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Monday 9 May 2022

Data Breaches Digest - Week 19 2022

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 9th May and 15th May 2022.

15th May

5 Most Effective Ways To Protect Yourself From A Crypto Scam

5 Ransomware Attack Tips for Government Agencies

6 Common Mistakes to Avoid if You Want to Maximize Your Cyber Insurance Claim Recovery

Are Your NFTs Safe? The Basics of NFT Security

Beware: Fake Pixelmon NFT Stuffs Malware to Victims - Here’s How it's Stealing Passwords, Cryptos

Beware of fake E.ON refund emails, warns Action Fraud

Businesses Could Lose Money from QR Codes

Car hack attacks: It’s about data theft, not demolition

College Closing Another Sad Milestone for Ransomware Impact

Covenant Care California Reports Data Breach

Europe Agrees to Adopt New NIS2 Directive Aimed at Hardening Cybersecurity

Fake Pixelmon NFT site infects you with password-stealing malware

Hackers are exploiting critical bug in Zyxel firewalls and VPNs

How smooth-talking data thieves can steal all your money

List of All K-12 Schools Known to be Impacted by Illuminate Breach of Student Data

Ministers refuse to release details of cyber attacks hitting Scottish public bodies once a month

Multiple DeFi Protocols Compromised In GoDaddy Hack

NFT scams: How to avoid becoming a victim

Pakistan: Leaky databases

Phishing Attacks Pop-Ups Targeting Metaverse Users

Police Warns of a Fake Windows Update That Locks Up Victims’ Data

Singapore launches safety rating scheme for e-commerce sites

To escape discovery, ransomware criminals use different strategies

Top 10 Cloud-Based Cybersecurity Threats Organizations Face Today

Top 10 Common Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities that You Should be Aware of

Ukrainian Hacker Jailed for 4-Years in U.S. for Selling Access to Hacked Servers

University permanently closed due to ransomware attack

With MitM Attack Your Vehicle Can Be Stolen, Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) Alerts Nigerians

14th May

5 Industry Leading IT Experts Share Critical Ransomware Information

5 ways to ensure security of your digital business

Angry IT admin wipes employer’s databases, gets 7 years in prison

Conti ransomware gang calls for Costa Rican citizens to revolt if government doesn’t pay

Crypto robber who lured victims via Snapchat and stole £34,000 jailed

Crypto Services Targeted by Massive Phishing Scam: Here's How It Happened

Cryptocurrency based ransomware attacks went up in 2020

Data breach exposes South African landlord and tenant information

Disgruntled admin wipes employer’s databases, gets 7 years in prison

Eurovision 2022: Russian hackers are 'threatening to stop a Ukraine win'

Eurovision 2022 Final - Russian Hackers Say They Can Stop Ukraine Kalush Orchestra Win

Facebook Marketplace, Carousell get lowest anti-scam scores in new government e-commerce rating system

Google to employ Android and iOS devices to thwart phishing attacks

Horizon Actuarial Data Breach Update, List of Pension Funds Grows

Online forms are grabbing your data – even if you don’t hit enter

Parker-Hannifin Employee Data Breach Focus of California Class Action Investigation

Police, Cyber Security Agency warn of ransomware in form of Windows OS update

Ransomware attack hits Myrtle Beach tee times. How courses have overcome potential chaos

Ransomware is Indiscriminatory – Prepare for Everything to Fail

Shopping for malware: $260 gets you a password stealer. $90 for a crypto-miner...

13th May

$1M Colonial Pipeline Fine: The Canary in the Coal Mine?

4 things small businesses can do to protect themselves against cyberattacks

6 Tips for Fighting Ransomware Attacks

7 steps to combat cybersecurity threats in times of instability

10 Internet Safety Rules Everyone Should Know

15 Ways Software Becomes a Cyberthreat

63% of cybersecurity pros say their stress levels have risen over the past year

A 10-point plan to improve the security of open source software

A Bunch of WordPress Sites Have Been Injected with Malicious JavaScript

After ransomware assaults, the average ransom amount paid decreased by 44 percent

Agencies Advance on Biden's 2021 Zero Trust Order

Anatomy of a campaign to inject JavaScript into compromised WordPress sites

As Lincoln College closes doors, president looks back on crippling ransomware attack

Beware of fake E.ON refund emails, warns Action Fraud

Bitter APT Hackers Uses Non-existent Email Account/Domain To Send Weaponized Emails

Can Your Netflix Account Get Hacked?

