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Monday 20 November 2023

Data Breaches Digest - Week 47 2023

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 20th November and 26th November 2023.

26th November

Chinese Cyber Fraud Network Exposed: Bengaluru Businessman Arrested for Rs 250 Crore Scam

Crypto Firms Linked To Justin Sun Lose $115 Million After Hack

How are hackers using this new malware to steal Facebook Business accounts?

How much money has North Korea stolen?

Indian Hotels Company Ltd (IHCL): Investigating data breach claim, no suggestion of any current or ongoing security issue

Lazarus Hacking Group’s Sneaky Move: Exploiting MagicLine4NX Software in Global Supply-Chain Attack

New Rust-based SysJoker backdoor linked to Hamas hackers

Russian hackers publish personal information of 1,000s of Danish EDC customers

Securing the Future: Navigating Cybersecurity Challenges and Embracing Solutions in 2023

The demand for data privacy-first approach

Unmasking Deepfakes: Navigating The Blessings And Curses Of Advanced Synthetic Media

25th November

After Deepfake, researchers alert Windows and Mac users on ClearFake

Atomic Stealer malware strikes macOS via fake browser updates

Church targeted in ‘malicious cyber attack’

Critical Vulnerabilities Discovered In ownCloud File Sharing App

Cyber attack feared in series of South Korean government website outages

Cybercriminals Disabled Or Wiped Out Telemetry Logs In 82% Of Attacks

Cybersecurity experts report alarming rise in quishing; how to avoid getting scammed

Data Breach Threat: Hackers Target TransUnion and Experian, Demand R1.1 Billion Ransom

General Electric investigates claims of cyber attack, data theft

Gulf Air exposed to data breach, 'vital operations not affected'

How Telekopye Telegram scam toolkits onboard aspiring fraudsters

Iranian-Linked Cyber Army Had Partial Control Of Aliquippa Water System

New 'HrServ.dll' Web Shell Detected in APT Attack Targeting Afghan Government

Portneuf Medical Center latest in a string of cyberattacks

Rhysida ransomware gang claimed China Energy hack

Slovenia: Power utility HSE suffers serious cyberattack

Warning: 3 Critical Vulnerabilities Expose ownCloud Users to Data Breaches

24th November

A Comprehensive Guide To Cybercrimes

AI and contextual threat intelligence reshape defense strategies

AI voice cloning is an ‘industrial scale’ threat to business

Apple sends experts to India after hacker threat warning

Australia: Federal Government releases Cyber Security Strategy

AutoZone Says Hackers Stole Personal Data Of 185,000 Customers In Cyberattack

Black Friday: Phishing Emails Soar 237%

Canada’s privacy watchdog investigating hack affecting military and Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) personnel

Chinese cyber espionage exposes years-long grip on Dutch chip giant

Chinese hackers steal chip designs from major Dutch semiconductor company — perps lurked for over two years to steal NXP's chipmaking IP

CISA Launches Project to Assess Effectiveness of Security Controls

Comparative Study Results on Linux and Windows Ransomware Attacks, Exploring Notable Trends and Surge in Attacks on Linux Systems

Critical bug in ownCloud file sharing app exposes admin passwords

Cyber Attacks Are Getting Common in USA and Consumers Are Trying to Avoid Getting Scammed

Cyberattack on IT provider CTS impacts dozens of UK law firms

Cybercriminals Using Telekopye Telegram Bot to Craft Phishing Scams on a Grand Scale

Cyber-Attack Disrupts UK Property Deals

Cyber-attacks and data breaches are leading business risks in Asia Pacific

Data Breaches Are In Decline

Data breaches are on the rise. Will your Dental Support Organization (DSO) be the next victim?

