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Monday 29 May 2023

Data Breaches Digest - Week 22 2023

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 29th May and 4th June 2023.

4th June

Atomic Wallet Exploit: Up to $35M Stolen

Atomic Wallet hacks lead to over $35 million in crypto stolen

CISA orders government agencies to patch MOVEit bug used for data theft

Hackers hijack legitimate sites to host credit card stealer scripts

How Hackers Can Disrupt Your Business Website

Kaspersky reports on new mobile APT campaign targeting iOS devices

Large Spanish bank confirms ransomware attack

Rhysida ransomware group claims attack on Martinique

'SIM swap' phone hijacking scam in Japan used to steal money in as little as 15 minutes

Taiwan: Ministry of Digital Affairs fines Eslite bookstore, Shopee

Toyota and Lexus cars face massive data breach, customer's private info leaked

Why are we still talking about email security?

3rd June

9 Ways to Prevent Supply Chain Attacks

500 email addresses of ABP pensioners accidentally leaked

A Startup’s Guide To Navigating Data Privacy & Security Regulations In India

Australia Post customers warned over dodgy notification

Cyber Risks: Secure Yourself Now Before It’s Too Late!

FBI warns all Wi-Fi users over bank-draining mistake they must never make in public or risk ‘stranger danger’ hackers

Fear Data Breaches? 7 Steps To Safeguard Your Financial Transactions In The Cyber Age

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Slams Amazon with $30.8M Fine for Privacy Violations Involving Alexa and Ring

How AI Protects (and Attacks) Your Inbox

How to Keep Malware Out of Your Hotmail and Gmail Accounts

India's shift towards digitization in healthcare makes it an attractive target for cybercriminals

New Linux Ransomware Strain BlackSuit Shows Striking Similarities to Royal

NFT Heist on Blur: Hackers Target Otherdeed, Doodles & Beans

Online sellers targeted by new information-stealing malware campaign

Phishing Attack Strikes Pepe Holder, Causing $450K Loss

Russian firm says staff's iPhones hacked by malware

Russian official detained for accepting record bribe of $28M BTC

San Diego Unified cybersecurity breach affected more people and sensitive data than previously known

Social Security: 10 ways to protect personal information

Swiss Administration Hit By Cyber Attack

The Dark Side of Cryptography: How Encryption Enables Cybercrime

The iPhone Browsing Mistakes You Should Avoid At All Costs If You Want To Protect Your Personal Data

University of Rochester investigates a data breach

Vulnerability Scanning, Vulnerability Assessments, and Vulnerability Management: What You Need to Know

Zyxel shares tips on protecting firewalls from ongoing attacks

2nd June

4 Common Cyber Security Threats and How to Stay Safe

5G and Cybersecurity Risks in 2023

90% of CISOs say certifications improved security confidence

A New Ransomware Scam: Fraud by the Incident Responders

Abu Dhabi Police warn residents against online scams, phishing

Advanced phishing attacks grew 356% in 2022

AI in Cybersecurity: Latest Tools for Secure Online Transactions

Another rumor – another BreachedForums

Brazil-based botnet targets Spanish-speakers across Americas

Breach Can Cost You - Here’s How to Avoid It

Building an Effective Managed Threat Detection and Response Program

Building Ransomware Resilience - A Proactive Strategy for Businesses and Regulators

Burton Snowboards discloses data breach after February attack

Camaro Dragon Strikes with New TinyNote Backdoor for Intelligence Gathering

Canadian university dealing with ransomware attack on email system

Capita Cyber Attack: A Wake-Up Call for the Pensions industry

China hacking group caught spying on US organizations

Chinese cybercriminals Camaro Dragon and SharpPanda target embassies and G20 nations

Chinese Phishing Gang "PostalFurious" Expands Campaign

Cyber insurance could be a worthwhile investment

Cyber insurers are leaning more on security vendors to assess risk

Cybercriminals use legitimate websites to obfuscate malicious payloads

Dallas: Ransomware Recovery More Than 90 Percent Complete

Dallas ransomware recovery ‘more than 90% complete,’ city says

Dark Web Threats Target Energy Industry as Cybercrime Tactics Shift

Data Breaches: Mitigating Cyber Risks in the Evolving Digital Age

Deep Learning in Cybersecurity: A New Frontier for AI-driven Solutions

Dental insurer experiences data breach affecting nearly 9 Million patients

Developing an effective ransomware strategy: protecting big data

Diamond Lakes Federal Credit Union Notifies Over 22k Individuals of Recent Data Breach

