reveals that cyber incident exposed hundreds of thousands

Frontier says 750,000 Social Security numbers accessed during April cyberattack

Frontier warns 750,000 of a data breach after extortion threats

GlorySec Launches Malware Attack in Venezuela and Hints at Future Operations in Russia

Greater Amsterdam School District reports February data breach; forensic investigation underway

Guardian Analytics and Webster Bank Settle $1.4 Million Data Breach Lawsuit

HackNeT Allegedly Targeted Ireland Because of EU Elections

Hotel Kiosks Vulnerability Exposed Guest Data, Room Access

How can you avoid being an easy target during the cyber-attack surge?

How to protect yourself as phishing scam reports rise

India: Telangana Police hit by second major data breach in a week as TSCOP App compromised

LightSpy Spyware's macOS Variant Found with Advanced Surveillance Capabilities

Massive Data Breach in Tamil Nadu: 600,000 Migrant Workers’ Data Allegedly Leaked on Dark Web

Meta, Internal Revenue Service (IRS) among most impersonated organizations

Microsoft Makes Windows Recall Opt-in, Encrypted in Response to Privacy Concerns

Microsoft makes Windows Recall opt-in, secures data with Windows Hello

Microsoft reverses course, makes Recall feature opt-in only after security backlash

More ethical hackers sounding alarm bells after trying out Microsoft Recall

New Phishing Campaign Uses Stealthy JPGs to Drop Agent Tesla

New Ransomware Group El Dorado Emerges, Published List of Victims

New research provides insight into RansomHub

New York Times source code leak on 4chan, days after Disney leak

Novel ‘Commando Cat’ Cryptojacker Abuses Docker Remote API Servers

Operation Endgame nets police a Conti affiliate

Panasonic allegedly breached - contracts, project files stolen, claims ransomware group Akira

PHP fixes critical RCE flaw impacting all versions for Windows

Ransomware Actor Exploited CoinMiner Attacker’s Proxy Server

Ransomware continues to cause mayhem as victims are unable to recover 43% of affected data

Researchers issue warning over new ransomware variant targeting the education sector

Researchers Urge Immediate Action on New EmailGPT Vulnerability Exposing Users to Data Breach

Russia-linked Vermin hackers target Ukrainian military in new espionage campaign

Sapphire Werewolf hackers spy on Russian education, defense and aerospace industries

Security Flaws Found in Popular WooCommerce Plugin

Singapore: Companies advised not to pay if hit by Akira ransomware

SolarWinds fixes severe Serv-U vulnerability (CVE-2024-28995)

SPECTR Malware Targets Ukraine Defense Forces in SickSync Campaign

Tech in Asia suffers massive data breach, exposing over 221,000 users' information

Texas attorney general investigating several connected car manufacturers over data sharing

The Double-Edged Sword of Generative AI

Threat Actor Allegedly Selling Zero-Click Full Chain Exploit, Targeting Android Devices for $5 Million

Threat Actor Allegedly Sells Unauthorized Access to Egyptian Universities

Threat Actor Claims to Have Compromised Qualitas Mexico Server, Offers 300,000 Client Records

Three U.K. Nationals Charged for “Evolved Apes” NFT Scam

Ticketmaster incident shows: attackers no longer break in, but log in

TikTok exploited: Multiple high profile accounts targeted in cyber attack

Toyota Philippines, Robinsons Land hit by data breach

UAE Ministry of Education Faces Alleged Cyberattack from Pro-Palestinian Hacktivist Group

UK election campaigns ignore London hospitals cyberattack despite disruption

University of Arkansas Leads Initiative to Improve Security of Solar Inverters

What Snowflake isn’t saying about its customer data breaches

Windows Recall will be opt-in and the data more secure, Microsoft says

Worrying Ransomware Trends, and What to Do About Them

6th June

7K LockBit decryptors offered as FBI seeks trust, cooperation from victims

78% of SMBs fear cyberattacks could shut down their business

97% of security experts worry about AI-related security incidents

A new Linux version of TargetCompany ransomware targets VMware ESXi environments

A Russian cyber gang is thought to be behind a ransomware attack that hit London hospitals

Advance Auto Parts: Alleged Data Breach Exposes Millions After Snowflake Cyberattack

Akira Ransomware Claims Cyberattack on German Manufacturer E-T-A

AmerisourceBergen Specialty Group Announces Data Breach Affecting 252,214 Consumers

Amsterdam Schools Investigating February Data Breach

Ascension Hospitals Expect Partial Cyber Attack Recovery Soon

AT&T breach a cautionary tale

Australian health insurance firm Medibank under fire over security blunders years after cyber attack

Australian logistics company Victorian Freight Specialists (VFS) faces alleged data breach

Australian mining giant Northern Minerals suffers a major data breach

Australian organisations hit hardest by ransomware had 17 incidents in a year

Bangladeshi police agents accused of selling citizens’ personal information on Telegram

Billericay School data breach compromised students and guardians' personal information

Brockton Area Multi-Services Files Notice of Data Breach Involving Client SSNs

Chinese attackers leverage previously unseen malware for espionage

Chinese cyberespionage operation launched against Southeast Asian government

Community health centers still bogged down by red tape after UnitedHealth hack

Could a payment ban slow down the tsunami of ransomware?

