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Monday 5 April 2021

Data Breaches Digest - Week 14 2021

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 5th April and 11th April 2021.

11th April

45 Million Egyptian Facebook Users Impacted in Data Leak

A Hacker Is Selling the User Data of 500 Million LinkedIn Users Online

Accellion Cyber Attack on the University of California (UC) Network Prompts New Personal Safety Measures

Android apps on APKPure store caught spreading malware

Another huge data breach, another stony silence from Facebook

Clubhouse calls report on data breach 'misleading and false'

Cybersecurity executives see increase in attempted credential theft

Data breach issues signal to companies to update their data

Data of more than 1 million Clubhouse users leaked online

Malware creators used Facebook ads to trick users into downloading this fake Clubhouse app for Windows

Man loses BTC worth $1M to fake Trezor app

Moneycontrol.com data breach: Personal details of over seven lakh users up for sale on Hackers forums – Here is what we know so far

Over 33% ICS computers faced cyberattacks in H2 2020

Ransomware: The internet's biggest security crisis is getting worse. We need a way out

University of California advises of personal information at risk after cyberattack

Upstox Alerts Users of Data Breach; Says Funds, Securities Remain Safe

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA) Data Breach

10th April

Addressing common concerns about password managers

After Data Breach Exposes 530 Million, Facebook Says It Will Not Notify Users

Android malware found embedded in APKPure store application

Beware Android Users! A new malware using fake apps on Google Play Store is being distributed through social media, and it has downloaded 500 times within two months

Blockbuster ransomware hacks — never give in, never pay out and always stay safe

Credit Suisse sues to find who sent damaging email in CEO’s name

Facebook allowed advertisement of a fake ‘Clubhouse for PC' program that was injecting malware

Google sees new trick in renewed North Korea cyber attacks

Hackers take over popular restaurant's Instagram; has major impact on business

‘HelloMobile’ App Exposed User Data to Anyone Who Entered Their Number

Here are three simple approaches to keep your WhatsApp chat secure

Here's why you shouldn't post your vaccination cards online

HSBC scam warning as Britons attacked by vicious ‘alert’ text message

If you use this cell phone carrier, your personal data might’ve been stolen

India Seeks US Help To Tackle Growing Chinese Cyber Threats

Joker malware infects over 500,000 Huawei Android devices

LinkedIn Faces Massive Data Breach; 500 Million Users’ Data Up for Sale

Malware Infections, Hackers Are the Biggest Fears of Connected Car Owners

Massachusetts car inspections may not be available until April 17 following cyber attack

Paxful Users’ Data Is Safe, Affirms CEO Youssef

Personal data of 1.3 million Clubhouse users has reportedly leaked online days after LinkedIn and Facebook also suffered data breaches

Please stop doing this when you create a new password

Possible data breach involving 62,000 e-mails sent to Certis

Ransomware attacks: Ansal fears data loss

Region of Durham falls victim to cyber attack

Social media data grab leaves users vulnerable

The Physical Impact of Manufacturing Cyber Threats

UK Law Enforcement Prepares for a Rise in Cryptocurrency Scams

University of Colorado (CU) Community Advised To ‘Not Respond’ To Hackers In Massive Data Breach

WhatsApp...and the latest scams worrying people in Oxfordshire

Why Healthcare is on top of the Cyberattack Hitlist

9th April

2 scraped LinkedIn databases with 500m and 827m records sold online

4 Critical Elements of Effective Security Awareness Campaigns

4 Ways to Make Business Email More Secure

310,000 Records Compromised In University Of Colorado Data Breach, Including Social Security Numbers & University Financial Information

500,000+ Trinity Health patients affected in widespread Accellion data breach

Academic study highlights 100% rise in nation state attacks over three years

Alert - There's A New Malware Out There Snatching Users' Passwords

Another Cyber Attack Affecting Water Supply

Another day, another data breach. Here’s how to see if you’ve been exposed

Ansal Housing witnessed multiple ransomware attacks on its IT Infrastructure since Feb 26