Eisner Health Patients’ Confidential Information Leaked in Data Breach at Nonstop Administration and Insurance Services

Enzo Biochem Hit by Ransomware, 2.5 Million Patients' Data Compromised

Estonia: Police and mobile service providers can do little to fight SMS phishing

FBI warns all Google users over ‘pharming’ attack that takes control of device and redirects to bank-emptying websites

Fixing email security: It’s still a rocky road ahead

Fraud Alert: 'Professional' Cyber Attacks Are Increasing, So Is Malware, Ransomware

Gateway Casinos Ontario Employees Upset About Handling of Cyberattack

Google triples reward for Chrome full chain exploits

Group-IB exposes Chinese-speaking phishing gang behind scams impersonating UAE public bodies

Hackers, Fraudsters and Thieves: Understanding Cybersecurity in the Gaming Industry

Health tracking app charged by Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for sharing sensitive information

Here’s the latest on the cyberattack affecting Mountain View and Idaho Falls Community Hospitals

HMRC warns Britons to watch out for new scam that ‘harvests’ people’s financial details

Hong Kong: Tech firm said to allow data breach of 180,000 loan borrowers

How defense contractors can move from cybersecurity to cyber resilience

Insurers Predict $33bn Bill for Catastrophic "Cyber Event"

Ireland: Over 1,000 Midwest Patients Affected By UL Hospitals Group Data Breach

iSpace, Inc. Files Notice of Data Breach Leaking Consumers’ SSNs and PHI

JD Group advises customers take precautions following data breach

Kaspersky Reveals iPhones of Employees Infected with Spyware

Kaspersky Says it is Being Targeted By Zero-Click Exploits

Kimsuky hackers pose as journalists to steal intel

Legal services platform used by SEC, Pentagon investigating ransomware attack claims

Legal tech firm Casepoint investigates data breach following hacker claims

Major data breach at UL Hospitals Group exposes patient info

Malicious Chrome extensions with 75 Millions installs removed from Web Store

Malicious hackers target vulnerable file-transfer tool

Malicious PyPI Packages Use Compiled Python Code to Bypass Detection

MOVEit Transfer Under Attack: Zero-Day Vulnerability Actively Being Exploited

MOVEit Transfer zero-day attacks: The latest info

New Botnet Malware 'Horabot' Targets Spanish-Speaking Users in Latin America

New ‘Terminator’ Cybersecurity Threat Puts Windows Users at Risk

NFT hacker’s new technique introduces new feature to Blur market

NHS Facebook data breach: Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust apologises for leak

North Korea’s Kimsuky cyber-spies earn an alert from Washington, Seoul

North Korea's Kimsuky Group Mimics Key Figures in Targeted Cyber Attacks

OpenAI CTO Twitter Account Promotes Scam Crypto Token in Apparent Phishing Attack

Out of the shadows: The changing landscape of the dark web

'Picture-in-Picture' Obfuscation Spoofs Delta, Kohl's for Credential Harvesting

'PostalFurious' SMS Attacks Target UAE Citizens for Data Theft

Qakbot: The trojan that just won’t go away

Ransomware breach hits US dental insurance giant, personal information of 9 million people compromised

Russian Hacker Sells Terminator Tool That Is Allegedly Able to Bypass Any Antivirus Programs

San Diego Unified cybersecurity breach affected more people and more sensitive data than known

SAS hackers ransom demand up again – now $10 Million

Scam Token ‘OPENAI’ Promoted On OpenAI CTO’s Twitter Account

Seoul sanctions North Korea’s hacking group, details its activities

Shasta Community Health Center Patients Impacted by Alvaria Data Breach

Stolen NFTs: Hackers Strike Blur, Stealing Rare Otherdeeds, Beans and Doodles!

