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Monday 9 January 2023

Data Breaches Digest - Week 2 2023

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 9th January and 15th January 2023.

15th January

3 Dangerous Cybersecurity Threats of 2023

Another BIG DATA BREACH, over 2.5 billion Google Chrome users' details at risk

Barbados: Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) departments being reconnected to internet after cyber attack

ChatGPT and its perilous use as a "Force Multiplier" for cyberattacks

Class action firms probe Medibank breach

Hacked evidence and stolen data swamp English courts

Hackers exploit Cacti critical bug to install malware, open reverse shells

How Taliban's takeover of US biometric devices threatens data privacy

Ireland: Scammers and 'phishers' behind €50 million PUP scam overpayments

Millions of Facebook users warned over three ‘red alerts’ – ignoring them could cost you

Navigating the World of Crypto: Tips for Avoiding Scams

Over $3.5 Billion in Crypto Was Stolen Through Hacks in 2022

Over 1,500 Arrests Reported For Cybercrime In Thailand In 2022

Pennsylvania residents most susceptible in country to having passwords stolen

Protecting your online identity: You can control some things and not others

Ransomware has now become a problem for everyone, and not just tech

Social media scams to look out for in 2023 and how to avoid them

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) Chairman, Founder’s Details Hacked As Part of Data Breach

The big risk in the most-popular, and aging, big tech default email programs

TikTok slapped with $5.4 million fine over cookie opt-out feature

Top 10 SaaS Cybersecurity Threats You Must Know in 2023

Top social media scams of 2023 and how to avoid them

US school district cyber attack victims fear account thefts

What Is a Salami Attack? You May Be a Victim and Not Even Know It

14th January

Cacti Servers Under Attack as Majority Fail to Patch Critical Vulnerability

Canada's largest alcohol retailer's site hacked to steal credit cards

CircleCI's hack caused by malware stealing engineer's 2FA-backed session

Cisco Issues Warning for Unpatched Vulnerabilities in EoL Business Routers

Europol Busts Crypto Fraud Call Centers

Facebook Users Received Fake Copyright Strikes From Hackers

Four simple ways to improve your online security and protect your data from hackers

Is it your bank or a scam? How to deal with phishing attacks

Malware Attack on CircleCI Engineer's Laptop Leads to Recent Security Incident

NortonLifeLock is sending data breach notifications, get to know more about it

Russian Hackers Eager to Bypass OpenAI’s Restrictions to Abuse ChatGPT

Should We Be Concerned About OpenAI’s ChatGPT?

Solana Foundation warns about security incident with Mailchimp

TikTok Fined $5.4 Million by French Regulator for Violating Cookie Laws

Why are there so many cyberattacks lately? An explainer on the rising trend

13th January

7 security predictions for 2023

38% global increase in 2022 cyberattacks with healthcare as the most targeted industry in India

70% of apps contain at least one security flaw after 5 years in production

Android TV Box Sold on Amazon Comes With a Special Treat: Malware

Better phishing, easy malicious implants: How AI could change cyberattacks

Beware: Tainted VPNs Being Used to Spread EyeSpy Surveillanceware

Big hacks that defined cybersecurity in 2022

Biggest Cyber Attacks and Data Leaks in History

Bitdefender releases free decryption tool for MegaCortex

Britain’s International Mail Service Hit by Cyber Attack, Russian Ransomware Suspected

Buttoning Up On The Basics: Business Email Compromise (BEC) Is A Simple Yet Precarious Attack Method

Canada’s Okanagan College warns of potential privacy breach after cyber attack

Circles of Care, Inc. Files Notice of Data Breach Affecting More Than 61k Patients

Cisco Warns of Critical Vulnerability in End-of-Life Routers

Cisco warns of two vulnerabilities affecting end-of-life routers

Citrix flaw exploited in ransomware attack against small US business

College confirms cyber attack brought down IT systems

Control Web Panel Vulnerability, CVE-2022-44877, Actively Exploited in the Wild

Cyber attack against Royal Mail linked to Russian hackers

Cyber attack on AIIMS not only hit hospital operations, but also academic processes

