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Monday 18 December 2023

Data Breaches Digest - Week 51 2023

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 18th December and 24th December 2023.

24th December

$374.6m paid to fraudsters in 2023

Attorney weighs in on Norton ransomware attack letter

Autistic teen hacker who leaked 'GTA6' clips sentenced to indefinite hospitalisation

British LAPSUS$ Teen Members Sentenced for High-Profile Attacks

BSNL Data Breach: Hacker 'Perell' Sells Stolen User Data on Dark Web, Posing Serious Risks

Comcast and Mr. Cooper Data Breaches: Millions of Customers Affected

Crypto Malware: What Is It And How Can It Be Detected?

Cyber insurance may have benefits, but it won’t get your stolen data back

DataNet Systems reports data breach – Voter roll may have been compromised

Google Chrome adds background scans for compromised passwords

Harare hacker steals US$30K

Iran identifies malware used to attack gas stations

Life Saving Victoria reveals 'malicious' cyber attack

Never provide these details via email or handphone

Phishing scams: 7 safety tips from a cybersecurity expert

Signs and symptoms you’re getting scammed

Tesla EVs and the Potential Threat of Hacking: A New Era of Cybersecurity Concerns

The Human Element in Cybersecurity: Addressing the Insider Threat

The Importance of Cybersecurity Hygiene: Best Practices for Individuals and Businesses

Ubisoft apparently stopped a 900GB data breach

Video game giant Ubisoft investigates reports of a data breach

Vietnam: Phishing attacks on IT systems rise sharply

What Is Bitcoin Skimming?

What is Remote Encryption and Why is it Dangerous?

Who are Lapsus$? Shocking Modus Operandi and member arrests explored

World War III will be a cyberwar with unspeakable consequences

23rd December

BSNL Data Breach Exposes Sensitive User Information: Dark Web Sale Raises Privacy Alarms

Cyber attack affecting people in Clay County, Minnesota

Cybercrime increasing in Africa

Cybercriminals using AI for phishing attacks

Data Breach at Sabah.gov.my: Hacker group 'Threatsec' leaks classified documents and internal records

Data Breaches And Nigerians’ Right To Privacy

Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) completes investigation into data breach after student info leaked to parent

First, Rockstar Games Got Hacked, Then Sony's Insomniac, and now Ubisoft...Who's Next?

Hackers display vulgar message on electronic road sign in Charlevoix

Hackers Stole $59 Million of Crypto Via Malicious Google and X Ads

Importance of Cybersecurity for Financial Institutions

Kansas City Hospital Ransomware Attack Consequences

Leaked data of BSNL landline users sold on dark web

LockBit ransomware gang claims to have breached accountancy firm Xeinadin

Mobile virtual network operator Mint Mobile discloses a data breach

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) alerts public on phishing scams

Phishing scams: 7 safety tips from a cybersecurity expert

St Vincent's Health says data stolen in cyber attack

St Vincent’s Hospital Grapples with Major Data Breach, Patient Privacy at Risk

Teenage 'GTA 6' hacker sentenced to an indefinite hospital stay

The Role of Upskilling in Strengthening Cybersecurity Defences

Top 20 Cyberattacks in Recent Past: Key Lessons for Companies in 2024

Ubisoft is investigating reports of a data breach

Ubisoft Probes Potential Data Breach After Alleged Internal Software Leak

UK court sends Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) hacker to secure hospital for indefinite stay

Ukraine war: What’s the impact of cyber guerrillas?

Under Cyber Attack: E-Nagarpalika Portal Covering 413 Urban Areas, Data Corrupted

Understanding the Relationship between Cybersecurity and Data Privacy

‘Wall of Flippers’ detects Flipper Zero Bluetooth spam attacks

Why you should think twice before scanning QR Codes

22nd December

5 Safety Tips for Samsung Users Facing High Cyber Attack Risks

5 Things You Can Do Today to Prepare for 2024’s Security Threats

Advarra Announces Recent Cybersecurity Incident Leading to Data Breach that Leaked Consumers’ SSNs

AI And HIPAA: Navigating The Privacy Crossroads

Akira ransomware gang claims the theft of sensitive data from Nissan Australia

Alleged Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) Data Breach Exposes 2.9 Million User Records in Major Security Incident

Apparel giant VF Corporation's e-commerce deliveries impacted by a major cyber attack

Ardent Health Services Failed to Protect Patient Data from Cyberattack, Class Action Claims

As British Library faces fallout of cyber attack - what can arts bodies do to combat ransomware threats?