Credit impacts of cyberattacks on the rise

Crimson Palace: Chinese Hackers Steal Military Secrets Over 2 Years

Crypto Users Warned of New Airdrop Scam Emails After Major Data Breach

Cyber attack disrupts London hospitals

Cyberattack shuts down Seattle Public Library systems

Dark Storm Team Targets Emirati Infrastructure, Cites UAE’s Support for Israel as Motive

Defenders assemble: Time to get in the game

Discovery Insure confirms data breach

Dubai government suffers alleged ransomware attack

Email breach: Tether and CoinGecko warn of phishing

Email Phishing Attack Hits Crypto Firms as Users Are Warned to be Wary of Compromised Newsletters

Ethical hacker releases tool to exploit Microsoft's Recall AI, says it's not 'rocket science'

FBI encourages LockBit victims to step right up for free encryption keys

FBI Kicks Hackers In The Teeth With Free 7,000 Ransomware Key Giveaway

FBI obtains 7,000 LockBit ransomware decryption keys

FBI offers to share 7,000 LockBit ransomware decryption keys with CISOs

FBI Recovers 7,000 Decryption Keys For Helping Victims Recover Files

FBI Recovers 7,000 LockBit Keys, Encourages Victims to Come Forward

FBI Recovers 7,000 LockBit Ransomware Keys, Asks Victims To Contact

FBI Retrieves 7,000+ Lockbit Ransomware Decryption Keys

FBI Says It Has 7,000 LockBit Ransomware Decryption Keys

FBI Urges LockBit Ransomware Victims to Contact Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3); 7,000 Decryption Keys Obtained

FBI urges LockBit ransomware victims to reach out after securing thousands of decryption keys

Financial data wiped from US eye clinics, over 300k people affected

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) launches $200 million program to bolster cybersecurity for schools and libraries

Four’N Twenty owner Patties Foods reportedly targeted in ‘data breach’

Google Maps Timeline Data to be Stored Locally on Your Device for Privacy

Hacker attack on Asst Rhodense: hospital systems in Garbagnate, Rho and Bollate blocked

Hackers encrypt Billericay School's IT network, force it to cancel classes

Hackers exploit 2018 ThinkPHP flaws to install ‘Dama’ web shells

Hackers Exploit Legitimate Packer Software to Spread Malware Undetected

Hackers Target Python Developers with Fake "Crytic-Compilers" Package on PyPI

Hackers use new QR code phishing tactic to target organisations - Here's how the scam works

Health provider MediSecure in administration following data breach

Hit by LockBit? The FBI is waiting to help you with over 7,000 decryption keys

Hope for LockBit Ransomware victims: FBI recovers 7,000 decryption keys

Leaked Snowflake Customer Data Linked to Info-Stealing Malware

London hospital services impacted by ransomware incident

London Hospitals Become Newest Victims of Nationwide Cyberattacks

London hospitals still facing ‘significant impact on delivery of NHS services’ after ransomware attack pinned on Russian cyber gang

Los Angeles Unified School District investigates data theft claims

Major data breach at Ticketmaster: a wake-up call for cybersecurity in digital commerce

Malaysia’s Railway Assets Corporation (RAC) Faces Alleged Data Breach

Mandatory Ransomware Reporting Would Be Positive Move, Say Experts

Medibank sued after 9.7m Aussies have data stolen in Russian cyber attack

Mind Securities and Exchange Commission’s new data breach rules, says FINRA

Muhstik Botnet Exploiting Apache RocketMQ Flaw to Expand DDoS Attacks

Nearly 400,000 affected by data breach at eye care management services company

New details reported in Fresno’s $600k phishing scam. ‘High probability’ it could happen again?

New EmailGPT Flaw Puts User Data at Risk: Remove the Extension NOW

New Fog ransomware targets US education sector via breached VPNs

New Gitloker attacks wipe GitHub repos in extortion scheme

New ransomware attack based on an evolutional generative adversarial network can evade security measures

New Scam Alert: iPhone Users Targeted in Phishing Scheme Circulating on Social Media

New Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Data Breach Rules for Investment Advisers, Broker Dealers and Investment Companies

New Zealand: Privacy Commissioner seeks more detail on possible census data breach

New Zealand: Privacy Commissioner seeks more detail on possible census data breach at Manurewa Marae

NHS cyber attack underscores ongoing ransomware threat to healthcare sector

Novel ‘Fake Browser Update’ on Vulnerable Websites Pushes Malware Downloads

Office of the Australian Information Commission (OAIC) takes Medibank to court over data breach incident

One New Yorker has been busy buying stolen data and defrauding the state

Online Scams Are Getting Worse Thanks To AI, New Study Reveals

Openness of RISC-V Backfires: Security Flaw Found in China’s Domestic Chip Savior

PandaBuy pays ransom to hacker only to get extorted again

Panorama Eyecare Data Breach Affects the Personal Information of Over 377k Consumers

Panorama Eyecare Notifies 377K Individuals a Year After Ransomware Attack

Patch Now! Center for Cybersecurity Belgium Warns About Critical Vulnerabilities in Telerik Report Server

Patties Group respond to data breach claims

Peek into Monthly Vulnerabilities: May 2024

Phishing scams using QR codes are surging, here's what you should know

Prevent Account Takeover with Better Password Security

Pro-Russia group claims responsibility for cyber-attacks on first day of EU elections

PruittHealth Notifies Patients of November 2023 Data Breach Following Ransomware Attack

