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Monday 8 March 2021

Data Breaches Digest - Week 10 2021

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 8th March and 14th March 2021.

14th March

6 Common Causes of Data Loss in Offices

10 Ways Cybersecurity Can Protect COVID-19 Vaccine Supply Chains

102 Million Healthcare Records Exposed By Cyberattacks In 2020

Bad actors are leveraging social media ads to promote cryptocurrency scams and giveaways

Battling Cyberthieves from Home

Black Shadow hackers strike again, leak documents in new cyberattack

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) locks out taxpayer accounts after discovering unauthorized use of credentials

Crypto Scams Have Become a Huge Problem in App Stores, Investigation Suggests

Cyber attack: Tech Mahindra in soup, PCMC not to pay damages, parties seek thorough probe

Cyberattack Disrupts Operations At Molson Coors

Hackers are trading in medical data relating to French citizens

Kaspersky discovers selling of COVID-19 vaccines, vaccination records in the Darknet

Microsoft Exchange Server exploits are being targeted by "at least 10 hacker groups"

Microsoft investigating if internal leaks are responsible for large scale suspected Chinese hack

Microsoft probes clue that hackers cracked Taiwan research

Microsoft says new ransomware exploiting its email servers

New PoC for Microsoft Exchange bugs puts attacks in reach of anyone

Phishers In Crypto Are Getting Smarter - And So Should You

Security company warns of massive data breach

Settlement holds American Medical Collection Agency accountable for massive 2019 data breach

Sinon Fraser University (SFU) needs to take greater measures to protect our data

State Of Windows 10 Ransomware Protection 2021: Some Surprises, Says Report

What Does the HIPAA Safe Harbor Bill Mean for Your Practice?

White House Weighs New Cybersecurity Approach After Failure to Detect Hacks

13th March

China steps up cyber-attacks after disengagement from Pangong lake

COVID-19 testing service in US exposes patients’ photos, passports

Cyber Attacks: Is the ‘Big One’ Coming Soon?

Ex-worker who was investigated over child sex offences accessed sensitive data 260 times in major breach

Genshin Impact Account Hack: How to Avoid it and Will 2FA be Added?

“Hacker Games” launched to challenge and improve cybersecurity skills

Hundreds of Durham University accounts used to send phishing and other malicious emails

Las Cruces Public Schools Warning: Be Cautious of Fake Football Streaming Websites

Maine labor department warns of impostor’s scam

Microsoft Launches Yet Another Plead to Secure Exchange Servers

Microsoft probes clue that hackers cracked Taiwan research

Pandemic has increased the risk of cyber attacks, as more people work from home

Personal Info of Thousands of ‘WeLeakInfo’ Buyers Leaked Online

Phishing Attacks that Defeat 2FA Every Time

Ransomware Quoter targets financial, transport firms

Scammers will try to steal stimulus check payments via fraud, phishing and seizure, government warns

Security Challenges During the COVID-19 Pandemic and How to Protect Yourself

Trend Micro blocked 16.7 million cloud-based email threats amid chaos of COVID-19

Unsecured server triggers Ticketcounter data breach

12th March

4 Security Awareness Training Trends

Alleged Ransomware Attack Hits Molson Coors

Apple Sues Employee for Stealing Trade Secrets

As legislators work toward law requiring companies to alert feds to breaches, key hurdles emerge

Avon & Somerset Police used hate crime footage without consent

Better Business Bureau (BBB) warns of 'Amazon raffle' text message scam

Bill introduced by lawmakers would give CISA more control over critical infrastructure attacks

Buffalo Public Schools hit with ransomware attack on Friday

Can private data be recovered from “sanitized” images?