Autistic teen behind spate of Lapsus$ hacks sentenced to indefinite hospital stay

BidenCash Market Leaks 1.6 Million Credit Card Details

BSA restores patient portal four weeks after ransomware attack

BSNL suffers data breach; sensitive info of users up for sale on dark web

ByteRAT: the dark sorcerer of cyberspace

Chicago old age residential management firm Vi Living says data breach impacted 61k customers

Crypto Drainer Steals $59m Via Google and X Ads

Cyber attack destroys about 40% of Kyivstar's infrastructure

Cyber sleuths reveal how they infiltrate the biggest ransomware gangs

Cyberattack forces First American to take some IT systems offline

Data breach at Wyatt steals info of detainees, staff and vendors. What to know

Decoy Microsoft Word Documents Used to Deliver Nim-Based Malware

Digital skimming: credit card info stolen from 443 online stores in 17 countries

Dollar Tree Faces Lawsuit Over Failure to Notify Employees of Data Breach

Dozens of high-profile Israeli firms hacked by Iran-sponsored gang

EasyDMARC reveals alarming rise in suspicious email activity

Europol warns 443 online shops infected with credit card stealers

Europol warns 443 shops of digital card skimming

Expect a deepfakes boom as hackers master use of AI, Machine Learning

Fake VPN Chrome extensions force-installed 1.5 million times

First American Financial Confirms Cyberattack, Initiates System Shutdown

Fleeting fake delivery phishing campaign targets last-minute shoppers

Fresno Surgical Hospital Targeted in Cyberattack, Leading to Patient Data Breach

Games most targeted by hackers in 2023

Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) Hacker from Lapsus$ Gang Sentenced to Hospital

Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) hacker given indefinite hospital order

Grande Spirit Foundation warns customers of “sophisticated phishing scam”

GTA VI hacker sentenced for life in hospital prison

'GTA VI' leaker hacked Rockstar Games using a hotel TV, cellphone, and Amazon Fire Stick while under police protection

Hackers Take Control of Computer Network At Missouri Hospital; Demand Ransom

Hackers use six-year old Microsoft Office bug to spread Agent Tesla

Hinsdale Schools, New Hampshire, Investigating Ransomware Attack

Holiday Threats Surge as Christmas-Themed Scams Explode

Hong Kong’s privacy watchdog ‘very disappointed’ at data breach involving 2.6 million Carousell users worldwide

How a Data Breach Affected 6.9 Million Users

How To Stay Ahead of the Ever-Changing Digital Threats

Incident of the Week: Xfinity data breach impacts 35 million customers

Indian IT services giant HCL Technologies hit by ransomware

Indian IT consulting giant HCL Technologies hit by ransomware attack

Inmate, Staff Information Stolen in Rhode Island Prison Data Breach

Insomniac: PlayStation studio 'angered' by ransomware hack

Insomniac breaks silence on ‘extremely distressing’ data breach

Insomniac finally responds to hack that leaked ‘Wolverine’ game and more

Insomniac Issues Statement on Data Breach

Instagram phishing email campaign steals login credentials, backup codes! Know top 5 tips to stay safe

Insomniac Reports Data Breach Involving Employee Information, Game Development Details

Iranian Hackers Peach Sandstorm Are Delivering New Backdoor

LA County Department Of Mental Health Announces It Was Victim Of Cyberattack

LAPSUS$ Teen Hacker Behind Massive GTA VI Leak Receives Indefinite Hospital Order

‘Lifetime risk:’ Tacoma health system accused of not securing patient data in breach

LockBit Ransomware Group Strikes Again: 3 New Victims Added to Dark Web Portal

Long Beach Public Library’s digital offerings brought back online after cyber attack