Attackers deliver legal threats, IcedID malware via contact forms

Check if you’ve been exposed in Facebook’s data breach with this tool

#COVID19 Fraud Surge Threatens to Overwhelm Banks

Credit Suisse's U.S. brokerage files lawsuit over data leak

Cring ransomware hits ICS through two-year-old bug

Cring ransomware infects industrial targets through VPN servers

Critical Zoom vulnerability triggers remote code execution without user input

Cybercrime – a constant concern amid the pandemic

Cybersecurity in 2021 – What to expect

Cybersecurity threats and cybercrime trends of 2020

Data Breach Compromised Personal Information of Trinity Health Patients

Data breaches can impact a brand’s relative strength and here’s what’s at peril

Death to 'Fluffy': Please Stop With the Pet Name Passwords

Delivering an effective cyber security strategy within healthcare

DHS CISA Shares SolarWinds Post-Threat Compromise Activity Tool

Discord and Slack are becoming hotbeds for malware

Evidence suggests REvil behind Harris Federation ransomware attack

Expert says CISOs need to take lateral movement seriously

Facebook ads dropped malware posing as Clubhouse app for PC

Facebook does not plan to notify users affected by data breach

FBI arrests man for plan to kill “70% of Internet” in AWS bomb attack

Four Government ministers among 65 TDs whose details are contained in leaked Facebook database

Fraudsters Flooding Collaboration Tools With Malware

Hacker Sells 4.8 Million Records Allegedly of ‘Paxful.com’ User and Employee Data

Hackers are baiting spear phishing attacks with LinkedIn information

Hackers Hacked as Underground Carding Site is Breached

Haverhill Public Schools Reopen Following Massive Ransomware Attack

Having a cybersecurity training program in place isn’t enough to ensure cyber safety

How companies can deal with the threat of cybercrime

IcedID Trojan Finding New Ways to Slip Past Defenses

Indian steel giant Tata Steel hit by Windows REvil ransomware

Ireland: GardaĆ­ swamped with complaints over new ‘vishing’ scam as one woman loses €5,000

Leading cosmetics group Pierre Fabre hit with $25 million ransomware attack

Learning from Recent Insider Data Breaches

Ledger faces class action from phishing scam victims

LifeLabs Launches Vulnerability Disclosure Program

LinkedIn Denies Data Breach Involving 500 Million Users

Malware Poses as Fake Netflix App, Downloaded More Than 500 Times on Google Play Store

Maze/Egregor Ransomware Earned Over $75 Million, Says Researchers

Most common passwords: latest 2021 statistics

Nation-state cyber attacks targeting businesses are on the rise

National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC): Large Number of Brits Are Using Easily Guessable Passwords

No password required: Mobile carrier exposes data for millions of accounts

Over half of ransomware victims pay up - but does it work?

“Phishing”: How Serious Identity Theft Phone Fraud works

Ransomware attack on Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) server: Attack origin traced to Russia-Kazakhstan

Ransomware gangs find workers who watch porn at work a weak point

Research Shows an Increase in Ransomware Attacks on South African Companies

Rise of the digital hostage takers: After FatFace paid out £1.45m in January, how can you avoid being hit by a new tidal wave of ransomware attacks?

Safeguarding mining operations in cyberspace

Stopping the Runaway Ransomware Epidemic

Supply chains: Today’s fastest growing cyber threat?

Swarmshop breach: 600K+ payment card records leaked

Systemwide Data Breach Poses Threat to Students’ Personal Information

These are the countries sending the most spam emails

These are the terrible passwords that people are still using. Here's how to do better

This Fake Netflix App On Android Spreads Malware & Is The Most Dangerous App Right Now

This new ransomware locks you out of your PC and encrypts your data

This phishing campaign uses a sneaky attachment scam

UK Firms Suffer Record Number of Cyber-Attacks in Q1

Warning as Cheshire Dogs’ Home Facebook hacked and cloned

Washington State educational organizations targeted in cryptojacking spree

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA) warns of data breach following theft from vehicle