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) locks 800,000 accounts, cites possible phishing schemes

Capcom Reportedly Made Employees Work Onsite After Ransomware Attack

Centene sues cloud vendor over member data exposed in cyberattack

Check Point Research warns of resurgence of Trickbot trojan

Compromised devices and data protection: Be prepared or else

Courier Service Fastway Hit by Data Breach

Creating a secure culture

Critical Security Hole Can Knock Smart Meters Offline

Cyber security: a growing risk

Cyberattack: 237 breaches hit healthcare sector in 2020

Cyberattacks on Covid-19 vaccination programme up 26%

Darkside 2.0 Ransomware Promises Fastest Ever Encryption Speeds

DearCry ransomware targets vulnerable Exchange servers

DearCry Ransomware Unleashed In Microsoft Exchange Hack

Deciphering the Right Type of Encryption for Enterprise Cloud Compliance

Details of almost 450,000 customers compromised in Fastway Couriers hack

Don't Fall for This Netflix Scam That's Hoodwinking a Ton of People

Dutch Research Funder Frozen by Hack

Encrypted Comms Firm Denies Police Cracked User Messages

Europol Credits Sweeping Arrests to Cracked Sky ECC Comms

Everything you need to know about the Microsoft Exchange Server hack

Fake Vaccines Are 'Liquid Gold' In Pandemic Crime Wave Worth Billions, Says Interpol

Fastway Couriers hack: Here's what you need to know about 'significant' data breach

Feds & researchers warn about ransomware attacks using Exchange vulnerability

“Hacker Games” Launched to Encourage Development of Secure Coding Skills

Hackers dropping DearCry ransomware using Exchange Server exploit

Hackers hit Indians with ransomware supporting farmers

How to achieve ransomware resilience in three steps

How to defend against human operated ransomware

How to spot fake NHS Covid vaccine texts and emails

In the Midst of COVID-19, We’re Seeing a Pandemic of Cyber Attacks

Keep your eyes open for fake Resident Evil Village early access emails

Metamorfo Banking Trojan Abuses AutoHotKey to Avoid Detection

Microsoft Exchange attacks: Watch out for this new ransomware threat to unpatched servers

Microsoft Exchange exploits now used by cryptomining malware

Microsoft Exchange Exploits Pave a Ransomware Path

Microsoft Exchange Server hacks ‘doubling’ every two hours

Microsoft hack: 3,000 UK email servers remain unsecured

Microsoft says ransom-seeking hackers taking advantage of server flaws

Microsoft Warns of New Threat Against Unpatched Networks

Molson Coors beer production disrupted after cyberattack

Molson Coors Cracks Open a Cyberattack Investigation

Molson Coors Suffers Suspected Ransomware Attack

Most IT pros manage different versions of the same database

National Cyber Security Center (NCSC): Install Latest Microsoft Exchange Server Updates Urgently

Netflix considers crackdown on password sharing

Netflix Introduces Measures to Prevent Password Sharing

Netflix wants to stop you sharing your password

Network Security Best Practices to Block Ransomware

New ZHtrap botnet malware deploys honeypots to find more targets

NimzaLoader Malware Doesn't Use Hackers' Usual Codes, Thus, Making it Harder to Detect It

OVH data center fire likely caused by faulty UPS power supply

OVH Says It Was a Faulty UPS That Burned Its Data Center Down

Phishing campaigns by cybercriminals aiming to leverage vaccine hype

Ransomware Attackers Take Aim At Law Firms

Ransomware attacks on healthcare organizations cost nearly $21 Billion last year

Ransomware makers using Microsoft mail flaw

Ransomware may be targeting Microsoft’s Hafnium Exchange Server vulnerabilities

Researchers hacked Indian govt sites via exposed git and env files

REvil Group Claims Slew of Ransomware Attacks

Rise in remote work leads to increase in IT security gaps

Routine Collection Of Employee Private Information May Open The Door To Costly Litigation If A Data Breach Occurs

Ryuk ransomware hits Spanish Government

Settlement Reached Over Data Breach Impacting 24 Million Americans

Spear-Phishing Campaign Distributes Nim-Based Malware

The future of data privacy: confidential computing, quantum safe cryptography take center stage

Third French hospital immobilised by cyberattack and ransom demand

This fake ad blocker locks up your files and hijacks your PC to mine cryptocurrency

Trouble is brewing at Molson Coors after massive hack

Turn Your Employees Into Security Advocates

Two new ways backup can protect enterprise SaaS data

UK urges organizations to install Microsoft updates urgently

US Congresswoman proposes national data privacy law

Utah Company Stored Passport Scans on Unsecured Server

Warning: Those Resident Evil Village early access emails are a phishing scam

What is Considered a HIPAA Breach in 2021?