Malicious software found in Tarrant Appraisal District computers

Microsoft Warns of New 'FalseFont' Backdoor Targeting the Defense Sector

Mint Mobile discloses new data breach exposing customer data

Nearly half of Cyprus businesses hit by cyberattacks, study shows

Nigeria: Alleged WhatsApp hacker remanded over N700,000 fraud

Nigeria: Court Remands Suspected Hacker Who Stole N700k Via Compromised WhatsApp

Nigeria: Court Remands WhatsApp Hacker Over Alleged N700,000 Fraud

Nissan Australia cyberattack claimed by Akira ransomware gang

Nissan claimed by Akira ransomware cartel

Ohio hospital, vendor hit with class action suit after data breach

Operation RusticWeb: Rust-Based Malware Targets Indian Government Entities

Patient Data Compromised in Ransomware Attack Targeting BioMatrix Specialty Pharmacy

Preparing for the Holiday Ransomware Storm

Public WiFi returns as London's library system continues cyberattack repair

Ransomware attack forces Missouri's Liberty Hospital to transfer patients to other facilities

Ransomware gangs increasingly crave the media spotlight

Ransomware groups switching to remote encryption to attack businesses globally

Real estate agency exposes details of 690k customers

Rethinking data security in the age of ransomware and AI

Rogue WordPress Plugin Exposes E-Commerce Sites to Credit Card Theft

Securing Success: Putting The Employee Experience First In Cybersecurity Training

Security 1st Title Confirms Recent Data Breach, Reports Leaked Social Security Numbers

Singapore: Phishing scams on the rise; 132 victims, $314K losses in December

SMS Scams Set to Peak on Saturday in UK

Software provider for Valley Health System hit with ransomware

Some Valley Health System patients’ information exposed during ransomeware incident

Sony's Insomniac Games addresses ransom leak – finally

South Africa: Online shoppers warned of rising festive season fraud

St Vincent’s Health Australia says data stolen in cyber-attack

St Vincent’s Health targeted in cyber attack

St. Vincent’s Health Grapples with Cyber Assault: Pre-Christmas Data Breach Raises Alarms

Stolen Booking.com Credentials Fuel Social Engineering Scams

Tech to avoid while last-minute holiday shopping

Teen Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) Hacker Sentenced to Life in Hospital Prison

Teen Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) hacker sentenced to live in mental hospital indefinitely

Teen hacker who leaked Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) clips sectioned for life

Teenage Lapsus$ hacker sentenced to indefinite hospital confinement

The 5 biggest DeFi hacks of 2023

The Rising Threat of Phishing Attacks with Crypto Drainers

The Third-Party Threat for Financial Organisations

‘Today FBI Got Him, Tomorrow They Will Get Me’: LockBit, BlackCat Unite to Form Cyber Cartel

Top Data Security Issues of Remote Work

Train coaches at Lower Parel workshop hit by ransomware attack

UAC-0099 Hackers Using Old WinRAR Flaw in New Cyberattack on Ukraine

UAC-0099 Using WinRAR Exploit to Target Ukrainian Firms with LONEPAGE Malware

Ubisoft says it's investigating reports of a new security breach

UK Teen Gets Indefinite Hospital Order For 'Grand Theft Auto' Hack

Ukrainian remote workers targeted in new espionage campaign

US warned it's sleepwalking into disaster as China and Russia prepare to inflict chaos

Use of outdated medical software in Dutch hospitals raises security concerns

Vero Beach Utilities Department hacked by Iranian group CyberAv3ngers on Thanksgiving

Watch out - this fake delivery website scam could really ruin your Christmas

Web Injection Campaign Targets 40 Banks, 50,000 Users

What is crypto malware, and how to detect it?

WhatsApp’s Unaddressed Security Flaw Opens Door to Phishing Attacks

Xybion Corporation Files Official Notice of Data Breach Involving Consumers' Social Security Numbers

21st December

2.7 Million medical records exposed in double-extortion ransomware attack

8BASE Ransomware Group Targets Companies in the US and Canada

10 of the biggest ransomware attacks in 2023

18-Year Old Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) Hacker Sentenced To Life In Hospital Prison

86% of cyberattacks are delivered over encrypted channels

8220 Gang Targets Telecom and Healthcare in Global Cryptojacking Attack

Advancing cybersecurity efforts with Gen AI

Analysing Data Breaches Caused by Human Error

Android malware Chameleon disables Fingerprint Unlock to steal PINs

Are organizations moving away from passwords?

