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Monday 20 December 2021

Data Breaches Digest - Week 51 2021

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 20th December and 26th December 2021.

26th December

5 trends that will shape cybersecurity threat landscape in 2022

AvosLocker, the ransomware that restarts the system in safe mode to hide itself from antivirus

Beware: Crypto Wallets Attacked by Echelon Malware Through Telegram

Breaches and Ransomware: A Look Back at 2021

Digital transformation and hybrid models expose more businesses to cyber attacks in 2022

Google Security Experts Highlight “Incredible, Terrifying” Israeli Spyware

Leading-Edge Law: Is it illegal to pay ransomware?

Monkey Kingdom, Hong Kong NFT project, victimized in $1.3 million phishing hack

Old but effective, phishing remains the biggest cyber security concern for companies

Public urged to protect themselves from online sales scams

Put cybersecurity on the top of the agenda for 2022

Ransomware is just the start of the cyber challenge facing UK businesses in 2022

Singapore: OCBC clients lost S$140,000 in 10 days, warns of SMS phishing scam

The most common email scams of 2021 — and how to spot them

The Technologies Consumers Can Use to Combat Fraud

Try not to download 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' from Torrent, here’s why

What History Tells Us About the Future of Cyber Vulnerabilities in the Power Industry

You might not like the term ‘zero trust,’ but the concept is on point

25th December

AvosLocker Ransomware Uses AnyDesk in Safe Mode to Launch

Cert-In discovered a new Ransomware virus disseminated via e-mail

Deep Web vs Dark Web: Understanding the Differences

French IT Services Firm Hit by Ransomware Attack

Online Threat! Hackers are sending more and more SMS

Should You Block All Monero-Related Domains? Crypto Scams Set To Rise in 2022

Spiderman No Way Home Movie Download Could Land You in Phishing Trap

There's no such thing as sensitive data

24th December

4 reasons why good cyber security will help you win business

4 Ways To Strengthen Your Company’s Cybersecurity Infrastructure To Prevent An Attack

5 cybersecurity trends to look out for in 2022

11% of Credit and Debit Card Users Experienced Fraud in the Last 12 Months

2022 threat predictions: Ransomware, ransomware, ransomware

Albania: Worries grow over personal data breach, as second leaked document distributed

Albania’s Prime Minister Issues Data Leak Apology

Android banking trojan spreads via fake Google Play Store page

Attackers bypass Microsoft security patch to drop Formbook malware

Biggest data breach will hit in 2022

Blackmagic fixes critical DaVinci Resolve code execution flaws

Bots are stealing Christmas!

Consumer Data Breach Alert: Arthur J. Gallagher & Company

Consumer Data Breach Alert: J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc

Consumer Data Breach Alert: Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc

Consumer Data Breach Alert: SCUF Gaming International, LLC

Consumer Data Breach Alert: Talbert House

Consumer Data Breach Alert: TTEC Services Commercial

Cryptominers hit 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' fans while torrenting

Cyber-Attacks: Risk Transference as Crucial as Risk Prevention

Cyber Activity Surges as Russia Masses on Ukraine's Border

Cyber security: How High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) can protect themselves

Cybersecurity Considerations When Powering Retail IT Systems

Dangers on the Internet: Everything You Need to Know About Them

Data Breach Alert: Newbridge Securities Corporation

Data Breach Alert: Sheridan Production Company III, LLC

Data Breach Alert: The Neiman Marcus Group

'Diavol' Ransomware Virus Hacks PC Via Email, And Blackmails You To Pay Money

Double check the message: Malicious actors are impersonating pharma companies

Dridex Omicron phishing taunts with funeral helpline number

Expert Details macOS Bug That Could Let Malware Bypass Gatekeeper Security

Five Eyes intelligence agencies warns millions at risk as hackers exploit mutating Log4Shell bug

Former Uber CSO Faces New Charge for 2016 Breach

Global IT services provider Inetum hit by ransomware attack

Hellmann Warns Customers They Could Face Malicious Communications Following Attack