Chase Bank, Walmart, T-Mobile, Home Depot, Louis Vuitton, and MORE — Top Scams and Phishing Schemes of the Week

Citizens' data stolen from Eindhoven police cadet's car

COBALT MIRAGE conducts ransomware operations in US

Costa Rica Cyber Ransomware Highlights Sovereign Cyber-Risk

Credit Unions Face Uphill Cyber Battle

Critical flaw in Zyxel firewalls grants access to corporate networks (CVE-2022-30525)

Cyber agency sounds alarm after pro-Russia attacks

Cyber hacktivists are busy undermining Putin’s invasion

Cyber security warning for fleets

Cyber Trends from the Russia-Ukraine War

Cyberattacks Reported by McKenzie Health System & Omnicell

Cybersecurity: It's Not Just an IT Responsibility

Cybersecurity essentials for higher education

Cybersecurity Learning: Building a Culture of Cyber Awareness

Data breach at Oklahoma City Public Schools (OKCPS) third-party vendor exposes student information

Department of Defense (DoD) Hiring Hackers to Find Contractor Vulnerabilities and Plug the Holes

Dis-Chem investigating after hackers access people’s personal information

Emotet retains top spot in malware rankings

Employees Are Front Lines For Government Cybersecurity Defense

EU Agrees New Cybersecurity Legislation for Critical Services Organizations

EU lands new law to fight off hackers in critical sectors

Facing cyber insurance woes, local governments find other options

Fake Binance NFT Mystery Box bots steal victim's crypto wallets

Finland: Cyber-attack worries boost cash withdrawals

Follow the Money: How eCriminals Monetize Ransomware

Google Is Harnessing Bluetooth Technology In Our Phones For The Purposes Of Protecting Users From Phishing Attacks

Google reveals new safety and security measures for users

Greek transparency agency removes migration report over data breach

How Google plans to use mobile devices to counter phishing attacks

How the upcoming Google security features will safeguard user privacy

How to Avoid Falling Victim to PayOrGrief's Next Rebrand

How to Fight Foreign Hackers With Civil Litigation

Increasing Your Ability to Respond to an Impacting Cyber Incident

Iran-Linked OilRig APT Caught Using New Backdoor

It’s Not Too Late: Financial Sector on Alert

Italian CERT: Hacktivists hit govt sites in ‘Slow HTTP’ DDoS attacks

Just in time? Bosses are finally waking up to the cybersecurity threat

Lakeview Loan Servicing Class Action Alleges Company Failed To Safeguard Customer Information Following Data Breach

Law Firm Cyber Breach May Impact 23K, Including Financial Institution Client's Customers

Legitimate NHS Email Accounts Exploited in Credential Harvesting Phishing Campaign and Advance-Fee Scams

LinkedIn users target of 52% of all phishing attacks globally

Lone Russian RAT operator rivals large gangs with £5 "passion project"

Lone Russian RAT operator rivals large gangs with “passion project”

Man charged following Garda and FBI investigation into cybercrime

Managed service providers face increased cyber threat from APT groups

Microsoft: Sysrv botnet targets Windows, Linux servers with new exploits

More than 2,000 current, former City of Cincinnati employees impacted by data breach

Most organizations hit by ransomware would pay up if hit again

NCSC develops a new tool to block scam websites instantly

NCSC launches new security tool to help people spot suspicious emails

Netflix Is Right About Password Sharing for the Wrong Reason

New Saitama backdoor Targeted Official from Jordan's Foreign Ministry

NIST Updates Guidance for Supply Chain Security Management

One in three Irish small firms hit by cybercrime

Open Source Community Hands White House 10-Point Security Plan

Organizations in Europe Targeted With New 'Nerbian' RAT

Participate in your own rescue: ‘Dual ransomware’ attack highlights security hygiene urgency