What Is Two-Factor Authentication?

11th March

34,000 affected in New Hampshire hospital data breach

Alert overload still plagues cybersecurity industry

Another 210,000 Americans Affected by Netgain Ransomware Attack

Australia's answer to thwarting ransomware is good cyber hygiene

Bulgarian Police Report Boom in Phishing Attacks, Rock Star among Victims

By the Numbers: Healthcare Cybersecurity and Ransomware

CAPCOM Warns Against Fake Resident Evil Village Phishing Emails

Chinese hackers using RedXOR backdoor against Linux systems

Chinese state hackers target Linux systems with new malware

Cisco found cryptomining activity within 69% of customers

Culture is key: How CIOs can build cyber-resilience

Cyber Attack Hits Baldwin Wallace

Cybercriminals using Google Search as the latest trick to snare unsuspecting victims for malware attacks

Data Breach Erodes Brand Value

Defenders learned to adapt to manage cyberattacks in 2020

Defending enterprise systems during a pandemic

Despite Increasing Risk, Companies Are Still Not Prioritizing Cybersecurity

Employers aren't training staff to use new tech tools. Employees are paying the price

Energy companies face a rising tide of cybercrime

Exchange email hack: Hundreds of UK firms compromised

Exchange Proof-of-Concept Code Released and APTs Gather Around Vulnerable Servers Like Piranhas

Exchange Server security patch warning: Apply now before more hackers exploit the vulnerabilities

F5 issues BIG-IP patches to tackle unauthenticated remote code execution, critical flaws

F5, CISA Warn of Critical BIG-IP and BIG-IQ RCE Bugs

FBI and CISA release advisory on cybersecurity compromise of Microsoft Exchange Server

FIN8 Resurfaces with Revamped Backdoor Malware

For Cybercriminals, Covid Is the Gift That Keeps Giving

Gab: hack gives unprecedented look into platform used by far right

Growth in Ransomware Attacks in 2020 Driven by Large Gangs, Ransomware-as-a-Service and Credential Dumping

Hacked Firms Face ‘Frankenstein’ of State-Based Cyber Notification Laws

Hackers access 150,000+ security cameras in massive Verkada hack

Hackers prey on 27 servers tagged to Smart City project

Hackers reportedly breach hospital surveillance cameras, exposing the security risks of connected devices

How to stop robocalls

Icon files abused in malspam to spread NanoCore Trojan

Industry expert says 2021 is the year of recoverware

Irish customers' email accounts and mobile numbers hacked in Fastway Couriers data breach

Is the World Economic Forum's prediction of a global cybersecurity failure in the next 10 years avoidable?

Kaspersky discovers nearly 3 million phishing attempts on SMBs in Southeast Asia (SEA) in 2020

Key things to remember when buying a cyber insurance policy

Linux Systems Under Attack By New RedXOR Malware

Microsoft Exchange Servers Face APT Attack Tsunami

Millions of Royal Mail customers targeted with scam texts about deliveries

Molson Coors brewing operations disrupted by cyberattack

Molson Coors discloses cyberattack disrupting its brewery operations

NanoCore RAT Scurries Past Email Defenses with .ZIPX Tactic

National Consumer Data Privacy Legislation introduced

Pandemic predators are upping the cyberattack ante across healthcare

Personal information of over 50,000 customers leaked after data breach in Lehi-based company

