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Monday 25 April 2022

Data Breaches Digest - Week 17 2022

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 25th April and 1st May 2022.

1st May

5 key industries in need of IoT security

6 Best Data Loss Prevention Strategies

Austin Peay students feel effects of ransomware attack during final exams

Bangladesh CIRT warns of possible cyber-attack during Eid

Creating protection from cyber attacks in a virtual world

Cyber prevention or mitigation...Why can’t it be both?

Cyberwar Is a Two-Way Street for Russia

DeFi Exploits Continue to Plague Industry as Saddle Finance Hack Sees $10M Stolen

GitHub Shares Details About The Stolen OAuth User Tokens Breach

Hacking Russia was off-limits, but the Ukraine war made it a free-for-all

Hampshire police warn of Gmail phishing scam about vouchers

Here's a New Tool That Scans Open-Source Repositories for Malicious Packages

How cybercriminals are profiting from the not-for-profits

How Hackers Get Your Passwords & How to Defend Yourself

How to Protect Your Network From Insider Threats

How to recover from ransomware

Indian education sector biggest target of cyber threats

Intel Report States FBI Conducted Nearly 2 Million Searches of US Data Related to Cyberattacks in 2021

NB65 Hackers Reportedly Stole Credit Card Data of QIWI Clients

New Onyx Ransomware Skips Encrypting Large Files; Instead, Deletes Them

Open source 'Package Analysis' tool finds malicious npm, PyPI packages

Phishing Sites Steal $6 Million From Bored Ape NFT Fans

Random Text Messages May Be Phishing Scams or Worse

Ransomware attack shuts down Kellogg Community College

REvil ransomware returns: New malware sample confirms gang is back

Russian hackers compromise embassy emails to target governments

Russian hacking groups increase cyber attacks on Ukraine

Trinidad and Tobago: Held to ransom by cyber attacks

Trinidad and Tobago: Ministry of National Security warns of increase malicious cyber-activity

U.S. Data Privacy Laws in 2022: State and Federal Laws That Protect Your Data

US Healthcare Sector Faces Threat of Russian Cyberattacks

Vladimir Putin's army of saboteurs to 'sow chaos and panic' in UK, expert warns

Which? and Action Fraud warning over fake Martin Lewis investment scheme scams

Why Email Security Is an Asset for Every Business

30th April

Austin Peay State University plans to go forward with exams Monday after ransomware attack

Check your cyberattack response steps before it becomes a concern

Cloud Migration is in Full Swing: How to Achieve Security at Every Stage of Adoption

Cryptocurrency hackers steal $77 million in DeFi attack

DDos cyberattack by pro-Russian cyber gang Killnet hit Romanian websites

Fake Windows 10 updates infect you with Magniber ransomware

Fake Windows 10 Updates Installs Ransomware! Some Microsoft Users Already Affected

Hackers offering confidential Coca-Cola data for $64,000

How cyber security history repeats itself

How to unlock the cybersecurity potential of quantum computers

How two Palm Beach County hospitals used paper to cope with a cyber attack

Kaspersky shares 10 tips for safe online shopping

Martin Lewis Bitcoin scam: Met Police issue warning - what we know so far

Over 20,000 people’s data potentially compromised in phishing scam targeting Valley View Hospital

Pakistan: IT Security Board & National Telecom Notifies Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) of Possible Cyber Attack

Police investigate 'cyber incident' at Guernsey medical group

Russian attacks conspicuously focus on wind power operators

The case for data-centric security in 2022

Trinidad and Tobago: 7 of 23 Massy Stores branches reopen day after cyber attack

Trinidad and Tobago's National Security Ministry warns of increase malicious cyber-activity

Ukraine conflict with Russia speeds up US cyber agenda

What is Ransomware?

