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Monday 12 December 2022

Data Breaches Digest - Week 50 2022

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 12th December and 18th December 2022.

18th December

2022 Cyber Review: The Year the Ukraine War Shocked the World

AI-armed cyberattacks may get lethal in next 5 years, warns report

AIIMS cyber attack: Delhi Police seeks information on Chinese hackers through Interpol

AIIMS server attack: Delhi Police seeks info on China, Hong Kong-based IP address

Are Technical Support Scams Getting More Advanced?

Fire and rescue service in Victoria, Australia, confirms cyber attack

From parcel delivery scams to fake websites - what to look out for in run-up to Christmas

Gemini’s customer data leak was advertised for sale on hacker forums for 30 BTC in September

How FIFA World Cup 2022 became the hunting ground for hackers

How Many Spam Emails Are Sent Per Day in 2022?

Items seized in AirAsia data breach probe

Microsoft digital certificates used to sign malware by ransomware group Cuba

’One step ahead’: Cyber criminals running rings around Australian firms

Restaurant CRM platform ‘SevenRooms’ confirms breach after data for sale

Saudi Arabia Has Transformed Its Cyber Defenses, But Businesses Need To Do More

Scammers Are Now Scamming Fellow Scammers On Cybercrime Forums, Analysis Shows

Solana Based DeFi Exchange Raydium Investigated An Exploit

Stay safe from financial frauds during year-end sales

T-Mobile hacker gets 10 years for $25 million phone unlock scheme

The case for a security program

The digital age: Are you cyber secure?

Three Ways Schools Can Fend Off Ransomware Attacks

Top 5 Misuses of AI and their Consequences

What Is Carding and How Can You Stay Safe From It?

What We Learned From Cybersecurity Attacks in Healthcare in 2022

Zimperium Discovers Novel Predatory Loan Malware In Flutter Apps

17th December

13+ Bored Apes Stolen As Yet Another Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) Scam Rattles The Industry

Abanca faces $3.29 mn penalty for delay in reporting cyber attack

AirAsia: Probe into data leak ongoing

Bitcoin Is Not as Secure and Private as You Think: Here's Why

Clearview Public Schools experiences data breach on Indeed.com

Countries With The Highest Rate Of Cybercrime 2023: Top 10

Cyberattacks and their Vulnerabilities in Business

Cyberattacks on hospitals thwart India's push to digitize health care

Cyber Warfare Is Getting Real

Cybersecurity Analysts Have Discovered That Fancy Beat Is Sniffing The US Satellite Network

Fire Rescue Victoria confirms cyber attack

Five AIIMS servers were affected, 1.3 TB of data encrypted in cyber attack

Gamers Beware: Cybercriminals Are Coming for You Next

Gemini Customer Data Leak Was Advertised for Sale on Hacker Forums for 30 BTC in September

Glupteba malware is back in action after Google disruption

Hacker Exploits Solana-Based Project Raydium for Over $4,300,000 As the Protocol’s Native Token Slumps

Hacker Halts Sale of FBI’s High-Profile InfraGard Database

Hacker Stole Sensitive Information From FBI’s Database

Hackers selling user data from CoWIN platform on DarkWeb

How To Prevent Hackers From Hijacking Your Crypto Wallets

Isle of Man: 363 WiFi routers found to be at risk of serious cyber-attack

Jetting off for winter sun? Seven travel scams to avoid

LastPass’ Controversial Security Breach - What You Need To Know

Microsoft Cites Safety Concerns for Cloud Service Customers - Bans Crypto Mining

New Warning Issued Against Phishing Campaign That Uses Facebook Posts To Steal User Data

Over 9 Million Credit Card Data Exposed from Leading Payment Systems

Protecting edge data in the era of decentralization

Samba Issues Security Updates to Patch Multiple High-Severity Vulnerabilities

Solana’s hack story continues with Raydium Protocol as the new victim

Spam vs. Phishing: How Are These Unwanted Messages Different?