Here's how to avoid becoming a victim of Christmas shopping scams

How AI-powered fraud and aggressive ransomware could dominate 2022

Micro-segmentation: The best defense mechanism for an enterprise

New BLISTER Malware Using Code Signing Certificates to Evade Detection

New Log4J Flaw Caps Year of Relentless Cybersecurity Crises

New Ransomware Variants Flourish Amid Law Enforcement Actions

NVIDIA apps affected by Log4j vulnerability

Open source Log4j scanners are here to save the day

Rook ransomware is yet another spawn of the leaked Babuk code

'Severe' bug in common software: Five Eyes

Singapore: OCBC Bank cautions public about SMS phishing scams after customers lose $140,000 in 10 days

Software Supply Chains Are Under Attack. Here’s What CEOs Need To Do

Steps you can take today to mitigate the potential of employee data breaches

T-Mobile says Scam Shield has blocked 21 billion scam calls in 2021

The retail sector needs to know when and not if it will be hacked

The Worst Hacks of 2021

Ubisoft Data breach hits Just Dance Players

Unique Cyber-Attacks Fall for First Time Since 2018

Urgent Christmas shopping scam warning that can lead to you losing money

Volvo Security Breach Led to R&D Data Theft by ‘Snatch’ Threat Actors

Warning about IRS phishing scams – Five ways to protect yourself from digital Christmas thieves

23rd December

4-Year-Old Microsoft Azure Zero-Day Exposes Web App Source Code

2022 cybersecurity predictions from CrowdStrike

Albania: Massive data breach exposes wage and personal info of more than 637,000 residents

Alibaba Suffers Government Crackdown Over Log4j

Apache's new security update for HTTP Server fixes two flaws

Apple fixes macOS security flaw behind Gatekeeper bypass

Asia Pacific should prepare for more ransomware attacks in 2022

Australian Government orgs failing to manage cyber risk, report finds

AvosLocker ransomware exploits AnyDesk and Safe Mode: Sophos

AvosLocker ransomware reboots in Safe Mode to bypass security tools

Brief phishing attack may have been dry run for exploiting Microsoft Office bug: Sophos

Businesses hit with 700m hacks in the last 30 days

Capital One to pay $190M settlement in data breach linked to Seattle woman

CISA, FBI and NSA Publish Joint Advisory and Scanner for Log4j Vulnerabilities

CISA Releases Free Scanner to Spot Log4j Exposure

Consumers Warned of Surging Delivery Text Scams Ahead of Christmas

Could passwordless be the solution to poor shopping sign-up processes?

Cyber criminals 'don’t take a holiday' over Christmas, businesses are warned

Cyber in 2022

Cybersecurity in the Online Gaming Industry

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp users: These are '39,000-plus reasons' to be careful

Fired via email right before Christmas? Careful! You could be a victim of the deadly Dridex

Firms warned of festive cyber attack risk

Five cybersecurity predictions for 2022 and beyond

From airport WiFi to ‘juice jacking’: 7 ways to protect your data when traveling

Grinch bots hijack all kinds of holiday shopping, from gift cards to hype drop sales

Hackers in Cox Communications Data Breach Impersonated Company’s Support Agent to Access Customer Information

Hong Kong NFT project Monkey Kingdom loses $1.3M in phishing hack, launches compensation fund

How ransomware gangs are exploiting the Log4J vulnerability

How to manage cybersecurity risks

In Costa Rica – Supply Chain Computer Attacks are on the Rise

Indian Government issues virus alert: Beware of Diavol ransomware or you could lose money

Kim Jong Un ‘kept in power by HACKER army that funds nuclear weapons and economy’

Log4Shell is a dumpster fire that should have been avoided

Major pro-wrestling t-shirt company suffers data breach, customers angry

Malware Protection for Financial Services

Microsoft informs customers of 'NotLegit' Azure bug

Microsoft Teams might have a few serious security issues

Multiple Log4j scanners released by CISA, CrowdStrike

National Privacy Commission (NPC) probes possible data breach in BDO hacking incident

New Exploit Lets Malware Attackers Bypass Patch for Critical Microsoft MSHTML Flaw