Deadline looms for Allen & Overy's ransomware payment

East Texas hospital network can’t receive ambulances because of potential cybersecurity incident

Education and awareness are essential to Central and Eastern Europe’s digital security

Employees breaching security policies equal threat to cyber attacks in APAC

Ethereum Layer 2 Blast’s Rising Popularity Draws Scammers: Victim Loses $130K in Phishing Incident

Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore Hit With Hack That Sees 17K Accounts Deleted

EU lawmakers criticize lack of action to tackle spyware abuses

FBI data found Texans lost more than $763 million during holiday shopping scams in 2022

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announces plans to mitigate AI voice fraud

Fortifying business defences through crucial cybersecurity training

Fortifying the Digital Fortress: 5 Crucial Cybersecurity Measures Every Hotelier Must Implement in 2024

Full cost of Gloucester cyber attack revealed

Generative AI Is Being Weaponized By – And Against – Cybercriminals

Hackers Leak Thousands of Idaho National Lab Employees’ PII Data

Hackers release raft of stolen Shimano data online

Hamas-Linked Cyberattacks Using Rust-Powered SysJoker Backdoor Against Israel

How can companies respond to one of Australia’s largest port cyber-attacks?

How to Avoid Fraud on Black Friday

HTX Plans To Resume Services Within 24 Hours After Massive Hack

Incident of the Week: Data breach exposes sensitive information of Canadian Government employees

Indian government set to introduce rules against deepfake menace

Indian Hotels Probes Alleged Customer Data Breach

Kansas Blames Court System Outage on “Sophisticated Foreign Cyberattack”

Kubernetes Secrets of Fortune 500 Companies Exposed in Public Repositories

KyberSwap hacker offers $4.6M bounty for return of $46M loot

KyberSwap Offers 10% Bounty To Hacker on $47 Million Exploit

KyberSwap's Desperate Gamble: $5M Bounty For Hacker's Return

LockBit: The ransom amount is from 0.1% to 10% of the ransomware victim’s annual income, the discount is no more than 50%

London & Zurich ransomware attack sparks financial crisis for businesses

London council defends ‘human error’ where hundreds of residents’ email addresses shared online

Medical College of Wisconsin says MOVEit Transfer breach affected more than 240,000 individuals

Meredosia schools recovering from computer hijacking

Moveit: Data breach at Welltok affects 8.5m people in the US

Nansen phishing emails flood crypto investors’ inboxes

Network and Information Systems Directive (NIS2) and its global ramifications

Network security tops infrastructure investments

New Relic issues security advisory amidst cyber incident probe

North Korean supply chain attacks prompt joint warning from Seoul and London

Personal Data from Hundreds of Schools Leaked - Endangering Minors

Phobos Ransomware Mimics VX-Underground Researchers

Police investigate ‘suspected data breach’ at Somerset hospital

Potentially hundreds of UK law firms affected by cyberattack on IT provider CTS

Protecting your business: navigating the rising tide of phishing scams in South Africa

Ransomware Attacks are Costing the U.S. Billions

Ransomware attacks hit Stanford University and Nassau Bay in Texas

Rhysida ransomware group lists British Library data for sale

Rhysida, the new ransomware gang behind British Library cyber-attack

Samsung Confirms Year-Long Data Breach Impacting UK Online Store Customers

Scammers Exploit Crypto Hype with Fake Token Factory, Stealing Millions

Security violations by employees as harmful as hacking

Shopping scam rate in Philippines is 36%, highest in 11 Asian countries

Taj Hotels Faces Data Breach Crisis: Passport and Credit Card Details at Risk for 1.5 Million Guests

Taj Hotels Group investigating alleged data breach affecting 1.5 million customers

Taking down a city: Long Beach, California hit by cyberattack

That delivery email could be malware - here's what you need to know

The first symptoms that you have been hacked

The Machine Learning Cybersecurity Revolution

The rising price of data breaches

Tick tock: reacting fast to cyber-attacks

Top Ten Common Online Frauds: A Guide to Safeguarding Your Digital Presence

Top ten tips to avoid getting scammed this Black Friday

Toronto Public Library anticipates long recovery period following cyber attack

Tri Counties Bank says hackers used malware to steal the data of 75k customers from its network