With billions more lost every year, the scammers are winning

29th April

4 Tips to Maximize Your API Security

5 Common Web Security Risks You Should Know About

6 ways to improve access and authentication protocols

308,000 exposed databases discovered, proper management is key

Achieving zero trust requires changing data security views

Austin Peay State University releases update on Ransomware Attack

Austin Peay targeted by ransomware attack; attack believed to be contained

Beware of new Black Basta ransomware! Here is what damage it can cause

Breast Cancer Charity Exposed Sensitive Images of U.S. Patients

Bumblebee Malware Loader Has a Sting in the Tail

Citing cyberthreats: Why we should be worried

Cloudflare Detects One of the Largest DDoS Attacks on Crypto Platform - How Bad Was It?

Common Online Security Mistakes to Avoid

Companies poorly prepared to meet CCPA, CPRA and GDPR compliance requirements

Corporations in South Africa protected against cyberthreats, but remote work adds more threats

Critical vulnerabilities open Synology, QNAP NAS devices to attack

Cyber Attacks Hit Romanian Government Websites

Cyberattacks are gaining momentum

Cyberespionage APT Now Identified as Three Separate Actors

Data breach at US healthcare provider ARcare impacts 345,000 individuals

Data-wiper malware strains surge as Ukraine battles ongoing invasion

Do Geopolitical Tensions Increase Cybersecurity Issues?

Don’t expect to get your data back from the Onyx ransomware group

Eliminate the data packrat mentality

Expanding the Conti Ransomware IoCs Using WHOIS and IP Clues

Experts say BlackCat ransomware isn’t more of a problem than any other ransomware strain

Finnish Hotels' Data Compromised

FINRA Alerts Broker-Dealers to Email Phishing Scams

Five Eyes Agencies List Top 15 Most Exploited Bugs of 2021

German wind farm operator confirms cybersecurity incident

Google Adds New Warning to Curb Phishing Scams

Hackers Claim Data Breach at Coca-Cola

Hard drives, equipment containing personal information stolen from Department of Labor Industries (L&I) in Tukwila

Health Care Organizations Warned of Aggressive Ransomware Threat

How Can Startups Take Their Cybersecurity To The Next Level?

How MSPs Can Navigate Log4Shell Ramifications

How remote browser isolation can shut down virtual meeting hijackers

How Small Businesses Can Improve Their Cyber Security

Huge losses and cyber attack brought down modular construction firm

India: Flag cyber incidents within six hours of detection, government tells companies

India gives local techies 60 days to hit 6-hour deadline for infosec incident reporting

India to require cybersecurity incident reporting within six hours

Insider Risk – Threatening Growth and Innovation

Interpol: We can't arrest our way out of cybercrime

Is Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) Secure?

Leadership and recruitment changes needed to address burnout in cybersecurity

Log4Shell a huge wake-up call for 95% of security leaders

Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health Compromised by a Cyber Attack

Martin Lewis Bitcoin scam: Met Police issue warning

Microsoft Documents Over 200 Cyberattacks by Russia Against Ukraine

Months after ransomware attack, New Mexico county adopts cybersecurity policy

North Korea’s Lazarus APT Is Targeting Blockchain Companies With Crypto-Stealer Malware

Online library app Onleihe faces issues after cyberattack on provider

President Biden Urges Increased Cybersecurity for Business Owners

Ransomware: To Pay or Not to Pay

Ransomware Defense Plans: Don't Stockpile Cryptocurrency

Ransomware Fallout Costs Seven Times the Ransom Paid

Recovery from Log4Shell vulnerability is ongoing with 77% of organizations still in patching mode

Responding to Risks From the Russia-Ukraine War

Romania DDoS attack shows Ukraine allies are in Russia’s crosshairs

Russian Hackers Deploy Info-Stealing Malware Against Ukraine

Russian hacktivists launch DDoS attacks on Romanian government sites

Secret School District Crypto Miner Resigns

Security for 5G and the Intelligent Edge

Security leaders relying more heavily on MSPs amid talent crunch

Sharp increase in cyberattacks in Trinidad and Tobago, region

Smile Brands Updates Breach Information, 2.6 Million Affected

'Sophisticated' Ransomware Attack Hits Westchester Libraries

Staying one step ahead of fraud

Synology, QNAP, Western Digital (WD) Warn Users About Vulnerabilities Exploited at Hacking Contest