The Importance of Managing Your Data Security Posture

There's a new Gmail verification scam; here's how to avoid getting caught up in it

Two Years After Colonial Pipeline, What Have We Learned?

UAE: Phishing ring sends fake Emirates Post, Salik messages to residents

US and Korean Agencies Issue Warning on North Korean Cyber-Attacks

Virginia School System Hit by Ransomware Attack: Investigation Underway

Want Sustainable Security? Find Middle Ground Between Tech & Education

Why communications needs to be part of your cyber breach response

Why is Identity Security Awareness Becoming the Need of the Hour?

Why teaching schools about cybersecurity must be top priority

Windows Users Beware: Crooks Relying on SeroXen RAT to Target Gamers

You might have been phished by the gang that stole North Korea’s lousy rocket tech

Zipper manufacturer YKK Group allegedly breached by LockBit

1st June

15 healthcare systems have been hit with ransomware attacks in 2023

2023 State of the Threat for Telco & Streaming Media

A Confession Exposes India’s Secret Hacking Industry

Active Mirai Botnet Variant Exploiting Zyxel Devices for DDoS Attacks

Akron-Summit County Public Library investigating 'ransomware incident' that caused outages

Amazon fined $25 million for violating child privacy and Ring is facing charges, too

Amazon fined $31 million over privacy breaches, including snooping on kids

Amazon to Pay $31m After Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Security and Privacy Allegations

Amazon's Ring and Alexa fined $30m for spying and child privacy abuse

Apple flaw left iTunes users vulnerable on Microsoft

Are Internet Providers ‘Aiding and Abetting’ Crimes?

Ask Fitis, the Bear: Real Crooks Sign Their Malware

Attacking Empire: How US jeopardizes global security with unscrupulous cyberattacks and vast cyber weapon arsenal

Bratislava faced massive cyber-attack during GLOBSEC conference

Building Ransomware Resilience: A Proactive Strategy for Businesses and Regulators

California-based workforce platform leaks drivers licenses and medical records

Chinese-speaking phishing ring behind latest fake fee scam targeting UAE

Combating Insider Threats: The New Data Loss Prevention Strategies

Comprehensive Health Services data breach class action settlement

Conti's Legacy: What's Become of Ransomware's Most Wanted?

Cooperation among cybersecurity experts is vital to combat emerging threats

Critical zero-day vulnerability in MOVEit Transfer exploited by attackers!

Cyber attack forced a Idaho hospital to send back their ambulances to other hospitals

Cyber risk levels in APAC improve but threats loom

Cyberinsurance Prices Moderate as Premium Hikes Slow

Cybersecurity Now Trumps Financial Performance for Most CEOs

Dallas is still under a ransomware attack. Here's what's impacted

Dallas, still recovering from ransomware attack, marks milestone with return of courts

Data of over 40,000 Goldheart customers leaked on Dark Web, hacking forums

Dollar Bank Files Notice of Data Breach Impacting Standard Bank Customers

Don't Fall For The 'Look Who Died' Scam On Facebook; Here Are Tips To Stay Secure

Enzo Biochem: Ransomware Attack Exposes Clinical Data of 2.5M Patients

Enzo Biochem Announces Ransomware Attack Resulted in Data Breach Impacting Nearly 2.5 Million Consumers

Enzo Biochem says ransomware attack exposed clinical test data of 2.5 million patients

Evasive QBot Malware Leverages Short-lived Residential IPs for Dynamic Attacks

Experts warn of MOVEit Transfer tool exploitation using zero-day bug

Federal Trade Commission (FTC): Ring failed to stop hackers from accessing users' cameras

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rang Amazon’s bell this time, and it wasn’t as kind as Alexa

Five ways enterprises can stop synthetic identity fraud with AI

Florida County Election Breach Exposes 58K Voters’ Data

Fresh Del Monte data breach: Hackers accessed employees' personal and healthcare information

Generative AI – the next biggest cyber security threat?