Around the nation: 2.5 Million patients affected by Norton Healthcare data breach

Attacks on critical infrastructure are harbingers of war: Are we prepared?

Australian healthcare provider St. Vincent’s has data stolen during cyberattack

BattleRoyal Cluster Signals DarkGate Surge

BidenCash darkweb market gives 1.9 million credit cards for free

BidenCash market leaks 1.9M stolen credit cards

Celebrities Found in Unprotected Real Estate Database Exposing 1.5 Billion Records

Chameleon Android Banking Trojan Variant Bypasses Biometric Authentication

Class action lawsuit filed against Salem Community Hospital over data breach

Comprehensive Analysis of the Xfinity Data Breach

Cost of a Data Breach Report 2023: Insights, Mitigators and Best Practices

Crushing Cybercrime: German Law Enforcement Strikes Hard, Shuts Down Kingdom Market

Crypto drainer steals $59 million from 63k people in Twitter ad push

Cryptocurrency Scams on Twitter Exploit Post Features

Cyber-espionage group Cloud Atlas targets Russian companies with war-related phishing attacks

Cybercrooks opting for remote encryption, report shows

Darknet site “Kingdom Market” has fallen

Data breach at Donald W. Wyatt Detention Facility data breach affects inmates, staff

Digital Doppelgangers: The Rise of Identity Theft in the Digital Age

Emergence of Play Ransomware: A Growing Threat to Global Entities

ESET report exposes rise of AI attacks & Android spyware

ESO Solutions’ Unprecedented Data Breach: 2.7 Million Patients Impacted

Europol identifies hundreds of e-commerce platforms used in digital skimming attacks

Experts Detail Multi-Million Dollar Licensing Model of Predator Spyware

Fairfax County concludes investigation into student data breach

Fake Delivery Websites Surge By 34% in December

FBI seizes Blackcat ransomware's server and site

First American becomes latest real estate industry giant hit with cyberattack

First American takes IT systems offline after cyberattack

Game studio Ubisoft examines claims of data security incident

German Authorities Dismantle Dark Web Hub 'Kingdom Market' in Global Operation

German Police Take Down Kingdom Market Dark Web Marketplace

Google discovers another Chrome zero-day exploited in the wild

Grande Spirit Foundation responds to phishing scam causing financial loss

Hackers Exploiting MS Excel Vulnerability to Spread Agent Tesla Malware

Hackers target defense firms with new FalseFont malware

HCL Technologies reports ransomware attack on one project

Healthcare Provider ESO Hit in Ransomware Attack, 2.7 Million Impacted

How do data breaches happen? A K-12 resource

How Human Elements Impact Email Security

How to protect your company’s data as IT security threats grow

Indian IT services giant HCL Technologies hit by ransomware

Instagram users targeted in elaborate backup code phishing scheme

Interpol Nets $300 Million, Arrests 3,500 in Major Cyber Crime Bust

Iran’s Peach Sandstorm Deploy FalseFont Backdoor in Defense Sector

Iranian MP Says Fuel Cyber Attack Was Inside Job

Ivanti Urges Customers to Patch 13 Critical Vulnerabilities

Kansas City-area hospital transfers patients, reschedules appointments after cyberattack

Kaspersky uncovers FakeSG, Akira and AMOS as latest cyber threats

Kimco Staffing Services reports data breach, exposing sensitive information

Lapsus$: Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) hacker handed indefinite hospital order

Lapsus$ hacker behind Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) leak gets indefinite hospital sentence

Lapsus$ hacker who targeted Uber and Grand Theft Auto maker indefinitely detained

Law enforcement agencies arrest 3,500 cyber criminals, seize $300m in stolen assets

London Public Library Battling Cyberattack: Three Branches Closed, Services Disrupted

Malicious script in Google and X stole $58m in crypto from over 63k users

Malware targeting video game users discovered by researchers

MedusaLocker Malware Wreaking Havoc

More than 35 Million Xfinity Customers Affected in Major Data Breach

Mortgage lender Mr. Cooper admits personal data of millions stolen in October cyberattack