Qilin ransomware blamed for London hospitals cyber attack

RansomHub group claims major ransomware attack on Frontier Communications

RansomHub operation is a rebranded version of the Knight Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS)

RansomHub Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) Emerges As The Most Largest Ransomware Group Operating

RansomHub ransomware’s origins uncovered

Ransomware attack chaos at London hospitals blamed on Qilin gang

Ransomware Attack Disrupts Operations in London Hospitals, Russian Cyber Gang Believed to Be Behind It

Ransomware computer attack on London hospitals still 'critical' incident with operations cancelled

Ransomware Ecosystem Transformed, New Groups “Changing the Rules”

Ransomware ravaged schools and cities in May

Ransomware victims unable to recover over 40 percent of affected data

Researchers Warn About Phishing Emails That Trick Users Into Pasting Malicious Commands

Robinsons Land, Toyota, Philippine National Police (PNP) hit by data breach

Russia’s white hat hacker bill exposes cyber struggles and strengths

Russian cyber operations are largest threat to Olympics, Google warns

Russian Hacker Group NoName057 Announces Cyberattack on European Internet Infrastructure

Russian hackers behind London hospitals cyberattack

Russian Hackers Claim Cyberattack on Spanish Company Refurbishing Tanks for Ukraine

Russian hackers claim cyberattack on Spanish defence company

Russian Hackers Suspected in Major Ransomware Attack on London Hospitals

Security industry has ransomware-as-a-service model wrong, says expert

SecurityScorecard Files Plaint against Safe Security for Allegedly Misappropriating Trade Secrets

Several London Hospitals Struggle Amidst a Ransomware Attack by a Russian Hacking Group

South Africa: Discovery clarifies ‘data breach’

Supply Chains Remain Hidden Threat to Business

Terabytes of Advance Auto Parts data stolen in Snowflake attack

The 7 brands scammers impersonate the most

The FBI has over 7,000 decryption keys to help victims of the LockBit ransomware

The Philippines: National Privacy Commission (NPC) confirms data breach reports for Toyota, Robinsons

The Philippines: Toyota, Robinsons Land hit by data breach

Third-Party Cyber Attacks: The Threat No One Sees Coming - Here's How to Stop Them

Threat Actor Allegedly Offers Database of PT Nap Info Lintas Nusa for $1,300

Threat Actor Claims to Have Leaked Database of HopSkipDrive Drivers

Threat Actor Claims to Sell Data from VWholesaleTour: Over 196,000 Logs and 2,800 User Records

Ticketmaster suffers a data breach that would affect 560 million customers. What to do if you have an account

Ukraine says hackers abuse SyncThing data sync tool to steal data

US adopts cybersec program to protect schools and libraries from attacks

Vermin Hackers Resurface to Target Ukrainian Defense Forces with SPECTR Malware

Victims of LockBit ransomware urged to contact FBI for decryption assistance

VMware ESXi targeted by TargetCompany for Linux ransomware

What is ransomware? 7 things you must know before it’s too late

Why Cyber Resilience Is Critical for Minimizing the Impact of Ransomware Attacks

Zambia Cyber Fraud Case: 22 Chinese Nationals Plead Guilty to Running Cybercrime Syndicate

Zyxel patches critical flaws in EOL NAS devices

5th June

29 New Ransomwares are Detected by Malware Researchers in May

29% of organizations have added data security to their AI systems

83% of organizations faced at least one account takeover the past year

104 EU Laws Have Different Definitions of Cybersecurity

A Russian cyber gang is thought to be behind a ransomware attack that hit London hospitals

Accidental or not, another Google leak exposes multiple privacy breaches

Account Takeover Attacks Overtake Ransomware as Leading Security Concern for Organizations

Advance Auto Parts stolen data for sale after Snowflake attack

Africa Ranks Low on Phishing Cyber Resilience

American Radio Relay League (ARRL) Cyberattack Update: Frustrations Linger Despite Restoration Efforts

Are Password Managers Safe to Use? (Benefits, Risks & Best Practices)

Ascension still working to restore medical record access after cyber attack

Ascension targets June 14 for system-wide EHR restoration after ransomware attack

Attacks with V3B phishing kit set sights on EU banking customers

Australian Mining Giant Confirms BianLian Ransomware Attack

Australian Privacy Watchdog Files Lawsuit Against Medibank Over 2022 Data Breach

Care Disrupted at London Hospitals Due to Ransomware Attack on Pathology Vendor

Celebrity TikTok Accounts Compromised Using Zero-Click Attack via DMs

Check-in terminals used by thousands of hotels leak guest info

Chinese hacking groups stole ‘sensitive’ intel on South China Sea from Southeast Asian government

Chinese hacking groups team up in cyber espionage campaign

Chinese nationals plead guilty to running Zambia scam operation

Chinese State-Backed Cyber Espionage Targets Southeast Asian Government

Chinese State-Sponsored Operation “Crimson Palace” Revealed

CISA Alert: Urgent Update Needed for Apache Flink Vulnerability

CISOs and Senior Leadership at Odds Over Security

Club Penguin fans breached Disney Confluence server, stole 2.5GB of data

Clusters of Chinese State-Sponsored Threat Activity Found Targeting Southeast Asian Government

Cyber-attack on TikTok targets big brands and celebrities as US election heats up

Cybersecurity standards emerging in Canada as ransomware business booms

Cybersecurity Training Reduces Phishing Threats - With Numbers to Prove It

DAIXIN Team Data Breach Group Claims to Have Targeted Dubai Municipality

Darknet site for Qilin gang, suspected in London hospitals ransomware attack, goes down