UK: Major ‘cybersecurity issue’ preventing transactions progressing

UK and South Korea: Hackers use zero-day in supply-chain attack

Unprecedented Cyber Attacks Shake the Crypto World in November

Updates on Long Beach services following last week’s cyber attack

Vanderbilt University Medical Center investigating cybersecurity incident

What you still need to understand about ransomware attacks

Why backup will be critical to cybersecurity in Australia

Why the MOVEit breach still lives rent free in the minds of IT leaders

Windows Hello Fingerprint Tech is Hacked

23rd November

10 cyber security misconfigurations you should fix right now

Africa remains one of the regions most targeted by cybercrime in 2023

Alert: New WailingCrab Malware Loader Spreading via Shipping-Themed Emails

Another blockchain cyber attack: HTX and Heco Bridge in trouble

App used by hundreds of schools leaking children's data

Attack on direct debit provider London & Zurich leaves customers with 6-figure backlogs

Australian firms express concern over insufficient cloud security

Auto OEMs Must View Cyber Security As Key Market Driver

Automotive parts giant AutoZone disclosed data breach after MOVEit hack

Big Brothers Big Sisters of America targeted by cybercriminals

BlackCat claims it is behind Fidelity National Financial ransomware shakedown

Black Friday: Beware of online scams

British Library: Ransomware Attack Led to Data Breach

City in Texas attacked by Akira ransomware gang

Companies step up investment in ransomware protection

Cyber security professionals are exhausted, and it's putting firms at greater risk of attack

Cyberattack exposes data of 27,000 NYC Bar Association Members

Cybercriminals turn to ready-made bots for quick attacks

DDoS has evolved in 2023: longer, more frequent, and more sophisticated

FEAM Aero reportedly hit by ransomware

Hackers claim data stolen from 2 of South Africa's biggest credit bureaus, demand millions

Hackers Exploiting Windows SmartScreen Zero-day Flaw to Deploy Remcos RAT

Hackers Steal Over $500M in Crypto in 172 Days

How to apply natural language processing to cybersecurity

InfectedSlurs Botnet Resurrects Mirai With Zero-Days

Ingo Money claimed by Inc ransomware

Internet of Things (IoT)-reliant firms are cybersecurity laggards

Israel: Here's how to avoid fraud, scams, and phishing attempts this shopping season

Israel: How can you protect your personal information online?

Kansas Supreme Court: Hackers stole records, confidential files in October attack

Kent County Council children’s department targeted in suspected cyber attack

Konni Group Using Russian-Language Malicious Word Docs in Latest Attacks

Korean IT company TmaxSoft exposes over 50 million sensitive records in massive data leak

KyberSwap Hacked for $50M, Hacker Says Will Negotiate “After Being Fully Rested”

KyberSwap hacker opens door for negotiations after $45 million exploit

Lace Tempest Exploits SysAid Zero-Day Flaw

LockBit group says it stole over 700 GB of data from British logistics company Owens Group

MadCat ransom gang caught stealing from other criminals

Marina Bay Sands (MBS) reported data leak in line with Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) requirements

Microsoft alerts CyberLink to North Korean threat

Microsoft discovers North Korean malware in legitimate CyberLink downloader

Mirai-based Botnet Exploiting Zero-Day Bugs in Routers and NVRs for Massive DDoS Attacks

Morgan Stanley to pay $6.5 million to settle data breach investigations

MOVEit incident spurred UK decision makers to spend big on cyber

No ban on ransomware payments in Australia's new cyber security strategy

North Korea Blamed For CyberLink Supply Chain Attacks

North Korean Hackers Distribute Trojanized CyberLink Software in Supply Chain Attack

North Korean Software Supply Chain Threat is Booming, UK and South Korea Warn

Online stores may not be as secure as you think

Phishing Actor Uses Malicious Link Shorteners Hiding behind .US Top Level Domain

Protecting your business: navigating the rising tide of phishing scams in South Africa

Rug Pull Schemes: Crypto Investor Losses Near $1M

Safety checklist for Black Friday online shopping

Small business cyber threats on the rise

SME face increased threats from AI-enhanced fraud these holidays

'Some data leaked' after Cyber attack on The British Library

South Korea Faces Threat From North Korean Hackers Again

Taj Hotel Data Breach: Indian Hotels Company Ltd (IHCL) begins probe as report suggests data leak of 1.5 million customers

Telekopye Toolkit Used as Telegram Bot to Scam Marketplace Users

The Importance of Cryptocurrency Security: Understanding Risks and Best Practices