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) report identifies significant privacy gaps in genomic data handling

Navigating the Aftermath: Crucial Steps to Take in the Wake of a Data Breach Crisis

New JavaScript Malware Targeted 50,000+ Users at Dozens of Banks Worldwide

New rules in UK could reimburse fraud victims up to £415,000 ($525,000)

New Terrapin attack weakens SSH, and everyone is vulnerable

NHS Data Breach: A Distressing Invasion of Privacy

OpenAI rolls out imperfect fix for ChatGPT data leak flaw

Paris 2024: Heightened Vigilance Amid Fraud Alerts and Security Readiness

Passwords vs Passkeys what are the differences?

Personal identifiable information of 58,000 Malaysian consumers found on dark web

PracticeMax settles data breach lawsuit for $3 million

Ransomware Strikes HCL Technologies; Company Undertakes Thorough Investigation

Recently Discovered October 2023 Xfinity Hack Affects Nearly 36 Million Customers

Real estate agency exposes details of 690k customers

Safeguard the joy: 10 tips for securing your shiny new device

Scammers preying on last-minute Christmas shoppers with fake deliveries

Shield Your Device: Mitigating Bluetooth Vulnerability Risks

Small businesses targeted by cyber criminals for data

Surge in ransomware attacks surpasses yearly predictions

Teen GTA VI hacker sentenced to life in a secure hospital

The House of WereWolves: Emerging Ransomware Group of 2024

Third-Party Supply Chain Risk a Challenge for Cyber Security Professionals in Australia

Toronto Public Library ‘remains a crime scene’ after ransomware attack

Toronto Public Library service reductions projected to last months after ransomware attack

Ukraine breaches Russian water supply company, seizes data

Ukraine's Kyivstar says it is fully operational after cyber attack

Ukrainian Hackers Strike Back: Blackjack Cyberattack Disrupts Russian Water Utility

Ukrainian hacktivists claim attack on popular Russian CRM provider

Update your Google Chrome browser ASAP to get these important new security features

Urgent: New Chrome Zero-Day Vulnerability Exploited in the Wild - Update ASAP

What happens when ransomware-as-a-service meets context-sensitive endpoint security

What Role Does Cybersecurity Awareness Play in Education?

Why data, AI, and regulations top the threat list for 2024

20th December

85% Firms Face Cyber Incidents, 11% From Shadow IT

8220 gang exploits old Oracle WebLogic vulnerability to deliver infostealers, cryptominers

3,500 Arrested in Global Operation HAECHI-IV Targeting Financial Criminals

A Week After Cyberattack, Kyivstar Restores 99% Services

AI’s efficacy is constrained in cybersecurity, but limitless in cybercrime

Alert: Chinese-Speaking Hackers Pose as UAE Authority in Latest Smishing Wave

AlphV claims to have ‘unseized’ its darkweb domain from the FBI. What’s happening?

ALPHV/BlackCat 'unseized' own website from FBI

ALPHV/BlackCat Website Unseized Claims Hacker Collective, Threatens FBI With Consequences

ALPHV’s criminal reputation may be “tarnished” irreversibly

Apache ActiveMQ Vulnerability: The Threat That Cannot Be Ignored

Arkansas county officials say weekend’s brute-force cyberattack is over

Australian federal government opens consultation on mandatory ransomware reporting obligation for businesses

BazarCall phishing scams employing Google Forms

Biggest Data Security Threats for Businesses: Strategies to Strengthen Your Defense

BlackCat Rises: Infamous Ransomware Gang Defies Law Enforcement

BlackCat/ALPHV Ransomware Site Seized in International Takedown Effort

Cardiovascular Consultants Data Breach Affects 484,000 Individuals

Citrix Bleed leveraged to steal data of 35+ million Comcast Xfinity customers

College of the Canyons (COC) alerts employees to third-party data breach

Crypto scammers abuse Twitter ‘feature’ to impersonate high-profile accounts

Cyber Incident Costs Surge 11% as Budgets Remain Muted

Cyberattack Rocks Insomniac Games, Leaking Marvel’s Wolverine and Other Future Projects