New Jersey Settles with Cancer Center Over Business Email Compromise

NSO spyware used to hack Polish politicians, wife of Khashoggi, UN war crimes investigator and more

Parcel delivery scam texts to spike this Christmas

Phishing campaign targets CoinSpot cryptoexchange 2FA codes

Pro Wrestling Tees discloses data breach after credit cards stolen

Ransomware Climbed 2% in November, Mespinoza Government Hits Rose 400%

Russian Hacker’s $1.7M Restitution Order Overturned

Simplify customers ‘still waiting for answers a month after cyber-attack’

Sophos reveals malicious tactics of AvosLocker ransomware

South Korea, US team up to recover damages for victims of crypto scams

Stealthy BLISTER malware slips in unnoticed on Windows systems

Stuck without homes we're meant to buy: Simplify customers to launch legal action against conveyancer as they are STILL stranded six weeks after cyber attack

Telegram Abused to Steal Crypto-Wallet Credentials

Texas Convicts Business Email Compromise (BEC) Scammer

The 10 Biggest Cyber And Ransomware Attacks Of 2021

The most important international cybercrime incidents of 2021

This new ransomware has simple but very clever tricks to evade PC defenses

Up to 120,000 Cops May Have Legal Claim Over 2019 Breach

US clothing supplier Pro Wrestling Tees hit by data breach

US joins South Korea in crypto phishing scam investigation

Watch out for Christmas 2021 credential stuffing attacks!

West Virginia Hospital System Hacked For Stealing Funds

What Is Passwordless Authentication?

What is Ransomware?

22nd December

4 Reasons Why Christmas Is Peak Season for Cyber-Attacks

4-Year-Old Bug in Azure App Service Exposed Hundreds of Source Code Repositories

5 Threats to Watch Out for in 2022

6 Biggest Data Breaches In 2021

10 common types of malware attacks and how to prevent them

10 Things to Do Before and After Business E-mail Compromises Happen

“80% of workers are concerned about personal data being stolen while online shopping”, according to study

A Cybersecurity Arms Race: Trends and Developments to Understand for 2022

A whole new ransomware strain is exploiting Log4j

AI-Powered Malware Doesn't Actually Exist

All in One SEO Plugin Bug Threatens 3M Websites with Takeovers

Are you ready for a 2022 cybercrime spree?

Attackers bypass Microsoft patch to deliver Formbook malware

Australia’s cyber regulators will exert greater power over critical sectors

AvosLocker Ransomware Uses AnyDesk in Safe Mode to Launch Attacks

Belgian military in five-day battle against cyberattack

Beware of Scam Package-Tracking Text Messages Commonly Seen During the Holidays

Beware Of Spam From Online Casinos

Business Email Compromise (BEC) Attack on Monongalia Health System

China suspends deal with Alibaba for not sharing Log4j 0-day first with the government

Chinese regulators suspend Alibaba Cloud over failure to report Log4j vulnerability

CISA releases Apache Log4j scanner to find vulnerable apps

Conti ransomware is exploiting the Log4Shell vulnerability to the tune of millions

Critical Apache HTTPD Server Bugs Could Lead to RCE, DoS

Critical infrastructure cyberattacks: An impetus for identity-first security

Critical Infrastructure Is Under Attack: How Industry Can Secure OT Remote Operations Before It’s Too Late

Cyber Resiliency: Safeguarding Data for Business Continuity

Cyber strategy should consider more than compliance

Cyber-Attack on Belgium’s Military

Cyberattacks Attempt To Cripple Airlines

Cybercrime Cops Arrest NHS Workers

Cybercrime is everywhere: How safe is your country?