Data breach confirmed by Northern Minerals after BianLian leak

Data Security Needs to Catch Up With Growing Threats

Database Mess Up: Aussie Food Giant Patties Foods Leaks Trove of Data

Debt Collector Data Breach Exposes Data on 3 Million+ Americans

Don’t Fall for the Fake Job! FBI Warns of Work-From-Home Scams Using Cryptocurrency

European police now want real-time access to messengers

FBI recovers 7,000 LockBit keys, urges ransomware victims to reach out

FBI Warns of Rise in Work-From-Home Scams

FBI Warns of Scammers Defrauding Individuals via Fake Work-From-Home Jobs

Few But High-Profile TikTok Accounts Hacked Via Zero-Click Attack in Direct Messages (DM)

Find out which cyber threats you should be concerned about

Four arrested for allegedly attempting to sabotage Interpol criminal search system

Fraudsters setting pay-for-jobs traps, FBI warns

Generative AI and Data Privacy: Navigating the Complex Landscape

Go Back to Basics With Risk Management to Tackle AI Risk

Google Announces Investment in 15 New Cybersecurity Clinics Across the U.S.

Grand Jury: Fresno could have avoided $600k phishing scam

Hackers Hijack High-Profile TikTok Accounts in Zero-Day Cyberattack

Hackers Leak 221,470 Users’ Data in “Tech in Asia” News Outlet Breach

HIV tests dropped and a return to paper working: Inside the hospitals held to ransom by Russian hackers

Hospitals cyberattack: NHS update with some operations cancelled for patients

How AI-powered attacks are accelerating the shift to zero trust strategies

How Poor Cryptographic Practices Endanger Banking Software Security

How To Bridge the Access Management Gap in Your Business’ Security Strategy

How to Stay Safe From Phishing in Crypto Mailing List Hack

Hundreds of Snowflake customer passwords found online are linked to info-stealing malware

Italy fines Meta over data breach, account management

Leaked documents expose privacy breaches at Google between 2013-2019

LilacSquid Threat Actor Targets Multiple Sectors Worldwide With PurpleInk Malware

Linux version of TargetCompany ransomware focuses on VMware ESXi

London Hospitals Cancel Operations and Appointments After Being Hit in Ransomware Attack

London NHS hospitals revert to paper records after cyber-attack

Major London hospitals disrupted by cyber-attack

Microsoft Exchange Server Flaw: Keylogger Deployment Revealed

Millions of Cox WiFi routers were sitting ducks for hackers, researcher demonstrates

NCC Group Reveals a Decline in Ransomware Activity

New Chinese Espionage Threat Targeted Southeast Asian Government Organization

NHS cyber attack highlights dangers of underinsurance

NHS cyber attack that forced major UK hospitals to cancel operations carried out by group of Russian cyber criminals

NHS Cybersecurity - London hospital services disrupted and cancelled amid ransomware attack

No summer break for cybercrime: Why educational institutions need better cyber resilience

Online Privacy and Overfishing

Organizations Urged to Adopt Safeguards Before AI Adoption

PandaBuy Allegedly Hacked: 17 Million Users’ Data Exposed, Hackers Demand $40,000

Paris Hilton among users targeted in TikTok hack

Paris Hilton and CNN among accounts targeted in TikTok cyber attack

Poland to invest $760 million in cyberdefense as Russian pressure mounts

Qilin ransomware gang linked to attack on London hospitals

Qilin ransomware group blamed for attack disrupting London hospitals

RansomHub Actors Exploit ZeroLogon Vulnerability in Recent Ransomware Attacks

RansomHub extortion gang linked to now-defunct Knight ransomware

RansomHub Rides High on Knight Ransomware Source Code

Ransomware attack disrupts NHS hospitals in London

Ransomware Attack Disrupts Operations Across London Hospitals

Ransomware Attack Disrupts Pathology Services at London Hospitals

Rebranded Knight Ransomware Targeting Healthcare and Businesses Worldwide

Research reveals top 10 malware detections

Researcher Develops ‘TotalRecall’ Tool That Can Extract Data From Microsoft Recall

Romanian Charged for Fraud Carried Out Through Card Skimming

Russian crime group behind London hospitals cyber-attack, says expert

'Russian criminals' behind hospitals cyber attack

Russian cyber criminal gang behind ransomware attack on London hospitals

Russian cyber criminal gang behind ransomware attack on London hospitals that forced cancellation of major surgeries

Russian cyber criminals behind hospital ransomware attack

Russian cyber criminals behind hospital ransomware attack, says former security chief

Russian cyber criminals behind London hospitals ransomware attack

Russian Cyber Gang Considered Responsible For London Hospital Ransomware Attack

Russian cyber hacking gang Qilin behind ransomware attack that sparked major chaos at three London hospitals - as experts say they are 'simply looking for money'

Russian cyber-attack cancels Bromley GP blood tests

Russian group behind ‘very serious’ ransomware attack that impacted London hospital services

Russian hackers responsible for London hospitals cyber attack, expert says

Security leaders respond to Ticketmaster breach

Severe ransomware impact most likely in rural hospitals

ShinyHunters claims cyber attack on Ticketmaster that compromised over 560 million customers