Cybercriminals target UAE residents, visitors in new info-stealing campaign

Cybercriminals using fewer than 1% of thousands of potential exploits

Data Leak Exposes 1.5 Billion Real Estate Records, Including Elon Musk, Kylie Jenner

Data leak exposes users of car-sharing service Blink Mobility

Delta Dental data breach affects 7 Million

Department of Justice (DOJ) Seizes Ransomware Site as BlackCat Threatens More Attacks

Devices (and ransomware) are everywhere: How endpoint security must adapt

EMS software hack exposes 2.7 million people

Extended Detection and Response: The Core Element of Zero-Trust Security

Fake F5 BIG-IP zero-day warning emails push data wipers

FBI disrupts BlackCat ransomware operation, unveils decryption tool

FBI Security Advisory Reveals Blackcat Ransomware Gang Clawed $300M From Victims

German police take down Kingdom Market, a darknet emporium of illicit goods

German police takes down Kingdom Market cybercrime marketplace

Global Police Seize $300m Linked to Online Scams

Google fixes 8th Chrome zero-day exploited in attacks this year

Healthcare software provider data breach impacts 2.7 million

HHS’ Office for Civil Rights Settles First Ever Phishing Cyber-Attack Investigation

Horizon Actuarial Services Proposes $8.73M Settlement to Resolve Class Action Data Breach Lawsuit

Hospitality Industry Faces New Password-Stealing Malware

How next-gen firewalls meet the demands of a new threat landscape

How to avoid falling victim to QR code phishing scams

Incident response for SMEs: Assume cyber security breach

Insomniac Spider-Man 2 PlayStation studio falls victim to major ransomware hack

Ivanti releases patches for 13 critical Avalanche RCE flaws

Kitco.com Hit by Cyberattack, Online Platform Temporarily Offline

Kyivstar Restores Full Services After Massive Hacker Attack

MedStar Mobile Health Data Breach Settlement Proposed

Mumbai: Ransomware attack hits maintenance of train coaches at Lower Parel workshop

Museums on alert following British Library cyber attack

Nearly 3 million affected by ransomware attack on medical software firm

Nearly 70k Social Security Numbers Leaked in Kimco Staffing Services Data Breach

New Go-Based JaskaGO Malware Targeting Windows and macOS Systems

New JaskaGO Malware Targets Mac and Windows for Crypto, Browser Data

New Jersey Hospital Operator Faces Class Suit Over Data Breach, Alleged Failure to Notify Patients

New phishing attack steals your Instagram backup codes to bypass 2FA

'No impact observed': HCLTech reports ransomware incident, investigation underway

Notorious ransomware group tussles with law enforcement, regenerates after takedown

Polish state TV used text messages stolen via Pegasus to attack opposition

Remote Encryption Attacks Surge: How One Vulnerable Device Can Spell Disaster

Ryanair links Booking.com to cyber-attack on its payment system

Shein to face “cyber attack” tonight

Singapore’s ASA Holidays Hit by Alleged BianLian Cyberattack

Stocks Plunge After HCL Ransomware Attack, Investigation Underway

Target retailer investigating data breach involving 40 Million card accounts

The database provider MongoDB security breach exposes customer contact information

The password attacks of 2023: Lessons learned and next steps

ThedaCare patients notified about data breach

'Tis the Phishing Season: 7 Tips for Protecting Your Business Through the Holidays

Top cybersecurity predictions of 2024

Ukraine's Kyivstar reports difficulties with voice communications

UNOS data breach exposes 1.2 million patient records, sparks investigation

Vietnam: Hackers sell ransomware as threats to data security increase

Xfinity Discloses Data Breach Impacting Nearly 36 Million

Xfinity Rocked with Data Breach Impacting 36 Million Users

Xfinity Suffers a Massive Data Breach, 35.9M Customers Need to Reset Passwords Immediately

19th December

5 Fraud Prevention Strategies That Help Companies Ward Off Cyber Attacks

36 million people affected by data breach at Xfinity

71% of organisations have fallen victim to ransomware

77% of financial organizations detected a cyberattack in the last year

8220 Gang Exploiting Oracle WebLogic Server Vulnerability to Spread Malware

Agencies alert of threat by new Play ransomware group

Akira Ransomware Alert! Kaspersky Reveals Global Impact on Windows and Linux

ALPHV ransomware raked in $300 million from over 1,000 victims

ALPHV’s Downfall? The 2023 Crackdown on BlackCat Ransomware

‘Approval phishing’ scam drains $374 million from victims in 2023

Are We Ready to Give Up on Security Awareness Training?