Cybercriminals shifting focus: IT sector most targeted in 2021

Cybersecurity is Critical at Christmas – Here's Why

Cybersecurity is only half the battle

Cybersecurity Issues to Keep an Eye on in the New Year

Data stolen in business email compromise attack on West Virginia hospital operator

Did You Get A Lot Of Robocalls This Year? 59% Of Americans Did Too

Digital healthcare: ransomware attack on Compugroup Medical

Dridex malware trolls employees with fake job termination emails

Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp users targeted in phishing scheme

Forcepoint reveals the top 5 cybersecurity trends to watch out for in 2022

Four Bugs in Microsoft Teams Left Platform Vulnerable Since March

Garda specialists tracked stolen HSE data to commercial server in US

Ghana government agency exposed 700k citizens’ data in a database mess up

Hackers attacked businesses over 700 million times in last 30 days globally

Honeypot experiment reveals what hackers want from IoT devices

Hong Kong NFT project Monkey Kingdom loses $1.3M in phishing hack, launches compensation fund

Honolulu Transit Putting Services Back Online After Hack

How confident can organizations be in their managed services security?

How Much Should the Federal Government Worry About Log4j?

How No Way Home Is Being Used to Scam Spider-Man Fans

How Safe Are Your Crypto Investments?

How to Protect Data from Cerber Ransomware

Just Dance video game has been breached

Kronos ransomware attack harms healthcare public finance sector

Log4j flaw: Attackers are 'actively scanning networks' warns new CISA guidance

Log4j flaw gets big attention from ‘ruthless’ ransomware gang

Malaysia: Eight data leak cases reported involving 67m personal records

Many firms say they wouldn't pay ransomware if they had to disclose it publicly

Martin Lewis issues email scam warning against fraudsters impersonating him ahead of Christmas

McMenamin restaurants hit by ransomware

Meta sues cybercriminals behind phishing scams on Facebook

Microsoft Azure App Service flaw exposed customer source code

Microsoft Teams bug allowing phishing unpatched since March

Nation-States Exploiting Critical Flaw in Zoho UEM

Network and security IT primary target for phishing attacks

New Jersey volunteer EMS agency says patient data was breached

Norton Names Tech Support Phishing Scams Top Threat

NVIDIA discloses applications impacted by Log4j vulnerability

Open-source software holds the key to solving Log4Shell-like problems

Organisations need to ‘remove the safety blanket’

Pain and Suffering for a Data Breach? German Court Issues First Decision of Its Kind in Europe

Phishing incident causes data breach at West Virginia hospitals

Privacy commission probing possible data breach in ‘Mark Nagoyo’ transfers

Pro Wrestling Tees hit by data breach in November and informs customers in December

Protecting your school from cyber-attacks

PYSA Emerges as Top Ransomware Actor in November

Quebec municipal transportation data ends up on dark web forum after cyber attack

Ransomware Empire: Who might blackmail your company?

Ransomware Groups Able to Rebrand and Reform Before Regulations Catch Up, Small Businesses May Be Next in the Crosshairs

Ransomware Shut Down McMenamins Phone and Credit Card Systems

Ransomware will remain the number one security threat

Researchers Disclose Unpatched Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Teams Software

Rideshare account hacker faces up to 22 years in prison

Rise in hybrid work models accelerates cyberattacks in Middle East

Russian Cyber Exec Extradited After Alleged Trading Conspiracy

Second ransomware group exploiting Log4j in China, Europe, and US

Security Operations Center (SOC) Performance Falling Short

Software flaws in walk-through metal detectors made them hackable

Stop and Think About Your Online Safety

The Dark Web: a cyber crime bazaar where data is a hot commodity

The gift that keeps on giving: 7 tips to avoid cyber security threats

This New Ransomware Strain Uses Safe Mode, Remote Desktop Tools

This ransomware strain just started targeting lots more businesses

Threat actors behind SolarWinds compromise are still active, warns Mandiant

Tips to Avoid an Online Fraud

To Combat Ransomware Attacks, Communication With C-Suite is Essential

Top 4 Ways Organizations Can Stay Secure Amid Christmas Staff Shortages

Top 10 cyber crime stories of 2021

Traveling During the Holidays? Watch Out for These 3 Cybersecurity Dangers

Tusla assisting GardaĆ­ with investigation into HSE ransomware attack

Ubisoft Reveals Player Data Breach Came from User Error

Ubisoft says Just Dance was hit by a data breach

'Unusual activity' triggers 5-day network outage for Missouri hospital

US: Vice President Harris calls for 'cyber doctrine' to address increasing attacks

US insureds face stricter cyber insurance underwriting requirements and greater enforcement of privacy laws

US Returns $150m to Sony After Employee BEC Attack

Virginia still working to fix issues after ransomware attack

What WHOIS History Reveals about 3,800+ Verified Phishing Hosts

What Will North Korean Cybercrime Look Like in 2022?