The 20 most common passwords leaked on the dark web

The Cybersecurity Risk No One Talks About - Until It’s Too Late

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Security Awareness

The Most Common Business Email Cyberattacks

The Ransomware Ecosystem is Showing Signs of Cracking

These are the most exploited cybersecurity vulnerabilities of 2021

This phishing campaign delivers malware that steals your passwords and chat logs

Three Ways To Explain Security Needs To CEOs

Tick off the ransomware bandits

Toei Animation, Dragon Ball Super studio, explains how they managed to hack them

Top 15 exploited security vulnerabilities in 2021

Trindad and Tobago: Cyber attack forces all 21 Branches of Massy Stores to suspend operations

Trinidad and Tobago: Cybercrime team reveals sharp increase in malicious activity

Trindad and Tobago: Some Massy Stores reopen

Visa invests billions to fight increasingly sophisticated cybercrime

Vulnerable plugins plague the CMS website security landscape

What Effective Cybersecurity Training Looks Like in 2022

What Is Phishing, and How Can You Prevent This Cyberattack?

What to make of Onyx, the new ransomware gang that plays by different rules

What We Get Wrong About Ransomware

Why MFA Alone Is Not A Silver Bullet For Passwordless

You're probably way less smart about cybersecurity matters than you think

Your Personal Cybersecurity

28th April

1.2 Million Bad Apps Blocked From Reaching Google Play in 2021

5 reasons banks are focusing on cybersecurity

78% increase in ransomware attacks in last year

80% of data breaches caused by lack of cyber security skills

90% of organizations say ransomware impacted their ability to operate

Android security: We stopped billions of harmful app downloads, says Google

Anti-Phishing Attack Insights for a Foolproof Security Strategy

API Security is Necessary to Stop Threats that WAFs and Bot Protection Cannot

As Baltimore rebuilds from 2019 ransomware attack, is $10 million for a cure better than prevention?

Attacker Breach ‘Dozens’ of GitHub Repos Using Stolen OAuth Tokens

Austin Peay State University becomes latest US school hit with ransomware

Austin Peay State University resumes after ransomware cyber attack

Bar Council and northern law firm Ward Hadaway hit by cyber attacks

Behind the Curtains of the Ransomware Economy – The Victims and the Cybercriminals

Canadian businesses scrambling to defend against cyberattacks uptick

Cloudflare has blocked one of the largest DDoS attacks of all time

Coca-Cola Investigates Potential Data Breach By Russian Hackers

Coca-Cola Investigating Claims that a Ransomware Gang Stole Sensitive Data

Companies Born in the Cloud are more Vulnerable to Cyberattacks

Constella Intelligence's 2022 Identity Breach Report Highlights Converging Risks to Consumers, Businesses, and the Public Sector Amidst Increased Attacks on Critical Infrastructure

Cyber Insurance: What to Know for 2022 and Beyond

Cyber security insurance policies see a growth due to rise in cyber attacks

Cyber thieves ransom Louisville law firm, vowing to publish stolen files if not paid

Cyberattacks Rage in Ukraine, Support Military Operations

Cybercriminals deliver IRS tax scams and phishing campaigns by mimicking government vendors

Cybercriminals Using New Malware Loader 'Bumblebee' in the Wild

Data Protection FAQs: Answering Your Most Common Questions

Do you trust that file? Google will now warn you about suspicious files on the web

Double extortion Ransomware attacks have seen an exponential growth

Double Trouble: Why Organisations Need to Consider the Legal Consequences of Ransomware and DDoS Attacks

EmoCheck now detects new 64-bit versions of Emotet malware

Enhance cybersecurity posture by switching to a prevention-first approach

Experts Detail 3 Hacking Teams Working Under the Umbrella of TA410 Group

ExtraReplica: Microsoft patches cross-tenant bug in Azure PostgreSQL

Far-right France website probed after 'leak' of Muslim personal data

FBI Director Warns of Chinese Espionage Threats

Four Comprehensive Cybersecurity Practices in the Age of Remote Work

Fraudsters are targeting British teenagers to help them steal money from scam victims