Telegram App Scams & The Steps To Protect Against Them

Uber suffers hacker attack and has several data leaked

Watch out for these holiday scams in South Africa

What Can Someone Do with Your IP Address? (& How to Stop it in 2022)

What’s cybersecurity and why it’s important

Why do cyber-attacks increase during holidays?

World Cup final a target for scammers

16th December

5 ways to stay safe from financial frauds during year-end sales

A Ransomware Attack on a Small Managed IT Provider Disrupts Government Agencies in New Zealand

A ransomware gang used credentials from the Lapsus leak to sign malware

Agenda Ransomware Switches to Rust to Attack Critical Infrastructure

Agenda Ransomware Uses Rust to Target More Vital Industries

AIIMS cyber attack: No ransom was demanded, most data restored, Government states in Parliament

Amazon, DHL, Walmart, & Neixcei[.]com - Top Scams & Phishing Schemes of the Week

Asian countries dominate list of least cyber-secure remote working locations

Auditors Find Cyber Weaknesses Across Kansas Government

Australia's second-largest telecom provider TPG Telecom suffers a cyber attack

Australian fire service operating 85 stations shuts down network after cyberattack

Australians demand execs held liable for cyber breaches

Beware of QR code scam or lose money: how to identify and be safe from such scams

Bloodless hidden Cyber Wars against India

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Subcontractor Data Breach Potentially Exposes Data of 254,000 Customers

CISA Alert: Veeam Backup and Replication Vulnerabilities Being Exploited in Attacks

Colombian energy supplier EPM hit by BlackCat ransomware attack

Compliance Is Not Enough: How to Manage Your Customer Data

Compromised Data Of 5.7M Gemini Crypto Exchange Users Given Away On Hacking Forums

Creating Resilience Against Future Supply Chain Attacks

Critical Infrastructure Attacks: Convergence of IoT and OT Gives Hackers a Huge Attack Surface

Cyber attack on NZ’s largest insurer of doctors MAS may have exposed members’ personal data

Cyber incident may cost Empire supermarket chain $25 million

Cyber security: What does your finance team need to know?

Cyber Security Is Not a Losing Game - If You Start Right Now

Cybercriminals Leverage File-Based Attacks to Infiltrate Critical Networks

Cybercriminals threaten to leak sensitive Vancouver Film School data

Cybercriminals’ latest grift: powdered milk and sugar by the truckload

Cybersecurity: What 2023 will bring

Cybersecurity attack hits 3 Brooklyn hospitals

DarkTortilla malware spreads on phishing sites masquerading as legitimate domains

Data breach at Rochester Public Library

Defending Against the Expanding as-a-Service Threat Landscape

Digital cyber threats in Africa’s e-commerce and payment sectors

Elon Musk claims he was doxxed. But what exactly is that?

Ensuring trust for high-value digital transactions

European Central Bank (ECB) Fines Spain's Abanca for Delay in Reporting Cyber Hack

Executives take more cybersecurity risks than office workers

Facebook Infrastructure Used by Hackers in Phishing Attack Chain

Fancy a holiday? You might be paying for someone else's

FBI warns that BEC attacks now also target food shipments

Financially Motivated Hacker Behind Rackspace Ransomware Attack

Fire Rescue Victoria confirms cyber attack

Getting healthcare security on the road to recovery

Hacker Infiltrates FBI Portal, Lists Details of 87,000 Users for Sale

Hackers Breach TPG Telecoms’ Email Host to Steal Client Data

How Offensive Security Could Have Prevented These Three Cyber Breaches

How to Keep Your Devices Safe From Juice Jacking

Iran-Backed Charming Kitten APT Eyes Kinetic Ops, Kidnapping

Kaspersky uncovers new World Cup scams heading into final

Latest Cyber Guidance for Retailers from NCSC

Little Rock School District approves $250K payment in ransomware settlement

LockBit Holds for Ransom Data from California’s Department of Finance

Log4j: The Ghost of Christmas Future?