Personal info of hundreds compromised by Elgin County cyber-failure

Phishing attack pop-up targets MetaMask users visiting popular crypto sites

Phishing Campaign by Russian Hackers Uses Trello, Dropbox to Target Diplomats

Protecting Container Workloads With a Zero-Trust Strategy

Protecting Your Data Amid a Ransomware 'Explosion'

Ransomware gangs adopt new techniques to avoid detection

Ransomware group strikes second U.S. health care system in the last two months

Records for 21 million VPN users leaked online – Check your data now

Redirecting the Focus of Ransomware in Our Credit Unions

Russia-Ukraine War: Cyberattack Escalation Risk Continues

Russian hackers ‘planning on targeting Eurovision to stop Ukraine winning’

Russian hackers target EUROVISION: Fears grow over pro-Putin cyber group's threat to sabotage Ukraine's chance of winning by paralysing online voting servers

Safeguarding data from dangerous threats like Ryuk

Secure Email Gateway: What Is It and How to Select One for Your Business?

Shrinking malware development and emergence cycles and its implications

Singapore's IRAS warns of tax discrepancy scam email with phishing link

SonicWall Releases Patches for New Flaws Affecting SSLVPN SMA1000 Devices

SonicWall ‘strongly urges’ admins to patch SSLVPN SMA1000 bugs

Strengthening cybersecurity: What can businesses do?

The 7 signs you have been hacked

The healthcare ransomware epidemic: 5 best practices for safeguarding your organization

The rise of double extortion ransomware

These ransomware attackers sent their ransom note to the victim's printer

This Google Docs URL Spoofing Flaw is Making Phishing More Common

Threat Actors Use Telegram to Spread ‘Eternity’ Malware-as-a-Service

Three Practical Reasons Why Enterprises Should Embrace Confidential Computing

To Win the Fight Against Cyberattacks, Stop Shaming

Top tips to make safer online payments

Two words will change your cybersecurity in 2022

U.S. Agricultural Machinery Manufacturer Hit with Ransomware Attack

Ukrainian crook jailed in US for selling thousands of stolen login credentials

Ukrainian Gets Four Years for Brute Forcing Thousands of Credentials

US Sentence Ukrainian to 4 Years for Brute-forcing and Selling Login Credentials

WannaCry ransomware attack anniversary and the current situation

What files are usually encrypted by ransomware and how to protect them

What Is a Trojan Horse? Meaning, Examples, and Prevention Best Practices for 2022

What is Cloud-Based Email Security?

What the War in Ukraine Means

White House joins OpenSSF and the Linux Foundation in securing open-source software

Your stolen information is on the Dark Web - What to do next

12th May

4 ways to protect your small business from cyberattacks

5 Questions Every CSO Should Ask Amidst the Ukraine-Russia Conflict

5 Years That Altered the Ransomware Landscape

10 best practices to reduce the probability of a material breach

21 Million VPN User Records Leaked on Telegram for Free

44% decrease in average amount paid after ransomware attacks

A timeless, go-to framework for protecting against cyber threats

Almost Two-thirds of Organizations Have Responded to a Cyberattack with a Disaster Recovery Solution in the Last 12 Months, According to New Research

Anniversaries remind us to review identity risks

Are You Using Some Of The Most Common Passwords Worldwide?

Beware dodgy LinkedIn emails

Beware of state actors stepping up attacks on managed service providers

Boca Raton Attorney Richard Ozelie Allegedly Leaked Clients' Confidential Files

Box, Zoom, Google Docs offer phishing boost with ‘vanity URL’ flaws

BPFdoor: Stealthy Linux malware bypasses firewalls for remote access

Can a VPN Help Protect You Against Ransomware?

Can Open Source In Cybersecurity Be A Game Changer?