This is why your WiFi needs to be secure

Toronto Public Library services hit by cyber attack to slowly return starting in January

TransUnion and Experian face $30 million hacker ransom demand

Tri Counties Bank breach exposes user financial data

Trinidad and Tobago: Cyber risk is a business risk

Trustwave SpiderLabs Report: The 2023 Retail Threat Landscape

UK and Republic of Korea issue warning about DPRK state-linked cyber actors attacking software supply chains

UK commissioner warns top websites: allow “Reject All” cookies or else

Understand all the Cyber Essentials requirements for IT infrastructure

University of Manchester CISO Speaks Out on Summer Cyber-Attack

US Seizes $9m From Pig Butchering Scammers

Why Whac-A-Mole is not a strategy for defending against ransomware attacks

22nd November

5 tips to stay out of the Phishing trap

5 Ways To Thwart Ransomware Attacks As Workers Log Off For Thanksgiving Week

9 in 10 organizations have embraced zero-trust security globally

185,000 Individuals Impacted by MOVEit Hack at Car Parts Giant AutoZone

665,000 Marina Bay Sands (MBS) members data leak: Government to investigate if there was 'significant harm'

AI Solutions Are the New Shadow IT

An inside look at a Scattered Spider cyber attack

Atomic Stealer Distributes Malware to Macs Through False Browser Downloads

Australia drops plans to ban ransomware payments in new national cyber strategy

AutoZone discloses Clop ransomware attack, impacting 184,995 individuals

BlackCat SEC Saga: When Ransomware Gangs Report Their Own Crimes

British Library says ransomware attack caused a major network outage and loss of data

Canada: Crown decided prosecuting a fraud charge for $600K phishing scheme wasn't in public interest

Canada Government Admits Data Breach Impacting Public Employees

CISA offers cybersecurity services to non-federal orgs in critical infrastructure sector

CISOs Beware of The Rising Risk of Supply Chain Attacks

ClearFake Campaign Expands to Target Mac Systems with Atomic Stealer

Cyber attack/data breach top business risk in Asia Pacific

Cyberattackers leaked data of 27,000 NYC Bar Association members

Cybercriminals Disabled or Wiped Out Logs in 82% of Attacks with Missing Telemetry

Cybersecurity awareness and training must be ongoing

Data breach at US nuclear energy firm leaks sensitive employee information

Dollar Bank Hit with Class Action Over Data Breach Announced in May 2023

Employee Policy Violations Cause 26% of Cyber Incidents

Exploring the Rise of Crypto Crimes in 2023

FBI Alert: Silent Ransom Group Utilizes Callback Phishing for Network Hacks

Federal agencies investigating data breach at nuclear research lab

Flaw in Apache ActiveMQ Exposes Linux Systems to Kinsing Malware

French International Schools Agency Impacted by Ransomware Hack

From Fear to Preparedness A Deep Dive into Consumer Attitudes Towards Cyber Threats and AI Misuse

Health Sector Cybersecurity Coordination Center (HC3) Warns Healthcare and Public Health (HPH) Sector About Critical FortiSIEM Vulnerability and Ongoing Emotet Malware Threat

Hong Kong: Government system records five ransomware attacks last year, no information compromised

How AI is Encouraging Targeted Phishing Attacks

How LockBit used Citrix Bleed to breach Boeing and other targets

How organisations can reduce security and compliance risks when working remotely

How Security Awareness Training Can Help Bridge the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

How to Calculate the Cost of a Data Breach

ICBC partners wary to resume trading with bank after cyberattack

India’s cybersecurity agency handled nearly 14 lakh cyber incidents in 2022

International Counter Ransomware Initiative Pledges to Halt Government Ransom Payments, but with Exceptions

International Cyber Criminals Behind Kansas Supreme Court Hack

Justin Sun Confirms HTX, Heco Chain Exploited After $100M in Suspicious Transfers