Medibank’s Ransomware Saga Continues

Microsoft Alert: DDoS Botnet Hit Private Minecraft Servers

Microsoft warns of new Minecraft DDoS malware infecting Windows, Linux

Millions of Instagram users warned over new ‘hack alert’ by Meta cyber-experts

Millions of IP cameras around the world are unprotected

Minecraft Servers Under Attack: Microsoft Warns About Cross-Platform DDoS Botnet

New supply chain attack targeted Ukrainian government networks

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Signs "Landmark" Privacy Agreement

Over 600,000 data records of Indian private bank's customers leaked on a cybercriminal forum

Rackspace executives stand by ransomware response

Rackspace says customers will start getting access to ransomware-hit data within days

Russian hackers claim to have infiltrated FBI with names and bank details exposed

Scammers steal hundreds of thousands of dollars in shipments from US food suppliers, FBI warns

Security Professionals Advise On How To Improve The Security Operations Center

Social Blade Confirms Data Breach Exposing PII on the Dark Web

Subcontractor Breach Affects 245K Medicare Beneficiaries

The FBI is worried about a wave of cyber crime against America’s small businesses

This devious phishing campaign uses Facebook messages to trick its victims

Trojanized Windows 10 Installer Used in Cyberattacks Against Ukrainian Government Entities

Two-Thirds of Security Pros Have Burnt Out in Past Year

Uber Data Breach of Employee Information Caused by Third-Party Vendor

UK universities implement new IP traffic policies to combat ransomware

US: Up to 254,000 Medicare beneficiaries are getting new ID cards due to data breach at subcontractor. What they need to know

What Are Cyber Threats and What to Do About Them

What is Doxxing?

What Is Spyware?

What Is the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)?

Why ‘quiet quitting’ could fuel the next major cybersecurity breach

Woman gets 66 months in prison for role in $3.3 million ID fraud operation

Zero-Trust: Restoring Resilience in the Cloud

Zimperium teams discover new malware in Flutter developed apps

15th December

18-year-old Brit arrested in international raid on hacker-for-hire sites

48 DDoS-hiring Services Busted by FBI in Major Sweep

Android Malware Campaign Leverages Money-Lending Apps to Blackmail Victims

Australia at increased risk of cyber attack

Australian Telecom Giant TPG Discloses Email Hack

Basic Cybersecurity Facts To Consider Before Investing In Digital Assets & Cryptocurrencies

Breakdown of the Rackspace Ransomware Incident

Cash Registers Frozen at Intersport After Ransomware Attack

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Responds to Third-Party Data Breach Impacting 254K Medicare Beneficiaries

Check Point classifies Azov as wiper, not ransomware

Computer viruses causing $883 million damage in Vietnam

Continental investigating 'month-long' cyber attack on IT systems

Cyber insurance premiums continue to skyrocket

Cyber issue hits Victorian fire service

Distractions at work can have serious cybersecurity implications

Emerging Threats: Cyber Attacks and Side-Channel Evolution

Ethical Hackers - Pothunter Of Software Vulnerabilities

Fake leaks: how scammers defraud each other

FuboTV outage during World Cup semifinal was caused by cyberattack

FuboTV says World Cup streaming outage caused by a cyberattack

FBI Charges 6, Seizes 48 Domains Linked to DDoS-for-Hire Service Platforms

Feds Hit DDoS-for-Hire Services with 48 Domain Seizures

Five Best Practices for Consumers to Beat Phishing Campaigns This Holiday Season

FuboTV struck by ‘criminal cyber attack’ during World Cup game

Google Chrome Users Don't Need Passwords Anymore! Passkeys Is Changing How We Protect Our Digital Information

GRIT Ransomware Report: November 2022

Hacker alleges that the FBI's critical infrastructure was compromised

Hacker claims breach of FBI’s critical-infrastructure portal

Hackers Bombard Open Source Repositories with Over 144,000 Malicious Packages

Hackers leak personal info allegedly stolen from 5.7M Gemini users

Hackers target Japanese politicians with new MirrorStealer malware

Hacking Using SVG Files to Smuggle QBot Malware onto Windows Systems

How AI security enhances detection and analytics for today’s sophisticated cyberthreats

Incident of the Week: Over 77,000 Uber employee details leaked in data breach

Increased risk for detrimental damage caused by ransomware gangs

India: A Hydra-headed Monster

Indians exposed to cyber risk, 265 million accounts breached since 2004

Iran-linked Charming Kitten espionage gang bares claws to pollies, power orgs

Is Cyber Crime A Threat To Environmental Sustainability?