Ransomware Attack Strikes Spain’s Employment Agency

Ransomware now attacks Microsoft Exchange servers with ProxyLogon exploits

Ransomware “Paralyzes” Spanish Employment Agency

Real Estate Phishing Scams are on the Rise: Here’s What You Need to Know

Record Number of Cyber-Incidents Hit US Schools in 2020

Resident Evil 8 early access invitations are a phishing scam, says Capcom

Sales and marketing firm Inside Sales Solutions exposes 1.5M customer records

Security Advisory From F5 Calls for Urgent Patching for BIG-IP Admins

Sky ECC denies police have ‘cracked’ encrypted messaging platform

Smart sex toys: appealing to you, exploitable to hackers

Smart sex toys come with Bluetooth and remote access weaknesses

Surge in vaccine-related phishing attacks as rollout picks up momentum

The Future of Cyberwarfare

The Ryuk Ransomware Gang Crippled Spain’s Public Payments Agency

The ‘TA800’ Group Is Using a New Initial Access Tool Called ‘NimzaLoader’

Third of Office Workers Warned After Sharing Data Via Unofficial Apps

This malware was written in an unusual programming language to stop it from being detected

This trojan malware is now your biggest security headache

Threat actors bypassing shoddy patching, targeting network gateways

Top 10 cybersecurity lessons learned one year into the pandemic

Top Seven Cybersecurity Ripple Effects From 2020

TrickBot Takes Over, After Cops Kneecap Emotet

UAE investors cannot let their guards down on cyber-delivered scams

University 'hacks' as a justification to include the sector in Critical Infrastructure Bill

Weak passwords proliferate in top companies

What is a cyberattack? A guide to the different methods cybercriminals use to harm computers and steal data

What is Sarbloh? This is a ransomware that doesn't want your money

Why Speech Speaks Volumes in Banking Fraud Prevention

10th March

€10.5m stolen from Irish businesses in invoice redirection fraud in 2020

71% of employees share sensitive and business-critical data using instant messaging and business collaboration tools

372% increase in healthcare bot traffic could tamper with booking vaccine dates

2020 was a ‘record-breaking’ year in US school hacks, security failures

2021 Hacker Report: Hackers are not just driven by money

A ransomware that demands justice, not money

American Companies Not Taking Cybersecurity Seriously

Another Breach? Big Deal! No, Really It Is a Big Deal

APT group Lazarus targets the defense industry with ThreatNeedle backdoor

At least 10 APT hacking groups have exploited Exchange Server bugs, ESET warns

Australian corporations hit by massive Microsoft Server hack

‘Automatic Call Recorder’ App Exposed Thousands of Conversation Clips

Avon and Somerset Police pay out £7,000 after hate crime data breach

Breach exposes data of 200K health system staff, patients

Breach Exposes Verkada Security Camera Footage at Tesla, Cloudflare

Capcom reportedly forced employees to work in the office following ransomware attack

COVID-19 vaccine-related spear-phishing attacks have increased after the release of the vaccine

Cyber-Attacks a Growing Threat to Unprepared Balkan States

Cyber criminals targeting hospitals are 'playing with lives' and must be stopped, report warns

Cyberattackers Exploiting Critical WordPress Plugin Bug

Cyberattacks against K-12 schools rose 18% in 2020, report finds

Cyberattacks increased as schools closed during pandemic, report finds

Cybersecurity Experts Warn Of Online Scams Around Mother’s Day

Cybersecurity Survivorship Bias and How to Avoid it

Do You Know What Cybersecurity Threats Lurk Behind Those QR Codes?