Kansas courts confirm data theft, ransom demand after cyberattack

Killmilk allegedly identified as 30-year-old ex-convict

Kinsing Crypto Malware Targets Linux Systems via Apache ActiveMQ Flaw

Latest in the Financial Sector Cyber Threat Landscape

Law enforcement seizes $9M in crypto stolen during romance scams

Lazarus hackers breach CyberLink in supply chain attack

LockBit Affiliates are Exploiting Citrix Bleed, Government Agencies Warn

LockBit ransomware affiliates actively exploiting Citrix Bleed vulnerability

LockBit Ransomware Exploiting Critical Citrix Bleed Vulnerability to Break In

Long Beach Airport’s Website Taken Down By Cyber Attack

Longhorn Imaging Center Cyberattack Affects More than 100,000 Patients

MacOS targeted by ClearFake malware campaign

Marijuana MSO MariMed loses $646,000 in ‘sophisticated’ email fraud

McLaren Health Care Data Breach Impacted 2.2 Million Patient Records

More Than 50% of Online Retailers Not Blocking Fraudulent Emails

More than half of Black Friday shoppers wary of breached online retailers

New botnet malware exploits two zero-days to infect NVRs and routers

New Flaws in Fingerprint Sensors Let Attackers Bypass Windows Hello Login

New Phobos ransomware variant impersonates VX-Underground malware-sharing group

New ransomware-as-a-service caters to cybercriminals with commercial expansion

No secrets for Optus: Findings on data breach can be revealed

North Korean attack on CyberLink impacted devices around the world, Microsoft says

North Korean Hackers Pose as Job Recruiters and Seekers in Malware Campaigns

North Korean Hackers Pose as officials, journalists to steal info and crypto

NSC Technologies Notifies More Than 48k People of Data Breach Following Cyberattack

Offline backups are a key part of a ransomware protection plan

Open-source Blender project battling DDoS attacks since Saturday

Personal data stolen in British Library cyber-attack appears for sale online

Poloniex Offered $10 Million Reward to Hacker for Return of $120 Million

Postmeds’ Digital Pharmacy Truepill Confirms Data Breach Impacting 2.3 Million Patients

Precisely Software Data Breach Impacts an Unknown Number of Consumers’ SSNs and Other Sensitive Information

Ransomware Crews Develop GenAI Tools for Cyberattacks

Ransomware is crippling retail organizations

Rebel offensive in Myanmar takes aim at online scam industry

Regulator Issues Privacy Ultimatum to UK’s Top Websites

Reinventing Cybersecurity Infrastructure in the ChatGPT World

Report claims to reveal identity of Russian hacktivist leader

Retool Data Breach Affects MG Stover and Multiple Investment Funds

Sabre Insurance hit by cyber attack

Samsung warning to customers following data breach

Schools improve protection against online attacks, but many are vulnerable to ransomware gangs

Serbian civilians targeted with Pegasus on eve of national elections

SiegedSec hacker group claims a major cyber attack on US nuclear research facility

Teen pleads guilty to hacking thousands of DraftKings accounts

The AI Paradox: Balancing Generative AI Adoption With Cybersecurity Risks

Trust contacts patients affected by data breach at Musgrove Hospital

UK Finance Reports Slight Decrease in FinTech Cyberattacks

Understanding generative AI and its impact on payment fraud in South Africa

Vodafone Data Breach: Guardia Civil Issues Alert

Warren General Hospital Data Breach Affects 169,000 Patients

Web Shells Gain Sophistication for Stealth, Persistence

Welltok data breach exposes data of 8.5 million US patients

What Is Dropper as a Service? The Delivery Service for Malware Developers

What is network segmentation, and why is it vital in Asia-Pacific-Japan (APJ) organizations?