Cyber attack on private company stoping recorders offices from updating real estate records

Cyber Attacks on Hospitals for Children Cause More Than Pain

Cyber extortion group lists Trans Maldivian Airways (TMA) as a victim

Cyber-attack contributes to major Harrogate district firm posting £4.1m loss

Cybercrime is on the rise: Learn how to protect against the latest threats

Cybercriminals Using Polyglot Files in Malware Distribution to Fly Under the Radar

Dark Side of the Internet of Things (IoT)

Darktrace Publishes 2022 Cyber-Attack Trend Data for Energy, Healthcare & Retail Sectors Globally

Data Security: This Time, it’s Personal

Data Stolen in Fire Rescue Victoria Cyber-Attack Now on Dark Web

December 2022’s Most Wanted Malware: Glupteba Entering Top Ten and Qbot in First Place

Digital License Plates: A Convenient Future or a Hacker’s Dream?

Don’t Let Your Robot Vacuum See You Naked

Don’t take the phishing bait – you may be caught hook line and sinker

Dozens of clerk of court offices in Louisiana offline following cyber attack

DVLA warning to drivers as cyber criminals continue to target motorists

Employees concerned after Huron-Superior Catholic District School Board cyber attack

Euro Police Bust Multimillion-Dollar Crypto Fraud Gang

Europol takes down call centers that scammed Germans out of €2 million

Evolving Cybersecurity in the Current Security Landscape

Exploit code to hack Lexmark printers and photocopiers published, uses zero day vulnerabilities

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Proposes To Strengthen Data Breach Notification Rules for Telecom Operators

Fortinet Says Recently Patched Vulnerability Exploited to Hack Governments

Fortinet warns of hackers targeting governments through VPN vulnerability

FortiOS Flaw Exploited as Zero-Day in Attacks on Government and Organizations

FortiOS flaw was exploited to compromise governmental targets (CVE-2022-42475)

From phishing scams to propaganda: How Russia, rogue nations utilize cyber capabilities against the US

Google Ad phishing campaign found distributing Rhadamanthys malware

Guardian attacked by ransomware – definitely

Hacker offers data from Belgians for the second time

Hackers are using this old trick to dodge security protections

Hamburg university is being blackmailed by hackers

Hayward Sisters Hospital d/b/a St. Rose Hospital Announces Data Breach

Here’s how to quickly spot a deepfake crypto scam

How did hackers bring Royal Mail to a halt?

How to ensure Cybersecurity in Hybrid Workplaces

How to Implement a Foolproof IoT Cybersecurity Strategy

Illegal Crypto Transaction Volumes Hit All-Time High

Implementing a Robust Cybersecurity Strategy for Your Business

Is ChatGPT a cybersecurity threat?

Knox College: Internal investigation shows sensitive personal info may be compromised

Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) has a warning for customers after "malicious" cyber attack

Local government shouldn’t underestimate its vulnerabilities when it comes to cyber security

Malaysia: Armed Forces communications network remains uncompromised from attempted hacking

Manx Care given extra three months to deal with data breach issues

Market for Security Robots Grows, But Data Privacy Concerns Remain

Meta sues ‘surveillance service’ for creating fake accounts and scraping user data

MetaMask, PayPal, USPS, and Amazon – Top Phishing Scams This Week

Microsoft January Patch Tuesday 2023: 98 Security Vulnerabilities and a Zero Day

Millions of Insurance Customers Compromised Via Supplier

New malware threat aimed at Zoom users

Nigerian cybercriminals arrested in Delhi by Tamil Nadu police after phishing attack on bank

No cybersecurity training in 1/3rd of organisations

NortonLifeLock warns that hackers breached Password Manager accounts

Ohio Supreme Court Rules Insurance Provider Not Required to Cover Cyber-attack Costs

Online vehicle registration affected by cyber-attack in Arkansas

Pepsi Kronos data breach $12.75M class action settlement

Phishing scam invites Russian Telegram users to check ‘conscription lists’ to see if they’ll be drafted in February

PoC exploits released for critical bugs in popular WordPress plugins

Pro-Russian Hacktivist Group Targets Czech Presidential Election

Ransomware attackers are setting the agenda in cybersecurity, so companies must up their game on cyber awareness

Ransomware attacks against schools are on the rise. Are Fort Worth districts ready?