Canada: Province warning Manitobans about Disaster Assistance phishing scam

Colonial Pipeline May Face $1 Million Penalty for “Operational” Lapses in 2021 Ransomware Attack

Cornwall Council data breach involving children's details 'quite unacceptable', parent says

Costa Rica declares emergency in ongoing cyber attack

Costa Rica declares national emergency amid ransomware attacks

Costa Rica Declares National Emergency Following Conti Cyber-Attack

Covenant Care California, LLC Announces Data Breach

‘Criminal’ Data Breach Affects Over 1,200 Cannabis Stores in Ontario

Crown-operated cannabis distributor suffers data breach

Cyber security warning for fleets

Dis-Chem hit by data breach — personal information of 3.6 million people accessed

Do You Trust Your Disaster Recovery Solution?

El Monte RV Confirms California Data Breach, Reports Files Taken Without Authorization

Emotet becomes most common malware family in Q1 2022

Eternity malware kit offers stealer, miner, worm, ransomware tools

Everything We Learned From the LAPSUS$ Attacks

Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) under cyber attack?

Five years after the WannaCry ransomware attack

Get on the Offense for Your Client’s Cybersecurity Defense

Google Docs Will Automatically Alert You Of Suspicious Links

Google lays out its plans to take on next-gen phishing scams

Government Initiative Promises Rapid Blocking of Scam Sites

Healthcare Organizations Continue to Be Under (Cyber) Attack

How Can Your Business Defend Itself Against Fraud-as-a-Service?

How password fatigue can cost organizations time, money and mental energy

How to avoid headaches when publishing a CVE

Illuminate Data Breach Impact in Colorado Grows to 7 Districts Plus 1 Californian District and 3 in Connecticut

Illuminate Education Data Breach Exposes Student Information

Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) warns of phishing scam website asking payment for purported tax return discrepancy

Investigation into data breach that affected Cameron County election workers continues

Iranian APT Cobalt Mirage launching ransomware attacks

Iranian Cyberspy Group Launching Ransomware Attacks Against US

Iranian hackers exposed in a highly targeted espionage campaign

Iranian Hackers Leveraging BitLocker and DiskCryptor in Ransomware Attacks

Irish organisations warned about increased cyber attack risk

Is negotiating with cybercriminals our new normal?

Israel Announces Increased Cyber Security Measures For Communications Companies

Kaspersky Finds Nine in Ten Organizations Previously Attacked by Ransomware Would Pay Ransom if Targeted Again

KCA Deutag filings chart impact of ‘sophisticated’ ransomware attack

Keep Your Network Safe: Why Every Organization Needs a Vulnerability Management Program

LinkedIn users targeted in 52% of all phishing attacks globally in Q1 2022

Malware Builder Leverages Discord Webhooks

Manitoba warning people about phishing scam related to disaster assistance

Microsegmentation and Zero-Trust Security

Mind the gap: Critical systems at risk of cyberattack

Misconfigured ElasticSearch Servers Exposed 579 GB of Users’ Website Activity

Mission School District suffers IT breach, phishing emails being sent from teachers’ accounts

Mississippi orthopedic center data breach affects 500 people

Netskope Research Reveals Trojans and Phishing to Account for Majority of Malware Downloads in the Middle East

New Ransomware Dubbed DarkAngels Used as Part of a Highly Targeted Attack

Novel ‘Nerbian’ Trojan Uses Advanced Anti-Detection Tricks

Oklahoma City Indian Clinic Data Breach Affects 40,000 Individuals

Pension trustees urged to prepare for cyber risks ahead of The Pensions Regulator (TPR) code

Police investigate a retail data breach in Ontario

Preparation Includes Understanding Your Battlefield

Profile picture app everyone is using is sending data to Russia

Quantum Imaging & Therapeutic Associates, Inc. Announces Data Breach

Quarter of Security Pros Say Mental Health Has Worsened

Ransomware: How executives should prepare given the current threat landscape

Ransomware attacks are up, so are costs to retrieve stolen data

Ransomware attacks becoming a growing risk for US Corporates

Ransomware the final nail in coffin for small university

Ransomwhere? All the ways that cybercriminals are advancing their craft

Refuah Health Center Suffers Cybersecurity Incident, 260K Impacted

Researcher stops REvil ransomware in its tracks with DLL-hijacking exploit

REvil ransomware is officially back, experts claim

Russia ramps up hacking and jamming efforts in Ukraine

Security Alert: MSPs Facing Higher Risk of Cyberattacks

The limits and risks of backup as ransomware protection

The stakes 'could not be any higher': CISA chief talks about the tech challenges ahead