Google blocked an alarming number of dangerous Android apps last year

Google’s ‘yellow banner’ warning for MILLIONS of users shouldn’t be ignored – what to do when new security alert pops up

Hackers have found a sneaky new way to infect Windows devices

Health Care Organizations Warned of Aggressive Ransomware Threat

How to build a culture of trust in a zero trust environment

How Training Employees About Ransomware Can Mitigate Cyber Risk

India directs firms, government organizations to report cyber incidents within 6 hours

India's Critical Infrastructure Witnessed 70% Jump In Ransomware Attacks In 2021

Indian Government Orders Organizations to Report Security Breaches Within 6 Hours to CERT-In

Lack of patching and application security behind 27 percent of breaches

Lapsus$ Hackers Breached T-Mobile Repeatedly and Downloaded Thousands of Source Code Repositories, Leaked Chats Show

Log4j flaw: Thousands of applications are still vulnerable, warn security researchers

Martin Lewis Bitcoin scam: Met Police issue warning - what we know so far

Mediant Communications Settles Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit

Medical software firm fined €1.5M for leaking data of 490k patients

Microsoft: Russia Has Launched Hundreds of Cyber Operations in Ukraine

Microsoft: Russia has launched hundreds of cyberattacks against Ukraine

Microsoft Azure Vulnerability Exposes PostgreSQL Databases to Other Customers

Microsoft fixes ExtraReplica Azure bugs that exposed user databases

Microsoft researchers discover Linux vulnerability that allows root access

Microsoft was the most impersonated brand in phishing attacks in 2021

NAM data leak: Earthquake victims' data shared with Ministry

New Bumblebee malware replaces Conti's BazarLoader in cyberattacks

New malware loader Bumblebee adopted by known ransomware access brokers

New RIG Exploit Kit Campaign Infecting Victims' PCs with RedLine Stealer

NPM flaw let attackers add anyone as maintainer to malicious packages

Peeking into PrivateLoader

Phishing attacks benefiting from shady SEO practices

Portland Anesthesiology Practice Faces Lawsuit Over Data Breach

Post-pandemic priorities for security leaders

Purported Elgin County data posted online by ransomware group

Ransom payment is roughly 15% of the total cost of ransomware attacks

Ransomware attacks struck two-thirds of organizations last year

Ransomware is up and victims are paying

Ransomware recovery costs dwarf actual ransoms

Remote execution holes in Log4j, Exchange and Confluence lead Five Eyes 2021 exploited CVE list

Russia Sanctions Complicate Paying Ransomware Hackers

Russian Hackers Are Targeting Europe's Renewable Energy Infrastructure

Security Alert as Researchers Discover 400,000 Exposed Databases

Security Teams Still Struggling to Patch Log4Shell

Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) paid private PR and social media firms £170,000 after cyber attack

Singapore ranked No. 6 globally for having most number of exposed databases

Solving data privacy challenges starts with people-centric security

Spotlighting cyber a constantly evolving issue

Stormous Claims Credit for Ransomware Attack on Coca-Cola

SuperCare Health Hit with Another Data Breach Class Action

Survey Surfaces Raft of Cloud Security Challenges

Synology warns of critical Netatalk bugs in multiple products

The 15 most exploited vulnerabilities in 2021

The Cybersecurity Threats Self-Storage Operators Face Today and How to Defend Against Attacks

The Philippines: Banks strengthen cybersecurity policies

This new phishing scam can steal your Facebook account

This spiteful new ransomware strain is even more dangerous than usual

Toei Animation Reveals Report on Ransomware Incident

Top 5 security analytics to measure

Ukraine targeted by DDoS attacks from compromised WordPress sites

Up to 2,592,494 individuals Affected by Smile Brands Ransomware Attack

US and China Exposed Most Databases Among 308,000 Discovered in 2021

US Government Offers $10 Million Bounty for Information on Russian Hackers

We're all still making these ridiculous password mistakes

Weird text, email or call? Here’s how to know if it’s a scam or not

What Are the Biggest Phishing Trends Today?

What Is Water Cybersecurity?

What Really Works When It Comes To Risk Quantification In Cybersecurity

What Should You Do If Your Brand is the Target of a Data Breach?