Behind the Scenes of Matveev's Ransomware Empire: Tactics and Team

Beyond Data Loss Prevention (DLP): Embracing a Multi-Layered Strategy for Personal Data Security

BlackCat Ransomware 'Unseizing' a Dark Web Stunt

BMW dealer at risk of takeover by cybercriminals

Breach of Comcast’s Xfinity exposes nearly 36 million people

CISA Releases Key Risk and Vulnerability Findings for Healthcare and Public Health Sector

CISA releases Play ransomware guidelines

Comcast’s Xfinity discloses massive data breach linked to CitrixBleed vulnerability

Context-sensitive endpoint defense: What it is, how it can stop ransomware

Data breach at Richmond-based UNOS exposed 1.2 million patient records

Double-Extortion Play Ransomware Strikes 300 Organizations Worldwide

FBI Cracks BlackCat Ransomware Network, Offers Lifeline to 500+ Global Victims

FBI disrupts Blackcat ransomware operation, creates decryption tool

FBI posts takedown notice on AlphV ransomware group’s website

FBI seizes ALPHV ransomware gang‘s dark web blog

FBI seizes BlackCat ransomware website, offers decryption key

FBI Seizes Dark Web Domain of Blackcat – ALPHV Ransomware

FBI Takes Down BlackCat Ransomware, Releases Free Decryption Tool

FBI warrant reveals ‘confidential source’ helped AlphV/Blackcat ransomware takedown

Generative AI making it harder to spot fraudulent emails

Global law enforcement seizes $300 million, arrests 3,500 involved in transnational cybercrime operation

Global malspam targets hotels, spreading Redline and Vidar stealers

Group-IB Exposes Hacker Group GambleForce Targeting APAC Websites with SQL Injections

Hacker offers access to Binance law enforcement request panel, asks $10K in crypto

Hacker Sells Access to Binance’s Law Enforcement Portal, Cryptocurrency Holders at Risk

Hacker Steals $830,000 From Cross-Chain Bridge of Solana Game Aurory

Hackers Abusing GitHub to Evade Detection and Control Compromised Hosts

Hackers release footage from upcoming Wolverine game and 1.3 million other stolen files

Henry Schein reports 29K affected in September cyber attack

Hotels targeted with “inhospitality” campaign

How the FBI seized BlackCat (ALPHV) ransomware’s servers

Hunters International ransomware group claims major cyber attack on Seattle's cancer hospital

Impact of Log4Shell Bug Was Overblown, Say Researchers

Insomniac: Spider-Man 2 PlayStation studio victim of huge hack

Insurance giant Delta Dental says MOVEit Transfer breach impacted almost 7 million individuals

International operation against online fraud leads to 3,500 suspects arrested

Interpol operation arrests 3,500 cybercriminals, seizes $300 million

Iran investigates attack on fuel network as Israeli group claims responsibility

Iranian Fuel Supplies Crippled By Cyber-Attack

Iranian Hackers Using MuddyC2Go in Telecom Espionage Attacks Across Africa

Is Israel behind cyber-attack on Iranian gas stations?

Israel-related hackers shut down 70% of Iran’s gas stations

Law Enforcement Confirms BlackCat Take Down, Decryption Key Offered to Victims

Law enforcement seizes ALPHV/Blackcat sites, offers decryptor to victims

Majority of 2023’s critical cyberattacks stemmed from fewer than 1% of vulnerabilities

Manatee Memorial Hospital reporting ransomware attack, patient info affected

Massive Cyberattacks Hit Washington County with 60,000 System Intrusions

More Than 26,000 Vulnerabilities Discovered in 2023

Mr. Cooper breach exposes sensitive info of over 14 million customers

Mr. Cooper Data Breach Impacts 14.7 Million Individuals

Mr. Cooper Group in Crisis: Cyberattack Exposes Data of Over 14 Million Customers