What’s stopping consumers from using credit freezes?

Why Hackers Love The Holidays, And What Your Company Needs To Do About It

Why Security Matters At Every Touchpoint In Your Brand

Why so many cybersecurity attacks still start with an email

With Rising Cyber Insurance Costs And Requirements, Consider New Alternatives To Fight Ransomware

21st December

2easy now a significant dark web marketplace for stolen data

4 Security Threats Facing Your Personal Devices and how Endpoint Detection Neutralizes Them

5 cybersecurity predictions for 2022

6 top cybersecurity trends from 2021 and their impact on 2022

7 Cybersecurity Resolutions Every Company Needs to Make

9 principles to help HR leaders prepare for ransomware attacks

10 biggest healthcare data breaches of 2021 impact over 22.6M patients

10 of the Biggest Cyberattacks of 2021

800K WordPress sites still impacted by critical SEO plugin flaw

2022 In The Cloud: Storage-As-A-Service, Fighting Ransomware And More

Active Directory Bugs Could Let hackers Take Over Windows Domain Controllers

Arab Israeli suspected of massive phishing scheme

Bank warns customers against frauds

Basil Read reports cyberattack incident on its IT systems

Basil Read SA's latest target of cyberattack

Belgian Military in Five-Day Battle Against Cyberattack

Big White issues data breach alert

Bitdefender uncovers Omicron malware campaign

British Council Struck by Two Ransomware Attacks in Five Years

Celebrate Festivus With These Cybersecurity Grievances

Charges over Victoria Police data breach

Combating identity fraud: The key is to avoid stagnation

Computer security experts scramble to fix ‘vulnerability of the decade’

Critical cybersecurity measures for colleges and K-12 schools

Crypto Scammers Used Google to Steal Over $500,000 Last Month

Cyber Disruptions of Infrastructure Networks Can Cost Millions in a Day

Cyber insurance trends: Insurers and insurees must adapt equally to growing threats

Cybersecurity? Just another process control job

Cybersecurity Innovations of the Past Decade: From Automated Penetration Testing to Quantum Computing

Desjardins Proposes $155M Data Breach Settlement

Dial-a-bus cyber attack leaves appointments diary unaffected

Egress’ Cybersecurity Experts Share Their Predictions For 2022

Escalation in Healthcare Data Breaches

FBI: Another Zoho ManageEngine Zero-Day Under Active Attack

FBI: Hackers are actively exploiting this flaw on ManageEngine Desktop Central servers

Garrett walk-through metal detectors can be remotely manipulated

Get a text about tracking a package? Pause before you click the link!

Ghana: National Service Scheme (NSS) allegedly hit by data breach as 700,000 people's documents leak online

Hackers bypass patched Microsoft Office flaw to inject Formbook malware

Half-Billion Compromised Credentials Lurking on Open Cloud Server

Hawaii: City and agencies confer with other hacking targets

Health Ministry of Brazil Hit by Two Ransomware Attacks in One Week; Vaccination Data Stolen & Taken Offline

Here’s how cybersecurity threats will evolve in 2022

How do You Protect Yourself Against Malware?

How familiar are consumers with data protection best practices?

How machine learning can be a game-changer in cybersecurity?

How Not To Become a Feeder for a Ransomware Scammer

If Your Disclosure of a Data Breach Was “Late,” You May Have to Litigate

Is insider risk threatening your growth and innovation?