Joint Ransomware Task Force assesses efforts to combat ransomware

Lakeside Software, LLC Files Notice of Data Breach After Incident Results in Leaked SSNs

LEGO BrickLink bugs let hackers hijack accounts, breach servers

Loan Scam Campaign 'MoneyMonger' Exploits Flutter to Hide Malware

Met Opera Website And Box Office Back Online Following Cyberattack

‘Meta-Phish’ campaign leverages Facebook for phishing attacks

Microsoft bans crypto mining to protect its cloud service customers

Microsoft Reclassifies SPNEGO Extended Negotiation Security Vulnerability as 'Critical'

North Korean Hackers Exploit Social Media to Fund Missile Program

November 2022’s Most Wanted Malware: A Month of Comebacks for Trojans as Emotet and Qbot Make an Impact

NSA, CISA Warn Against Threats to 5G Network Slicing

Number of command-and-control servers spiked in 2022

Over 85% of Attacks Hide in Encrypted Channels

Personal information of 77,000 Uber employees stolen in third-party vendor breach

Phishing attack uses Facebook posts to evade email security

Platforms Flooded with 144,000 Phishing Packages

Play ransomware gang targets Antwerp's IT solutions provider, disrupts municipal & healthcare services

Police shut down 48 DDoS-for-hire services, arrest 7 alleged administrators

Potential cyber attack hits Victoria's peak fire response agency

Prosecutors charge six, seize 48 domains over DDoS-for-hire services

Ransomware Business Models: Future Pivots and Trends

Researchers Uncover MirrorFace Cyber Attacks Targeting Japanese Political Entities

Security alert: Use these most popular passwords at your peril

Should crypto projects ever negotiate with hackers? Probably

Singapore: Police warn shoppers about parcel delivery phishing scams after 130 victims lose S$182,000 in first 2 weeks of December

Social Blade admits to being hacked

Social Blade confirms breach after hacker posts stolen user data

South Africa: Cyber criminals lurking ahead of Xmas season

South Korea ranks 5th in countries losing the most money to data breaches in the world

Spyware and surveillance-for-hire industry ‘growing globally’

Statement From FuboTV Regarding December 14, 2022 Cyber Attack

The International Approach To Combat Ransomware Requires Private Sector Cooperation

The Professionalization of Ransomware: What You Need to Know

The State of Cybersecurity: Why Industry Experts Are Optimistic

These hackers used Microsoft-signed malicious drivers to further their ransomware attacks

Think of cyber insurance as a strategic business decision

Third-Party Phishing Campaign Reportedly Impacted Gemini Customer Data

TPG Shares Plummet After Cyber Hack Exposes Customers

Tracking Malicious Glupteba Activity Through the Blockchain

Trend Micro Urges Security Teams to Prepare for the Next Era of Ransomware

Uber hit by another data breach

Ukrainian government networks breached via trojanized Windows 10 installers

Unit 42 highlights threat intelligence importance as Russia, Ukraine ransomware attacks fly under the radar

Western Australia to get Privacy Commissioner, data breach notice scheme

What is Doxxing?

What Makes the FIFA World Cup a Prime Target for Cyber-Criminals?

Why Understanding Risk is Key to Cyber Resilience

Will 2023 be another year of chaos and instability?