Why Security Must be the Focus of Modern Banking

Young people are officially more likely to fall for scams

27th April

3 reasons cyber security training is essential

6 Best Data Security Practices You Can Start Today

7 data breaches affecting patient billing info

10 Security Technologies to Secure Remote Work

39% of businesses experienced a cyberattack in 2021, as UK Government releases its Cyber Security Breaches report

66% of organizations hit by ransomware in 2021

70% of Australian orgs expect a breach in 2022

American Dental Association and Tenet Healthcare Recovering from Cyberattacks

American Dental Association confirms cyberattack after ransomware group claims credit

Analyzing the Surprising Data from The State of Ransomware 2022 Report

Apple tricked into releasing personal data used to sexually extort minors

Attackers' Median Dwell Time Drops to 3 Weeks

Australia Post users targeted with ‘legitimate’ text scam

Backup 101: How can organisations protect data in the digital age

Bar left reeling from malicious cyber attack

Behind the Rapidly Shifting Ransomware Ecosystem

Below the surface: Group-IB identified 308,000 exposed databases in 2021

Beware: Onyx ransomware destroys files instead of encrypting them

Bronze President spies on Russian targets as Ukraine invasion continues

Calculating the ROI of Security Awareness Training

Canadian businesses scrambling to defend against cyberattacks uptick

Catching phish with web scraping

Chinese Hackers Targeting Russian Military Personnel with Updated PlugX Malware

Chinese state-backed hackers now target Russian state officers

Cloudflare Thwarts Record DDoS Attack Peaking at 15 Million Requests Per Second

Coca-Cola Investigates Data Breach Claim

Coca-Cola Investigates Data-Theft Claims After Ransomware Attack

Comcast Warns of Lucrative DDoS Ransomware, Rising Multi-Vector Attacks

Cyber attack apparently paralyzed wind turbines

Cyber Skills Gap Linked to Breaches

Cybersecurity agencies reveal top exploited vulnerabilities of 2021

Cybersecurity incident disrupts operations at Tenet hospitals

Cybersecurity Mitigations No Organisation Can Afford to Ignore

Czech Ministry of Interior website crippled due to cyberattacks

Data loss and cyber crime in numbers

Definitive Guide to Ransomware: What It Is and How Your Organization Can Prevent, Detect, and Respond to a Ransomware Attack

DialAmerica Marketing Reports Ransomware and Potential Data Breach

East Windsor still needs to address email hack

Emotet is Back From ‘Spring Break’ With New Nasty Tricks

Emotet malware launches new email campaign

Explaining Cloud Native Application Security

FBI issues warning to Agriculture growers

Four Crypto And Blockchain Phishing Scams To Be Aware Of Before You Get Excited About Web3

French hospitals cut internet connection after a data extortion

German banking scam could soon be used to target other countries

GitHub: How stolen OAuth tokens helped breach dozens of orgs

Google begins roll out of Play Store data safety section

Google's New Safety Section Shows What Data Android Apps Collect About Users

Hive emerges as a riser in ransomware attacks

How Emotet flooded Japanese inboxes

How to detect phishing images in emails

How To Keep Your Cryptocurrency Portfolio Safe

How to protect physical security systems from cyber risk

How To Upgrade the Insurance Industry’s Cybersecurity Posture

India sees 70% spike in ransomware attacks on critical infrastructure

Jornal Económico targeted by computer attack

Keep your digital banking safe: Tips for consumers and banks

Microsoft discovers Nimbuspwn security vulnerability in Linux service

Microsoft says Russia hit Ukraine with hundreds of cyberattacks

Microsoft warns: These flaws could give attackers root privileges on Linux desktops

Millions of Java Apps Remain Vulnerable to Log4Shell

Multi-vector DDoS attacks on the rise, attackers indiscriminate and persistent

New Black Basta ransomware springs into action with a dozen breaches

New BlackHat Ransomware goal is obfuscation

New Nimbuspwn Linux vulnerability gives hackers root privileges

Nimbuspwn bugs allow attackers to gain root privileges on some Linux machines (CVE-2022-29799, CVE-2022-29800)