Java Code Repository Riddled with Hidden Log4j Bugs; Here’s Where to Look

Just Dance data breach confirmed by Ubisoft

Kronos Ransomware Attack Will Challenge Public Finance Issuers

Log4j flaw: 10 questions you need to be asking

Log4j2: What We've Seen, What We Expect

Log4shell: Looking for the “The Dark Side of the Moon”

McMenamins Cyberattack Highlights New Normal

Netflix Continues To Be One Of The Most Impersonated Brands In Terms Of Cybersecurity Threats Across 2021

New Exploit Lets Malware Attackers Bypass Patch for Critical Microsoft MSHTML Flaw

No Phishing! Safety Measures for Your Employees

NSO Group’s ‘zero-click’ exploit among most technically sophisticated ever – Google

Pennsylvania needs to address ransomware attacks

Pfizer Based Phishing Campaign in Wild, Stealing Sensitive Data

Police found 225 million stolen passwords hidden on a hacked cloud server. Is yours one of them?

Preventing Log4j CVE-2021-44228 Exploits Using PDF As A Delivery Channel

Protecting Small Businesses from Cyberattacks This Holiday Season

PYSA ransomware behind most double extortion attacks in November

Ransomware Attacks Not High-Profile or Front Page News But Still Happening Frequently

Ransomware Threat Just as Urgent as Terrorism, Say Two-Thirds of IT Pros

Remote Access Cybersecurity Management

Rethinking cybersecurity becomes imperative as devices and apps move away from physical offices

Russian businessman, others made millions in insider trading through hacking

Russian hackers made millions by stealing SEC earning reports

Safety & Security: Think Mass Transit is Ready for Cybersecurity Breaches? Time to Think Again

Scam Alert: What the heck is smishing?

Scam Phishing Network Costs Victims $80m Per Month

Second ransomware family exploiting Log4j spotted in U.S., Europe

Secret Backdoors Found in German-made Auerswald VoIP System

Securing remote work for holiday travelers

Security lessons from 2021 holiday shopping fraud schemes

Security That Goes from Anywhere to Anywhere Else

Spider–Menace! New Phishing Scam Targets Spider-Man Movie Fans

The Cybersecurity Stories We Were Jealous of in 2021

The Future of Ransomware

The Link Between Ransomware and Cryptocurrency

The long-tail of COVID and the evolution of ransomware

The true cost of a charity data breach

Threat actors steal $80 million per month with fake giveaways, surveys

Top 7 common Cybersecurity Myths — Busted

Top malware threats of 2021 and ways to protect your device in 2022

Tropic Trooper Cyber Espionage Hackers Targeting Transportation Sector

Two Active Directory Bugs Lead to Easy Windows Domain Takeover

Two backdoors detected in Auerswald VoIP system

Ubisoft confirms Just Dance data breach amid developer exodus

Ubisoft confirms Just Dance video game data breach

UK Cyber Cops Share 225 Million Passwords with Breach Site

UK Cybercrime Watchdogs Investigate 225 Million Passwords For Suspected Breach - How to Check if Your Credential is Stolen

Understanding Software Supply Chain and How to Secure It

US returns $154 Million in bitcoins stolen by Sony employee

US Sentences Money Launderer Linked to QQAAZZ

Virginia still working to fix issues after ransomware attack

We’re starting to see a national response to ransomware, says Mandiant CEO

What Cybersecurity Professionals Are Wishing for This Holiday Season

What’s next after Log4j?

Why Using SMS Authentication for 2FA Is Not Secure

Your Data Got Leaked: What Should You Do Now?

20th December

4 Ways Cybercriminals Exploit Remote Teams

8 Ways a Data Breach Could Take Out Your Company Tomorrow

14 cybersecurity predictions for 2022 and beyond

$30 million stolen from Grim Finance, audit firm blames new hire for vulnerability

A fifth of all employees will fall for a phishing message, study finds

After ransomware attack, global logistics firm Hellmann warns of scam calls and mail

As Ransomware Variants Shift, Incidents 'Still on the Rise'

Avast found backdoor in US Federal Agency Network

Belgian Defense Ministry confirms cyberattack through Log4j exploitation

Christmas pay for police, nurses at risk after Kronos hit by ransomware

CISA Issues Emergency Directive on Log4j

Consumer protection officials: stay aware of phishing, romance scams

Conti Ransomware Gang Has Full Log4Shell Attack Chain

Conveyancing IT crash - company slammed for ‘wall of silence’