Google triples rewards for Chrome sandbox escape chain exploits

Google Workspace glitch leaves firms exposed to cloud data insider threats

Hackers steal 13 NFTs on Blur as global sales rise

Hackers Target Orbiter Finance Discord Server With Fake Airdrop Scam

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care ransomware attack hits 2.5 million people

HMRC in New Tax Credits Scam Warning

Horabot Campaign Targets Spanish-Speaking Users in the Americas

How does Canada Compare With China in the Interplay Between Cybercrime and Cryptocurrency?

How organizations can protect against phishing campaigns

How to dodge online banking fraudsters

How to Keep Cyberattacks from Tanking Your Balance Sheet

Hundreds of Gigabyte Motherboard Models Suffer From Potential Backdoor

Improved BlackCat Ransomware Strikes with Lightning Speed and Stealthy Tactics

Incident of the Week: MCNA Dental suffers data breach affecting 8.9 million patients

Increasingly Sophisticated Cyberattacks Target Healthcare

Insider Threats in the Work from Home Age

Jimbos Protocol Announces $800K Reward to Catch Exploiter

Jimbos Protocol offers $800K bounty to the public after hacker ignores deal

List of Data Breaches and Cyber Attacks – May 2023

Locking Down Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Security Across the Enterprise

Lowell: City updates employees on cyberattack

Malicious PyPI Packages Using Compiled Python Code to Bypass Detection

Metropolitan Opera Data Breach Becomes a Class Action Lawsuit

Mountain View and Idaho Falls Community Hospitals suffer cyber attack

MOVEit zero-day vulnerability under active exploit, data already stolen

New Email Rules, MFA Bypass Are Top Hacking Tactics So Far in 2023

New Horabot campaign takes over victim's Gmail, Outlook accounts

New Lumen research reveals previously unseen Qakbot infrastructure

New MOVEit Transfer zero-day mass-exploited in data theft attacks

New Zero-Click Hack Targets iOS Users with Stealthy Root-Privilege Malware

Non-human identities: Secure them now, not later

North Korean ScarCruft Hackers Exploit LNK Files to Spread RokRAT

Norton Healthcare is still working to restore computer systems after cyberattack

Novel PyPI Malware Uses Compiled Python Bytecode to Evade Detection

Oakland, California, Hit With Lawsuit After Ransomware Attack

Only one-third of school districts have a full-time employee dedicated to cybersecurity

‘Our on-premises email server was compromised’ - University of Waterloo interrupts suspected ransomware attack

Pakistan: Hackers are Targeting Government Employees With Fake Cabinet Division Emails

Phishing campaigns thrive as evasive tactics outsmart conventional detection

Potential Backdoor in Gigabyte PCs Exposes Supply Chain Risks

Radiology practice suffers ‘significant’ cyberattack

Ransomware Criminal Prosecution of Russian National Underscores Pervasive Ransomware Risks

Ransomware incoming: how to bulletproof your business

Ransomware Renaissance 2023: The Definitive Guide to Stay Safer

Researchers have malware warning for banking, ecommerce and entertainment apps: How the virus works, spreads and more

Researchers warn of hackers widely exploiting bug in Zyxel hardware

Resilient data backup and recovery is critical to enterprise success

Russia accuses US of hacking thousands of Apple devices to spy on diplomats

Russia says US hacked thousands of iPhones in iOS zero-click attacks

Safeguarding sensitive data is the best customer service you can give. A former FBI agent shares how to do it

Scammers Are Using Venmo To Trick Customers Out Of Hundreds Of Dollars - Here's What To Watch Out For

Scammers hit business hard on LinkedIn

Seacom clients complain of post-attack billing errors

Service Employees International Union (SEIU) data breach $550K class action settlement

Singapore’s Cyber Defenses Against ChatGPT-Enabled Hackers

South Africa: Justice department loses millions in yet another cyber attack

South Korea: Teenage hacker arrested for leaking mock test grades

Sustained 'Red Deer' Phishing Attacks Impersonate Israel Post, Drop RATs

Telegram becomes the preferred platform for cybercriminals to steal data

'Terminator' tool uses vulnerable Windows driver to kill almost any security software

The Critical Need for Robust Cybersecurity Measures: A Look at the Canadian Landscape