What kind of cyberattacks are expected this Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Why Ensuring Supply Chain Security in the Space Sector is Critical

Windows Hello auth bypassed on Microsoft, Dell, Lenovo laptops

21st November

4 Ways Fintech Companies Can Protect Themselves from Ransomware

7 important tips you must follow to protect yourself from WhatsApp scams

$22 Million of Crypto Stolen by Kronos Hacker Came From Binance

Analysing the Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT) data breach

Apache ActiveMQ bug exploited to deliver Kinsing malware

Appin group legacy: Indian cyber mercenaries will hack for coin

APT29 exploits WinRAR with phony BMW ad to diplomats

As you travel or buy gifts, cybercriminals are prepping for your holiday trip too

Australian businesses downplay cyber threat despite rising concerns

Australian Cyber Security Strategy outlines how government plans to tackle cyber crime

Australian retailers jeopardise online shopper safety with poor cybersecurity

Autonomous Flight Technologies targeted in cyberattack by BlackCat ransomware group

Auto parts giant AutoZone warns of MOVEit data breach

AutoZone adds itself to MOVEit victim list

AutoZone Files MOVEit Data Breach Notice With State of Maine

Black Friday: Significant Security Gaps in E-Commerce Web Apps

Blue Shield of California Confirms MOVEit Data Breach at MESVision Compromised Consumers’ Confidential Information

British Library: Employee data leaked in cyber attack

British Library ransom attack claimed, data leak confirmed

British Library Says Staff Data Stolen In Ransomware Attack

Canadian Federal Government alerts public service employees of data breach

CISA orders federal agencies to patch Looney Tunables Linux bug

‘Citrix Bleed’ vulnerability targeted by nation-state and criminal hackers

Citrix warns admins to kill NetScaler user sessions to block hackers

Comparative Study Results on Linux and Windows Ransomware Attacks, Exploring Notable Trends and Surge in Attacks on Linux Systems

Cornwall Council data breach sends man details of 123 other tenants

Crypto firm Kronos Research says $26 million stolen after cyberattack

Cyber money heist: Why companies paying off hackers fuels ransomware crimes

Cybersec executive caught hacking hospitals to boost business

Cybercriminals Target Indian Users with Deceptive Mobile Banking Trojan Campaigns via WhatsApp and Telegram, Microsoft Reveals

Cybersecurity analyst disowns threat actor ‘twin’

Cybersecurity Executive Pleads Guilty to Hacking Hospitals

Dallas County IT experts warned of data vulnerabilities months before ransomware attack

DarkGate and PikaBot Activity Surge in the Wake of QakBot Takedown

DarkGate and Pikabot malware emerge as Qakbot’s successors

DarkGate and PikaBot Phishing Campaign is Using Qakbot Tactics

Data breach at healthcare IT provider Welltok compromised over 1.7m patients

Defending Your Inbox: Technological Strategies to Thwart Phishing Attacks

Denmark Weathered Wave of Cyber Attacks on Energy Infrastructure in May, Industry Non-profit Reveals

'Don't click' warning issued to anybody who's a Booking.com customer

Embedding a culture of security

Employee data hit in Idaho National Lab cyberattack

Enstar US Announces Provides Notice of MOVEit Data Breach to Over 64k Individuals

Enterprise software provider Tmax leaks 2TB of data

Exploit for Critical Windows Defender Bypass Goes Public

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Adds New Data Breach Reporting Obligations Under Safeguards Rule

Florida and Connecticut Expand Breach Laws to Include Geolocation Data as Personal Information

Florida City Duped Out of $1.2 Million in Phishing Scam, Police Say

Hackers Attacking Apache Web Servers to Install Coinminers

Hackers create fake banking apps to steal financial data from Indian users

Hacking is not a crime, criminal activity is

Hacktivists breach U.S. nuclear research lab, steal employee data

How Multi-Stage Phishing Attacks Exploit QRs, CAPTCHAs, and Steganography

“Human firewall” best cyber defence

INC Ransom group claims major ransomware attack on Yamaha Motor's Philippine subsidiary

India Faces Surge in Instant Messaging (IM) App Attacks With Trojan Campaigns

Infosys Ransomware Attack Affecting Nonqual Plans Nearing Fix

Kinsing Hackers Exploit Apache ActiveMQ Vulnerability to Deploy Linux Rootkits

Konni Campaign Deploys Advanced RAT With UAC Bypass Capabilities

Konni RAT Exploiting Word Docs to Steal Data from Windows

Lookout Alerts U.S. Employees and Businesses of Significant Phishing Threat This Week

Major ports cyber attack caused by Citrix bug

Malicious Apps Disguised as Banks and Government Agencies Targeting Indian Android Users