ESET: More Than 10 APT Groups Exploiting Recent Microsoft Exchange Vulnerabilities

Europol 'unlocks' encrypted Sky ECC chat service to make arrests

Even Fortune 500 businesses have poor password hygiene

Exposed Password Gave Hackers Access to 150,000 Cameras

Fake Ad Blocker Delivers Hybrid Cryptominer/Ransomware Infection

Flagstar data snatchers weaponise reporters for dark web blackmail

Florida Hack Exposes Danger to Water Systems

Frequent fliers warned on data breach

Gab Social Network Briefly Shuts Down After Hacker Strikes Again

German soccer club Stuttgart fined for data breach

Hack of '150,000 cameras' investigated by camera firm

Hackers Attack Smart City Office Servers, Cause Damages To The Tune Of Rs 5 Crore

Hackers cash in on farmers’ protests

Hackers Gain Access to the Live Feed of 150,000 Verkada Cameras

Hackers hit Indians with ransomware supporting farmers

Hackers steal $3.8 million from Defi Protocol DODO

Hackers Waging 'Living Off the Land' Attacks on Azure/a>

Hospital in south west France hit by cyber-attack demanding $50,000 ransom

How cybercrime groups are exploiting the latest Microsoft Exchange flaws

How organizations can combat the security risks of working remotely

How to mitigate security risks as cloud services adoption spikes

How to Protect Vulnerable Seniors From Cybercrime

How weak passwords could put your organization at risk

How your remote employees may be sharing sensitive data

Idaho health system data breach letters mistakenly tell some patients they are dead

If You See An Email Similar to Photo Copyright Takedown Request, It is Scam

Mail delivery phishing scammers cheat Hongkongers out of HK$2.2 million as demand for delivery during Covid-19 pandemic surges

Major Middle East companies leaving customers at risk of email fraud

Microsoft Exchange hack: Why so many enterprises still run their own Exchange servers

Microsoft Expands Coverage of Exchange Server Patches

Microsoft IE zero-day exploited in wild, could provide unrestricted operating system access

Microsoft patches actively exploited Internet Explorer flaw

More Education Needed To Prevent Cyber-Attacks

More hacking groups join Microsoft Exchange attack frenzy

Most decision makers plan to increase spending on cybersecurity this year

Most People Will File Income Taxes Online, Despite Data-Breach Fears

New Ransomware Demands Justice for Protesting Farmers, Not Money

New research finds 'record-breaking' number of K-12 cyber incidents in 2020

NHS Regulator Faces Surge in Email Attacks During Vaccine Rollout

Nim-Based Malware Loader Spreads Via Spear-Phishing Emails

Norway parliament data stolen in Microsoft Exchange attack

Overseas Service Corporation Notice of Security Incident

OVH data center burns down knocking major sites offline

OVHcloud data centers engulfed in flames

Phishing Scams May Be Worse Than Ever This Tax Season

Poisoned Search Results Demonstrate How Phishing Attacks Are Evolving

Ransomware Has Gotten More Sophisticated, Focusing On Specific Sectors

Ryuk ransomware hits 700 Spanish government labor agency offices

SAP Stomps Out Critical RCE Flaw in Manufacturing Software

Security researchers discover SUPERNOVA web shell activity linked to Chinese hackers

Sky ECC says it was hit by complex phishing campaign

SolarWinds Unlikely to Be an Isolated Event as Attackers Become More Sophisticated

Superstar K-Pop Band’s TikTok Hacked

Targeted HelloKitty Ransomware Attack

The Impact of #COVID19 on Cybersecurity and How Businesses Can Mitigate Risk

The Verkada Breach: A cautionary tale

Top 100 brands will lose $223 billion in brand value from data breach

US Schools Faced Record Number of Security Incidents in 2020

Verkada breach exposed live feeds of 150,000 surveillance cameras inside schools, hospitals and more

Verkada disables accounts after reports its security cameras were breached

What Is a Remote Access Trojan?