Threat actors can exfiltrate data from Google Drive without leaving a trace

The latest in fraud prevention: what mid-market companies need to know

Top Social Media Scams to Watch Out For

Toyota Discloses New Data Breach Involving Vehicle, Customer Information

Toyota’s cloud security assessment finds additional vehicle data exposed

UI Community HomeCare Files Notice of Data Breach Affecting 67,897 Individuals

Ukraine war blurs lines between cyber-crims and state-sponsored attackers

University of Waterloo investigates suspected ransomware attack on email server

Unmasking XE Group: Experts Reveal Identity of Suspected Cybercrime Kingpin

Urgent WordPress Update Fixes Critical Flaw in Jetpack Plugin on Million of Sites

US Courts, Department of Defense (DoD) legal platform confirms “potential incident” probe

US real estate giant Onix Group says ransomware attack compromised customers' personal data

Utilities department accepting payments after cyber attack

Void Rabisu's RomCom Backdoor Reveals Shifting Threat Actor Goals

What is Deepfake Technology and How Are Threat Actors Using It?

What is ‘look who just died’ scam on Facebook that is locking users out of their accounts

What Is Smishing and How To Defend Against It?

What is the Cybercrime Atlas? How it can help disrupt cybercrime

Whitman-Hanson Warns About Data Breach

Why consumers are demanding businesses prioritise their cybersecurity

Why cyberattacks in manufacturing are so common and how to prevent them

Will AI increase the threat to banks of phishing scams?

Zyxel Customers Urged to Patch Exploited Bug

31st May

3 ways to spot a malware-infected app on your smartphone

6 Steps to Effective Threat Hunting: Safeguard Critical Assets and Fight Cybercrime

8 best practices for securing your Mac from hackers in 2023

A "hacker's" insider guide to outsmarting cyber attacks

AI definitely has a role to play in cyber security

Alert: Hackers Exploit Barracuda Email Security Gateway 0-Day Flaw for 7 Months

Amazon faces $30 million fine over Ring, Alexa privacy violations

Attackers leave organizations with no recovery option

Beware of Ghost Sites: Silent Threat Lurking in Your Salesforce Communities

Botswana: Cyber attacks hit parastatals

Can Organizations Combat Malicious Password-Protected File Attacks?

ChatGPT is the latest tool of cybercriminals

Clinical test data of 2.5 million people stolen from biotech company Enzo Biochem

Critical Firmware Backdoor in Gigabyte Systems Exposes ~7 Million Devices

Crypto Discord Communities Targeted by Malicious Bookmarks & JavaScript

Cyberattack Diverts Patients From Rural Idaho Hospital

Cybercriminals Targeting Apache NiFi Instances for Cryptocurrency Mining

Daam Malware Warning Issued: Targets Android Smartphones To Steal User Data, Encrypts Devices

‘Dark Pink’ APT attacks governments, militaries, more in Thailand, Brunei, Belgium, Vietnam and Indonesia

Dark Pink APT Group Expands Tooling and Targets

Dark Pink APT Group Leverages TelePowerBot and KamiKakaBot in Sophisticated Attacks

Dark Pink hackers continue to target government and military organizations

Data of more than 470,000 hacking site members leaked

Exploit released for RCE flaw in popular ReportLab PDF library

External Attack Surface Management: How Focusing on Basics Improves Security

Freedom Mortgage Customers’ Social Security Numbers Leaked in Mortgage Industry Advisory Corporation (MIAC) Data Breach

Google warns all Gmail users over ‘unusual number’ red flag that puts your bank at risk – check inbox now

Greece: Initial probe shows more than 100K email addresses used in cyber attack against education platform

Greece's Education Ministry Faces Unprecedented Cyber Attack Targeting High School Exam Platform

Hackers exploit critical Zyxel firewall flaw in ongoing attacks

How a Layered Security Approach Can Minimize Email Threats

How APTs target SMBs

Idaho hospital diverting ambulances after cyberattack

International crackdown on criminal marketplaces selling stolen data

Jimbos Protocol Takes Stand Against Hacker, Demands Stolen Funds or Legal Pursuit

Latitude says March cyber attack may result in £55.14m in mitigation costs

Meta and TikTok handed users' data to Australian authorities 3654 times last year