ShinyHunters hacker group claims major cyber attack on Santander bank

Small Firms Need to Work Smarter to Stretch Security Budgets

Spyware: A Threat to Civil Society and a Threat to Business

Staff working from home are companies' 'biggest weakness' in fight against cybercrime, bosses warn

Synnovis CEO confirms ransomware attack at London hospitals

Tackling Cyber Challenges of AI-Generated Code

The Hidden Economy of Vishing Attacks

The kebab you ordered is leaking your data

Third-party ransomware attack triggers emergency declaration in London hospitals

This dangerous new phishing kit is hitting victims across Europe

Threat Actor Claims to Have Leaked Facebook User Database (2024)

Threat Actor Claims to Sell Data of Advance Auto Parts from AAP Snowflake for $1.5 Million

TikTok: Chinese-owned app hit with cyber attack as CNN, Paris Hilton and Sony targeted

TikTok Acknowledges Zero-Click Exploit Targeting Brand and Celebrity Accounts

TikTok cyber attack targets high-profile users, including Paris Hilton's account

TikTok hit by cyber attack, CNN and Paris Hilton targeted

TikTok takes measures to block cyber attack

TotalRecall shows how easily data collected by Windows Recall can be stolen

TSCOP App Cyberattack: Police Officers, Criminals’ Data Allegedly Leaked in India’s Telangana State

Ukraine knocks out Russian services in 'large-scale' DDoS attack

Ukrainian officials targeted via Signal app

Unauthorized Access to Cloud Storage of an American Business Service Company for Sale

Unauthorized Root Access to an Asian Telecom Company for Sale

Unpacking 2024's SaaS Threat Predictions

Vulnerability in Cisco Webex cloud service exposed government authorities, companies

What is a cyber attack? As NHS declares 'critical incident' and cancels operations, how hackers exploit 'flaws' in systems to seize control

What is RansomHub? Looks like a Knight ransomware reboot

Who are Qilin, the cybercriminals thought behind the London hospitals hack?

Who are Russian cyber gang Qilin? Meet the cybercriminals behind NHS London hospital blood lab ransomware hack

Why (and how) threat actors target your Active Directory

Windows Decoy Dog Trojan Hits 48 Russian Government and Key Companies

Zyxel Releases Patches for Firmware Vulnerabilities in End-of-Life (EoL) Network-Attached Storage (NAS) Models

4th June

5 London hospitals 'declare critical incident' amid 'cyber attack'

8 Takeaways from Apple 2023 Threat Research

361 million account credentials leaked on Telegram: Are yours among them?

Account Takeovers Outpace Ransomware as Top Security Concern

Administrator of 911 S5 botnet arrested, botnet dismantled

American Radio Relay League (ARRL) says it was hacked by an "international cyber group"

Archi Hives Data Breach: Client Information Potentially Exposed on Dark Web

Ascension aims to restore electronic health records by June 14 after ransomware attack

Ascension Sacred Heart has restored much of its technology after cyber attack

Ascension St. Vincent working to fix cyber attack, but issues remain

Ascension's restoration and recovery continues after ransomware attack

Auckland’s oldest surviving department store hit by alleged ransomware attack

Aussie rare-earth metals producer Northern Minerals confirms ransomware attack

Australia’s Northern Minerals Confirms Ransomware Attack Claimed by BianLian

Australian Government Orders Chinese Divestment from Northern Minerals Amid Cybersecurity Concerns

Australian mining company discloses breach after BianLian leaks data

Belarusian Government-Linked Threat Actor ‘UNC1151’ Targets Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense

Belarusian hackers target Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence in new espionage campaign

Beware! New Android Trojan ‘Viper RAT’ on Dark Web Steals Your Data

Billericay School cyber-attack children's addresses leaked

Billericay School students' details may have been accessed by criminals after cyber attack

Binance User Lost $1 Million to Crypto Hack via Chrome Plugin

Children's addresses leaked in school cyber-attack

Children’s addresses leaked in UK cyber attack

Christie’s Auction House Confirms Data Breach after Ransomware Group Threatens to Leak Stolen Info

Chrome plugin hack costs Binance user $1 million

Clevo gaming laptop-maker claimed by RansomHub ransomware gang

Conflicts Drive DDoS Attack Surge in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA)

Critical Fluent Bit Vulnerability Affects Major Cloud Providers

Critical incident at London hospitals due to cyber attack with surgeries cancelled

Critical incident declared as cyber attack affects major London hospitals

Critical incident declared as London hospitals cancel operations due to 'cyber attack'

Critical incident declared as ransomware attack affects hospitals across London

Critical incident declared as ransomware attack disrupts multiple London hospitals

Critical incident over London hospitals' cyber-attack

Crypto Scammers Snatch Microsoft’s Official X Account in India

Cyber attack forces three major hospitals to cancel operations

Cyber attack hits major London hospitals

Cyber Attack Impacts Hospital Linked to Princess Kate

Cyberattack disrupts operations of supermarkets across Russia

DarkGate Malware Replaces AutoIt with AutoHotkey in Latest Cyber Attacks

Debt Collector Data Breach Exposes Data on 3 Million+ Americans

Emerging Defense Mechanisms against Ransomware in Cybersecurity

Employees in Africa more likely to fall to phishing than global counterparts

European Center for Digital Rights Claims Microsoft Violated Children’s Privacy While Blaming Schools

FBI warns of fake remote work ads used for cryptocurrency fraud

Gap between security, backup teams leads to ransomware, other advanced cyber attacks