Thousands of WordPress Sites Hacked to Redirect Visitors to Scam Sites

Top Aces, the canadian training company, falls victim to ransomware attack

Top VPN Scams Revealed – Here’s What to Look Out for in 2022

Trustpilot Forced to Delete Millions of Fake Reviews in 2021

Two held via Garda cybercrime investigation with FBI

Ukrainian imprisoned for selling access to thousands of PCs

US official warns of potential for large-scale cyber-attack

Vendors, governments make ransomware decryptors more common

Weekly Data Breach Alert

What is a zero-click attack, and what can you do about them?

Where business continuity comes in: why your cyber security must be designed for recovery

Which Was Biggest Ransomware Attack Of All Time?

Why does cybersecurity matter for businesses?

You Can’t Eliminate Cyberattacks, So Focus on Reducing the Blast Radius

Your employees - an impenetrable frontline against Cybercrime

Zyxel fixes firewall flaws that could lead to hacked networks

Zyxel Releases Patch for Critical Firewall OS Command Injection Vulnerability

11th May

6 best practices for cybersecurity programs

6 top network security threats and how to beat them

21 Million Records of VPN Users Leaked on Telegram

A cyberattack has hit the OpenSea NFT Discord channel

A10 Networks finds over 15 million DDoS weapons in 2021

AA Traveller apologises after massive data breach

Actively Exploited Zero-Day Bug Patched by Microsoft

Agriculture company AGCO hit by ransomware attack

An offensive mindset is crucial for effective cyber defense

Analysts confirm return of REvil ransomware gang

‘Be Prepared’: SolarWinds-Style Cyber Attacks Threaten Americans

Bedfordshire council published details of pupils online

Bitter APT Hackers Add Bangladesh to Their List of Targets in South Asia

Bitter cyberspies target South Asian governments with new malware

British Man Charged With Hacking US Bank Computers, Stealing Millions

Canadian fighter jet training company investigating ransomware attack

Capital One Data Breach $190M Class Action Settlement

Central Bedfordshire Council in data breach which exposed 100 special needs pupils' details

Central Bedfordshire Council warned about tightening security before data breach

CISA adds actively exploited critical F5 BIG-IP bug to its must-patch list

CISA tells federal agencies to fix actively exploited F5 BIG-IP bug

CISA Urges Organizations to Patch Actively Exploited F5 BIG-IP Vulnerability

Cornwall Council data breach: Children's details published

Costa Rica declares state of emergency over ransomware attack

Criminals are using SEO to boost downloads of malicious PDFs

Cyber attack targets Israel's infrastructure

Cyber-attacks more than quadruple in Ethiopia

Cyber-aware: It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business or enterprise, you are a target

Cyberattack knocks Ruby Receptionists offline, disrupting service for thousands

Cybersecurity as a strategic asset for business growth

Dis-Chem prescription service outage after cyber attack

District 6 vendor Illuminate Education admits student demographic information in data breach

E.U. Blames Russia for Cyberattack on KA-SAT Satellite Network Operated by Viasat

Elon Musk: Russian efforts to jam Starlink are 'ramping up'

Europe has accused Russia of carrying out cyber-attacks for the first time

Fake WHO Safety Emails on COVID-19 Dropping Nerbian RAT Across Europe

Farm machinery giant AGCO suffers a ransomware attack

FBI, CISA, and NSA warn of hackers increasingly targeting MSPs

FBI Ransomware Crime Unit Seeks Public-Private Partnerships

Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) Warned of Fresh Cyberattacks Targeting its IT systems

Five Eyes Nations Issue New Supply Chain Security Advisory

Five Eyes pin Russia for pre-Ukraine invasion attack on Viasat

Fortune 1000 Employees Pose Elevated Cyber Risk to Companies

Google brings phishing detection to Docs, Sheets and Slides, along with other privacy and security updates