World's largest pathologists association discloses credit card incident

8th April

4 things you can do to minimize cyberattacks on supply and value chains

5 facets of internet-facing cyber-exposure and risk

6 strategies for better K-12 cybersecurity

51% Of U.S. Based Businesses Targeted By Cyber Attacks - A Checklist To Protect Your Company From Risk

57 per cent India companies suffered downtime in 2020 due to data loss, ransomware remains a big threat

68% of construction executives have no cybersecurity measures in place

96% Of Security Professionals Preparing For AI-Powered Cyber-Attacks

586K Trinity Health Patients Added to Accellion Tally, as Lawsuits Pile Up

A huge trove of credit card records and Social Security numbers just got hacked

A rush to remote working leaving businesses vulnerable to cybercriminals

Advanced anomaly detection: how to defeat ransomware

Adware Spreads via Fake TikTok App, Laptop Offers

Almost 50% of South Africans Will Avoid a Service Provider Following a Data Breach, Research Shows

Americans Avoid Sites After Forgetting Passwords

Analyzing Data Breaches: Data Retention Policies

Armed Conflict Draws Closer as State-Backed Cyber-Attacks Intensify

Arup staff details stolen in cyber attack

Arup staff warned after payroll cyber attack

Arup staff warned to keep eye on bank accounts after being caught up in cyber attack

Atascadero State Hospital (ASH) data breach more extensive than initially reported

Attackers Blowing Up Discord, Slack with Malware

Attackers Using Malicious Doc Builder Called 'EtterSilent'

Azure Functions Weakness Allows Privilege Escalation

Belden says health benefits data stolen in 2020 cyberattack

Businesses shifting to remote work need to focus on securing endpoint devices

China is capable of launching cyber attacks on India, says chief of defence staff

City of Lawrence hit with significant ransomware attack

Cloud-native watering hole attack: Simple and potentially devastating

Cloud services among the top threat vectors for healthcare industry

Criminals are disguising themselves as your business partners

Cyber Attack Forces Vehicle Emissions Testing Company to Halt Operations in 8 States

Cyber Resilience Starts With Visibility: How Risk Quantification is Imperative to Improving Security Posture

Cybercrime on the rise as many businesses forced to go digital

Cybercriminals are using Telegram bots, Google Forms to gather stolen user data

DocuSign Alert: New Malicious Hacking Tool Mimicking DocuSign Observed

Eastern Europe the source of most phishing emails, says report

Education nonprofit Edraak ignored a student data leak for two months

Facebook finally talks about data breaches of 533 million users

Facebook ran ads for a fake ‘Clubhouse for PC’ app planted with malware

Facebook won't tell you if you're part of massive data breach

Facebook’s new leak: Assessing its liability under the GDPR

Fake Netflix App Spreads Malware Through WhatsApp

FatFace warned by police that it was at greater risk from cyber hackers NINE MONTHS before ransomware attack which cost customers their details

FBI and DHS/CISA Issue Joint Alert on Mamba Ransomware

Financial organizations struggling to secure data in the cloud

Fraudsters Use HTML Legos to Evade Detection in Phishing Attack

Fraudulent purchase attempts value increased 69% in 2020

Hackers Exploit Fortinet Flaw in Sophisticated Cring Ransomware Attacks

Hackers leak data, 600k card info from Swarmshop cybercrime forum

Haverhill Schools Shut Down By Ransomware Attack On Day Some Students Hoped To Return

Hefty Fine for Booking.com Due to Delayed Data Breach Notification; With Little Financial Information Stolen, Is the Amount Excessive?