Why Quantum Computers Pose a Very Real Risk to Cybersecurity

9th March

9 Tips to Harden Your Local Outlook & Web App’s Security

10 Google Play Apps Found Containing Banking Malware

30,000 U.S. organizations breached by cyber espionage group Hafnium

150,000 Surveillance Cameras Exposed in Verkada Security Breach

A great deal of employees have inappropriate access to sensitive data

A Human Orientated Approach is Essential to Today’s Security Needs

Action Fraud warning over fake NHS Covid vaccination emails

Adobe Critical Code-Execution Flaws Plague Windows Users

Adobe fixes critical Creative Cloud, Adobe Connect vulnerabilities

Adobe releases batch of security fixes for Framemaker, Creative Cloud, Connect

Albany ransomware attack targeted data back to 2017

Android users hit by banking trojan in 10 Play Store apps

Apple Issues Emergency Patches to Address Severe RCE Vulnerability

Apple Plugs Severe WebKit Remote Code-Execution Hole

Apple releases fixes for bug that could allow code execution via malicious web content

Apple’s Device Location-Tracking System Could Expose User Identities

Attacks on healthcare jumped 45% at the end of 2020

Avoiding the bait of a phishing expedition

Battling Ransomware In Healthcare: What Matters Most?

Biggest credit card scams to look out for in 2021

Bug bounties: More hackers are spotting vulnerabilities across web, mobile and IoT

Careful where you selfie: Hackers are using WFH photos to steal your info

Clop ransomware gang clips sensitive information from The7Star, Publishes Them Online

Covid vax-related phishing attacks up 26%

Critical infrastructure attacks: why South Africa should worry

Crypto Rising Star BlockFi Combats ‘Vulgar And Racist’ Spam Attack

Cyber insurance in the pandemic and beyond: How not to be a victim

Cyber security: three reasons why you may be protecting the wrong thing

Damage from Albany, New York, Cyberattack Dates Back to 2017

Dark Web Markets for Stolen Data See Banner Sales

Data breach can cost world’s top 100 brands $223 billion

Data breach can erode value worth $223 billion of top 100 brands

Data breach exposes information of more than 200,000 MultiCare staff, patients

Dos and Dont’s to stay safe from instant personal loan scams

Earth’s most destructive computer virus

Entergy Customers Beware: Scam Callers May Have Access to Your Account’s Data

Everything you need to know about the Microsoft Exchange Server hack

Explore 5 business email compromise examples to learn from

Fake Google reCAPTCHA used in ongoing Microsoft 365 credential-phishing campaign

Farmer Protest Activists Using Ransomware That Doesn’t Demand Money, Wants ‘Justice’ of Reversing Farm Laws 2020

GandCrab ransomware affiliate arrested for phishing attacks

Gardai warn of huge increase in scams as phishing reports more than triple in one week

GitHub fixes bug causing users to log into other accounts

Going phishing with COVID as the lure: How many Canadians rose to the bait

Google Chrome Users Still Vulnerable to Multiple Attacks, Says Study

Google Play Harbors Malware-Laced Apps Delivering Spy Trojans

Guarding against digital threats, data breach

How Safe Are You Online? Here is What You Need to Know

Hackers access surveillance cameras at Tesla, Cloudflare, banks, more

How healthcare organizations can prepare for a data breach

How the ‘HelloKitty’ Ransomware Manages to Succeed Even If It Lacks Sophistication

How the SolarWinds attack may affect your organization's cybersecurity

How to spot fake NHS vaccine texts

Huge Rise in Hackers Submitting Vulnerabilities During #COVID19

If vulnerability is picked at random, there is 1-in-1,000 chance of organization being attacked

Ireland: Second man arrested in relation to Pandemic Unemployment Payment fraud scheme

Is Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) a Security Illusion?