Mexico ranks fourth among countries that pay the most for cyber attacks

Microsoft Details Critical Apple macOS Vulnerability Allowing SIP Protection Bypass

More Toyota driver data found online

New "Migraine" Flaw Enables Attackers to Bypass MacOS Security

Only 49% of Firms Invest in Identity Protection Before Incidents

Organizations are placing Operational Technology (OT) cybersecurity responsibility on CISOs

Pentagon Cyber Policy Cites Learnings from Ukraine War

Phishing remained the top identity abuser in 2022

Ransomware attack exposes sensitive data for nearly 9 million dental patients

Responding to China’s cyberthreat

RomCom RAT Using Deceptive Web of Rogue Software Sites for Covert Attacks

Russia’s ‘Silicon Valley’ hit by cyberattack; Ukrainian group claims deep access

Security failings at Amazon’s Ring let hackers, employees access customer videos

Should paying cyber ransoms be outlawed?

Spear-phishing attacks on the rise in India

SpinOk Trojan Compromises 421 Million Android Devices

Stealthy SeroXen RAT malware increasingly used to target gamers

Surgery appointments canceled due to Norton Healthcare’s cyber event

Terminator antivirus killer is a vulnerable Windows driver in disguise

Threatening botnets can be created with little code experience

Toyota Australia customers victim of data breach

Toyota finds more misconfigured servers leaking customer info

Toyota data leak exposes drivers’ details – again

Toyotetsu data breach $400K class action settlement

Ukrainian CERT Warns of New SmokeLoader Campaign

Using LinkedIn to get jobs? Beware of THESE fake offer and phishing scams

Why IT professionals should consider cyber insurance

WordPress Rushes Out Jetpack Patch to Millions

You Won’t Believe What Hackers Can Do With Your Social Security Number (SSN)

Zyxel patches vulnerability in NAS devices (CVE-2023-27988)

30th May

$4 Million Ransom: Germany requests grand jury docs in Tennessee hack investigation

5 Cyber Scams Targeting Seniors

9 Million dental patient records published following LockBit ransomware attack

19 Threats To Customers’ Personal Info Companies Shouldn’t Ignore

68% of organizations suffered a cyberattack in past year

89% of businesses report concern over new privacy regulations

ABB confirms data stolen in Black Basta ransomware attack

Advisor Group Issues Alert for 2021 Vendor Data Breach Affecting Clients

Android apps with spyware installed 421 million times from Google Play

Attackers hacked Barracuda ESG appliances via zero-day since October 2022

Barracuda Networks, Inc. Reports Zero-Day Flaw that Could Result in an Untold Number of Data Breaches

Barracuda zero-day abused since 2022 to drop new malware, steal data

Billions of Facebook users warned about ‘look who just died’ scam

BlackCat (ALPHV) Ransomware Levels Up for Stealth, Speed and Exfiltration

Building a Security Culture for Remote Employees

Capita cyber-attack: 90 organisations report data breaches

Capita’s cybersecurity incident sees 90 organisations report data breaches to watchdog

Capital One Confirms Sensitive Customer Info Leaked Following NCB Management Services, Inc. Data Breach

CAPTCHA-Breaking Services with Human Solvers Helping Cybercriminals Defeat Security

Cyber insurance more popular than ever despite rising costs, ransomware threat

Cyberattacks a matter of when, not if: industry leaders

Cybercrime Inc

Cybersecurity Threats Against Small and Medium Sized Businesses: What You Need to Know to Protect Your Business

Dallas Animal Services Still Recovering From City Ransomware Attack

Dark Web Data Leak Exposes RaidForums Members

Data breach affected Fresh del Monte’s employees' information

Data Security: Why the responsibility sits with the C-Suite

Do you Know how to Protect Against Ransomware in 2023?

DogeRAT Malware Impersonates BFSI, Entertainment, E-commerce Apps

Enzo Biochem says ransomware attack exposed patient info, Social Security numbers

Failure to Pay Ransom: Negligence?