Nimbuspwn Linux Bugs Could Provide Root Access

North Korean state-sponsored Hackers Targeting Journalists in Novel Malware Strain

Note to the U.S. energy industry: PIPEDREAM was created to attack energy companies

Number of publicly exposed database instances hits new record

Parrot TDS poses immediate risk to web developers worldwide

Password Configuration – A Key Component to Cyber Security

Passwordless MFA: The Single Way To Mitigate the Top 5 Threats to Your Customer Identities

Peckshield alerts STEPN users of phishing sites

Popular crypto wallet discontinued after fatal flaw discovered

Private Investigator Admits Role in Hedge Fund Hack

QNAP Advises to Mitigate Remote Hacking Flaws Until Patches are Available

QNAP warns users to disable AFP until it fixes critical bugs

Ransomware a Growing Cyber Risk for US Corporates, Financials, Government

Ransomware Attacks Surged to New Highs in 2021

Ransomware demands are growing, but life is getting tougher for malware gangs

Ransomware victims paying out when they don’t need to

RIG Exploit Kit drops RedLine malware via Internet Explorer bug

RSM warns of increased cyber-attack threat for middle market businesses

Russia Is Being Hacked at an Unprecedented Scale

Russia's Invasion of Ukraine Has Spurred Ransomware & Malware. Critical Steps to Protect Your Computer

Russia’s Ukraine Invasion Spurs Ransomware & Malware

Russian government impersonators target telcos in phishing attacks

SBI's warning to customers, don't even pick up the call from these 2 numbers, otherwise the bank account will be empty

Security Tools Fail to Stop Significant Security Incidents

Siloed technology management increases operational blind spots and cyber risk

Singapore: Maybank warns of scammers impersonating its staff, makes police report

SMBs Targeted in 80% of Ransomware Attacks

Smile Brands Breach Impacts 2.5 Million Individuals

State of Ransomware Report 2022: 66% Organizations Hit in 2021

Stormous’s crusade against “Western” companies

Student grades stored in Greek education platform UniverSIS could be manipulated via SQLi

Supply Chains Are In The Cyberattack Crosshairs

Ten ways to protect your company from cyber attacks

The Challenges of Hybrid Cloud Security Approaches

The dark web in Aotearoa: Is it as bad as we think?

Top 5 things about zero-trust security that you need to know

Twitter account of Philippines’ top university hacked

U.S Cybersecurity Agency Lists 2021's Top 15 Most Exploited Software Vulnerabilities

U.S. Offers $10 Million Bounty for Information on 6 Russian Military Hackers

UK Army Data Breach: What You Need to Know

US Offers $10m for Russian NotPetya Sandworm Team

US Offers $10 Million for Information on 6 Russian Military Hackers

US puts million dollar bounties on Russian hackers' heads

WhatsApp issues urgent warning to two billion users to delete text now

Who tried to hack Hawaii’s undersea cable?

Why Data Scientists Say Behavioral Analytics Is a Security Stack Must-Have

Why it's essential to focus on security fundamentals

Why No-Code Automation is the Future of SecOps

Why the BlackCat ransomware is a bigger threat than we can imagine

Your Facebook account is in danger! New scam threatens to close your account

Zero trust crucial as high-profile ransomware attacks rise

26th April

4 phishing trends observed in Q1 2022

4-Hour Time-to-Ransom Seen in Quantum Attack as Accelerated Ransomware Increasingly Common

5 Data Security Challenges and How to Solve Them

65% of security leaders say they’ve experienced an increase in cyberattacks

74% of companies experienced a security incident in the past year

American Dental Association hit by new Black Basta ransomware

As cyber threats rise, how vulnerable are mining companies?