Windows: Still insecure after all these years

14th December

1 out of 5 Indians have been targets of a data breach

3 major threat detection methods explained

6 IBM cybersecurity predictions for 2023: Ransomware and CaaS will spike

7 Methods to Prevent Phishing Attacks Organizations are Facing

10 Top Cybersecurity Predictions for 2023

$26M SolarWinds settlement over data breach disclosure seeks initial OK

50% of US Banks Have No Email Security

Advanced Azov data wiper likely to become active threat

AgentTesla Remains Most Prolific Malware in November, Emotet and Qbot Grow

AIIMS Ransomware Attack Originated from China, Data on 5 Hacked Servers Retrieved

Another year of threats: where fintech firms will need to focus security efforts in 2023

Apple Fixes Actively Exploited iPhone Zero-Day Vulnerability

Attackers use SVG files to smuggle QBot malware onto Windows systems

Batten Down The IT Hatches: Weathering An Unstable Economy With Resilient Cybersecurity

Chinese hackers suspected to be behind AIIMS cyber attack

CISA Warns Veeam Backup & Replication Vulnerabilities Exploited in Attacks

Consumer threats to look out for in 2023

Counter insider risks by taking security out to the edge

Crypto users claim Gemini email leak occurred much earlier than first reported

Cyber Risk Quantification for Critical Infrastructure

Cybereason Warns Global Organizations Against Destructive Ransomware Attacks From Black Basta Gang

Cybersecurity: Trends From 2022 and Predictions For 2023

December 2022 Patch Tuesday: Get Latest Security Updates from Microsoft and More

Delhi AIIMS servers hacked by Chinese, data safe now

Digital DNA theft could be coming in 2023

Employers, beware of scammers hijacking your identity to commit job recruitment fraud

Facing hard truths the first step to beating cyber crime over the holidays

Families urged not to fall for these common cost of living scams

FBI seized domains linked to 48 DDoS-for-hire service platforms

FBI’s Security Platform InfraGard Hacked; 87k Members’ Data Sold Online

FINRA sees surge in ransomware attacks

Flashpoint finds Australia the sixth most targeted country for ransomware

Hackers Actively Exploiting Citrix ADC and Gateway Zero-Day Vulnerability

Health Care Under Cyberattack: Unprotected Medical IoT Devices Threaten Patient Care

How can a company defend against data breaches? It starts with employees

How ChatGPT can turn anyone into a ransomware and malware threat actor

How Criminals Extort Healthcare Victims With Ransomware

Identity of those behind AIIMS cyber attack may be revealed only after NIA probe

Improper use of password managers leaves people vulnerable to identity theft

Iran-linked cyberspies expand targeting to medical researchers, travel agencies

Iranian Hacker Group Pivots Targets To Support Hostile Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Operations

Iranian state-aligned threat actor targets new victims in cyberespionage and kinetic campaigns

Kaye-Smith Announces Data Breach Potentially Affecting MultiCare Patients

Loan Fee Fraud Surges by a Fifth as Christmas Approaches

LockBit behind the ransomware attack on the California Department of Finance

Microsoft patches Windows zero-day used to drop ransomware

Microsoft Patches Zero-Day Magniber Ransomware Hackers Used

Microsoft-Signed Drivers Helped Hackers Breach System Defenses

Microsoft-Signed Malicious Drivers Usher In EDR-Killers, Ransomware

MSPs, Hybrid Workers and Connected Cars Face Cyber-Threat Onslaught in 2023

New Actively Exploited Zero-Day Vulnerability Discovered in Apple Products

New GoTrim Botnet Attempting to Break into WordPress Sites' Admin Accounts

New Mexico Regulation and Licensing suffers data breach

New ThreatLabz Report Reveals Over 85% of Attacks Are Encrypted

New Year, New Problems: Why 2023 Could be Another Turbulent Time for Cybersecurity

North Star Leasing, a Division of Peoples Bank, Provides Notice of Recent Data Breach

NSA shares tips on mitigating 5G network slicing threats

Oil & gas cyber security considerations

On the 12th day of the Rackspace email disaster, it did not give to me...