Ransomware gangs are starting to ditch encryption

Ransomware group with links in Russia behind UK Royal Mail incident

Remote work increases data breach risk, research finds

Royal Mail experiences cyber incident

Royal Mail's Attackers Linked to Russia-Backed LockBit

Russia behind cyber-attack on candidates’ websites during presidential elections in Czech Republic

Russian Exchange Dominates Illicit Crypto Volume

Russian Hackers Targeted U.S. Nuclear Labs as Putin Threatened To Use Atomic Weapons

Russian Hackers Try to Bypass ChatGPT's Restrictions For Malicious Purposes

San Benito School Officials Share Cyber Attack Details

Sanctions fuel boom in illicit crypto activity

Securing Critical Infrastructure with Zero Trust

Sierra Pacific Industries faces cyber attack

The Business of Cybercrime and What it Means for MSPs

This industry in India was ‘most targeted’ by hackers in 2022

Twitter Leak Shows How Important API Security Remains in 2023

Twitter Says No Evidence Data Leak Originated From Its Servers

Up to 1,000 ships affected by DNV ransomware attack

Using LastPass? You need to switch urgently, says security firm

Vulnerabilities in cryptographic libraries found through modern fuzzing

What Happens to a Customer After a Data Breach?

What Is Address Poisoning? Everything You Need to Know

What is LockBit ransomware and how does it operate?

Why are there so many cyberattacks lately? An explainer on the rising trend

Why Data Anonymization Doesn’t Work

12th January

3Commas class action claims users victimized in data breach

6 oversights that enable data breaches

8 Guidelines On How To Handle Students’ Personal Information

10 Amazon Scams To Avoid

10 Ways to Protect Your Organization from a Data Breach

12 Ways Hackers Can Attack and Take Control of Your Smart TV

$500 Million T-Mobile Data Breach Class Action Settlement

AI-generated phishing attacks are becoming more convincing

Android TV box on Amazon came pre-installed with malware

Black market crypto flows hit $20bn last year, with sanctioned Russian exchanges joining scammers, dark-net sellers and ransomware attackers as clandestine beneficiaries

British NFT Investments says hackers stole $250,000 worth of assets

Chatbot Security in the Age of AI

CISA adds recently-announced Microsoft zero-day to exploited vulnerability catalog

Cisco won’t fix router flaws even though PoC exploit is available (CVE-2023-20025, CVE-2023-20026)

Community Psychiatry Management, LLC, dba Mindpath Health Announces Data Breach

Companies warned to step up cyber security to become ‘insurable’

Consolidated Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Shields Health Care Group Sued Over 1.9 Million-Record Data Breach

Credential Stealing Flaw in Google Chrome Impacted 2.5 Billion Users

Critical vulnerabilities in Siemens PLC devices could allow bypass of protected boot features (CVE-2022-38773)

Cyber attack on Royal Mail that left letters in limbo was work of Russia-linked hackers

Cybersecurity, ransomware protections lacking in some Florida school districts

‘Dark Pink’ hackers target state and military organizations in Asia, Europe

Darktrace publishes 2022 cyber-attack trend data for energy & retail sectors globally

Des Moines schools resume classes after cyber attack

DNV admits up to 1,000 vessels affected by ransomware attack

European police takes down call centers behind cryptocurrency scams

Experts Detail Chromium Browser Security Flaw Putting Confidential Data at Risk

Fortinet: Government networks targeted with now-patched SSL-VPN zero-day

Free decryptor for victims of MegaCortex ransomware released

From Increased Email Threats To More Regulation: What Does The Security Horizon Hold?