Keeping your serverless architecture secure

Lessons from Airlines IT Provider SITA’s Data Breach

Malicious apps on Google Play dropped banking Trojans on user devices

Microsoft Exchange attacks: Now Microsoft rushes out a patch for older versions of Exchange

Microsoft Exchange server hack: Banking agency on 'heightened alert' after cyberattack

Microsoft hack escalates as criminal groups rush to exploit flaws

Microsoft releases ProxyLogon updates for unsupported Exchange Servers

Microsoft server hack has victims hustling to stop intruders

Microsoft urges enterprises to act quickly to secure Exchange as attacks mount

Microsoft warns multiple groups attacking clients' email servers, not just Chinese hackers

MineBridge Is on the Rise, With a Sophisticated Delivery Mechanism

National Cyber Security Center (NCSC): Don’t Fall for Mother’s Day Scams This Week

Nine Apps on the Play Store Contained the ‘Clast82’ Trojan Dropper

No, Pizza Hut Isn’t Giving Away Free Anniversary Pizza

Only 12% of enterprises have fully embraced Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

Over 300K Patients Affected by Elara Caring, Woodcreek Provider Breaches

Over two million corporate secrets detected on public GitHub in 2020

Personal data of 19,000 home owners leaked at NAM

Phishing attacks escalated by 26 percent post-release of COVID-19 vaccines

Phishing, Scam, & Marketing Emails: What’s the Difference?

Police and University of the Highlands and Islands IT staff probe mass cyber attack

Protection and Privacy Pivotal to the UK’s National Data Strategy

Ransomware attack exposed info of 210K MultiCare patients, providers, workers

Ransomware, supply chain attacks compel health care organizations to act

Ryuk Ransomware is Now More Dangerous Than Ever. Here’s Why

Sarbloh ransomware aims at supporting Indian Farmers’ Protest

Security bug hunters focus on misconfigured services, earn big rewards

Security startup Verkada breached as hackers gain access to 150,000 camera feeds

Some Treasure Valley residents receiving letters from Saint Alphonsus saying they are dead

South Korean cops arrest GandCrab suspect

Spanish labor agency suffers ransomware attack, union says

Stop Password Reuse by Going Passwordless

There’s No Margin for Error in Port Cyber Security

Top-100 brands risk losing USD 223 billion in brand value on data breach

Trends and developments in ransomware

UnityMiner cryptocurrency malware hijacks QNAP storage devices

US seizes more domains used in COVID-19 vaccine phishing attacks

Vodafone Calls for New Cybersecurity Policies to Help SMEs

Warning the World of a Ticking Time Bomb

West Ham Supporters’ Personal Details Leaked on Club Website

West Ham United Website Spills Supporters’ Personal Data

What Is Ransomware Recovery and How It Works?

What Is Zero-Trust Manufacturing?

What's the difference between phishing, smishing and vishing fraud?

Why Does EternalBlue-Targeting WannaCry Remain at Large?

Why Scanning for Expired Domains Belonging to Big Banks Is so Hot

z0Miner botnet hunts for unpatched ElasticSearch, Jenkins servers

ZLoader Malware Hidden in Encrypted Excel File

8th March

4 Ways Bad Cybersecurity Habits Can Cost You Customers

5 tips to prevent cyber-attacks on EdTech platforms

5 ways attackers exploit your resources

6 Crypto Scams You Need to Know Before Buying Bitcoin

2020 Witnessed a Disruptive Shift in Cyberattacks. Are You Ready?

Airline IT provider SITA suffers data breach

Airlines warn passengers of data breach after aviation tech supplier is hit by cyberattack

Beware of spear phishing cyberattacks during COVID-19 vaccine rollout

China’s intimidation of India via cyberspace

Chinese and Russian Hackers Reportedly Stole Vaccine Data from European Drug Regulator

Cloud-based email threats capitalising on chaos of COVID-19

Compromising on your cloud security spend could cost you much more than you think

Cosco Shipping to fix another hacking issue

COVID disruption shows there’s no margin for error in port cyber security

Crypto-Miner Campaign Targets Unpatched QNAP NAS Devices

Cyberattacks stemming from software on the rise

Cybercriminals set their sights on gamers amidst lockdown gaming spree

Cybersecurity experts warn of online scams around Mother's Day

Data breach at healthcare provider Elara Caring exposes 100,000 patients’ information

Data breach exposes Simon Fraser University (SFU) users’ personally identifiable information