One Brooklyn Health group yet to recover from a cyberattack

One in Five Security Professionals Won’t Bet a Chocolate Bar They Could Prevent a Damaging Breach

Open source code for commercial software applications is ubiquitous, but so is the risk

Open-source repositories flooded by 144,000 phishing packages

Ottawa-area IT firm says it has fully recovered from ransomware attack

Parsing LastPass’ data breach notice

Phishing Reaches New Quarterly High in Late 2022

Ransomware Attackers Use Microsoft-Signed Drivers to Gain Access to Systems

Royal Ransomware Puts Novel Spin on Encryption Tactics

Russian Medibank hackers could be first targets of Australian sanctions against cyber-attackers

Scam alert: How to avoid the Cadbury Christmas giveaway fraud on WhatsApp

Securing your UPS systems against cyberattacks

Signed Microsoft Drivers Used in Attacks Against Businesses

South Africa: Reported cyber attack had no impact, Reserve Bank says

Stay cyber secure during this World Cup

Survey Surfaces General Sense of Cloud Insecurity in the Enterprise

The Dark Web is Getting Darker - Ransomware Thrives on Illegal Markets

The Social Engineering Code of Ethics

'Third-party incident' impacted Gemini with 5.7 million emails leaked

TPG reveals emails of 15,000 iiNet and Westnet customers exposed in hack

Two Zero-Days Fixed in December Patch Tuesday

Uber Confirms Data Breach after Third-Party Vendor Gets Hacked

Urgent warning issued over new text scam offering 'income return': Here's how to make sure you don't get fooled

US finds its ‘center of gravity’ in the fight against ransomware

VMware fixes critical ESXi and vRealize security flaws

What CISOs consider when building up security resilience

What Is BlackCat Ransomware and How Can You Prevent It?

13th December

5 things school districts need to know before selecting a security provider

24% of technology applications contain high-risk security flaws

33% of consumers are victims of data breaches on companies that are tasked with keeping their data safe

921 password attacks are happening every second, here’s how to stay protected

Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR) Public Gallery flaw could have wiped or poisoned any image

Amazon Web Services (AWS) fixes vulnerability affecting container image repository

Analyzing Australia’s cyberthreat landscape, and what it means for the rest of the world

Apple security update fixes new iOS zero-day used to hack iPhones

Are Website Passwords Soon Coming To An End?

Aussie Data Breaches Surge 489% in Q4 2022

Australia: New South Wales passes mandatory notification of data breaches scheme for its public sector agencies – to be in place by 28 November 2023

Australia and Vanuatu sign defense and cybersecurity pact

Automating the cyber-skills gap

Beware of WhatsApp Messages Offering Free Data to Watch FIFA World Cup

BMW Social Media Accounts Have Seemingly Been Hacked

Boeing Addresses 'Cybersecurity Incident' in SEC Filing

Business email compromise attacks now targeting people via SMS messages

California Hit By Cyber-Attack, LockBit Claims Responsibility

California hospital breach exposed patients’ Social Security numbers, medical info

California Hospital Notifies Patients of Healthcare Data Breach

Chinese hackers stole millions worth of US Covid fund

‘Crisis situation’ declared as two Swedish municipalities hit by cyberattack

Critical FortiOS pre-auth RCE vulnerability exploited by attackers (CVE-2022-42475)

Cyber-espionage group Cloud Atlas targets Russia and its supporters

Cybersecurity Experts Uncover Inner Workings of Destructive Azov Ransomware

Cybersecurity Trends: IBM’s Predictions for 2023

Data Breach Costs Reach All-Time High

DDoS Activity Intensifies in Asia Pacific

Don’t forget to protect your M365 data

Enterprises Fear Continued API Sprawl, Security Weaknesses

Enterprises Move Toward Passwordless, But There’s a Long Way to Go

Experts Warn ChatGPT Could Democratize Cybercrime

FBI’s Vetted Info Sharing Network ‘InfraGard’ Hacked

Fortinet Warns of Active Exploitation of New SSL-VPN Pre-auth RCE Vulnerability

Fraud Cases Continue to Rise Globally, 97% Of Indian Firms Consider Customer Experience Paramount, Says Report

Google Launches Largest Distributed Database of Open Source Vulnerabilities

Hackers continue to leak data from Albanian intelligence services

Hackers exploit critical Citrix ADC and Gateway zero day, patch now

How North Korea’s cyber terrorists break into ‘unhackable’ crypto platforms

How to Protect Your Organisation from a Cyber Attack

Implementing strong authentication across your business

India: After AIIMS, now a big cyber attack on COWIN platform by hackers

Is your organization prepared for cyberattacks? Here’s how to get ready

Israeli Anonymous fails to hack Imam Khomeini Airport website

Lighting and building management firm Acuity Brands discloses two data breaches

LockBit claims attack on California's Department of Finance

Looking into cyber security’s crystal ball

Malware Strains Targeting Python and JavaScript Developers Through Official Repositories