Global Risks Report: Understand the risk landscape in 2023 and beyond

Google Chrome 'SymStealer' Vulnerability Could Affect 2.5 Billion Users

Gootkit Malware Found Targeting Australian Healthcare Sector

Guardian confirms Christmas 2022 cyber attack was ransomware

Guardian says employee records compromised in ransomware attack

Hackers Actively Exploiting Critical "Control Web Panel" RCE Vulnerability

Hackers exploit Control Web Panel flaw to open reverse shells

Hackers linked to Russia behind Royal Mail cyber attack

Health system to pay patients $4K each for data breach

How Credential Misuse Threatens Cloud Operations

How malvertising affects the entire organization and what businesses can do to prevent it

How To Build A Network Of Security Champions In Your Organization

How to cyber secure your apartment

How To Make Zero-Trust a Reality

IcedID Malware Strikes Again: Active Directory Domain Compromised in Under 24 Hours

Incident of the Week: LastPass facing class action lawsuit following data breach

India: After cyber-attack, AIIMS, Delhi ups security to protect its network

Los Angeles Housing Authority Hit By Cyber Ransom Attack

Marks and Spencer shoppers issued warning over scam sites offering fake £100 voucher

MetaMask Addresses Latest Scam – Better Late Than Never

MetaMask warns of new 'Address Poisoning' cryptocurrency scam

Microsoft: Cuba ransomware hacking Exchange servers via OWASSRF flaw

Microsoft retracts its report on Mac ransomware

Microsoft's VALL-E will usher in new era of cyber crime

Millions of Aflac, Zurich insurance customers in Japan have data leaked after breach

New Zealand: 41% increase in 'serious' data breaches

Not All Multi-Factor Authentication Is Created Equal

Now You SIEM, Now You Don’t — Six Failures of Cybersecurity

Over 100 Siemens PLC Models Found Vulnerable to Firmware Takeover

Over 1,300 Domains Used to Deliver Notorious Information Stealer Malware

Over 21,000 Victims Fear Theft After San Benito Schools Hack

Patch where it Hurts: Effective Vulnerability Management in 2023

Preventing security red flags: What to consider when deploying a hybrid workforce

Pro-Russia hackers use Telegram, GitHub to attack Czech presidential election

Protect yourself. Scammers are posing as fake recruiters as part of an identity theft scheme

QakBot Malware Used Unpatched Vulnerability to Bypass Windows OS Security Feature

Quarter of UK SMBs Hit by Ransomware in 2022

Ransomware attack exposes California transit giant’s sensitive data

RAT malware campaign tries to evade detection using polyglot files

Royal Mail: Overseas post still disrupted after 'cyber incident'

Royal Mail cyberattack linked to LockBit ransomware operation

Royal Mail Halts International Deliveries After Cyber-Incident

Russia-linked group behind UK Royal Mail cyber attack, says Telegraph

Russia-linked hackers behind Royal Mail cyber attack

Russian cybersecurity company identifies new hacker group, Dark Pink

Shields Health Care Group class action alleges health care company hid data breach

Telegram Bot Abuse For Phishing Increased By 800% in 2022

Texas Insurance Administrator Discloses Healthcare Data Breach

The Guardian Confirms UK Members' Data Was Accessed in Ransomware Attack

The Guardian in the United Kingdom reaffirms that a cyberattack compromised employee data

The US Department of the Interior has a significant password issue

This Last of Us scam steals banking info and infects gaming PCs with malware

Top Cybersecurity and Email Security Breaches of 2022

TruConnect Files Notice of Data Breach That Leaked as Many As 54,200 Consumers’ Social Security Numbers

Twitter: Leak of 200 Million Accounts Not Due to Historic Bug

Twitter Denies Any Hack Attack in 200 Million Account Leak Scare

Twitter Denies Hacking Claims, Assures Leaked User Data Not from its System

Twitter responds to data breach claims: Nothing to see here

Twitter says leaked emails not hacked from its systems

Ukraine Declares That Russian Cyber Attacks May Be Viewed as War Crimes, Plans To Take Cases to the Hague

Understanding CVE Ranking and the Top CVEs

Vice Society ransomware claims attack on Australian firefighting service

What is Offensive Cyber Security?

What Is Vulnerability Management?