Here’s how to check if you were part of Facebook’s recent data breach

Hong Kong’s privacy watchdog checking whether city residents exposed in massive LinkedIn data leak

How online marketing is shifting through data privacy

How password anxiety is impacting individuals and organizations

How they could figure out two-step authentication codes

How to protect IIoT sensors from hacking

ICICI Bank issues advisory on SIM-Swap fraud. Here's how to prevent it

Internet users advised to limit what they share

Ireland: Gardai warn public as fraudsters claim to be Dept of Social Protection and ask for personal data in new phone call scam

IT security professionals demonstrate excessive trust despite concerns with remote work security programs

Keeping sensitive data safe in the ‘work from home’ age

Ledger Faces Class-Action Lawsuit for 2020 Data Breach

LinkedIn Phishing Scam: Hackers Target People Looking For Jobs With Malware Scam

Major DC insurance provider hacked by 'foreign cybercriminals'

Michigan health plan cyberattack affects 220,000 physicians, members

Microsoft Office 365 phishing evades detection with HTML Lego pieces

Microsoft Warns Businesses to Invest on Cyber-Security as Firmware Attacks Increases

Nation-state cyber attacks could lead to cyber conflict

New Android Malware Spreading via WhatsApp Auto-Replies

New report reveals collaboration platform security risks

New Study from Arkose Labs Reveals that Businesses Underestimate Full Impact of Account Takeover Attacks

New Windows ransomware Cring attacks Fortigate VPN servers

North Korean hackers use new Vyveva malware to attack freighters

Number of US Breach Victims Jumps 564% in Q1 2021

Office 365 phishing campaign uses publicly hosted JavaScript code

Online Fraud in the UK Up 179% in the Last Decade

Over 600,000 stolen credit cards leaked after Swarmshop hack

“Phishing”: How Serious Identity Theft Phone Fraud works

Phony Amazon callers are phishing for your info

Post-Ransomware Response: Victim Says 'Do the Right Thing'

Previously Unknown Lazarus Backdoor ‘Vyveva’ Spotted in the Wild

Privacy risk assessments critical for handling sensitive data

Privacy watchdog probes Facebook data dump

Ransomware: Extortion Actors Leak Data, Vendor Attack Disrupts Services

Ransomware attack cancels school

Ransomware attack cancels school in Haverhill, delaying in-person learning

Ransomware crooks are targeting vulnerable VPN devices in their attacks

Redcar cyber-attack: Government to help cover costs

Remote Working: The New Security Perimeter

Secrecy and cyberattacks: how much of a risk is information sharing?

Should firms be more worried about firmware cyber-attacks?

South African consumers would shun an online service provider following a data breach

Stimulus Stimulates Unemployment Scams

Survey finds 96% of execs are considering adopting ‘defensive AI’ against cyberattacks

Tech support scammers lure victims with fake antivirus billing emails

The five business benefits of Cyber Essentials

The Industries Most Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks in 2020

The Risk of Insider Threat in Financial Services

Third-party data breach hits over 300 files related to MSU's Title IX and anti-discrimination policy

This dangerous ransomware changes your Windows passwords, then encrypts your PC

This devious ransomware changes all your Windows 10 passwords

Trinity Health reports 580,000 affected by Accellion data breach, bringing total to 3.3 million

University of California Berkeley (UC Berkeley) students, staff warned of massive data breach after nationwide cyberattack

Unpatched vulnerable VPN servers hit by Cring ransomware

Vero Moda, Jack and Jones, Bestseller Site's Bug Had Put User Data at Risk

Vulnerable Fortigate VPN Servers Now Targeted by the ‘Cring’ Ransomware

Vyveva: Lazarus hacking group’s latest weapon strikes South African freight

What is Cyber Risk?

What the Hybrid Workforce Means for Cybersecurity Teams

Why do higher educational institutions keep getting hacked?

Why do phishing attacks work? Blame the humans, not the technology

Why Everybody Wants To Misuse Your Data and Spam You with SMS

Why Is Web Security Important for Enterprises?

Why Many Organizations are Leaving Themselves Exposed to Potential Data Breaches and Non Compliance

Why Ransomware Will Be One of 2020’s Most Infamous Legacies

Zero trust: The good, the bad and the ugly

7th April

$2.9 Million Saint John cyberattack bill to be mostly covered by insurance

5 Ways to Transform Your Phishing Defenses Right Now

11 Useful Security Tips for Securing Your AWS Environment

A new headache for ransomware-hit companies. Extortionists emailing your customers

An online tool allows users to see if their details were exposed in data leaks - but is it safe?