Malware dev says they can revive expired Google auth cookies

Massive Data Breach at Cook County Health Sparks Urgent Calls for Enhanced Healthcare Data Security

Mustang Panda Hackers Targets Philippines Government Amid South China Sea Tensions

Navigating the Digital Frontier: Addressing Cybersecurity Challenges in Financial Technology for a Secure Banking Sector

New Agent Tesla Malware Variant Using ZPAQ Compression in Email Attacks

New Report From Flare Highlights Growing Cybercrime Threats to U.S. Healthcare Sector in 2023

Organizations’ serious commitment to software risk management pays off

Outdated Wallets Threatening Billions in Crypto Assets

Overcoming Password Fatigue With Single Sign-On Solutions

Owens Group hit by ransomware cyber attack

Play ransomware being sold as-a-service

Play Ransomware Goes Commercial - Now Offered as a Service to Cybercriminals

Prestige Care Announces Data Breach Affecting an Unknown Number of Residents and Employees

Privacy and data security ‘imperative for every financial organization’ as cost implications reach record-high

Ransomware groups rack up victims among corporate America

Ransomware that all the script kiddies want to Play with

Reducing the risk and costs in the face of a rapidly changing cyber insurance landscape

Remember, We’re All Just an IP Address to Cyber Criminals

Report Details Aftermath of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) LockBit Ransomware Attack

Rhysida ransomware group claims crippling British Library cyber attack

Schools Look to Improve Cybersecurity, but Many Vulnerable to Ransomware

Scottish council's systems still 'inaccessible' after cyber attack

Server Message Block (SMB) Protocol Explained: Understanding its Security Risks and Best Practices

Significant drop in ransomware but threat remains for UK

St Helens Council cyber attack caused substantial disruption

Stalking America’s elderly

Sumo Logic wrestles with security breach, pins down customer data

The shifting sands of the war against cyber extortion

The SSO tax is killing trust in the security industry

The University of Michigan Data Breach Impacts Over 63k Students, Applicants, Employees and Research Study Participants

The Weakest Link in the Cybersecurity Chain – The Human Element

Third-party data breach affecting Canadian government could involve data from 1999

Top 10 tips to protect your privacy and safety during the online shopping season and beyond

Top cybersecurity trends of 2023

Trellix warns of rising collaboration in ransomware groups

Unveiling the Most Common Cyber Threats in Retail

US Cybersecurity Lab Suffers Major Data Breach

US nuclear lab breach exposes thousands of employees

Why Botnets Persist: How to Stop Direct-Path DDoS Attacks

20th November

A reality check on email security threats in healthcare

Alarming findings in 2023 State of SaaS Data Security Report

ALPHV/BlackCat reporting to the SEC could become the ‘new normal’ for ransomware operators

Apache ActiveMQ Vulnerability Exploited In The Wild

Atomic Wallet Suffers $100M Hack, Kronos Loses $25M

Best botnet ad? An attack on OpenAI

Bloomberg Twitter account hijacked to send users to phishing malware

British Library confirms ransomware cyber attack has crippled services

British Library says ransomware hackers stole data from HR files

California's City of Long Beach declares a state of emergency to respond to a major cyber attack

California-based MESVision says MOVEit Transfer breach impacted close to 350k patients

Canadian Armed Forces, Mounties exposed in data breach

Canadian government discloses data breach after contractor hacks

Chinese bank data breach affects Treasury trading

CISA Unveils Healthcare Cybersecurity Guide

City of Chehalis warns residents of phishing scam emails referring to ‘Chehalis, WA Utility’

Clark County, Washington, Still Investigating October Cyber Attack

Clearview AI $10M fine still under dispute as UK regulator appeals

Click here to talk to an attacker: How bad guys are undermining trust in multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Cook County Health data breach could mean blackmail and fake medical bills for patients

Cybersecurity firm executive pleads guilty to hacking hospitals

Cybersecurity should not be a gamble: Latest data breach hits major casino

DarkGate and PikaBot Malware Resurrect QakBot's Tactics in New Phishing Attacks

Data Breach Notice Requirement Added to Safeguards Rule for Non-bank Financial Institutions