GlorySec Refocuses on Russia, Plans New Operations

Google data breach reveals thousands of privacy incidents

Hacker Claims That Snowflake Cloud Storage Was the Third Party Compromised in the Ticketmaster Data Breach

Hacker group begins the process of auctioning Christie's client data; however, experts are unimpressed

Hackers Use Microsoft Excel Macro to Launch Multi-Stage Malware Attack in Ukraine

Harvard Business School Study Reveals AI-Enhanced Phishing Threats

HawkEye data on hackers’ forum, Telangana police book case

Health records system restored after Ascension hospitals cyber attack in the Austin area

Hospital procedures cancelled after London hospitals face widespread Cyber Attack

Illinois Secretary of State’s office impacted by phishing incident

Kickstarter star leaks over half a million records with clients' data

Live Nation and Ticketmaster suffer massive data breach: 500M users compromised

Live Nation probing Ticketmaster hack amid user data leak concerns

Live Nation reveals data breach at its Ticketmaster subsidiary; hacking group was seeking $500,000 for the data

London hospital cyber attack causes significant impact on services

London hospital services impacted by ransomware incident

London Hospitals Cancel Operations Following Ransomware Incident

London hospitals declare critical incident after service partner ransomware attack

London Hospitals Report Service Disruption from Synnovis Ransomware Attack

London NHS Crippled by Ransomware, Several Hospitals Targeted

Major cyber attack at NHS London hospitals in critical incident with operations cancelled

Major hospitals in London hit by cyber attack

Major London hospitals disrupted by Synnovis ransomware attack

Major London hospitals services disrupted due to cyber-attack

Mandiant finds escalating ransomware activity

Mandiant report reveals ransomware surge & evolving tactics

Mercy Health Agrees to Pay $1.8 Million to Settle Insider Data Breach Lawsuit

Meta top violator of EU’s privacy rules

Microsoft hit with EU privacy complaints over schools’ use of 365 Education suite

Microsoft India X Account Hacked: Scammers Target Verified Accounts

Mix of federal cyber laws hurts security and competitiveness, businesses tell White House

New Multi-Stage Malware Targets Windows Users in Ukraine

New V3B phishing kit targets customers of 54 European banks

NHS 'critical incident' declared as five major hospitals hit by cyber attack

NHS cyber attack: Major UK hospitals forced to cancel surgeries and blood transfusions as ‘critical incident’ declared

NHS cyber attack causes cancellations as London hospitals hit by ‘major IT incident’

NHS cyber attack 'could last for WEEKS': Patients face more disruption as GP services are also crippled by hackers who forced major hospitals to cancel operations and blood transfusions

NHS cyber attack forces hospitals to cancel operations

NHS hospitals cyber attack: Doctors forced to cancel key operations and blood transfusions

NHS services at major London hospitals disrupted by cyber attack

Northwick Park Hospital unaffected by cyber-attack, other London hospitals declare critical incident

Oracle WebLogic Server OS Command Injection Flaw Under Active Attack

Over 8,000 Heineken employees affected in alleged cyber attack

Over 168 Million Records Exposed in Alleged Data Breach of Iranian Hajj Organization

Over 360 Million Stolen Accounts Were Leaked for Free on Telegram

Paris Olympics fertile ground for nation-state hackers, researchers warn

Patch Now! Google Chrome Fixes Critical Vulnerabilities

Patients turned away from blood transfusions after cyber-attack on major Southwark hospitals

Philippine businesses saw cyberattacks triple in 2023

Procedures cancelled after cyber attack affects major London hospitals

Procedures reportedly cancelled after cyber attack hits South London hospitals

Proof-of-Concept (PoC) for Progress Telerik RCE chain released (CVE-2024-4358, CVE-2024-1800)

Ransomware: The Key Updates You Need to Know

Ransomware attack forces London hospitals to cancel services

Ransomware attack hits Vietnam Post

Ransomware attack partially interrupts Vietnam Post operations

Ransomware Continues to Cause Mayhem as Victims are Unable to Recover 43% of Affected Data

Ransomware Group Claims Cyberattack on Frontier Communications

Ransomware threats are surging once again - here's what your business needs to know

Ransomware Victim Count Increased by 75% in 2023

Rare earths miner targeted in cyber attack prior to removal of Chinese investors

Recent Google Leak Exposes Serious Privacy Breaches

Researcher Finds Vulnerability in Kyber Post-Quantum Key Encapsulation Mechanism (KEM)

Russian Power Companies, IT Firms, and Government Agencies Hit by Decoy Dog Trojan

Russian Threat Groups Turn Eyes to the Paris Olympic Games

Security challenges mount as companies handle thousands of APIs

Services disrupted as London hospitals hit by cyber-attack

Snowflake Warns: Targeted Credential Theft Campaign Hits Cloud Customers

State-Sponsored Hackers Likely Accessed Employee Emails in British Columbia Government Network Cyberattack

Suspected state-sponsored hackers hit 22 Canadian provincial government inboxes

Tech in Asia Hit by Alleged Data Breach, Puts Identity of 230,000 Users at Risk

Telerik Report Server Flaw Could Let Attackers Create Rogue Admin Accounts

The BianLian Ransomware Group Has Announced Two New Victims: Mountjoy and Northern Minerals Limited

The Dual Edges of AI in Cybersecurity: Insights from the 2024 Benchmark Survey Report