Cyber-Attack Impacts Aussie Companies

Cybercriminals exploit Spiderman: No Way Home popularity to spread malware, push phishing scams

Cybercriminals targeting MSPs as more attacks on supply chain expected in 2022

Cybersecurity company identifies months-long attack on US federal commission

Data stolen from Police National Database disappears from dark web

Desjardins settles data breach suit for a maximum CA$201 million

Establish an effective ransomware playbook

Experts Discover Backdoor Deployed on the U.S. Federal Agency's Network

FBI: State hackers exploiting new Zoho zero-day since October

Fighting the Rise in Ransomware Attacks: The Value of Breaking Through Silos

Ghana: National Service Scheme (NSS) allegedly hit by data breach as 700,000 people's documents leak online

Hackers, bogus charities and ‘phishing’ emails among Christmas scams reported in Warwickshire

Hackers Can Penetrate 93% of Local Networks

Healthcare provider Texas ENT alerts 535,000 patients to data breach

How can AI be made more secure and trustworthy?

How likely are employees to fall prey to a phishing attack?

How To Improve Security Awareness Training

How to see if cybersecurity of your organization is in check for the New Year

How will cyber threats evolve in 2022? Here’s what experts say

Insider Threats: Protecting from Within

Introducing ‘killware’ — malware designed to contaminate, disrupt critical services

IoT, cryptocurrency may spur more attacks in 2022

Log4j vulnerabilities, malware strains multiply; major attack disclosed

Log4j vulnerability now used to install Dridex banking malware

Meta cracks down on phishing scams that use its trademarks

Meta files federal lawsuit to uncover individuals running a phishing scam on its platforms

Meta Sues Hackers Behind Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram Phishing Attacks

Meta sues people behind Facebook and Instagram phishing

Microsoft warns of easy Windows domain takeover via Active Directory bugs

New DarkWatchman malware spread through phishing emails on Windows machines: What we know so far

New Hancitor Malware Loader Delivers Malware Via Clipboard

New Log4j Patch Released to Fix DoS Flaw

New Mobile Network Vulnerabilities Affect All Cellular Generations Since 2G

New research from OpenText identifies network and security IT as primary target for phishing attacks

‘No evidence’ data stolen in cyberattack used for criminal purposes, HSE says

Over 300 victims lose $760,000 to phishing scams related to delivery firms

Passwords And People: Your Secret Weapons Against Cybercriminals

Phishing Attacks Getting Sneakier

Phishing attacks impersonate Pfizer in fake requests for quotation

Ransomware Attack Impacting Denver Payroll Process

Ransomware attack on Kronos impacts paychecks, log-in timesheets of employees of several firms

Ransomware Gang Publish Confidential Police Data on the Dark Web

Ransomware Persists Even as High-Profile Attacks Have Slowed

Ransomware Resurgence: Is your Organization Prepared?

Researchers discover alternative local attack vector in Log4j

Rise in Ottawa-area cyberattacks tied to dark web and new wave of criminals

Rise of cryptos could lead to well-funded cyber attacks

Robocalls More Than Doubled in 2021, Cost Victims $30 Billion

Santa Fe, New Mexico, Keeping Employee Time After Ransomware Attack

Scammers grabbed $7.7 billion worth of cryptocurrency in 2021, say researchers

Scammers Netted $7.7 Billion worth of Cryptocurrency in 2021

Shifting Left with Pre-Commit Hooks

Shifting security further left: DevSecOps becoming SecDevOps

Simulated Phishing Study Reveals Who Falls for Them Most Often

Surveillance-for-hire: Are you a target of the booming spy business?

Synthetic identity fraud: What is it, and why is it harmful?

T-Mobile says it blocked 21 billion scam calls this year

The cybersecurity executive order is not all it’s cracked up to be

The Log4j saga: New vulnerabilities and attack vectors discovered

Third Log4J Bug Can Trigger DoS; Apache Issues Patch

UK donates 225 million stolen passwords to hack-checking site

UK government shares 585 million passwords with Have I Been Pwned

Zero trust isn’t just for IT, it can also protect targeted critical infrastructure