Where is Your Risk? Vulnerabilities in Software Development

Why Cybersecurity Learning and Development is a Lifeline During Economic Downturn

Why You Need Continuous Password Monitoring for True Protection

11th January

28% of businesses saw an increase in security incidents in 2022

77 percent of business managers believe their organizations are likely to experience a data breach in the next three years according to survey

200 million Twitter users had personal data stolen before Elon Musk’s takeover

2022’s Most Significant Data Breaches and Leaks

A guide to internet safety: Know terms like phishing, scamming and more

AI-generated phishing emails just got much more convincing

Applications Five Years or Older Likely to have Security Flaws

Attackers abuse business-critical cloud apps to deliver malware

Australian Healthcare Sector Targeted in Latest Gootkit Malware Attacks

Basic Strategies for Ensuring SaaS Ransomware Protection

Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) promises probe into ransomware hack at Huron Superior Catholic Board

Cisco warns of auth bypass bug with public exploit in EoL routers

Consulate Health Care Reports Third-Party Data Breach

Consumer Healthcare Data Stolen in Recent Ransomware Attack

Crypto audit of Threema revealed many vulnerabilities

Customer and Employee Data the Top Prize for Hackers

Cyber attack takes entire school district offline in the United States

Cyber attack targets Iowa’s largest school district, disrupts online operations

'Cyber incident' halts Royal Mail's international export services

Cybersecurity 2023: threats proliferate but best practice still works

Cybersecurity staff are struggling. Here's how to support them better

Dark Pink APT Group Targets Governments and Military in APAC Region

Data Breach at LG Uplus: 180,000 Customers' Personal Information Exposed

DDoS Attacks Hit Denmark Central Bank and 7 Private Banks

DNV suffers cyber-attack on ShipManager software

Espionage Meets Color: Dark Pink APT Group Revealed

Expert warning not to fall for Marks & Spencer scam

Experts offer tips on facing rise in cyber threats

Facebook groups 'attacked by bots and scams' amid phishing boom

Gootkit malware abuses VLC to infect healthcare orgs with Cobalt Strike

Guardian confirms it was hit by ransomware attack

Hackers stole data of 460,000 individuals in MFHS ransomware attack

Healthcare Supply Chain Attacks Raise Cyber Security Alarm

Hope College class action claims school failed to protect data prior to breach

How Restrictive Laws Are Pushing Chinese Cyber-Criminals Towards Novel Monetization Techniques

How to Find Out if Your Data is Being Sold to a Third Party

How to Recognize and Avoid Phishing Scams on Amazon

Is ChatGPT a cybersecurity threat?

Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) investigating after 'cybersecurity incident' knocks out website and mobile app

‘Love life’ at Oxford University shattered by data breach

Maternal & Family Health Services, Inc. Announces Data Breach Affecting Over 460k Individuals

Microsoft Issues January 2023 Patch Tuesday Updates, Warns of Zero-Day Exploit

Microsoft's first Patch Tuesday of 2023 delivers a massive 98 fixes

Multiple Danish Banks Disrupted By DDoS Cyber-Attack

New Analysis Reveals Raspberry Robin Can be Repurposed by Other Threat Actors

New APT Dark Pink Hits Asia-Pacific, Europe With Spear Phishing Tactics

New Dark Pink APT group targets government and military with custom malware

New hires may spark increase in phishing attacks in 2023

Okanagan College warns of potential privacy breach after cyber attack

OneAmerica Financial Partners, Inc. Files Notice of Recent Data Breach After Phishing Attack

Online scammers cause over €5 million in damage to Estonian residents in 2022

Organizations are adopting Security Service Edge (SSE) technology to secure hybrid work

Over 100 CVEs Addressed in First Patch Tuesday of 2023

Prices for Breached Data on the Dark Web in 2022

Ransomware attack at Hope Sentamu Learning Trust in York

Ransomware attacks decreased 61% in 2022

Ransomware Attacks – Harmless Annoyances or Catastrophic Events?