Android malware infects wannabe Netflix thieves via WhatsApp

Arup staff caught up in ransomware attack

Arup staff hit by cyberhacker attack

As U.S. cities embrace tech, cyberattacks pose real-world risks

Australian Politicians Keep Falling For Telegram Scams

California man indicted for stealing Shopify customer data

CISA: Patch Legacy SAP Vulnerabilities Urgently

Cisco fixes bug allowing remote code execution with root privileges

Connecticut Emissions Testing Still Down After Ransomware Attack

Consulting Firm Data Breach Impacts Michigan State University (MSU)

Crossing the Line: When Cyberattacks Become Acts of War

Cyber insurance coverage critical as Homeland Secretary warns over ransomware

Cyber Security for Critical Infrastructure: Challenges and Solutions

Cybercriminals Target Critical SAP Systems, Could Cause ‘Halt of All Operations’

Cybersecurity Industry Must Find Solutions for Third Party Data Security

Data of 553 million Facebook users dumped online: how to see if you are impacted

Data breach at consulting firm included case information affecting more than 300 at Michigan State University (MSU)

Disruption, data theft and shutdowns in the education sector

Estonia: Cyber criminals took advantage of COVID-19 fears

European Commission targeted by cyberattack

Facebook attributes 533 million users' data leak to "scraping" not hacking

Facebook Data Breach: How to check if your phone number has been leaked

Facebook ducks calls to apologise over huge data leak

Facebook might have leaked your email address, relationship status, birth date, and more

Fake Netflix app on Play Store caught hijacking WhatsApp sessions

FBI, CISA Warn Of Threat Actors Targeting Old Fortinet FortiOS Vulnerabilities

Four in 10 South African ransomware victims pay the criminals

Gigaset Android phones infected by malware via hacked update server

Google removes a fake ‘Netflix’ app that’s been spreading malware via WhatsApp

Hacker Sold 330,000 Credit Cards and 895,000 Gift Cards on the Dark Web

Hackers are using LinkedIn to target people looking for jobs with fake offers

Hackers Compromised a Popular Carding Site Exposing 300,000 User Account Details

Hackers still have to support Windows XP, even if Microsoft doesn't

Hackers use LinkedIn with fake job offers as bait to prey on users

Half a billion LinkedIn users have scraped data sold online

Half of businesses lack basic cybersecurity skills, government warns

Here's how to tell if your Facebook account was one of the half billion that were breached

How a VPN vulnerability allowed ransomware to disrupt two manufacturing plants

How do I select an attack detection solution for my business?

How Misconfigured Amazon S3 Buckets Can Lead to a Ransomware Attack

How Security Culture Invokes Secure Behavior

How to know if your Facebook was hacked

Innovating HR’s cybersecurity approach in a remote world

Instant Justice: WeLeakInfo Hacked with a Ex-domain Reuse Attack

IT Pros Share Work Devices with Household

IT security budgets to increase over the next 12 months

IT services remain disrupted at two colleges after ransomware attacks

Leaked Facebook data may predate GDPR

LinkedIn phishing scams are on the rise

Mark Zuckerberg's Details Leaked in Facebook Data Breach

Massive increase in endpoint attacks, rising rate of encrypted malware and new exploits targeting IoT

Microsoft Exchange Vulnerabilities – A Continuing Threat

More than 50 million people in the U.S. had their data breached in 2021 and no one seems to care

Nearly 500 million LinkedIn users' details posted for sale online

Nepali state, organizations remain highly vulnerable to cyberattacks

New Cring ransomware hits unpatched Fortinet VPN devices

New Report Finds 485% Growth in Ransomware Attacks in 2020

New wormable Android malware poses as Netflix to hijack WhatsApp sessions

North Korean Hackers Threatened Bithumb Exchange With a $16M Ransom Amid the 2017 Data Breach

Office Depot Configuration Error Exposes One Million Records

Office Depot Europe Exposed One Million Customer Records Online

People are the weakest link in data breaches, but can they be held accountable?