Bank Account Hacking Protection: How to save financial accounts from hackers

Bored Ape Yacht Club Customers Lose $3m in NFT Scam

Bored Ape Yacht Club Instagram takeover sees around $3 million in NFTs sail away

Breach update shows 2.6M individuals affected by Smile Brands data theft

Businesses warned as REvil ransomware gang appears to be back online

Cisco Talos observes 'novel increase' in APT activity in Q1

Coca-Cola investigates hackers' claims of breach and data theft

Coca-Cola investigating possible Stormous data breach

Computer scam locks user's computer, instructs you to call Microsoft technical support

Conti Ransomware Activity Surges Despite Exposure of Group's Operations

Creative Services Sends Data Breach Notices to California Consumers

Critical RCE Vulnerability Reported in Google’s VirusTotal

Critical Steps Procurement Can Take with their Cooperative to Fight Cyber Threats

Cyber attack hits upscale Helsinki hotels affecting 15k customers

Cyber Conflict Overshadowed a Major Government Ransomware Alert

Cyber extortion debuts on list of top executive worries

Data Breach Disrupts UK Army Recruitment

DDoS attacks were at all-time high in Q1 2022 due to war in Ukraine

Don't fall for this devious phishing scam, Facebook users warned

Email encryption flexibility builds customer trust and business revenue

Emotet malware now installs via PowerShell in Windows shortcut files

Emotet Testing New Delivery Ideas After Microsoft Disables VBA Macros by Default

Emotet Tests New TTPs

Ever Surf wallet vulnerability could have let attackers steal crypto assets

FBI warns US farmers of a higher risk of ransomware attacks

Firms Push for CVE-Like Cloud Bug System

Fraudsters answer security questions better than customers

French Hospitals Cut Internet Connection After Data Raid

Funky Pigeon still battling cyber incident

Garcia de Orta Hospital targeted by a computer attack

Gold Ulrick Hackers Still in Action Despite Massive Conti Ransomware Leak

Google and Mandiant Say Record Zero-Day Vulnerabilities Exploited in 2021

Google Play Store now forces apps to disclose what data is collected

Hackers exploit critical VMware RCE flaw to install backdoors

How to spot an attack against Active Directory

Illinois Gastroenterology Group, PLLC Announces Data Breach

Increased Ransomware, Phishing and Malware Attacks. Are You Prepared?

Inside a ransomware incident: How a single mistake left a door open for attackers

Iranian Hacking Group Among Those Exploiting Recently Disclosed VMware RCE Flaw

Is Emotet trojan testing new email attack tactics using OneDrive URLs?

Liberty Partners Financial Services, LLC Announces Data Breach

Majority of banks paid ransom for cyberattacks last year

Manage and monitor third-party identities to protect your organization

Massachusetts State Police Issue Alert For Phishing Scams That Claim To Be From US Marshals

Meteoric attack deploys Quantum ransomware in mere hours

Microsoft Discovers New Privilege Escalation Flaws in Linux Operating System

Morrisons & Iceland warning as 50,000 hit by convincing scam tactic

Nation-state Hackers Target Journalists with Goldbackdoor Malware

North Korean Hackers Target Journalists with GOLDBACKDOOR Malware

North Korean State Actors Deploying Novel Malware to Spy on Journalists

NPM Bug Allowed Attackers to Distribute Malware as Legitimate Packages

Organizations face cybersecurity debt for not prioritizing cybersecurity

Pakistan: Another bank faces data theft

Pakistan’s leading bank comes under grip of cyberattacks

PeckShield Detects Phishing Sites Impersonating Solana-based Web3 App

Phishing attempts in The Philippines dropped in ’21, says Kaspersky

PlanMember Securities Corporation Targeted by Cyber Thieves

Practice makes perfect when it comes to recovering from a cyberattack

Principles for Kubernetes security and good hygiene

Protect Yourself from Destructive Russian Malware Attacks Amid the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Public interest in Log4Shell fades but attack surface remains

Ransomware Attacks: Everything You Need to Know

Ransomware attacks cost universities over £2 Million per incident

Retail and wholesale at significant risk of phishing attacks

Russia’s war could spread to space; the U.S. should be prepared

Russian-affiliates believed to be behind cyber attacks on wind turbines firms

Russian-linked hackers says they've HACKED Coca-Cola: Stormous claims it has stolen financial data, passwords and accounts as they put it up for sale for $640,000 or 16 million Bitcoin