Report reveals that successful ransomware attacks were down 61 percent in 2022 compared to 2021

Royal Mail halts international services after cyberattack

Royal Mail tells people not to send post abroad due to 'cyber incident'

San Francisco BART investigates Vice Society’s data breach claims

Scattered Spider hackers use old Intel driver to bypass security

Sensitive Files From San Francisco Transit Police Allegedly Leaked

Slack Security Breach Highlights Risks of SaaS Session Hijacking

‘StrongPity’ hackers created fake video-chat app to spy on users

Study shows attackers can use ChatGPT to significantly enhance phishing and BEC scams

Taiwan: Personal medical records not part of data breach

The Guardian confirms criminals accessed staff data in ransomware attack

This fake Geek Squad email tricks you into calling a fraudster

Threema claims encryption flaws never had a real-world impact

Timeline of the latest LastPass data breaches

Twitter claims leaked data of 200M users not stolen from its systems

Twitter says leaked data on 200 million users was likely publicly available info

Ukraine ‘has to be ready for new more powerful and complex’ cyberattacks

Want to avoid phishing attacks and protect your personal data? Here's a step-by-step guide

Watch out for phishing attacks after the latest credit breach

Zurich Insurance Suffers Cyber Attack

10th January

4 identity security trends to watch in 2023

5 sneaky tricks crypto phishing scammers used last year

7 Types of Identity-Based Attacks

2023 Predictions

244,300 patients potentially affected in colonoscopy prep retail site data breach

A Fake Pokemon Featured NFT Game is Controlling User Devices

Air France-KLM's Flying Blue customers affected in loyalty programme breach

Alleged Insider Access to Telegram Servers Sold on the Dark Web

All you need to know about the ‘Godfather’ malware targeting this country’s financial system

Assessing Upcoming Data and Online Protection Legislation in the UK

Banks in Denmark face cyber attack

Bay Bridge Administrators, LLC Notifies Individuals of Data Breach

British company that helps make semiconductors hit by cyber incident

Building Zero-Trust Into API Security

California's Digital License Plates Have Already Been Hacked Just As Security Experts Warned

Canada: Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) website, app down due to cybersecurity incident

Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) promises probe into ransomware hack at local Catholic Board

CircleCI Rotates GitHub 0Auth Tokens After Security Incident

CISA orders agencies to patch Exchange bug abused by ransomware gang

Consulate Healthcare Provides Notice of Third-Party Vendor Data Breach

Critical Infrastructure: Why It’s The New Target For Cybercriminals

Critical Security Flaw Found in "jsonwebtoken" Library Used by 22,000+ Projects

Cyber Attack Continues to Impact Local Records Offices

Cyber-attack on DNV impacts 6,000+ vessels using ShipManager software

Cyberattack keeps Iowa's largest school district closed

Cybercrime-as-a-Service, Ransomware Still on the Rise

Data Breaches and Cyber Attacks in 2022: 408 Million Breached Records

DDoS Attacks in Fintech - Time to Worry?

Delinea: Ransomware Attacks Down 61% in 2022, Ransom Payments Also Drop

Delinea 2022 State of Ransomware Report Reveals That Attacks are Down 61% from the Previous Year, and Ransom Payments are Also on the Decline

Des Moines, Iowa, schools closed following apparent cyber attack

Digital Rights Ireland suing Facebook and Data Protection Commission (DPC) over data breach

DNV Reveals About The Recent Cyber-Attack On Its ShipManager Software

Elevate Services, Inc. Confirms Recent Data Breach Leaked Consumers’ Social Security Numbers

Experian Vulnerability Exposed Credit Reports

Expert Analysis Reveals Cryptographic Weaknesses in Threema Messaging App

Facebook data-scraping breach triggers GDPR enforcement lawsuit in Ireland

Fidelity Building Services Group Files Notice of Data Breach Compromising Consumers’ Social Security Numbers

First, they gain trust. Then, they gain unauthorized access. All it takes is a few seconds to be phished

Five Guys says breach may have compromised applicant data

Hackers target Android users with fake Shagle video-chat app

‘Hacking should be used to wake up and rebel,’ says hacker group Guacamaya

How a South African hacker group stole millions in resources from cloud platforms to fund crypto mining