Phishing attacks are becoming even more dangerous

Phishing Emails Most Commonly Originate from Eastern Europe

Privacy Concerns Raised Over Scotland’s New #COVID19 Check-In App

Punishing the victim won't stop ransomware

Ransomware Attack on Haverhill Schools Shuts Down Remote Learning, Cancels Thursday’s First Day Back for Some

Ransomware Attack Prompts Haverhill Public Schools to Close

Ransomware cartel model didn’t fulfill potential, yet, but served as cybercrime proving ground

Researchers Find That SAP Admins Have Only 72 Hours to Secure Their Systems

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Orders MobiKwik to Investigate Alleged Data Breach

REvil ransomware now changes password to auto-login in Safe Mode

SASE or zero trust? Why security teams should be using both

Scammers Impersonated Microsoft and Zoom the Most in 2020

Secure File Sharing Compromises University Security

Shocking Number of Employees Still Fall For Phishing Emails

So-called ransomware cartel is more of a partnership, say researchers

Students learn of second data breach from Cardinal Care insurance provider

Think twice before you click that job offer – It may be hiding malware

Thousands of SAP users face cyberattacks over unsecured flaws

Three vital security measures to protect your corporate network

Top cyber crime gangs use targeted fake job offers to deploy stealthy backdoor

University of California and Stanford Campus Systems Both Breached In Major Cyber Attack

Voice-Changing Software Found on APT Attackers' Server

Vulnerabilities in ICS-specific backup solution open industrial facilities to attack

What are the Biggest Cybersecurity threats Facing Businesses Today?

What Clinicians Need to Know About Mounting Healthcare Cyberattacks

What to do if your data is included in the massive Facebook leak

Wormable Netflix Malware Spreads Via WhatsApp Messages

Your latest job offer on LinkedIn might actually be a phishing scam

Ziggy Ransomware Gang Offers Victims Ransom Refunds

6th April

4 Microsoft Teams security issues and how to prevent them

58% of IT and security pros concerned about security in the cloud

99% of security pros concerned about their IoT and IIoT security

Accellion Breach Tally for Centene’s Subsidiaries: 1.3 Million Patients Impacted

Accellion data breach strikes more than 2.7 million victims nationwide

Array of recent phishing schemes use personalized job lures, voice manipulation

Atascadero State Hospital (ASH) employee illicitly accessed social security numbers, birth dates

Australia: Urgent warning over worryingly believable Netflix scam which could see you lose thousands

Booking.com fined $560,000 for GDPR data breach violation

CISA: Patch These Three Fortinet Bugs Now to Avoid Compromise

Class-action lawsuit targets Roper St. Francis Healthcare over patient data breach

CNA Central, CNA Surety Now Back Online; Work on Other Portals Continue

Consumers in Halton warned about DVLA scam email

Conti ransomware gang demanded $40m from US school district

Crypto Malware ‘AppleJeus’ Opens Cryptocurrency Wallets to Thieves

Cyber Criminals Hone Attacks Against Schools

Cybercriminals spearphishing business professionals on LinkedIn with fake job offers

Cybersecurity ops may never be the same after COVID-19, but that’s not all bad

Data scraped from 500 million LinkedIn users found for sale online

Emerging hacking tool 'EtterSilent' mimics DocuSign, researchers find

EtterSilent maldoc builder used by top cybercriminal gangs

Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) sees 945% spike in security attacks in 2 years

European Commission, other EU orgs recently hit by cyber-attack

Facebook breach exposes 533 million users

Facebook Data Breach: Here’s What To Do Now

Facebook data breach: Mark Zuckerberg uses Signal; phone number leaked

Facebook data breach: what happened and why it’s hard to know if your data was leaked

Facebook data leak now under EU data regulator investigation

Facebook leak reveals personal data of hundreds of Irish officials in sensitive positions