Microsoft fixes exploited zero-day, revokes certificate used to sign malicious drivers (CVE-2022-44698)

Microsoft-signed malicious Windows drivers used in ransomware attacks

Mind The Gap: A lack of cyber security skills is leaving SMEs exposed

Mobile Business Email Compromise (BEC) Attacks on the Rise

More than 5 out of 10 UAE consumers believe their personal data is at risk

MSPs, Hybrid Workers and Connected Cars Face Cyber-Threat Onslaught in 2023

New GoTrim botnet brute forces WordPress site admin accounts

New Uber Data Breach – Hacker Leaks Employee and Other Sensitive Data

One Brooklyn Health battling cyber attack that forced some critical services offline

One in Five Security Professionals Won’t Bet a Chocolate Bar They Could Prevent a Damaging Breach

Ontario's vaccine management system suffers a data breach, affecting thousands

Payment Giant Exposed 9 Million Credit Card Transaction Records

Phishing Growing in Numbers, Sophistication and Cost

Privacy concerns are limiting data usage abilities

Ransomware Group Threatens to Publish Data Stolen From California Department of Finance

Risky Business: Cyberattacks A Top Concern For Organizations

Securing Remote Workers Are Essential

Security Overlooked in Rush to Hybrid Working

Serious Attacks Could Have Been Staged Through This Amazon ECR Public Gallery Vulnerability

Sri Lanka warned against foreign employment, import parcel phishing scams

State-sponsored attackers actively exploiting RCE in Citrix devices, patch ASAP! (CVE-2022-27518)

Tackling the Scourge of Advertising Fraud

Targeted ransomware doubled in 2022

Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons shoppers warned of dangerous voucher scam

The Growing Problem with MFA Fatigue Attacks (And What You Can Do About It)

This Linux-targeting malware just got more powerful

Three Trends For Protecting Customers From Identity Fraud In 2023

Three Ways Cyber Grinches Could Take Advantage This Holiday Season

Top Crypto Hacks of 2022

Twitter Addresses November Data Leak Claims

Twitter says recently leaked user data are from 2021 breach

Uber Data Breach - What You Need to Know

Uber Hit By New Data Breach After Attack on Third-Party Vendor

Uber says compromised third-party to blame for data breach

Warning about Royal Mail scam emails by Action Fraud

Why Educational Institutions are Prone to Ransomware Attacks (and What They Can Do to Protect Themselves)

12th December

2 Social Media Mistakes That Are Putting Your Personal Data At Risk

3 Realities of Building a Security Awareness Training Program

14 lessons CISOs learned in 2022

18 Cybersecurity Predictions from Industry Experts for 2023

95.6% of New Malware in 2022 Targeted Windows

A fake company, unsuspecting 'money mules' and bitcoin: How a Manitoba municipality lost $430K

A third of all internet users have been victims of a data breach

Aadhaar, PAN card, DL, passport of over 5,000 Indians leaked on internet by alleged Pakistani hacker

Amazon shoppers warned of holiday scams

Are iPhones and Androids still safe? Learn about the common risk factors and How to stay safe

As Apple Drives Consumers Towards a Passwordless Future, Are Enterprises Ready for the Next Generation of Authentication?