The Threat of Espionage on Linux Systems is Growing and Can’t be Ignored

Threat Actor Claims to Have Leaked Railway Assets Corporation Employee Database

Threat Actor Claims to Leak Tech in Asia Database with 230,000 User Records

Threat Actor Claims to Sell Pezesha Database

Ticketmaster data breach reportedly affects millions of users

Ticketmaster data breach was huge - here's how to protect yourself

Ticketmaster Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over Data Breach That Exposed User’s Private Information

Ticketmaster Issues Statement After 560 Million Users Affected By Data Breach

TikTok fends off cyberattack targeting CNN, Paris Hilton

TikTok fixes zero-day bug used to hijack high-profile accounts

TikTok warns of exploit aimed at 'high-profile accounts'

Town of Westlock suffers ransomware attack in January

UK Businesses Faced with Month-Long Recoveries from Supply Chain Attacks

Ukraine Hit by Cobalt Strike Campaign Using Malicious Excel Files

Ukraine’s cyber battleground: FlyingYeti’s Phishing offensive and the shadow of war

Urgent: Patch Your Hardy Barth cPH2 Wallbox for Critical Security Flaw

Vietnam's national postal service attacked by ransomware

Waterford based call centre under cyber attack

Zyxel issues emergency RCE patch for end-of-life NAS devices

3rd June

4 communication mistakes to avoid during a data breach

5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Password Manager

49% of organizations feel somewhat prepared to handle a breach

361 million stolen accounts leaked on Telegram added to Have I Been Pwned

A new malicious email campaign uses piano-themed scams to lure targets

After $7 million hack, Velocore offers bounty to hacker

AI Threats, Cybersecurity Uses Outlined by Gartner Analyst

Alleged Heineken Data Breach Potentially Impacts Over 8,000 Employees

ALN Medical Management Files Notice of Data Breach with the Federal Government

Andariel Hackers Target South Korean Institutes with New Dora RAT Malware

Android Malware Poses as Government App to Phish Sensitive Details in Bahrain

Authorities Ramp Up Efforts to Capture the Mastermind Behind Emotet

BBC Pension Scheme Data Breach Exposes Personal Info

Beware: Fake Browser Updates Deliver BitRAT and Lumma Stealer Malware

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) hacker claims multiple Asian telco victims

Binance co-founder denies responsibility for $1M trading loss on hacked account

Binance User Loses $1M Worth of Crypto to Hackers via Google Chrome Plugin

Businesses must prioritize digital trust to avoid major problems

CentroMed data breach impacted over 400,000 patients

Change Healthcare has responsibility to notify patients data breach, says Office for Civil Rights (OCR)

Check Point Gateways Vulnerability: Australia Issues High Alert

China Increasingly Targeting Canadians with Cyber Operations

Chinese Investor Raises Alarm over $1M Binance Hack

Cloud provider Snowflake distances itself from Ticketmaster breach

Collection agency Financial Business and Consumer Solutions (FBCS) ups data breach tally to 3.2 million people

Complete Guide to Extended Internet of Things (XIoT) Security

ConnectWise Research finds 78% of SMBs Concerned a Cyber Attack Could Put Their Organizations Out of Business

Cox fixed an API auth bypass exposing millions of modems to attacks

Cyber Attack in India: Pakistani Hackers Up Attacks on Indian Government Systems

Cyber Intrusion Alert: University of Hyderabad Grapples with High-Stakes Data Compromise

Cyberattack on telecom giant Frontier claimed by RansomHub

Cyberattack Risks Keep Small Business Security Teams on Edge

Cybersecurity in Food Manufacturing: Ransomware Threats

Dark Web Actor Claims to Pilfer 2TB of Compressed Data from QuoteWizard

Data breach involving millions of Ticketmaster user accounts under investigation

Data Breaches in May 2024

Data firm executives convicted for helping fraudsters target the elderly

Dkhoon Emirates Faces Data Breach Concerns: Over 1.1 Million Customers Potentially at Risk

Exploit for critical Progress Telerik auth bypass released, patch now

First American details extent of December cyberattack damage

German Opposition Party CDU Hit by Major Cyberattack

Germany's main opposition party hit by ‘serious’ cyberattack

Hacker attack averted in Poland amid cyberwar with Russia

Hacker Group Says It Will Auction Off Christie’s Client Data

Hacker Steals $1M From Binance Account

Hackers exploit Chrome plugin to steal millions from Binance accounts

Hackers Exploiting Amazon, Google & IBM Cloud Services To Steal Customer Data

Hackers Offer To Sell Hacked Data On Santander Customers, Staff

Hacktivist groups target Indian entities with high-profile ransomware attacks

HHS says providers can tap Change to issue data breach notifications after cyberattack

High-risk Atlassian Confluence RCE fixed, PoC available (CVE-2024-21683)

How Do Password Managers Work and Why Do You Need One?

How to Build Cyber Resilience in Healthcare

Hugging Face Discloses Unauthorized Access to Spaces Platform

Illinois Secretary of State warning of a data breach originating from Lake County

India: Telangana police's Hawk Eye app hacked; data of over 2 lakh users leaked

Insights From KnowBe4’s Annual Phishing Benchmarking Report - Navigating Cyber Threats in Africa

International Law Enforcement Operation Cracks Down on Some of the Biggest Dropper Malware and Botnets

Kaspersky released a free Linux virus removal tool - but is it necessary?