FBI, CISA warn Fortinet FortiOS vulnerabilities are being actively exploited

Fileless Malware, Endpoint Attacks on the Rise

Five Fundamentals To Securing Your Devices

Florida School District Held to Impossibly High Ransom

Fortify your anti-ransomware playbook with OS isolation

Fortinet FortiOS flaws actively exploited in the wild

Hacker sells $38 Million worth of gift cards from thousands of shops

Hackers are actively abusing this security suite to execute attacks

Hackers From China Target Vietnamese Military and Government

Hackers rush to new doc builder that uses Macro-exploit, posing as DocuSign

Have I Been Pwned adds search for leaked Facebook phone numbers

Health-services provider SalusCare sues Amazon over security response

How poor password habits put your organization at risk

How SASE is Key to 5G Security Success

How Social Engineering Tactics Can Crack Multi-factor Authentication

How the quick shift to the cloud has led to more security risks

How to check if your phone is on Facebook for data breach

How To Find Out If Your Sensitive Info Was Leaked By Facebook

Industries critical to COVID-19 response suffer surge in cloud cyberattacks

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) warns of phishing scam targeting colleges, universities

Lack of cybersecurity expertize stopping financial firms from protecting their data

LinkedIn Users Targeted by Spear-Phishing Campaign

Massive Facebook data breach affecting millions of Canadians was not reported to federal privacy watchdog

Meet Janeleiro: a new banking Trojan striking company, government targets

Michigan State Title IX case files leaked in consulting data breach

Microsoft and Zoom most impersonated brands at 80% in 2020 phishing attempts

More than 100,000 affected in data breaches with stolen laptops, portable devices

National Privacy Commission (NPC) probes large scale data breach in over 500 Million Facebook accounts

Nearly 3,000 more people affected by California hospital's data breach

NFT Thefts Reveal Security Risks in Coupling Private Keys & Digital Assets

One of WFH’s biggest losers: Cybersecurity

"One password fits all" should be avoided, privacy commissioner says

Ongoing attacks are targeting unsecured mission-critical SAP apps

Pandemic sees organisations of all sizes and industries invest in cyber-threat intelligence (CTI)

Phishing, fakes, and football piracy – mitigating the new cyber threats from Covid-19

Ransomware: 8 Things That You Must Know

Ransomware: How it Has Evolved to be Faster, Stealthier and to Strike Harder

Ransomware Attacks Grew by 485% in 2020

Ransomware Cleanup Costs Scottish Agency $1.1 Million

Ransomware Gangs Are Emailing Customers to Put More Pressure on Companies to Pay

Ransomware gangs emailing customers of victims to extort them

Ransomware hits Technological University of Dublin and National College of Ireland

Ransomware reports rose by 485% in 2020, as criminals capitalised on pandemic fears

Retail cost of data breaches among the fastest growing in all sectors

REvil Group’s Failed $4 Million Extortion on Tata Steel Leads to Technical Drawings Leak

SAP and Onapsis detail findings of potential exploits on unprotected SAP apps

SAP issues advisory on the exploit of old vulnerabilities to target enterprise applications

Scraped data of 500 million LinkedIn users being sold online, 2 million records leaked as proof

Several US Universities Hit by Phishing Attacks

Sophos Links Mount Locker to Astro Locker Ransomware

South Africans have good and bad cybersecurity habits, but lag global levels

Strengthening Ransomware Recovery in a Post-Covid World

Switch on to cyber, the growing risk

The extortion economy: Inside the shadowy world of Ransomware payouts

The Facebook data leak: What you should do today

The Need For Unified Data Protection Regulation

Third-party security breach compromises data of Singapore job-matching service

This spear-phishing LinkedIn scam is targeting job hunters

Three ways the C-suite can protect their organisation against cyberattacks

Too slow! Booking.com fined for not reporting data breach fast enough

Tool checks phone numbers from Facebook data breach

Top 5 Cybersecurity Threats Facing Businesses & Individuals In 2021

Top cybercrime gangs use targeted fake job offers to deploy stealthy backdoor

Whistleblower Claims Ubiquiti Significantly Downplayed Major Data Breach

Windows XP makes ransomware gangs work harder for their money

Your Cat Videos May be Giving Away Sensitive Data to Hackers, and You Didn't Even Know it

Zero Trust creator talks about implementation, misconceptions, strategy

5th April

3 Top Ways to Thwart Data Breach

7 Ways to Reduce Cyber Threats From Remote Workers

8 Instagram scams and how to avoid them

15 Cybersecurity Pitfalls and Fixes for SMBs

Accellion Vulnerabilities, Cyberattacks and Victims: Customer List and Status Updates

Adult content from hundreds of OnlyFans creators leaked online

Are we witnessing a cyber pandemic?

