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Monday, 9 November 2020

Ransomware Operator Claims - Week 46 2020

Welcome to this week's ROC Report, an exclusive view of Ransomware Operator's claimed victims that were published on the Dark Web during the period between 9th November and 15th November 2020, kindly provided by our partners.

Ako/Ranzy Locker

Victim: Alfortville
Location: Alfortville, France
Description: Local Government Website

Victim: Police Security S.A.C.
Location: San Isidro, Lima, Peru
Description: Business Security Company


Victim: Compal Electronics
Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Description: Computer Manufacturer


Victim: Cencosud S.A.
Location: Las Condes, Chile
Description: Multinational Retail Company


Victim: Activisu Solutions
Location: Clichy, France
Description: Electronic Measurement Solutions Manufacturer

Victim: Alaska Industrial Hardware, Inc (AIH)
Location: Anchorage, Alaska, USA
Description: Industrial Hardware Supplier And Retailer

Victim: CSAT Solutions
Location: Houston, Texas, USA
Description: Electronics Repair Service Provider

Victim: Home Group
Location: Balcatta, Western Australia, Australia
Description: Home Design And Building Company

Victim: SOBEK Drives GmbH
Location: Rottenburg, Germany
Description: Electronics Manufacturer

Victim: Wackler
Location: Munich, Germany
Description: Facility Management Company

Ragnar Locker

Victim: Campari Group
Location: Sesto San Giovanni, Italy
Description: Beverage Producer


Victim: ASGCO
Location: Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA
Description: Conveyor Solutions Company

Victim: CMC Consulting
Location: London, UK
Description: Financial Recruitment Company

Victim: Independent Liquor Group (ILG)
Location: Erskine Park, New South Wales, Australia
Description: Wines, Beers And Spirits Wholesaler And Distributor

Victim: SIPLEC
Location: Ivry-sur-Seine, France
Description: Fuels And Manufactured Goods Importer

Victim: Tree Top, Inc
Location: Selah, Washington, USA
Description: Apple Drinks And Sauces Manufacturer

Victim: United Animal Health, Inc (JBS United, Inc)
Location: Sheridan, Indiana, USA
Description: Lifestock Nutrition And Health Products Manufacturer

Victim: World Logistics USA, Inc
Location: Allentown, New Jersey, USA
Description: Freight Delivery Company

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