Kate Middleton's diagnosis, treatment details: Hospital staff still under investigation

Lagos court sentences WhatsApp hacker to 32 months imprisonment

Live Nation confirms data breach for Ticketmaster

Live Nation Confirms Massive Ticketmaster Data Breach

Live Nation confirms Ticketmaster breach after hackers hawk stolen info of 560 million

Live Nation confirms Ticketmaster data breach as customers file class action

Live Nation launches investigation on Ticketmaster data breach

Live Nation reveals data breach at its Ticketmaster subsidiary

Live Nation says that a hacker is trying to sell Ticketmaster data on the dark web

Major German party CDU hit with cyberattack

Microsoft India’s X account hijacked in Roaring Kitty crypto scam

Microsoft Most Imitated by Cybercriminals

Millions of Americans’ home addresses allegedly exposed

Millions of Aussies Affected in Ticketek Data Breach

Millions of Ticketmaster customers part of massive data breach

Nearly All of FTSE 100 Exposed to Third and Fourth-Party Breaches

New hires are an ideal target for phishers

New V3B Phishing Kit Steals Logins and One-Time Passwords (OTPs) from EU Banking Users

Newfoundland TV station hit by ransomware attack, data breach

Online scams might soon just be a battle between AIs

Pakistan-linked cyber groups target Indian government and military

Photo firm exposes 43K American university students

Popular WordPress Plugins Leave Millions Open to Backdoor Attacks

Princess Kate's hospital data breach not referred to police due to suspected 'decoy' plan

Ransomware attacks are on the rise for industry

Ransomware investigations up 20% in 2023

Ransomware Rises Despite Law Enforcement Takedowns

Ransomware saw a resurgence in 2023, Mandiant reports

Research discovers the 25 most hacked pop culture passwords

Researcher Uncovers Exploited Flaw in Cox Modems That May Have Impacted Millions of Customers

Researcher Uncovers Flaws in Cox Modems, Potentially Impacting Millions

Researchers Uncover RAT-Dropping npm Package Targeting Gulp Users

Santander hit by massive hack - "all staff" and 30 million customers affected

School in Billericay closes after 'critical incident' cyber attack

Security leaders respond to the cyberattack on Christie’s

Sellafield local authority slammed over response to North Korean ransomware attack

ShinyHunters Claim Santander Bank Breach Affecting 30 Million Customers and Employees

Show cancelled: Risks aplenty from Ticketmaster data breach

SMEs miscalculate the cost of cyber attacks on their business

Snowflake data breach claims spark war of words over culpability

Snowflake Data Breach Impacts Ticketmaster, Other Organizations

Someone Just Stole a Ton of Personal Data from State of Illinois

South Korea: Government to support AI model developers to counter phishing scams

South Korea Bolsters Fight Against Voice Phishing With AI Collaboration

Spoofing Shein for Credential Harvesting

Surge in scams that target the elderly ahead of election

The AI Phishing Emails Are New Nightmares: Automation Helping Cybercriminals to Reduce Attack Costs by Over 95%

The Escalating Threat of AI-driven Phishing Scams

The Evolving Threat Landscape: Trends and Challenges in Cybersecurity in 2024

The Snowflake data breach is a tangled mess

Thousands of Heineken employees affected in alleged data breach

Threat Actor 888 Claims to Leak Heineken Employee Data

Threat Actor Allegedly Offers Database of Dkhoonemirates for $4,800

Threat Actor Allegedly Offers Database of Real Madrid CF for $50,000

Threat Actor Claims to Sell Pandabuy Database with 17 Million User Records

Ticketek Australia data breach compromises customer information

Ticketek Data Breach: What You Need to Know

Ticketmaster acknowledge hackers stealing 560 million customers’ data for ransom

Ticketmaster breach confirmed, third party blamed

Ticketmaster Confirms Breach Potentially Impacting 560 Million Users

Ticketmaster confirms data breach and personal info lost, says Snowflake systems were hacked

Ticketmaster confirms massive hack. What you need to know

Ticketmaster data breach affects over 500 million customers

Ticketmaster Data Breach Confirmed; Stolen Data Hosted on Snowflake’s Cloud Storage

Ticketmaster Data Hack Hits Half a Billion Customers: What to Do

Ticketmaster Faces Massive Data Breach, Affecting Millions of Users

Ticketmaster hit by cyber attack that compromised user data

Ticketmaster owner Live Nation confirms hackers offered to sell customer data

Ticketmaster’s Data Breach May Have Put the Data of 560 Million Customers at Risk

Ticketmaster’s Latest Headache Is a Wide-Ranging Data Breach

Tietoevry provides further context and clarity on the ransomware attack in Sweden

Top 5 CVEs and Vulnerabilities of May 2024

Trader blames ‘slow’ Binance after losing millions to fake Google plugin

Trionfo Solutions says December data breach impacted over 80,000 customers

UK School Forced to Close Following Cyber-Attack

Unauthorized Shell Access to Taiwan’s Largest Telecom Company for Sale by Threat Actor 303

University of Hyderabad faces major data breach, promises swift action

US Senate finance chair slams Change Healthcare for ‘negligence’ in ransomware attack

Utah Student Gives Hackers False Information to Thwart Phishing

Velocore Addresses $7M Hack In Postmortem, Offers 10% White Hat Bounty

Velocore Offers Bounty to Hacker Following $7 Million Hack

Yet More Evidence Highlights Ransomware Groups' Banner Year