Be vigilant this festive season

Best Practices for Data Cloud Security

CareFirst Administrators Impacted By Phishing Scam at RCM Vendor

Chaos RAT Used to Enhance Linux Cryptomining Attacks

CoinTracker Crypto Portfolio Software Suffers Data Hack

CommonSpirit Ransomware Breach Affects About 624,000 So Far

Communications And Digital Ministry Begins Investigation Into AirAsia Personal Data Leak

Complete guide to Operational Technology (OT) network segmentation

Crypto Exchange Binance Suspends Trader’s Accounts after Abnormal Activities

Cryptocurrency Mining Campaign Hits Linux Users with Go-based CHAOS Malware

Cyber Attacks: Better Safe Than Sorry

Cyber threats growing: Central Massachusetts experts urge ways to avoid disaster

Cybersecurity and why the little things matter

Cybersecurity challenges facing SMBs and steps to protect them

Cybersecurity Landscape 2023: Upcoming Trends And Risks

Cyprus: In the past year, 40% of residents reported their accounts 'compromised'

Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) warns healthcare providers of new ransomware threat

Devon schools investigation over personal data breach

Effective, fast, and unrecoverable: Wiper malware is popping up everywhere

Ethical hackers discovered 65,000 software vulnerabilities this year

Fortinet says SSL-VPN pre-auth RCE bug is exploited in attacks

Four accused in business email compromise scheme which reaped millions from victims

Google Adds Passkey Support to Chrome for Windows, macOS and Android

Government of Vanuatu offline since early November in suspected ransomware attack

Health Service Executive (HSE) Cyber-Attack Costs Ireland $83m So Far

Hive ransomware gang targets French sports goods manufacturer Intersport

How Atlanta businesses can improve reputation management and preparedness for cyberattacks

How To: Strengthen Supply Chain Security

How to avoid a gift card scam that could ruin the holidays

How to slow down a cyber attack

How to upgrade cybersecurity awareness training

India’s foreign ministry leaks expat passport details

Information of 360,000 people affected in Ontario COVID-19 vaccine data breach

Inside the mind of a cybercriminal: do digital law breakers have a personality type?

It is Time for Blockchain to Embrace the Level of Security Its Users Deserve

It’s the most vulnerable time of the year: IT security for Christmas closures

Japan to amend laws to allow for offensive cyber operations against foreign hackers

Lockbit claims California state finance department as victim

Lodestar Finance Attacked By Hackers

Log4Shell Vulnerabilities Still Plague Organizations

Medibank systems back online after weekend shutdown for security update

Met Opera Cyberattack May Be More Severe Than We Thought

Middle East and North Africa (MENA) cybersecurity industry faces significant obstacles

Most startups have cyber insurance but are uncertain about how much risk is covered

New Python malware backdoors VMware ESXi servers for remote access

North Korea Launches Cyber Attack on South Korea

North Korean Hackers Impersonate Researchers to Steal Intel

Pakistani Helps US Government Avoid Massive Tax Data Breach

Passwords are passé, Google Chrome to introduce passkey-based login

Phishing Attacks Used Legitimate Emails to Gain Remote Admin Privileges

Play ransomware claims attack on Belgium city of Antwerp

PLAY ransomware group claims responsibility for Antwerp attack as second Belgian city confirms new incident

Preventing a ransomware attack with intelligence: Strategies for CISOs

Pulling the Curtains on Azov Ransomware: Not a Skidsware but Polymorphic Wiper

Python, JavaScript Developers Targeted With Fake Packages Delivering Ransomware

Rackspace Hit With Lawsuits Over Ransomware Attack

Rackspace warns of phishing risks following ransomware attack

Ransomware attack on CommonSpirit Health affected over 600,000 patients

Rash of New Ransomware Variants Springs Up in the Wild

Red Team and Blue Team Operations: How Does it Work?

Researchers Demonstrate How EDR and Antivirus Can Be Weaponized Against Users

Researchers Find 63 Zero-Day Bugs at Latest Pwn2Own

Restaurant falls victim to reservation phishing scam

Royal Ransomware Hitting Healthcare Targets and Dumping Data

Royal Ransomware Targets US Healthcare

Royal Ransomware Threat Takes Aim at U.S. Healthcare System

Scam website alert: Expert reveals 7 warning signs

Security is no longer an internal affair

Sequoia Announces Data Breach Affecting Sequoia One Customers

Sequoia data breach: Hackers accessed cloud repository that contained customers' PII

Shoppers warned as fake DHL phishing scam doing the rounds in the run up to Christmas

Telstra data breach: What to do if you’re one of the 132,000 customers impacted

The benefits of unified security tech

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