As online fraud rises, 72% of retail brands expect to grow fraud teams

Be wary for phishing scams

Billions of records of an online trading broker leaked

Booking.com fined €475,000 over delay in reporting a breach

Canadian hardware store chain gets slammed by ransomware attack

Cyber Insurance Firm Suffers Sophisticated Ransomware Cyber Attack; Data Obtained May Help Hackers Better Target Firm’s Customers

Cybersecurity State Power Struggles

Data of Half a Billion Facebook Users Leaked

Data Security: Security beyond the office walls

Data Shows Phishing Scams Went Up By 12 Folds In The Last 5 Years

Defending AI With AI: The AI-Enabled Solutions to Next-Gen Cyberthreats

Employment Network ‘e2i’ Leaked Personal Data of 30,000 People

Encryption is either secure or it’s not – there is no middle ground

Everything You Need to Know About the Facebook Data Breach

Facebook data breach being reviewed by Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC)

Facebook leak exposes personal info on 533 million users

Fake LinkedIn job offers scam spreading More_eggs backdoor

FBI, CISA: APT Actors Exploiting Unpatched Fortinet Vulnerabilities

Feds seize fake COVID-19 Pfizer, vaccine websites

Give Facebook our passport? It won’t fix the problem

Hackers exploiting critical vulnerabilities in Fortinet VPN

How cloud-based network monitoring tools expand visibility

How marketing principles can be used to enhance cybersecurity training

How to Check If You Were Exposed in the Facebook Data Leak

How to check if you’re part of the Facebook data breach

How to Create a Cyber Security Incident Response Plan

How To Defend the Extended Network Against Web Risks

How To Implement Zero-Trust into IoT Security

How To Train Remote-Working Employees On Cybersecurity

India becomes favourite destination for cyber criminals amid Covid-19

India fails in cybersecurity literacy test

Information of over 5 lakh users allegedly leaked in Bookchor Data Breach: What we know so far

It's When Not If with Ransomware: How Agencies Can Prepare

Key Cypriot Infrastructure Under Attack by Turkish Hackers

LinkedIn Phishing Ramps Up With More-Targeted Attacks

Massive Facebook data breach leaks info on millions of users

Most applications today are deployed with vulnerabilities, and many are never patched

Office 365, Teams Creating Ransomware Worries in Hong Kong

Passive Biometrics Help Battle SIM Swap Fraud

Personal data of 30,000 users of National Trades Union Congress' e2i training and job matching services may have been breached

Philippines: Data breach on 900K Facebook accounts probed

Phishing expedition

Ransomware: A company paid millions to get their data back, but forgot to do one thing. So the hackers came back again

Ransomware attacks are becoming more dangerous than ever

Ransom Gangs Emailing Victim Customers for Leverage

Security implications of a hybrid workplace

Shall we go Phishing today?

Singapore joins Interpol-led task force to combat COVID-19 related scams

Sophos identifies connection between Mount Locker and Astro Locker team ransomware

Stanford University, University of California warn of major data breach

Stopping ransomware in its tracks

The impact of the CCPA on companies’ privacy practices

Three Reasons Why Data Classification Ensures Complete Data Governance

Transforming Security Strategies in Times of Uncertainty

Ubiquiti's Breach Notification: The 'No Evidence' Hedge

Universities Affected by IT Security Company Data Breach

Unsecured medicals images: The self-destructive threat

What is phishing and how to spot email scams?

WhatsApp users: stay away from this message or get hacked

Ziggy ransomware admin announces refunds for all targeted victims