Google Drive emerges as top app for malware downloads

Google Taps Smartphone's Bluetooth To Foil Phishing Attempts On User Logins

Government Agencies Warn of Increase in Cyberattacks Targeting MSPs

Government of Pakistan’s websites hit by major cyber attack

Hackers are using tech services companies as a 'launchpad' for attacks on customers

Hackers Deploy IceApple Exploitation Framework on Hacked MS Exchange Servers

Healthcare Technology Provider Omnicell Discloses Ransomware Attack

Heavy cyber attacks target Zionist websites, servers

Help Employees and Consumers Avoid Self-inflicted Cybersecurity Mistakes

How Cloud File Sharing Culture Eliminates Chances of Phishing Attacks

How to delete yourself from internet search results and hide your identity online

How to leverage the power of no-code security automation

HP fixes bug letting attackers overwrite firmware in over 200 models

Hundreds of organisations breached patient data rules, reveals BMJ

Hundreds of patient data breaches are left unpunished, reveals The BMJ

If achieving effective security is the question...Zero Trust is the answer

Insider Risks, Ransomware and Nation-state Attacks Could Worsen the Risk Landscape in 2022

Intel Memory Bug Poses Risk for Hundreds of Products

Interesting Insights into Healthcare Security and Ransomware

Is that health app safe to use? A new framework aims to provide an answer

LinkedIn users targeted in 52% of all phishing attacks globally in Q1 2022

Malicious NPM Packages Target German Companies in Supply Chain Attack

Massive Data Breach Impacts Millions of Telegram Users

Microsoft: Ransomware Relies on the Gig Economy

Microsoft Fixes Three Zero-Days in May Patch Tuesday

Mirai, STRRAT and Emotet botnets see resurgence in Q1 2022

Mobile Devices As Attack Vector for Ransomware

Most Brazilian companies don't pay to get data back after ransomware attacks

Multi-Factor Authentication: A Key to Cyber Risk Insurance Coverage

Mum slams 'negligent' Cornwall Council for 'unacceptable' data breach of child's personal information

Nation-state attacks are hard to spot. It’s time for a new approach to threat detection

National Security Memo Highlights Quantum Computing Risks

NCSC's Free Email Security Check Spots Domain Issues

Netskope Research Finds Sharp Increase in Phishing Downloads

New IceApple exploit toolset deployed on Microsoft Exchange servers

New stealthy Nerbian RAT malware spotted in ongoing attacks

Novel Phishing Trick Uses Weird Links to Bypass Spam Filters

One year on from Colonial Pipeline cyberattack

Over 3.6m records exposed in Dis-Chem cyber attack

Password reuse is rampant among Fortune 1000 employees

Police confirm investigation into Ontario Cannabis Store data breach

Pot shop sales data breach could shift competition in market, alter confidence in Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS)

Pro-Russian hackers target Italy institutional websites

Protecting payments in an era of deepfakes and advanced AI

Ransomware Deals Deathblow to 157-year-old College

Ransomware in numbers: How 2,500 potential targets turns into one actual attack

Ransomware is a national security threat, so please tell us about attacks, says government

Ransomware trends: Cross-platform execution, improving infrastructure and taking sides in war

Researchers uncover URL spoofing flaws on Zoom, Box, Google Docs

Researchers Warn of Nerbian RAT Targeting Entities in Italy, Spain, and the U.K

Russia Carried Out Large-Scale Cyber Attack On Ukrainian Telecom Operators Websites

Russian Cyber-attack on Viasat: What Happened?

RuTube hack: Russian video platform denies loss of source code following cyber-attack

SaaS App Vanity URLs Can Be Spoofed for Phishing, Social Engineering

Saudi organizations see increased ransomware attacks in 2021

Security Experts Are Starting to Get Overwhelmed by Cyber Attacks According to This Report

SolarWinds data breach lawsuit takeaways for CISOs

The Ransomware Dilemma

The State of Healthcare Cybersecurity

Three Tips To Mitigate Security Risks Of Hybrid Work As Data Breaches Hit Record Numbers

U.S., allies warn of rising recent and future attacks on managed service providers

UK council data breaches see information on vulnerable children leaked

US charges hacker for breaching brokerage accounts, securities fraud

US Offers $15M Reward for Conti Ransomware Gang

Using the cybersecurity kill chain for attack and defence

What is a cyberattack?