How to prevent and detect lateral movement attacks

In an industry first, insurance firm announces cyber bond to cover claims over $300 million

Indian Group Behind Hacking of Pakistani Government Institutions Discovered

Insurer Beazley introduces catastrophe bond to ease cyber risk

Iowa school district cancels classes another day due to cyberattack

Iowa's Des Moines Public Schools Cancel Classes Due to Cyber Attack

Iowa’s largest school district cancels classes after cyberattack

Ireland: Data Protection Commission assessing alleged Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) data breach involving Kerry letting agency

Isle of Man: Manx Care won't have to pay £170,000 data breach fine

Italian Users Warned of Malware Attack Targeting Sensitive Information

L. Knife & Son Informs Customers and Employees of Recent Data Breach

Legacy Operating Company, LLC d/b/a/ Legacy Hospice Reports Data Breach After Unauthorized Access to Employee Email Accounts

Leverage the zero trust architecture model to grow your business

Lorenz ransomware gang plants backdoors to use months later

Maintaining Data Security in Plant Operations

Mango Markets Hacker in US Regulator's Crosshairs

Microsoft Exchange bugs top list of exploited vulnerabilities affecting financial sector

Microsoft plugs actively exploited zero-day hole (CVE-2023-21674)

Microsoft Seeing Exploits Of Windows Zero Day Vulnerability

Morgan Advanced Materials hit by attempted cyber attack

Netskope Tracks Malware Source to More Than 400 Cloud Apps

Over 1,300 fake AnyDesk sites push Vidar info-stealing malware

Oxford University dating website Oxshag which promised to help 'undersexed' students find 'bookworms with benefits' is shut down over 'data breach after revealing name of everyone with university email address'

Pro-Ukraine hackers leak Russian data in hopes someone will make sense of it

Protect yourself from cybercriminals with digital hygiene

Putting an end to ransomware attacks targeting K-12 school districts

Rackspace Update: Hackers Used Zero-Day Exploit in Ransomware Attack

Ransomware: The greatest threat to state and local governments today

Ransomware attack exposes California transit giant’s sensitive data

Ransomware attacks are decreasing, but companies remain vulnerable

Regular audits key to war on cybercrime

Remote working and future cyber-security challenges

Remote Working Increases Likelihood Of Data Breaches Says Research

Researchers claim CircleCI breach may affect other cloud, third-party applications

Researchers Find Security Flaw in JsonWebToken Library Used By 20,000+ Projects

Romanian man sentenced for laundering $3.5 million in fraudulent online auction proceeds

RomCom RAT Attack Analysis: Fake It to Make It

Russian Hackers Tried to Break Into the U.S.'s Top Nuclear Labs

Severe Security Flaw Found in "jsonwebtoken" Library Used by 22,000+ Projects

South Korea: Personal info of 180,000 LG Uplus customers leaked

StrongPity Hackers Distribute Trojanized Telegram App to Target Android Users

Taiwan: Prosecutors continue probe into alleged data breach at National Health Insurance Administration (NHIA)

The Evolution of Ransomware and How Enterprises Can Protect Themselves

The Importance Of Smart Contract Audits And Best Security Practices

The number of cloud apps delivering malware nearly tripled in 2022

Third-Party Health Data Breaches Dominated in 2022

Trojan Puzzle attack trains AI assistants into suggesting malicious code

UK Businesses Spend £600K Annually To Repel Cyber Attacks, as More Become Affected by Data Breaches

UK Charities Offered Free Cyber Essentials Support

Ukraine: Russian Cyber-Attacks Should Be Considered War Crimes

US: Interior Department’s Cyber Practices Allow for Easily Crackable Passwords, Watchdog Finds

US Supreme Court Allows WhatsApp to Sue NSO Group

Using a Risk-Based Approach to Cyber Recruitment

What Is Cloud Security?