Digital-first lifestyle opens consumers to potential risks during tax season

European Banking Authority discloses Exchange server hack

European Banking Authority victim in Microsoft Exchange Server hack

Everything you need to know about the Microsoft Exchange Server hack

Exfiltration, encryption and extortion: cyber attackers’ three modus operandi

Fake Google reCAPTCHA Phishing Attack Swipes Office 365 Passwords

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Busts $110m Charity Fraud Operation

Flagstar Bank Admits the Accellion Incident Affected Them as Well

Flagstar Bank customer data breached through Accellion hack

Flagstar Bank hit by data breach exposing customer, employee data

FluBot Android malware mimics FedEx, Chrome apps to steal user data

Focusing on three key areas with an effective zero trust access strategy

Gaming and security – what are companies doing to keep their customers secure?

Hacker Alert: Why Multifactor Authentication Is a Must in COVID Age

Hackers hiding Supernova malware in SolarWinds Orion linked to China

Hackers Target Texas University

How big are emerging security threats?

How Can Government Defend Against DDoS Attacks?

How do I select a SOAR solution for my business?

How the Microsoft Exchange hack could impact your organization

How To Protect E-Commerce Sites from Client-Side Attacks

How vaccine-related phishing attacks are posing a greater threat to organizations

HSBC scam: Britons warned about dangerous ‘alert’ text message

India planning to strengthen country’s cybersecurity after alleged Chinese malware attack

Invoice ZLoader campaign hides within encrypted Excel docs

Iranian Hackers Using Remote Utilities Software to Spy On Its Targets

Ireland: Gardai issue fraud warning after rise in people being scammed out of their money

Keep Your Eye on the Camera

Lake Worth Beach among victims of alleged Chinese-backed hack against Microsoft software

Lawsuit: Kroger didn't safeguard employee and customer info, leading to data breach

Lessons from Some of the Biggest Retail Hacks in History

Microsoft 365 adds 'External' email tags for increased security

Microsoft Exchange zero-day attacks: 30,000 servers hit already, says report

New Sarbloh ransomware supports Indian farmers' protest

Newest Intel Side-Channel Attack Sniffs Out Sensitive Data

Over Half of Fortune 500 Companies Are Leaving Sensitive Information Open to Reconnaissance via Document Metadata

Pittsburgh hospital employee inappropriately disclosed patient health information, UPMC says

Ransomware attacks more than doubled last year as cybercrime operations scale up during coronavirus pandemic

Ransomware attacks on the healthcare sector surge

Remote Browser Isolation - Creating a Patch Buffer

Remote desktop attacks saw a major rise in 2020

Researchers Discover New Ways to Launch Side-Channel Attacks Against Intel CPUs

‘Sarbloh’ Ransomware Targets Specific Political Entities in India

Security awareness programs: The difference between window dressing and behavior change

SITA data breach affects millions of airline passengers

Starting your cybersecurity career path: What you need to know to be successful

Supernova malware clues link Chinese threat group Spiral to SolarWinds server hacks

Texas Medicaid subcontractor dumped after data breach

The cyber security risks of working from home

The top technology risks according to audit and risk leaders

Thousands Hacked: New Cyber-Attacks Affect Organizations Big and Small

Tips on Detecting Phishing Scams

Transparency Collective Publishes 70 Gigabytes of Data Hacked from Right-Wing Social Media Network

UK cybersecurity spending on the rise despite pandemic-induced budget cuts

Unpatched QNAP devices are being hacked to mine cryptocurrency

Vendor ransomware attack exposes patient information at South Carolina practice

Virginia Passes New Data Protection Law

What hotel owners need to know about data privacy protection

Why Cybercriminals Still Look for Skilled Developers on Darknet Sites

Windows ransomware gangs will hit all creatures big and small

Work-from-home (WFH) security lessons from the pandemic

You Are Worth $1,010 on the Dark Web, New Study by PrivacyAffairs Finds