What your cyber insurance application form can tell you about ransomware readiness

Which phishing scams are trending in 2022?

Why Relying on AI for Automated Detection and Response is Dangerous

10th May

5-Buck DCRat Malware Foretells a Worrying Cyber Future

6 Steps to Take in the Aftermath of Data Breach

AGCO ransomware attack casts shadow over cybersecurity

Better Cybercrime Metrics Act signed into law

BlackCat Ransomware

Boca Raton Attorney Richard Ozelie Allegedly Leaked Clients' Confidential Files

British man charged in New York with hacking into bank computers, stealing millions

Businesses being put at risk because of poor employee cybersecurity habits

California Bar Risks Lawyer Suits After Data Breach Notices

California State Bar Notifies 1,300 Identified in Data Breach

Class Action Lawsuits Filed Against Partnership Health Plan & Oregon Anesthesiology Group over Ransomware Attacks

Cloud computing security: New guidance aims to keep your data safe from cyberattacks and breaches

Colonial Pipeline facing $1,000,000 fine for poor recovery plans

Conti Ransomware Attack Spurs State of Emergency in Costa Rica

Costa Rica declares state of emergency following Conti ransomware attack

Costa Rica in ‘crisis’ after Conti ransomware attack

Credit card skimming services make it easy for low-level cybercriminals to join the game

Critical F5 BIG-IP vulnerability exploited to wipe devices

Critical Infrastructure Firms See Cyber-Attacks Surge

Cybercriminals Are Increasingly Exploiting Vulnerabilities in Windows Print Spooler

Data breach at IKEA: affected Quebec consumers

Data Breach Hits Eye Clinic in Seattle Area

Data breach on AA Traveller website

Elephant Insurance Reports Data Breach

EU says Russia behind cyberattack on satellite modems in Ukraine

Experts Detail Saintstealer and Prynt Stealer Info-Stealing Malware Families

Five Ways the Ukraine-Russia War Could Alter the Cyber Landscape

FluBot Android malware targets Finland in new SMS campaigns

German automakers targeted in year-long malware campaign

Government hackers made hundreds of thousands of stolen credit cards 'worthless' to crooks

Government of Pakistan (GOP) Websites Hit by a Massive Cyber Attack

Hackers Actively Exploit F5 BIG-IP Bug

Held to ransom: protecting your business from cyber attack

HHS IDs 5 most prolific cybergangs targeting healthcare

How Cyber Liability Insurance Can Help Protect Your Business Reputation

How devastating is a DDoS cyberattack

How Ransomware Took Down a Country and a College in One Week

How to Identify if You are a Potential Cyber Attack Victim

How to set up a powerful insider threat program

Industry pushes back against India's data security breach reporting requirements

Machine Identities, Human Identities, and the Risks They Pose

Many security executives say they’re unprepared for the threats that lie ahead

Microsoft: The ransomware world is changing, here's what you need to know

Microsoft fixes new NTLM relay zero-day in all Windows versions

Microsoft Mitigates RCE Vulnerability Affecting Azure Synapse and Data Factory

Microsoft Offers Extensive Advice To Address Human Operated Ransomware Threats

Microsoft patches Windows LSA spoofing zero-day under active attack (CVE-2022-26925)

Microsoft Releases Fix for New Zero-Day with May 2022 Patch Tuesday Updates

National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) pins Viasat cyber attack on Russia

New clues point to REvil ransomware gang's return

New Malware Samples Indicate Return of REvil Ransomware

New REvil Samples Indicate Ransomware Gang is Back After Months of Inactivity

Omnicell reports ransomware incident

Ontario Cannabis Store says police investigating ‘criminal’ data breach

Personal details of 21 Million SuperVPN, GeckoVPN users leaked on Telegram

Phishing Scams are the Most Common Cyber Attack, Says FBI

Phishing Scam Nets $23.5 Million From Department of Defense (DoD), California Man Arrested Siphoning Money From Contractors