Neurosurgeons of New Jersey Confirms Cyber Attack Resulting in Recent Data Breach

New Malvertising Campaign Distributing PikaBot Disguised as Popular Software

New Web injections campaign steals banking data from 50,000 people

North Face, Vans, Timberland manufacturer VF Corp says cyberattack impacting holiday orders

Over 14 Million Mortgage Customers Hit By Mr Cooper Breach

Personal information compromised after data breach at major mortgage company

Phishing prevention with AI tools for zero-hour threats

Play gang has attacked 300 organizations since 2022

Play ransomware gang tied to 300 attacks in 17 months

Play Ransomware Has Hit 300 Entities Worldwide

Progress Software Corp. hit with multiple lawsuits following data breach

Ransomware attacks cost Canadian organizations a staggering $1.1 million

Ransomware gang ‘unseizes’ its site and issues new threats after FBI takedown

Ransomware trends and recovery strategies companies should know

Serbia’s power utility EPS under unprecedented hacker attack

Sierra Flaws Cyber Attack: Router Vulnerabilities Unveiled

Singapore: At least $314,000 lost to fake buyer phishing scams since early December

Singapore: Phishing scam targets Domino's Pizza customers, resulting in $27,000 loss for seven victims

Smishing Triad Targets UAE Residents in Identity Theft Campaign

Sony's Insomniac games leaked by Rhysida ransom gang

SSH vulnerability exploitable in Terrapin attacks (CVE-2023-48795)

Sylhet Gang’s ‘DecemberStrom’ Campaign Targets UAE Ministry of Defence

Te Whatu Ora Covid-19 data breach: Social media threat to release private patient information

Telecom organizations in Africa targeted by Iran-linked hackers

Terrapin attacks can downgrade security of OpenSSH connections

The North Face, Vans Owner VF Corporation Strives Hard to Reclaim Control Post Cyberattack

The ransomware attack on Westpole is disrupting digital services for Italian public administration

The truth behind four small business cyber security myths

Unsecured Database Believed to Belong to DonorView Potentially Resulted in Data Breach Involving the Information of Non-Profit Donors

US: The Department of Justice (DOJ) says it disrupted the Blackcat ransomware group

US and Australia Warn of Play Ransomware Threat

US leads AlphV ransomware infrastructure takedown

US officials seize extortion websites; ransomware hackers vow more attacks

VF Corp. Data Breach Hinders Order Fulfillment During Critical Holiday Period

Vishing Attacks Crest $1B: How MSSPs Can Help

What Australia’s Digital ID Means to How Citizens Interact With Businesses Online

What is Phishing? How does it work in bank fraud - Know the details

Wolverine part of massive Insomniac Games leak after ransomware deadline passes

Wolverine-developer Insomniac Games sees 1.67TB of secrets leaked in data breach

Xfinity breach may have affected as many as 35.8 million customers

Xfinity Data Breach Confirmed, Company Issues Security Patches

Xfinity data breach revealed: Names, contact info, security Q&As, and more at risk

Xfinity Notifies Customers of Data Breach Linked to Software Vulnerability

Zoll Medical discloses email phishing attack and potential data breach

ZOLL Reports Email Phishing Attack

18th December

10 Tips For Cultivating Security Awareness In 2024

65% of organizations say ransomware concerns impact risk management

71% of Organizations Have Fallen Victim to Ransomware, Should Your Organization Be Concerned?

75% of U.S. Consumers Would Stop Purchasing from a Brand if it Suffered a Cyber Incident

8220 Hacker Group Attacking Windows & Linux Web Servers

A suspected cyberattack paralyzes the majority of gas stations across Iran

AAA Collections data breach $865K class action settlement

AI versus AI: How AI can fight AI to solve cyberthreat

AI-powered gifts toying with kids’ privacy

Alleged LockBit operator to face new cybercrime charges in Canada

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Mortgage giant Mr. Cooper data breach affects 14.7 million people

Mortgage Giant Mr. Cooper Data Breach; 14 Million Users Impacted

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