Zero Trust Architecture: The security shield for enterprises

Zoom Phishing Site Delivers IcedID Malware, Poses Threat to User Banking Credentials

Zurich Insurance Suffers Cyber Attack

9th January

3 simple, free ways to improve your online security in 2023

5G is Rolling Out: Time to Plug Security Gaps

10 indicators that your computer is being spied on

Air France-KLM's frequent flyer program hit by hackers in data breach

Auth0 fixes RCE flaw in JsonWebToken library used by 22,000 projects

Automotive Industry Exposed to Have Major API Vulnerabilities

Biggest healthcare cyber attacks this decade

CEO wake up call: the buck stops here

ChatGPT can be used to write phishing emails, malicious code, warn security experts

ChatGPT Used to Develop New Malicious Tools

Chick-fil-A acknowledges customer account abuse but denies compromise of internal systems

Copper Mountain Mining Provides Operational Update on Ransomware Attack

Cyber insurance premiums on the rise for UK businesses

Cyber skills every employee should have

Cybersecurity is no longer just about protecting against viruses, trojans, and spyware

Data Privacy Vs. Data Security: Four Implications For Business Leaders

DNV’s Fleet Management Software Hit By Cyber Attack

DNV’s ShipManager software victim of cyber-attack

Facebook users targeted in copyright infringement scam

Fake OnlyFans dating sites abuse UK Environment Agency open redirect

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) plans strict overhaul of 15-year-old US data breach regulations

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Wants to Accelerate Breach Reporting for Telcos

Fire Rescue Victoria notifies the Australian Information Commissioner of possible data breach

Five Tips For Adopting CSaaS To Reduce Long-Term Cyberattack Risks

Flipper Zero: 'Can you really hack Wi-Fi networks?' and other questions answered

Freejacking Campaign By PurpleUrchin Bypasses Captchas

Global Cyber-Attack Volume Surges 38% in 2022

Gloucestershire children's personal details leaked online following cyber attack

Gotta catch ‘em all: cybercriminals target victims with fake Pok√©mon game

Guardian systems hit by ransomware attack

Hacker Gets Arrested For Stealing Money From Vietnamese Crypto Exchange

Hackers Can Abuse Visual Studio Marketplace to Target Developers with Malicious Extensions

How Cybersecurity Leaders Can Build Employee Trust - And Why It Is Important

How safe is your Mac?

How To: Collaborate Without Sharing Data

How To Get Ahead Of The Scam Economy: Employers Are The Missing Link

How to improve your incident response plan for 2023

How Tornado Cash Helped Hackers Launder Money in 2022

Identity Thieves Bypassed Experian Security to View Credit Reports

In a flutter: Raspberry Robin malware causes cybersecurity alarm

India: Cyber attackers evolving baiting methods, warns Telangana police

India: Post AIIMS attack, government bodies on high alert, issue multiple security advisories

Insurers in driving seat for setting cyber standards in France

Iran’s support of Russia draws attention of pro-Ukraine hackers

Is Russia losing the cyber warfare?

It’s official: Digital trust really matters to everyone online

Kinsing Cryptojacking Hits Kubernetes Clusters via Misconfigured PostgreSQL

Kubernetes clusters hacked in malware campaign via PostgreSQL

LastPass hack aftermath: can we trust password managers?

Leonicorn Swap divulges future plan of action post exploit

Lessons Learned from Ransomware in 2022

Malicious PyPI Packages Using Cloudflare Tunnels to Sneak Through Firewalls

Medstar Mobile Healthcare reports a ransomware attack affecting 612,000 patients

Men more likely to have had identity stolen than women, survey suggests

Microsoft Flags Ransomware Problems on Apple's macOS Platform

Millions of Vehicles at Risk: API Vulnerabilities Uncovered in 16 Major Car Brands

Moldova‘s government targeted by a phishing scam

New Study Uncovers Text-to-SQL Model Vulnerabilities Allowing Data Theft and DoS Attacks

No good deed goes unpunished: How phishing exploits government workers

Over 200 million emails leaked in colossal Twitter hack

People are already trying to get ChatGPT to write malware

Prosecutors Reviewing Broward Administrator Actions Over Data Breach

Rackspace customer data taken in 'PLAY' ransomware attack

Rackspace ransomware attack investigation unlikely to satisfy angry customers

Rackspace ransomware attack was executed by using previously unknown security exploit

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