FBI warns billions of Gmail and Outlook users over ‘infection message’ that can break computers and cost you money

Generative AI: The new attack vector for trust and safety

Global impact on business email compromise and mitigations

Gouda Hacker: Charges Tie to Ransomware Hit Affecting Cheese

Government Multi Service Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MS-ISAC) Issues Updated Stop Ransomware Guide

Hacker group Anonymous Sudan demands $3 million from Scandinavian Airlines

Hacker Robs Tornado Cash, Launders Loot Through the Same Service

Hackers Stole User Data From 8.9 Million Dental Patients

Hackers targeted Canada’s gas infrastructure. How do renewables fit into cybersecurity in Canada?

Hackers Win $105,000 for Reporting Critical Security Flaws in Sonos One Speakers

HMRC issues scam warning to 1.5m tax credits customers

Hong Kong: Probe into 'data breach' in organ registry withdrawals

How to avoid falling prey to online scam artists

How to protect yourself from a SIM-swap attack

How To Protect Yourself Online: A Hacker’s Guide

How to tell if your practice has been hacked

Human Error Fuels Industrial APT Attacks, Kaspersky Reports

Illinois, Kentucky, and Tennessee Healthcare Orgs Recovering from Recent Cyberattacks

Implementing Risk-Based Vulnerability Discovery and Remediation

Important security tips to help you identify phishing links or URLs

Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) warns businesses over Capita data breach

Insurance regulators examining Point32Health data breach

International Cybersecurity Cooperation Looks Great on Paper, but Needs Work on Implementation

Less than 1 in 5 U.S. clinics are protected against phishing

Many countries have implemented legislation that helps protect citizens from phishing attacks. Will South Africa follow suit?

Microsoft finds macOS bug that lets hackers bypass SIP root restrictions

Microsoft Is Still the Most Spoofed Company for Cybercrime (for the Second Consecutive Year)

Navigating the Complexities of Cybersecurity: CIO Strategies for Protecting Data

Nearly 9 million people affected by data breach from cyberattack on dental insurer

Nigerian Cybercrime Ring's Phishing Tactics Exposed

Nine Million MCNA Dental Customers Hit by Breach

Oakland gets sued after ransomware hack

Onix Group, LLC Announces Data Breach Following Ransomware Attack

Only one-third of districts have a full-time employee dedicated to cybersecurity

Organizations spend 100 hours battling post-delivery email threats

Protecting Sensitive Data

Raidforums Database Leak: Data of 460,000 Users Dumped Online

RaidForums leak, exposing 470K+ users, confirmed

RaidForums Leaked, Data of Almost 500,000 Users Published

Ransomware: A Predictable Response to Market Forces

Ransomware Gangs Adopting Business-like Practices to Boost Profits

Report Shows Rising Digital Fraud In India; FDP Solutions Critical For Enterprises

Retailer Database Error Leaks Over One Million Customer Records

RomCom malware spread via Google Ads for ChatGPT, GIMP, more

ScanSource ‘Has Resumed’ Operations After Ransomware Attack

Security Exchanges Commission (SEC), US Courts, and Department of Defense (DoD) legal platform allegedly breached

SEO Poisoning: How Threat Actors Are Using Search Engines

SimpleTire Database Leak: Over 2.8 Million Records Exposed

Sneaky DogeRAT Trojan Poses as Popular Apps, Targets Indian Android Users

Swiss real estate agency fails to put a password on its systems

Technology integration exposes infrastructure to cyberattacks

The Human Factor in Threat Simulation: Testing Employee Awareness and Training Effectiveness

Top tire manufacturer hit by data breach leaking info on millions of customers

UK-based Capita Updates on Cyber Attack Incidents

Understanding the Progression of a Ransomware Attack

What are the Benefits of Dark Web Monitoring for Small Businesses

Who is Blackbyte? A look at Augusta's cyber attack

Why Are Manufacturers So Prone to Cyber Attacks?