Despite Increasing Ransomware Attacks, Some Companies In Denial

Dozens of Israeli retailers hit by cyberattack

DP World Australia overcomes cyber attack and resumes operations

Dubai Ports' Aussie Cyberattack Needs Investigation, Accountability

Edge computing and ransomware: The evolving landscape of telecom and cybersecurity

FBI exposes Scattered Spider’s alliance with notorious ransomware gang

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) orders communication company to disclose data breaches

Five OSINT Tools Organizations Can Use To Mitigate Social Engineering Attacks

Gamaredon's LittleDrifter USB malware spreads beyond Ukraine

Gerber Life Insurance Customer Info Leaked Following MOVEit Data Breach at MESVision

Government responds to rising scams in Luxembourg

Greater Paris wastewater agency dealing with cyberattack

Greece: ETAD Initiates Investigation and Mitigation Efforts Following Ransomware Attack

Guard against cyber-attacks warning, as UK haulier data appears on 'dark web'

Hacker Leaks Vaccination Records of Over 2 Million Turkish Citizens

Hacker Steals $25 Million from Kronos Research Through Compromised API Keys

Hackers blow regulatory whistle over data breach

Hackers Exploit Google Workspace to Exfiltrate Data and Deploy Ransomware

Hackers Target Gmail - Secure Your Account Now With These 3 Steps

Henry Schein says October data breach compromised customers' financial information

How a cyber attack has crippled the British Library

How are Crypto Phishing Scams Done, and How Do You Avoid Them?

How to combat AI-produced phishing attacks

How to improve cyber resilience by evaluating cyber risk

Huber Heights services temporarily restored, FBI investigating ransomware attack

Idaho National Laboratory experiences massive data breach; employee information leaked online

India's cyberspace experiences a higher rate of incidents than global average

Indian Hack-for-Hire Group Targeted U.S., China, and More for Over 10 Years

Infostealer Lumma Evolves With New Anti-Sandbox Method

Kaspersky shares Black Friday phishing data

Kaspersky’s Advanced Persistent Threats Predictions for 2024

Kinsing malware exploits Apache ActiveMQ RCE to plant rootkits

Lawyers looking into potential compensation following Caesars Rewards data breach

Lumma Stealer malware now uses trigonometry to evade detection

LummaC2 Malware Deploys New Trigonometry-Based Anti-Sandbox Technique

LummaC2 v4.0 Malware Stealing Data with Trigonometry to Detect Human Users

More collaboration, specialisation from cybercriminals

Most cyberattacks in Russia come from China and North Korea

National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) Announces New Standard For Indicators of Compromise

Navigating the Cybersecurity Threat Landscape in the Middle East

Navigating the Digital Abyss: Addressing the Surge in Cybersecurity Threat

Nearly 9 million patients' records compromised in data breach

NetSupport RAT Infections on the Rise - Targeting Government and Business Sectors

North Korean ties suspected in Indexed Finance treasury attack

Octo is a banking trojan terrorizing Australian Android users

Only 9% of IT budgets are dedicated to security

OracleIV DDoS Botnet Alert: Secure Your Docker Engine APIs

Perry Johnson & Associates says data breach compromised health records of almost 9 million people

Personal info of Canadian Armed Forces, RCMP stolen in cyberattack

Phishing Trends Examined by the SANS Institute

Phobos ransomware group steps up its game

Poloniex Hacker Identified: $10M Bounty Offered To Return Funds

Popular Dragon Touch Tablet for Kids Infected with Corejava Malware

Prevention key to cutting cyberattacks in hospitals, protecting patients

Privacy and data security are ‘imperative for every financial organisation’ in the Middle East

QR code scams: What are they and tips to protect yourself

Randstorm Exploit: Bitcoin Wallets Created between 2011-2015 Vulnerable to Hacking

Ransomware attacks in India double of global average

Ransomware Attacks Rise Again

Ransomware Gang LockBit Revises Its Tactics to Get More Blackmail Money

Ransomware Group, in Midst of Extortion Attempt, Files Regulatory Notice with SEC

Retailers are facing a host of security threats this Black Friday

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