Security Teams Should Be Addressing Quantum Cyber-Threats Now

Singapore: At least 154 victims lose S$7.1m to tech support scam since January

Shadow IT is a top concern related to SaaS adoption

Siloed Tech Prompts Security Worries

Smishing, phishing and vishing: Whatever the terminology, don’t fall victim to hacker trickery

Solara Medical Supplies Faces $5M Proposed Settlement After Data Breach

Solara Medical Supplies Proposes $5 Million Settlement to Resolve Class Action Data Breach Lawsuit

State Bank of India (SBI) Warning For 45 Crore Customers: Don’t Pick Calls From These Numbers, You Can Be Robbed

Sterling Valley Systems dba Inntopia Announces Data Breach

Stormous ransomware gang claims to have hacked Coca-Cola

The Emotet botnet is back, and it has some new tricks to spread malware

The Philippines: 3 men arrested over Smartmatic ‘data breach’

The Russia-Ukraine Conflict has Brought Cyberwarfare into the Mainstream

The trouble with BEC: How to stop the costliest internet scam

UK’s army recruitment system closed since March after data breach

US Disrupted Russian GRU’s Hydra and Sandworm

US offers $10 million reward for tips on Russian Sandworm hackers

Ward Hadaway blackmailed after cyber attack

Wawa sues payments giant Mastercard over data breach penalty

Who is exploiting VMware right now? Probably Iran's Rocket Kitten, to name one

Why It's Time to Stop Putting off Zero Trust

25th April

41% of businesses had an API security incident last year

Aeropost.com Asks Customers to Delete Credit Card Information Following Recent Data Breach

Almost half of UK employees can't spot email scams

BlackCat/ALPHV ransomware breaches 60+ organizations

BlueForce, Inc. Data Breach Exposes Customers’ Social Security Numbers

Bored Ape Yacht Club's Instagram compromised in $2.4 million NFT phishing scam

Brazil sees improvement in data breaches

Canadian businesses are fearful of cyberattacks

Canadian organizations targeted with malware-infected resumes

CISA adds 7 vulnerabilities to list of bugs exploited in attacks

Coinbase Users Beware: Scammers Pretend To Be Customer Support To Steal Funds

Conti ransomware cripples systems of electricity manager in Costa Rican town

Costa Rica ransomware attack could herald new wave of Russian cybercrime

Costa Rica Refuses to Pay Cyber Ransom

Critical Bug in Everscale Wallet Could've Let Attackers Steal Cryptocurrencies

Crooks Spoofing Credit Unions to Steal Funds and Login Credentials

Data Breach at Burkhart Dental Supply Compromises Sensitive Customer Data

Elgin County officials warn of phishing emails

Emotet malware infects users again after fixing broken installer

European Wind-Energy Sector Hit in Wave of Hacks

Experts warn that Hive ransomware gang can detect unpatched servers

FBI: This ransomware written in the Rust programming language has hit at least 60 targets

FBI seeing ransomware attacks on agriculture sector, warning farmers to protect themselves

FBI warns Rust-based ransomware has breached over 60 organisations

Financial Conduct Authority (FCA): Challenger Banks Failing to Spot Money Launderers

French hospital group disconnects Internet after hackers steal data

Geopolitical tensions drive ransomware risks for business

Hack DHS: Homeland Security's first bug bounty turns up 122 vulnerabilities

HHS warns of risk of Hive ransomware to public health care sector

How small businesses can soften the blow of ransomware attacks

How to ensure a cyber secure return to the office

How to protect against the weakest link in cybersecurity – THE USERS

How to reduce the risk of a data breach

Illinois gastroenterology group reveals data breach

Improper disposal of hard drives can lead to health records breaches

Iran foils large-scale cyber attack against infrastructures

Kansas Hospital Discloses Data Breach

LAPSUS$ breached T-Mobile systems, stole source code

Lapsus$ Hackers Stole T-Mobile’s Source Code and Systems Data

Lapsus$ Hackers Target T-Mobile

Mailchimp Data Breach Led to Stolen Crypto, Class Action Says

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