Why the UK Government Must End its Senseless Encryption Demands

WordPress force installs critical Jetpack patch on 5 million sites

WordPress plugin ‘Gravity Forms’ vulnerable to PHP object injection

Zip domains are being abused again to trick victims into a phishing scam

29th May

3 Challenges in Building a Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) Program and How to Beat Them

3 signs your kids may be hackers and what to do about it

7 Reasons to Safeguard Your Business with Robust IT Security Solutions

$8 trillion in losses

21st Century Technologies: Mobile Threat Defense

43 Small Business Cybersecurity Statistics

60% Increase in Cyberattacks on Irish Healthcare System

AceCryptor: Cybercriminals' Powerful Weapon, Detected in 240K+ Attacks

After Israel, Russian hackers eyeing sensitive information of Pakistanis

Android malware ‘Daam’ spreading: CERT-In issues advisory on data security and ransomware

Anonymous Sudan claims second major cyber attack on Scandinavian airline SAS

AT&T warns all iPhone, Android, Gmail, and Outlook users over dangerous link – avoid click mistake that steals cash

Attackers use encrypted RPMSG messages in Microsoft 365 targeted phishing attacks

Beware of gambling apps, phishing attacks targeting users on the rise

Beyond terrorists and ransomware: Contrary to popular culture, hacking isn’t cool - it’s a crime

BlackByte ransom gang claims City of Augusta, Georgia

Capita hack: 90 organisations report data breaches to watchdog

ChatGPT: Will AI Chatbots Help Fight Cyberscam?

Chinese hackers bug Microsoft software to hit critical infrastructure in US

Colombian government targeted by suspected cyber partisans

Company size doesn’t matter when it comes to cyberattacks

Cybercriminals are winning: How companies can turn the tide

Dark web unveils 47k stolen payment cards in South Africa

Data Breach at MCNA Dental Insurer Impacts 9 Million Users

Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA): Possible Compromise of Information Systems

Digital nomads drive changes in identity verification

Don't Click That ZIP File! Phishers Weaponizing .ZIP Domains to Trick Victims

Encrypt (Almost) Everything and Avoid Being the Next Headline

Enhancing cybersecurity in the packaging industry

Enhancing Cybersecurity with AI: The Latest Tools and Techniques

Exploring Solutions of Financial Risks in DeFi

Flash loan attack on Jimbos Protocol steals over $7.5 million

For Enterprises, Secure Data Backup Is The Only Alternative To Ransomware Payments

GoldenJackal cyber gang spying on diplomatic entities in Middle East and South Asia

Hacker Transfers $1M Worth of BNB to Tornado Cash Following Level Finance’s Exploit

Hacker Who Robbed Crypto Laundering Service Tornado Cash Uses It to Mask Loot

Hackers claim they went after Canada’s gas infrastructure. Can renewables withstand the same cyberattacks?

Hackers hold city of Augusta hostage in a ransomware attack

Hackers target Indian organisations with spear phishing

How IT/OT Cybersecurity Threats are Growing in Volume and Scope

How To: Improve Your Cyber Resilience

How To Prevent And Quickly Recover From Ransomware

How To Prevent Credit Card Fraud

HSE sees 60% rise in attempts at cybercrime attacks

India: Believe it or Not, 55% of Digital Frauds Happen Via UPI

Insurance regulators examining Point32Health data breach

Investigation Launched After London City Airport Website Hacked

Invoice and CEO Scams Dominate Fraud Impacting Businesses

Is ChatGPT creating a cybersecurity nightmare? We asked the experts

It’s Time for the United States to Adopt a New Strategy to Combat Ransomware

Italian Ministry hit by “heavy cyberattack”

Jimbos Protocol Hack: $7.5 Million Lost in Latest DeFi Attack

Jimbos Protocol hacked for over $7.5 million using flash loan exploit

Jimbos Protocol offers deal to hacker, threatens police action

Latitude reveals the cost of its cyber attack

Lazarus hackers target Windows IIS web servers for initial access

Lockbit ransomware attack on MCNA Dental impacts 8.9M individuals

Madhya Pradesh power management company’s IT system hit by ransomware attack

MCNA Dental breach exposed nearly 9 Million people

MCNA Dental data breach impacts 8.9 million people after ransomware attack

Mercer University data breach impacted over 93,000 students & others

Microsoft Takes The Title As The Top Spoofed Brand Two Years Running

More and more criminals are using legitimate websites to obfuscate malicious payloads

Most CEOs now see cybersecurity as more important than economic performance

MP power management company hit by ransomware

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