Protecting All Users Is What's Next for MFA

Quantum Ransomware

Ransomware attack and COVID woes force this 150-year-old college to shut down

Ransomware attack prompts response from Oregon election officials

Ransomware has gone down because sanctions against Russia are making life harder for attackers

Ransomware Hit 59% of UAE Organisations Surveyed for Sophos’ Annual “State of Ransomware 2022”

Read This Before Downloading A PDF Directly From Google Search Results - It Could Be A Virus

Researchers Find 31,000 FTSE 100 Logins on Dark Web

Responsibility for health and medical device cybersecurity must be shared

Rocklin Unified School District Reports Data Breach, Sensitive Student Data Potentially Disclosed

Russia behind cyber-attack on satellite internet network KA-SAT that disrupted Ukrainian infrastructure

Russia behind cyber-attack with Europe-wide impact an hour before Ukraine invasion

Russia brought down satellite internet in Ukraine – Western officials

Russia's RuTube knocked out for second day by Victory Day cyber attack

Russian computer crooks ‘behind dozens of cyber attacks on British businesses’

Sanctions imposed on Russia over Ukraine invasion hit ransomware gangs

Scammer posed as cybersecurity chief in phishing email

Sharp increase in phishing as cybercriminals leverage SEO to lure victims

Spain's Spy Chief Sacked Over Pegasus Scandal

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) data breach branded ‘new low’ for Central Bedfordshire Council

State Department Offers Reward For Information on the Conti Ransomware Group

Still recovering, Oklahoma clinic confirms ransomware attack, data breach

The Business Case for Modernizing On-Premises and Cloud-Based Database Security

The Rising Threat of Apps in the World of SaaS Platforms

U.S. Proposes $1 Million Fine on Colonial Pipeline for Safety Violations After Cyberattack

UK cybersecurity center sent 33 million alerts to companies

UK government releases free tool to check for email cybersecurity risks

UK Government Security Experts Take Down 2.7 Million Scams

Ukraine conflict could drive cybercriminals to think outside the box

Ukraine War: UK, US, and EU officially blame Russia for cyber attack targeting satellite company

Universities Share Lessons Learned from Ransomware Attacks

Washington DC bar and restaurant loses more than $200K in cyberattack

Welcome “Frappo” – Resecurity identified a new Phishing-as-a-Service

Western Intelligence Blames Russia for Europe-Wide Cyber-Attack

Why Retailers Should Use Zero Trust to Combat the Surge in Ransomware

Will LinkedIn's rampant phishing scams hamper its professional credibility?

9th May

3 reasons why cybersecurity budgets are wasted

4 Ways to Improve Your Critical Infrastructure Security

5 Top IoT Security Challenges and Solutions

29% of UK SMBs cancelled cyber insurance policies in 2021

AGCO Ransomware Attack Disrupts Tractor Sales During U.S. Planting Season

AGCO's business operations disrupted by ransomware attack

Agricultural Manufacturer AGCO Hit by Ransomware

Anonymous NB65 Claims Hack on Russian Payment Processor Qiwi

Another Set of Joker Trojan-Laced Android Apps Resurfaces on Google Play Store

Apple, Google And Microsoft Are Banding Together To Get Rid Of Passwords

Attackers are attempting to exploit critical F5 BIG-IP RCE

Australia has 4th highest cybercrime rate worldwide

Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) sues for $750k over poor cyber security

Beware: This cheap and 'homemade' malware is surprisingly effective

Blue badge scam: Don’t fall for this Twitter phishing scheme

Canadian businesses feeling the strain of mounting cyberattacks

Class action lawsuit alleges NorCal health care provider’s negligence led to data breach

Common LinkedIn scams: Beware of phishing attacks and fake job offers

Corporate Ransomware Attack Ripples Toward Coast Guard

Cost of ransomware and importance of backups

Costa Rica declares national emergency after Conti ransomware attacks

Critical Gems Takeover Bug Reported in RubyGems Package Manager

Crypto mixer Blender sanctioned by US Treasury for involvement in $600m Ronin theft

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